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if(! function_exists("string_plural_select_zh_cn")) {
function string_plural_select_zh_cn($n){
return 0;;
$a->strings["%d contact edited."] = array(
0 => "%d熟人编辑了",
$a->strings["Could not access contact record."] = "用不了熟人记录。";
$a->strings["Could not locate selected profile."] = "找不到选择的简介。";
$a->strings["Contact updated."] = "熟人更新了。";
$a->strings["Failed to update contact record."] = "更新熟人记录失败了。";
$a->strings["Permission denied."] = "权限不够。";
$a->strings["Contact has been blocked"] = "熟人拦了";
$a->strings["Contact has been unblocked"] = "熟人否拦了";
$a->strings["Contact has been ignored"] = "熟人不理了";
$a->strings["Contact has been unignored"] = "熟人否不理了";
$a->strings["Contact has been archived"] = "把联系存档了";
$a->strings["Contact has been unarchived"] = "把联系从存档拿来了";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this contact?"] = "您真的想删除这个熟人吗?";
$a->strings["Yes"] = "";
$a->strings["Cancel"] = "退消";
$a->strings["Contact has been removed."] = "熟人删除了。";
$a->strings["You are mutual friends with %s"] = "您和%s是共同朋友们";
$a->strings["You are sharing with %s"] = "您分享给%s";
$a->strings["%s is sharing with you"] = "%s给您分享";
$a->strings["Private communications are not available for this contact."] = "没有私人的沟通跟这个熟人";
$a->strings["Never"] = "从未";
$a->strings["(Update was successful)"] = "(更新成功)";
$a->strings["(Update was not successful)"] = "(更新不成功)";
$a->strings["Suggest friends"] = "建议朋友们";
$a->strings["Network type: %s"] = "网络种类: %s";
$a->strings["%d contact in common"] = array(
0 => "%d共同熟人",
$a->strings["View all contacts"] = "看所有的熟人";
$a->strings["Unblock"] = "不拦";
$a->strings["Block"] = "";
$a->strings["Toggle Blocked status"] = "交替拦配置";
$a->strings["Unignore"] = "停不理";
$a->strings["Ignore"] = "忽视";
$a->strings["Toggle Ignored status"] = "交替忽视现状";
$a->strings["Unarchive"] = "从存档拿来";
$a->strings["Archive"] = "存档";
$a->strings["Toggle Archive status"] = "交替档案现状";
$a->strings["Repair"] = "维修";
$a->strings["Advanced Contact Settings"] = "专家熟人设置";
$a->strings["Communications lost with this contact!"] = "联系跟这个熟人断开了!";
$a->strings["Contact Editor"] = "熟人编器";
$a->strings["Submit"] = "提交";
$a->strings["Profile Visibility"] = "简历可见量";
$a->strings["Please choose the profile you would like to display to %s when viewing your profile securely."] = "请选择简介您想给%s显示他安全地看您的简介的时候。";
$a->strings["Contact Information / Notes"] = "熟人信息/便条";
$a->strings["Edit contact notes"] = "编辑熟人便条";
$a->strings["Visit %s's profile [%s]"] = "看%s的简介[%s]";
$a->strings["Block/Unblock contact"] = "拦/否拦熟人";
$a->strings["Ignore contact"] = "忽视熟人";
$a->strings["Repair URL settings"] = "维修URL设置";
$a->strings["View conversations"] = "看交流";
$a->strings["Delete contact"] = "删除熟人";
$a->strings["Last update:"] = "上个更新:";
$a->strings["Update public posts"] = "更新公开文章";
$a->strings["Update now"] = "现在更新";
$a->strings["Currently blocked"] = "现在拦的";
$a->strings["Currently ignored"] = "现在不理的";
$a->strings["Currently archived"] = "现在存档着";
$a->strings["Hide this contact from others"] = "隐藏这个熟人给别人";
$a->strings["Replies/likes to your public posts <strong>may</strong> still be visible"] = "回答/喜欢关您公开文章<strong>会</strong>还可见的";
$a->strings["Notification for new posts"] = "新消息提示";
$a->strings["Send a notification of every new post of this contact"] = "发提示在所有这个联络的新消息";
$a->strings["Fetch further information for feeds"] = "拿文源别的消息";
$a->strings["Disabled"] = "已停用";
$a->strings["Fetch information"] = "取消息";
$a->strings["Fetch information and keywords"] = "取消息和关键词";
$a->strings["Blacklisted keywords"] = "黑名单关键词";
$a->strings["Comma separated list of keywords that should not be converted to hashtags, when \"Fetch information and keywords\" is selected"] = "逗号分的关键词不应该翻译成主题标签,如果“取消息和关键词”选择的。";
$a->strings["Suggestions"] = "建议";
$a->strings["Suggest potential friends"] = "建议潜在朋友们";
$a->strings["All Contacts"] = "所有的熟人";
$a->strings["Show all contacts"] = "表示所有的熟人";
$a->strings["Unblocked"] = "不拦了";
$a->strings["Only show unblocked contacts"] = "只表示不拦的熟人";
$a->strings["Blocked"] = "拦了";
$a->strings["Only show blocked contacts"] = "只表示拦的熟人";
$a->strings["Ignored"] = "忽视的";
$a->strings["Only show ignored contacts"] = "只表示忽视的熟人";
$a->strings["Archived"] = "在存档";
$a->strings["Only show archived contacts"] = "只表示档案熟人";
$a->strings["Hidden"] = "隐藏的";
$a->strings["Only show hidden contacts"] = "只表示隐藏的熟人";
$a->strings["Mutual Friendship"] = "共同友谊";
$a->strings["is a fan of yours"] = "是您迷";
$a->strings["you are a fan of"] = "你喜欢";
$a->strings["Edit contact"] = "编熟人";
$a->strings["Contacts"] = "熟人";
$a->strings["Search your contacts"] = "搜索您的熟人";
$a->strings["Finding: "] = "找着:";
$a->strings["Find"] = "搜索";
$a->strings["Update"] = "更新";
$a->strings["Delete"] = "删除";
$a->strings["No profile"] = "无简介";
$a->strings["Manage Identities and/or Pages"] = "管理身份或页";
$a->strings["Toggle between different identities or community/group pages which share your account details or which you have been granted \"manage\" permissions"] = "交替不同同一人或社会/组页合用您的账户或给您「管理」批准";
$a->strings["Select an identity to manage: "] = "选择同一个人管理:";
$a->strings["Post successful."] = "评论发表了。";
$a->strings["Permission denied"] = "权限不够";
$a->strings["Invalid profile identifier."] = "无限的简介标识符。";
$a->strings["Profile Visibility Editor"] = "简介能见度编辑器。";
$a->strings["Profile"] = "简介";
$a->strings["Click on a contact to add or remove."] = "点击熟人为添加或删除。";
$a->strings["Visible To"] = "能见被";
$a->strings["All Contacts (with secure profile access)"] = "所有熟人(跟安全地简介使用权)";
$a->strings["Item not found."] = "项目找不到。";
$a->strings["Public access denied."] = "公众看拒绝";
$a->strings["Access to this profile has been restricted."] = "使用权这个简介被限制了.";
$a->strings["Item has been removed."] = "项目被删除了。";
$a->strings["Welcome to Friendica"] = "Friendica欢迎你";
$a->strings["New Member Checklist"] = "新的成员一览表";
$a->strings["We would like to offer some tips and links to help make your experience enjoyable. Click any item to visit the relevant page. A link to this page will be visible from your home page for two weeks after your initial registration and then will quietly disappear."] = "我们想提高几个建议和超链接为让你的经历愉快。点击一个项目为了访问相应的网页。你最初登记两周以上一个环节到这儿来在你的首页,然后悄声地消失。";
$a->strings["Getting Started"] = "开始方法";
$a->strings["Friendica Walk-Through"] = "Friendica游览";
$a->strings["On your <em>Quick Start</em> page - find a brief introduction to your profile and network tabs, make some new connections, and find some groups to join."] = "在您的<em>快开始</em>页-看段介绍您的简介和网络分页,结新联系,而找新组为加入。";
$a->strings["Settings"] = "配置";
$a->strings["Go to Your Settings"] = "您的设置";
$a->strings["On your <em>Settings</em> page - change your initial password. Also make a note of your Identity Address. This looks just like an email address - and will be useful in making friends on the free social web."] = "在你的<em>设置</em>页 - 改变你的最初的密码。也记住你的客户地址。这好像一个电子邮件地址,是用于在自由社会化网络交朋友们有用的。";
$a->strings["Review the other settings, particularly the privacy settings. An unpublished directory listing is like having an unlisted phone number. In general, you should probably publish your listing - unless all of your friends and potential friends know exactly how to find you."] = "校对别的设置,特别隐私设置。一个未出版的目录项目是跟未出版的电话号码一样。平时,你可能应该出版你的目录项目-除非都你的朋友们和可交的朋友们已经知道确切地怎么找你。";
$a->strings["Upload Profile Photo"] = "上传简历照片";
$a->strings["Upload a profile photo if you have not done so already. Studies have shown that people with real photos of themselves are ten times more likely to make friends than people who do not."] = "上传一张简历照片除非你已经做过。研究表明有真正自己的照片的人比没有的交朋友们可能多十倍。";
$a->strings["Edit Your Profile"] = "编辑您的简介";
$a->strings["Edit your <strong>default</strong> profile to your liking. Review the settings for hiding your list of friends and hiding the profile from unknown visitors."] = "随意编你的<strong>公开的</strong>简历。评论设置为藏起来你的朋友表和简历过陌生来客。";
$a->strings["Profile Keywords"] = "简介关键字";
$a->strings["Set some public keywords for your default profile which describe your interests. We may be able to find other people with similar interests and suggest friendships."] = "指定一些公开关键字在您的默认简介描述您兴趣。我们可能找得了别人有相似兴趣和建议友谊。";
$a->strings["Connecting"] = "连接着";
$a->strings["Facebook"] = "Facebook";
$a->strings["Authorise the Facebook Connector if you currently have a Facebook account and we will (optionally) import all your Facebook friends and conversations."] = "要是你有一个Facebook账户,批准Facebook插销。我们来(可选的)进口都你Facebook朋友们和交谈。";
$a->strings["<em>If</em> this is your own personal server, installing the Facebook addon may ease your transition to the free social web."] = "<em>要是</em>这是你的私利服务器,安装Facebook插件会把你的过渡到自由社会化网络自在一点。";
$a->strings["Importing Emails"] = "进口着邮件";
$a->strings["Enter your email access information on your Connector Settings page if you wish to import and interact with friends or mailing lists from your email INBOX"] = "输入你电子邮件使用信息在插销设置页,要是你想用你的电子邮件进口和互动朋友们或邮件表。";
$a->strings["Go to Your Contacts Page"] = "您的熟人页";
$a->strings["Your Contacts page is your gateway to managing friendships and connecting with friends on other networks. Typically you enter their address or site URL in the <em>Add New Contact</em> dialog."] = "您熟人页是您门口为管理熟人和连接朋友们在别的网络。典型您输入他的地址或者网站URL在<em>添加新熟人</em>对话框。";
$a->strings["Go to Your Site's Directory"] = "您网站的目录";
$a->strings["The Directory page lets you find other people in this network or other federated sites. Look for a <em>Connect</em> or <em>Follow</em> link on their profile page. Provide your own Identity Address if requested."] = "目录页让您找别人在这个网络或别的同盟的网站。找一个<em>连接</em>或<em>关注</em>按钮在他们的简介页。您被要求的话,提供您自己的同一个人地址。";
$a->strings["Finding New People"] = "找新人";
$a->strings["On the side panel of the Contacts page are several tools to find new friends. We can match people by interest, look up people by name or interest, and provide suggestions based on network relationships. On a brand new site, friend suggestions will usually begin to be populated within 24 hours."] = "在熟人页的工具栏有一些工具为找新朋友们。我们会使人们相配按名或兴趣,和以网络关系作为提醒建议的根据。在新网站,朋友建议平常开始24小时后。";
$a->strings["Groups"] = "";
$a->strings["Group Your Contacts"] = "把熟人组起来";
$a->strings["Once you have made some friends, organize them into private conversation groups from the sidebar of your Contacts page and then you can interact with each group privately on your Network page."] = "您交朋友们后,组织他们分私人交流组在您熟人页的边栏,您会私下地跟组交流在您的网络页。";
$a->strings["Why Aren't My Posts Public?"] = "我文章怎么没公开的?";
$a->strings["Friendica respects your privacy. By default, your posts will only show up to people you've added as friends. For more information, see the help section from the link above."] = "Friendica尊敬您的隐私。默认是您文章只被您朋友们看。更多消息在帮助部分在上面的链接。";
$a->strings["Getting Help"] = "怎么获得帮助";
$a->strings["Go to the Help Section"] = "看帮助部分";
$a->strings["Our <strong>help</strong> pages may be consulted for detail on other program features and resources."] = "我们<strong>帮助</strong>页可查阅到详情关于别的编程特点和资源。";
$a->strings["OpenID protocol error. No ID returned."] = "OpenID协议错误。没ID还。 ";
$a->strings["Account not found and OpenID registration is not permitted on this site."] = "找不到账户和OpenID注册不允许。";
$a->strings["Login failed."] = "登记失败了。";
$a->strings["Image uploaded but image cropping failed."] = "照片上传去了,但修剪失灵。";
$a->strings["Profile Photos"] = "简介照片";
$a->strings["Image size reduction [%s] failed."] = "照片减少[%s]失灵。";
$a->strings["Shift-reload the page or clear browser cache if the new photo does not display immediately."] = "万一新照片一会出现,换档重新加载或者成为空浏览器高速缓存。";
$a->strings["Unable to process image"] = "不能处理照片";
$a->strings["Image exceeds size limit of %d"] = "图像超标最大极限尺寸 %d";
$a->strings["Unable to process image."] = "处理不了图像.";
$a->strings["Upload File:"] = "上传文件:";
$a->strings["Select a profile:"] = "选择一个简介";
$a->strings["Upload"] = "上传";
$a->strings["or"] = "或者";
$a->strings["skip this step"] = "略过这步";
$a->strings["select a photo from your photo albums"] = "从您的照片册选择一片。";
$a->strings["Crop Image"] = "修剪照片";
$a->strings["Please adjust the image cropping for optimum viewing."] = "请调图片剪裁为最好看。";
$a->strings["Done Editing"] = "编完了";
$a->strings["Image uploaded successfully."] = "照片成功地上传了";
$a->strings["Image upload failed."] = "图像上载失败了.";
$a->strings["photo"] = "照片";
$a->strings["status"] = "现状";
$a->strings["%1\$s is following %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "%1\$s关注着%2\$s的%3\$s";
$a->strings["Tag removed"] = "标签去除了";
$a->strings["Remove Item Tag"] = "去除项目标签";
$a->strings["Select a tag to remove: "] = "选择标签去除";
$a->strings["Remove"] = "移走";
$a->strings["Save to Folder:"] = "保存再文件夹:";
$a->strings["- select -"] = "-选择-";
$a->strings["Save"] = "保存";
$a->strings["Contact added"] = "熟人添了";
$a->strings["Unable to locate original post."] = "找不到当初的新闻";
$a->strings["Empty post discarded."] = "空心的新闻丢弃了";
$a->strings["Wall Photos"] = "墙照片";
$a->strings["System error. Post not saved."] = "系统错误。x";
$a->strings["This message was sent to you by %s, a member of the Friendica social network."] = "这个新闻是由%s,Friendica社会化网络成员之一,发给你。";
$a->strings["You may visit them online at %s"] = "你可以网上拜访他在%s";
$a->strings["Please contact the sender by replying to this post if you do not wish to receive these messages."] = "你不想受到这些新闻的话,请回答这个新闻给发者联系。";
$a->strings["%s posted an update."] = "%s贴上一个新闻。";
$a->strings["Group created."] = "组造成了。";
$a->strings["Could not create group."] = "不能造成组。";
$a->strings["Group not found."] = "组找不到。";
$a->strings["Group name changed."] = "组名变化了。";
$a->strings["Save Group"] = "保存组";
$a->strings["Create a group of contacts/friends."] = "造成组熟人/朋友们。";
$a->strings["Group Name: "] = "组名:";
$a->strings["Group removed."] = "组删除了。";
$a->strings["Unable to remove group."] = "不能删除组。";
$a->strings["Group Editor"] = "组编辑器";
$a->strings["Members"] = "成员";
$a->strings["You must be logged in to use addons. "] = "您用插件前要登录";
$a->strings["Applications"] = "应用";
$a->strings["No installed applications."] = "没有安装的应用";
$a->strings["Profile not found."] = "找不到简介。";
$a->strings["Contact not found."] = "没找到熟人。";
$a->strings["This may occasionally happen if contact was requested by both persons and it has already been approved."] = "这会偶尔地发生熟人双方都要求和已经批准的时候。";
$a->strings["Response from remote site was not understood."] = "遥网站的回答明白不了。";
$a->strings["Unexpected response from remote site: "] = "居然回答从遥网站:";
$a->strings["Confirmation completed successfully."] = "确认成功完成。";
$a->strings["Remote site reported: "] = "遥网站报案:";
$a->strings["Temporary failure. Please wait and try again."] = "临时失败。请等一会,再试。";
$a->strings["Introduction failed or was revoked."] = "介绍失败或被吊销。";
$a->strings["Unable to set contact photo."] = "不会指定熟人照片。";
$a->strings["%1\$s is now friends with %2\$s"] = "%1\$s是成为%2\$s的朋友";
$a->strings["No user record found for '%s' "] = "找不到「%s」的用户记录";
$a->strings["Our site encryption key is apparently messed up."] = "看起来我们的加密钥匙失灵了。";
$a->strings["Empty site URL was provided or URL could not be decrypted by us."] = "空的URL供应,或URL解不了码。";
$a->strings["Contact record was not found for you on our site."] = "熟人记录在我们的网站找不了。";
$a->strings["Site public key not available in contact record for URL %s."] = "没有网站公开钥匙在熟人记录在URL%s。";
$a->strings["The ID provided by your system is a duplicate on our system. It should work if you try again."] = "身份证明由您的系统是在我们的重做。你再试应该运行。";
$a->strings["Unable to set your contact credentials on our system."] = "不能创作您的熟人证件在我们的系统。";
$a->strings["Unable to update your contact profile details on our system"] = "不能更新您的熟人简介消息在我们的系统";
$a->strings["[Name Withheld]"] = "[名字拒给]";
$a->strings["%1\$s has joined %2\$s"] = "%1\$s加入%2\$s了";
$a->strings["Requested profile is not available."] = "要求的简介联系不上的。";
$a->strings["Tips for New Members"] = "提示对新成员";
$a->strings["No videos selected"] = "没选择的视频";
$a->strings["Access to this item is restricted."] = "这个项目使用权限的。";
$a->strings["View Video"] = "看视频";
$a->strings["View Album"] = "看照片册";
$a->strings["Recent Videos"] = "最近视频";
$a->strings["Upload New Videos"] = "上传新视频";
$a->strings["%1\$s tagged %2\$s's %3\$s with %4\$s"] = "%1\$s把%4\$s标签%2\$s的%3\$s";
$a->strings["Friend suggestion sent."] = "朋友建议发送了。";
$a->strings["Suggest Friends"] = "建议朋友们";
$a->strings["Suggest a friend for %s"] = "建议朋友给%s";
$a->strings["No valid account found."] = "找不到效的账户。";
$a->strings["Password reset request issued. Check your email."] = "重设密码要求发布了。核对您的收件箱。";
$a->strings["\n\t\tDear %1\$s,\n\t\t\tA request was recently received at \"%2\$s\" to reset your account\n\t\tpassword. In order to confirm this request, please select the verification link\n\t\tbelow or paste it into your web browser address bar.\n\n\t\tIf you did NOT request this change, please DO NOT follow the link\n\t\tprovided and ignore and/or delete this email.\n\n\t\tYour password will not be changed unless we can verify that you\n\t\tissued this request."] = "\n\t\t亲爱的%1\$s,\n\t\t\t最近\"%2\$s\"收到重设你账号密码要求。为了验证此要求,请点击\n\t\t下面的链接或者粘贴在浏览器。\n\n\t\t如果你没请求这个变化,请别点击并忽视或删除这个邮件。\n\n\t\t你的密码将不改变除非我们验证这个请求是由你发地。";
$a->strings["\n\t\tFollow this link to verify your identity:\n\n\t\t%1\$s\n\n\t\tYou will then receive a follow-up message containing the new password.\n\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n\n\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n\n\t\tSite Location:\t%2\$s\n\t\tLogin Name:\t%3\$s"] = "\n\t\t点击西面的链接为验证你的身份:\n\n\t\t%1\$s\n\n\t\t你将收一个邮件包括新的密码。登录之后你能改密码在设置页面。\n\n\t\t登录消息是:\n\n\t\t网站地址:\t%2\$s\n\t\t用户名:\t%3\$s";
$a->strings["Password reset requested at %s"] = "重设密码要求被发布%s";
$a->strings["Request could not be verified. (You may have previously submitted it.) Password reset failed."] = "要求确认不了。(您可能已经提交它。)重设密码失败了。";
$a->strings["Password Reset"] = "复位密码";
$a->strings["Your password has been reset as requested."] = "您的密码被重设如要求的。";
$a->strings["Your new password is"] = "你的新的密码是";
$a->strings["Save or copy your new password - and then"] = "保存或复制新密码-之后";
$a->strings["click here to login"] = "在这儿点击";
$a->strings["Your password may be changed from the <em>Settings</em> page after successful login."] = "您的密码能被变化从<em>设置</em>页成功登记后。";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\t\tDear %1\$s,\n\t\t\t\t\tYour password has been changed as requested. Please retain this\n\t\t\t\tinformation for your records (or change your password immediately to\n\t\t\t\tsomething that you will remember).\n\t\t\t"] = "\n\t\t\t\t亲戚的%1\$s,\n\t\t\t\t\t你的密码于你的要求被改了。请保存这个消息或者\n\t\t\t\t立刻改密码成什么容易回忆的。\n\t\t\t";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\t\tYour login details are as follows:\n\n\t\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1\$s\n\t\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%2\$s\n\t\t\t\tPassword:\t%3\$s\n\n\t\t\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n\t\t\t"] = "\n\t\t\t\t你的登录消息是:\n\n\t\t\t\t网站地址:%1\$s\n\t\t\t\t用户名:%2\$s\n\t\t\t\t密码:%3\$s\n\n\t\t\t\t登录后你能改密码在设置页面。\n\t\t\t";
$a->strings["Your password has been changed at %s"] = "您密码被变化在%s";
$a->strings["Forgot your Password?"] = "忘记你的密码吗?";
$a->strings["Enter your email address and submit to have your password reset. Then check your email for further instructions."] = "输入您的邮件地址和提交为重置密码。然后核对收件箱看别的说明。";
$a->strings["Nickname or Email: "] = "昵称或邮件地址:";
$a->strings["Reset"] = "复位";
$a->strings["%1\$s likes %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "%1\$s喜欢%2\$s的%3\$s";
$a->strings["%1\$s doesn't like %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "%1\$s不喜欢%2\$s的%3\$s";
$a->strings["{0} wants to be your friend"] = "{0}想成为您的朋友";
$a->strings["{0} sent you a message"] = "{0}发给您一个通信";
$a->strings["{0} requested registration"] = "{0}要求注册";
$a->strings["{0} commented %s's post"] = "{0}对%s的文章发表意见";
$a->strings["{0} liked %s's post"] = "{0}喜欢%s的文章";
$a->strings["{0} disliked %s's post"] = "{0}不喜欢%s的文章";
$a->strings["{0} is now friends with %s"] = "{0}成为%s的朋友";
$a->strings["{0} posted"] = "{0}陈列";
$a->strings["{0} tagged %s's post with #%s"] = "{0}用#%s标签%s的文章";
$a->strings["{0} mentioned you in a post"] = "{0}提到您在文章";
$a->strings["No contacts."] = "没有熟人。";
$a->strings["View Contacts"] = "看熟人";
$a->strings["Invalid request identifier."] = "无效要求身份号。";
$a->strings["Discard"] = "丢弃";
$a->strings["System"] = "系统";
$a->strings["Network"] = "网络";
$a->strings["Personal"] = "私人";
$a->strings["Home"] = "主页";
$a->strings["Introductions"] = "介绍";
$a->strings["Show Ignored Requests"] = "显示不理的要求";
$a->strings["Hide Ignored Requests"] = "隐藏不理的要求";
$a->strings["Notification type: "] = "通知种类:";
$a->strings["Friend Suggestion"] = "朋友建议";
$a->strings["suggested by %s"] = "由%s建议的";
$a->strings["Post a new friend activity"] = "表新朋友活动";
$a->strings["if applicable"] = "或适用";
$a->strings["Approve"] = "批准";
$a->strings["Claims to be known to you: "] = "声称被您认识:";
$a->strings["yes"] = "";
$a->strings["no"] = "";
$a->strings["Approve as: "] = "批准作为";
$a->strings["Friend"] = "朋友";
$a->strings["Sharer"] = "分享者";
$a->strings["Fan/Admirer"] = "迷/赞赏者";
$a->strings["Friend/Connect Request"] = "友谊/联络要求";
$a->strings["New Follower"] = "新关注者:";
$a->strings["No introductions."] = "没有介绍。";
$a->strings["Notifications"] = "通知";
$a->strings["%s liked %s's post"] = "%s喜欢了%s的消息";
$a->strings["%s disliked %s's post"] = "%s不喜欢了%s的消息";
$a->strings["%s is now friends with %s"] = "%s成为%s的朋友";
$a->strings["%s created a new post"] = "%s造成新文章";
$a->strings["%s commented on %s's post"] = "%s便条%s的文章";
$a->strings["No more network notifications."] = "没有别的网络通信。";
$a->strings["Network Notifications"] = "网络通知";
$a->strings["No more system notifications."] = "没别系统通知。";
$a->strings["System Notifications"] = "系统通知";
$a->strings["No more personal notifications."] = "没有别的私人通信。";
$a->strings["Personal Notifications"] = "私人通知";
$a->strings["No more home notifications."] = "没有别的家通信。";
$a->strings["Home Notifications"] = "主页通知";
$a->strings["Source (bbcode) text:"] = "源代码(bbcode)正文";
$a->strings["Source (Diaspora) text to convert to BBcode:"] = "源代(Diaspora)正文要翻译成BBCode:";
$a->strings["Source input: "] = "源代码输入:";
$a->strings["bb2html (raw HTML): "] = "bb2html(生HTML): ";
$a->strings["bb2html: "] = "bb2html:";
$a->strings["bb2html2bb: "] = "bb2html2bb:";
$a->strings["bb2md: "] = "bb2md:";
$a->strings["bb2md2html: "] = "bb2md2html:";
$a->strings["bb2dia2bb: "] = "bb2dia2bb:";
$a->strings["bb2md2html2bb: "] = "bb2md2html2bb:";
$a->strings["Source input (Diaspora format): "] = "源代输入(Diaspora形式):";
$a->strings["diaspora2bb: "] = "diaspora2bb: ";
$a->strings["Nothing new here"] = "这里没有什么新的";
$a->strings["Clear notifications"] = "清理出通知";
$a->strings["New Message"] = "新的消息";
$a->strings["No recipient selected."] = "没有选择的接受者。";
$a->strings["Unable to locate contact information."] = "找不到熟人信息。";
$a->strings["Message could not be sent."] = "消息发不了。";
$a->strings["Message collection failure."] = "通信受到错误。";
$a->strings["Message sent."] = "消息发了";
$a->strings["Messages"] = "消息";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this message?"] = "您真的想删除这个通知吗?";
$a->strings["Message deleted."] = "消息删除了。";
$a->strings["Conversation removed."] = "交流删除了。";
$a->strings["Please enter a link URL:"] = "请输入环节URL:";
$a->strings["Send Private Message"] = "发私人的通信";
$a->strings["To:"] = "到:";
$a->strings["Subject:"] = "题目:";
$a->strings["Your message:"] = "你的消息:";
$a->strings["Upload photo"] = "上传照片";
$a->strings["Insert web link"] = "插入网页环节";
$a->strings["Please wait"] = "请等一下";
$a->strings["No messages."] = "没有消息";
$a->strings["Unknown sender - %s"] = "生发送人-%s";
$a->strings["You and %s"] = "您和%s";
$a->strings["%s and You"] = "%s和您";
$a->strings["Delete conversation"] = "删除交谈";
$a->strings["D, d M Y - g:i A"] = "D, d M Y - g:i A";
$a->strings["%d message"] = array(
0 => "%d通知",
$a->strings["Message not available."] = "通信不可用的";
$a->strings["Delete message"] = "删除消息";
$a->strings["No secure communications available. You <strong>may</strong> be able to respond from the sender's profile page."] = "没可用的安全交通。您<strong>可能</strong>会在发送人的简介页会回答。";
$a->strings["Send Reply"] = "发回答";
$a->strings["[Embedded content - reload page to view]"] = "[嵌入内容-重新加载页为看]";
$a->strings["Contact settings applied."] = "熟人设置应用了。";
$a->strings["Contact update failed."] = "熟人更新失败。";
$a->strings["Repair Contact Settings"] = "维修熟人设置";
$a->strings["<strong>WARNING: This is highly advanced</strong> and if you enter incorrect information your communications with this contact may stop working."] = "<strong>注意:这是很高等的</strong>,你输入错的信息你和熟人的沟通会弄失灵了。";
$a->strings["Please use your browser 'Back' button <strong>now</strong> if you are uncertain what to do on this page."] = "请<strong>立即</strong>用后退按钮如果您不确定怎么用这页";
$a->strings["Return to contact editor"] = "回归熟人处理器";
$a->strings["No mirroring"] = "没有复制";
$a->strings["Mirror as forwarded posting"] = "复制为传达文章";
$a->strings["Mirror as my own posting"] = "复制为我自己的文章";
$a->strings["Name"] = "名字";
$a->strings["Account Nickname"] = "帐户昵称";
$a->strings["@Tagname - overrides Name/Nickname"] = "@Tagname越过名/昵称";
$a->strings["Account URL"] = "帐户URL";
$a->strings["Friend Request URL"] = "朋友请求URL";
$a->strings["Friend Confirm URL"] = "朋友确认URL";
$a->strings["Notification Endpoint URL"] = "通知端URL";
$a->strings["Poll/Feed URL"] = "喂URL";
$a->strings["New photo from this URL"] = "新照片从这个URL";
$a->strings["Remote Self"] = "遥远的自身";
$a->strings["Mirror postings from this contact"] = "把这个熟人的文章复制。";
$a->strings["Mark this contact as remote_self, this will cause friendica to repost new entries from this contact."] = "表明这个熟人当遥远的自身。Friendica要把这个熟人的新的文章复制。";
$a->strings["Login"] = "登录";
$a->strings["The post was created"] = "文章创建了";
$a->strings["Access denied."] = "没有用权。";
$a->strings["People Search"] = "搜索人物";
$a->strings["No matches"] = "没有结果";
$a->strings["Photos"] = "照片";
$a->strings["Files"] = "文件";
$a->strings["Contacts who are not members of a group"] = "没当成员的熟人";
$a->strings["Theme settings updated."] = "主题设置更新了。";
$a->strings["Site"] = "网站";
$a->strings["Users"] = "用户";
$a->strings["Plugins"] = "插件";
$a->strings["Themes"] = "主题";
$a->strings["DB updates"] = "数据库更新";
$a->strings["Logs"] = "记录";
$a->strings["probe address"] = "试探地址";
$a->strings["check webfinger"] = "查webfinger";
$a->strings["Admin"] = "管理";
$a->strings["Plugin Features"] = "插件特点";
$a->strings["diagnostics"] = "诊断";
$a->strings["User registrations waiting for confirmation"] = "用户注册等确认";
$a->strings["Normal Account"] = "正常帐户";
$a->strings["Soapbox Account"] = "演讲台帐户";
$a->strings["Community/Celebrity Account"] = "社会/名人帐户";
$a->strings["Automatic Friend Account"] = "自动朋友帐户";
$a->strings["Blog Account"] = "博客账户";
$a->strings["Private Forum"] = "私人评坛";
$a->strings["Message queues"] = "通知排队";
$a->strings["Administration"] = "管理";
$a->strings["Summary"] = "总算";
$a->strings["Registered users"] = "注册的用户";
$a->strings["Pending registrations"] = "未决的注册";
$a->strings["Version"] = "版本";
$a->strings["Active plugins"] = "活跃的插件";
$a->strings["Can not parse base url. Must have at least <scheme>://<domain>"] = "不能分析基础URL。至少要<scheme>://<domain>";
$a->strings["Site settings updated."] = "网站设置更新了。";
$a->strings["No special theme for mobile devices"] = "没专门适合手机的主题";
$a->strings["No community page"] = "没有社会页";
$a->strings["Public postings from users of this site"] = "本网站用户的公开文章";
$a->strings["Global community page"] = "全球社会页";
$a->strings["At post arrival"] = "收件的时候";
$a->strings["Frequently"] = "时常";
$a->strings["Hourly"] = "每小时";
$a->strings["Twice daily"] = "每日两次";
$a->strings["Daily"] = "每日";
$a->strings["Multi user instance"] = "多用户网站";
$a->strings["Closed"] = "关闭";
$a->strings["Requires approval"] = "要批准";
$a->strings["Open"] = "打开";
$a->strings["No SSL policy, links will track page SSL state"] = "没SSL方针,环节将追踪页SSL现状";
$a->strings["Force all links to use SSL"] = "让所有的环节用SSL";
$a->strings["Self-signed certificate, use SSL for local links only (discouraged)"] = "自签证书,用SSL再光本地环节(劝止的)";
$a->strings["Save Settings"] = "保存设置";
$a->strings["Registration"] = "注册";
$a->strings["File upload"] = "文件上传";
$a->strings["Policies"] = "政策";
$a->strings["Advanced"] = "高等";
$a->strings["Performance"] = "性能";
$a->strings["Relocate - WARNING: advanced function. Could make this server unreachable."] = "调动:注意先进的功能。能吧服务器使不能联系。";
$a->strings["Site name"] = "网页名字";
$a->strings["Host name"] = "服务器名";
$a->strings["Sender Email"] = "寄主邮件";
$a->strings["Banner/Logo"] = "标题/标志";
$a->strings["Shortcut icon"] = "捷径小图片";
$a->strings["Touch icon"] = "触摸小图片";
$a->strings["Additional Info"] = "别的消息";
$a->strings["For public servers: you can add additional information here that will be listed at"] = "公共服务器:您会这里添加消息要列在。";
$a->strings["System language"] = "系统语言";
$a->strings["System theme"] = "系统主题";
$a->strings["Default system theme - may be over-ridden by user profiles - <a href='#' id='cnftheme'>change theme settings</a>"] = "默认系统主题-会被用户简介超驰-<a href='#' id='cnftheme'>把主题设置变化</a>";
$a->strings["Mobile system theme"] = "手机系统主题";
$a->strings["Theme for mobile devices"] = "主题适合手机";
$a->strings["SSL link policy"] = "SSL环节方针";
$a->strings["Determines whether generated links should be forced to use SSL"] = "决定产生的环节否则被强迫用SSL";
$a->strings["Force SSL"] = "强逼SSL";
$a->strings["Force all Non-SSL requests to SSL - Attention: on some systems it could lead to endless loops."] = "强逼所有非SSL的要求用SSL。注意:在有的系统会导致无限循环";
$a->strings["Old style 'Share'"] = "老款式'分享'";
$a->strings["Deactivates the bbcode element 'share' for repeating items."] = "为重复的项目吧bbcode“share”代码使不活跃";
$a->strings["Hide help entry from navigation menu"] = "隐藏帮助在航行选单";
$a->strings["Hides the menu entry for the Help pages from the navigation menu. You can still access it calling /help directly."] = "隐藏帮助项目在航行选单。您还能用它经过手动的输入「/help」";
$a->strings["Single user instance"] = "单用户网站";
$a->strings["Make this instance multi-user or single-user for the named user"] = "弄这网站多用户或单用户为选择的用户";
$a->strings["Maximum image size"] = "图片最大尺寸";
$a->strings["Maximum size in bytes of uploaded images. Default is 0, which means no limits."] = "最多上传照相的字节。默认是零,意思是无限。";
$a->strings["Maximum image length"] = "最大图片大小";
$a->strings["Maximum length in pixels of the longest side of uploaded images. Default is -1, which means no limits."] = "最多像素在上传图片的长度。默认-1,意思是无限。";
$a->strings["JPEG image quality"] = "JPEG图片质量";
$a->strings["Uploaded JPEGS will be saved at this quality setting [0-100]. Default is 100, which is full quality."] = "上传的JPEG被用这质量[0-100]保存。默认100,最高。";
$a->strings["Register policy"] = "注册政策";
$a->strings["Maximum Daily Registrations"] = "一天最多注册";
$a->strings["If registration is permitted above, this sets the maximum number of new user registrations to accept per day. If register is set to closed, this setting has no effect."] = "如果注册上边许可的,这个选择一天最多新用户注册会接待。如果注册关闭了,这个设置没有印象。";
$a->strings["Register text"] = "注册正文";
$a->strings["Will be displayed prominently on the registration page."] = "被显著的在注册页表示。";
$a->strings["Accounts abandoned after x days"] = "账户丢弃X天后";
$a->strings["Will not waste system resources polling external sites for abandonded accounts. Enter 0 for no time limit."] = "拒绝浪费系统资源看外网站找丢弃的账户。输入0为无时限。";
$a->strings["Allowed friend domains"] = "允许的朋友域";
$a->strings["Comma separated list of domains which are allowed to establish friendships with this site. Wildcards are accepted. Empty to allow any domains"] = "逗号分隔的域名许根这个网站结友谊。通配符行。空的允许所有的域名。";
$a->strings["Allowed email domains"] = "允许的电子邮件域";
$a->strings["Comma separated list of domains which are allowed in email addresses for registrations to this site. Wildcards are accepted. Empty to allow any domains"] = "逗号分隔的域名可接受在邮件地址为这网站的注册。通配符行。空的允许所有的域名。";
$a->strings["Block public"] = "拦公开";
$a->strings["Check to block public access to all otherwise public personal pages on this site unless you are currently logged in."] = "拦公开看什么否则空开的私页在这网站除了您登录的时候以外。";
$a->strings["Force publish"] = "需要出版";
$a->strings["Check to force all profiles on this site to be listed in the site directory."] = "让所有这网站的的简介表明在网站目录。";
$a->strings["Global directory update URL"] = "综合目录更新URL";
$a->strings["URL to update the global directory. If this is not set, the global directory is completely unavailable to the application."] = "URL为更新综合目录。如果没有,这个应用用不了综合目录。";
$a->strings["Allow threaded items"] = "允许线绳项目";
$a->strings["Allow infinite level threading for items on this site."] = "允许无限水平线绳为这网站的项目。";
$a->strings["Private posts by default for new users"] = "新用户默认写私人文章";
$a->strings["Set default post permissions for all new members to the default privacy group rather than public."] = "默认新用户文章批准使默认隐私组,没有公开。";
$a->strings["Don't include post content in email notifications"] = "别包含文章内容在邮件消息";
$a->strings["Don't include the content of a post/comment/private message/etc. in the email notifications that are sent out from this site, as a privacy measure."] = "别包含文章/谈论/私消息/等的内容在文件消息被这个网站寄出,为了隐私。";
$a->strings["Disallow public access to addons listed in the apps menu."] = "不允许插件的公众使用权在应用选单。";
$a->strings["Checking this box will restrict addons listed in the apps menu to members only."] = "复选这个框为把应用选内插件限制仅成员";
$a->strings["Don't embed private images in posts"] = "别嵌入私人图案在文章里";
$a->strings["Don't replace locally-hosted private photos in posts with an embedded copy of the image. This means that contacts who receive posts containing private photos will have to authenticate and load each image, which may take a while."] = "别把复制嵌入的照相代替本网站的私人照相在文章里。结果是收包括私人照相的熟人要认证才卸载个张照片,会花许久。";
$a->strings["Allow Users to set remote_self"] = "允许用户用遥远的自身";
$a->strings["With checking this, every user is allowed to mark every contact as a remote_self in the repair contact dialog. Setting this flag on a contact causes mirroring every posting of that contact in the users stream."] = "选择这个之后,用户们允许表明熟人当遥远的自身在熟人修理页。遥远的自身所有文章被复制到用户文章流。";
$a->strings["Block multiple registrations"] = "拦一人多注册";
$a->strings["Disallow users to register additional accounts for use as pages."] = "不允许用户注册别的账户为当页。";
$a->strings["OpenID support"] = "OpenID支持";
$a->strings["OpenID support for registration and logins."] = "OpenID支持注册和登录。";
$a->strings["Fullname check"] = "全名核实";
$a->strings["Force users to register with a space between firstname and lastname in Full name, as an antispam measure"] = "让用户注册的时候放空格姓名中间,省得垃圾注册。";
$a->strings["UTF-8 Regular expressions"] = "UTF-8正则表达式";
$a->strings["Use PHP UTF8 regular expressions"] = "用PHP UTF8正则表达式";
$a->strings["Community Page Style"] = "社会页款式";
$a->strings["Type of community page to show. 'Global community' shows every public posting from an open distributed network that arrived on this server."] = "社会页种类将显示。“全球社会”显示所有公开的文章从某网络到达本服务器。";
$a->strings["Posts per user on community page"] = "个用户文章数量在社会页";
$a->strings["The maximum number of posts per user on the community page. (Not valid for 'Global Community')"] = "一个用户最多文章在社会页。(无效在“全球社会”)";
$a->strings["Enable OStatus support"] = "使OStatus支持可用";
$a->strings["Provide built-in OStatus (StatusNet, GNU Social etc.) compatibility. All communications in OStatus are public, so privacy warnings will be occasionally displayed."] = "提供OStatus(StatusNet,GNU Social,等)兼容性。所有OStatus的交通是公开的,所以私事警告偶尔来表示。";
$a->strings["OStatus conversation completion interval"] = "OStatus对话完成间隔";
$a->strings["How often shall the poller check for new entries in OStatus conversations? This can be a very ressource task."] = "喂器要多久查一次新文章在OStatus交流?这会花许多系统资源。";
$a->strings["Enable Diaspora support"] = "使Diaspora支持能够";
$a->strings["Provide built-in Diaspora network compatibility."] = "提供内装Diaspora网络兼容。";
$a->strings["Only allow Friendica contacts"] = "只许Friendica熟人";
$a->strings["All contacts must use Friendica protocols. All other built-in communication protocols disabled."] = "所有的熟人要用Friendica协议 。别的内装的沟通协议都已停用。";
$a->strings["Verify SSL"] = "证实";
$a->strings["If you wish, you can turn on strict certificate checking. This will mean you cannot connect (at all) to self-signed SSL sites."] = "你想的话,您会使严格证书核实可用。意思是您不能根自签的SSL网站交流。";
$a->strings["Proxy user"] = "代理用户";
$a->strings["Proxy URL"] = "代理URL";
$a->strings["Network timeout"] = "网络超时";
$a->strings["Value is in seconds. Set to 0 for unlimited (not recommended)."] = "输入秒数。输入零为无限(不推荐的)。";
$a->strings["Delivery interval"] = "传送间隔";
$a->strings["Delay background delivery processes by this many seconds to reduce system load. Recommend: 4-5 for shared hosts, 2-3 for virtual private servers. 0-1 for large dedicated servers."] = "把背景传送过程耽误这多秒为减少系统工作量。推荐:4-5在共用服务器,2-3在私人服务器。0-1在大专门服务器。";
$a->strings["Poll interval"] = "检查时间";
$a->strings["Delay background polling processes by this many seconds to reduce system load. If 0, use delivery interval."] = "把背景检查行程耽误这数秒为减少系统负荷。如果是0,用发布时间。";
$a->strings["Maximum Load Average"] = "最大负荷平均";
$a->strings["Maximum system load before delivery and poll processes are deferred - default 50."] = "系统负荷平均以上转播和检查行程会被耽误-默认50。";
$a->strings["Use MySQL full text engine"] = "用MySQL全正文机车";
$a->strings["Activates the full text engine. Speeds up search - but can only search for four and more characters."] = "使全正文机车可用。把搜索催-可是只能搜索4字以上";
$a->strings["Suppress Language"] = "封锁语言";
$a->strings["Suppress language information in meta information about a posting."] = "遗漏语言消息从文章的描述";
$a->strings["Suppress Tags"] = "压制标签";
$a->strings["Suppress showing a list of hashtags at the end of the posting."] = "别显示主題標籤列表在文章后面。";
$a->strings["Path to item cache"] = "路线到项目缓存";
$a->strings["Cache duration in seconds"] = "缓存时间秒";
$a->strings["How long should the cache files be hold? Default value is 86400 seconds (One day). To disable the item cache, set the value to -1."] = "高速缓存要存文件多久?默认是86400秒钟(一天)。停用高速缓存,输入-1。";
$a->strings["Maximum numbers of comments per post"] = "文件最多评论";
$a->strings["How much comments should be shown for each post? Default value is 100."] = "";
$a->strings["Path for lock file"] = "路线到锁文件";
$a->strings["Temp path"] = "临时文件路线";
$a->strings["Base path to installation"] = "基础安装路线";
$a->strings["Disable picture proxy"] = "停用图片代理";
$a->strings["The picture proxy increases performance and privacy. It shouldn't be used on systems with very low bandwith."] = "";
$a->strings["Enable old style pager"] = "";
$a->strings["The old style pager has page numbers but slows down massively the page speed."] = "";
$a->strings["Only search in tags"] = "";
$a->strings["On large systems the text search can slow down the system extremely."] = "";
$a->strings["New base url"] = "新基础URL";
$a->strings["Update has been marked successful"] = "更新当成功标签了";
$a->strings["Database structure update %s was successfully applied."] = "";
$a->strings["Executing of database structure update %s failed with error: %s"] = "";
$a->strings["Executing %s failed with error: %s"] = "";
$a->strings["Update %s was successfully applied."] = "把%s更新成功地实行。";
$a->strings["Update %s did not return a status. Unknown if it succeeded."] = "%s更新没回答现状。不知道是否成功。";
$a->strings["There was no additional update function %s that needed to be called."] = "";
$a->strings["No failed updates."] = "没有不通过地更新。";
$a->strings["Check database structure"] = "";
$a->strings["Failed Updates"] = "没通过的更新";
$a->strings["This does not include updates prior to 1139, which did not return a status."] = "这个不包括1139号更新之前,它们没回答装线。";
$a->strings["Mark success (if update was manually applied)"] = "标注成功(如果手动地把更新实行了)";
$a->strings["Attempt to execute this update step automatically"] = "试图自动地把这步更新实行";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\tDear %1\$s,\n\t\t\t\tthe administrator of %2\$s has set up an account for you."] = "";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n\n\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1\$s\n\t\t\tLogin Name:\t\t%2\$s\n\t\t\tPassword:\t\t%3\$s\n\n\t\t\tYou may change your password from your account \"Settings\" page after logging\n\t\t\tin.\n\n\t\t\tPlease take a few moments to review the other account settings on that page.\n\n\t\t\tYou may also wish to add some basic information to your default profile\n\t\t\t(on the \"Profiles\" page) so that other people can easily find you.\n\n\t\t\tWe recommend setting your full name, adding a profile photo,\n\t\t\tadding some profile \"keywords\" (very useful in making new friends) - and\n\t\t\tperhaps what country you live in; if you do not wish to be more specific\n\t\t\tthan that.\n\n\t\t\tWe fully respect your right to privacy, and none of these items are necessary.\n\t\t\tIf you are new and do not know anybody here, they may help\n\t\t\tyou to make some new and interesting friends.\n\n\t\t\tThank you and welcome to %4\$s."] = "";
$a->strings["Registration details for %s"] = "注册信息为%s";
$a->strings["%s user blocked/unblocked"] = array(
0 => "%s用户拦/不拦了",
$a->strings["%s user deleted"] = array(
0 => "%s用户删除了",
$a->strings["User '%s' deleted"] = "用户「%s」删除了";
$a->strings["User '%s' unblocked"] = "用户「%s」无拦了";
$a->strings["User '%s' blocked"] = "用户「%s」拦了";
$a->strings["Add User"] = "添加用户";
$a->strings["select all"] = "都选";
$a->strings["User registrations waiting for confirm"] = "用户注册等待确认";
$a->strings["User waiting for permanent deletion"] = "用户等待长久删除";
$a->strings["Request date"] = "要求日期";
$a->strings["Email"] = "电子邮件";
$a->strings["No registrations."] = "没有注册。";
$a->strings["Deny"] = "否定";
$a->strings["Site admin"] = "网站管理员";
$a->strings["Account expired"] = "帐户过期了";
$a->strings["New User"] = "新用户";
$a->strings["Register date"] = "注册日期";
$a->strings["Last login"] = "上次登录";
$a->strings["Last item"] = "上项目";
$a->strings["Deleted since"] = "删除从";
$a->strings["Account"] = "帐户";
$a->strings["Selected users will be deleted!\\n\\nEverything these users had posted on this site will be permanently deleted!\\n\\nAre you sure?"] = "特定的用户被删除!\\n\\n什么这些用户放在这个网站被永远删除!\\n\\n您肯定吗?";
$a->strings["The user {0} will be deleted!\\n\\nEverything this user has posted on this site will be permanently deleted!\\n\\nAre you sure?"] = "用户{0}将被删除!\\n\\n什么这个用户放在这个网站被永远删除!\\n\\n您肯定吗?";
$a->strings["Name of the new user."] = "新用户的名";
$a->strings["Nickname"] = "昵称";
$a->strings["Nickname of the new user."] = "新用户的昵称";
$a->strings["Email address of the new user."] = "新用户的邮件地址";
$a->strings["Plugin %s disabled."] = "使插件%s已停用。";
$a->strings["Plugin %s enabled."] = "使插件%s能用。";
$a->strings["Disable"] = "停用";
$a->strings["Enable"] = "使能用";
$a->strings["Toggle"] = "肘节";
$a->strings["Author: "] = "作家:";
$a->strings["Maintainer: "] = "保持员:";
$a->strings["No themes found."] = "找不到主题。";
$a->strings["Screenshot"] = "截图";
$a->strings["[Experimental]"] = "[试验]";
$a->strings["[Unsupported]"] = "[没支持]";
$a->strings["Log settings updated."] = "日志设置更新了。";
$a->strings["Clear"] = "清理出";
$a->strings["Enable Debugging"] = "把调试使可用的";
$a->strings["Log file"] = "记录文件";
$a->strings["Must be writable by web server. Relative to your Friendica top-level directory."] = "必要被网页服务器可写的。相对Friendica主文件夹。";
$a->strings["Log level"] = "记录水平";
$a->strings["Close"] = "关闭";
$a->strings["FTP Host"] = "FTP主机";
$a->strings["FTP Path"] = "FTP目录";
$a->strings["FTP User"] = "FTP用户";
$a->strings["FTP Password"] = "FTP密码";
$a->strings["Search Results For:"] = "搜索结果为:";
$a->strings["Remove term"] = "删除关键字";
$a->strings["Saved Searches"] = "保存的搜索";
$a->strings["add"] = "添加";
$a->strings["Commented Order"] = "评论时间顺序";
$a->strings["Sort by Comment Date"] = "按评论日期顺序排列";
$a->strings["Posted Order"] = "贴时间顺序";
$a->strings["Sort by Post Date"] = "按发布日期顺序排列";
$a->strings["Posts that mention or involve you"] = "提或关您的文章";
$a->strings["New"] = "";
$a->strings["Activity Stream - by date"] = "活动河流-按日期";
$a->strings["Shared Links"] = "共同环节";
$a->strings["Interesting Links"] = "有意思的超链接";
$a->strings["Starred"] = "被星";
$a->strings["Favourite Posts"] = "最喜欢的文章";
$a->strings["Warning: This group contains %s member from an insecure network."] = array(
0 => "警告:这个组bao han%s成员从不安全网络。",
$a->strings["Private messages to this group are at risk of public disclosure."] = "私人通信给这组回被公开。";
$a->strings["No such group"] = "没有这个组";
$a->strings["Group is empty"] = "组没有成员";
$a->strings["Group: "] = "组:";
$a->strings["Contact: "] = "熟人:";
$a->strings["Private messages to this person are at risk of public disclosure."] = "私人通信给这个人回被公开。";
$a->strings["Invalid contact."] = "无效熟人。";
$a->strings["Friends of %s"] = "%s的朋友们";
$a->strings["No friends to display."] = "没有朋友展示。";
$a->strings["Event title and start time are required."] = "项目标题和开始时间是必须的。";
$a->strings["l, F j"] = "l, F j";
$a->strings["Edit event"] = "编项目";
$a->strings["link to source"] = "链接到来源";
$a->strings["Events"] = "事件";
$a->strings["Create New Event"] = "造成新的项目";
$a->strings["Previous"] = "";
$a->strings["Next"] = "";
$a->strings["hour:minute"] = "小时:分钟";
$a->strings["Event details"] = "项目内容";
$a->strings["Format is %s %s. Starting date and Title are required."] = "形式是%s%s。开始时间和标题是必须的。";
$a->strings["Event Starts:"] = "事件开始:";
$a->strings["Required"] = "必须的";
$a->strings["Finish date/time is not known or not relevant"] = "结束日/时未知或无关";
$a->strings["Event Finishes:"] = "事件结束:";
$a->strings["Adjust for viewer timezone"] = "调为观众的时间";
$a->strings["Description:"] = "描述:";
$a->strings["Location:"] = "位置:";
$a->strings["Title:"] = "标题:";
$a->strings["Share this event"] = "分享这个项目";
$a->strings["Select"] = "选择";
$a->strings["View %s's profile @ %s"] = "看%s的简介@ %s";
$a->strings["%s from %s"] = "%s从%s";
$a->strings["View in context"] = "看在上下文";
$a->strings["%d comment"] = array(
0 => "%d评论",
$a->strings["comment"] = array(
0 => "评论",
$a->strings["show more"] = "看多";
$a->strings["Private Message"] = "私人的新闻";
$a->strings["I like this (toggle)"] = "我喜欢这(交替)";
$a->strings["like"] = "喜欢";
$a->strings["I don't like this (toggle)"] = "我不喜欢这(交替)";
$a->strings["dislike"] = "讨厌";
$a->strings["Share this"] = "分享这个";
$a->strings["share"] = "分享";
$a->strings["This is you"] = "这是你";
$a->strings["Comment"] = "评论";
$a->strings["Bold"] = "粗体字 ";
$a->strings["Italic"] = "斜体 ";
$a->strings["Underline"] = "下划线";
$a->strings["Quote"] = "引语";
$a->strings["Code"] = "源代码";
$a->strings["Image"] = "图片";
$a->strings["Link"] = "环节";
$a->strings["Video"] = "录像";
$a->strings["Preview"] = "预演";
$a->strings["Edit"] = "编辑";
$a->strings["add star"] = "加星";
$a->strings["remove star"] = "消星";
$a->strings["toggle star status"] = "转变星现状";
$a->strings["starred"] = "被贴星";
$a->strings["add tag"] = "加标签";
$a->strings["save to folder"] = "保存在文件夹";
$a->strings["to"] = "";
$a->strings["Wall-to-Wall"] = "从墙到墙";
$a->strings["via Wall-To-Wall:"] = "通过从墙到墙";
$a->strings["Remove My Account"] = "删除我的账户";
$a->strings["This will completely remove your account. Once this has been done it is not recoverable."] = "这要完全删除您的账户。这一做过,就不能恢复。";
$a->strings["Please enter your password for verification:"] = "请输入密码为确认:";
$a->strings["Friendica Communications Server - Setup"] = "Friendica沟通服务器-安装";
$a->strings["Could not connect to database."] = "解不了数据库。";
$a->strings["Could not create table."] = "造成不了表格。";
$a->strings["Your Friendica site database has been installed."] = "您Friendica网站数据库被安装了。";
$a->strings["You may need to import the file \"database.sql\" manually using phpmyadmin or mysql."] = "您可能要手工地进口文件「database.sql」用phpmyadmin或mysql。";
$a->strings["Please see the file \"INSTALL.txt\"."] = "请看文件「INSTALL.txt」";
$a->strings["System check"] = "系统检测";
$a->strings["Check again"] = "再检测";
$a->strings["Database connection"] = "数据库接通";
$a->strings["In order to install Friendica we need to know how to connect to your database."] = "为安装Friendica我们要知道怎么连接您的数据库。";
$a->strings["Please contact your hosting provider or site administrator if you have questions about these settings."] = "你有关于这些设置有问题的话,请给互联网托管服务或者网页管理联系。";
$a->strings["The database you specify below should already exist. If it does not, please create it before continuing."] = "您下边指定的数据库应该已经存在。如果还没有,请继续前造成。";
$a->strings["Database Server Name"] = "数据库服务器名";
$a->strings["Database Login Name"] = "数据库登录名";
$a->strings["Database Login Password"] = "数据库登录密码";
$a->strings["Database Name"] = "数据库名字";
$a->strings["Site administrator email address"] = "网站行政人员邮件地址";
$a->strings["Your account email address must match this in order to use the web admin panel."] = "您账户邮件地址必要符合这个为用网站处理仪表板";
$a->strings["Please select a default timezone for your website"] = "请选择您网站的默认时区";
$a->strings["Site settings"] = "网站设置";
$a->strings["Could not find a command line version of PHP in the web server PATH."] = "没找到命令行PHP在网服务器PATH。";
$a->strings["If you don't have a command line version of PHP installed on server, you will not be able to run background polling via cron. See <a href=''>'Activating scheduled tasks'</a>"] = "如果您没有命令行PHP在服务器,您实行不了用cron背景检查。看<a href=''>「使安排做的任务可用」</a>";
$a->strings["PHP executable path"] = "PHP可执行路径";
$a->strings["Enter full path to php executable. You can leave this blank to continue the installation."] = "输入全路线到php执行程序。您会留空白为继续安装。";
$a->strings["Command line PHP"] = "命令行PHP";
$a->strings["PHP executable is not the php cli binary (could be cgi-fgci version)"] = "PHP执行程序不是命令行PHP執行檔(有可能是cgi-fgci版本)";
$a->strings["Found PHP version: "] = "找到PHP版本号:";
$a->strings["PHP cli binary"] = "命令行PHP執行檔";
$a->strings["The command line version of PHP on your system does not have \"register_argc_argv\" enabled."] = "您系统的命令行PHP没有能够「register_argc_argv」。";
$a->strings["This is required for message delivery to work."] = "这必要为通信发布成功。";
$a->strings["PHP register_argc_argv"] = "PHP register_argc_argv";
$a->strings["Error: the \"openssl_pkey_new\" function on this system is not able to generate encryption keys"] = "错误:这系统的「register_argc_argv」子程序不能产生加密钥匙";
$a->strings["If running under Windows, please see \"\"."] = "如果您用Windows,请看「」。";
$a->strings["Generate encryption keys"] = "产生加密钥匙";
$a->strings["libCurl PHP module"] = "libCurl PHP模块";
$a->strings["GD graphics PHP module"] = "GD显示PHP模块";
$a->strings["OpenSSL PHP module"] = "OpenSSL PHP模块";
$a->strings["mysqli PHP module"] = "mysqli PHP模块";
$a->strings["mb_string PHP module"] = "mb_string PHP模块";
$a->strings["Apache mod_rewrite module"] = "Apache mod_rewrite部件";
$a->strings["Error: Apache webserver mod-rewrite module is required but not installed."] = "错误:Apache服务器的mod-rewrite模块是必要的可却不安装的。";
$a->strings["Error: libCURL PHP module required but not installed."] = "错误:libCurl PHP模块是必要的可却不安装的。";
$a->strings["Error: GD graphics PHP module with JPEG support required but not installed."] = "错误:GD显示PHP模块跟JPEG支持是必要的可却安装的。";
$a->strings["Error: openssl PHP module required but not installed."] = "错误:openssl PHP模块是必要的可却不安装的。";
$a->strings["Error: mysqli PHP module required but not installed."] = "错误:mysqli PHP模块是必要的可却不安装的。";
$a->strings["Error: mb_string PHP module required but not installed."] = "错误:mbstring PHP模块必要可没安装的。";
$a->strings["The web installer needs to be able to create a file called \".htconfig.php\" in the top folder of your web server and it is unable to do so."] = "网页安装者要能造成叫「.htconfig.php」在网服务器主文件夹可却不能。";
$a->strings["This is most often a permission setting, as the web server may not be able to write files in your folder - even if you can."] = "这常常是一个权设置,因为网服务器可能不会写文件在文件夹-即使您会。";
$a->strings["At the end of this procedure, we will give you a text to save in a file named .htconfig.php in your Friendica top folder."] = "这个步骤头,我们给您正文要保存在叫.htconfig.php的文件在您Friendica主文件夹。";
$a->strings["You can alternatively skip this procedure and perform a manual installation. Please see the file \"INSTALL.txt\" for instructions."] = "或者您会这个步骤不做还是实行手动的安装。请看INSTALL.txt文件为说明。";
$a->strings[".htconfig.php is writable"] = ".htconfig.php是可写的";
$a->strings["Friendica uses the Smarty3 template engine to render its web views. Smarty3 compiles templates to PHP to speed up rendering."] = "Friendica用Smarty3模板机车为建筑网页。Smarty3把模板编译成PHP为催建筑网页。";
$a->strings["In order to store these compiled templates, the web server needs to have write access to the directory view/smarty3/ under the Friendica top level folder."] = "为了保存这些模板,网服务器要写权利于view/smarty3/目录在Friendica主目录下。";
$a->strings["Please ensure that the user that your web server runs as (e.g. www-data) has write access to this folder."] = "请保险您网服务器用户(比如www-data)有这个目录的写权利。";
$a->strings["Note: as a security measure, you should give the web server write access to view/smarty3/ only--not the template files (.tpl) that it contains."] = "注意:为了安全,您应该只给网服务器写权利于view/smarty3/-没有模板文件(.tpl)之下。";
$a->strings["view/smarty3 is writable"] = "能写view/smarty3";
$a->strings["Url rewrite in .htaccess is not working. Check your server configuration."] = " URL改写在.htaccess不行。检查您服务器设置。";
$a->strings["Url rewrite is working"] = "URL改写发挥机能";
$a->strings["The database configuration file \".htconfig.php\" could not be written. Please use the enclosed text to create a configuration file in your web server root."] = "数据库设置文件「.htconfig.php」不能被写。请把包括的正文造成设置文件在网服务器子目录。";
$a->strings["<h1>What next</h1>"] = "<h1>下步是什么</h1>";
$a->strings["IMPORTANT: You will need to [manually] setup a scheduled task for the poller."] = "重要:您要[手工地]准备安排的任务给喂器。";
$a->strings["Number of daily wall messages for %s exceeded. Message failed."] = "一天最多墙通知给%s超过了。通知没有通过 。";
$a->strings["Unable to check your home location."] = "核对不了您的主页。";
$a->strings["No recipient."] = "没有接受者。";
$a->strings["If you wish for %s to respond, please check that the privacy settings on your site allow private mail from unknown senders."] = "如果您想%s回答,请核对您网站的隐私设置允许生发送人的私人邮件。";
$a->strings["Help:"] = "帮助:";
$a->strings["Help"] = "帮助";
$a->strings["Not Found"] = "未发现";
$a->strings["Page not found."] = "页发现。";
$a->strings["%1\$s welcomes %2\$s"] = "%1\$s欢迎%2\$s";
$a->strings["Welcome to %s"] = "%s欢迎你";
$a->strings["Sorry, maybe your upload is bigger than the PHP configuration allows"] = "不好意思,可能你上传的是PHP设置允许的大";
$a->strings["Or - did you try to upload an empty file?"] = "或者,你是不是上传空的文件?";
$a->strings["File exceeds size limit of %d"] = "文件数目超过最多%d";
$a->strings["File upload failed."] = "文件上传失败。";
$a->strings["Profile Match"] = "简介符合";
$a->strings["No keywords to match. Please add keywords to your default profile."] = "没有符合的关键字。请在您的默认简介加关键字。";
$a->strings["is interested in:"] = "感兴趣对:";
$a->strings["Connect"] = "连接";
$a->strings["link"] = "链接";
$a->strings["Not available."] = "不可用的";
$a->strings["Community"] = "社会";
$a->strings["No results."] = "没有结果";
$a->strings["everybody"] = "每人";
$a->strings["Additional features"] = "附加的特点";
$a->strings["Display"] = "显示";
$a->strings["Social Networks"] = "社会化网络";
$a->strings["Delegations"] = "代表";
$a->strings["Connected apps"] = "连接着应用";
$a->strings["Export personal data"] = "出口私人信息";
$a->strings["Remove account"] = "删除账户";
$a->strings["Missing some important data!"] = "有的重要信息失踪的!";
$a->strings["Failed to connect with email account using the settings provided."] = "不能连接电子邮件账户用输入的设置。";
$a->strings["Email settings updated."] = "电子邮件设置更新了";
$a->strings["Features updated"] = "特点更新了";
$a->strings["Relocate message has been send to your contacts"] = "调动信息寄给您的熟人";
$a->strings["Passwords do not match. Password unchanged."] = "密码们不相配。密码没未改变的。";
$a->strings["Empty passwords are not allowed. Password unchanged."] = "空的密码禁止。密码没未改变的。";
$a->strings["Wrong password."] = "密码不正确。";
$a->strings["Password changed."] = "密码变化了。";
$a->strings["Password update failed. Please try again."] = "密码更新失败了。请再试。";
$a->strings[" Please use a shorter name."] = "请用短一点个名。";
$a->strings[" Name too short."] = "名字太短。";
$a->strings["Wrong Password"] = "密码不正确";
$a->strings[" Not valid email."] = " 电子邮件地址无效.";
$a->strings[" Cannot change to that email."] = "不能变化到这个邮件地址。";
$a->strings["Private forum has no privacy permissions. Using default privacy group."] = "私人评坛没有隐私批准。默认隐私组用者。";
$a->strings["Private forum has no privacy permissions and no default privacy group."] = "私人评坛没有隐私批准或默认隐私组。";
$a->strings["Settings updated."] = "设置跟新了";
$a->strings["Add application"] = "加入应用";
$a->strings["Consumer Key"] = "钥匙(Consumer Key)";
$a->strings["Consumer Secret"] = "密码(Consumer Secret)";
$a->strings["Redirect"] = "重定向";
$a->strings["Icon url"] = "图符URL";
$a->strings["You can't edit this application."] = "您不能编辑这个应用。";
$a->strings["Connected Apps"] = "连接着应用";
$a->strings["Client key starts with"] = "客户钥匙头字是";
$a->strings["No name"] = "无名";
$a->strings["Remove authorization"] = "撤消权能";
$a->strings["No Plugin settings configured"] = "没插件设置配置了";
$a->strings["Plugin Settings"] = "插件设置";
$a->strings["Off"] = "";
$a->strings["On"] = "";
$a->strings["Additional Features"] = "附加的特点";
$a->strings["Built-in support for %s connectivity is %s"] = "包括的支持为%s连通性是%s";
$a->strings["Diaspora"] = "Diaspora";
$a->strings["enabled"] = "能够做的";
$a->strings["disabled"] = "已停用";
$a->strings["StatusNet"] = "StatusNet";
$a->strings["Email access is disabled on this site."] = "这个网站没有邮件使用权";
$a->strings["Email/Mailbox Setup"] = "邮件收件箱设置";
$a->strings["If you wish to communicate with email contacts using this service (optional), please specify how to connect to your mailbox."] = "如果您想用这股服务(可选的)跟邮件熟人交流,请指定怎么连通您的收件箱。";
$a->strings["Last successful email check:"] = "上个成功收件箱检查:";
$a->strings["IMAP server name:"] = "IMAP服务器名字:";
$a->strings["IMAP port:"] = "IMAP服务器端口:";
$a->strings["Security:"] = "安全:";
$a->strings["None"] = "没有";
$a->strings["Email login name:"] = "邮件登记名:";
$a->strings["Email password:"] = "邮件密码:";
$a->strings["Reply-to address:"] = "回答地址:";
$a->strings["Send public posts to all email contacts:"] = "发公开的文章给所有的邮件熟人:";
$a->strings["Action after import:"] = "进口后行动:";
$a->strings["Mark as seen"] = "标注看过";
$a->strings["Move to folder"] = "搬到文件夹";
$a->strings["Move to folder:"] = "搬到文件夹:";
$a->strings["Display Settings"] = "表示设置";
$a->strings["Display Theme:"] = "显示主题:";
$a->strings["Mobile Theme:"] = "手机主题:";
$a->strings["Update browser every xx seconds"] = "更新游览器每XX秒";
$a->strings["Minimum of 10 seconds, no maximum"] = "最小10秒,没有上限";
$a->strings["Number of items to display per page:"] = "每页表示多少项目:";
$a->strings["Maximum of 100 items"] = "最多100项目";
$a->strings["Number of items to display per page when viewed from mobile device:"] = "用手机看一页展示多少项目:";
$a->strings["Don't show emoticons"] = "别表示请表符号";
$a->strings["Don't show notices"] = "别表提示";
$a->strings["Infinite scroll"] = "无限的滚动";
$a->strings["Automatic updates only at the top of the network page"] = "";
$a->strings["User Types"] = "";
$a->strings["Community Types"] = "";
$a->strings["Normal Account Page"] = "平常账户页";
$a->strings["This account is a normal personal profile"] = "这个帐户是正常私人简介";
$a->strings["Soapbox Page"] = "演讲台页";
$a->strings["Automatically approve all connection/friend requests as read-only fans"] = "自动批准所有联络/友谊要求当只看的迷";
$a->strings["Community Forum/Celebrity Account"] = "社会评坛/名人账户";
$a->strings["Automatically approve all connection/friend requests as read-write fans"] = "自动批准所有联络/友谊要求当看写的迷";
$a->strings["Automatic Friend Page"] = "自动朋友页";
$a->strings["Automatically approve all connection/friend requests as friends"] = "自动批准所有联络/友谊要求当朋友";
$a->strings["Private Forum [Experimental]"] = "隐私评坛[实验性的 ]";
$a->strings["Private forum - approved members only"] = "隐私评坛-只批准的成员";
$a->strings["OpenID:"] = "OpenID:";
$a->strings["(Optional) Allow this OpenID to login to this account."] = "(可选的)许这个OpenID这个账户登记。";
$a->strings["Publish your default profile in your local site directory?"] = "出版您默认简介在您当地的网站目录?";
$a->strings["No"] = "";
$a->strings["Publish your default profile in the global social directory?"] = "出版您默认简介在综合社会目录?";
$a->strings["Hide your contact/friend list from viewers of your default profile?"] = "藏起来 发现您的熟人/朋友单不让这个简介看着看?\n ";
$a->strings["Hide your profile details from unknown viewers?"] = "使简介信息给陌生的看着看不了?";
$a->strings["If enabled, posting public messages to Diaspora and other networks isn't possible."] = "";
$a->strings["Allow friends to post to your profile page?"] = "允许朋友们贴文章在您的简介页?";
$a->strings["Allow friends to tag your posts?"] = "允许朋友们标签您的文章?";
$a->strings["Allow us to suggest you as a potential friend to new members?"] = "允许我们建议您潜力朋友给新成员?";
$a->strings["Permit unknown people to send you private mail?"] = "允许生人寄给您私人邮件?";
$a->strings["Profile is <strong>not published</strong>."] = "简介是<strong>没出版</strong>";
$a->strings["Your Identity Address is"] = "您的同一个人地址是";
$a->strings["Automatically expire posts after this many days:"] = "自动地过期文章这数天:";
$a->strings["If empty, posts will not expire. Expired posts will be deleted"] = "如果空的,文章不会过期。过期的文章被删除";
$a->strings["Advanced expiration settings"] = "先进的过期设置";
$a->strings["Advanced Expiration"] = "先进的过期";
$a->strings["Expire posts:"] = "把文章过期:";
$a->strings["Expire personal notes:"] = "把私人便条过期:";
$a->strings["Expire starred posts:"] = "把星的文章过期:";
$a->strings["Expire photos:"] = "把照片过期:";
$a->strings["Only expire posts by others:"] = "只别人的文章过期:";
$a->strings["Account Settings"] = "帐户设置";
$a->strings["Password Settings"] = "密码设置";
$a->strings["New Password:"] = "新密码:";
$a->strings["Confirm:"] = "确认:";
$a->strings["Leave password fields blank unless changing"] = "非变化留空密码栏";
$a->strings["Current Password:"] = "目前密码:";
$a->strings["Your current password to confirm the changes"] = "您目前密码为确认变化";
$a->strings["Password:"] = "密码:";
$a->strings["Basic Settings"] = "基础设置";
$a->strings["Full Name:"] = "全名:";
$a->strings["Email Address:"] = "电子邮件地址:";
$a->strings["Your Timezone:"] = "您的时区:";
$a->strings["Default Post Location:"] = "默认文章位置:";
$a->strings["Use Browser Location:"] = "用游览器位置:";
$a->strings["Security and Privacy Settings"] = "安全和隐私设置";
$a->strings["Maximum Friend Requests/Day:"] = "最多友谊要求个天:";
$a->strings["(to prevent spam abuse)"] = "(为防止垃圾邮件滥用)";
$a->strings["Default Post Permissions"] = "默认文章准许";
$a->strings["(click to open/close)"] = "(点击为打开/关闭)";
$a->strings["Show to Groups"] = "给组表示";
$a->strings["Show to Contacts"] = "给熟人表示";
$a->strings["Default Private Post"] = "默认私人文章";
$a->strings["Default Public Post"] = "默认公开文章";
$a->strings["Default Permissions for New Posts"] = "默认权利为新文章";
$a->strings["Maximum private messages per day from unknown people:"] = "一天最多从生人私人邮件:";
$a->strings["Notification Settings"] = "消息设置";
$a->strings["By default post a status message when:"] = "默认地发现状通知如果:";
$a->strings["accepting a friend request"] = "接受朋友邀请";
$a->strings["joining a forum/community"] = "加入评坛/社会";
$a->strings["making an <em>interesting</em> profile change"] = "把简介有意思地变修改";
$a->strings["Send a notification email when:"] = "发一个消息要是:";
$a->strings["You receive an introduction"] = "你受到一个介绍";
$a->strings["Your introductions are confirmed"] = "你的介绍确认了";
$a->strings["Someone writes on your profile wall"] = "某人写在你的简历墙";
$a->strings["Someone writes a followup comment"] = "某人写一个后续的评论";
$a->strings["You receive a private message"] = "你受到一个私消息";
$a->strings["You receive a friend suggestion"] = "你受到一个朋友建议";
$a->strings["You are tagged in a post"] = "你被在新闻标签";
$a->strings["You are poked/prodded/etc. in a post"] = "您在文章被戳";
$a->strings["Text-only notification emails"] = "";
$a->strings["Send text only notification emails, without the html part"] = "";
$a->strings["Advanced Account/Page Type Settings"] = "专家账户/页种设置";
$a->strings["Change the behaviour of this account for special situations"] = "把这个账户特别情况的时候行动变化";
$a->strings["Relocate"] = "调动";
$a->strings["If you have moved this profile from another server, and some of your contacts don't receive your updates, try pushing this button."] = "如果您调动这个简介从别的服务器但有的熟人没收到您的更新,尝试按这个钮。";
$a->strings["Resend relocate message to contacts"] = "把调动信息寄给熟人";
$a->strings["This introduction has already been accepted."] = "这个介绍已经接受了。";
$a->strings["Profile location is not valid or does not contain profile information."] = "简介位置失效或不包含简介信息。";
$a->strings["Warning: profile location has no identifiable owner name."] = "警告:简介位置没有可设别的主名。";
$a->strings["Warning: profile location has no profile photo."] = "警告:简介位置没有简介图。";
$a->strings["%d required parameter was not found at the given location"] = array(
0 => "%d需要的参数没找到在输入的位置。",
$a->strings["Introduction complete."] = "介绍完成的。";
$a->strings["Unrecoverable protocol error."] = "不能恢复的协议错误";
$a->strings["Profile unavailable."] = "简介无效";
$a->strings["%s has received too many connection requests today."] = "%s今天已经受到了太多联络要求";
$a->strings["Spam protection measures have been invoked."] = "垃圾保护措施被用了。";
$a->strings["Friends are advised to please try again in 24 hours."] = "朋友们被建议请24小时后再试。";
$a->strings["Invalid locator"] = "无效找到物";
$a->strings["Invalid email address."] = "无效的邮件地址。";
$a->strings["This account has not been configured for email. Request failed."] = "这个账户没有设置用电子邮件。要求没通过。";
$a->strings["Unable to resolve your name at the provided location."] = "不可疏解您的名字再输入的位置。";
$a->strings["You have already introduced yourself here."] = "您已经自我介绍这儿。";
$a->strings["Apparently you are already friends with %s."] = "看上去您已经是%s的朋友。";
$a->strings["Invalid profile URL."] = "无效的简介URL。";
$a->strings["Disallowed profile URL."] = "不允许的简介地址.";
$a->strings["Your introduction has been sent."] = "您的介绍发布了。";
$a->strings["Please login to confirm introduction."] = "请登记为确认介绍。";
$a->strings["Incorrect identity currently logged in. Please login to <strong>this</strong> profile."] = "错误的用户登记者。请用<strong>这个</strong>用户。";
$a->strings["Hide this contact"] = "隐藏这个熟人";
$a->strings["Welcome home %s."] = "欢迎%s。";
$a->strings["Please confirm your introduction/connection request to %s."] = "请确认您的介绍/联络要求给%s。";
$a->strings["Confirm"] = "确认";
$a->strings["Please enter your 'Identity Address' from one of the following supported communications networks:"] = "请输入您的「同一人地址」这些支持的交通网络中:";
$a->strings["If you are not yet a member of the free social web, <a href=\"\">follow this link to find a public Friendica site and join us today</a>."] = "如果您还没有自由社会网络成员之一,<a href=\"\">点击这个环节找公开Friendica网站今天加入</a>.";
$a->strings["Friend/Connection Request"] = "朋友/联络要求。";
$a->strings["Examples:,,"] = "比如,,";
$a->strings["Please answer the following:"] = "请回答下述的:";
$a->strings["Does %s know you?"] = "%s是否认识你?";
$a->strings["Add a personal note:"] = "添加个人的便条";
$a->strings["Friendica"] = "Friendica";
$a->strings["StatusNet/Federated Social Web"] = "StatusNet/联合社会化网";
$a->strings[" - please do not use this form. Instead, enter %s into your Diaspora search bar."] = " - 请别用这个表格。反而输入%s在您的Diaspora搜索功能。";
$a->strings["Your Identity Address:"] = "您的同一个人地址:";
$a->strings["Submit Request"] = "提交要求";
$a->strings["Registration successful. Please check your email for further instructions."] = "注册成功了。请咨询说明再您的收件箱。";
$a->strings["Failed to send email message. Here your accout details:<br> login: %s<br> password: %s<br><br>You can change your password after login."] = "发送邮件失败。你的账户消息是:<br>用户名:%s<br> 密码: %s<br><br>。登录后能改密码。";
$a->strings["Your registration can not be processed."] = "处理不了您的注册。";
$a->strings["Your registration is pending approval by the site owner."] = "您的注册等网页主的批准。";
$a->strings["This site has exceeded the number of allowed daily account registrations. Please try again tomorrow."] = "这个网站超过一天最多账户注册。请明天再试。";
$a->strings["You may (optionally) fill in this form via OpenID by supplying your OpenID and clicking 'Register'."] = "您会(可选的)用OpenID填这个表格通过提供您的OpenID和点击「注册」。";
$a->strings["If you are not familiar with OpenID, please leave that field blank and fill in the rest of the items."] = "如果您没熟悉OpenID,请留空这个栏和填另些栏。";
$a->strings["Your OpenID (optional): "] = "您的OpenID(可选的):";
$a->strings["Include your profile in member directory?"] = "放您的简介再员目录?";
$a->strings["Membership on this site is by invitation only."] = "会员身份在这个网站是光通过邀请。";
$a->strings["Your invitation ID: "] = "您邀请ID:";
$a->strings["Your Full Name (e.g. Joe Smith): "] = "您姓名(例如「张三」):";
$a->strings["Your Email Address: "] = "你的电子邮件地址:";
$a->strings["Choose a profile nickname. This must begin with a text character. Your profile address on this site will then be '<strong>nickname@\$sitename</strong>'."] = "选择简介昵称。昵称头一字必须拉丁字。您再这个网站的简介地址将「<strong>example@\$sitename</strong>」.";
$a->strings["Choose a nickname: "] = "选择昵称:";
$a->strings["Register"] = "注册";
$a->strings["Import"] = "进口";
$a->strings["Import your profile to this friendica instance"] = "进口您的简介到这个friendica服务器";
$a->strings["System down for maintenance"] = "系统关闭为了维持";
$a->strings["Search"] = "搜索";
$a->strings["Global Directory"] = "综合目录";
$a->strings["Find on this site"] = "找在这网站";
$a->strings["Site Directory"] = "网站目录";
$a->strings["Age: "] = "年纪:";
$a->strings["Gender: "] = "性别:";
$a->strings["Gender:"] = "性别:";
$a->strings["Status:"] = "现状:";
$a->strings["Homepage:"] = "主页:";
$a->strings["About:"] = "关于:";
$a->strings["No entries (some entries may be hidden)."] = "没有文章(有的文章会被隐藏)。";
$a->strings["No potential page delegates located."] = "找不到可能代表页人。";
$a->strings["Delegate Page Management"] = "页代表管理";
$a->strings["Delegates are able to manage all aspects of this account/page except for basic account settings. Please do not delegate your personal account to anybody that you do not trust completely."] = "代表会管理所有的方面这个账户/页除了基础账户配置以外。请别代表您私人账户给您没完全信的人。";
$a->strings["Existing Page Managers"] = "目前页管理员";
$a->strings["Existing Page Delegates"] = "目前页代表";
$a->strings["Potential Delegates"] = "潜力的代表";
$a->strings["Add"] = "";
$a->strings["No entries."] = "没有项目。";
$a->strings["Common Friends"] = "普通朋友们";
$a->strings["No contacts in common."] = "没有共同熟人。";
$a->strings["Export account"] = "出口账户";
$a->strings["Export your account info and contacts. Use this to make a backup of your account and/or to move it to another server."] = "出口您的商户信息和熟人。这利于备份您的账户活着搬到别的服务器。";
$a->strings["Export all"] = "出口一切";
$a->strings["Export your accout info, contacts and all your items as json. Could be a very big file, and could take a lot of time. Use this to make a full backup of your account (photos are not exported)"] = "出口您账户信息,熟人和别的项目成json。可能是很大文件,花很多时间。用这个为创造全备份您的账户(照片没被出口)";
$a->strings["%1\$s is currently %2\$s"] = "%1\$s现在是%2\$s";
$a->strings["Mood"] = "心情";
$a->strings["Set your current mood and tell your friends"] = "选择现在的心情而告诉朋友们";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this suggestion?"] = "您真的想删除这个建议吗?";
$a->strings["Friend Suggestions"] = "友谊建议";
$a->strings["No suggestions available. If this is a new site, please try again in 24 hours."] = "没有建议。如果这是新网站,请24小时后再试。";
$a->strings["Ignore/Hide"] = "不理/隐藏";
$a->strings["Profile deleted."] = "简介删除了。";
$a->strings["Profile-"] = "简介-";
$a->strings["New profile created."] = "创造新的简介";
$a->strings["Profile unavailable to clone."] = "简介不可用为复制。";
$a->strings["Profile Name is required."] = "必要简介名";
$a->strings["Marital Status"] = "婚姻状况 ";
$a->strings["Romantic Partner"] = "情人";
$a->strings["Likes"] = "喜欢";
$a->strings["Dislikes"] = "不喜欢";
$a->strings["Work/Employment"] = "工作";
$a->strings["Religion"] = "宗教";
$a->strings["Political Views"] = "政治观念";
$a->strings["Gender"] = "性别";
$a->strings["Sexual Preference"] = "性取向";
$a->strings["Homepage"] = "主页";
$a->strings["Interests"] = "兴趣";
$a->strings["Address"] = "地址";
$a->strings["Location"] = "位置";
$a->strings["Profile updated."] = "简介更新了。";
$a->strings[" and "] = "";
$a->strings["public profile"] = "公开简介";
$a->strings["%1\$s changed %2\$s to &ldquo;%3\$s&rdquo;"] = "%1\$s把%2\$s变化成&ldquo;%3\$s&rdquo;";
$a->strings[" - Visit %1\$s's %2\$s"] = " - 看 %1\$s的%2\$s";
$a->strings["%1\$s has an updated %2\$s, changing %3\$s."] = "%1\$s有更新的%2\$s,修改%3\$s.";
$a->strings["Hide contacts and friends:"] = "";
$a->strings["Hide your contact/friend list from viewers of this profile?"] = "藏起来发现您的熟人/朋友单不让这个简介看着看?";
$a->strings["Edit Profile Details"] = "剪辑简介消息";
$a->strings["Change Profile Photo"] = "改变简介照片";
$a->strings["View this profile"] = "看这个简介";
$a->strings["Create a new profile using these settings"] = "造成新的简介用这些设置";
$a->strings["Clone this profile"] = "复制这个简介";
$a->strings["Delete this profile"] = "删除这个简介";
$a->strings["Basic information"] = "";
$a->strings["Profile picture"] = "";
$a->strings["Preferences"] = "";
$a->strings["Status information"] = "";
$a->strings["Additional information"] = "";
$a->strings["Profile Name:"] = "简介名:";
$a->strings["Your Full Name:"] = "你的全名:";
$a->strings["Title/Description:"] = "标题/描述:";
$a->strings["Your Gender:"] = "你的性:";
$a->strings["Birthday (%s):"] = "生日(%s):";
$a->strings["Street Address:"] = "地址:";
$a->strings["Locality/City:"] = "现场/城市:";
$a->strings["Postal/Zip Code:"] = "邮政编码:";
$a->strings["Country:"] = "国家:";
$a->strings["Region/State:"] = "区域/省";
$a->strings["<span class=\"heart\">&hearts;</span> Marital Status:"] = "<span class=\"heart\">&hearts;</span>婚姻状况:";
$a->strings["Who: (if applicable)"] = "谁:(要是使用)";
$a->strings["Examples: cathy123, Cathy Williams,"] = "比如:limou,李某,limou@example。com";
$a->strings["Since [date]:"] = "追溯[日期]:";
$a->strings["Sexual Preference:"] = "性取向";
$a->strings["Homepage URL:"] = "主页URL:";
$a->strings["Hometown:"] = "故乡:";
$a->strings["Political Views:"] = "政治观念:";
$a->strings["Religious Views:"] = " 宗教信仰 :";
$a->strings["Public Keywords:"] = "公开关键字 :";
$a->strings["Private Keywords:"] = "私人关键字";
$a->strings["Likes:"] = "喜欢:";
$a->strings["Dislikes:"] = "不喜欢:";
$a->strings["Example: fishing photography software"] = "例如:钓鱼 照片 软件";
$a->strings["(Used for suggesting potential friends, can be seen by others)"] = "(用于建议可能的朋友们,会被别人看)";
$a->strings["(Used for searching profiles, never shown to others)"] = "(用于搜索简介,没有给别人看)";
$a->strings["Tell us about yourself..."] = "给我们自我介绍...";
$a->strings["Hobbies/Interests"] = "爱好/兴趣";
$a->strings["Contact information and Social Networks"] = "熟人信息和社会化网络";
$a->strings["Musical interests"] = "音乐兴趣";
$a->strings["Books, literature"] = "书,文学";
$a->strings["Television"] = "电视";
$a->strings["Film/dance/culture/entertainment"] = "电影/跳舞/文化/娱乐";
$a->strings["Love/romance"] = "爱情/浪漫";
$a->strings["Work/employment"] = "工作";
$a->strings["School/education"] = "学院/教育";
$a->strings["This is your <strong>public</strong> profile.<br />It <strong>may</strong> be visible to anybody using the internet."] = "这是你的<strong>公开的</strong>简介。<br />它<strong>可能</strong>被所有的因特网用的看到。";
$a->strings["Edit/Manage Profiles"] = "编辑/管理简介";
$a->strings["Change profile photo"] = "换简介照片";
$a->strings["Create New Profile"] = "创造新的简介";
$a->strings["Profile Image"] = "简介图像";
$a->strings["visible to everybody"] = "给打假可见的";
$a->strings["Edit visibility"] = "修改能见度";
$a->strings["Item not found"] = "项目没找到";
$a->strings["Edit post"] = "编辑文章";
$a->strings["upload photo"] = "上传照片";
$a->strings["Attach file"] = "附上文件";
$a->strings["attach file"] = "附上文件";
$a->strings["web link"] = "网页环节";
$a->strings["Insert video link"] = "插入视频环节";
$a->strings["video link"] = "视频环节";
$a->strings["Insert audio link"] = "插入录音环节";
$a->strings["audio link"] = "录音环节";
$a->strings["Set your location"] = "设定您的位置";
$a->strings["set location"] = "指定位置";
$a->strings["Clear browser location"] = "清空浏览器位置";
$a->strings["clear location"] = "清理出位置";
$a->strings["Permission settings"] = "权设置";
$a->strings["CC: email addresses"] = "抄送: 电子邮件地址";
$a->strings["Public post"] = "公开的消息";
$a->strings["Set title"] = "指定标题";
$a->strings["Categories (comma-separated list)"] = "种类(逗号分隔单)";
$a->strings["Example:,"] = "比如:,";
$a->strings["This is Friendica, version"] = "这是Friendica,版本";
$a->strings["running at web location"] = "运作再网址";
$a->strings["Please visit <a href=\"\"></a> to learn more about the Friendica project."] = "请看<a href=\"\"></a>发现多关于Friendica工程。";
$a->strings["Bug reports and issues: please visit"] = "问题报案:请去";
$a->strings["Suggestions, praise, donations, etc. - please email \"Info\" at Friendica - dot com"] = "建议,夸奖,捐赠,等-请发邮件到「 Info」在Friendica点com";
$a->strings["Installed plugins/addons/apps:"] = "安装的插件/加件/应用:";
$a->strings["No installed plugins/addons/apps"] = "没有安装的插件/应用";
$a->strings["Authorize application connection"] = "授权应用连接";
$a->strings["Return to your app and insert this Securty Code:"] = "回归您的应用和输入这个安全密码:";
$a->strings["Please login to continue."] = "请登记为继续。";
$a->strings["Do you want to authorize this application to access your posts and contacts, and/or create new posts for you?"] = "您想不想使这个应用用权您的文章和熟人,和/或代您造成新文章";
$a->strings["Remote privacy information not available."] = "摇隐私信息无效";
$a->strings["Visible to:"] = "可见给:";
$a->strings["Personal Notes"] = "私人便条";
$a->strings["l F d, Y \\@ g:i A"] = "l F d, Y \\@ g:i A";
$a->strings["Time Conversion"] = "时间装换";
$a->strings["Friendica provides this service for sharing events with other networks and friends in unknown timezones."] = "Friendica提供这个服务目的是分享项目跟别的网络和朋友们在别的时区。";
$a->strings["UTC time: %s"] = "UTC时间: %s";
$a->strings["Current timezone: %s"] = "现在时区: %s";
$a->strings["Converted localtime: %s"] = "装换的当地时间:%s";
$a->strings["Please select your timezone:"] = "请选择你的时区:";
$a->strings["Poke/Prod"] = "";
$a->strings["poke, prod or do other things to somebody"] = "把人家戳或别的行动";
$a->strings["Recipient"] = "接受者";
$a->strings["Choose what you wish to do to recipient"] = "选择您想把别人作";
$a->strings["Make this post private"] = "使这个文章私人";
$a->strings["Total invitation limit exceeded."] = "邀请限超过了。";
$a->strings["%s : Not a valid email address."] = "%s : 不是效的电子邮件地址.";
$a->strings["Please join us on Friendica"] = "请加入我们再Friendica";
$a->strings["Invitation limit exceeded. Please contact your site administrator."] = "邀请限超过了。请联系您的网站管理员。";
$a->strings["%s : Message delivery failed."] = "%s : 送消息失败了。";
$a->strings["%d message sent."] = array(
0 => "%d消息传送了。",
$a->strings["You have no more invitations available"] = "您没有别的邀请";
$a->strings["Visit %s for a list of public sites that you can join. Friendica members on other sites can all connect with each other, as well as with members of many other social networks."] = "参观%s看一单公开网站您会加入。Friendica成员在别的网站都会互相连接,再跟很多别的社会网络。";
$a->strings["To accept this invitation, please visit and register at %s or any other public Friendica website."] = "为接受这个邀请,请再%s或什么别的Friendica网站注册。";
$a->strings["Friendica sites all inter-connect to create a huge privacy-enhanced social web that is owned and controlled by its members. They can also connect with many traditional social networks. See %s for a list of alternate Friendica sites you can join."] = "Friendica网站们都互相连接造成隐私增加的社会网络属和控制由它的成员。它们也能跟多传统的社会网络连接。看%s表示一单您会加入供替换的Friendica网站。";
$a->strings["Our apologies. This system is not currently configured to connect with other public sites or invite members."] = "不好意思。这个系统目前没设置跟别的公开网站连接或邀请成员。";
$a->strings["Send invitations"] = "发请柬";
$a->strings["Enter email addresses, one per line:"] = "输入电子邮件地址,一行一个:";
$a->strings["You are cordially invited to join me and other close friends on Friendica - and help us to create a better social web."] = "您被邀请跟我和彼得近朋友们再Friendica加入-和帮助我们造成更好的社会网络。";
$a->strings["You will need to supply this invitation code: \$invite_code"] = "您要输入这个邀请密码:\$invite_code";
$a->strings["Once you have registered, please connect with me via my profile page at:"] = "您一注册,请页跟我连接,用我的简介在:";
$a->strings["For more information about the Friendica project and why we feel it is important, please visit"] = "看别的信息由于Friendica工程和怎么我们看重,请看";
$a->strings["Photo Albums"] = "相册";
$a->strings["Contact Photos"] = "熟人照片";
$a->strings["Upload New Photos"] = "上传新照片";
$a->strings["Contact information unavailable"] = "熟人信息不可用";
$a->strings["Album not found."] = "取回不了相册.";
$a->strings["Delete Album"] = "删除相册";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this photo album and all its photos?"] = "您真的想删除这个相册和所有里面的照相吗?";
$a->strings["Delete Photo"] = "删除照片";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this photo?"] = "您真的想删除这个照相吗?";
$a->strings["%1\$s was tagged in %2\$s by %3\$s"] = "%1\$s被%3\$s标签在%2\$s";
$a->strings["a photo"] = "一张照片";
$a->strings["Image exceeds size limit of "] = "图片超出最大尺寸";
$a->strings["Image file is empty."] = "图片文件空的。";
$a->strings["No photos selected"] = "没有照片挑选了";
$a->strings["You have used %1$.2f Mbytes of %2$.2f Mbytes photo storage."] = "您用%2$.2f兆字节的%1$.2f兆字节照片存储。";
$a->strings["Upload Photos"] = "上传照片";
$a->strings["New album name: "] = "新册名:";
$a->strings["or existing album name: "] = "或现有册名";
$a->strings["Do not show a status post for this upload"] = "别显示现状报到关于这个上传";
$a->strings["Permissions"] = "权利";
$a->strings["Private Photo"] = "私人照相";
$a->strings["Public Photo"] = "公开照相";
$a->strings["Edit Album"] = "编照片册";
$a->strings["Show Newest First"] = "先表示最新的";
$a->strings["Show Oldest First"] = "先表示最老的";
$a->strings["View Photo"] = "看照片";
$a->strings["Permission denied. Access to this item may be restricted."] = "无权利。用这个项目可能受限制。";
$a->strings["Photo not available"] = "照片不可获得的 ";
$a->strings["View photo"] = "看照片";
$a->strings["Edit photo"] = "编辑照片";
$a->strings["Use as profile photo"] = "用为资料图";
$a->strings["View Full Size"] = "看全尺寸";
$a->strings["Tags: "] = "标签:";
$a->strings["[Remove any tag]"] = "[删除任何标签]";
$a->strings["Rotate CW (right)"] = "顺时针地转动(左)";
$a->strings["Rotate CCW (left)"] = "反顺时针地转动(右)";
$a->strings["New album name"] = "新册名";
$a->strings["Caption"] = "字幕";
$a->strings["Add a Tag"] = "加标签";
$a->strings["Example: @bob, @Barbara_Jensen,, #California, #camping"] = "例子:@zhang, @Zhang_San,, #Beijing, #ktv";
$a->strings["Private photo"] = "私人照相";
$a->strings["Public photo"] = "公开照相";
$a->strings["Share"] = "分享";
$a->strings["Recent Photos"] = "最近的照片";
$a->strings["Account approved."] = "账户批准了";
$a->strings["Registration revoked for %s"] = "%s的登记撤销了";
$a->strings["Please login."] = "清登录。";
$a->strings["Move account"] = "把账户搬出";
$a->strings["You can import an account from another Friendica server."] = "您会从别的Friendica服务器进口账户";
$a->strings["You need to export your account from the old server and upload it here. We will recreate your old account here with all your contacts. We will try also to inform your friends that you moved here."] = "您要把您老服务器账户出口才这里上传。我们重现您账户这里,包括所有您的熟人。我们再试通知您朋友们您搬到这里。";
$a->strings["This feature is experimental. We can't import contacts from the OStatus network (statusnet/ or from Diaspora"] = "这个特点是在试验阶段。我们进口不了Ostatus网络(statusnet/或Diaspora熟人";
$a->strings["Account file"] = "账户文件";
$a->strings["To export your account, go to \"Settings->Export your personal data\" and select \"Export account\""] = "为出口您账户,点击「设置→出口您私人信息」和选择「出口账户」";
$a->strings["Item not available."] = "项目不可用的";
$a->strings["Item was not found."] = "找不到项目。";
$a->strings["Delete this item?"] = "删除这个项目?";
$a->strings["show fewer"] = "显示更小";
$a->strings["Update %s failed. See error logs."] = "更新%s美通过。看错误记录。";
$a->strings["Create a New Account"] = "创造新的账户";
$a->strings["Logout"] = "注销";
$a->strings["Nickname or Email address: "] = "绰号或电子邮件地址: ";
$a->strings["Password: "] = "密码: ";
$a->strings["Remember me"] = "记住我";
$a->strings["Or login using OpenID: "] = "或者用OpenID登记:";
$a->strings["Forgot your password?"] = "忘记你的密码吗?";
$a->strings["Website Terms of Service"] = "网站的各项规定";
$a->strings["terms of service"] = "各项规定";
$a->strings["Website Privacy Policy"] = "网站隐私政策";
$a->strings["privacy policy"] = "隐私政策";
$a->strings["Requested account is not available."] = "要求的账户不可用。";
$a->strings["Edit profile"] = "修改简介";
$a->strings["Message"] = "通知";
$a->strings["Profiles"] = "简介";
$a->strings["Manage/edit profiles"] = "管理/修改简介";
$a->strings["Network:"] = "网络";
$a->strings["g A l F d"] = "g A l d F";
$a->strings["F d"] = "F d";
$a->strings["[today]"] = "[今天]";
$a->strings["Birthday Reminders"] = "提醒生日";
$a->strings["Birthdays this week:"] = "这周的生日:";
$a->strings["[No description]"] = "[无描述]";
$a->strings["Event Reminders"] = "事件提醒";
$a->strings["Events this week:"] = "这周的事件:";
$a->strings["Status"] = "现状";
$a->strings["Status Messages and Posts"] = "现状通知和文章";
$a->strings["Profile Details"] = "简介内容";
$a->strings["Videos"] = "视频";
$a->strings["Events and Calendar"] = "项目和日历";
$a->strings["Only You Can See This"] = "只您许看这个";
$a->strings["This entry was edited"] = "这个文章被编辑了";
$a->strings["ignore thread"] = "忽视主题";
$a->strings["unignore thread"] = "别忽视主题";
$a->strings["toggle ignore status"] = "切换忽视状态";
$a->strings["ignored"] = "忽视";
$a->strings["Categories:"] = "种类:";
$a->strings["Filed under:"] = "归档在:";
$a->strings["via"] = "经过";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\tThe friendica developers released update %s recently,\n\t\t\tbut when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.\n\t\t\tThis needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact a\n\t\t\tfriendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid."] = "";
$a->strings["The error message is\n[pre]%s[/pre]"] = "";
$a->strings["Errors encountered creating database tables."] = "造成数据库列表相遇错误。";
$a->strings["Errors encountered performing database changes."] = "";
$a->strings["Logged out."] = "注销了";
$a->strings["We encountered a problem while logging in with the OpenID you provided. Please check the correct spelling of the ID."] = "我们用您输入的OpenID登录的时候碰到问题。请核实拼法是对的。";
$a->strings["The error message was:"] = "错误通知是:";
$a->strings["Add New Contact"] = "增添新的熟人";
$a->strings["Enter address or web location"] = "输入地址或网位置";
$a->strings["Example:,"] = "比如,";
$a->strings["%d invitation available"] = array(
0 => "%d邀请可用的",
$a->strings["Find People"] = "找人物";
$a->strings["Enter name or interest"] = "输入名字或兴趣";
$a->strings["Connect/Follow"] = "连接/关注";
$a->strings["Examples: Robert Morgenstein, Fishing"] = "比如:李某,打鱼";
$a->strings["Similar Interests"] = "相似兴趣";
$a->strings["Random Profile"] = "随机简介";
$a->strings["Invite Friends"] = "邀请朋友们";
$a->strings["Networks"] = "网络";
$a->strings["All Networks"] = "所有网络";
$a->strings["Saved Folders"] = "保存的文件夹";
$a->strings["Everything"] = "一切";
$a->strings["Categories"] = "种类";
$a->strings["General Features"] = "总的特点";
$a->strings["Multiple Profiles"] = "多简介";
$a->strings["Ability to create multiple profiles"] = "能穿凿多简介";
$a->strings["Post Composition Features"] = "写文章特点";
$a->strings["Richtext Editor"] = "富文本格式编辑";
$a->strings["Enable richtext editor"] = "使富文本格式编辑可用";
$a->strings["Post Preview"] = "文章预演";
$a->strings["Allow previewing posts and comments before publishing them"] = "允许文章和评论出版前预演";
$a->strings["Auto-mention Forums"] = "自动提示论坛";
$a->strings["Add/remove mention when a fourm page is selected/deselected in ACL window."] = "添加/删除提示论坛页选择/淘汰在ACL窗户的时候。";
$a->strings["Network Sidebar Widgets"] = "网络工具栏小窗口";
$a->strings["Search by Date"] = "按日期搜索";
$a->strings["Ability to select posts by date ranges"] = "能按时期范围选择文章";
$a->strings["Group Filter"] = "组滤器";
$a->strings["Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected group"] = "使光表示网络文章从选择的组小窗口";
$a->strings["Network Filter"] = "网络滤器";
$a->strings["Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected network"] = "使光表示网络文章从选择的网络小窗口";
$a->strings["Save search terms for re-use"] = "保存搜索关键为再用";
$a->strings["Network Tabs"] = "网络分页";
$a->strings["Network Personal Tab"] = "网络私人分页";
$a->strings["Enable tab to display only Network posts that you've interacted on"] = "使表示光网络文章您参加了分页可用";
$a->strings["Network New Tab"] = "网络新分页";
$a->strings["Enable tab to display only new Network posts (from the last 12 hours)"] = "使表示光网络文章在12小时内分页可用";
$a->strings["Network Shared Links Tab"] = "网络分享链接分页";
$a->strings["Enable tab to display only Network posts with links in them"] = "使表示光网络文章包括链接分页可用";
$a->strings["Post/Comment Tools"] = "文章/评论工具";
$a->strings["Multiple Deletion"] = "多删除";
$a->strings["Select and delete multiple posts/comments at once"] = "选择和删除多文章/评论一次";
$a->strings["Edit Sent Posts"] = "编辑发送的文章";
$a->strings["Edit and correct posts and comments after sending"] = "编辑或修改文章和评论发送后";
$a->strings["Tagging"] = "标签";
$a->strings["Ability to tag existing posts"] = "能把目前的文章标签";
$a->strings["Post Categories"] = "文章种类";
$a->strings["Add categories to your posts"] = "加入种类给您的文章";
$a->strings["Ability to file posts under folders"] = "能把文章归档在文件夹 ";
$a->strings["Dislike Posts"] = "不喜欢文章";
$a->strings["Ability to dislike posts/comments"] = "能不喜欢文章/评论";
$a->strings["Star Posts"] = "文章星";
$a->strings["Ability to mark special posts with a star indicator"] = "能把优秀文章跟星标注";
$a->strings["Mute Post Notifications"] = "";
$a->strings["Ability to mute notifications for a thread"] = "";
$a->strings["Connect URL missing."] = "连接URL失踪的。";
$a->strings["This site is not configured to allow communications with other networks."] = "这网站没配置允许跟别的网络交流.";
$a->strings["No compatible communication protocols or feeds were discovered."] = "没有兼容协议或者摘要找到了.";
$a->strings["The profile address specified does not provide adequate information."] = "输入的简介地址没有够消息。";
$a->strings["An author or name was not found."] = "找不到作者或名。";
$a->strings["No browser URL could be matched to this address."] = "这个地址没有符合什么游览器URL。";
$a->strings["Unable to match @-style Identity Address with a known protocol or email contact."] = "使不了知道的相配或邮件熟人相配 ";
$a->strings["Use mailto: in front of address to force email check."] = "输入mailto:地址前为要求电子邮件检查。";
$a->strings["The profile address specified belongs to a network which has been disabled on this site."] = "输入的简介地址属在这个网站使不可用的网络。";
$a->strings["Limited profile. This person will be unable to receive direct/personal notifications from you."] = "有限的简介。这人不会接受直达/私人通信从您。";
$a->strings["Unable to retrieve contact information."] = "不能取回熟人消息。";
$a->strings["following"] = "关注";
$a->strings["A deleted group with this name was revived. Existing item permissions <strong>may</strong> apply to this group and any future members. If this is not what you intended, please create another group with a different name."] = "一个删除的组用这名被复兴。现有的项目权利<strong>可能</strong>还效为这个组和未来的成员。如果这不是您想的,请造成新组给起别的名。";
$a->strings["Default privacy group for new contacts"] = "默认隐私组为新熟人";
$a->strings["Everybody"] = "每人";
$a->strings["edit"] = "编辑";
$a->strings["Edit group"] = "编辑组";
$a->strings["Create a new group"] = "创造新组";
$a->strings["Contacts not in any group"] = "熟人没有组";
$a->strings["Miscellaneous"] = "形形色色";
$a->strings["year"] = "";
$a->strings["month"] = "";
$a->strings["day"] = "";
$a->strings["never"] = "从未";
$a->strings["less than a second ago"] = "一秒以内";
$a->strings["years"] = "";
$a->strings["months"] = "";
$a->strings["week"] = "星期";
$a->strings["weeks"] = "星期";
$a->strings["days"] = "";
$a->strings["hour"] = "小时";
$a->strings["hours"] = "小时";
$a->strings["minute"] = "分钟";
$a->strings["minutes"] = "分钟";
$a->strings["second"] = "";
$a->strings["seconds"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$d %2\$s ago"] = "%1\$d %2\$s以前";
$a->strings["%s's birthday"] = "%s的生日";
$a->strings["Happy Birthday %s"] = "生日快乐%s";
$a->strings["Visible to everybody"] = "任何人可见的";
$a->strings["show"] = "";
$a->strings["don't show"] = "别著";
$a->strings["[no subject]"] = "[无题目]";
$a->strings["stopped following"] = "结束关注了";
$a->strings["Poke"] = "";
$a->strings["View Status"] = "看现状";
$a->strings["View Profile"] = "看简介";
$a->strings["View Photos"] = "看照片";
$a->strings["Network Posts"] = "网络文章";
$a->strings["Edit Contact"] = "编辑熟人";
$a->strings["Drop Contact"] = "删除熟人";
$a->strings["Send PM"] = "法私人的新闻";
$a->strings["Welcome "] = "欢迎";
$a->strings["Please upload a profile photo."] = "请上传一张简介照片";
$a->strings["Welcome back "] = "欢迎归来";
$a->strings["The form security token was not correct. This probably happened because the form has been opened for too long (>3 hours) before submitting it."] = "表格安全令牌不对。最可能因为表格开着太久(三个小时以上)提交前。";
$a->strings["event"] = "项目";
$a->strings["%1\$s poked %2\$s"] = "%1\$s把%2\$s戳";
$a->strings["poked"] = "戳了";
$a->strings["post/item"] = "文章/项目";
$a->strings["%1\$s marked %2\$s's %3\$s as favorite"] = "%1\$s标注%2\$s的%3\$s为偏爱";
$a->strings["remove"] = "删除";
$a->strings["Delete Selected Items"] = "删除选的项目";
$a->strings["Follow Thread"] = "关注线绳";
$a->strings["%s likes this."] = "%s喜欢这个.";
$a->strings["%s doesn't like this."] = "%s没有喜欢这个.";
$a->strings["<span %1\$s>%2\$d people</span> like this"] = "<span %1\$s>%2\$d人们</span>喜欢这个";
$a->strings["<span %1\$s>%2\$d people</span> don't like this"] = "<span %1\$s>%2\$d人们</span>不喜欢这个";
$a->strings["and"] = "";
$a->strings[", and %d other people"] = ",和%d别人";
$a->strings["%s like this."] = "%s喜欢这个";
$a->strings["%s don't like this."] = "%s不喜欢这个";
$a->strings["Visible to <strong>everybody</strong>"] = "<strong>大家</strong>可见的";
$a->strings["Please enter a video link/URL:"] = "请输入视频连接/URL:";
$a->strings["Please enter an audio link/URL:"] = "请输入音响连接/URL:";
$a->strings["Tag term:"] = "标签:";
$a->strings["Where are you right now?"] = "你在哪里?";
$a->strings["Delete item(s)?"] = "把项目删除吗?";
$a->strings["Post to Email"] = "电邮发布";
$a->strings["Connectors disabled, since \"%s\" is enabled."] = "连接器已停用,因为\"%s\"启用。";
$a->strings["permissions"] = "权利";
$a->strings["Post to Groups"] = "发到组";
$a->strings["Post to Contacts"] = "发到熟人";
$a->strings["Private post"] = "私人文章";
$a->strings["view full size"] = "看全尺寸";
$a->strings["newer"] = "更新";
$a->strings["older"] = "更旧";
$a->strings["prev"] = "上个";
$a->strings["first"] = "首先";
$a->strings["last"] = "最后";
$a->strings["next"] = "下个";
$a->strings["No contacts"] = "没有熟人";
$a->strings["%d Contact"] = array(
0 => "%d熟人",
$a->strings["poke"] = "";
$a->strings["ping"] = "";
$a->strings["pinged"] = "砰了";
$a->strings["prod"] = "柔戳";
$a->strings["prodded"] = "柔戳了";
$a->strings["slap"] = "掌击";
$a->strings["slapped"] = "掌击了";
$a->strings["finger"] = "";
$a->strings["fingered"] = "指了";
$a->strings["rebuff"] = "窝脖儿";
$a->strings["rebuffed"] = "窝脖儿了";
$a->strings["happy"] = "开心";
$a->strings["sad"] = "伤心";
$a->strings["mellow"] = "轻松";
$a->strings["tired"] = "";
$a->strings["perky"] = "机敏";
$a->strings["angry"] = "生气";
$a->strings["stupified"] = "麻醉";
$a->strings["puzzled"] = "纳闷";
$a->strings["interested"] = "有兴趣";
$a->strings["bitter"] = "";
$a->strings["cheerful"] = "快乐";
$a->strings["alive"] = "活着";
$a->strings["annoyed"] = "被烦恼";
$a->strings["anxious"] = "心焦";
$a->strings["cranky"] = "不稳";
$a->strings["disturbed"] = "不安";
$a->strings["frustrated"] = "被作梗";
$a->strings["motivated"] = "士气高涨";
$a->strings["relaxed"] = "轻松";
$a->strings["surprised"] = "诧异";
$a->strings["Monday"] = "星期一";
$a->strings["Tuesday"] = "星期二";
$a->strings["Wednesday"] = "星期三";
$a->strings["Thursday"] = "星期四";
$a->strings["Friday"] = "星期五";
$a->strings["Saturday"] = "星期六";
$a->strings["Sunday"] = "星期天";
$a->strings["January"] = "一月";
$a->strings["February"] = "二月";
$a->strings["March"] = "三月";
$a->strings["April"] = "四月";
$a->strings["May"] = "五月";
$a->strings["June"] = "六月";
$a->strings["July"] = "七月";
$a->strings["August"] = "八月";
$a->strings["September"] = "九月";
$a->strings["October"] = "十月";
$a->strings["November"] = "十一月";
$a->strings["December"] = "十二月";
$a->strings["bytes"] = "字节";
$a->strings["Click to open/close"] = "点击为开关";
$a->strings["default"] = "默认";
$a->strings["Select an alternate language"] = "选择别的语言";
$a->strings["activity"] = "活动";
$a->strings["post"] = "文章";
$a->strings["Item filed"] = "把项目归档了";
$a->strings["Image/photo"] = "图像/照片";