Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Friendika 05350082fa Merge branch 'oembed' of into fabrixxm-oembed 11 years ago
amcd.php auth manager update, increased verbosity on salmon logs 11 years ago
contacts.php dissolve relationship (new protocol) working 11 years ago
dfrn_confirm.php revised openid patch, added fix for Windows servers, make "is now friends with" commentable, fix settings form hook to be inside form 11 years ago
dfrn_notify.php dissolve relationship (new protocol) working 11 years ago
dfrn_poll.php provide "return home" key 11 years ago
dfrn_request.php typo 11 years ago
directory.php personal title 11 years ago
display.php owner's sparkle link, sometimes not author's - on display page 11 years ago
follow.php whitespace only 11 years ago
group.php don't process empty or non-existent group array 11 years ago
home.php use default system theme for system pages 11 years ago
install.php typo slipped through 11 years ago
invite.php don't translate CR-LF 11 years ago
item.php fix a few issues with code blocks, ignore tags within blocks, fold multi-line blocks to one, also turn html br into two LFs. 11 years ago
like.php wrong verb in dislike activity body 11 years ago
lockview.php display the fact that a conversation is private without disclosing the details of who can/cannot see it. 11 years ago
login.php use default system theme for system pages 11 years ago
lostpass.php lint 11 years ago
message.php put birthday reminders on default network page, add smileys to private mail 11 years ago
modexp.php inline salmon magic keys 11 years ago
network.php Merge branch 'oembed' of into fabrixxm-oembed 11 years ago
notifications.php event and birthday data structures 11 years ago
openid.php birthday notifications working 11 years ago
parse_url.php more plugin hooks 11 years ago
photo.php lint 11 years ago
photos.php missing pagination in photo collections 11 years ago
ping.php couple minor issues with reg queue 11 years ago
profile.php Add 'jot_tool' hook, plugins can add tool icons. 11 years ago
profile_photo.php profile load optimisation 11 years ago
profiles.php profile edit hooks 11 years ago
pubsub.php more optimising when confronted with dead servers 11 years ago
redir.php secure profile redirect failed with duplex relationship 11 years ago
register.php removed function was still referenced 11 years ago
regmod.php prevent admin hijacks 11 years ago
salmon.php Don't send conversation slaps, only immediate replies. Redundant and flawed. 11 years ago
search.php network view all item types by date 11 years ago
session.php ff account manager 11 years ago
settings.php propagate name changes to 'self' contact record 11 years ago
tagrm.php ability to remove individual photo tags 11 years ago
update_network.php more robust feed error handling, at the expense of performance. 11 years ago
update_profile.php preparing for the future 11 years ago
viewcontacts.php profile load optimisation 11 years ago
wall_upload.php much better solution to privacy on ajax wall photos 11 years ago
xrd.php add plugin hooks to personal XRD 11 years ago