Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Tobias Diekershoff a49e094308 added forgotten trim 3 years ago
Contact.php Use already fetched data for magiclink 3 years ago
Conversation.php Many "fetch_first" had been replaced 3 years ago
Event.php Fixes issue 5322 - events now again are having a plink 3 years ago
GContact.php Fix SQL error 3 years ago
Group.php Implement parts of the list API: 3 years ago
Item.php Fixings 3 years ago
ItemContent.php Uncomment some code in ItemContent::getPlaintextPost 3 years ago
Mail.php [Scrutinizer] Fix undeclared variables in src/ (except Protocol/) 4 years ago
OpenWebAuthToken.php port hubzillas OpenWebAuth - fix wrong table name + fix wrong method name 3 years ago
Photo.php Standard stuff 3 years ago
Process.php Remove references to include/datetime 4 years ago
Profile.php Label for the Events happening in the next 7 days was wrong 3 years ago
PushSubscriber.php End subscription for unreachable subscribers 3 years ago
Queue.php Forgotten "+" 4 years ago
Term.php Use already fetched data for magiclink 3 years ago
User.php added forgotten trim 3 years ago