Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Philipp Holzer 55999730e0
Introduce DICE
3 years ago
Logger Set Timezone to 'UTC' for every Logger (Develop) 3 years ago
Arrays.php Fixed E_NOTICE in listing worker queue and new utilities class added (#5521) 4 years ago
BasePath.php Introduce DICE 3 years ago
BaseURL.php bugfix 3 years ago
ConfigFileLoader.php Introduce DICE 3 years ago
Crypto.php Avoid transmitting a deletion message when we don't have a key 3 years ago
DateTimeFormat.php Fix PHPDoc comments project-wide 3 years ago
Emailer.php Enable addon using emailer hooks to skip default call to mail() 3 years ago
ExAuth.php Fix PHPDoc comments project-wide 3 years ago
HTTPHeaders.php port hubzillas OpenWebAuth - rework the HTTPHeaders class 4 years ago
HTTPSignature.php Move internal recursion-counter to the end of all cur/fetchUrl parameters 3 years ago
Introspection.php Fix php doc 3 years ago
JsonLD.php Add exception message chain, string trace and original object to JsonLD normalize error logging 3 years ago
LDSignature.php Refactor namespaces 3 years ago
Map.php Replace deprecated Addon::callHooks with Hook::callAll 3 years ago
Mimetype.php return default mimetype for unknown extensions 3 years ago
Network.php Fixing Network::post() caused by wrong argument 3 years ago
ParseUrl.php Remove unused code 3 years ago
Pidfile.php PHPStan: Fix missing requires/namespaces 4 years ago
Profiler.php Introduce DICE 3 years ago
Proxy.php Refactor namespaces 3 years ago
Security.php Use accessing function for session variable 3 years ago
Strings.php Add more Strings::isHex() checks to photos 3 years ago
Temporal.php Fix types in doc blocks/prototypes 3 years ago
XML.php Revert PR 7158 since it breaks umlauts 3 years ago