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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- $Id: cpp.xml,v 1.2 2008-07-31 23:06:30 ssttoo Exp $ -->
<highlight lang="CPP" case="no">
<author name="Aaron Kalin"/>
<author name="Andrey Demenev" email=""/>
Thanks to Aaron Kalin for initial
implementation of this highlighter
<default innerClass="code" />
<block name="escaped" match="\\" innerClass="special" contained="yes">
<onlyin region="strdouble"/>
<region name="strdouble" delimClass="quotes" innerClass="string" start="&quot;" end="&quot;"/>
<region name="block" delimClass="brackets" innerClass="code" start="\{" end="\}">
<contains all="yes"/>
<region name="brackets" delimClass="brackets" innerClass="code" start="\(" end="\)">
<contains all="yes"/>
<region name="sqbrackets" delimClass="brackets" innerClass="code" start="\[" end="\]">
<contains all="yes"/>
<block name="identifier" match="[a-z_]\w*" innerClass="identifier" case="no"/>
<block name="hexinteger" match="\b0[xX][\da-f]+" innerClass="number"/>
<block name="integer" match="\b\d\d*|\b0\b" innerClass="number"/>
<block name="octinteger" match="\b0[0-7]+" innerClass="number"/>
<block name="float" match="\b(\d*\.\d+)|(\d+\.\d*)" innerClass="number"/>
<region name="strincl" delimClass="quotes" innerClass="string" start="&lt;" end="&gt;">
<onlyin region="include" />
<!-- <block name="preprocessor" match="^#[azAZ_]\w*" innerClass="prepro"/> -->
<region name="include" innerClass="prepro" start="/^[ \t]*#include/m" end="/(?&lt;!\\)$/m">
<contains region="strdouble"/>
<contains region="strincl"/>
<region name="preprocessor" delimClass="prepro" innerClass="code" start="/^[ \t]*#[ \t]*[a-z]+/mi" end="/(?&lt;!\\)$/m">
<contains region="comment"/>
<contains region="mlcomment"/>
<contains region="strdouble"/>
<contains region="brackets"/>
<contains region="block"/>
<contains block="identifier"/>
<contains block="integer"/>
<contains block="hexinteger"/>
<contains block="octinteger"/>
<contains block="float"/>
<block name="number" match="\d*\.?\d+" innerClass="number"/>
<region name="mlcomment" innerClass="mlcomment" start="\/\*" end="\*\/" >
<contains block="cvstag"/>
<block name="cvstag" match="\$\w+\s*:.+\$" innerClass="inlinedoc">
<onlyin region="mlcomment"/>
<onlyin region="comment"/>
<region name="comment" start="\/\/.+" end="/$/m" innerClass="comment" delimClass="comment">
<contains block="cvstag"/>
<keywords name="reserved" inherits="identifier" innerClass="reserved" case="yes">
<keyword match="and" />
<keyword match="and_eq" />
<keyword match="asm" />
<keyword match="bitand" />
<keyword match="bitor" />
<keyword match="break" />
<keyword match="case" />
<keyword match="catch" />
<keyword match="compl" />
<keyword match="const_cast" />
<keyword match="continue" />
<keyword match="default" />
<keyword match="delete" />
<keyword match="do" />
<keyword match="dynamic_cast" />
<keyword match="else" />
<keyword match="for" />
<keyword match="fortran" />
<keyword match="friend" />
<keyword match="goto" />
<keyword match="if" />
<keyword match="new" />
<keyword match="not" />
<keyword match="not_eq" />
<keyword match="operator" />
<keyword match="or" />
<keyword match="or_eq" />
<keyword match="private" />
<keyword match="protected" />
<keyword match="public" />
<keyword match="reinterpret_cast" />
<keyword match="return" />
<keyword match="sizeof" />
<keyword match="static_cast" />
<keyword match="switch" />
<keyword match="this" />
<keyword match="throw" />
<keyword match="try" />
<keyword match="typeid" />
<keyword match="using" />
<keyword match="while" />
<keyword match="xor" />
<keyword match="xor_eq" />
<keyword match="false" />
<keyword match="true" />
<keywords name="types" inherits="identifier" innerClass="types" case="yes">
<keyword match="auto" />
<keyword match="bool" />
<keyword match="char" />
<keyword match="class" />
<keyword match="const" />
<keyword match="double" />
<keyword match="enum" />
<keyword match="explicit" />
<keyword match="export" />
<keyword match="extern" />
<keyword match="float" />
<keyword match="inline" />
<keyword match="int" />
<keyword match="long" />
<keyword match="mutable" />
<keyword match="namespace" />
<keyword match="register" />
<keyword match="short" />
<keyword match="signed" />
<keyword match="static" />
<keyword match="struct" />
<keyword match="template" />
<keyword match="typedef" />
<keyword match="typename" />
<keyword match="union" />
<keyword match="unsigned" />
<keyword match="virtual" />
<keyword match="void" />
<keyword match="volatile" />
<keyword match="wchar_t" />
<keywords name="Common Macros" inherits="identifier" innerClass="prepro" case="yes">
<keyword match="NULL" />
<keyword match="TRUE" />
<keyword match="FALSE" />
<keyword match="MAX" />
<keyword match="MIN" />
<keyword match="__LINE__" />
<keyword match="__DATA__" />
<keyword match="__FILE__" />
<keyword match="__TIME__" />
<keyword match="__STDC__" />
<keywords name="reserved" inherits="identifier" innerClass="reserved" case="yes">