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use \Friendica\Core\Config;
function cronhooks_run(&$argv, &$argc){
global $a;
if (($argc == 2) AND is_array($a->hooks) AND array_key_exists("cron", $a->hooks)) {
foreach ($a->hooks["cron"] as $hook)
if ($hook[1] == $argv[1]) {
logger("Calling cron hook '".$hook[1]."'", LOGGER_DEBUG);
call_single_hook($a, $name, $hook, $data);
$last = get_config('system', 'last_cronhook');
$poll_interval = intval(get_config('system','cronhook_interval'));
if(! $poll_interval)
$poll_interval = 9;
if($last) {
$next = $last + ($poll_interval * 60);
if($next > time()) {
logger('cronhook intervall not reached');
logger('cronhooks: start');
$d = datetime_convert();
if (is_array($a->hooks) AND array_key_exists("cron", $a->hooks)) {
foreach ($a->hooks["cron"] as $hook) {
logger("Calling cronhooks for '".$hook[1]."'", LOGGER_DEBUG);
proc_run(PRIORITY_MEDIUM, "include/cronhooks.php", $hook[1]);
logger('cronhooks: end');
set_config('system', 'last_cronhook', time());