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# FRIENDICA Distributed Social Network
# Copyright (C) 2010, 2011 Mike Macgirvin
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Friendika package.
# Translators:
# <>, 2011.
# David Martín Miranda, 2011.
# <>, 2011.
# Manuel Pérez Monís, 2011.
# Mike Macgirvin, 2010.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: friendica\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-11-15 17:20+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2011-11-22 21:19+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: blackhalo <>\n"
"Language-Team: Spanish (Castilian) (\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Language: es\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1)\n"
#: ../../index.php:213 ../../mod/help.php:38
msgid "Not Found"
msgstr "No se ha encontrado"
#: ../../index.php:216 ../../mod/help.php:41
msgid "Page not found."
msgstr "Página no encontrada."
#: ../../index.php:279 ../../mod/profperm.php:19 ../../mod/group.php:67
msgid "Permission denied"
msgstr "Permiso denegado"
#: ../../index.php:280 ../../mod/manage.php:75 ../../mod/wall_upload.php:42
#: ../../mod/follow.php:8 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:19
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:137 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:148
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:159 ../../mod/wall_attach.php:43
#: ../../mod/suggest.php:28 ../../mod/regmod.php:111 ../../mod/profiles.php:7
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:229 ../../mod/settings.php:41
#: ../../mod/settings.php:46 ../../mod/settings.php:376
#: ../../mod/photos.php:123 ../../mod/photos.php:858 ../../mod/display.php:111
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:10 ../../mod/invite.php:13 ../../mod/invite.php:81
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:115 ../../mod/register.php:27
#: ../../mod/allfriends.php:9 ../../mod/install.php:96 ../../mod/network.php:6
#: ../../mod/events.php:109 ../../mod/notifications.php:62
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:113 ../../mod/api.php:26 ../../mod/api.php:31
#: ../../mod/notes.php:20 ../../mod/fsuggest.php:78 ../../mod/item.php:113
#: ../../mod/message.php:9 ../../mod/message.php:42
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:53 ../../mod/viewcontacts.php:21
#: ../../mod/group.php:19 ../../mod/attach.php:33 ../../mod/common.php:9
#: ../../addon/facebook/facebook.php:331 ../../include/items.php:2874
msgid "Permission denied."
msgstr "Permiso denegado."
#: ../../boot.php:419
msgid "Delete this item?"
msgstr "¿Eliminar este elemento?"
#: ../../boot.php:420 ../../mod/photos.php:1202 ../../mod/photos.php:1241
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1272 ../../include/conversation.php:433
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Comentar"
#: ../../boot.php:662
msgid "Create a New Account"
msgstr "Crear una nueva cuenta"
#: ../../boot.php:663 ../../mod/register.php:530 ../../include/nav.php:77
msgid "Register"
msgstr "Registrarse"
#: ../../boot.php:679 ../../include/nav.php:44
msgid "Logout"
msgstr "Salir"
#: ../../boot.php:680 ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:28
#: ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:34 ../../include/nav.php:62
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Acceder"
#: ../../boot.php:682
msgid "Nickname or Email address: "
msgstr "Apodo o dirección de email: "
#: ../../boot.php:683
msgid "Password: "
msgstr "Contraseña: "
#: ../../boot.php:686
msgid "OpenID: "
msgstr "OpenID:"
#: ../../boot.php:692
msgid "Forgot your password?"
msgstr "¿Olvidó la contraseña?"
#: ../../boot.php:693 ../../mod/lostpass.php:82
msgid "Password Reset"
msgstr "Restablecer la contraseña"
#: ../../boot.php:815 ../../mod/profile.php:10 ../../mod/hcard.php:10
msgid "No profile"
msgstr "Nigún perfil"
#: ../../boot.php:839
msgid "Edit profile"
msgstr "Editar perfil"
#: ../../boot.php:890 ../../include/contact_widgets.php:9
msgid "Connect"
msgstr "Conectar"
#: ../../boot.php:900 ../../include/nav.php:129
msgid "Profiles"
msgstr "Perfiles"
#: ../../boot.php:900 ../../include/nav.php:129
msgid "Manage/edit profiles"
msgstr "Administrar/editar perfiles"
#: ../../boot.php:906 ../../mod/profiles.php:462
msgid "Change profile photo"
msgstr "Cambiar foto del perfil"
#: ../../boot.php:907 ../../mod/profiles.php:463
msgid "Create New Profile"
msgstr "Crear nuevo perfil"
#: ../../boot.php:917 ../../mod/profiles.php:473
msgid "Profile Image"
msgstr "Imagen del Perfil"
#: ../../boot.php:920 ../../mod/profiles.php:475
msgid "visible to everybody"
msgstr "Visible para todos"
#: ../../boot.php:921 ../../mod/profiles.php:476
msgid "Edit visibility"
msgstr "Editar visibilidad"
#: ../../boot.php:940 ../../mod/events.php:325 ../../include/event.php:37
#: ../../include/bb2diaspora.php:249
msgid "Location:"
msgstr "Localización:"
#: ../../boot.php:942 ../../include/profile_advanced.php:17
msgid "Gender:"
msgstr "Género:"
#: ../../boot.php:945 ../../include/profile_advanced.php:37
msgid "Status:"
msgstr "Estado:"
#: ../../boot.php:947 ../../include/profile_advanced.php:45
msgid "Homepage:"
msgstr "Página de inicio:"
#: ../../boot.php:1006 ../../boot.php:1068
msgid "g A l F d"
msgstr "g A l F d"
#: ../../boot.php:1007 ../../boot.php:1069
msgid "F d"
msgstr "F d"
#: ../../boot.php:1030
msgid "Birthday Reminders"
msgstr "Recordatorios de cumpleaños"
#: ../../boot.php:1031
msgid "Birthdays this week:"
msgstr "Cumpleaños esta semana:"
#: ../../boot.php:1047 ../../boot.php:1111
msgid "[today]"
msgstr "[hoy]"
#: ../../boot.php:1092
msgid "Event Reminders"
msgstr "Recordatorios de eventos"
#: ../../boot.php:1093
msgid "Events this week:"
msgstr "Eventos de esta semana:"
#: ../../boot.php:1105
msgid "[No description]"
msgstr "[Sin descripción]"
#: ../../boot.php:1282 ../../include/nav.php:47
msgid "Status"
msgstr "Estado"
#: ../../boot.php:1287 ../../mod/profperm.php:103
#: ../../include/profile_advanced.php:7 ../../include/profile_advanced.php:74
#: ../../include/nav.php:48
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Perfil"
#: ../../boot.php:1292 ../../include/nav.php:49
msgid "Photos"
msgstr "Fotografías"
#: ../../boot.php:1300 ../../mod/events.php:117 ../../include/nav.php:50
msgid "Events"
msgstr "Eventos"
#: ../../boot.php:1305 ../../mod/notes.php:44
msgid "Personal Notes"
msgstr "Notas personales"
#: ../../mod/manage.php:37
#, php-format
msgid "Welcome back %s"
msgstr "Bienvenido de nuevo %s"
#: ../../mod/manage.php:87
msgid "Manage Identities and/or Pages"
msgstr "Administrar identidades y/o páginas"
#: ../../mod/manage.php:90
msgid ""
"(Toggle between different identities or community/group pages which share "
"your account details.)"
msgstr ""
"(Alternar entre las diferentes identidades o las páginas de "
"comunidades/grupos que comparten los datos de su cuenta)."
#: ../../mod/manage.php:92
msgid "Select an identity to manage: "
msgstr "Selecciona una identidad a gestionar:"
#: ../../mod/manage.php:106 ../../mod/profiles.php:375
#: ../../mod/settings.php:420 ../../mod/settings.php:559
#: ../../mod/settings.php:707 ../../mod/photos.php:886
#: ../../mod/photos.php:944 ../../mod/photos.php:1163
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1203 ../../mod/photos.php:1242
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1273 ../../mod/localtime.php:45
#: ../../mod/invite.php:106 ../../mod/contacts.php:306
#: ../../mod/install.php:137 ../../mod/events.php:330
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:162 ../../mod/fsuggest.php:107
#: ../../mod/admin.php:296 ../../mod/admin.php:461 ../../mod/admin.php:587
#: ../../mod/admin.php:652 ../../mod/group.php:84 ../../mod/group.php:167
#: ../../addon/tumblr/tumblr.php:89 ../../addon/twitter/twitter.php:179
#: ../../addon/twitter/twitter.php:202 ../../addon/twitter/twitter.php:299
#: ../../addon/statusnet/statusnet.php:282
#: ../../addon/statusnet/statusnet.php:296
#: ../../addon/statusnet/statusnet.php:322
#: ../../addon/statusnet/statusnet.php:329
#: ../../addon/statusnet/statusnet.php:351
#: ../../addon/statusnet/statusnet.php:486 ../../addon/oembed/oembed.php:41
#: ../../addon/uhremotestorage/uhremotestorage.php:58
#: ../../addon/impressum/impressum.php:69
#: ../../addon/facebook/facebook.php:404 ../../addon/nsfw/nsfw.php:53
#: ../../addon/randplace/randplace.php:178 ../../addon/piwik/piwik.php:81
#: ../../addon/wppost/wppost.php:101 ../../include/conversation.php:434
msgid "Submit"
msgstr "Envía"
#: ../../mod/dirfind.php:23
msgid "People Search"
msgstr "Buscar personas"
#: ../../mod/dirfind.php:57 ../../mod/match.php:57
msgid "No matches"
msgstr "Sin conincidencias"
#: ../../mod/wall_upload.php:56 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:113
#, php-format
msgid "Image exceeds size limit of %d"
msgstr "El tamaño de la imagen supera el límite de %d"
#: ../../mod/wall_upload.php:65 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:122
#: ../../mod/photos.php:647
msgid "Unable to process image."
msgstr "Imposible procesar la imagen."
#: ../../mod/wall_upload.php:81 ../../mod/wall_upload.php:90
#: ../../mod/wall_upload.php:97 ../../mod/item.php:299
#: ../../include/message.php:82
msgid "Wall Photos"
msgstr "Foto del Muro"
#: ../../mod/wall_upload.php:84 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:251
#: ../../mod/photos.php:667
msgid "Image upload failed."
msgstr "Error al subir la imagen."
#: ../../mod/profile.php:105 ../../mod/display.php:66
msgid "Access to this profile has been restricted."
msgstr "EL acceso a este perfil ha sido restringido."
#: ../../mod/profile.php:127
msgid "Tips for New Members"
msgstr "Consejos para nuevos miembros"
#: ../../mod/follow.php:20 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:340
msgid "Disallowed profile URL."
msgstr "Dirección de perfil no permitida."
#: ../../mod/follow.php:39
msgid ""
"This site is not configured to allow communications with other networks."
msgstr ""
"Este sitio no está configurado para permitir la comunicación con otras "
#: ../../mod/follow.php:40 ../../mod/follow.php:50
msgid "No compatible communication protocols or feeds were discovered."
msgstr ""
"No se ha descubierto protocolos de comunicación o fuentes compatibles."
#: ../../mod/follow.php:48
msgid "The profile address specified does not provide adequate information."
msgstr ""
"La dirección del perfil especificado no proporciona información adecuada."
#: ../../mod/follow.php:52
msgid "An author or name was not found."
msgstr "No se ha encontrado un autor o nombre"
#: ../../mod/follow.php:54
msgid "No browser URL could be matched to this address."
msgstr "Ninguna dirección URL concuerda con la suministrada."
#: ../../mod/follow.php:61
msgid ""
"The profile address specified belongs to a network which has been disabled "
"on this site."
msgstr ""
"La dirección del perfil especificada pertenece a una red que ha sido "
"deshabilitada en este sitio."
#: ../../mod/follow.php:66
msgid ""
"Limited profile. This person will be unable to receive direct/personal "
"notifications from you."
msgstr ""
"Perfil limitado. Esta persona no podrá recibir notificaciones "
"directas/personales de ti."
#: ../../mod/follow.php:133
msgid "Unable to retrieve contact information."
msgstr "No ha sido posible recibir la información del contacto."
#: ../../mod/follow.php:179
msgid "following"
msgstr "siguiendo"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:28
msgid "Image uploaded but image cropping failed."
msgstr "Imagen recibida, pero ha fallado al recortarla."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:58 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:65
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:72 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:170
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:246 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:255
#: ../../mod/photos.php:144 ../../mod/photos.php:591 ../../mod/photos.php:936
#: ../../mod/photos.php:951 ../../mod/register.php:318
#: ../../mod/register.php:325 ../../mod/register.php:332
#: ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:111
msgid "Profile Photos"
msgstr "Foto del perfil"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:61 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:68
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:75 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:258
#, php-format
msgid "Image size reduction [%s] failed."
msgstr "Ha fallado la reducción de las dimensiones de la imagen [%s]."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:89
msgid ""
"Shift-reload the page or clear browser cache if the new photo does not "
"display immediately."
msgstr ""
"Recargue la página o limpie la caché del navegador si la nueva foto no "
"aparece inmediatamente."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:99
msgid "Unable to process image"
msgstr "Imposible procesar la imagen"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:203
msgid "Upload File:"
msgstr "Subir archivo:"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:204
msgid "Upload Profile Photo"
msgstr "Subir foto del Perfil"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:205
msgid "Upload"
msgstr "Subir"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:206 ../../mod/settings.php:686
msgid "or"
msgstr "o"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:206
msgid "skip this step"
msgstr "salta este paso"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:206
msgid "select a photo from your photo albums"
msgstr "elige una foto de tus álbumes"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:219
msgid "Crop Image"
msgstr "Recortar imagen"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:220
msgid "Please adjust the image cropping for optimum viewing."
msgstr "Por favor, ajusta el recorte de la imagen para optimizarla."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:221
msgid "Done Editing"
msgstr "Editado"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:249
msgid "Image uploaded successfully."
msgstr "Imagen subida con éxito."
#: ../../mod/home.php:23 ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:179
#, php-format
msgid "Welcome to %s"
msgstr "Bienvenido a %s"
#: ../../mod/update_community.php:18 ../../mod/update_network.php:22
#: ../../mod/update_profile.php:41 ../../mod/update_notes.php:41
msgid "[Embedded content - reload page to view]"
msgstr "[Contenido incrustado - recarga la página para verlo]"
#: ../../mod/wall_attach.php:57
#, php-format
msgid "File exceeds size limit of %d"
msgstr "El tamaño del archivo excede el límite de %d"
#: ../../mod/wall_attach.php:87 ../../mod/wall_attach.php:98
msgid "File upload failed."
msgstr "Ha fallado la subida del archivo."
#: ../../mod/suggest.php:36 ../../include/contact_widgets.php:35
msgid "Friend Suggestions"
msgstr "Sugerencias de amigos"
#: ../../mod/suggest.php:42
msgid ""
"No suggestions. This works best when you have more than one contact/friend."
msgstr ""
"No hay sugerencias. Esto funciona mejor cuando tienes más de un "
#: ../../mod/suggest.php:55
msgid "Ignore/Hide"
msgstr "Ignorar/Ocultar"
#: ../../mod/regmod.php:52 ../../mod/register.php:369
#, php-format
msgid "Registration details for %s"
msgstr "Detalles de registro para %s"
#: ../../mod/regmod.php:54 ../../mod/register.php:371
#: ../../mod/register.php:425 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:553
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:44 ../../mod/lostpass.php:106
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:703 ../../include/items.php:1767
#: ../../include/items.php:2114 ../../include/items.php:2440
msgid "Administrator"
msgstr "Administrador"
#: ../../mod/regmod.php:61
msgid "Account approved."
msgstr "Cuenta aprobada."
#: ../../mod/regmod.php:93
#, php-format
msgid "Registration revoked for %s"
msgstr "Registro anulado para %s"
#: ../../mod/regmod.php:105
msgid "Please login."
msgstr "Por favor accede."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:21 ../../mod/profiles.php:239
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:344 ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:62
msgid "Profile not found."
msgstr "Perfil no encontrado."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:28
msgid "Profile Name is required."
msgstr "Se necesita un nombre de perfil."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:198
msgid "Profile updated."
msgstr "Perfil actualizado."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:256
msgid "Profile deleted."
msgstr "Perfil eliminado."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:272 ../../mod/profiles.php:303
msgid "Profile-"
msgstr "Perfil-"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:291 ../../mod/profiles.php:330
msgid "New profile created."
msgstr "Nuevo perfil creado."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:309
msgid "Profile unavailable to clone."
msgstr "Imposible duplicar el perfil."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:356
msgid "Hide your contact/friend list from viewers of this profile?"
msgstr "¿Ocultar tu lista de contactos/amigos en este perfil?"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:357 ../../mod/settings.php:629
#: ../../mod/settings.php:635 ../../mod/settings.php:643
#: ../../mod/settings.php:647 ../../mod/settings.php:652
#: ../../mod/settings.php:658 ../../mod/register.php:500
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:645 ../../mod/api.php:105
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Sí"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:358 ../../mod/settings.php:629
#: ../../mod/settings.php:635 ../../mod/settings.php:643
#: ../../mod/settings.php:647 ../../mod/settings.php:652
#: ../../mod/settings.php:658 ../../mod/register.php:501
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:646 ../../mod/api.php:106
msgid "No"
msgstr "No"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:374
msgid "Edit Profile Details"
msgstr "Editar detalles de tu perfil"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:376
msgid "View this profile"
msgstr "Ver este perfil"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:377
msgid "Create a new profile using these settings"
msgstr "¿Crear un nuevo perfil con esta configuración?"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:378
msgid "Clone this profile"
msgstr "Clonar este perfil"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:379
msgid "Delete this profile"
msgstr "Eliminar este perfil"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:380
msgid "Profile Name:"
msgstr "Nombres del perfil:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:381
msgid "Your Full Name:"
msgstr "Tu nombre completo:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:382
msgid "Title/Description:"
msgstr "Título/Descrición:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:383
msgid "Your Gender:"
msgstr "Género:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:384
#, php-format
msgid "Birthday (%s):"
msgstr "Cumpleaños (%s):"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:385
msgid "Street Address:"
msgstr "Dirección"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:386
msgid "Locality/City:"
msgstr "Localidad/Ciudad:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:387
msgid "Postal/Zip Code:"
msgstr "Código postal:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:388
msgid "Country:"
msgstr "País"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:389
msgid "Region/State:"
msgstr "Región/Estado:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:390
msgid "<span class=\"heart\">&hearts;</span> Marital Status:"
msgstr "<span class=\"heart\"&hearts;</span> Estado civil:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:391
msgid "Who: (if applicable)"
msgstr "¿Quién? (si es aplicable)"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:392
msgid "Examples: cathy123, Cathy Williams,"
msgstr "Ejemplos: cathy123, Cathy Williams,"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:393 ../../include/profile_advanced.php:43
msgid "Sexual Preference:"
msgstr "Preferencia sexual:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:394
msgid "Homepage URL:"
msgstr "Dirección de tu página web:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:395 ../../include/profile_advanced.php:47
msgid "Political Views:"
msgstr "Ideas políticas:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:396
msgid "Religious Views:"
msgstr "Creencias religiosas"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:397
msgid "Public Keywords:"
msgstr "Palabras clave públicas:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:398
msgid "Private Keywords:"
msgstr "Palabras clave privadas:"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:399
msgid "Example: fishing photography software"
msgstr "Ejemplo: pesca fotografía software"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:400
msgid "(Used for suggesting potential friends, can be seen by others)"
msgstr "(Utilizado para sugerir amigos potenciales, otros pueden verlo)"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:401
msgid "(Used for searching profiles, never shown to others)"
msgstr "(Utilizado para buscar perfiles, nunca se muestra a otros)"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:402
msgid "Tell us about yourself..."
msgstr "Háblanos sobre ti..."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:403
msgid "Hobbies/Interests"
msgstr "Aficiones/Intereses"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:404
msgid "Contact information and Social Networks"
msgstr "Informacioń de contacto y Redes sociales"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:405
msgid "Musical interests"
msgstr "Gustos musicales"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:406
msgid "Books, literature"
msgstr "Libros, literatura"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:407
msgid "Television"
msgstr "Televisión"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:408
msgid "Film/dance/culture/entertainment"
msgstr "Películas/baile/cultura/entretenimiento"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:409
msgid "Love/romance"
msgstr "Amor/Romance"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:410
msgid "Work/employment"
msgstr "Trabajo/ocupación"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:411
msgid "School/education"
msgstr "Escuela/estudios"
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:416
msgid ""
"This is your <strong>public</strong> profile.<br />It <strong>may</strong> "
"be visible to anybody using the internet."
msgstr ""
"Éste es tu perfil <strong>público</strong>.<br /><strong>Puede</strong> ser "
"visto por cualquiera usando internet."
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:426 ../../mod/directory.php:122
msgid "Age: "
msgstr "Edad: "
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:461
msgid "Edit/Manage Profiles"
msgstr "Editar/Administrar perfiles"
#: ../../mod/notice.php:15 ../../mod/display.php:28 ../../mod/display.php:115
#: ../../mod/viewsrc.php:15 ../../mod/admin.php:111 ../../mod/admin.php:502
#: ../../include/items.php:2786
msgid "Item not found."
msgstr "Elemento no encontrado."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:9 ../../mod/photos.php:62
msgid "everybody"
msgstr "todos"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:67
msgid "Missing some important data!"
msgstr "¡Faltan algunos datos importantes!"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:70 ../../mod/settings.php:446 ../../mod/admin.php:62
msgid "Update"
msgstr "Actualizar"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:165
msgid "Failed to connect with email account using the settings provided."
msgstr ""
"Error al conectar con la cuenta de correo mediante la configuración "
#: ../../mod/settings.php:170
msgid "Email settings updated."
msgstr "Configuración de correo electrónico actualizada."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:188
msgid "Passwords do not match. Password unchanged."
msgstr "Las contraseñas no coinciden. La contraseña no ha sido modificada."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:193
msgid "Empty passwords are not allowed. Password unchanged."
msgstr ""
"No se permiten contraseñas vacías. La contraseña no ha sido modificada."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:204
msgid "Password changed."
msgstr "Contraseña modificada."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:206
msgid "Password update failed. Please try again."
msgstr ""
"La actualización de la contraseña ha fallado. Por favor, prueba otra vez."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:253
msgid " Please use a shorter name."
msgstr " Usa un nombre más corto."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:255
msgid " Name too short."
msgstr " Nombre demasiado corto."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:261
msgid " Not valid email."
msgstr " Correo no válido."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:263
msgid " Cannot change to that email."
msgstr " No se puede usar ese correo."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:323 ../../addon/twitter/twitter.php:294
#: ../../addon/impressum/impressum.php:64
#: ../../addon/facebook/facebook.php:320 ../../addon/piwik/piwik.php:94
msgid "Settings updated."
msgstr "Configuración actualizada."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:382 ../../include/nav.php:128
msgid "Account settings"
msgstr "Configuración de tu cuenta"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:387
msgid "Connector settings"
msgstr "Configuración del conector"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:392
msgid "Plugin settings"
msgstr "Configuración de los módulos"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:397
msgid "Connections"
msgstr "Conexiones"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:402
msgid "Export personal data"
msgstr "Exportación de datos personales"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:419 ../../mod/settings.php:445
#: ../../mod/settings.php:478
msgid "Add application"
msgstr "Agregar aplicación"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:421 ../../mod/settings.php:447
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:655 ../../mod/tagrm.php:11
#: ../../mod/tagrm.php:94 ../../addon/js_upload/js_upload.php:45
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Cancelar"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:422 ../../mod/settings.php:448
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:144 ../../mod/admin.php:464 ../../mod/admin.php:473
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nombre"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:423 ../../mod/settings.php:449
#: ../../addon/statusnet/statusnet.php:480
msgid "Consumer Key"
msgstr "Clave consumer"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:424 ../../mod/settings.php:450
#: ../../addon/statusnet/statusnet.php:479
msgid "Consumer Secret"
msgstr "Secreto consumer"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:425 ../../mod/settings.php:451
msgid "Redirect"
msgstr "Redirigir"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:426 ../../mod/settings.php:452
msgid "Icon url"
msgstr "Dirección URL del ícono"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:437
msgid "You can't edit this application."
msgstr "No puedes editar esta aplicación."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:477
msgid "Connected Apps"
msgstr "Aplicaciones conectadas"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:479 ../../mod/editpost.php:90
#: ../../include/conversation.php:441 ../../include/group.php:190
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Editar"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:480 ../../mod/photos.php:1300
#: ../../mod/admin.php:468 ../../mod/group.php:154
#: ../../include/conversation.php:211 ../../include/conversation.php:454
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Eliminar"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:481
msgid "Client key starts with"
msgstr "Clave de cliente comienza con"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:482
msgid "No name"
msgstr "Sin nombre"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:483
msgid "Remove authorization"
msgstr "Suprimir la autorización"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:495
msgid "No Plugin settings configured"
msgstr "Ningún módulo ha sido configurado"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:502 ../../addon/widgets/widgets.php:122
msgid "Plugin Settings"
msgstr "Configuración de los módulos"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:515 ../../mod/settings.php:516
#, php-format
msgid "Built-in support for %s connectivity is %s"
msgstr "El soporte integrado para %s conexión es %s"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:515 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:651
#: ../../include/contact_selectors.php:78
msgid "Diaspora"
msgstr "Diaspora"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:515 ../../mod/settings.php:516
msgid "enabled"
msgstr "habilitado"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:515 ../../mod/settings.php:516
msgid "disabled"
msgstr "deshabilitado"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:516
msgid "StatusNet"
msgstr "StatusNet"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:542
msgid "Connector Settings"
msgstr "Configuración del conector"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:548
msgid "Email/Mailbox Setup"
msgstr "Configuración del correo/buzón"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:549
msgid ""
"If you wish to communicate with email contacts using this service "
"(optional), please specify how to connect to your mailbox."
msgstr ""
"Si quieres comunicarte con tus contactos de tu correo usando este servicio "
"(opcional), por favor, especifica cómo conectar con tu buzón."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:550
msgid "Last successful email check:"
msgstr "Última comprobación del correo con éxito:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:551
msgid "Email access is disabled on this site."
msgstr "El acceso por correo está deshabilitado en esta web."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:552
msgid "IMAP server name:"
msgstr "Nombre del servidor IMAP:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:553
msgid "IMAP port:"
msgstr "Puerto IMAP:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:554
msgid "Security:"
msgstr "Seguridad:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:554
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ninguna"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:555
msgid "Email login name:"
msgstr "Nombre de usuario:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:556
msgid "Email password:"
msgstr "Contraseña:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:557
msgid "Reply-to address:"
msgstr "Dirección de respuesta:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:558
msgid "Send public posts to all email contacts:"
msgstr "Enviar publicaciones públicas a todos los contactos de correo:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:596 ../../mod/admin.php:126 ../../mod/admin.php:443
msgid "Normal Account"
msgstr "Cuenta normal"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:597
msgid "This account is a normal personal profile"
msgstr "Esta cuenta es el perfil de una persona normal"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:600 ../../mod/admin.php:127 ../../mod/admin.php:444
msgid "Soapbox Account"
msgstr "Cuenta tribuna"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:601
msgid "Automatically approve all connection/friend requests as read-only fans"
msgstr ""
"Aceptar automáticamente todas las peticiones de conexión/amistad como "
"seguidores de solo-lectura"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:604 ../../mod/admin.php:128 ../../mod/admin.php:445
msgid "Community/Celebrity Account"
msgstr "Cuenta de Sociedad/Celebridad"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:605
msgid ""
"Automatically approve all connection/friend requests as read-write fans"
msgstr ""
"Aceptar automáticamente todas las peticiones de conexión/amistad como "
"seguidores de lectura-escritura"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:608 ../../mod/admin.php:129 ../../mod/admin.php:446
msgid "Automatic Friend Account"
msgstr "Cuenta de amistad automática"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:609
msgid "Automatically approve all connection/friend requests as friends"
msgstr ""
"Aceptar automáticamente todas las solicitudes de conexión/amistad como "
#: ../../mod/settings.php:619
msgid "OpenID:"
msgstr "OpenID"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:619
msgid "(Optional) Allow this OpenID to login to this account."
msgstr "(Opcional) Permitir a este OpenID acceder a esta cuenta."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:629
msgid "Publish your default profile in your local site directory?"
msgstr ""
"¿Quieres publicar tu perfil predeterminado en el directorio del sitio local?"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:635
msgid "Publish your default profile in the global social directory?"
msgstr ""
"¿Quieres publicar tu perfil predeterminado en el directorio social de forma "
#: ../../mod/settings.php:643
msgid "Hide your contact/friend list from viewers of your default profile?"
msgstr ""
"¿Quieres ocultar tu lista de contactos/amigos en la vista de tu perfil "
#: ../../mod/settings.php:647
msgid "Hide profile details and all your messages from unknown viewers?"
msgstr ""
"¿Quieres ocultar los detalles de tu perfil y todos tus mensajes a los "
#: ../../mod/settings.php:652
msgid "Allow friends to post to your profile page?"
msgstr "¿Permitir a los amigos publicar en su página de perfil?"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:658
msgid "Allow friends to tag your posts?"
msgstr "¿Permitir a los amigos etiquetar tus publicaciones?"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:667
msgid "Profile is <strong>not published</strong>."
msgstr "El perfil <strong>no está publicado</strong>."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:691
msgid "Your Identity Address is"
msgstr "Tu dirección personal es"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:705
msgid "Account Settings"
msgstr "Configuración de la cuenta"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:713
msgid "Password Settings"
msgstr "Configuración de la contraseña"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:714
msgid "New Password:"
msgstr "Contraseña nueva:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:715
msgid "Confirm:"
msgstr "Confirmar:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:715
msgid "Leave password fields blank unless changing"
msgstr "Deja la contraseña en blanco si no quieres cambiarla"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:719
msgid "Basic Settings"
msgstr "Configuración básica"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:720 ../../include/profile_advanced.php:15
msgid "Full Name:"
msgstr "Nombre completo:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:721
msgid "Email Address:"
msgstr "Dirección de correo electrónico:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:722
msgid "Your Timezone:"
msgstr "Zona horaria:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:723
msgid "Default Post Location:"
msgstr "Localización predeterminada:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:724
msgid "Use Browser Location:"
msgstr "Usar localización del navegador:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:725
msgid "Display Theme:"
msgstr "Utilizar tema:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:729
msgid "Security and Privacy Settings"
msgstr "Configuración de seguridad y privacidad"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:731
msgid "Maximum Friend Requests/Day:"
msgstr "Máximo número de peticiones de amistad por día:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:731
msgid "(to prevent spam abuse)"
msgstr "(para prevenir el abuso de spam)"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:732
msgid "Default Post Permissions"
msgstr "Permisos por defecto para las publicaciones"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:733
msgid "(click to open/close)"
msgstr "(pulsa para abrir/cerrar)"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:739
msgid "Automatically expire posts after days:"
msgstr "Las publicaciones expiran automáticamente después de (días):"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:739
msgid "If empty, posts will not expire. Expired posts will be deleted"
msgstr ""
"Si lo dejas vacío no expirarán nunca. Las publicaciones que hayan expirado "
"se borrarán"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:748
msgid "Notification Settings"
msgstr "Configuración de notificaciones"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:749
msgid "Send a notification email when:"
msgstr "Enviar notificación por correo cuando:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:750
msgid "You receive an introduction"
msgstr "Reciba una presentación"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:751
msgid "Your introductions are confirmed"
msgstr "Mi presentación sea confirmada"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:752
msgid "Someone writes on your profile wall"
msgstr "Alguien escriba en el muro de mi perfil"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:753
msgid "Someone writes a followup comment"
msgstr "Algien escriba en un comentario que sigo "
#: ../../mod/settings.php:754
msgid "You receive a private message"
msgstr "Reciba un mensaje privado"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:758
msgid "Advanced Page Settings"
msgstr "Configuración avanzada"
#: ../../mod/search.php:13 ../../mod/network.php:75
msgid "Saved Searches"
msgstr "Búsquedas guardadas"
#: ../../mod/search.php:16 ../../mod/network.php:81
msgid "Remove term"
msgstr "Eliminar término"
#: ../../mod/search.php:71 ../../mod/photos.php:752 ../../mod/display.php:7
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:594 ../../mod/directory.php:31
#: ../../mod/viewcontacts.php:16 ../../mod/community.php:16
msgid "Public access denied."
msgstr "Acceso público denegado."
#: ../../mod/search.php:83
msgid "Search This Site"
msgstr "Buscar en este sitio"
#: ../../mod/search.php:125 ../../mod/community.php:60
msgid "No results."
msgstr "Sin resultados."
#: ../../mod/photos.php:42
msgid "Photo Albums"
msgstr "Álbum de Fotos"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:50 ../../mod/photos.php:144 ../../mod/photos.php:866
#: ../../mod/photos.php:936 ../../mod/photos.php:951 ../../mod/photos.php:1351
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1363 ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:110
msgid "Contact Photos"
msgstr "Foto del contacto"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:133
msgid "Contact information unavailable"
msgstr "Información del contacto no disponible"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:154
msgid "Album not found."
msgstr "Álbum no encontrado."
#: ../../mod/photos.php:172 ../../mod/photos.php:945
msgid "Delete Album"
msgstr "Eliminar álbum"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:235 ../../mod/photos.php:1164
msgid "Delete Photo"
msgstr "Eliminar foto"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:522
msgid "was tagged in a"
msgstr "ha sido etiquetado en"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:522 ../../mod/tagger.php:70 ../../mod/like.php:127
#: ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:163
#: ../../include/conversation.php:31 ../../include/diaspora.php:1211
msgid "photo"
msgstr "foto"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:522
msgid "by"
msgstr "por"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:625 ../../addon/js_upload/js_upload.php:312
msgid "Image exceeds size limit of "
msgstr "La imagen supera el limite de tamaño de "
#: ../../mod/photos.php:633
msgid "Image file is empty."
msgstr "El archivo de imagen está vacío."
#: ../../mod/photos.php:762
msgid "No photos selected"
msgstr "Ninguna foto seleccionada"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:839
msgid "Access to this item is restricted."
msgstr "El acceso a este elemento está restringido."
#: ../../mod/photos.php:893
msgid "Upload Photos"
msgstr "Subir fotos"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:896 ../../mod/photos.php:940
msgid "New album name: "
msgstr "Nombre del nuevo álbum: "
#: ../../mod/photos.php:897
msgid "or existing album name: "
msgstr "o nombre de un álbum existente: "
#: ../../mod/photos.php:898
msgid "Do not show a status post for this upload"
msgstr "No mostrar un mensaje de estado de este envío"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:900 ../../mod/photos.php:1159
msgid "Permissions"
msgstr "Permisos"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:955
msgid "Edit Album"
msgstr "Modifica álbum"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:965 ../../mod/photos.php:1381
msgid "View Photo"
msgstr "Ver foto"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1000
msgid "Permission denied. Access to this item may be restricted."
msgstr "Permiso denegado. El acceso a este elemento puede estar restringido."
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1002
msgid "Photo not available"
msgstr "Foto no disponible"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1052
msgid "View photo"
msgstr "Ver foto"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1052
msgid "Edit photo"
msgstr "Modificar foto"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1053
msgid "Use as profile photo"
msgstr "Usar como foto del perfil"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1059 ../../include/conversation.php:369
msgid "Private Message"
msgstr "Mensaje privado"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1070
msgid "View Full Size"
msgstr "Ver a tamaño completo"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1138
msgid "Tags: "
msgstr "Etiquetas: "
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1141
msgid "[Remove any tag]"
msgstr "[Borrar todas las etiquetas]"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1152
msgid "New album name"
msgstr "Nuevo nombre del álbum"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1155
msgid "Caption"
msgstr "Título"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1157
msgid "Add a Tag"
msgstr "Añadir una etiqueta"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1161
msgid ""
"Example: @bob, @Barbara_Jensen,, #California, #camping"
msgstr ""
"Ejemplo: @bob, @Barbara_Jensen,, #California, #camping"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1181 ../../include/conversation.php:416
msgid "I like this (toggle)"
msgstr "Me gusta esto (cambiar)"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1182 ../../include/conversation.php:417
msgid "I don't like this (toggle)"
msgstr "No me gusta esto (cambiar)"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1183 ../../include/conversation.php:814
msgid "Share"
msgstr "Compartir"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1184 ../../mod/editpost.php:99
#: ../../mod/message.php:137 ../../mod/message.php:270
#: ../../include/conversation.php:251 ../../include/conversation.php:578
#: ../../include/conversation.php:823
msgid "Please wait"
msgstr "Por favor, espere"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1200 ../../mod/photos.php:1239
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1270 ../../include/conversation.php:431
msgid "This is you"
msgstr "Eres tú"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1368
msgid "Recent Photos"
msgstr "Fotos recientes"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1372
msgid "Upload New Photos"
msgstr "Subir nuevas fotos"
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1385
msgid "View Album"
msgstr "Ver álbum"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:6
msgid "Welcome to Friendika"
msgstr "Bienvenido a Friendika"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:8
msgid "New Member Checklist"
msgstr "Listado de nuevos miembros"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:12
msgid ""
"We would like to offer some tips and links to help make your experience "
"enjoyable. Click any item to visit the relevant page."
msgstr ""
"Nos gustaría ofrecerte algunos trucos y consejos para ayudar a que tu "
"experiencia sea placentera. Pulsa en cualquier elemento para visitar la "
"página adecuada."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:16
msgid ""
"On your <em>Settings</em> page - change your initial password. Also make a "
"note of your Identity Address. This will be useful in making friends."
msgstr ""
"En la página de <em>Configuración</em> - cambia la contraseña inicial. Toma "
"nota de tu dirección personal. Te será útil para hacer amigos."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:18
msgid ""
"Review the other settings, particularly the privacy settings. An unpublished"
" directory listing is like having an unlisted phone number. In general, you "
"should probably publish your listing - unless all of your friends and "
"potential friends know exactly how to find you."
msgstr ""
"Revisa las demás configuraciones, especialmente la configuración de "
"privacidad. Un listado de directorio no publicado es como tener un número de"
" teléfono sin publicar. Normalmente querrás publicar tu listado, a menos que"
" tus amigos y amigos potenciales sepan con ponerse en contacto contigo."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:20
msgid ""
"Upload a profile photo if you have not done so already. Studies have shown "
"that people with real photos of themselves are ten times more likely to make"
" friends than people who do not."
msgstr ""
"Sube una foto para tu perfil si no lo has hecho aún. Los estudios han "
"demostrado que la gente que usa fotos suyas reales tienen diez veces más "
"éxito a la hora de entablar amistad que las que no."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:23
msgid ""
"Authorise the Facebook Connector if you currently have a Facebook account "
"and we will (optionally) import all your Facebook friends and conversations."
msgstr ""
"Autoriza la conexión con Facebook si ya tienes una cuenta en Facebook y "
"nosotros (opcionalmente) importaremos tus amistades y conversaciones desde "
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:28
msgid ""
"Enter your email access information on your Settings page if you wish to "
"import and interact with friends or mailing lists from your email INBOX"
msgstr ""
"Introduce los datos sobre tu dirección de correo en la página de "
"configuración si quieres importar y mantener un contacto con tus amistades o"
" listas de correos desde tu buzón"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:30
msgid ""
"Edit your <strong>default</strong> profile to your liking. Review the "
"settings for hiding your list of friends and hiding the profile from unknown"
" visitors."
msgstr ""
"Edita tu perfil <strong>predeterminado</strong> como quieras. Revisa la "
"configuración para ocultar tu lista de amigos o tu perfil a los visitantes "
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:32
msgid ""
"Set some public keywords for your default profile which describe your "
"interests. We may be able to find other people with similar interests and "
"suggest friendships."
msgstr ""
"Define en tu perfil público algunas palabras que describan tus intereses. "
"Así podremos buscar otras personas con los mismos gustos y sugerirte "
"posibles amigos."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:34
msgid ""
"Your Contacts page is your gateway to managing friendships and connecting "
"with friends on other networks. Typically you enter their address or site "
"URL in the <em>Connect</em> dialog."
msgstr ""
"La página de tus Contactos es tu puerta de entrada para manejar tus "
"relaciones de amistad y conectarte con amigos de otras redes sociales. "
"Introduce la dirección de su perfil o dirección web en el campo "
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:36
msgid ""
"The Directory page lets you find other people in this network or other "
"federated sites. Look for a <em>Connect</em> or <em>Follow</em> link on "
"their profile page. Provide your own Identity Address if requested."
msgstr ""
"El Directorio te permite encontrar otras personas en esta red o en cualquier"
" otro sitio federado. Busca algún enlace de <em>Conectar</em> o "
"<em>Seguir</em> en su perfil. Proporciona tu direción personal si es "
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:38
msgid ""
"Once you have made some friends, organize them into private conversation "
"groups from the sidebar of your Contacts page and then you can interact with"
" each group privately on your Network page."
msgstr ""
"Una vez que tengas algunos amigos, puedes organizarlos en grupos de "
"conversación privados mediante la barra en tu página de Contactos y luego "
"puedes interactuar con cada grupo por privado desde tu página de Red."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:40
msgid ""
"Our <strong>help</strong> pages may be consulted for detail on other program"
" features and resources."
msgstr ""
"Puedes consultar nuestra página de <strong>Ayuda</strong> para más ayuda, "
"información y recursos."
#: ../../mod/localtime.php:12 ../../include/event.php:11
#: ../../include/bb2diaspora.php:227
msgid "l F d, Y \\@ g:i A"
msgstr "l F d, Y \\@ g:i A"
#: ../../mod/localtime.php:24
msgid "Time Conversion"
msgstr "Conversión horária"
#: ../../mod/localtime.php:26
msgid ""
"Friendika provides this service for sharing events with other networks and "
"friends in unknown timezones."
msgstr ""
"Friendica ofrece este servicio para compartir eventos con otras redes y "
"amigos en zonas horarias desconocidas."
#: ../../mod/localtime.php:30
#, php-format
msgid "UTC time: %s"
msgstr "Tiempo UTC: %s"
#: ../../mod/localtime.php:33
#, php-format
msgid "Current timezone: %s"
msgstr "Zona horaria actual: %s"
#: ../../mod/localtime.php:36
#, php-format
msgid "Converted localtime: %s"
msgstr "Zona horaria local convertida: %s"
#: ../../mod/localtime.php:41
msgid "Please select your timezone:"
msgstr "Por favor, seleccione su zona horaria:"
#: ../../mod/display.php:108
msgid "Item has been removed."
msgstr "El elemento ha sido eliminado."
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:17 ../../mod/editpost.php:27
msgid "Item not found"
msgstr "Elemento no encontrado"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:32
msgid "Edit post"
msgstr "Editar publicación"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:75 ../../include/conversation.php:800
msgid "Post to Email"
msgstr "Publicar mediante correo electrónico"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:91 ../../mod/message.php:135
#: ../../mod/message.php:268 ../../include/conversation.php:815
msgid "Upload photo"
msgstr "Subir foto"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:92 ../../include/conversation.php:816
msgid "Attach file"
msgstr "Adjuntar archivo"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:93 ../../mod/message.php:136
#: ../../mod/message.php:269 ../../include/conversation.php:817
msgid "Insert web link"
msgstr "Insertar enlace"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:94
msgid "Insert YouTube video"
msgstr "Insertar video de YouTube"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:95
msgid "Insert Vorbis [.ogg] video"
msgstr "Insertar video Vorbis [.ogg]"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:96
msgid "Insert Vorbis [.ogg] audio"
msgstr "Insertar audio Vorbis [.ogg]"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:97 ../../include/conversation.php:820
msgid "Set your location"
msgstr "Configura tu localización"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:98 ../../include/conversation.php:821
msgid "Clear browser location"
msgstr "Borrar la localización del navegador"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:100 ../../include/conversation.php:824
msgid "Permission settings"
msgstr "Configuración de permisos"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:108 ../../include/conversation.php:832
msgid "CC: email addresses"
msgstr "CC: dirección de correo electrónico"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:109 ../../include/conversation.php:833
msgid "Public post"
msgstr "Post público"
#: ../../mod/editpost.php:111 ../../include/conversation.php:835
msgid "Example:,"
msgstr "Ejemplo:,"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:35
#, php-format
msgid "%s : Not a valid email address."
msgstr "%s : No es una dirección válida de correo."
#: ../../mod/invite.php:59
#, php-format
msgid "Please join my network on %s"
msgstr "Por favor únete a mi red social en %s"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:69
#, php-format
msgid "%s : Message delivery failed."
msgstr "%s : Ha fallado la entrega del mensaje."
#: ../../mod/invite.php:73
#, php-format
msgid "%d message sent."
msgid_plural "%d messages sent."
msgstr[0] "%d mensaje enviado."
msgstr[1] "%d mensajes enviados."
#: ../../mod/invite.php:92
msgid "You have no more invitations available"
msgstr "No tienes más invitaciones disponibles"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:99
msgid "Send invitations"
msgstr "Enviar invitaciones"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:100
msgid "Enter email addresses, one per line:"
msgstr "Introduce las direcciones de correo, una por línea:"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:101 ../../mod/message.php:132
#: ../../mod/message.php:265
msgid "Your message:"
msgstr "Tu mensaje:"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:102
#, php-format
msgid "Please join my social network on %s"
msgstr "Únete a mi red social en % s"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:103
msgid "To accept this invitation, please visit:"
msgstr "Para aceptar esta invitación, por favor visita:"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:104
msgid "You will need to supply this invitation code: $invite_code"
msgstr "Tienes que proporcionar el siguiente código: $invite_code"
#: ../../mod/invite.php:104
msgid ""
"Once you have registered, please connect with me via my profile page at:"
msgstr ""
"Una vez registrado, por favor contacta conmigo a través de mi página de "
"perfil en:"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:146
msgid "{0} wants to be your friend"
msgstr "{0} quiere ser tu amigo"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:151
msgid "{0} sent you a message"
msgstr "{0} le ha enviado un mensaje"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:156
msgid "{0} requested registration"
msgstr "{0} solicitudes de registro"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:162
#, php-format
msgid "{0} commented %s's post"
msgstr "{0} comentó el post de %s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:167
#, php-format
msgid "{0} liked %s's post"
msgstr "A {0} le ha gustado el post de %s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:172
#, php-format
msgid "{0} disliked %s's post"
msgstr "A {0} no le ha gustado el post de %s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:177
#, php-format
msgid "{0} is now friends with %s"
msgstr "{0} ahora es amigo de %s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:182
msgid "{0} posted"
msgstr "{0} publicado"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:187
#, php-format
msgid "{0} tagged %s's post with #%s"
msgstr "{0} etiquetó la publicación de %s como #%s"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:62 ../../mod/contacts.php:133
msgid "Could not access contact record."
msgstr "No se pudo acceder a los datos del contacto."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:76
msgid "Could not locate selected profile."
msgstr "No se pudo encontrar el perfil seleccionado."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:97
msgid "Contact updated."
msgstr "Contacto actualizado."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:99 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:409
msgid "Failed to update contact record."
msgstr "Error al actualizar el contacto."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:155
msgid "Contact has been blocked"
msgstr "El contacto ha sido bloqueado"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:155
msgid "Contact has been unblocked"
msgstr "El contacto ha sido desbloqueado"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:169
msgid "Contact has been ignored"
msgstr "El contacto ha sido ignorado"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:169
msgid "Contact has been unignored"
msgstr "El contacto ya no está ignorado"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:190
msgid "stopped following"
msgstr "dejó de seguir"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:211
msgid "Contact has been removed."
msgstr "El contacto ha sido eliminado"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:232
#, php-format
msgid "You are mutual friends with %s"
msgstr "Ahora tiene una amistad mutua con %s"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:236
#, php-format
msgid "You are sharing with %s"
msgstr "Usted está compartiendo con %s"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:241
#, php-format
msgid "%s is sharing with you"
msgstr "%s está compartiendo con usted"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:258
msgid "Private communications are not available for this contact."
msgstr "Las comunicaciones privadas no está disponibles para este contacto."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:261
msgid "Never"
msgstr "Nunca"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:265
msgid "(Update was successful)"
msgstr "(La actualización se ha completado)"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:265
msgid "(Update was not successful)"
msgstr "(La actualización no se ha completado)"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:267
msgid "Suggest friends"
msgstr "Sugerir amigos"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:271
#, php-format
msgid "Network type: %s"
msgstr "Tipo de red: %s"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:274
#, php-format
msgid "%d contact in common"
msgid_plural "%d contacts in common"
msgstr[0] "%d contacto en común"
msgstr[1] "%d contactos en común"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:279
msgid "View all contacts"
msgstr "Ver todos los contactos"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:284 ../../mod/contacts.php:331
#: ../../mod/admin.php:470
msgid "Unblock"
msgstr "Desbloquear"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:284 ../../mod/contacts.php:331
#: ../../mod/admin.php:469
msgid "Block"
msgstr "Bloquear"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:289 ../../mod/contacts.php:332
msgid "Unignore"
msgstr "Quitar de Ignorados"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:289 ../../mod/contacts.php:332
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:47 ../../mod/notifications.php:143
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:187
msgid "Ignore"
msgstr "Ignorar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:294
msgid "Repair"
msgstr "Reparar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:304
msgid "Contact Editor"
msgstr "Editor de contactos"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:307
msgid "Profile Visibility"
msgstr "Visibilidad del Perfil"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:308
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Please choose the profile you would like to display to %s when viewing your "
"profile securely."
msgstr ""
"Por favor selecciona el perfil que quieras mostrar a %s cuando esté viendo "
"tu perfil de forma segura."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:309
msgid "Contact Information / Notes"
msgstr "Información del Contacto / Notas"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:310
msgid "Edit contact notes"
msgstr "Editar notas de contacto"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:315 ../../mod/contacts.php:430
#: ../../mod/viewcontacts.php:61
#, php-format
msgid "Visit %s's profile [%s]"
msgstr "Ver el perfil de %s [%s]"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:316
msgid "Block/Unblock contact"
msgstr "Boquear/Desbloquear contacto"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:317
msgid "Ignore contact"
msgstr "Ignorar contacto"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:318
msgid "Repair URL settings"
msgstr "Configuración de URL de reparación"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:319
msgid "View conversations"
msgstr "Ver conversaciones"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:321
msgid "Delete contact"
msgstr "Eliminar contacto"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:325
msgid "Last update:"
msgstr "Última actualización:"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:326
msgid "Update public posts"
msgstr "Actualizar posts públicos"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:328 ../../mod/admin.php:701
msgid "Update now"
msgstr "Actualizar ahora"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:335
msgid "Currently blocked"
msgstr "Bloqueados"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:336
msgid "Currently ignored"
msgstr "Ignorados"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:364 ../../include/nav.php:130
msgid "Contacts"
msgstr "Contactos"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:366
msgid "Show Blocked Connections"
msgstr "Mostrar conexiones bloqueadas"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:366
msgid "Hide Blocked Connections"
msgstr "Esconder conexiones bloqueadas"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:368
msgid "Search your contacts"
msgstr "Buscar tus contactos"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:369 ../../mod/directory.php:65
msgid "Finding: "
msgstr "Buscando: "
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:370 ../../mod/directory.php:67
#: ../../include/contact_widgets.php:34
msgid "Find"
msgstr "Buscar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:406
msgid "Mutual Friendship"
msgstr "Amistad recíproca"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:410
msgid "is a fan of yours"
msgstr "es tu fan"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:414
msgid "you are a fan of"
msgstr "eres fan de"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:431 ../../include/Contact.php:129
#: ../../include/conversation.php:679
msgid "Edit contact"
msgstr "Modificar contacto"
#: ../../mod/lockview.php:39
msgid "Remote privacy information not available."
msgstr "Información sobre privacidad remota no disponible."
#: ../../mod/lockview.php:43
msgid "Visible to:"
msgstr "Visible para:"
#: ../../mod/register.php:53
msgid "An invitation is required."
msgstr "Se necesita invitación."
#: ../../mod/register.php:58
msgid "Invitation could not be verified."
msgstr "No se puede verificar la invitación."
#: ../../mod/register.php:66
msgid "Invalid OpenID url"
msgstr "Dirección OpenID no válida"
#: ../../mod/register.php:81
msgid "Please enter the required information."
msgstr "Por favor, introduce la información necesaria."
#: ../../mod/register.php:95
msgid "Please use a shorter name."
msgstr "Por favor, usa un nombre más corto."
#: ../../mod/register.php:97
msgid "Name too short."
msgstr "El nombre es demasiado corto."
#: ../../mod/register.php:112
msgid "That doesn't appear to be your full (First Last) name."
msgstr "No parece que ese sea tu nombre completo."
#: ../../mod/register.php:117
msgid "Your email domain is not among those allowed on this site."
msgstr ""
"Tu dominio de correo electrónico no se encuentra entre los permitidos en "
"este sitio."
#: ../../mod/register.php:120
msgid "Not a valid email address."
msgstr "No es una dirección de correo electrónico válida."
#: ../../mod/register.php:130
msgid "Cannot use that email."
msgstr "No se puede utilizar este correo electrónico."
#: ../../mod/register.php:136
msgid ""
"Your \"nickname\" can only contain \"a-z\", \"0-9\", \"-\", and \"_\", and "
"must also begin with a letter."
msgstr ""
"Tu \"apodo\" solo puede contener \"a-z\", \"0-9\", \"-\", y \"_\", y también"
" debe empezar por una letra."
#: ../../mod/register.php:142 ../../mod/register.php:243
msgid "Nickname is already registered. Please choose another."
msgstr "Apodo ya registrado. Por favor, elije otro."
#: ../../mod/register.php:161
msgid "SERIOUS ERROR: Generation of security keys failed."
msgstr "ERROR GRAVE: La generación de claves de seguridad ha fallado."
#: ../../mod/register.php:229
msgid "An error occurred during registration. Please try again."
msgstr ""
"Se produjo un error durante el registro. Por favor, inténtalo de nuevo."
#: ../../mod/register.php:265
msgid "An error occurred creating your default profile. Please try again."
msgstr ""
"Error al crear tu perfil predeterminado. Por favor, inténtalo de nuevo."
#: ../../mod/register.php:377
msgid ""
"Registration successful. Please check your email for further instructions."
msgstr ""
"Te has registrado con éxito. Por favor, consulta tu correo electrónico para "
"obtener instrucciones adicionales."
#: ../../mod/register.php:381
msgid "Failed to send email message. Here is the message that failed."
msgstr ""
"Error al enviar el mensaje de correo electrónico. Este es el mensaje no "
#: ../../mod/register.php:386
msgid "Your registration can not be processed."
msgstr "Tu registro no se puede procesar."
#: ../../mod/register.php:423
#, php-format
msgid "Registration request at %s"
msgstr "Solicitud de registro en %s"
#: ../../mod/register.php:432
msgid "Your registration is pending approval by the site owner."
msgstr ""
"Tu registro está pendiente de aprobación por el propietario del sitio."
#: ../../mod/register.php:481
msgid ""
"You may (optionally) fill in this form via OpenID by supplying your OpenID "
"and clicking 'Register'."
msgstr ""
"Puedes (opcionalmente) rellenar este formulario a través de OpenID mediante "
"el suministro de tu OpenID y pulsando en 'Registrar'."
#: ../../mod/register.php:482
msgid ""
"If you are not familiar with OpenID, please leave that field blank and fill "
"in the rest of the items."
msgstr ""
"Si no estás familiarizado con OpenID, por favor deja ese campo en blanco y "
"rellena el resto de los elementos."
#: ../../mod/register.php:483
msgid "Your OpenID (optional): "
msgstr "Tu OpenID (opcional):"
#: ../../mod/register.php:497
msgid "Include your profile in member directory?"
msgstr "¿Incluir tu perfil en el directorio de miembros?"
#: ../../mod/register.php:512
msgid "Membership on this site is by invitation only."
msgstr "Sitio solo accesible mediante invitación."
#: ../../mod/register.php:513
msgid "Your invitation ID: "
msgstr "ID de tu invitación: "
#: ../../mod/register.php:516 ../../mod/admin.php:297
msgid "Registration"
msgstr "Registro"
#: ../../mod/register.php:524
msgid "Your Full Name (e.g. Joe Smith): "
msgstr "Tu nombre completo (por ejemplo, Pepe Pulido):"
#: ../../mod/register.php:525
msgid "Your Email Address: "
msgstr "Tu dirección de correo electrónico:"
#: ../../mod/register.php:526
msgid ""
"Choose a profile nickname. This must begin with a text character. Your "
"profile address on this site will then be "
msgstr ""
"Elije un apodo. Debe comenzar con una letra. Tu dirección de perfil en este "
"sitio va a ser '<strong>apodo@$sitename</strong>'."
#: ../../mod/register.php:527
msgid "Choose a nickname: "
msgstr "Escoge un apodo: "
#: ../../mod/oexchange.php:27
msgid "Post successful."
msgstr "¡Publicado!"
#: ../../mod/allfriends.php:34
#, php-format
msgid "Friends of %s"
msgstr "Amigos de %s"
#: ../../mod/allfriends.php:40
msgid "No friends to display."
msgstr "No hay amigos para mostrar."
#: ../../mod/help.php:30
msgid "Help:"
msgstr "Ayuda:"
#: ../../mod/help.php:34 ../../include/nav.php:82
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Ayuda"
#: ../../mod/install.php:34
msgid "Could not create/connect to database."
msgstr "No se pudo crear o conectarse a la base de datos."
#: ../../mod/install.php:39
msgid "Connected to database."
msgstr "Conectado a la base de datos."
#: ../../mod/install.php:75
msgid "Proceed with Installation"
msgstr "Procediendo con la instalación"
#: ../../mod/install.php:77
msgid "Your Friendika site database has been installed."
msgstr "La base de datos de Friendila ha sido instalada."
#: ../../mod/install.php:78
msgid ""
"IMPORTANT: You will need to [manually] setup a scheduled task for the "
msgstr ""
"IMPORTANTE: Tendrás que configurar [manualmente] una tarea programada para "
"el encuestador"
#: ../../mod/install.php:79 ../../mod/install.php:89 ../../mod/install.php:207
msgid "Please see the file \"INSTALL.txt\"."
msgstr "Por favor, consulte el archivo \"INSTALL.txt\"."
#: ../../mod/install.php:81
msgid "Proceed to registration"
msgstr "Procediendo con el registro"
#: ../../mod/install.php:87
msgid "Database import failed."
msgstr "La importación de la base de datos ha fallado."
#: ../../mod/install.php:88
msgid ""
"You may need to import the file \"database.sql\" manually using phpmyadmin "
"or mysql."
msgstr ""
"Puede que tenga que importar el archivo \"Database.sql\" manualmente usando "
"phpmyadmin o mysql."
#: ../../mod/install.php:101
msgid "Welcome to Friendika."
msgstr "Bienvenido a Friendika."
#: ../../mod/install.php:124
msgid "Friendika Social Network"
msgstr "Friendika Red Social"
#: ../../mod/install.php:125
msgid "Installation"
msgstr "Instalación"
#: ../../mod/install.php:126
msgid ""
"In order to install Friendika we need to know how to connect to your "
msgstr ""
"Para proceder a la instalación de Friendika es necesario saber cómo conectar"
" con tu base de datos."
#: ../../mod/install.php:127
msgid ""
"Please contact your hosting provider or site administrator if you have "
"questions about these settings."
msgstr ""
"Por favor contacta con tu proveedor de servicios o el administrador de "
"lapágina si tienes alguna pregunta sobre estas cofiguraciones"
#: ../../mod/install.php:128
msgid ""
"The database you specify below should already exist. If it does not, please "
"create it before continuing."
msgstr ""
"La base de datos que especifiques a continuación ya debería existir. Si no "
"es el caso, debes crearla antes de continuar."
#: ../../mod/install.php:129
msgid "Database Server Name"
msgstr "Nombre del servidor de la base de datos"
#: ../../mod/install.php:130
msgid "Database Login Name"
msgstr "Usuario de la base de datos"
#: ../../mod/install.php:131
msgid "Database Login Password"
msgstr "Contraseña de la base de datos"
#: ../../mod/install.php:132
msgid "Database Name"
msgstr "Nombre de la base de datos"
#: ../../mod/install.php:133
msgid "Please select a default timezone for your website"
msgstr "Por favor selecciona la zona horaria predeterminada para tu web"
#: ../../mod/install.php:134
msgid ""
"Site administrator email address. Your account email address must match this"
" in order to use the web admin panel."
msgstr ""
"Dirección de correo electrónico del administrador. La dirección de correo "
"electrónico de tu cuenta debe cotejar esto para poder acceder al panel de "
#: ../../mod/install.php:153
msgid "Could not find a command line version of PHP in the web server PATH."
msgstr ""
"No se pudo encontrar una versión de línea de comandos de PHP en la ruta del "
"servidor web."
#: ../../mod/install.php:154
msgid ""
"This is required. Please adjust the configuration file .htconfig.php "
msgstr ""
"Esto es necesario. Por favor, modifica el archivo de configuración. "
"htconfig.php en consecuencia."
#: ../../mod/install.php:161
msgid ""
"The command line version of PHP on your system does not have "
"\"register_argc_argv\" enabled."
msgstr ""
"La versión en línea de comandos de PHP en tu sistema no tiene "
"\"register_argc_argv\" habilitado."
#: ../../mod/install.php:162
msgid "This is required for message delivery to work."
msgstr "Esto es necesario para el funcionamiento de la entrega de mensajes."
#: ../../mod/install.php:184
msgid ""
"Error: the \"openssl_pkey_new\" function on this system is not able to "
"generate encryption keys"
msgstr ""
"Error: La función \"openssl_pkey_new\" en este sistema no es capaz de "
"generar claves de cifrado"
#: ../../mod/install.php:185
msgid ""
"If running under Windows, please see "
msgstr ""
"Si se ejecuta en Windows, por favor consulte la sección "
#: ../../mod/install.php:194
msgid ""
"Error: Apache webserver mod-rewrite module is required but not installed."
msgstr ""
"Error: El módulo servidor web Apache mod-rewrite es necesario pero no está "
#: ../../mod/install.php:196
msgid "Error: libCURL PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: El módulo libcurl PHP es necesario, pero no está instalado."
#: ../../mod/install.php:198
msgid ""
"Error: GD graphics PHP module with JPEG support required but not installed."
msgstr ""
"Error: El módulo de gráficos GD de PHP con soporte JPEG es necesario, pero "
"no está instalado."
#: ../../mod/install.php:200
msgid "Error: openssl PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: El módulo openssl PHP es necesario, pero no está instalado."
#: ../../mod/install.php:202
msgid "Error: mysqli PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: El módulo PHP mysqli es necesario, pero no está instalado."
#: ../../mod/install.php:204
msgid "Error: mb_string PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: El módulo mb_string HPH es necesario, pero no está instalado."
#: ../../mod/install.php:216
msgid ""
"The web installer needs to be able to create a file called \".htconfig.php\""
" in the top folder of your web server and it is unable to do so."
msgstr ""
"El programa de instalación web necesita ser capaz de crear un archivo "
"llamado \". htconfig.php\" en la carpeta superior de tu servidor web y es "
"incapaz de hacerlo."
#: ../../mod/install.php:217
msgid ""
"This is most often a permission setting, as the web server may not be able "
"to write files in your folder - even if you can."
msgstr ""
"Esto es muy a menudo una configuración de permisos, pues el servidor web "
"puede que no sea capaz de escribir archivos en la carpeta - incluso si tu "
#: ../../mod/install.php:218
msgid ""
"Please check with your site documentation or support people to see if this "
"situation can be corrected."
msgstr ""
"Por favor, consulta el sitio de documentación o al soporte técnico para ver "
"si esta situación se puede corregir."
#: ../../mod/install.php:219
msgid ""
"If not, you may be required to perform a manual installation. Please see the"
" file \"INSTALL.txt\" for instructions."
msgstr ""
"Si no, deberás proceder con la instalación manual. Por favor, consulta el "
"archivo \"INSTALL.txt\"para obtener instrucciones."
#: ../../mod/install.php:228
msgid ""
"The database configuration file \".htconfig.php\" could not be written. "
"Please use the enclosed text to create a configuration file in your web "
"server root."
msgstr ""
"El archivo de configuración de base de datos \". htconfig.php\" No se pudo "
"escribir. Por favor, utiliza el texto adjunto para crear un archivo de "
"configuración en la raíz de tu servidor web."
#: ../../mod/install.php:243
msgid "Errors encountered creating database tables."
msgstr "Errores encontrados creando las tablas de bases de datos."
#: ../../mod/network.php:148
msgid "Commented Order"
msgstr "Orden de comentarios"
#: ../../mod/network.php:153
msgid "Posted Order"
msgstr "Orden de publicación"
#: ../../mod/network.php:159
msgid "New"
msgstr "Nuevo"
#: ../../mod/network.php:164
msgid "Starred"
msgstr "Favoritos"
#: ../../mod/network.php:169
msgid "Bookmarks"
msgstr "Marcadores"
#: ../../mod/network.php:216
#, php-format
msgid "Warning: This group contains %s member from an insecure network."
msgid_plural ""
"Warning: This group contains %s members from an insecure network."
msgstr[0] "Aviso: este grupo contiene %s contacto con conexión no segura."
msgstr[1] "Aviso: este grupo contiene %s contactos con conexiones no seguras."
#: ../../mod/network.php:219
msgid "Private messages to this group are at risk of public disclosure."
msgstr ""
"Los mensajes privados a este grupo corren el riesgo de ser mostrados "
#: ../../mod/network.php:292
msgid "No such group"
msgstr "Ningún grupo"
#: ../../mod/network.php:303
msgid "Group is empty"
msgstr "El grupo está vacío"
#: ../../mod/network.php:308
msgid "Group: "
msgstr "Grupo: "
#: ../../mod/network.php:318
msgid "Contact: "
msgstr "Contacto: "
#: ../../mod/network.php:320
msgid "Private messages to this person are at risk of public disclosure."
msgstr ""
"Los mensajes privados a esta persona corren el riesgo de ser mostrados "
#: ../../mod/network.php:325
msgid "Invalid contact."
msgstr "Contacto erróneo."
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:25 ../../mod/profperm.php:55
msgid "Invalid profile identifier."
msgstr "Identificador de perfil no válido."
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:101
msgid "Profile Visibility Editor"
msgstr "Editor de visibilidad del perfil"
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:105 ../../mod/group.php:164
msgid "Click on a contact to add or remove."
msgstr "Pulsa en un contacto para añadirlo o eliminarlo."
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:114
msgid "Visible To"
msgstr "Visible para"
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:130
msgid "All Contacts (with secure profile access)"
msgstr "Todos los contactos (con perfil de acceso seguro)"
#: ../../mod/events.php:61
msgid "Event description and start time are required."
msgstr "Se requiere una descripción del evento y la hora de inicio."
#: ../../mod/events.php:207
msgid "Create New Event"
msgstr "Crea un evento nuevo"
#: ../../mod/events.php:210
msgid "Previous"
msgstr "Previo"
#: ../../mod/events.php:213
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Siguiente"
#: ../../mod/events.php:220
msgid "l, F j"
msgstr "l, F j"
#: ../../mod/events.php:232
msgid "Edit event"
msgstr "Editar evento"
#: ../../mod/events.php:234 ../../include/text.php:857
msgid "link to source"
msgstr "Enlace al original"
#: ../../mod/events.php:302
msgid "hour:minute"
msgstr "hora:minuto"
#: ../../mod/events.php:311
msgid "Event details"
msgstr "Detalles del evento"
#: ../../mod/events.php:312
#, php-format
msgid "Format is %s %s. Starting date and Description are required."
msgstr ""
"El formato es %s %s. Se requiere una fecha de inicio y una descripción."
#: ../../mod/events.php:313
msgid "Event Starts:"
msgstr "Inicio del evento:"
#: ../../mod/events.php:316
msgid "Finish date/time is not known or not relevant"
msgstr "La fecha/hora de finalización no es conocida o es irrelevante."
#: ../../mod/events.php:318
msgid "Event Finishes:"
msgstr "Finalización del evento:"
#: ../../mod/events.php:321
msgid "Adjust for viewer timezone"
msgstr "Ajuste de zona horaria"
#: ../../mod/events.php:323
msgid "Description:"
msgstr "Descripción:"
#: ../../mod/events.php:327
msgid "Share this event"
msgstr "Comparte este evento"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:26
msgid "Invalid request identifier."
msgstr "Solicitud de identificación no válida."
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:35 ../../mod/notifications.php:144
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:188
msgid "Discard"
msgstr "Descartar"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:71 ../../include/nav.php:109
msgid "Network"
msgstr "Red"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:76 ../../include/nav.php:73
#: ../../include/nav.php:111
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Inicio"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:81 ../../include/nav.php:117
msgid "Introductions"
msgstr "Introducciones"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:86 ../../mod/message.php:72
#: ../../include/nav.php:122
msgid "Messages"
msgstr "Mensajes"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:105
msgid "Show Ignored Requests"
msgstr "Mostrar peticiones ignoradas"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:105
msgid "Hide Ignored Requests"
msgstr "Ocultar peticiones ignoradas"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:131 ../../mod/notifications.php:174
msgid "Notification type: "
msgstr "Tipo de notificación: "
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:132
msgid "Friend Suggestion"
msgstr "Propuestas de amistad"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:134
#, php-format
msgid "suggested by %s"
msgstr "sugerido por %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:140 ../../mod/notifications.php:185
#: ../../mod/admin.php:466
msgid "Approve"
msgstr "Aprobar"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:160
msgid "Claims to be known to you: "
msgstr "Dice conocerte:"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:160
msgid "yes"
msgstr "sí"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:160
msgid "no"
msgstr "no"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:167
msgid "Approve as: "
msgstr "Aprobar como:"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:168
msgid "Friend"
msgstr "Amigo"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:169
msgid "Sharer"
msgstr "Partícipe"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:169
msgid "Fan/Admirer"
msgstr "Fan/Admirador"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:175
msgid "Friend/Connect Request"
msgstr "Solicitud de Amistad/Conexión"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:175
msgid "New Follower"
msgstr "Nuevo seguidor"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:194
msgid "No notifications."
msgstr "Ninguna notificación."
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:197 ../../mod/notifications.php:283
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:359 ../../include/nav.php:118
msgid "Notifications"
msgstr "Notificaciones"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:234 ../../mod/notifications.php:316
#, php-format
msgid "%s liked %s's post"
msgstr "A %s le gusta el post de %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:243 ../../mod/notifications.php:325
#, php-format
msgid "%s disliked %s's post"
msgstr "A %s no le gusta el post de %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:257 ../../mod/notifications.php:339
#, php-format
msgid "%s is now friends with %s"
msgstr "%s es ahora es amigo de %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:264
#, php-format
msgid "%s created a new post"
msgstr "%s creó un nuevo post"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:265 ../../mod/notifications.php:348
#, php-format
msgid "%s commented on %s's post"
msgstr "%s comentó en el post de %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:279 ../../mod/notifications.php:355
msgid "Nothing new!"
msgstr "¡Nada nuevo!"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:100
msgid "Contact settings applied."
msgstr "Contacto configurado con éxito"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:102
msgid "Contact update failed."
msgstr "Error al actualizar el Contacto"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:127 ../../mod/fsuggest.php:20
#: ../../mod/fsuggest.php:92 ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:114
msgid "Contact not found."
msgstr "Contacto no encontrado."
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:133
msgid "Repair Contact Settings"
msgstr "Reparar la configuración del Contacto"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:135
msgid ""
"<strong>WARNING: This is highly advanced</strong> and if you enter incorrect"
" information your communications with this contact may stop working."
msgstr ""
"<strong>ADVERTENCIA: Esto es muy avanzado</strong> y si se introduce "
"información incorrecta su conexión con este contacto puede dejar de "
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:136
msgid ""
"Please use your browser 'Back' button <strong>now</strong> if you are "
"uncertain what to do on this page."
msgstr ""
"Por favor usa el botón 'Atás' de tu navegador <strong>ahora</strong> si no "
"tienes claro qué hacer en esta página."
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:145
msgid "Account Nickname"
msgstr "Apodo de la cuenta"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:146
msgid "@Tagname - overrides Name/Nickname"
msgstr "@Etiqueta - Sobrescribe el Nombre/Apodo"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:147
msgid "Account URL"
msgstr "Dirección de la cuenta"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:148
msgid "Friend Request URL"
msgstr "Dirección de la solicitud de amistad"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:149
msgid "Friend Confirm URL"
msgstr "Dirección de confirmación de tu amigo "
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:150
msgid "Notification Endpoint URL"
msgstr "Dirección URL de la notificación"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:151
msgid "Poll/Feed URL"
msgstr "Dirección de la Encuesta/Fuentes"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:152
msgid "New photo from this URL"
msgstr "Nueva foto de esta dirección URL"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:92
msgid "This introduction has already been accepted."
msgstr "Esta presentación ya ha sido aceptada."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:116 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:351
msgid "Profile location is not valid or does not contain profile information."
msgstr ""
"La ubicación del perfil no es válida o no contiene la información del "
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:121 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:356
msgid "Warning: profile location has no identifiable owner name."
msgstr ""
"Aviso: La ubicación del perfil no tiene un nombre de propietario "
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:123 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:358
msgid "Warning: profile location has no profile photo."
msgstr "Aviso: la ubicación del perfil no tiene foto de perfil."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:126 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:361
#, php-format
msgid "%d required parameter was not found at the given location"
msgid_plural "%d required parameters were not found at the given location"
msgstr[0] "% d parámetro requerido no se encontró en el lugar determinado"
msgstr[1] "% d parámetros requeridos no se encontraron en el lugar determinado"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:167
msgid "Introduction complete."
msgstr "Presentación completa."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:191
msgid "Unrecoverable protocol error."
msgstr "Error de protocolo irrecuperable."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:219
msgid "Profile unavailable."
msgstr "Perfil no disponible."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:244
#, php-format
msgid "%s has received too many connection requests today."
msgstr "% s ha recibido demasiadas solicitudes de conexión hoy."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:245
msgid "Spam protection measures have been invoked."
msgstr "Han sido activadas las medidas de protección contra spam."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:246
msgid "Friends are advised to please try again in 24 hours."
msgstr ""
"Tus amigos serán avisados para que lo intenten de nuevo pasadas 24 horas."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:276
msgid "Invalid locator"
msgstr "Localizador no válido"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:296
msgid "Unable to resolve your name at the provided location."
msgstr "No se ha podido resolver tu nombre en la ubicación indicada."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:309
msgid "You have already introduced yourself here."
msgstr "Ya te has presentado aquí."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:313
#, php-format
msgid "Apparently you are already friends with %s."
msgstr "Al parecer, ya eres amigo de %s."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:334
msgid "Invalid profile URL."
msgstr "Dirección de perfil no válida."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:430
msgid "Your introduction has been sent."
msgstr "Su presentación ha sido enviada."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:483
msgid "Please login to confirm introduction."
msgstr "Inicia sesión para confirmar la presentación."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:497
msgid ""
"Incorrect identity currently logged in. Please login to "
"<strong>this</strong> profile."
msgstr ""
"Sesión iniciada con la identificación incorrecta. Entra en "
"<strong>este</strong> perfil."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:509
#, php-format
msgid "Welcome home %s."
msgstr "Bienvenido %s"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:510
#, php-format
msgid "Please confirm your introduction/connection request to %s."
msgstr "Por favor, confirma tu solicitud de presentación/conexión con %s."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:511
msgid "Confirm"
msgstr "Confirmar"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:544 ../../include/items.php:2431
msgid "[Name Withheld]"
msgstr "[Nombre oculto]"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:551
msgid "Introduction received at "
msgstr "Presentación recibida en"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:635
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Diaspora members: Please do not use this form. Instead, enter \"%s\" into "
"your Diaspora search bar."
msgstr ""
"Usuarios de Diaspora*: por favor no utilice este formulario. En su lugar, "
"escriba \"%s\" en la barra de búsqueda de Diaspora*."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:638
msgid ""
"Please enter your 'Identity Address' from one of the following supported "
"social networks:"
msgstr ""
"Por favor introduce la dirección de tu perfil para una de las siguientes "
"redes sociales soportadas:"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:641
msgid "Friend/Connection Request"
msgstr "Solicitud de Amistad/Conexión"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:642
msgid ""
"Examples:,, "
msgstr ""
"Ejemplos:,, "
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:643
msgid "Please answer the following:"
msgstr "Por favor responda lo siguiente:"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:644
#, php-format
msgid "Does %s know you?"
msgstr "¿%s te conoce?"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:647
msgid "Add a personal note:"
msgstr "Agregar una nota personal:"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:649 ../../include/contact_selectors.php:78
msgid "Friendica"
msgstr "Friendica"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:650
msgid "StatusNet/Federated Social Web"
msgstr "StatusNet/Federated Social Web"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:652
msgid "- please share from your own site as noted above"
msgstr "- Por favor comparta desde tu propio sitio como se ha señalado"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:653
msgid "Your Identity Address:"
msgstr "Dirección de tu perfil:"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:654
msgid "Submit Request"
msgstr "Enviar solicitud"
#: ../../mod/api.php:76 ../../mod/api.php:102
msgid "Authorize application connection"
msgstr "Autorizar la conexión de la aplicación"
#: ../../mod/api.php:77
msgid "Return to your app and insert this Securty Code:"
msgstr "Regrese a su aplicación e inserte este código de seguridad:"
#: ../../mod/api.php:89
msgid "Please login to continue."
msgstr "Inicia sesión para continuar."
#: ../../mod/api.php:104
msgid ""
"Do you want to authorize this application to access your posts and contacts,"
" and/or create new posts for you?"
msgstr ""
"¿Quiere autorizar a esta aplicación el acceso a sus mensajes y contactos, "
"y/o crear nuevas publicaciones para usted?"
#: ../../mod/tagger.php:70 ../../mod/like.php:127
#: ../../addon/facebook/facebook.php:1024
#: ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:158
#: ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:167
#: ../../include/conversation.php:26 ../../include/conversation.php:35
#: ../../include/diaspora.php:1211
msgid "status"
msgstr "estado"
#: ../../mod/tagger.php:103
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged %2$s's %3$s with %4$s"
msgstr "%1$s etiquetados %2$s %3$s con %4$s"
#: ../../mod/like.php:144 ../../addon/facebook/facebook.php:1028
#: ../../addon/communityhome/communityhome.php:172
#: ../../include/conversation.php:43 ../../include/diaspora.php:1227
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s likes %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "A %1$s gusta %3$s de %2$s"
#: ../../mod/like.php:146 ../../include/conversation.php:46
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s doesn't like %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "A %1$s no gusta %3$s de %2$s"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:16
msgid "No valid account found."
msgstr "No se ha encontrado ninguna cuenta válida"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:31
msgid "Password reset request issued. Check your email."
msgstr ""
"Solicitud de restablecimiento de contraseña enviada. Revisa tu correo "
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:42
#, php-format
msgid "Password reset requested at %s"
msgstr "Contraseña restablecida enviada a %s"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:64
msgid ""
"Request could not be verified. (You may have previously submitted it.) "
"Password reset failed."
msgstr ""
"La solicitud no puede ser verificada (deberías haberla proporcionado antes)."
" Falló el restablecimiento de la contraseña."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:83
msgid "Your password has been reset as requested."
msgstr "Tu contraseña ha sido restablecida como solicitaste."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:84
msgid "Your new password is"
msgstr "Tu nueva contraseña es"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:85
msgid "Save or copy your new password - and then"
msgstr "Guarda o copia tu nueva contraseña - y luego"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:86
msgid "click here to login"
msgstr "pulsa aquí para acceder"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:87
msgid ""
"Your password may be changed from the <em>Settings</em> page after "
"successful login."
msgstr ""
"Puedes cambiar tu contraseña desde la página de <em>Configuración</em> "
"después de acceder con éxito."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:118
msgid "Forgot your Password?"
msgstr "¿Olvidaste tu contraseña?"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:119
msgid ""
"Enter your email address and submit to have your password reset. Then check "
"your email for further instructions."
msgstr ""
"Introduce tu correo electrónico para restablecer tu contraseña. Luego "
"comprueba tu correo para las instrucciones adicionales."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:120
msgid "Nickname or Email: "
msgstr "Apodo o Correo electrónico: "