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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- $Id: xml.xml,v 1.1 2007-06-03 02:35:28 ssttoo Exp $ -->
<highlight lang="xml" case="no">
<author name="Andrey Demenev" email=""/>
<default innerClass="code" />
<region name="cdata" delimClass="comment" innerClass="comment"
start="\&lt;\!\[CDATA\[" end="\]\]\&gt;">
<region name="comment" delimClass="comment" innerClass="comment"
start="\&lt;!--" end="--\&gt;">
<region name="tag" delimClass="brackets" innerClass="code" start="\&lt;[\?\/]?" end="[\/\?]?\&gt;">
<contains block="tagname"/>
<contains region="param"/>
<contains block="paramname"/>
<block name="tagname" match="(?&lt;=[\&lt;\/?])[\w\-\:]+" innerClass="reserved" contained="yes"/>
<block name="paramname" match="[\w\-\:]+" innerClass="var" contained="yes"/>
<block name="entity" match="(&amp;|%)[\w\-\.]+;" innerClass="special" />
<region name="param" start="&quot;" end="&quot;" delimClass="quotes" innerClass="string" contained="yes">
<contains block="entity"/>