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# FRIENDICA Distributed Social Network
# Copyright (C) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 the Friendica Project
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Friendica package.
# Translators:
# eddy2508 <>, 2013
# eddy2508 <>, 2013
# Gert Cauwenberg <>, 2013
# Gert Cauwenberg <>, 2013
# jeroenpraat <>, 2012-2014
# jeroenpraat <>, 2012
# Karel Vandecandelaere <>, 2015-2016
# Ralph <>, 2015
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: friendica\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-01-18 18:49+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-01-20 13:13+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Karel Vandecandelaere <>\n"
"Language-Team: Dutch (\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Language: nl\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
#: mod/contacts.php:50 include/identity.php:395
msgid "Network:"
msgstr "Netwerk:"
#: mod/contacts.php:51 mod/contacts.php:961 mod/videos.php:37
#: mod/viewcontacts.php:105 mod/dirfind.php:214 mod/network.php:598
#: mod/allfriends.php:77 mod/match.php:82 mod/directory.php:172
#: mod/common.php:123 mod/suggest.php:95 mod/photos.php:41
#: include/identity.php:298
msgid "Forum"
msgstr "Forum"
#: mod/contacts.php:128
#, php-format
msgid "%d contact edited."
msgid_plural "%d contacts edited"
msgstr[0] "%d contact gewijzigd."
msgstr[1] "%d contacten gewijzigd."
#: mod/contacts.php:159 mod/contacts.php:383
msgid "Could not access contact record."
msgstr "Kon geen toegang krijgen tot de contactgegevens"
#: mod/contacts.php:173
msgid "Could not locate selected profile."
msgstr "Kon het geselecteerde profiel niet vinden."
#: mod/contacts.php:206
msgid "Contact updated."
msgstr "Contact bijgewerkt."
#: mod/contacts.php:208 mod/dfrn_request.php:575
msgid "Failed to update contact record."
msgstr "Ik kon de contactgegevens niet aanpassen."
#: mod/contacts.php:365 mod/manage.php:96 mod/display.php:504
#: mod/profile_photo.php:19 mod/profile_photo.php:175
#: mod/profile_photo.php:186 mod/profile_photo.php:199
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:9 mod/follow.php:11 mod/follow.php:73
#: mod/follow.php:155 mod/item.php:180 mod/item.php:192 mod/group.php:19
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:55 mod/fsuggest.php:78 mod/wall_upload.php:77
#: mod/wall_upload.php:80 mod/viewcontacts.php:40 mod/notifications.php:69
#: mod/message.php:45 mod/message.php:181 mod/crepair.php:117
#: mod/dirfind.php:11 mod/nogroup.php:25 mod/network.php:4
#: mod/allfriends.php:12 mod/events.php:165 mod/wallmessage.php:9
#: mod/wallmessage.php:33 mod/wallmessage.php:79 mod/wallmessage.php:103
#: mod/wall_attach.php:67 mod/wall_attach.php:70 mod/settings.php:20
#: mod/settings.php:126 mod/settings.php:646 mod/register.php:42
#: mod/delegate.php:12 mod/common.php:18 mod/mood.php:114 mod/suggest.php:58
#: mod/profiles.php:165 mod/profiles.php:615 mod/editpost.php:10
#: mod/api.php:26 mod/api.php:31 mod/notes.php:22 mod/poke.php:149
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:9 mod/invite.php:15 mod/invite.php:101
#: mod/photos.php:171 mod/photos.php:1105 mod/regmod.php:110
#: mod/uimport.php:23 mod/attach.php:33 include/items.php:5073 index.php:383
msgid "Permission denied."
msgstr "Toegang geweigerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:404
msgid "Contact has been blocked"
msgstr "Contact is geblokkeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:404
msgid "Contact has been unblocked"
msgstr "Contact is gedeblokkeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:415
msgid "Contact has been ignored"
msgstr "Contact wordt genegeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:415
msgid "Contact has been unignored"
msgstr "Contact wordt niet meer genegeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:427
msgid "Contact has been archived"
msgstr "Contact is gearchiveerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:427
msgid "Contact has been unarchived"
msgstr "Contact is niet meer gearchiveerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:454 mod/contacts.php:802
msgid "Do you really want to delete this contact?"
msgstr "Wil je echt dit contact verwijderen?"
#: mod/contacts.php:456 mod/follow.php:110 mod/message.php:216
#: mod/settings.php:1103 mod/settings.php:1109 mod/settings.php:1117
#: mod/settings.php:1121 mod/settings.php:1126 mod/settings.php:1132
#: mod/settings.php:1138 mod/settings.php:1144 mod/settings.php:1170
#: mod/settings.php:1171 mod/settings.php:1172 mod/settings.php:1173
#: mod/settings.php:1174 mod/dfrn_request.php:857 mod/register.php:238
#: mod/suggest.php:29 mod/profiles.php:658 mod/profiles.php:661
#: mod/profiles.php:687 mod/api.php:105 include/items.php:4905
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Ja"
#: mod/contacts.php:459 mod/tagrm.php:11 mod/tagrm.php:94 mod/follow.php:121
#: mod/videos.php:131 mod/message.php:219 mod/fbrowser.php:93
#: mod/fbrowser.php:128 mod/settings.php:660 mod/settings.php:686
#: mod/dfrn_request.php:871 mod/suggest.php:32 mod/editpost.php:148
#: mod/photos.php:247 mod/photos.php:336 include/conversation.php:1220
#: include/items.php:4908
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Annuleren"
#: mod/contacts.php:471
msgid "Contact has been removed."
msgstr "Contact is verwijderd."
#: mod/contacts.php:512
#, php-format
msgid "You are mutual friends with %s"
msgstr "Je bent wederzijds bevriend met %s"
#: mod/contacts.php:516
#, php-format
msgid "You are sharing with %s"
msgstr "Je deelt met %s"
#: mod/contacts.php:521
#, php-format
msgid "%s is sharing with you"
msgstr "%s deelt met jou"
#: mod/contacts.php:541
msgid "Private communications are not available for this contact."
msgstr "Privécommunicatie met dit contact is niet beschikbaar."
#: mod/contacts.php:544 mod/admin.php:811
msgid "Never"
msgstr "Nooit"
#: mod/contacts.php:548
msgid "(Update was successful)"
msgstr "(Wijziging is geslaagd)"
#: mod/contacts.php:548
msgid "(Update was not successful)"
msgstr "(Wijziging is niet geslaagd)"
#: mod/contacts.php:550
msgid "Suggest friends"
msgstr "Stel vrienden voor"
#: mod/contacts.php:554
#, php-format
msgid "Network type: %s"
msgstr "Netwerk type: %s"
#: mod/contacts.php:567
msgid "Communications lost with this contact!"
msgstr "Communicatie met dit contact is verbroken!"
#: mod/contacts.php:570
msgid "Fetch further information for feeds"
msgstr ""
#: mod/contacts.php:571 mod/admin.php:820
msgid "Disabled"
msgstr "Uitgeschakeld"
#: mod/contacts.php:571
msgid "Fetch information"
msgstr ""
#: mod/contacts.php:571
msgid "Fetch information and keywords"
msgstr ""
#: mod/contacts.php:587 mod/manage.php:143 mod/fsuggest.php:107
#: mod/message.php:342 mod/message.php:525 mod/crepair.php:196
#: mod/events.php:574 mod/content.php:712 mod/install.php:261
#: mod/install.php:299 mod/mood.php:137 mod/profiles.php:696
#: mod/localtime.php:45 mod/poke.php:198 mod/invite.php:140
#: mod/photos.php:1137 mod/photos.php:1261 mod/photos.php:1579
#: mod/photos.php:1630 mod/photos.php:1678 mod/photos.php:1766
#: object/Item.php:710 view/theme/cleanzero/config.php:80
#: view/theme/dispy/config.php:70 view/theme/quattro/config.php:64
#: view/theme/diabook/config.php:148 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:633
#: view/theme/vier/config.php:107 view/theme/duepuntozero/config.php:59
msgid "Submit"
msgstr "Opslaan"
#: mod/contacts.php:588
msgid "Profile Visibility"
msgstr "Zichtbaarheid profiel"
#: mod/contacts.php:589
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Please choose the profile you would like to display to %s when viewing your "
"profile securely."
msgstr "Kies het profiel dat getoond moet worden wanneer %s uw profiel bezoekt. "
#: mod/contacts.php:590
msgid "Contact Information / Notes"
msgstr "Contactinformatie / aantekeningen"
#: mod/contacts.php:591
msgid "Edit contact notes"
msgstr "Wijzig aantekeningen over dit contact"
#: mod/contacts.php:596 mod/contacts.php:952 mod/viewcontacts.php:97
#: mod/nogroup.php:41
#, php-format
msgid "Visit %s's profile [%s]"
msgstr "Bekijk het profiel van %s [%s]"
#: mod/contacts.php:597
msgid "Block/Unblock contact"
msgstr "Blokkeer/deblokkeer contact"
#: mod/contacts.php:598
msgid "Ignore contact"
msgstr "Negeer contact"
#: mod/contacts.php:599
msgid "Repair URL settings"
msgstr "Repareer URL-instellingen"
#: mod/contacts.php:600
msgid "View conversations"
msgstr "Toon conversaties"
#: mod/contacts.php:602
msgid "Delete contact"
msgstr "Verwijder contact"
#: mod/contacts.php:606
msgid "Last update:"
msgstr "Laatste wijziging:"
#: mod/contacts.php:608
msgid "Update public posts"
msgstr "Openbare posts aanpassen"
#: mod/contacts.php:610
msgid "Update now"
msgstr "Wijzig nu"
#: mod/contacts.php:612 mod/follow.php:103 mod/dirfind.php:196
#: mod/allfriends.php:65 mod/match.php:71 mod/suggest.php:82
#: include/contact_widgets.php:32 include/Contact.php:297
#: include/conversation.php:924
msgid "Connect/Follow"
msgstr "Verbind/Volg"
#: mod/contacts.php:615 mod/contacts.php:806 mod/contacts.php:865
#: mod/admin.php:1301
msgid "Unblock"
msgstr "Blokkering opheffen"
#: mod/contacts.php:615 mod/contacts.php:806 mod/contacts.php:865
#: mod/admin.php:1300
msgid "Block"
msgstr "Blokkeren"
#: mod/contacts.php:616 mod/contacts.php:807 mod/contacts.php:872
msgid "Unignore"
msgstr "Negeer niet meer"
#: mod/contacts.php:616 mod/contacts.php:807 mod/contacts.php:872
#: mod/notifications.php:54 mod/notifications.php:179
#: mod/notifications.php:259
msgid "Ignore"
msgstr "Negeren"
#: mod/contacts.php:619
msgid "Currently blocked"
msgstr "Op dit moment geblokkeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:620
msgid "Currently ignored"
msgstr "Op dit moment genegeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:621
msgid "Currently archived"
msgstr "Op dit moment gearchiveerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:622 mod/notifications.php:172 mod/notifications.php:251
msgid "Hide this contact from others"
msgstr "Verberg dit contact voor anderen"
#: mod/contacts.php:622
msgid ""
"Replies/likes to your public posts <strong>may</strong> still be visible"
msgstr "Antwoorden of 'vind ik leuk's op je openbare posts <strong>kunnen</strong> nog zichtbaar zijn"
#: mod/contacts.php:623
msgid "Notification for new posts"
msgstr "Meldingen voor nieuwe berichten"
#: mod/contacts.php:623
msgid "Send a notification of every new post of this contact"
msgstr ""
#: mod/contacts.php:626
msgid "Blacklisted keywords"
msgstr ""
#: mod/contacts.php:626
msgid ""
"Comma separated list of keywords that should not be converted to hashtags, "
"when \"Fetch information and keywords\" is selected"
msgstr ""
#: mod/contacts.php:633 mod/follow.php:126 mod/notifications.php:255
msgid "Profile URL"
msgstr "Profiel url"
#: mod/contacts.php:636 mod/notifications.php:244 mod/events.php:566
#: mod/directory.php:145 include/identity.php:308 include/bb2diaspora.php:170
#: include/event.php:36 include/event.php:60
msgid "Location:"
msgstr "Plaats:"
#: mod/contacts.php:638 mod/notifications.php:246 mod/directory.php:153
#: include/identity.php:317 include/identity.php:631
msgid "About:"
msgstr "Over:"
#: mod/contacts.php:640 mod/follow.php:134 mod/notifications.php:248
#: include/identity.php:625
msgid "Tags:"
msgstr "Labels:"
#: mod/contacts.php:685
msgid "Suggestions"
msgstr "Voorstellen"
#: mod/contacts.php:688
msgid "Suggest potential friends"
msgstr "Stel vrienden voor"
#: mod/contacts.php:693 mod/group.php:192
msgid "All Contacts"
msgstr "Alle Contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:696
msgid "Show all contacts"
msgstr "Toon alle contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:701
msgid "Unblocked"
msgstr "Niet geblokkeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:704
msgid "Only show unblocked contacts"
msgstr "Toon alleen niet-geblokkeerde contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:710
msgid "Blocked"
msgstr "Geblokkeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:713
msgid "Only show blocked contacts"
msgstr "Toon alleen geblokkeerde contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:719
msgid "Ignored"
msgstr "Genegeerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:722
msgid "Only show ignored contacts"
msgstr "Toon alleen genegeerde contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:728
msgid "Archived"
msgstr "Gearchiveerd"
#: mod/contacts.php:731
msgid "Only show archived contacts"
msgstr "Toon alleen gearchiveerde contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:737
msgid "Hidden"
msgstr "Verborgen"
#: mod/contacts.php:740
msgid "Only show hidden contacts"
msgstr "Toon alleen verborgen contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:793 mod/contacts.php:841 mod/viewcontacts.php:116
#: include/identity.php:741 include/identity.php:744 include/text.php:1012
#: include/nav.php:123 include/nav.php:187 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:125
msgid "Contacts"
msgstr "Contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:797
msgid "Search your contacts"
msgstr "Doorzoek je contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:798
msgid "Finding: "
msgstr "Gevonden:"
#: mod/contacts.php:799 mod/directory.php:210 include/contact_widgets.php:34
msgid "Find"
msgstr "Zoek"
#: mod/contacts.php:805 mod/settings.php:156 mod/settings.php:685
msgid "Update"
msgstr "Wijzigen"
#: mod/contacts.php:808 mod/contacts.php:879
msgid "Archive"
msgstr "Archiveer"
#: mod/contacts.php:808 mod/contacts.php:879
msgid "Unarchive"
msgstr "Archiveer niet meer"
#: mod/contacts.php:809 mod/group.php:171 mod/admin.php:1299
#: mod/content.php:440 mod/content.php:743 mod/settings.php:722
#: mod/photos.php:1723 object/Item.php:134 include/conversation.php:635
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Verwijder"
#: mod/contacts.php:822 include/identity.php:686 include/nav.php:75
msgid "Status"
msgstr "Tijdlijn"
#: mod/contacts.php:825 mod/follow.php:143 include/identity.php:689
msgid "Status Messages and Posts"
msgstr "Berichten op jouw tijdlijn"
#: mod/contacts.php:830 mod/profperm.php:104 mod/newmember.php:32
#: include/identity.php:579 include/identity.php:665 include/identity.php:694
#: include/nav.php:76 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:124
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Profiel"
#: mod/contacts.php:833 include/identity.php:697
msgid "Profile Details"
msgstr "Profieldetails"
#: mod/contacts.php:844
msgid "View all contacts"
msgstr "Alle contacten zien"
#: mod/contacts.php:850 mod/common.php:134
msgid "Common Friends"
msgstr "Gedeelde Vrienden"
#: mod/contacts.php:853
msgid "View all common friends"
msgstr ""
#: mod/contacts.php:857
msgid "Repair"
msgstr "Herstellen"
#: mod/contacts.php:860
msgid "Advanced Contact Settings"
msgstr "Geavanceerde instellingen voor contacten"
#: mod/contacts.php:868
msgid "Toggle Blocked status"
msgstr "Schakel geblokkeerde status"
#: mod/contacts.php:875
msgid "Toggle Ignored status"
msgstr "Schakel negeerstatus"
#: mod/contacts.php:882
msgid "Toggle Archive status"
msgstr "Schakel archiveringsstatus"
#: mod/contacts.php:924
msgid "Mutual Friendship"
msgstr "Wederzijdse vriendschap"
#: mod/contacts.php:928
msgid "is a fan of yours"
msgstr "Is een fan van jou"
#: mod/contacts.php:932
msgid "you are a fan of"
msgstr "Jij bent een fan van"
#: mod/contacts.php:953 mod/nogroup.php:42
msgid "Edit contact"
msgstr "Contact bewerken"
#: mod/hcard.php:10
msgid "No profile"
msgstr "Geen profiel"
#: mod/manage.php:139
msgid "Manage Identities and/or Pages"
msgstr "Beheer Identiteiten en/of Pagina's"
#: mod/manage.php:140
msgid ""
"Toggle between different identities or community/group pages which share "
"your account details or which you have been granted \"manage\" permissions"
msgstr "Wissel tussen verschillende identiteiten of forum/groeppagina's die jouw accountdetails delen of waar je \"beheerdersrechten\" hebt gekregen."
#: mod/manage.php:141
msgid "Select an identity to manage: "
msgstr "Selecteer een identiteit om te beheren:"
#: mod/oexchange.php:25
msgid "Post successful."
msgstr "Bericht succesvol geplaatst."
#: mod/profperm.php:19 mod/group.php:72 index.php:382
msgid "Permission denied"
msgstr "Toegang geweigerd"
#: mod/profperm.php:25 mod/profperm.php:56
msgid "Invalid profile identifier."
msgstr "Ongeldige profiel-identificatie."
#: mod/profperm.php:102
msgid "Profile Visibility Editor"
msgstr ""
#: mod/profperm.php:106 mod/group.php:223
msgid "Click on a contact to add or remove."
msgstr "Klik op een contact om het toe te voegen of te verwijderen."
#: mod/profperm.php:115
msgid "Visible To"
msgstr "Zichtbaar voor"
#: mod/profperm.php:131
msgid "All Contacts (with secure profile access)"
msgstr "Alle contacten (met veilige profieltoegang)"
#: mod/display.php:82 mod/display.php:291 mod/display.php:508
#: mod/viewsrc.php:15 mod/admin.php:225 mod/admin.php:1354 mod/admin.php:1588
#: mod/notice.php:15 include/items.php:4864
msgid "Item not found."
msgstr "Item niet gevonden."
#: mod/display.php:220 mod/videos.php:197 mod/viewcontacts.php:35
#: mod/community.php:18 mod/dfrn_request.php:786 mod/search.php:93
#: mod/search.php:99 mod/directory.php:37 mod/photos.php:976
msgid "Public access denied."
msgstr "Niet vrij toegankelijk"
#: mod/display.php:339 mod/profile.php:155
msgid "Access to this profile has been restricted."
msgstr "Toegang tot dit profiel is beperkt."
#: mod/display.php:501
msgid "Item has been removed."
msgstr "Item is verwijderd."
#: mod/newmember.php:6
msgid "Welcome to Friendica"
msgstr "Welkom bij Friendica"
#: mod/newmember.php:8
msgid "New Member Checklist"
msgstr "Checklist voor nieuwe leden"
#: mod/newmember.php:12
msgid ""
"We would like to offer some tips and links to help make your experience "
"enjoyable. Click any item to visit the relevant page. A link to this page "
"will be visible from your home page for two weeks after your initial "
"registration and then will quietly disappear."
msgstr "We willen je een paar tips en verwijzingen aanreiken om je een aangename ervaring te bezorgen. Klik op een item om de relevante pagina's te bezoeken. Een verwijzing naar deze pagina zal twee weken lang na je registratie zichtbaar zijn op je tijdlijn. Daarna zal de verwijzing stilletjes verdwijnen."
#: mod/newmember.php:14
msgid "Getting Started"
msgstr "Aan de slag"
#: mod/newmember.php:18
msgid "Friendica Walk-Through"
msgstr "Doorloop Friendica"
#: mod/newmember.php:18
msgid ""
"On your <em>Quick Start</em> page - find a brief introduction to your "
"profile and network tabs, make some new connections, and find some groups to"
" join."
msgstr "Op je <em>Snelstart</em> pagina kun je een korte inleiding vinden over je profiel en netwerk tabs, om enkele nieuwe connecties te leggen en groepen te vinden om lid van te worden."
#: mod/newmember.php:22 mod/admin.php:1407 mod/admin.php:1665
#: mod/settings.php:109 include/nav.php:182 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:544
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:648
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Instellingen"
#: mod/newmember.php:26
msgid "Go to Your Settings"
msgstr "Ga naar je instellingen"
#: mod/newmember.php:26
msgid ""
"On your <em>Settings</em> page - change your initial password. Also make a "
"note of your Identity Address. This looks just like an email address - and "
"will be useful in making friends on the free social web."
msgstr "Verander je initieel wachtwoord op je <em>instellingenpagina</em>. Noteer ook het adres van je identiteit. Dit ziet er uit als een e-mailadres - en zal nuttig zijn om vrienden te maken op het vrije sociale web."
#: mod/newmember.php:28
msgid ""
"Review the other settings, particularly the privacy settings. An unpublished"
" directory listing is like having an unlisted phone number. In general, you "
"should probably publish your listing - unless all of your friends and "
"potential friends know exactly how to find you."
msgstr "Controleer ook de andere instellingen, in het bijzonder de privacy-instellingen. Een niet-gepubliceerd adres is zoals een privé-telefoonnummer. In het algemeen wil je waarschijnlijk je adres publiceren - tenzij al je vrienden en mogelijke vrienden precies weten hoe je te vinden."
#: mod/newmember.php:36 mod/profile_photo.php:250 mod/profiles.php:709
msgid "Upload Profile Photo"
msgstr "Profielfoto uploaden"
#: mod/newmember.php:36
msgid ""
"Upload a profile photo if you have not done so already. Studies have shown "
"that people with real photos of themselves are ten times more likely to make"
" friends than people who do not."
msgstr "Upload een profielfoto, als je dat nog niet gedaan hebt. Studies tonen aan dat mensen met echte foto's van zichzelf tien keer gemakkelijker vrienden maken dan mensen die dat niet doen."
#: mod/newmember.php:38
msgid "Edit Your Profile"
msgstr "Bewerk je profiel"
#: mod/newmember.php:38
msgid ""
"Edit your <strong>default</strong> profile to your liking. Review the "
"settings for hiding your list of friends and hiding the profile from unknown"
" visitors."
msgstr "Bewerk je <strong>standaard</strong> profiel zoals je wilt. Controleer de instellingen om je vriendenlijst te verbergen, en om je profiel voor ongekende bezoekers te verbergen."
#: mod/newmember.php:40
msgid "Profile Keywords"
msgstr "Sleutelwoorden voor dit profiel"
#: mod/newmember.php:40
msgid ""
"Set some public keywords for your default profile which describe your "
"interests. We may be able to find other people with similar interests and "
"suggest friendships."
msgstr "Stel enkele openbare sleutelwoorden in voor je standaard profiel die je interesses beschrijven. We kunnen dan misschien mensen vinden met gelijkaardige interesses, en vrienden voorstellen."
#: mod/newmember.php:44
msgid "Connecting"
msgstr "Verbinding aan het maken"
#: mod/newmember.php:51
msgid "Importing Emails"
msgstr "E-mails importeren"
#: mod/newmember.php:51
msgid ""
"Enter your email access information on your Connector Settings page if you "
"wish to import and interact with friends or mailing lists from your email "
msgstr "Vul je e-mailtoegangsinformatie in op je pagina met verbindingsinstellingen als je vrienden of mailinglijsten uit je e-mail-inbox wilt importeren, en met hen wilt communiceren"
#: mod/newmember.php:53
msgid "Go to Your Contacts Page"
msgstr "Ga naar je contactenpagina"
#: mod/newmember.php:53
msgid ""
"Your Contacts page is your gateway to managing friendships and connecting "
"with friends on other networks. Typically you enter their address or site "
"URL in the <em>Add New Contact</em> dialog."
msgstr "Je contactenpagina is jouw poort om vriendschappen te beheren en verbinding te leggen met vrienden op andere netwerken. Je kunt hun adres of URL toevoegen in de <em>Voeg nieuw contact toe</em> dialoog."
#: mod/newmember.php:55
msgid "Go to Your Site's Directory"
msgstr "Ga naar de gids van je website"
#: mod/newmember.php:55
msgid ""
"The Directory page lets you find other people in this network or other "
"federated sites. Look for a <em>Connect</em> or <em>Follow</em> link on "
"their profile page. Provide your own Identity Address if requested."
msgstr "In de gids vind je andere mensen in dit netwerk of op andere federatieve sites. Zoek naar het woord <em>Connect</em> of <em>Follow</em> op hun profielpagina (meestal aan de linkerkant). Vul je eigen identiteitsadres in wanneer daar om wordt gevraagd."
#: mod/newmember.php:57
msgid "Finding New People"
msgstr "Nieuwe mensen vinden"
#: mod/newmember.php:57
msgid ""
"On the side panel of the Contacts page are several tools to find new "
"friends. We can match people by interest, look up people by name or "
"interest, and provide suggestions based on network relationships. On a brand"
" new site, friend suggestions will usually begin to be populated within 24 "
msgstr "Op het zijpaneel van de Contacten pagina vind je verschillende tools om nieuwe vrienden te zoeken. We kunnen mensen op interesses matchen, mensen opzoeken op naam of hobby, en suggesties doen gebaseerd op netwerk-relaties. Op een nieuwe webstek beginnen vriendschapssuggesties meestal binnen de 24 uur beschikbaar te worden."
#: mod/newmember.php:61 include/group.php:283
msgid "Groups"
msgstr "Groepen"
#: mod/newmember.php:65
msgid "Group Your Contacts"
msgstr "Groepeer je contacten"
#: mod/newmember.php:65
msgid ""
"Once you have made some friends, organize them into private conversation "
"groups from the sidebar of your Contacts page and then you can interact with"
" each group privately on your Network page."
msgstr "Als je een aantal vrienden gemaakt hebt kun je ze in je eigen conversatiegroepen indelen vanuit de zijbalk van je 'Conacten' pagina, en dan kun je met elke groep apart contact houden op je Netwerk pagina. "
#: mod/newmember.php:68
msgid "Why Aren't My Posts Public?"
msgstr "Waarom zijn mijn berichten niet openbaar?"
#: mod/newmember.php:68
msgid ""
"Friendica respects your privacy. By default, your posts will only show up to"
" people you've added as friends. For more information, see the help section "
"from the link above."
msgstr "Friendica respecteert je privacy. Standaard zullen je berichten alleen zichtbaar zijn voor personen die jij als vriend hebt toegevoegd. Lees de help (zie de verwijzing hierboven) voor meer informatie."
#: mod/newmember.php:73
msgid "Getting Help"
msgstr "Hulp krijgen"
#: mod/newmember.php:77
msgid "Go to the Help Section"
msgstr "Ga naar de help"
#: mod/newmember.php:77
msgid ""
"Our <strong>help</strong> pages may be consulted for detail on other program"
" features and resources."
msgstr "Je kunt onze <strong>help</strong> pagina's raadplegen voor gedetailleerde informatie over andere functies van dit programma."
#: mod/openid.php:24
msgid "OpenID protocol error. No ID returned."
msgstr "OpenID protocol fout. Geen ID Gevonden."
#: mod/openid.php:53
msgid ""
"Account not found and OpenID registration is not permitted on this site."
msgstr "Account niet gevonden, en OpenID-registratie is niet toegelaten op deze website."
#: mod/openid.php:93 include/auth.php:118 include/auth.php:181
msgid "Login failed."
msgstr "Login mislukt."
#: mod/profile_photo.php:44
msgid "Image uploaded but image cropping failed."
msgstr "Afbeelding opgeladen, maar bijsnijden mislukt."
#: mod/profile_photo.php:74 mod/profile_photo.php:81 mod/profile_photo.php:88
#: mod/profile_photo.php:210 mod/profile_photo.php:302
#: mod/profile_photo.php:311 mod/photos.php:78 mod/photos.php:192
#: mod/photos.php:775 mod/photos.php:1245 mod/photos.php:1268
#: mod/photos.php:1862 include/user.php:345 include/user.php:352
#: include/user.php:359 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:500
msgid "Profile Photos"
msgstr "Profielfoto's"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:77 mod/profile_photo.php:84 mod/profile_photo.php:91
#: mod/profile_photo.php:314
#, php-format
msgid "Image size reduction [%s] failed."
msgstr "Verkleining van de afbeelding [%s] mislukt."
#: mod/profile_photo.php:124
msgid ""
"Shift-reload the page or clear browser cache if the new photo does not "
"display immediately."
msgstr "Shift-herlaad de pagina, of maak de browser cache leeg als nieuwe foto's niet onmiddellijk verschijnen."
#: mod/profile_photo.php:134
msgid "Unable to process image"
msgstr "Ik kan de afbeelding niet verwerken"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:150 mod/wall_upload.php:151 mod/photos.php:811
#, php-format
msgid "Image exceeds size limit of %s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/profile_photo.php:159 mod/wall_upload.php:183 mod/photos.php:851
msgid "Unable to process image."
msgstr "Niet in staat om de afbeelding te verwerken"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:248
msgid "Upload File:"
msgstr "Upload bestand:"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:249
msgid "Select a profile:"
msgstr "Kies een profiel:"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:251
msgid "Upload"
msgstr "Uploaden"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:254
msgid "or"
msgstr "of"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:254
msgid "skip this step"
msgstr "Deze stap overslaan"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:254
msgid "select a photo from your photo albums"
msgstr "Kies een foto uit je fotoalbums"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:268
msgid "Crop Image"
msgstr "Afbeelding bijsnijden"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:269
msgid "Please adjust the image cropping for optimum viewing."
msgstr "Pas het afsnijden van de afbeelding aan voor het beste resultaat."
#: mod/profile_photo.php:271
msgid "Done Editing"
msgstr "Wijzigingen compleet"
#: mod/profile_photo.php:305
msgid "Image uploaded successfully."
msgstr "Uploaden van afbeelding gelukt."
#: mod/profile_photo.php:307 mod/wall_upload.php:216 mod/photos.php:878
msgid "Image upload failed."
msgstr "Uploaden van afbeelding mislukt."
#: mod/subthread.php:87 mod/tagger.php:62 include/like.php:165
#: include/conversation.php:130 include/conversation.php:266
#: include/text.php:1993 include/diaspora.php:2147
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:471
msgid "photo"
msgstr "foto"
#: mod/subthread.php:87 mod/tagger.php:62 include/like.php:165
#: include/like.php:325 include/conversation.php:125
#: include/conversation.php:134 include/conversation.php:261
#: include/conversation.php:270 include/diaspora.php:2147
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:466 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:475
msgid "status"
msgstr "status"
#: mod/subthread.php:103
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is following %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s volgt %3$s van %2$s"
#: mod/tagrm.php:41
msgid "Tag removed"
msgstr "Label verwijderd"
#: mod/tagrm.php:79
msgid "Remove Item Tag"
msgstr "Verwijder label van item"
#: mod/tagrm.php:81
msgid "Select a tag to remove: "
msgstr "Selecteer een label om te verwijderen: "
#: mod/tagrm.php:93 mod/delegate.php:139
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Verwijderen"
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:14
msgid "Subscribing to OStatus contacts"
msgstr ""
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:25
msgid "No contact provided."
msgstr ""
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:30
msgid "Couldn't fetch information for contact."
msgstr ""
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:38
msgid "Couldn't fetch friends for contact."
msgstr ""
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:51 mod/repair_ostatus.php:44
msgid "Done"
msgstr "Klaar"
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:65
msgid "success"
msgstr "Succesvol"
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:67
msgid "failed"
msgstr "Mislukt"
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:69 object/Item.php:235
msgid "ignored"
msgstr "Verboden"
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:73 mod/repair_ostatus.php:50
msgid "Keep this window open until done."
msgstr "Houd dit scherm open tot het klaar is"
#: mod/filer.php:30 include/conversation.php:1132
#: include/conversation.php:1150
msgid "Save to Folder:"
msgstr "Bewaren in map:"
#: mod/filer.php:30
msgid "- select -"
msgstr "- Kies -"
#: mod/filer.php:31 mod/editpost.php:109 mod/notes.php:61
#: include/text.php:1004
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Bewaren"
#: mod/follow.php:19 mod/dfrn_request.php:870
msgid "Submit Request"
msgstr "Aanvraag indienen"
#: mod/follow.php:30
msgid "You already added this contact."
msgstr "Je hebt deze kontakt al toegevoegd"
#: mod/follow.php:39
msgid "Diaspora support isn't enabled. Contact can't be added."
msgstr ""
#: mod/follow.php:46
msgid "OStatus support is disabled. Contact can't be added."
msgstr ""
#: mod/follow.php:53
msgid "The network type couldn't be detected. Contact can't be added."
msgstr ""
#: mod/follow.php:109 mod/dfrn_request.php:856
msgid "Please answer the following:"
msgstr "Beantwoord het volgende:"
#: mod/follow.php:110 mod/dfrn_request.php:857
#, php-format
msgid "Does %s know you?"
msgstr "Kent %s jou?"
#: mod/follow.php:110 mod/settings.php:1103 mod/settings.php:1109
#: mod/settings.php:1117 mod/settings.php:1121 mod/settings.php:1126
#: mod/settings.php:1132 mod/settings.php:1138 mod/settings.php:1144
#: mod/settings.php:1170 mod/settings.php:1171 mod/settings.php:1172
#: mod/settings.php:1173 mod/settings.php:1174 mod/dfrn_request.php:857
#: mod/register.php:239 mod/profiles.php:658 mod/profiles.php:662
#: mod/profiles.php:687 mod/api.php:106
msgid "No"
msgstr "Nee"
#: mod/follow.php:111 mod/dfrn_request.php:861
msgid "Add a personal note:"
msgstr "Voeg een persoonlijke opmerking toe:"
#: mod/follow.php:117 mod/dfrn_request.php:867
msgid "Your Identity Address:"
msgstr "Adres van uw identiteit:"
#: mod/follow.php:180
msgid "Contact added"
msgstr "Contact toegevoegd"
#: mod/item.php:114
msgid "Unable to locate original post."
msgstr "Ik kan de originele post niet meer vinden."
#: mod/item.php:329
msgid "Empty post discarded."
msgstr "Lege post weggegooid."
#: mod/item.php:467 mod/wall_upload.php:213 mod/wall_upload.php:227
#: mod/wall_upload.php:234 include/Photo.php:958 include/Photo.php:973
#: include/Photo.php:980 include/Photo.php:1002 include/message.php:145
msgid "Wall Photos"
msgstr ""
#: mod/item.php:842
msgid "System error. Post not saved."
msgstr "Systeemfout. Post niet bewaard."
#: mod/item.php:971
#, php-format
msgid ""
"This message was sent to you by %s, a member of the Friendica social "
msgstr "Dit bericht werd naar jou gestuurd door %s, een lid van het Friendica sociale netwerk."
#: mod/item.php:973
#, php-format
msgid "You may visit them online at %s"
msgstr "Je kunt ze online bezoeken op %s"
#: mod/item.php:974
msgid ""
"Please contact the sender by replying to this post if you do not wish to "
"receive these messages."
msgstr "Contacteer de afzender door op dit bericht te antwoorden als je deze berichten niet wilt ontvangen."
#: mod/item.php:978
#, php-format
msgid "%s posted an update."
msgstr "%s heeft een wijziging geplaatst."
#: mod/group.php:29
msgid "Group created."
msgstr "Groep aangemaakt."
#: mod/group.php:35
msgid "Could not create group."
msgstr "Kon de groep niet aanmaken."
#: mod/group.php:47 mod/group.php:140
msgid "Group not found."
msgstr "Groep niet gevonden."
#: mod/group.php:60
msgid "Group name changed."
msgstr "Groepsnaam gewijzigd."
#: mod/group.php:87
msgid "Save Group"
msgstr "Bewaar groep"
#: mod/group.php:93
msgid "Create a group of contacts/friends."
msgstr "Maak een groep contacten/vrienden aan."
#: mod/group.php:94 mod/group.php:178 include/group.php:289
msgid "Group Name: "
msgstr "Groepsnaam:"
#: mod/group.php:113
msgid "Group removed."
msgstr "Groep verwijderd."
#: mod/group.php:115
msgid "Unable to remove group."
msgstr "Niet in staat om groep te verwijderen."
#: mod/group.php:177
msgid "Group Editor"
msgstr "Groepsbewerker"
#: mod/group.php:190
msgid "Members"
msgstr "Leden"
#: mod/group.php:193 mod/network.php:576 mod/content.php:130
msgid "Group is empty"
msgstr "De groep is leeg"
#: mod/apps.php:7 index.php:226
msgid "You must be logged in to use addons. "
msgstr "Je moet ingelogd zijn om deze addons te kunnen gebruiken. "
#: mod/apps.php:11
msgid "Applications"
msgstr "Toepassingen"
#: mod/apps.php:14
msgid "No installed applications."
msgstr "Geen toepassingen geïnstalleerd"
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:64 mod/profiles.php:18 mod/profiles.php:133
#: mod/profiles.php:179 mod/profiles.php:627
msgid "Profile not found."
msgstr "Profiel niet gevonden"
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:120 mod/fsuggest.php:20 mod/fsuggest.php:92
#: mod/crepair.php:131
msgid "Contact not found."
msgstr "Contact niet gevonden"
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:121
msgid ""
"This may occasionally happen if contact was requested by both persons and it"
" has already been approved."
msgstr "Dit kan soms gebeuren als het contact door beide personen werd gevraagd, en het werd al goedgekeurd."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:240
msgid "Response from remote site was not understood."
msgstr "Antwoord van de website op afstand werd niet begrepen."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:249 mod/dfrn_confirm.php:254
msgid "Unexpected response from remote site: "
msgstr "Onverwacht antwoord van website op afstand:"
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:263
msgid "Confirmation completed successfully."
msgstr "Bevestiging werd correct voltooid."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:265 mod/dfrn_confirm.php:279 mod/dfrn_confirm.php:286
msgid "Remote site reported: "
msgstr "Website op afstand berichtte: "
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:277
msgid "Temporary failure. Please wait and try again."
msgstr "Tijdelijke fout. Wacht even en probeer opnieuw."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:284
msgid "Introduction failed or was revoked."
msgstr "Verzoek mislukt of herroepen."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:430
msgid "Unable to set contact photo."
msgstr "Ik kan geen contact foto instellen."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:487 include/conversation.php:185
#: include/diaspora.php:637
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is now friends with %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s is nu bevriend met %2$s"
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:572
#, php-format
msgid "No user record found for '%s' "
msgstr "Geen gebruiker gevonden voor '%s'"
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:582
msgid "Our site encryption key is apparently messed up."
msgstr "De encryptie-sleutel van onze webstek is blijkbaar beschadigd."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:593
msgid "Empty site URL was provided or URL could not be decrypted by us."
msgstr "Er werd een lege URL gegeven, of de URL kon niet ontcijferd worden door ons."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:614
msgid "Contact record was not found for you on our site."
msgstr "We vonden op onze webstek geen contactrecord voor jou."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:628
#, php-format
msgid "Site public key not available in contact record for URL %s."
msgstr "Publieke sleutel voor webstek niet beschikbaar in contactrecord voor URL %s."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:648
msgid ""
"The ID provided by your system is a duplicate on our system. It should work "
"if you try again."
msgstr "Het ID dat jouw systeem aangeeft is een dubbel op ons systeem. Als je opnieuw probeert zou het moeten werken."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:659
msgid "Unable to set your contact credentials on our system."
msgstr "Niet in staat om op dit systeem je contactreferenties in te stellen."
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:726
msgid "Unable to update your contact profile details on our system"
msgstr ""
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:753 mod/dfrn_request.php:741 include/items.php:4276
msgid "[Name Withheld]"
msgstr "[Naam achtergehouden]"
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:798
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s has joined %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s is toegetreden tot %2$s"
#: mod/profile.php:21 include/identity.php:51
msgid "Requested profile is not available."
msgstr "Gevraagde profiel is niet beschikbaar."
#: mod/profile.php:179
msgid "Tips for New Members"
msgstr "Tips voor nieuwe leden"
#: mod/videos.php:123
msgid "Do you really want to delete this video?"
msgstr "Wil je deze video echt verwijderen?"
#: mod/videos.php:128
msgid "Delete Video"
msgstr "Verwijder video"
#: mod/videos.php:207
msgid "No videos selected"
msgstr "Geen video's geselecteerd"
#: mod/videos.php:308 mod/photos.php:1087
msgid "Access to this item is restricted."
msgstr "Toegang tot dit item is beperkt."
#: mod/videos.php:383 include/text.php:1465
msgid "View Video"
msgstr "Bekijk Video"
#: mod/videos.php:390 mod/photos.php:1890
msgid "View Album"
msgstr "Album bekijken"
#: mod/videos.php:399
msgid "Recent Videos"
msgstr "Recente video's"
#: mod/videos.php:401
msgid "Upload New Videos"
msgstr "Nieuwe video's uploaden"
#: mod/tagger.php:95 include/conversation.php:278
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged %2$s's %3$s with %4$s"
msgstr "%1$s labelde %3$s van %2$s met %4$s"
#: mod/fsuggest.php:63
msgid "Friend suggestion sent."
msgstr "Vriendschapsvoorstel verzonden."
#: mod/fsuggest.php:97
msgid "Suggest Friends"
msgstr "Stel vrienden voor"
#: mod/fsuggest.php:99
#, php-format
msgid "Suggest a friend for %s"
msgstr "Stel een vriend voor aan %s"
#: mod/wall_upload.php:20 mod/wall_upload.php:33 mod/wall_upload.php:86
#: mod/wall_upload.php:122 mod/wall_upload.php:125 mod/wall_attach.php:17
#: mod/wall_attach.php:25 mod/wall_attach.php:76 include/api.php:1781
msgid "Invalid request."
msgstr ""
#: mod/lostpass.php:19
msgid "No valid account found."
msgstr "Geen geldige account gevonden."
#: mod/lostpass.php:35
msgid "Password reset request issued. Check your email."
msgstr "Verzoek om wachtwoord opnieuw in te stellen werd verstuurd. Kijk uw e-mail na."
#: mod/lostpass.php:42
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\tA request was recently received at \"%2$s\" to reset your account\n"
"\t\tpassword. In order to confirm this request, please select the verification link\n"
"\t\tbelow or paste it into your web browser address bar.\n"
"\t\tIf you did NOT request this change, please DO NOT follow the link\n"
"\t\tprovided and ignore and/or delete this email.\n"
"\t\tYour password will not be changed unless we can verify that you\n"
"\t\tissued this request."
msgstr ""
#: mod/lostpass.php:53
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tFollow this link to verify your identity:\n"
"\t\tYou will then receive a follow-up message containing the new password.\n"
"\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n"
"\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\tSite Location:\t%2$s\n"
"\t\tLogin Name:\t%3$s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/lostpass.php:72
#, php-format
msgid "Password reset requested at %s"
msgstr "Op %s werd gevraagd je wachtwoord opnieuw in te stellen"
#: mod/lostpass.php:92
msgid ""
"Request could not be verified. (You may have previously submitted it.) "
"Password reset failed."
msgstr "Verzoek kon niet geverifieerd worden. (Misschien heb je het voordien al ingediend.) Wachtwoord niet opnieuw ingesteld."
#: mod/lostpass.php:109 boot.php:1418
msgid "Password Reset"
msgstr "Wachtwoord opnieuw instellen"
#: mod/lostpass.php:110
msgid "Your password has been reset as requested."
msgstr "Je wachtwoord is opnieuw ingesteld zoals gevraagd."
#: mod/lostpass.php:111
msgid "Your new password is"
msgstr "Je nieuwe wachtwoord is"
#: mod/lostpass.php:112
msgid "Save or copy your new password - and then"
msgstr "Bewaar of kopieer je nieuw wachtwoord - en dan"
#: mod/lostpass.php:113
msgid "click here to login"
msgstr "klik hier om in te loggen"
#: mod/lostpass.php:114
msgid ""
"Your password may be changed from the <em>Settings</em> page after "
"successful login."
msgstr "Je kunt dit wachtwoord veranderen nadat je bent ingelogd op de <em>Instellingen></em> pagina."
#: mod/lostpass.php:125
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\t\t\tYour password has been changed as requested. Please retain this\n"
"\t\t\t\tinformation for your records (or change your password immediately to\n"
"\t\t\t\tsomething that you will remember).\n"
msgstr "\n\t\t\t\tBeste %1$s,\n\t\t\t\t\tZoals gevraagd werd je wachtwoord aangepast. Houd deze\n\t\t\t\tinformatie bij (of verander je wachtwoord naar\n\t\t\t\tiets dat je zal onthouden).\n\t\t\t"
#: mod/lostpass.php:131
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\t\tYour login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1$s\n"
"\t\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%2$s\n"
"\t\t\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n"
msgstr ""
#: mod/lostpass.php:147
#, php-format
msgid "Your password has been changed at %s"
msgstr "Je wachtwoord is veranderd op %s"
#: mod/lostpass.php:159
msgid "Forgot your Password?"
msgstr "Wachtwoord vergeten?"
#: mod/lostpass.php:160
msgid ""
"Enter your email address and submit to have your password reset. Then check "
"your email for further instructions."
msgstr "Voer je e-mailadres in en verstuur het om je wachtwoord opnieuw in te stellen. Kijk dan je e-mail na voor verdere instructies."
#: mod/lostpass.php:161
msgid "Nickname or Email: "
msgstr "Bijnaam of e-mail:"
#: mod/lostpass.php:162
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Opnieuw"
#: mod/ping.php:265
msgid "{0} wants to be your friend"
msgstr "{0} wilt je vriend worden"
#: mod/ping.php:280
msgid "{0} sent you a message"
msgstr "{0} stuurde jou een bericht"
#: mod/ping.php:295
msgid "{0} requested registration"
msgstr "{0} vroeg om zich te registreren"
#: mod/viewcontacts.php:72
msgid "No contacts."
msgstr "Geen contacten."
#: mod/notifications.php:29
msgid "Invalid request identifier."
msgstr "Ongeldige <em>request identifier</em>."
#: mod/notifications.php:38 mod/notifications.php:180
#: mod/notifications.php:260
msgid "Discard"
msgstr "Verwerpen"
#: mod/notifications.php:81
msgid "System"
msgstr "Systeem"
#: mod/notifications.php:87 mod/admin.php:379 include/nav.php:154
msgid "Network"
msgstr "Netwerk"
#: mod/notifications.php:93 mod/network.php:384
msgid "Personal"
msgstr "Persoonlijk"
#: mod/notifications.php:99 include/nav.php:104 include/nav.php:157
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:123
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Tijdlijn"
#: mod/notifications.php:105 include/nav.php:162
msgid "Introductions"
msgstr "Verzoeken"
#: mod/notifications.php:130
msgid "Show Ignored Requests"
msgstr "Toon genegeerde verzoeken"
#: mod/notifications.php:130
msgid "Hide Ignored Requests"
msgstr "Verberg genegeerde verzoeken"
#: mod/notifications.php:164 mod/notifications.php:234
msgid "Notification type: "
msgstr "Notificatiesoort:"
#: mod/notifications.php:165
msgid "Friend Suggestion"
msgstr "Vriendschapsvoorstel"
#: mod/notifications.php:167
#, php-format
msgid "suggested by %s"
msgstr "Voorgesteld door %s"
#: mod/notifications.php:173 mod/notifications.php:252
msgid "Post a new friend activity"
msgstr "Bericht over een nieuwe vriend"
#: mod/notifications.php:173 mod/notifications.php:252
msgid "if applicable"
msgstr "Indien toepasbaar"
#: mod/notifications.php:176 mod/notifications.php:257 mod/admin.php:1297
msgid "Approve"
msgstr "Goedkeuren"
#: mod/notifications.php:196
msgid "Claims to be known to you: "
msgstr "Denkt dat u hem of haar kent:"
#: mod/notifications.php:196
msgid "yes"
msgstr "Ja"
#: mod/notifications.php:196
msgid "no"
msgstr "Nee"
#: mod/notifications.php:197
msgid ""
"Shall your connection be bidirectional or not? \"Friend\" implies that you "
"allow to read and you subscribe to their posts. \"Fan/Admirer\" means that "
"you allow to read but you do not want to read theirs. Approve as: "
msgstr ""
#: mod/notifications.php:200
msgid ""
"Shall your connection be bidirectional or not? \"Friend\" implies that you "
"allow to read and you subscribe to their posts. \"Sharer\" means that you "
"allow to read but you do not want to read theirs. Approve as: "
msgstr ""
#: mod/notifications.php:208
msgid "Friend"
msgstr "Vriend"
#: mod/notifications.php:209
msgid "Sharer"
msgstr "Deler"
#: mod/notifications.php:209
msgid "Fan/Admirer"
msgstr "Fan/Bewonderaar"
#: mod/notifications.php:235
msgid "Friend/Connect Request"
msgstr "Vriendschapsverzoek"
#: mod/notifications.php:235
msgid "New Follower"
msgstr "Nieuwe Volger"
#: mod/notifications.php:250 mod/directory.php:147 include/identity.php:310
#: include/identity.php:590
msgid "Gender:"
msgstr "Geslacht:"
#: mod/notifications.php:266
msgid "No introductions."
msgstr "Geen vriendschaps- of connectieverzoeken."
#: mod/notifications.php:269 include/nav.php:165
msgid "Notifications"
msgstr "Notificaties"
#: mod/notifications.php:307 mod/notifications.php:436
#: mod/notifications.php:527
#, php-format
msgid "%s liked %s's post"
msgstr "%s vond het bericht van %s leuk"
#: mod/notifications.php:317 mod/notifications.php:446
#: mod/notifications.php:537
#, php-format
msgid "%s disliked %s's post"
msgstr "%s vond het bericht van %s niet leuk"
#: mod/notifications.php:332 mod/notifications.php:461
#: mod/notifications.php:552
#, php-format
msgid "%s is now friends with %s"
msgstr "%s is nu bevriend met %s"
#: mod/notifications.php:339 mod/notifications.php:468
#, php-format
msgid "%s created a new post"
msgstr "%s schreef een nieuw bericht"
#: mod/notifications.php:340 mod/notifications.php:469
#: mod/notifications.php:562
#, php-format
msgid "%s commented on %s's post"
msgstr "%s gaf een reactie op het bericht van %s"
#: mod/notifications.php:355
msgid "No more network notifications."
msgstr "Geen netwerknotificaties meer"
#: mod/notifications.php:359
msgid "Network Notifications"
msgstr "Netwerknotificaties"
#: mod/notifications.php:385 mod/notify.php:72
msgid "No more system notifications."
msgstr "Geen systeemnotificaties meer."
#: mod/notifications.php:389 mod/notify.php:76
msgid "System Notifications"
msgstr "Systeemnotificaties"
#: mod/notifications.php:484
msgid "No more personal notifications."
msgstr "Geen persoonlijke notificaties meer"
#: mod/notifications.php:488
msgid "Personal Notifications"
msgstr "Persoonlijke notificaties"
#: mod/notifications.php:569
msgid "No more home notifications."
msgstr "Geen tijdlijn-notificaties meer"
#: mod/notifications.php:573
msgid "Home Notifications"
msgstr "Tijdlijn-notificaties"
#: mod/babel.php:17
msgid "Source (bbcode) text:"
msgstr "Bron (bbcode) tekst:"
#: mod/babel.php:23
msgid "Source (Diaspora) text to convert to BBcode:"
msgstr "Bron (Diaspora) tekst om naar BBCode om te zetten:"
#: mod/babel.php:31
msgid "Source input: "
msgstr "Bron ingave:"
#: mod/babel.php:35
msgid "bb2html (raw HTML): "
msgstr "bb2html (ruwe HTML):"
#: mod/babel.php:39
msgid "bb2html: "
msgstr "bb2html:"
#: mod/babel.php:43
msgid "bb2html2bb: "
msgstr "bb2html2bb: "
#: mod/babel.php:47
msgid "bb2md: "
msgstr "bb2md: "
#: mod/babel.php:51
msgid "bb2md2html: "
msgstr "bb2md2html: "
#: mod/babel.php:55
msgid "bb2dia2bb: "
msgstr "bb2dia2bb: "
#: mod/babel.php:59
msgid "bb2md2html2bb: "
msgstr "bb2md2html2bb: "
#: mod/babel.php:69
msgid "Source input (Diaspora format): "
msgstr "Bron ingave (Diaspora formaat):"
#: mod/babel.php:74
msgid "diaspora2bb: "
msgstr "diaspora2bb: "
#: mod/navigation.php:19 include/nav.php:33
msgid "Nothing new here"
msgstr "Niets nieuw hier"
#: mod/navigation.php:23 include/nav.php:37
msgid "Clear notifications"
msgstr "Notificaties verwijderen"
#: mod/message.php:15 include/nav.php:174
msgid "New Message"
msgstr "Nieuw Bericht"
#: mod/message.php:70 mod/wallmessage.php:56
msgid "No recipient selected."
msgstr "Geen ontvanger geselecteerd."
#: mod/message.php:74
msgid "Unable to locate contact information."
msgstr "Ik kan geen contact informatie vinden."
#: mod/message.php:77 mod/wallmessage.php:62
msgid "Message could not be sent."
msgstr "Bericht kon niet verzonden worden."
#: mod/message.php:80 mod/wallmessage.php:65
msgid "Message collection failure."
msgstr "Fout bij het verzamelen van berichten."
#: mod/message.php:83 mod/wallmessage.php:68
msgid "Message sent."
msgstr "Bericht verzonden."
#: mod/message.php:189 include/nav.php:171
msgid "Messages"
msgstr "Privéberichten"
#: mod/message.php:214
msgid "Do you really want to delete this message?"
msgstr "Wil je echt dit bericht verwijderen?"
#: mod/message.php:234
msgid "Message deleted."
msgstr "Bericht verwijderd."
#: mod/message.php:265
msgid "Conversation removed."
msgstr "Gesprek verwijderd."
#: mod/message.php:290 mod/message.php:298 mod/message.php:427
#: mod/message.php:435 mod/wallmessage.php:127 mod/wallmessage.php:135
#: include/conversation.php:1128 include/conversation.php:1146
msgid "Please enter a link URL:"
msgstr "Vul een internetadres/URL in:"
#: mod/message.php:326 mod/wallmessage.php:142
msgid "Send Private Message"
msgstr "Verstuur privébericht"
#: mod/message.php:327 mod/message.php:514 mod/wallmessage.php:144
msgid "To:"
msgstr "Aan:"
#: mod/message.php:332 mod/message.php:516 mod/wallmessage.php:145
msgid "Subject:"
msgstr "Onderwerp:"
#: mod/message.php:336 mod/message.php:519 mod/wallmessage.php:151
#: mod/invite.php:134
msgid "Your message:"
msgstr "Jouw bericht:"
#: mod/message.php:339 mod/message.php:523 mod/wallmessage.php:154
#: mod/editpost.php:110 include/conversation.php:1183
msgid "Upload photo"
msgstr "Foto uploaden"
#: mod/message.php:340 mod/message.php:524 mod/wallmessage.php:155
#: mod/editpost.php:114 include/conversation.php:1187
msgid "Insert web link"
msgstr "Voeg een webadres in"
#: mod/message.php:341 mod/message.php:526 mod/content.php:501
#: mod/content.php:885 mod/wallmessage.php:156 mod/editpost.php:124
#: mod/photos.php:1610 object/Item.php:396 include/conversation.php:713
#: include/conversation.php:1201
msgid "Please wait"
msgstr "Even geduld"
#: mod/message.php:368
msgid "No messages."
msgstr "Geen berichten."
#: mod/message.php:411
msgid "Message not available."
msgstr "Bericht niet beschikbaar."
#: mod/message.php:481
msgid "Delete message"
msgstr "Verwijder bericht"
#: mod/message.php:507 mod/message.php:584
msgid "Delete conversation"
msgstr "Verwijder gesprek"
#: mod/message.php:509
msgid ""
"No secure communications available. You <strong>may</strong> be able to "
"respond from the sender's profile page."
msgstr "Geen beveiligde communicatie beschikbaar. Je kunt <strong>misschien</strong> antwoorden vanaf de profiel-pagina van de afzender."
#: mod/message.php:513
msgid "Send Reply"
msgstr "Verstuur Antwoord"
#: mod/message.php:557
#, php-format
msgid "Unknown sender - %s"
msgstr "Onbekende afzender - %s"
#: mod/message.php:560
#, php-format
msgid "You and %s"
msgstr "Jij en %s"
#: mod/message.php:563
#, php-format
msgid "%s and You"
msgstr "%s en jij"
#: mod/message.php:587
msgid "D, d M Y - g:i A"
msgstr "D, d M Y - g:i A"
#: mod/message.php:590
#, php-format
msgid "%d message"
msgid_plural "%d messages"
msgstr[0] "%d bericht"
msgstr[1] "%d berichten"
#: mod/update_display.php:22 mod/update_community.php:18
#: mod/update_notes.php:37 mod/update_profile.php:41 mod/update_network.php:25
msgid "[Embedded content - reload page to view]"
msgstr "[Ingebedde inhoud - herlaad pagina om het te bekijken]"
#: mod/crepair.php:104
msgid "Contact settings applied."
msgstr "Contactinstellingen toegepast."
#: mod/crepair.php:106
msgid "Contact update failed."
msgstr "Aanpassen van contact mislukt."
#: mod/crepair.php:137
msgid ""
"<strong>WARNING: This is highly advanced</strong> and if you enter incorrect"
" information your communications with this contact may stop working."
msgstr ""
#: mod/crepair.php:138
msgid ""
"Please use your browser 'Back' button <strong>now</strong> if you are "
"uncertain what to do on this page."
msgstr "Gebruik <strong>nu</strong> de \"terug\"-knop in je webbrowser wanneer je niet weet wat je op deze pagina moet doen."
#: mod/crepair.php:151 mod/crepair.php:153
msgid "No mirroring"
msgstr ""
#: mod/crepair.php:151
msgid "Mirror as forwarded posting"
msgstr ""
#: mod/crepair.php:151 mod/crepair.php:153
msgid "Mirror as my own posting"
msgstr ""
#: mod/crepair.php:167
msgid "Return to contact editor"
msgstr "Ga terug naar contactbewerker"
#: mod/crepair.php:169
msgid "Refetch contact data"
msgstr ""
#: mod/crepair.php:170 mod/admin.php:1295 mod/admin.php:1307
#: mod/admin.php:1308 mod/admin.php:1321 mod/settings.php:661
#: mod/settings.php:687
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Naam"
#: mod/crepair.php:171
msgid "Account Nickname"
msgstr "Bijnaam account"
#: mod/crepair.php:172
msgid "@Tagname - overrides Name/Nickname"
msgstr "@Labelnaam - krijgt voorrang op naam/bijnaam"
#: mod/crepair.php:173
msgid "Account URL"
msgstr "URL account"
#: mod/crepair.php:174
msgid "Friend Request URL"
msgstr "URL vriendschapsverzoek"
#: mod/crepair.php:175
msgid "Friend Confirm URL"
msgstr "URL vriendschapsbevestiging"
#: mod/crepair.php:176
msgid "Notification Endpoint URL"
msgstr ""
#: mod/crepair.php:177
msgid "Poll/Feed URL"
msgstr "URL poll/feed"
#: mod/crepair.php:178
msgid "New photo from this URL"
msgstr "Nieuwe foto van deze URL"
#: mod/crepair.php:179
msgid "Remote Self"
msgstr ""
#: mod/crepair.php:182
msgid "Mirror postings from this contact"
msgstr ""
#: mod/crepair.php:184
msgid ""
"Mark this contact as remote_self, this will cause friendica to repost new "
"entries from this contact."
msgstr ""
#: mod/bookmarklet.php:12 boot.php:1404 include/nav.php:91
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Login"
#: mod/bookmarklet.php:41
msgid "The post was created"
msgstr ""
#: mod/viewsrc.php:7
msgid "Access denied."
msgstr "Toegang geweigerd"
#: mod/dirfind.php:194 mod/allfriends.php:80 mod/match.php:85
#: mod/suggest.php:98 include/contact_widgets.php:10 include/identity.php:212
msgid "Connect"
msgstr "Verbinden"
#: mod/dirfind.php:195 mod/allfriends.php:64 mod/match.php:70
#: mod/directory.php:162 mod/suggest.php:81 include/Contact.php:283
#: include/Contact.php:296 include/Contact.php:338
#: include/conversation.php:912 include/conversation.php:926
msgid "View Profile"
msgstr "Bekijk profiel"
#: mod/dirfind.php:224
#, php-format
msgid "People Search - %s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/dirfind.php:231 mod/match.php:105
msgid "No matches"
msgstr "Geen resultaten"
#: mod/fbrowser.php:32 include/identity.php:702 include/nav.php:77
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:126
msgid "Photos"
msgstr "Foto's"
#: mod/fbrowser.php:41 mod/fbrowser.php:62 mod/photos.php:62
#: mod/photos.php:192 mod/photos.php:1119 mod/photos.php:1245
#: mod/photos.php:1268 mod/photos.php:1838 mod/photos.php:1850
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:499
msgid "Contact Photos"
msgstr "Contactfoto's"
#: mod/fbrowser.php:125
msgid "Files"
msgstr "Bestanden"
#: mod/nogroup.php:63
msgid "Contacts who are not members of a group"
msgstr "Contacten die geen leden zijn van een groep"
#: mod/admin.php:92
msgid "Theme settings updated."
msgstr "Thema-instellingen aangepast."
#: mod/admin.php:147 mod/admin.php:877
msgid "Site"
msgstr "Website"
#: mod/admin.php:148 mod/admin.php:821 mod/admin.php:1290 mod/admin.php:1305
msgid "Users"
msgstr "Gebruiker"
#: mod/admin.php:149 mod/admin.php:1405 mod/admin.php:1465 mod/settings.php:72
msgid "Plugins"
msgstr "Plugins"
#: mod/admin.php:150 mod/admin.php:1663 mod/admin.php:1713
msgid "Themes"
msgstr "Thema's"
#: mod/admin.php:151 mod/settings.php:50
msgid "Additional features"
msgstr "Extra functies"
#: mod/admin.php:152
msgid "DB updates"
msgstr "DB aanpassingen"
#: mod/admin.php:153 mod/admin.php:374
msgid "Inspect Queue"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:154 mod/admin.php:343
msgid "Federation Statistics"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:168 mod/admin.php:179 mod/admin.php:1781
msgid "Logs"
msgstr "Logs"
#: mod/admin.php:169 mod/admin.php:1848
msgid "View Logs"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:170
msgid "probe address"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:171
msgid "check webfinger"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:177 include/nav.php:194
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Beheer"
#: mod/admin.php:178
msgid "Plugin Features"
msgstr "Plugin Functies"
#: mod/admin.php:180
msgid "diagnostics"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:181
msgid "User registrations waiting for confirmation"
msgstr "Gebruikersregistraties wachten op bevestiging"
#: mod/admin.php:336
msgid ""
"This page offers you some numbers to the known part of the federated social "
"network your Friendica node is part of. These numbers are not complete but "
"only reflect the part of the network your node is aware of."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:337
msgid ""
"The <em>Auto Discovered Contact Directory</em> feature is not enabled, it "
"will improve the data displayed here."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:342 mod/admin.php:373 mod/admin.php:430 mod/admin.php:876
#: mod/admin.php:1289 mod/admin.php:1404 mod/admin.php:1464 mod/admin.php:1662
#: mod/admin.php:1712 mod/admin.php:1780 mod/admin.php:1847
msgid "Administration"
msgstr "Beheer"
#: mod/admin.php:349
msgid "Currently this node is aware of nodes from the following platforms:"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:376
msgid "ID"
msgstr "ID"
#: mod/admin.php:377
msgid "Recipient Name"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:378
msgid "Recipient Profile"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:380
msgid "Created"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:381
msgid "Last Tried"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:382
msgid ""
"This page lists the content of the queue for outgoing postings. These are "
"postings the initial delivery failed for. They will be resend later and "
"eventually deleted if the delivery fails permanently."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:401 mod/admin.php:1243
msgid "Normal Account"
msgstr "Normaal account"
#: mod/admin.php:402 mod/admin.php:1244
msgid "Soapbox Account"
msgstr "Zeepkist-account"
#: mod/admin.php:403 mod/admin.php:1245
msgid "Community/Celebrity Account"
msgstr "Account voor een groep/forum of beroemdheid"
#: mod/admin.php:404 mod/admin.php:1246
msgid "Automatic Friend Account"
msgstr "Automatisch Vriendschapsaccount"
#: mod/admin.php:405
msgid "Blog Account"
msgstr "Blog Account"
#: mod/admin.php:406
msgid "Private Forum"
msgstr "Privéforum/-groep"
#: mod/admin.php:425
msgid "Message queues"
msgstr "Bericht-wachtrijen"
#: mod/admin.php:431
msgid "Summary"
msgstr "Samenvatting"
#: mod/admin.php:433
msgid "Registered users"
msgstr "Geregistreerde gebruikers"
#: mod/admin.php:435
msgid "Pending registrations"
msgstr "Registraties die in de wacht staan"
#: mod/admin.php:436
msgid "Version"
msgstr "Versie"
#: mod/admin.php:441
msgid "Active plugins"
msgstr "Actieve plug-ins"
#: mod/admin.php:464
msgid "Can not parse base url. Must have at least <scheme>://<domain>"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:749
msgid "RINO2 needs mcrypt php extension to work."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:757
msgid "Site settings updated."
msgstr "Site instellingen gewijzigd."
#: mod/admin.php:785 mod/settings.php:912
msgid "No special theme for mobile devices"
msgstr "Geen speciaal thema voor mobiele apparaten"
#: mod/admin.php:804
msgid "No community page"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:805
msgid "Public postings from users of this site"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:806
msgid "Global community page"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:812
msgid "At post arrival"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:813 include/contact_selectors.php:56
msgid "Frequently"
msgstr "Frequent"
#: mod/admin.php:814 include/contact_selectors.php:57
msgid "Hourly"
msgstr "elk uur"
#: mod/admin.php:815 include/contact_selectors.php:58
msgid "Twice daily"
msgstr "Twee keer per dag"
#: mod/admin.php:816 include/contact_selectors.php:59
msgid "Daily"
msgstr "dagelijks"
#: mod/admin.php:822
msgid "Users, Global Contacts"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:823
msgid "Users, Global Contacts/fallback"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:827
msgid "One month"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:828
msgid "Three months"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:829
msgid "Half a year"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:830
msgid "One year"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:835
msgid "Multi user instance"
msgstr "Server voor meerdere gebruikers"
#: mod/admin.php:858
msgid "Closed"
msgstr "Gesloten"
#: mod/admin.php:859
msgid "Requires approval"
msgstr "Toestemming vereist"
#: mod/admin.php:860
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Open"
#: mod/admin.php:864
msgid "No SSL policy, links will track page SSL state"
msgstr "Geen SSL beleid, links zullen SSL status van pagina volgen"
#: mod/admin.php:865
msgid "Force all links to use SSL"
msgstr "Verplicht alle links om SSL te gebruiken"
#: mod/admin.php:866
msgid "Self-signed certificate, use SSL for local links only (discouraged)"
msgstr "Zelf-ondertekend certificaat, gebruik SSL alleen voor lokale links (afgeraden)"
#: mod/admin.php:878 mod/admin.php:1466 mod/admin.php:1714 mod/admin.php:1782
#: mod/admin.php:1931 mod/settings.php:659 mod/settings.php:769
#: mod/settings.php:813 mod/settings.php:882 mod/settings.php:969
#: mod/settings.php:1204
msgid "Save Settings"
msgstr "Instellingen opslaan"
#: mod/admin.php:879 mod/register.php:263
msgid "Registration"
msgstr "Registratie"
#: mod/admin.php:880
msgid "File upload"
msgstr "Uploaden bestand"
#: mod/admin.php:881
msgid "Policies"
msgstr "Beleid"
#: mod/admin.php:882
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "Geavanceerd"
#: mod/admin.php:883
msgid "Auto Discovered Contact Directory"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:884
msgid "Performance"
msgstr "Performantie"
#: mod/admin.php:885
msgid ""
"Relocate - WARNING: advanced function. Could make this server unreachable."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:888
msgid "Site name"
msgstr "Site naam"
#: mod/admin.php:889
msgid "Host name"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:890
msgid "Sender Email"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:890
msgid ""
"The email address your server shall use to send notification emails from."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:891
msgid "Banner/Logo"
msgstr "Banner/Logo"
#: mod/admin.php:892
msgid "Shortcut icon"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:892
msgid "Link to an icon that will be used for browsers."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:893
msgid "Touch icon"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:893
msgid "Link to an icon that will be used for tablets and mobiles."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:894
msgid "Additional Info"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:894
#, php-format
msgid ""
"For public servers: you can add additional information here that will be "
"listed at %s/siteinfo."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:895
msgid "System language"
msgstr "Systeemtaal"
#: mod/admin.php:896
msgid "System theme"
msgstr "Systeem thema"
#: mod/admin.php:896
msgid ""
"Default system theme - may be over-ridden by user profiles - <a href='#' "
"id='cnftheme'>change theme settings</a>"
msgstr "Standaard systeem thema - kan door gebruikersprofielen veranderd worden - <a href='#' id='cnftheme'>verander thema instellingen</a>"
#: mod/admin.php:897
msgid "Mobile system theme"
msgstr "Mobiel systeem thema"
#: mod/admin.php:897
msgid "Theme for mobile devices"
msgstr "Thema voor mobiele apparaten"
#: mod/admin.php:898
msgid "SSL link policy"
msgstr "Beleid SSL-links"
#: mod/admin.php:898
msgid "Determines whether generated links should be forced to use SSL"
msgstr "Bepaald of gegenereerde verwijzingen verplicht SSL moeten gebruiken"
#: mod/admin.php:899
msgid "Force SSL"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:899
msgid ""
"Force all Non-SSL requests to SSL - Attention: on some systems it could lead"
" to endless loops."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:900
msgid "Old style 'Share'"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:900
msgid "Deactivates the bbcode element 'share' for repeating items."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:901
msgid "Hide help entry from navigation menu"
msgstr "Verberg de 'help' uit het navigatiemenu"
#: mod/admin.php:901
msgid ""
"Hides the menu entry for the Help pages from the navigation menu. You can "
"still access it calling /help directly."
msgstr "Verbergt het menu-item voor de Help pagina's uit het navigatiemenu. Je kunt ze nog altijd vinden door /help direct in te geven."
#: mod/admin.php:902
msgid "Single user instance"
msgstr "Server voor één gebruiker"
#: mod/admin.php:902
msgid "Make this instance multi-user or single-user for the named user"
msgstr "Stel deze server in voor meerdere gebruikers, of enkel voor de geselecteerde gebruiker."
#: mod/admin.php:903
msgid "Maximum image size"
msgstr "Maximum afbeeldingsgrootte"
#: mod/admin.php:903
msgid ""
"Maximum size in bytes of uploaded images. Default is 0, which means no "
msgstr "Maximum afmeting in bytes van afbeeldingen. Standaard is 0, dus geen beperking."
#: mod/admin.php:904
msgid "Maximum image length"
msgstr "Maximum afbeeldingslengte"
#: mod/admin.php:904
msgid ""
"Maximum length in pixels of the longest side of uploaded images. Default is "
"-1, which means no limits."
msgstr "Maximum lengte in pixels van de langste kant van afbeeldingen. Standaard is -1, dus geen beperkingen."
#: mod/admin.php:905
msgid "JPEG image quality"
msgstr "JPEG afbeeldingskwaliteit"
#: mod/admin.php:905
msgid ""
"Uploaded JPEGS will be saved at this quality setting [0-100]. Default is "
"100, which is full quality."
msgstr "JPEGS zullen met deze kwaliteitsinstelling bewaard worden [0-100]. Standaard is 100, dit is volledige kwaliteit."
#: mod/admin.php:907
msgid "Register policy"
msgstr "Registratiebeleid"
#: mod/admin.php:908
msgid "Maximum Daily Registrations"
msgstr "Maximum aantal registraties per dag"
#: mod/admin.php:908
msgid ""
"If registration is permitted above, this sets the maximum number of new user"
" registrations to accept per day. If register is set to closed, this "
"setting has no effect."
msgstr "Als registratie hierboven is toegelaten, zet dit het maximum aantal registraties van nieuwe gebruikers per dag. Als registratie niet is toegelaten heeft deze instelling geen effect."
#: mod/admin.php:909
msgid "Register text"
msgstr "Registratietekst"
#: mod/admin.php:909
msgid "Will be displayed prominently on the registration page."
msgstr "Dit zal prominent op de registratiepagina getoond worden."
#: mod/admin.php:910
msgid "Accounts abandoned after x days"
msgstr "Verlaten accounts na x dagen"
#: mod/admin.php:910
msgid ""
"Will not waste system resources polling external sites for abandonded "
"accounts. Enter 0 for no time limit."
msgstr "Dit zal geen systeembronnen verspillen aan het nakijken van externe sites voor verlaten accounts. Geef 0 is voor geen tijdslimiet."
#: mod/admin.php:911
msgid "Allowed friend domains"
msgstr "Toegelaten vriend domeinen"
#: mod/admin.php:911
msgid ""
"Comma separated list of domains which are allowed to establish friendships "
"with this site. Wildcards are accepted. Empty to allow any domains"
msgstr "Komma-gescheiden lijst van domeinen die een vriendschapsband met deze website mogen aangaan. Jokers zijn toegelaten. Laat leeg om alle domeinen toe te laten."
#: mod/admin.php:912
msgid "Allowed email domains"
msgstr "Toegelaten e-mail domeinen"
#: mod/admin.php:912
msgid ""
"Comma separated list of domains which are allowed in email addresses for "
"registrations to this site. Wildcards are accepted. Empty to allow any "
msgstr "Door komma's gescheiden lijst met e-maildomeinen die op deze website mogen registeren. Wildcards zijn toegestaan.\nLeeg laten om alle domeinen toe te staan."
#: mod/admin.php:913
msgid "Block public"
msgstr "Openbare toegang blokkeren"
#: mod/admin.php:913
msgid ""
"Check to block public access to all otherwise public personal pages on this "
"site unless you are currently logged in."
msgstr "Kruis dit aan om alle openbare persoonlijke pagina's alleen toegankelijk te maken voor ingelogde gebruikers."
#: mod/admin.php:914
msgid "Force publish"
msgstr "Dwing publiceren af"
#: mod/admin.php:914
msgid ""
"Check to force all profiles on this site to be listed in the site directory."
msgstr "Kruis dit aan om af te dwingen dat alle profielen op deze website in de gids van deze website gepubliceerd worden."
#: mod/admin.php:915
msgid "Global directory URL"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:915
msgid ""
"URL to the global directory. If this is not set, the global directory is "
"completely unavailable to the application."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:916
msgid "Allow threaded items"
msgstr "Sta threads in conversaties toe"
#: mod/admin.php:916
msgid "Allow infinite level threading for items on this site."
msgstr "Sta oneindige niveaus threads in conversaties op deze website toe."
#: mod/admin.php:917
msgid "Private posts by default for new users"
msgstr "Privéberichten als standaard voor nieuwe gebruikers"
#: mod/admin.php:917
msgid ""
"Set default post permissions for all new members to the default privacy "
"group rather than public."
msgstr "Stel de standaardrechten van berichten voor nieuwe leden op de standaard privacygroep in, in plaats van openbaar."
#: mod/admin.php:918
msgid "Don't include post content in email notifications"
msgstr "De inhoud van het bericht niet insluiten bij e-mailnotificaties"
#: mod/admin.php:918
msgid ""
"Don't include the content of a post/comment/private message/etc. in the "
"email notifications that are sent out from this site, as a privacy measure."
msgstr "De inhoud van berichten/commentaar/privéberichten/enzovoort niet insluiten in e-mailnotificaties die door deze website verzonden worden, voor de bescherming van je privacy."
#: mod/admin.php:919
msgid "Disallow public access to addons listed in the apps menu."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:919
msgid ""
"Checking this box will restrict addons listed in the apps menu to members "
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:920
msgid "Don't embed private images in posts"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:920
msgid ""
"Don't replace locally-hosted private photos in posts with an embedded copy "
"of the image. This means that contacts who receive posts containing private "
"photos will have to authenticate and load each image, which may take a "
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:921
msgid "Allow Users to set remote_self"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:921
msgid ""
"With checking this, every user is allowed to mark every contact as a "
"remote_self in the repair contact dialog. Setting this flag on a contact "
"causes mirroring every posting of that contact in the users stream."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:922
msgid "Block multiple registrations"
msgstr "Blokkeer meerdere registraties"
#: mod/admin.php:922
msgid "Disallow users to register additional accounts for use as pages."
msgstr "Laat niet toe dat gebruikers meerdere accounts aanmaken."
#: mod/admin.php:923
msgid "OpenID support"
msgstr "OpenID ondersteuning"
#: mod/admin.php:923
msgid "OpenID support for registration and logins."
msgstr "OpenID ondersteuning voor registraties en logins."
#: mod/admin.php:924
msgid "Fullname check"
msgstr "Controleer volledige naam"
#: mod/admin.php:924
msgid ""
"Force users to register with a space between firstname and lastname in Full "
"name, as an antispam measure"
msgstr "Verplicht gebruikers om zich te registreren met een spatie tussen voornaam en achternaam, als anti-spam maatregel"
#: mod/admin.php:925
msgid "UTF-8 Regular expressions"
msgstr "UTF-8 reguliere uitdrukkingen"
#: mod/admin.php:925
msgid "Use PHP UTF8 regular expressions"
msgstr "Gebruik PHP UTF8 reguliere uitdrukkingen"
#: mod/admin.php:926
msgid "Community Page Style"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:926
msgid ""
"Type of community page to show. 'Global community' shows every public "
"posting from an open distributed network that arrived on this server."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:927
msgid "Posts per user on community page"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:927
msgid ""
"The maximum number of posts per user on the community page. (Not valid for "
"'Global Community')"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:928
msgid "Enable OStatus support"
msgstr "Activeer OStatus ondersteuning"
#: mod/admin.php:928
msgid ""
"Provide built-in OStatus (StatusNet, GNU Social etc.) compatibility. All "
"communications in OStatus are public, so privacy warnings will be "
"occasionally displayed."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:929
msgid "OStatus conversation completion interval"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:929
msgid ""
"How often shall the poller check for new entries in OStatus conversations? "
"This can be a very ressource task."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:930
msgid "OStatus support can only be enabled if threading is enabled."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:932
msgid ""
"Diaspora support can't be enabled because Friendica was installed into a sub"
" directory."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:933
msgid "Enable Diaspora support"
msgstr "Activeer Diaspora ondersteuning"
#: mod/admin.php:933
msgid "Provide built-in Diaspora network compatibility."
msgstr "Bied ingebouwde ondersteuning voor het Diaspora netwerk."
#: mod/admin.php:934
msgid "Only allow Friendica contacts"
msgstr "Laat alleen Friendica contacten toe"
#: mod/admin.php:934
msgid ""
"All contacts must use Friendica protocols. All other built-in communication "
"protocols disabled."
msgstr "Alle contacten moeten een Friendica protocol gebruiken. Alle andere ingebouwde communicatieprotocols worden uitgeschakeld."
#: mod/admin.php:935
msgid "Verify SSL"
msgstr "Controleer SSL"
#: mod/admin.php:935
msgid ""
"If you wish, you can turn on strict certificate checking. This will mean you"
" cannot connect (at all) to self-signed SSL sites."
msgstr "Als je wilt kun je striktere certificaat controle activeren. Dit betekent dat je (totaal) niet kunt connecteren met sites die zelf-ondertekende SSL certificaten gebruiken."
#: mod/admin.php:936
msgid "Proxy user"
msgstr "Proxy-gebruiker"
#: mod/admin.php:937
msgid "Proxy URL"
msgstr "Proxy-URL"
#: mod/admin.php:938
msgid "Network timeout"
msgstr "Netwerk timeout"
#: mod/admin.php:938
msgid "Value is in seconds. Set to 0 for unlimited (not recommended)."
msgstr "Waarde is in seconden. Zet op 0 voor onbeperkt (niet aanbevolen)."
#: mod/admin.php:939
msgid "Delivery interval"
msgstr "Afleverinterval"
#: mod/admin.php:939
msgid ""
"Delay background delivery processes by this many seconds to reduce system "
"load. Recommend: 4-5 for shared hosts, 2-3 for virtual private servers. 0-1 "
"for large dedicated servers."
msgstr "Stel achtergrond processen voor aflevering een aantal seconden uit om systeembelasting te beperken. Aanbevolen: 4-5 voor gedeelde hosten, 2-3 voor virtuele privé servers, 0-1 voor grote servers."
#: mod/admin.php:940
msgid "Poll interval"
msgstr "Poll-interval"
#: mod/admin.php:940
msgid ""
"Delay background polling processes by this many seconds to reduce system "
"load. If 0, use delivery interval."
msgstr "Stel achtergrondprocessen zoveel seconden uit om de systeembelasting te beperken. Indien 0 wordt het afleverinterval gebruikt."
#: mod/admin.php:941
msgid "Maximum Load Average"
msgstr "Maximum gemiddelde belasting"
#: mod/admin.php:941
msgid ""
"Maximum system load before delivery and poll processes are deferred - "
"default 50."
msgstr "Maximum systeembelasting voordat aflever- en poll-processen uitgesteld worden - standaard 50."
#: mod/admin.php:942
msgid "Maximum Load Average (Frontend)"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:942
msgid "Maximum system load before the frontend quits service - default 50."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:943
msgid "Maximum table size for optimization"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:943
msgid ""
"Maximum table size (in MB) for the automatic optimization - default 100 MB. "
"Enter -1 to disable it."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:944
msgid "Minimum level of fragmentation"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:944
msgid ""
"Minimum fragmenation level to start the automatic optimization - default "
"value is 30%."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:946
msgid "Periodical check of global contacts"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:946
msgid ""
"If enabled, the global contacts are checked periodically for missing or "
"outdated data and the vitality of the contacts and servers."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:947
msgid "Days between requery"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:947
msgid "Number of days after which a server is requeried for his contacts."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:948
msgid "Discover contacts from other servers"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:948
msgid ""
"Periodically query other servers for contacts. You can choose between "
"'users': the users on the remote system, 'Global Contacts': active contacts "
"that are known on the system. The fallback is meant for Redmatrix servers "
"and older friendica servers, where global contacts weren't available. The "
"fallback increases the server load, so the recommened setting is 'Users, "
"Global Contacts'."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:949
msgid "Timeframe for fetching global contacts"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:949
msgid ""
"When the discovery is activated, this value defines the timeframe for the "
"activity of the global contacts that are fetched from other servers."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:950
msgid "Search the local directory"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:950
msgid ""
"Search the local directory instead of the global directory. When searching "
"locally, every search will be executed on the global directory in the "
"background. This improves the search results when the search is repeated."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:952
msgid "Publish server information"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:952
msgid ""
"If enabled, general server and usage data will be published. The data "
"contains the name and version of the server, number of users with public "
"profiles, number of posts and the activated protocols and connectors. See <a"
" href=''></a> for details."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:954
msgid "Use MySQL full text engine"
msgstr "Gebruik de tekst-zoekfunctie van MySQL"
#: mod/admin.php:954
msgid ""
"Activates the full text engine. Speeds up search - but can only search for "
"four and more characters."
msgstr "Activeert de zoekmotor. Dit maakt zoeken sneller, maar het kan alleen zoeken naar teksten van minstens vier letters."
#: mod/admin.php:955
msgid "Suppress Language"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:955
msgid "Suppress language information in meta information about a posting."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:956
msgid "Suppress Tags"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:956
msgid "Suppress showing a list of hashtags at the end of the posting."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:957
msgid "Path to item cache"
msgstr "Pad naar cache voor items"
#: mod/admin.php:957
msgid "The item caches buffers generated bbcode and external images."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:958
msgid "Cache duration in seconds"
msgstr "Cache tijdsduur in seconden"
#: mod/admin.php:958
msgid ""
"How long should the cache files be hold? Default value is 86400 seconds (One"
" day). To disable the item cache, set the value to -1."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:959
msgid "Maximum numbers of comments per post"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:959
msgid "How much comments should be shown for each post? Default value is 100."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:960
msgid "Path for lock file"
msgstr "Pad voor lock bestand"
#: mod/admin.php:960
msgid ""
"The lock file is used to avoid multiple pollers at one time. Only define a "
"folder here."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:961
msgid "Temp path"
msgstr "Tijdelijk pad"
#: mod/admin.php:961
msgid ""
"If you have a restricted system where the webserver can't access the system "
"temp path, enter another path here."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:962
msgid "Base path to installation"
msgstr "Basispad voor installatie"
#: mod/admin.php:962
msgid ""
"If the system cannot detect the correct path to your installation, enter the"
" correct path here. This setting should only be set if you are using a "
"restricted system and symbolic links to your webroot."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:963
msgid "Disable picture proxy"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:963
msgid ""
"The picture proxy increases performance and privacy. It shouldn't be used on"
" systems with very low bandwith."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:964
msgid "Enable old style pager"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:964
msgid ""
"The old style pager has page numbers but slows down massively the page "
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:965
msgid "Only search in tags"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:965
msgid "On large systems the text search can slow down the system extremely."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:967
msgid "New base url"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:967
msgid ""
"Change base url for this server. Sends relocate message to all DFRN contacts"
" of all users."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:969
msgid "RINO Encryption"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:969
msgid "Encryption layer between nodes."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:970
msgid "Embedly API key"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:970
msgid ""
"<a href=''>Embedly</a> is used to fetch additional data for "
"web pages. This is an optional parameter."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:999
msgid "Update has been marked successful"
msgstr "Wijziging succesvol gemarkeerd "
#: mod/admin.php:1007
#, php-format
msgid "Database structure update %s was successfully applied."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1010
#, php-format
msgid "Executing of database structure update %s failed with error: %s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1022
#, php-format
msgid "Executing %s failed with error: %s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1025
#, php-format
msgid "Update %s was successfully applied."
msgstr "Wijziging %s geslaagd."
#: mod/admin.php:1029
#, php-format
msgid "Update %s did not return a status. Unknown if it succeeded."
msgstr "Wijziging %s gaf geen status terug. We weten niet of de wijziging geslaagd is."
#: mod/admin.php:1031
#, php-format
msgid "There was no additional update function %s that needed to be called."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1050
msgid "No failed updates."
msgstr "Geen misluke wijzigingen"
#: mod/admin.php:1051
msgid "Check database structure"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1056
msgid "Failed Updates"
msgstr "Misluke wijzigingen"
#: mod/admin.php:1057
msgid ""
"This does not include updates prior to 1139, which did not return a status."
msgstr "Dit is zonder de wijzigingen voor 1139, welke geen status teruggaven."
#: mod/admin.php:1058
msgid "Mark success (if update was manually applied)"
msgstr "Markeren als succes (als aanpassing manueel doorgevoerd werd)"
#: mod/admin.php:1059
msgid "Attempt to execute this update step automatically"
msgstr "Probeer deze stap automatisch uit te voeren"
#: mod/admin.php:1091
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\t\tthe administrator of %2$s has set up an account for you."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1094
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1$s\n"
"\t\t\tLogin Name:\t\t%2$s\n"
"\t\t\tYou may change your password from your account \"Settings\" page after logging\n"
"\t\t\tPlease take a few moments to review the other account settings on that page.\n"
"\t\t\tYou may also wish to add some basic information to your default profile\n"
"\t\t\t(on the \"Profiles\" page) so that other people can easily find you.\n"
"\t\t\tWe recommend setting your full name, adding a profile photo,\n"
"\t\t\tadding some profile \"keywords\" (very useful in making new friends) - and\n"
"\t\t\tperhaps what country you live in; if you do not wish to be more specific\n"
"\t\t\tthan that.\n"
"\t\t\tWe fully respect your right to privacy, and none of these items are necessary.\n"
"\t\t\tIf you are new and do not know anybody here, they may help\n"
"\t\t\tyou to make some new and interesting friends.\n"
"\t\t\tThank you and welcome to %4$s."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1126 include/user.php:423
#, php-format
msgid "Registration details for %s"
msgstr "Registratie details voor %s"
#: mod/admin.php:1138
#, php-format
msgid "%s user blocked/unblocked"
msgid_plural "%s users blocked/unblocked"
msgstr[0] "%s gebruiker geblokkeerd/niet geblokkeerd"
msgstr[1] "%s gebruikers geblokkeerd/niet geblokkeerd"
#: mod/admin.php:1145
#, php-format
msgid "%s user deleted"
msgid_plural "%s users deleted"
msgstr[0] "%s gebruiker verwijderd"
msgstr[1] "%s gebruikers verwijderd"
#: mod/admin.php:1192
#, php-format
msgid "User '%s' deleted"
msgstr "Gebruiker '%s' verwijderd"
#: mod/admin.php:1200
#, php-format
msgid "User '%s' unblocked"
msgstr "Gebruiker '%s' niet meer geblokkeerd"
#: mod/admin.php:1200
#, php-format
msgid "User '%s' blocked"
msgstr "Gebruiker '%s' geblokkeerd"
#: mod/admin.php:1291
msgid "Add User"
msgstr "Gebruiker toevoegen"
#: mod/admin.php:1292
msgid "select all"
msgstr "Alles selecteren"
#: mod/admin.php:1293
msgid "User registrations waiting for confirm"
msgstr "Gebruikersregistraties wachten op een bevestiging"
#: mod/admin.php:1294
msgid "User waiting for permanent deletion"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1295
msgid "Request date"
msgstr "Registratiedatum"
#: mod/admin.php:1295 mod/admin.php:1307 mod/admin.php:1308 mod/admin.php:1323
#: include/contact_selectors.php:79 include/contact_selectors.php:86
msgid "Email"
msgstr "E-mail"
#: mod/admin.php:1296
msgid "No registrations."
msgstr "Geen registraties."
#: mod/admin.php:1298
msgid "Deny"
msgstr "Weiger"
#: mod/admin.php:1302
msgid "Site admin"
msgstr "Sitebeheerder"
#: mod/admin.php:1303
msgid "Account expired"
msgstr "Account verlopen"
#: mod/admin.php:1306
msgid "New User"
msgstr "Nieuwe gebruiker"
#: mod/admin.php:1307 mod/admin.php:1308
msgid "Register date"
msgstr "Registratiedatum"
#: mod/admin.php:1307 mod/admin.php:1308
msgid "Last login"
msgstr "Laatste login"
#: mod/admin.php:1307 mod/admin.php:1308
msgid "Last item"
msgstr "Laatste item"
#: mod/admin.php:1307
msgid "Deleted since"
msgstr "Verwijderd sinds"
#: mod/admin.php:1308 mod/settings.php:41
msgid "Account"
msgstr "Account"
#: mod/admin.php:1310
msgid ""
"Selected users will be deleted!\\n\\nEverything these users had posted on "
"this site will be permanently deleted!\\n\\nAre you sure?"
msgstr "Geselecteerde gebruikers zullen verwijderd worden!\\n\\nAlles wat deze gebruikers gepost hebben op deze website zal permanent verwijderd worden!\\n\\nBen je zeker?"
#: mod/admin.php:1311
msgid ""
"The user {0} will be deleted!\\n\\nEverything this user has posted on this "
"site will be permanently deleted!\\n\\nAre you sure?"
msgstr "De gebruiker {0} zal verwijderd worden!\\n\\nAlles wat deze gebruiker gepost heeft op deze website zal permanent verwijderd worden!\\n\\nBen je zeker?"
#: mod/admin.php:1321
msgid "Name of the new user."
msgstr "Naam van nieuwe gebruiker"
#: mod/admin.php:1322
msgid "Nickname"
msgstr "Bijnaam"
#: mod/admin.php:1322
msgid "Nickname of the new user."
msgstr "Bijnaam van nieuwe gebruiker"
#: mod/admin.php:1323
msgid "Email address of the new user."
msgstr "E-mailadres van nieuwe gebruiker"
#: mod/admin.php:1366
#, php-format
msgid "Plugin %s disabled."
msgstr "Plugin %s uitgeschakeld."
#: mod/admin.php:1370
#, php-format
msgid "Plugin %s enabled."
msgstr "Plugin %s ingeschakeld."
#: mod/admin.php:1381 mod/admin.php:1617
msgid "Disable"
msgstr "Uitschakelen"
#: mod/admin.php:1383 mod/admin.php:1619
msgid "Enable"
msgstr "Inschakelen"
#: mod/admin.php:1406 mod/admin.php:1664
msgid "Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelaar"
#: mod/admin.php:1414 mod/admin.php:1673
msgid "Author: "
msgstr "Auteur:"
#: mod/admin.php:1415 mod/admin.php:1674
msgid "Maintainer: "
msgstr "Onderhoud:"
#: mod/admin.php:1467
msgid "Reload active plugins"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1472
#, php-format
msgid ""
"There are currently no plugins available on your node. You can find the "
"official plugin repository at %1$s and might find other interesting plugins "
"in the open plugin registry at %2$s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1577
msgid "No themes found."
msgstr "Geen thema's gevonden."
#: mod/admin.php:1655
msgid "Screenshot"
msgstr "Schermafdruk"
#: mod/admin.php:1715
msgid "Reload active themes"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1720
#, php-format
msgid "No themes found on the system. They should be paced in %1$s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1721
msgid "[Experimental]"
msgstr "[Experimenteel]"
#: mod/admin.php:1722
msgid "[Unsupported]"
msgstr "[Niet ondersteund]"
#: mod/admin.php:1746
msgid "Log settings updated."
msgstr "Log instellingen gewijzigd"
#: mod/admin.php:1783
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Wis"
#: mod/admin.php:1788
msgid "Enable Debugging"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1789
msgid "Log file"
msgstr "Logbestand"
#: mod/admin.php:1789
msgid ""
"Must be writable by web server. Relative to your Friendica top-level "
msgstr "De webserver moet hier kunnen schrijven. Relatief t.o.v. van de hoogste folder binnen uw Friendica-installatie."
#: mod/admin.php:1790
msgid "Log level"
msgstr "Log niveau"
#: mod/admin.php:1793
msgid "PHP logging"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1794
msgid ""
"To enable logging of PHP errors and warnings you can add the following to "
"the .htconfig.php file of your installation. The filename set in the "
"'error_log' line is relative to the friendica top-level directory and must "
"be writeable by the web server. The option '1' for 'log_errors' and "
"'display_errors' is to enable these options, set to '0' to disable them."
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1920 mod/admin.php:1921 mod/settings.php:759
msgid "Off"
msgstr "Uit"
#: mod/admin.php:1920 mod/admin.php:1921 mod/settings.php:759
msgid "On"
msgstr "Aan"
#: mod/admin.php:1921
#, php-format
msgid "Lock feature %s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/admin.php:1929
msgid "Manage Additional Features"
msgstr ""
#: mod/network.php:146
#, php-format
msgid "Search Results For: %s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/network.php:191 mod/search.php:25
msgid "Remove term"
msgstr "Verwijder zoekterm"
#: mod/network.php:200 mod/search.php:34 include/features.php:84
msgid "Saved Searches"
msgstr "Opgeslagen zoekopdrachten"
#: mod/network.php:201 include/group.php:293
msgid "add"
msgstr "toevoegen"
#: mod/network.php:365
msgid "Commented Order"
msgstr "Nieuwe reacties bovenaan"
#: mod/network.php:368
msgid "Sort by Comment Date"
msgstr "Berichten met nieuwe reacties bovenaan"
#: mod/network.php:373
msgid "Posted Order"
msgstr "Nieuwe berichten bovenaan"
#: mod/network.php:376
msgid "Sort by Post Date"
msgstr "Nieuwe berichten bovenaan"
#: mod/network.php:387
msgid "Posts that mention or involve you"
msgstr "Alleen berichten die jou vermelden of op jou betrekking hebben"
#: mod/network.php:395
msgid "New"
msgstr "Nieuw"
#: mod/network.php:398
msgid "Activity Stream - by date"
msgstr "Activiteitenstroom - volgens datum"
#: mod/network.php:406
msgid "Shared Links"
msgstr "Gedeelde links"
#: mod/network.php:409
msgid "Interesting Links"
msgstr "Interessante links"
#: mod/network.php:417
msgid "Starred"
msgstr "Met ster"
#: mod/network.php:420
msgid "Favourite Posts"
msgstr "Favoriete berichten"
#: mod/network.php:479
#, php-format
msgid "Warning: This group contains %s member from an insecure network."
msgid_plural ""
"Warning: This group contains %s members from an insecure network."
msgstr[0] "Waarschuwing: Deze groep bevat %s lid van een onveilig netwerk."
msgstr[1] "Waarschuwing: Deze groep bevat %s leden van een onveilig netwerk."
#: mod/network.php:482
msgid "Private messages to this group are at risk of public disclosure."
msgstr "Privéberichten naar deze groep kunnen openbaar gemaakt worden."
#: mod/network.php:549 mod/content.php:119
msgid "No such group"
msgstr "Zo'n groep bestaat niet"
#: mod/network.php:580 mod/content.php:135
#, php-format
msgid "Group: %s"
msgstr ""
#: mod/network.php:608
msgid "Private messages to this person are at risk of public disclosure."
msgstr "Privéberichten naar deze persoon kunnen openbaar gemaakt worden."
#: mod/network.php:613
msgid "Invalid contact."
msgstr "Ongeldig contact."
#: mod/allfriends.php:43
msgid "No friends to display."
msgstr "Geen vrienden om te laten zien."
#: mod/events.php:71 mod/events.php:73
msgid "Event can not end before it has started."
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:80 mod/events.php:82
msgid "Event title and start time are required."
msgstr "Titel en begintijd van de gebeurtenis zijn vereist."
#: mod/events.php:201
msgid "Sun"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:202
msgid "Mon"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:203
msgid "Tue"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:204
msgid "Wed"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:205
msgid "Thu"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:206
msgid "Fri"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:207
msgid "Sat"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:208 mod/settings.php:948 include/text.php:1274
msgid "Sunday"
msgstr "Zondag"
#: mod/events.php:209 mod/settings.php:948 include/text.php:1274
msgid "Monday"
msgstr "Maandag"
#: mod/events.php:210 include/text.php:1274
msgid "Tuesday"
msgstr "Dinsdag"
#: mod/events.php:211 include/text.php:1274
msgid "Wednesday"
msgstr "Woensdag"
#: mod/events.php:212 include/text.php:1274
msgid "Thursday"
msgstr "Donderdag"
#: mod/events.php:213 include/text.php:1274
msgid "Friday"
msgstr "Vrijdag"
#: mod/events.php:214 include/text.php:1274
msgid "Saturday"
msgstr "Zaterdag"
#: mod/events.php:215
msgid "Jan"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:216
msgid "Feb"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:217
msgid "Mar"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:218
msgid "Apr"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:219 mod/events.php:231 include/text.php:1278
msgid "May"
msgstr "Mei"
#: mod/events.php:220
msgid "Jun"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:221
msgid "Jul"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:222
msgid "Aug"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:223
msgid "Sept"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:224
msgid "Oct"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:225
msgid "Nov"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:226
msgid "Dec"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:227 include/text.php:1278
msgid "January"
msgstr "Januari"
#: mod/events.php:228 include/text.php:1278
msgid "February"
msgstr "Februari"
#: mod/events.php:229 include/text.php:1278
msgid "March"
msgstr "Maart"
#: mod/events.php:230 include/text.php:1278
msgid "April"
msgstr "April"
#: mod/events.php:232 include/text.php:1278
msgid "June"
msgstr "Juni"
#: mod/events.php:233 include/text.php:1278
msgid "July"
msgstr "Juli"
#: mod/events.php:234 include/text.php:1278
msgid "August"
msgstr "Augustus"
#: mod/events.php:235 include/text.php:1278
msgid "September"
msgstr "September"
#: mod/events.php:236 include/text.php:1278
msgid "October"
msgstr "Oktober"
#: mod/events.php:237 include/text.php:1278
msgid "November"
msgstr "November"
#: mod/events.php:238 include/text.php:1278
msgid "December"
msgstr "December"
#: mod/events.php:239
msgid "today"
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:240 include/datetime.php:288
msgid "month"
msgstr "maand"
#: mod/events.php:241 include/datetime.php:289
msgid "week"
msgstr "week"
#: mod/events.php:242 include/datetime.php:290
msgid "day"
msgstr "dag"
#: mod/events.php:377
msgid "l, F j"
msgstr "l j F"
#: mod/events.php:399
msgid "Edit event"
msgstr "Gebeurtenis bewerken"
#: mod/events.php:421 include/text.php:1721 include/text.php:1728
msgid "link to source"
msgstr "Verwijzing naar bron"
#: mod/events.php:456 include/identity.php:722 include/nav.php:79
#: include/nav.php:140 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:127
msgid "Events"
msgstr "Gebeurtenissen"
#: mod/events.php:457
msgid "Create New Event"
msgstr "Maak een nieuwe gebeurtenis"
#: mod/events.php:458
msgid "Previous"
msgstr "Vorige"
#: mod/events.php:459 mod/install.php:220
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Volgende"
#: mod/events.php:554
msgid "Event details"
msgstr "Gebeurtenis details"
#: mod/events.php:555
msgid "Starting date and Title are required."
msgstr ""
#: mod/events.php:556
msgid "Event Starts:"
msgstr "Gebeurtenis begint:"
#: mod/events.php:556 mod/events.php:568
msgid "Required"
msgstr "Vereist"
#: mod/events.php:558
msgid "Finish date/time is not known or not relevant"
msgstr "Einddatum/tijd is niet gekend of niet relevant"
#: mod/events.php:560
msgid "Event Finishes:"
msgstr "Gebeurtenis eindigt:"
#: mod/events.php:562
msgid "Adjust for viewer timezone"
msgstr "Pas aan aan de tijdzone van de gebruiker"
#: mod/events.php:564
msgid "Description:"
msgstr "Beschrijving:"
#: mod/events.php:568
msgid "Title:"
msgstr "Titel:"
#: mod/events.php:570
msgid "Share this event"
msgstr "Deel deze gebeurtenis"
#: mod/events.php:572 mod/content.php:721 mod/editpost.php:145
#: mod/photos.php:1631 mod/photos.php:1679 mod/photos.php:1767
#: object/Item.php:719 include/conversation.php:1216
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Voorvertoning"
#: mod/credits.php:16
msgid "Credits"
msgstr ""
#: mod/credits.php:17
msgid ""
"Friendica is a community project, that would not be possible without the "
"help of many people. Here is a list of those who have contributed to the "
"code or the translation of Friendica. Thank you all!"
msgstr ""
#: mod/content.php:439 mod/content.php:742 mod/photos.php:1722
#: object/Item.php:133 include/conversation.php:634
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Kies"
#: mod/content.php:473 mod/content.php:854 mod/content.php:855
#: object/Item.php:357 object/Item.php:358 include/conversation.php:675
#, php-format
msgid "View %s's profile @ %s"
msgstr "Bekijk het profiel van %s @ %s"
#: mod/content.php:483 mod/content.php:866 object/Item.php:371
#: include/conversation.php:695
#, php-format
msgid "%s from %s"
msgstr "%s van %s"
#: mod/content.php:499 include/conversation.php:711
msgid "View in context"
msgstr "In context bekijken"
#: mod/content.php:605 object/Item.php:419
#, php-format
msgid "%d comment"
msgid_plural "%d comments"
msgstr[0] "%d reactie"
msgstr[1] "%d reacties"
#: mod/content.php:607 object/Item.php:421 object/Item.php:434
#: include/text.php:1997
msgid "comment"
msgid_plural "comments"
msgstr[0] "reactie"
msgstr[1] "reacties"
#: mod/content.php:608 boot.php:863 object/Item.php:422
#: include/contact_widgets.php:242 include/forums.php:110
#: include/items.php:5184 view/theme/vier/theme.php:264
msgid "show more"
msgstr "toon meer"
#: mod/content.php:622 mod/photos.php:1418 object/Item.php:117
msgid "Private Message"
msgstr "Privébericht"
#: mod/content.php:686 mod/photos.php:1607 object/Item.php:253
msgid "I like this (toggle)"
msgstr "Vind ik leuk"
#: mod/content.php:686 object/Item.php:253
msgid "like"
msgstr "leuk"
#: mod/content.php:687 mod/photos.php:1608 object/Item.php:254
msgid "I don't like this (toggle)"
msgstr "Vind ik niet leuk"
#: mod/content.php:687 object/Item.php:254
msgid "dislike"
msgstr "niet leuk"
#: mod/content.php:689 object/Item.php:256
msgid "Share this"
msgstr "Delen"
#: mod/content.php:689 object/Item.php:256
msgid "share"
msgstr "Delen"
#: mod/content.php:709 mod/photos.php:1627 mod/photos.php:1675
#: mod/photos.php:1763 object/Item.php:707
msgid "This is you"
msgstr "Dit ben jij"
#: mod/content.php:711 mod/photos.php:1629 mod/photos.php:1677
#: mod/photos.php:1765 boot.php:862 object/Item.php:393 object/Item.php:709
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Reacties"
#: mod/content.php:713 object/Item.php:711
msgid "Bold"
msgstr "Vet"
#: mod/content.php:714 object/Item.php:712
msgid "Italic"
msgstr "Cursief"
#: mod/content.php:715 object/Item.php:713
msgid "Underline"
msgstr "Onderstrepen"
#: mod/content.php:716 object/Item.php:714
msgid "Quote"
msgstr "Citeren"
#: mod/content.php:717 object/Item.php:715
msgid "Code"
msgstr "Broncode"
#: mod/content.php:718 object/Item.php:716
msgid "Image"
msgstr "Afbeelding"
#: mod/content.php:719 object/Item.php:717
msgid "Link"
msgstr "Link"
#: mod/content.php:720 object/Item.php:718
msgid "Video"
msgstr "Video"
#: mod/content.php:730 mod/settings.php:721 object/Item.php:122
#: object/Item.php:124
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Bewerken"
#: mod/content.php:755 object/Item.php:217
msgid "add star"
msgstr "ster toevoegen"
#: mod/content.php:756 object/Item.php:218
msgid "remove star"
msgstr "ster verwijderen"
#: mod/content.php:757 object/Item.php:219
msgid "toggle star status"
msgstr "ster toevoegen of verwijderen"
#: mod/content.php:760 object/Item.php:222
msgid "starred"
msgstr "met ster"
#: mod/content.php:761 object/Item.php:242
msgid "add tag"
msgstr "label toevoegen"
#: mod/content.php:765 object/Item.php:137
msgid "save to folder"
msgstr "Bewaren in map"
#: mod/content.php:856 object/Item.php:359
msgid "to"
msgstr "aan"
#: mod/content.php:857 object/Item.php:361
msgid "Wall-to-Wall"
msgstr "wall-to-wall"
#: mod/content.php:858 object/Item.php:362
msgid "via Wall-To-Wall:"
msgstr "via wall-to-wall"
#: mod/removeme.php:46 mod/removeme.php:49
msgid "Remove My Account"
msgstr "Verwijder mijn account"
#: mod/removeme.php:47
msgid ""
"This will completely remove your account. Once this has been done it is not "
msgstr "Dit zal je account volledig verwijderen. Dit kan niet hersteld worden als het eenmaal uitgevoerd is."
#: mod/removeme.php:48
msgid "Please enter your password for verification:"
msgstr "Voer je wachtwoord in voor verificatie:"
#: mod/install.php:128
msgid "Friendica Communications Server - Setup"
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:134
msgid "Could not connect to database."
msgstr "Kon geen toegang krijgen tot de database."
#: mod/install.php:138
msgid "Could not create table."
msgstr "Kon tabel niet aanmaken."
#: mod/install.php:144
msgid "Your Friendica site database has been installed."
msgstr "De database van je Friendica-website is geïnstalleerd."
#: mod/install.php:149
msgid ""
"You may need to import the file \"database.sql\" manually using phpmyadmin "
"or mysql."
msgstr "Het kan nodig zijn om het bestand \"database.sql\" manueel te importeren met phpmyadmin of mysql."
#: mod/install.php:150 mod/install.php:219 mod/install.php:577
msgid "Please see the file \"INSTALL.txt\"."
msgstr "Zie het bestand \"INSTALL.txt\"."
#: mod/install.php:162
msgid "Database already in use."
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:216
msgid "System check"
msgstr "Systeemcontrole"
#: mod/install.php:221
msgid "Check again"
msgstr "Controleer opnieuw"
#: mod/install.php:240
msgid "Database connection"
msgstr "Verbinding met database"
#: mod/install.php:241
msgid ""
"In order to install Friendica we need to know how to connect to your "
msgstr "Om Friendica te kunnen installeren moet ik weten hoe ik jouw database kan bereiken."
#: mod/install.php:242
msgid ""
"Please contact your hosting provider or site administrator if you have "
"questions about these settings."
msgstr "Neem contact op met jouw hostingprovider of websitebeheerder, wanneer je vragen hebt over deze instellingen. "
#: mod/install.php:243
msgid ""
"The database you specify below should already exist. If it does not, please "
"create it before continuing."
msgstr "De database die je hier opgeeft zou al moeten bestaan. Maak anders de database aan voordat je verder gaat."
#: mod/install.php:247
msgid "Database Server Name"
msgstr "Servernaam database"
#: mod/install.php:248
msgid "Database Login Name"
msgstr "Gebruikersnaam database"
#: mod/install.php:249
msgid "Database Login Password"
msgstr "Wachtwoord database"
#: mod/install.php:250
msgid "Database Name"
msgstr "Naam database"
#: mod/install.php:251 mod/install.php:290
msgid "Site administrator email address"
msgstr "E-mailadres van de websitebeheerder"
#: mod/install.php:251 mod/install.php:290
msgid ""
"Your account email address must match this in order to use the web admin "
msgstr "Het e-mailadres van je account moet hiermee overeenkomen om het administratiepaneel te kunnen gebruiken."
#: mod/install.php:255 mod/install.php:293
msgid "Please select a default timezone for your website"
msgstr "Selecteer een standaard tijdzone voor uw website"
#: mod/install.php:280
msgid "Site settings"
msgstr "Website-instellingen"
#: mod/install.php:334
msgid "Could not find a command line version of PHP in the web server PATH."
msgstr "Kan geen command-line-versie van PHP vinden in het PATH van de webserver."
#: mod/install.php:335
msgid ""
"If you don't have a command line version of PHP installed on server, you "
"will not be able to run background polling via cron. See <a "
"up-the-poller'>'Setup the poller'</a>"
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:339
msgid "PHP executable path"
msgstr "PATH van het PHP commando"
#: mod/install.php:339
msgid ""
"Enter full path to php executable. You can leave this blank to continue the "
msgstr "Vul het volledige path in naar het php programma. Je kunt dit blanco laten om de installatie verder te zetten."
#: mod/install.php:344
msgid "Command line PHP"
msgstr "PHP-opdrachtregel"
#: mod/install.php:353
msgid "PHP executable is not the php cli binary (could be cgi-fgci version)"
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:354
msgid "Found PHP version: "
msgstr "Gevonden PHP versie:"
#: mod/install.php:356
msgid "PHP cli binary"
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:367
msgid ""
"The command line version of PHP on your system does not have "
"\"register_argc_argv\" enabled."
msgstr "De command-line versie van PHP op jouw systeem heeft \"register_argc_argv\" niet geactiveerd."
#: mod/install.php:368
msgid "This is required for message delivery to work."
msgstr "Dit is nodig om het verzenden van berichten mogelijk te maken."
#: mod/install.php:370
msgid "PHP register_argc_argv"
msgstr "PHP register_argc_argv"
#: mod/install.php:391
msgid ""
"Error: the \"openssl_pkey_new\" function on this system is not able to "
"generate encryption keys"
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:392
msgid ""
"If running under Windows, please see "
msgstr "Zie \"\" wanneer u Friendica onder Windows draait."
#: mod/install.php:394
msgid "Generate encryption keys"
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:401
msgid "libCurl PHP module"
msgstr "libCurl PHP module"
#: mod/install.php:402
msgid "GD graphics PHP module"
msgstr "GD graphics PHP module"
#: mod/install.php:403
msgid "OpenSSL PHP module"
msgstr "OpenSSL PHP module"
#: mod/install.php:404
msgid "mysqli PHP module"
msgstr "mysqli PHP module"
#: mod/install.php:405
msgid "mb_string PHP module"
msgstr "mb_string PHP module"
#: mod/install.php:406
msgid "mcrypt PHP module"
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:411 mod/install.php:413
msgid "Apache mod_rewrite module"
msgstr "Apache mod_rewrite module"
#: mod/install.php:411
msgid ""
"Error: Apache webserver mod-rewrite module is required but not installed."
msgstr "Fout: Apache-module mod-rewrite is vereist, maar niet geïnstalleerd."
#: mod/install.php:419
msgid "Error: libCURL PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Fout: PHP-module libCURL is vereist, maar niet geïnstalleerd."
#: mod/install.php:423
msgid ""
"Error: GD graphics PHP module with JPEG support required but not installed."
msgstr "Fout: PHP-module GD graphics met JPEG support is vereist, maar niet geïnstalleerd."
#: mod/install.php:427
msgid "Error: openssl PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Fout: PHP-module openssl is vereist, maar niet geïnstalleerd."
#: mod/install.php:431
msgid "Error: mysqli PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Fout: PHP-module mysqli is vereist, maar niet geïnstalleerd."
#: mod/install.php:435
msgid "Error: mb_string PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Fout: PHP-module mb_string is vereist, maar niet geïnstalleerd."
#: mod/install.php:439
msgid "Error: mcrypt PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr ""
#: mod/install.php:451
msgid ""
"Function mcrypt_create_iv() is not defined. This is needed to enable RINO2 "
"encryption layer."
msgstr ""