Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Mike Macgirvin dba866c689 more comprehensive XRD linkages 11 years ago
Contact.php i18n officially ready for prime time. 11 years ago
Photo.php a bit more robust about loading external pics 11 years ago
Scrape.php mucho progress on notifier, email style dfrn url's 12 years ago
ajaxupload.js protocol revision, send dfrn_confirm binary items as hex 11 years ago
auth.php make it much easier to debug friend acceptance issues 11 years ago
bbcode.php mistpark 2.0 infrasturcture lands 12 years ago
country.js remove hidden country/state vars 12 years ago
datetime.php i18n string extraction util 11 years ago
dba.php more instrumentation 11 years ago
directory.php mongo checkin, global directory, redir rework, location basics 12 years ago
group.php group removal 12 years ago
hostxrd.php more comprehensive XRD linkages 11 years ago
html2bbcode.php match patterns against the encoder 11 years ago
items.php activity objects weren't escaped properly 11 years ago
jquery.js here if it's needed 12 years ago
main.js sort out the magic cursor 11 years ago
nav.php issue #1, need login link on profile pages 11 years ago
notifier.php infrastructure for salmon 11 years ago
poller.php Use dual delivery when dealing with flaky hub, reduce poll to once/hour 11 years ago
salmon.php inline salmon magic keys 11 years ago
security.php relationship direction was too confusing to work with. instead of "in,out,both" it's now declared by role e.g. "vip,fan,bud". 12 years ago
session.php Initial checkin 12 years ago
system_unavailable.php Initial checkin 12 years ago