Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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use Friendica\App;
use Friendica\Core\System;
use Friendica\Core\Config;
use Friendica\Core\Worker;
use Friendica\Database\DBM;
function pubsubpublish_run(&$argv, &$argc){
global $a;
if ($argc > 1) {
$pubsubpublish_id = intval($argv[1]);
} else {
// We'll push to each subscriber that has push > 0,
// i.e. there has been an update (set in notifier.php).
$r = q("SELECT `id`, `callback_url` FROM `push_subscriber` WHERE `push` > 0 ORDER BY `last_update` DESC");
foreach ($r as $rr) {
logger("Publish feed to ".$rr["callback_url"], LOGGER_DEBUG);
Worker::add(array('priority' => PRIORITY_HIGH, 'created' => $a->queue['created'], 'dont_fork' => true),
'pubsubpublish', (int)$rr["id"]);
function handle_pubsubhubbub($id) {
global $a;
$r = q("SELECT * FROM `push_subscriber` WHERE `id` = %d", intval($id));
if (!DBM::is_result($r)) {
$rr = $r[0];
/// @todo Check server status with poco_check_server()
// Before this can be done we need a way to safely detect the server url.
logger("Generate feed of user ".$rr['nickname']." to ".$rr['callback_url']." - last updated ".$rr['last_update'], LOGGER_DEBUG);
$last_update = $rr['last_update'];
$params = ostatus::feed($a, $rr['nickname'], $last_update);
if (!$params) {
$hmac_sig = hash_hmac("sha1", $params, $rr['secret']);
$headers = array("Content-type: application/atom+xml",
sprintf("Link: <%s>;rel=hub,<%s>;rel=self",
"X-Hub-Signature: sha1=".$hmac_sig);
logger('POST '.print_r($headers, true)."\n".$params, LOGGER_DEBUG);
post_url($rr['callback_url'], $params, $headers);
$ret = $a->get_curl_code();
if ($ret >= 200 && $ret <= 299) {
logger('successfully pushed to '.$rr['callback_url']);
// set last_update to the "created" date of the last item, and reset push=0
q("UPDATE `push_subscriber` SET `push` = 0, last_update = '%s' WHERE id = %d",
} else {
logger('error when pushing to '.$rr['callback_url'].' HTTP: '.$ret);
// we use the push variable also as a counter, if we failed we
// increment this until some upper limit where we give up
$new_push = intval($rr['push']) + 1;
if ($new_push > 30) // OK, let's give up
$new_push = 0;
q("UPDATE `push_subscriber` SET `push` = %d WHERE id = %d",