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if(! function_exists("string_plural_select_is")) {
function string_plural_select_is($n){
return ($n % 10 != 1 || $n % 100 == 11);;
$a->strings["Delete this item?"] = "Eyða þessu atriði?";
$a->strings["Comment"] = "Athugasemd";
$a->strings["show more"] = "birta meira";
$a->strings["show fewer"] = "birta minna";
$a->strings["Update %s failed. See error logs."] = "Uppfærsla á %s mistókst. Skoðaðu villuannál.";
$a->strings["Create a New Account"] = "Stofna nýjan notanda";
$a->strings["Register"] = "Nýskrá";
$a->strings["Logout"] = "Útskrá";
$a->strings["Login"] = "Innskrá";
$a->strings["Nickname or Email: "] = "Gælunafn eða póstfang: ";
$a->strings["Password: "] = "Aðgangsorð: ";
$a->strings["Remember me"] = "Muna eftir mér";
$a->strings["Or login using OpenID: "] = "Eða auðkenna með OpenID: ";
$a->strings["Forgot your password?"] = "Gleymt lykilorð?";
$a->strings["Password Reset"] = "Endurstilling aðgangsorðs";
$a->strings["Website Terms of Service"] = "Þjónustuskilmálar vefsvæðis";
$a->strings["terms of service"] = "þjónustuskilmálar";
$a->strings["Website Privacy Policy"] = "Persónuverndarstefna";
$a->strings["privacy policy"] = "persónuverndarstefna";
$a->strings["Miscellaneous"] = "Ýmislegt";
$a->strings["Birthday:"] = "Afmælisdagur:";
$a->strings["Age: "] = "Aldur: ";
$a->strings["YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD"] = "ÁÁÁÁ-MM-DD eða MM-DD";
$a->strings["never"] = "aldrei";
$a->strings["less than a second ago"] = "fyrir minna en sekúndu";
$a->strings["year"] = "ár";
$a->strings["years"] = "ár";
$a->strings["month"] = "mánuður";
$a->strings["months"] = "mánuðir";
$a->strings["week"] = "vika";
$a->strings["weeks"] = "vikur";
$a->strings["day"] = "dagur";
$a->strings["days"] = "dagar";
$a->strings["hour"] = "klukkustund";
$a->strings["hours"] = "klukkustundir";
$a->strings["minute"] = "mínúta";
$a->strings["minutes"] = "mínútur";
$a->strings["second"] = "sekúnda";
$a->strings["seconds"] = "sekúndur";
$a->strings["%1\$d %2\$s ago"] = "Fyrir %1\$d %2\$s síðan";
$a->strings["%s's birthday"] = "Afmælisdagur %s";
$a->strings["Happy Birthday %s"] = "Til hamingju með afmælið %s";
$a->strings["Add New Contact"] = "Bæta við tengilið";
$a->strings["Enter address or web location"] = "Settu inn slóð";
$a->strings["Example:,"] = "Dæmi:,";
$a->strings["Connect"] = "Tengjast";
$a->strings["%d invitation available"] = array(
0 => "%d boðskort í boði",
1 => "%d boðskort í boði",
$a->strings["Find People"] = "Finna fólk";
$a->strings["Enter name or interest"] = "Settu inn nafn eða áhugamál";
$a->strings["Connect/Follow"] = "Tengjast/fylgja";
$a->strings["Examples: Robert Morgenstein, Fishing"] = "Dæmi: Jón Jónsson, Veiði";
$a->strings["Find"] = "Finna";
$a->strings["Friend Suggestions"] = "Vina uppástungur";
$a->strings["Similar Interests"] = "Svipuð áhugamál";
$a->strings["Random Profile"] = "";
$a->strings["Invite Friends"] = "Bjóða vinum aðgang";
$a->strings["Networks"] = "Net";
$a->strings["All Networks"] = "Öll net";
$a->strings["Saved Folders"] = "Vistaðar möppur";
$a->strings["Everything"] = "Allt";
$a->strings["Categories"] = "Flokkar";
$a->strings["%d contact in common"] = array(
0 => "%d tengiliður sameiginlegur",
1 => "%d tengiliðir sameiginlegir",
$a->strings["Friendica Notification"] = "Friendica tilkynning";
$a->strings["Thank You,"] = "Takk fyrir,";
$a->strings["%s Administrator"] = "Kerfisstjóri %s";
$a->strings["%1\$s, %2\$s Administrator"] = "%1\$s, %2\$s kerfisstjóri";
$a->strings["noreply"] = "ekki svara";
$a->strings["%s <!item_type!>"] = "%s <!item_type!>";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] New mail received at %s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s sent you a new private message at %2\$s."] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s sent you %2\$s."] = "%1\$s sendi þér %2\$s.";
$a->strings["a private message"] = "einkaskilaboð";
$a->strings["Please visit %s to view and/or reply to your private messages."] = "Farðu á %s til að skoða og/eða svara einkaskilaboðunum þínum.";
$a->strings["%1\$s commented on [url=%2\$s]a %3\$s[/url]"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s commented on [url=%2\$s]%3\$s's %4\$s[/url]"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s commented on [url=%2\$s]your %3\$s[/url]"] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] Comment to conversation #%1\$d by %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%s commented on an item/conversation you have been following."] = "%s skrifaði athugasemd á færslu/samtal sem þú ert að fylgja.";
$a->strings["Please visit %s to view and/or reply to the conversation."] = "Farðu á %s til að skoða og/eða svara samtali.";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] %s posted to your profile wall"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s posted to your profile wall at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s posted to [url=%2\$s]your wall[/url]"] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] %s tagged you"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s tagged you at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s [url=%2\$s]tagged you[/url]."] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] %s shared a new post"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s shared a new post at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s [url=%2\$s]shared a post[/url]."] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] %1\$s poked you"] = "[Friendica:Notify] %1\$s potaði í þig";
$a->strings["%1\$s poked you at %2\$s"] = "%1\$s potaði í þig %2\$s";
$a->strings["%1\$s [url=%2\$s]poked you[/url]."] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] %s tagged your post"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s tagged your post at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s tagged [url=%2\$s]your post[/url]"] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] Introduction received"] = "";
$a->strings["You've received an introduction from '%1\$s' at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["You've received [url=%1\$s]an introduction[/url] from %2\$s."] = "";
$a->strings["You may visit their profile at %s"] = "Þú getur heimsótt síðuna þeirra á %s";
$a->strings["Please visit %s to approve or reject the introduction."] = "Farðu á %s til að samþykkja eða hunsa þessa kynningu.";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] A new person is sharing with you"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s is sharing with you at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] You have a new follower"] = "";
$a->strings["You have a new follower at %2\$s : %1\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] Friend suggestion received"] = "";
$a->strings["You've received a friend suggestion from '%1\$s' at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["You've received [url=%1\$s]a friend suggestion[/url] for %2\$s from %3\$s."] = "";
$a->strings["Name:"] = "Nafn:";
$a->strings["Photo:"] = "Mynd:";
$a->strings["Please visit %s to approve or reject the suggestion."] = "Farðu á %s til að samþykkja eða hunsa þessa uppástungu.";
$a->strings["[Friendica:Notify] Connection accepted"] = "[Friendica:Notify] Tenging samþykkt";
$a->strings["'%1\$s' has accepted your connection request at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%2\$s has accepted your [url=%1\$s]connection request[/url]."] = "";
$a->strings["You are now mutual friends and may exchange status updates, photos, and email without restriction."] = "";
$a->strings["Please visit %s if you wish to make any changes to this relationship."] = "";
$a->strings["'%1\$s' has chosen to accept you a \"fan\", which restricts some forms of communication - such as private messaging and some profile interactions. If this is a celebrity or community page, these settings were applied automatically."] = "";
$a->strings["'%1\$s' may choose to extend this into a two-way or more permissive relationship in the future."] = "";
$a->strings["Please visit %s if you wish to make any changes to this relationship."] = "";
$a->strings["[Friendica System:Notify] registration request"] = "[Friendica System:Notify] beiðni um skráningu";
$a->strings["You've received a registration request from '%1\$s' at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["You've received a [url=%1\$s]registration request[/url] from %2\$s."] = "";
$a->strings["Full Name:\t%1\$s\\nSite Location:\t%2\$s\\nLogin Name:\t%3\$s (%4\$s)"] = "";
$a->strings["Please visit %s to approve or reject the request."] = "Farðu á %s til að samþykkja eða hunsa þessa beiðni.";
$a->strings["Click here to upgrade."] = "Smelltu hér til að uppfæra.";
$a->strings["This action exceeds the limits set by your subscription plan."] = "";
$a->strings["This action is not available under your subscription plan."] = "";
$a->strings["Forums"] = "Spjallsvæði";
$a->strings["External link to forum"] = "Ytri tengill á spjallsvæði";
$a->strings["%1\$s likes %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "%1\$s líkar við %3\$s hjá %2\$s ";
$a->strings["status"] = "staða";
$a->strings["Sharing notification from Diaspora network"] = "Tilkynning um að einhver deildi atriði á Diaspora netinu";
$a->strings["Attachments:"] = "Viðhengi:";
$a->strings["%s\\'s birthday"] = "Afmælisdagur %s";
$a->strings["Error decoding account file"] = "";
$a->strings["Error! No version data in file! This is not a Friendica account file?"] = "";
$a->strings["Error! Cannot check nickname"] = "";
$a->strings["User '%s' already exists on this server!"] = "";
$a->strings["User creation error"] = "";
$a->strings["User profile creation error"] = "";
$a->strings["%d contact not imported"] = array(
0 => "",
1 => "",
$a->strings["Done. You can now login with your username and password"] = "";
$a->strings["Cannot locate DNS info for database server '%s'"] = "Get ekki flett upp DNS upplýsingum fyrir gagnagrunnsþjón '%s'";
$a->strings["l F d, Y \\@ g:i A"] = "";
$a->strings["Starts:"] = "Byrjar:";
$a->strings["Finishes:"] = "Endar:";
$a->strings["Location:"] = "Staðsetning:";
$a->strings["Sun"] = "Sun";
$a->strings["Mon"] = "Mán";
$a->strings["Tue"] = "Þri";
$a->strings["Wed"] = "Mið";
$a->strings["Thu"] = "Fim";
$a->strings["Fri"] = "Fös";
$a->strings["Sat"] = "Lau";
$a->strings["Sunday"] = "Sunnudagur";
$a->strings["Monday"] = "Mánudagur";
$a->strings["Tuesday"] = "Þriðjudagur";
$a->strings["Wednesday"] = "Miðvikudagur";
$a->strings["Thursday"] = "Fimmtudagur";
$a->strings["Friday"] = "Föstudagur";
$a->strings["Saturday"] = "Laugardagur";
$a->strings["Jan"] = "Jan";
$a->strings["Feb"] = "Feb";
$a->strings["Mar"] = "Mar";
$a->strings["Apr"] = "Apr";
$a->strings["May"] = "Maí";
$a->strings["Jun"] = "Jún";
$a->strings["Jul"] = "Júl";
$a->strings["Aug"] = "Ágú";
$a->strings["Sept"] = "Sept";
$a->strings["Oct"] = "Okt";
$a->strings["Nov"] = "Nóv";
$a->strings["Dec"] = "Des";
$a->strings["January"] = "Janúar";
$a->strings["February"] = "Febrúar";
$a->strings["March"] = "Mars";
$a->strings["April"] = "Apríl";
$a->strings["June"] = "Júní";
$a->strings["July"] = "Júlí";
$a->strings["August"] = "Ágúst";
$a->strings["September"] = "September";
$a->strings["October"] = "Október";
$a->strings["November"] = "Nóvember";
$a->strings["December"] = "Desember";
$a->strings["today"] = "í dag";
$a->strings["l, F j"] = "";
$a->strings["Edit event"] = "Breyta atburð";
$a->strings["link to source"] = "slóð á heimild";
$a->strings["Export"] = "Flytja út";
$a->strings["Export calendar as ical"] = "Flytja dagatal út sem ICAL";
$a->strings["Export calendar as csv"] = "Flytja dagatal út sem CSV";
$a->strings["Welcome "] = "Velkomin(n)";
$a->strings["Please upload a profile photo."] = "Gerðu svo vel að hlaða inn forsíðumynd.";
$a->strings["Welcome back "] = "Velkomin(n) aftur";
$a->strings["The form security token was not correct. This probably happened because the form has been opened for too long (>3 hours) before submitting it."] = "";
$a->strings["Male"] = "Karl";
$a->strings["Female"] = "Kona";
$a->strings["Currently Male"] = "Karlmaður í augnablikinu";
$a->strings["Currently Female"] = "Kvenmaður í augnablikinu";
$a->strings["Mostly Male"] = "Aðallega karlmaður";
$a->strings["Mostly Female"] = "Aðallega kvenmaður";
$a->strings["Transgender"] = "Kyngervingur";
$a->strings["Intersex"] = "Hvorugkyn";
$a->strings["Transsexual"] = "Kynskiptingur";
$a->strings["Hermaphrodite"] = "Tvíkynja";
$a->strings["Neuter"] = "Hvorukyn";
$a->strings["Non-specific"] = "Ekki ákveðið";
$a->strings["Other"] = "Annað";
$a->strings["Undecided"] = array(
0 => "Óviss",
1 => "Óvissir",
$a->strings["Males"] = "Karlar";
$a->strings["Females"] = "Konur";
$a->strings["Gay"] = "Hommi";
$a->strings["Lesbian"] = "Lesbía";
$a->strings["No Preference"] = "Til í allt";
$a->strings["Bisexual"] = "Tvíkynhneigð/ur";
$a->strings["Autosexual"] = "Sjálfkynhneigð/ur";
$a->strings["Abstinent"] = "Skírlíf/ur";
$a->strings["Virgin"] = "Hrein mey/Hreinn sveinn";
$a->strings["Deviant"] = "Óþekkur";
$a->strings["Fetish"] = "Blæti";
$a->strings["Oodles"] = "Mikið af því";
$a->strings["Nonsexual"] = "Engin kynhneigð";
$a->strings["Single"] = "Einhleyp/ur";
$a->strings["Lonely"] = "Einmanna";
$a->strings["Available"] = "Á lausu";
$a->strings["Unavailable"] = "Frátekin/n";
$a->strings["Has crush"] = "Er skotin(n)";
$a->strings["Infatuated"] = "";
$a->strings["Dating"] = "Deita";
$a->strings["Unfaithful"] = "Ótrú/r";
$a->strings["Sex Addict"] = "Kynlífsfíkill";
$a->strings["Friends"] = "Vinir";
$a->strings["Friends/Benefits"] = "Vinir með meiru";
$a->strings["Casual"] = "Lauslát/ur";
$a->strings["Engaged"] = "Trúlofuð/Trúlofaður";
$a->strings["Married"] = "Gift/ur";
$a->strings["Imaginarily married"] = "";
$a->strings["Partners"] = "Félagar";
$a->strings["Cohabiting"] = "Í sambúð";
$a->strings["Common law"] = "Löggilt sambúð";
$a->strings["Happy"] = "Hamingjusöm/Hamingjusamur";
$a->strings["Not looking"] = "Ekki að leita";
$a->strings["Swinger"] = "Svingari";
$a->strings["Betrayed"] = "Svikin/n";
$a->strings["Separated"] = "Skilin/n að borði og sæng";
$a->strings["Unstable"] = "Óstabíll";
$a->strings["Divorced"] = "Fráskilin/n";
$a->strings["Imaginarily divorced"] = "";
$a->strings["Widowed"] = "Ekkja/Ekkill";
$a->strings["Uncertain"] = "Óviss";
$a->strings["It's complicated"] = "Þetta er flókið";
$a->strings["Don't care"] = "Gæti ekki verið meira sama";
$a->strings["Ask me"] = "Spurðu mig";
$a->strings["[Name Withheld]"] = "[Nafn ekki sýnt]";
$a->strings["Item not found."] = "Atriði fannst ekki.";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this item?"] = "Viltu í alvörunni eyða þessu atriði?";
$a->strings["Yes"] = "";
$a->strings["Cancel"] = "Hætta við";
$a->strings["Permission denied."] = "Heimild ekki veitt.";
$a->strings["Archives"] = "Safnskrár";
$a->strings["newer"] = "nýrri";
$a->strings["older"] = "eldri";
$a->strings["prev"] = "á undan";
$a->strings["first"] = "fremsta";
$a->strings["last"] = "síðasta";
$a->strings["next"] = "næsta";
$a->strings["Loading more entries..."] = "Hleð inn fleiri færslum...";
$a->strings["The end"] = "Endir";
$a->strings["No contacts"] = "Engir tengiliðir";
$a->strings["%d Contact"] = array(
0 => "%d tengiliður",
1 => "%d tengiliðir",
$a->strings["View Contacts"] = "Skoða tengiliði";
$a->strings["Search"] = "Leita";
$a->strings["Save"] = "Vista";
$a->strings["@name, !forum, #tags, content"] = "@nafn, !spjallsvæði, #merki, innihald";
$a->strings["Full Text"] = "Allur textinn";
$a->strings["Tags"] = "Merki";
$a->strings["Contacts"] = "Tengiliðir";
$a->strings["poke"] = "pota";
$a->strings["poked"] = "potaði";
$a->strings["ping"] = "";
$a->strings["pinged"] = "";
$a->strings["prod"] = "";
$a->strings["prodded"] = "";
$a->strings["slap"] = "";
$a->strings["slapped"] = "";
$a->strings["finger"] = "";
$a->strings["fingered"] = "";
$a->strings["rebuff"] = "";
$a->strings["rebuffed"] = "";
$a->strings["happy"] = "";
$a->strings["sad"] = "";
$a->strings["mellow"] = "";
$a->strings["tired"] = "";
$a->strings["perky"] = "";
$a->strings["angry"] = "";
$a->strings["stupified"] = "";
$a->strings["puzzled"] = "";
$a->strings["interested"] = "";
$a->strings["bitter"] = "";
$a->strings["cheerful"] = "";
$a->strings["alive"] = "";
$a->strings["annoyed"] = "";
$a->strings["anxious"] = "";
$a->strings["cranky"] = "";
$a->strings["disturbed"] = "";
$a->strings["frustrated"] = "";
$a->strings["motivated"] = "";
$a->strings["relaxed"] = "";
$a->strings["surprised"] = "";
$a->strings["View Video"] = "Skoða myndskeið";
$a->strings["bytes"] = "bæti";
$a->strings["Click to open/close"] = "";
$a->strings["View on separate page"] = "";
$a->strings["view on separate page"] = "";
$a->strings["event"] = "atburður";
$a->strings["photo"] = "mynd";
$a->strings["activity"] = "virkni";
$a->strings["comment"] = array(
0 => "athugasemd",
1 => "athugasemdir",
$a->strings["post"] = "";
$a->strings["Item filed"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s doesn't like %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "%1\$s líkar ekki við %3\$s hjá %2\$s ";
$a->strings["%1\$s attends %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s doesn't attend %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s attends maybe %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s is now friends with %2\$s"] = "Núna er %1\$s vinur %2\$s";
$a->strings["%1\$s poked %2\$s"] = "%1\$s potaði í %2\$s";
$a->strings["%1\$s is currently %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s tagged %2\$s's %3\$s with %4\$s"] = "%1\$s merkti %2\$s's %3\$s með %4\$s";
$a->strings["post/item"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s marked %2\$s's %3\$s as favorite"] = "";
$a->strings["Likes"] = "Líkar";
$a->strings["Dislikes"] = "Mislíkar";
$a->strings["Attending"] = array(
0 => "Mætir",
1 => "Mæta",
$a->strings["Not attending"] = "Mætir ekki";
$a->strings["Might attend"] = "Gæti mætt";
$a->strings["Select"] = "Velja";
$a->strings["Delete"] = "Eyða";
$a->strings["View %s's profile @ %s"] = "Birta forsíðu %s hjá %s";
$a->strings["Categories:"] = "Flokkar:";
$a->strings["Filed under:"] = "Skráð undir:";
$a->strings["%s from %s"] = "%s til %s";
$a->strings["View in context"] = "Birta í samhengi";
$a->strings["Please wait"] = "Hinkraðu aðeins";
$a->strings["remove"] = "fjarlægja";
$a->strings["Delete Selected Items"] = "Eyða völdum færslum";
$a->strings["Follow Thread"] = "Fylgja þræði";
$a->strings["View Status"] = "Skoða stöðu";
$a->strings["View Profile"] = "Skoða forsíðu";
$a->strings["View Photos"] = "Skoða myndir";
$a->strings["Network Posts"] = "";
$a->strings["Edit Contact"] = "Breyta tengilið";
$a->strings["Send PM"] = "Senda einkaboð";
$a->strings["Poke"] = "Pota";
$a->strings["%s likes this."] = "%s líkar þetta.";
$a->strings["%s doesn't like this."] = "%s mislíkar þetta.";
$a->strings["%s attends."] = "%s mætir.";
$a->strings["%s doesn't attend."] = "%s mætir ekki.";
$a->strings["%s attends maybe."] = "%s mætir kannski.";
$a->strings["and"] = "og";
$a->strings[", and %d other people"] = ", og %d öðrum";
$a->strings["<span %1\$s>%2\$d people</span> like this"] = "";
$a->strings["%s like this."] = "";
$a->strings["<span %1\$s>%2\$d people</span> don't like this"] = "";
$a->strings["%s don't like this."] = "";
$a->strings["<span %1\$s>%2\$d people</span> attend"] = "";
$a->strings["%s attend."] = "";
$a->strings["<span %1\$s>%2\$d people</span> don't attend"] = "";
$a->strings["%s don't attend."] = "";
$a->strings["<span %1\$s>%2\$d people</span> anttend maybe"] = "";
$a->strings["%s anttend maybe."] = "";
$a->strings["Visible to <strong>everybody</strong>"] = "Sjáanlegt <strong>öllum</strong>";
$a->strings["Please enter a link URL:"] = "Sláðu inn slóð:";
$a->strings["Please enter a video link/URL:"] = "Settu inn slóð á myndskeið:";
$a->strings["Please enter an audio link/URL:"] = "Settu inn slóð á hljóðskrá:";
$a->strings["Tag term:"] = "Merka með:";
$a->strings["Save to Folder:"] = "Vista í möppu:";
$a->strings["Where are you right now?"] = "Hvar ert þú núna?";
$a->strings["Delete item(s)?"] = "Eyða atriði/atriðum?";
$a->strings["Share"] = "Deila";
$a->strings["Upload photo"] = "Hlaða upp mynd";
$a->strings["upload photo"] = "Hlaða upp mynd";
$a->strings["Attach file"] = "Bæta við skrá";
$a->strings["attach file"] = "Hengja skrá við";
$a->strings["Insert web link"] = "Setja inn vefslóð";
$a->strings["web link"] = "vefslóð";
$a->strings["Insert video link"] = "Setja inn slóð á myndskeið";
$a->strings["video link"] = "slóð á myndskeið";
$a->strings["Insert audio link"] = "Setja inn slóð á hljóðskrá";
$a->strings["audio link"] = "slóð á hljóðskrá";
$a->strings["Set your location"] = "Veldu staðsetningu þína";
$a->strings["set location"] = "stilla staðsetningu";
$a->strings["Clear browser location"] = "Hreinsa staðsetningu í vafra";
$a->strings["clear location"] = "hreinsa staðsetningu";
$a->strings["Set title"] = "Setja titil";
$a->strings["Categories (comma-separated list)"] = "Flokkar (listi aðskilinn með kommum)";
$a->strings["Permission settings"] = "Stillingar aðgangsheimilda";
$a->strings["permissions"] = "aðgangsstýring";
$a->strings["Public post"] = "Opinber færsla";
$a->strings["Preview"] = "Forskoðun";
$a->strings["Post to Groups"] = "Senda á hópa";
$a->strings["Post to Contacts"] = "Senda á tengiliði";
$a->strings["Private post"] = "Einkafærsla";
$a->strings["Message"] = "Skilaboð";
$a->strings["Browser"] = "Vafri";
$a->strings["View all"] = "Skoða allt";
$a->strings["Like"] = array(
0 => "Líkar",
1 => "Líkar",
$a->strings["Dislike"] = array(
0 => "Mislíkar",
1 => "Mislíkar",
$a->strings["Not Attending"] = array(
0 => "Mæti ekki",
1 => "Mæta ekki",
$a->strings["Requested account is not available."] = "Umbeðin forsíða er ekki til.";
$a->strings["Requested profile is not available."] = "Umbeðin forsíða ekki til.";
$a->strings["Edit profile"] = "Breyta forsíðu";
$a->strings["Atom feed"] = "Atom fréttaveita";
$a->strings["Profiles"] = "Forsíður";
$a->strings["Manage/edit profiles"] = "Sýsla með forsíður";
$a->strings["Change profile photo"] = "Breyta forsíðumynd";
$a->strings["Create New Profile"] = "Stofna nýja forsíðu";
$a->strings["Profile Image"] = "Forsíðumynd";
$a->strings["visible to everybody"] = "sýnilegt öllum";
$a->strings["Edit visibility"] = "Sýsla með sýnileika";
$a->strings["Forum"] = "Spjallsvæði";
$a->strings["Gender:"] = "Kyn:";
$a->strings["Status:"] = "Staða:";
$a->strings["Homepage:"] = "Heimasíða:";
$a->strings["About:"] = "Um:";
$a->strings["Network:"] = "Netkerfi:";
$a->strings["g A l F d"] = "";
$a->strings["F d"] = "";
$a->strings["[today]"] = "[í dag]";
$a->strings["Birthday Reminders"] = "Afmælisáminningar";
$a->strings["Birthdays this week:"] = "Afmæli í þessari viku:";
$a->strings["[No description]"] = "[Engin lýsing]";
$a->strings["Event Reminders"] = "Atburðaáminningar";
$a->strings["Events this week:"] = "Atburðir vikunnar:";
$a->strings["Profile"] = "Forsíða";
$a->strings["Full Name:"] = "Fullt nafn:";
$a->strings["j F, Y"] = "";
$a->strings["j F"] = "";
$a->strings["Age:"] = "Aldur:";
$a->strings["for %1\$d %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["Sexual Preference:"] = "Kynhneigð:";
$a->strings["Hometown:"] = "Heimabær:";
$a->strings["Tags:"] = "Merki:";
$a->strings["Political Views:"] = "Stórnmálaskoðanir:";
$a->strings["Religion:"] = "Trúarskoðanir:";
$a->strings["Hobbies/Interests:"] = "Áhugamál/Áhugasvið:";
$a->strings["Likes:"] = "Líkar:";
$a->strings["Dislikes:"] = "Mislíkar:";
$a->strings["Contact information and Social Networks:"] = "Tengiliðaupplýsingar og samfélagsnet:";
$a->strings["Musical interests:"] = "Tónlistaráhugi:";
$a->strings["Books, literature:"] = "Bækur, bókmenntir:";
$a->strings["Television:"] = "Sjónvarp:";
$a->strings["Film/dance/culture/entertainment:"] = "Kvikmyndir/dans/menning/afþreying:";
$a->strings["Love/Romance:"] = "Ást/rómantík:";
$a->strings["Work/employment:"] = "Atvinna:";
$a->strings["School/education:"] = "Skóli/menntun:";
$a->strings["Forums:"] = "Spjallsvæði:";
$a->strings["Basic"] = "Einfalt";
$a->strings["Advanced"] = "Flóknari";
$a->strings["Status"] = "Staða";
$a->strings["Status Messages and Posts"] = "Stöðu skilaboð og færslur";
$a->strings["Profile Details"] = "Forsíðu upplýsingar";
$a->strings["Photos"] = "Myndir";
$a->strings["Photo Albums"] = "Myndabækur";
$a->strings["Videos"] = "Myndskeið";
$a->strings["Events"] = "Atburðir";
$a->strings["Events and Calendar"] = "Atburðir og dagskrá";
$a->strings["Personal Notes"] = "Persónulegar glósur";
$a->strings["Only You Can See This"] = "Aðeins þú sérð þetta";
$a->strings[" on"] = " á";
$a->strings["Disallowed profile URL."] = "Óleyfileg forsíðu slóð.";
$a->strings["Connect URL missing."] = "Tengislóð vantar.";
$a->strings["This site is not configured to allow communications with other networks."] = "Þessi vefur er ekki uppsettur til að leyfa samskipti við önnur samfélagsnet.";
$a->strings["No compatible communication protocols or feeds were discovered."] = "Engir samhæfðir samskiptastaðlar né fréttastraumar fundust.";
$a->strings["The profile address specified does not provide adequate information."] = "Uppgefin forsíðuslóð inniheldur ekki nægilegar upplýsingar.";
$a->strings["An author or name was not found."] = "Höfundur eða nafn fannst ekki.";
$a->strings["No browser URL could be matched to this address."] = "Engin vefslóð passaði við þetta vistfang.";
$a->strings["Unable to match @-style Identity Address with a known protocol or email contact."] = "";
$a->strings["Use mailto: in front of address to force email check."] = "";
$a->strings["The profile address specified belongs to a network which has been disabled on this site."] = "Þessi forsíðu slóð tilheyrir neti sem er bannað á þessum vef.";
$a->strings["Limited profile. This person will be unable to receive direct/personal notifications from you."] = "Takmörkuð forsíða. Þessi tengiliður mun ekki getað tekið á móti beinum/einka tilkynningum frá þér.";
$a->strings["Unable to retrieve contact information."] = "Ekki hægt að sækja tengiliðs upplýsingar.";
$a->strings["following"] = "fylgist með";
$a->strings["stopped following"] = "hætt að fylgja";
$a->strings["Drop Contact"] = "Henda tengilið";
$a->strings["Embedded content"] = "Innbyggt efni";
$a->strings["Embedding disabled"] = "Innfelling ekki leyfð";
$a->strings["Image/photo"] = "Mynd";
$a->strings["<a href=\"%1\$s\" target=\"_blank\">%2\$s</a> %3\$s"] = "<a href=\"%1\$s\" target=\"_blank\">%2\$s</a> %3\$s";
$a->strings["$1 wrote:"] = "$1 skrifaði:";
$a->strings["Encrypted content"] = "Dulritað efni";
$a->strings["Unknown | Not categorised"] = "Óþekkt | Ekki flokkað";
$a->strings["Block immediately"] = "Banna samstundis";
$a->strings["Shady, spammer, self-marketer"] = "Grunsamlegur, ruslsendari, auglýsandi";
$a->strings["Known to me, but no opinion"] = "Ég þekki þetta, en hef ekki skoðun á";
$a->strings["OK, probably harmless"] = "Í lagi, væntanlega meinlaus";
$a->strings["Reputable, has my trust"] = "Gott orðspor, ég treysti þessu";
$a->strings["Frequently"] = "Oft";
$a->strings["Hourly"] = "Klukkustundar fresti";
$a->strings["Twice daily"] = "Tvisvar á dag";
$a->strings["Daily"] = "Daglega";
$a->strings["Weekly"] = "Vikulega";
$a->strings["Monthly"] = "Mánaðarlega";
$a->strings["Friendica"] = "Friendica";
$a->strings["OStatus"] = "OStatus";
$a->strings["RSS/Atom"] = "RSS/Atom";
$a->strings["Email"] = "Póstfang";
$a->strings["Diaspora"] = "Diaspora";
$a->strings["Facebook"] = "Facebook";
$a->strings["Zot!"] = "Zot!";
$a->strings["LinkedIn"] = "LinkedIn";
$a->strings["XMPP/IM"] = "XMPP/IM";
$a->strings["MySpace"] = "MySpace";
$a->strings["Google+"] = "Google+";
$a->strings[""] = "";
$a->strings["Twitter"] = "Twitter";
$a->strings["Diaspora Connector"] = "Diaspora tenging";
$a->strings["GNU Social"] = "GNU Social";
$a->strings[""] = "";
$a->strings["Hubzilla/Redmatrix"] = "Hubzilla/Redmatrix";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\tThe friendica developers released update %s recently,\n\t\t\tbut when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.\n\t\t\tThis needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact a\n\t\t\tfriendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid."] = "";
$a->strings["The error message is\n[pre]%s[/pre]"] = "";
$a->strings["Errors encountered creating database tables."] = "Villur komu upp við að stofna töflur í gagnagrunn.";
$a->strings["Errors encountered performing database changes."] = "";
$a->strings["Logged out."] = "Skráður út.";
$a->strings["Login failed."] = "Innskráning mistókst.";
$a->strings["We encountered a problem while logging in with the OpenID you provided. Please check the correct spelling of the ID."] = "";
$a->strings["The error message was:"] = "Villumeldingin var:";
$a->strings["view full size"] = "Skoða í fullri stærð";
$a->strings["A deleted group with this name was revived. Existing item permissions <strong>may</strong> apply to this group and any future members. If this is not what you intended, please create another group with a different name."] = "Hóp sem var eytt hefur verið endurlífgaður. Færslur sem þegar voru til <strong>geta mögulega</strong> farið á hópinn og framtíðar meðlimir. Ef þetta er ekki það sem þú vilt, þá þarftu að búa til nýjan hóp með öðru nafni.";
$a->strings["Default privacy group for new contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["Everybody"] = "Allir";
$a->strings["edit"] = "breyta";
$a->strings["Groups"] = "Hópar";
$a->strings["Edit groups"] = "Breyta hópum";
$a->strings["Edit group"] = "Breyta hóp";
$a->strings["Create a new group"] = "Stofna nýjan hóp";
$a->strings["Group Name: "] = "Nafn hóps: ";
$a->strings["Contacts not in any group"] = "Tengiliðir ekki í neinum hópum";
$a->strings["add"] = "bæta við";
$a->strings["Wall Photos"] = "Veggmyndir";
$a->strings["(no subject)"] = "(ekkert efni)";
$a->strings["Passwords do not match. Password unchanged."] = "Aðgangsorð ber ekki saman. Aðgangsorð óbreytt.";
$a->strings["An invitation is required."] = "Boðskort er skilyrði.";
$a->strings["Invitation could not be verified."] = "Ekki hægt að sannreyna boðskort.";
$a->strings["Invalid OpenID url"] = "OpenID slóð ekki til";
$a->strings["Please enter the required information."] = "Settu inn umbeðnar upplýsingar.";
$a->strings["Please use a shorter name."] = "Notaðu styttra nafn.";
$a->strings["Name too short."] = "Nafn of stutt.";
$a->strings["That doesn't appear to be your full (First Last) name."] = "Þetta virðist ekki vera fullt nafn (Jón Jónsson).";
$a->strings["Your email domain is not among those allowed on this site."] = "Póstþjónninn er ekki í lista yfir leyfða póstþjóna á þessum vef.";
$a->strings["Not a valid email address."] = "Ekki gildt póstfang.";
$a->strings["Cannot use that email."] = "Ekki hægt að nota þetta póstfang.";
$a->strings["Your \"nickname\" can only contain \"a-z\", \"0-9\" and \"_\"."] = "Gælunafnið má bara innihalda \"a-z\", \"0-9, \"-\", \"_\".";
$a->strings["Nickname is already registered. Please choose another."] = "Gælunafn þegar skráð. Veldu annað.";
$a->strings["Nickname was once registered here and may not be re-used. Please choose another."] = "Gælunafn hefur áður skráð hér og er ekki hægt að endurnýta. Veldu eitthvað annað.";
$a->strings["SERIOUS ERROR: Generation of security keys failed."] = "VERULEGA ALVARLEG VILLA: Stofnun á öryggislyklum tókst ekki.";
$a->strings["An error occurred during registration. Please try again."] = "Villa kom upp við nýskráningu. Reyndu aftur.";
$a->strings["default"] = "sjálfgefið";
$a->strings["An error occurred creating your default profile. Please try again."] = "Villa kom upp við að stofna sjálfgefna forsíðu. Vinnsamlegast reyndu aftur.";
$a->strings["Profile Photos"] = "Forsíðumyndir";
$a->strings["\n\t\tDear %1\$s,\n\t\t\tThank you for registering at %2\$s. Your account has been created.\n\t"] = "";
$a->strings["\n\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n\t\t\tSite Location:\t%3\$s\n\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%1\$s\n\t\t\tPassword:\t%5\$s\n\n\t\tYou may change your password from your account \"Settings\" page after logging\n\t\tin.\n\n\t\tPlease take a few moments to review the other account settings on that page.\n\n\t\tYou may also wish to add some basic information to your default profile\n\t\t(on the \"Profiles\" page) so that other people can easily find you.\n\n\t\tWe recommend setting your full name, adding a profile photo,\n\t\tadding some profile \"keywords\" (very useful in making new friends) - and\n\t\tperhaps what country you live in; if you do not wish to be more specific\n\t\tthan that.\n\n\t\tWe fully respect your right to privacy, and none of these items are necessary.\n\t\tIf you are new and do not know anybody here, they may help\n\t\tyou to make some new and interesting friends.\n\n\n\t\tThank you and welcome to %2\$s."] = "";
$a->strings["Registration details for %s"] = "Nýskráningar upplýsingar fyrir %s";
$a->strings["Daily posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."] = "";
$a->strings["Weekly posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."] = "";
$a->strings["Monthly posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."] = "";
$a->strings["General Features"] = "Almennir eiginleikar";
$a->strings["Multiple Profiles"] = "";
$a->strings["Ability to create multiple profiles"] = "";
$a->strings["Photo Location"] = "Staðsetning ljósmyndar";
$a->strings["Photo metadata is normally stripped. This extracts the location (if present) prior to stripping metadata and links it to a map."] = "";
$a->strings["Export Public Calendar"] = "Flytja út opinbert dagatal";
$a->strings["Ability for visitors to download the public calendar"] = "";
$a->strings["Post Composition Features"] = "";
$a->strings["Richtext Editor"] = "";
$a->strings["Enable richtext editor"] = "";
$a->strings["Post Preview"] = "";
$a->strings["Allow previewing posts and comments before publishing them"] = "";
$a->strings["Auto-mention Forums"] = "";
$a->strings["Add/remove mention when a fourm page is selected/deselected in ACL window."] = "";
$a->strings["Network Sidebar Widgets"] = "";
$a->strings["Search by Date"] = "Leita eftir dagsetningu";
$a->strings["Ability to select posts by date ranges"] = "";
$a->strings["List Forums"] = "Spjallsvæðalistar";
$a->strings["Enable widget to display the forums your are connected with"] = "";
$a->strings["Group Filter"] = "";
$a->strings["Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected group"] = "";
$a->strings["Network Filter"] = "";
$a->strings["Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected network"] = "";
$a->strings["Saved Searches"] = "Vistaðar leitir";
$a->strings["Save search terms for re-use"] = "";
$a->strings["Network Tabs"] = "";
$a->strings["Network Personal Tab"] = "";
$a->strings["Enable tab to display only Network posts that you've interacted on"] = "";
$a->strings["Network New Tab"] = "";
$a->strings["Enable tab to display only new Network posts (from the last 12 hours)"] = "";
$a->strings["Network Shared Links Tab"] = "";
$a->strings["Enable tab to display only Network posts with links in them"] = "";
$a->strings["Post/Comment Tools"] = "";
$a->strings["Multiple Deletion"] = "";
$a->strings["Select and delete multiple posts/comments at once"] = "";
$a->strings["Edit Sent Posts"] = "";
$a->strings["Edit and correct posts and comments after sending"] = "";
$a->strings["Tagging"] = "";
$a->strings["Ability to tag existing posts"] = "";
$a->strings["Post Categories"] = "";
$a->strings["Add categories to your posts"] = "";
$a->strings["Ability to file posts under folders"] = "";
$a->strings["Dislike Posts"] = "";
$a->strings["Ability to dislike posts/comments"] = "";
$a->strings["Star Posts"] = "";
$a->strings["Ability to mark special posts with a star indicator"] = "";
$a->strings["Mute Post Notifications"] = "";
$a->strings["Ability to mute notifications for a thread"] = "";
$a->strings["Advanced Profile Settings"] = "";
$a->strings["Show visitors public community forums at the Advanced Profile Page"] = "";
$a->strings["Nothing new here"] = "Ekkert nýtt hér";
$a->strings["Clear notifications"] = "Hreinsa tilkynningar";
$a->strings["End this session"] = "Loka þessu innliti";
$a->strings["Your posts and conversations"] = "Samtölin þín";
$a->strings["Your profile page"] = "Forsíðan þín";
$a->strings["Your photos"] = "Myndirnar þínar";
$a->strings["Your videos"] = "Myndskeiðin þín";
$a->strings["Your events"] = "Atburðirnir þínir";
$a->strings["Personal notes"] = "Einkaglósur";
$a->strings["Your personal notes"] = "Einkaglósurnar þínar";
$a->strings["Sign in"] = "Innskrá";
$a->strings["Home"] = "Heim";
$a->strings["Home Page"] = "Heimasíða";
$a->strings["Create an account"] = "Stofna notanda";
$a->strings["Help"] = "Hjálp";
$a->strings["Help and documentation"] = "Hjálp og leiðbeiningar";
$a->strings["Apps"] = "Forrit";
$a->strings["Addon applications, utilities, games"] = "Viðbótarforrit, nytjatól, leikir";
$a->strings["Search site content"] = "Leita í efni á vef";
$a->strings["Community"] = "Samfélag";
$a->strings["Conversations on this site"] = "Samtöl á þessum vef";
$a->strings["Conversations on the network"] = "Samtöl á þessu neti";
$a->strings["Directory"] = "Tengiliðalisti";
$a->strings["People directory"] = "Nafnaskrá";
$a->strings["Information"] = "Upplýsingar";
$a->strings["Information about this friendica instance"] = "Upplýsingar um þetta tilvik Friendica";
$a->strings["Network"] = "Samfélag";
$a->strings["Conversations from your friends"] = "Samtöl frá vinum";
$a->strings["Network Reset"] = "Núllstilling netkerfis";
$a->strings["Load Network page with no filters"] = "";
$a->strings["Introductions"] = "Kynningar";
$a->strings["Friend Requests"] = "Vinabeiðnir";
$a->strings["Notifications"] = "Tilkynningar";
$a->strings["See all notifications"] = "Sjá allar tilkynningar";
$a->strings["Mark as seen"] = "Merka sem séð";
$a->strings["Mark all system notifications seen"] = "Merkja allar tilkynningar sem séðar";
$a->strings["Messages"] = "Skilaboð";
$a->strings["Private mail"] = "Einka skilaboð";
$a->strings["Inbox"] = "Innhólf";
$a->strings["Outbox"] = "Úthólf";
$a->strings["New Message"] = "Ný skilaboð";
$a->strings["Manage"] = "Umsýsla";
$a->strings["Manage other pages"] = "Sýsla með aðrar síður";
$a->strings["Delegations"] = "";
$a->strings["Delegate Page Management"] = "";
$a->strings["Settings"] = "Stillingar";
$a->strings["Account settings"] = "Stillingar aðgangsreiknings";
$a->strings["Manage/Edit Profiles"] = "Sýsla með forsíður";
$a->strings["Manage/edit friends and contacts"] = "Sýsla með vini og tengiliði";
$a->strings["Admin"] = "Stjórnborð";
$a->strings["Site setup and configuration"] = "Uppsetning og stillingar vefsvæðis";
$a->strings["Navigation"] = "Yfirsýn";
$a->strings["Site map"] = "Yfirlit um vefsvæði";
$a->strings["%1\$s is attending %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s is not attending %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s may attend %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["Post to Email"] = "Senda skilaboð á tölvupóst";
$a->strings["Connectors disabled, since \"%s\" is enabled."] = "";
$a->strings["Hide your profile details from unknown viewers?"] = "Fela forsíðuupplýsingar fyrir óþekktum?";
$a->strings["Visible to everybody"] = "Sjáanlegt öllum";
$a->strings["show"] = "sýna";
$a->strings["don't show"] = "fela";
$a->strings["CC: email addresses"] = "CC: tölvupóstfang";
$a->strings["Example:,"] = "Dæmi:,";
$a->strings["Permissions"] = "Aðgangsheimildir";
$a->strings["Close"] = "Loka";
$a->strings["[no subject]"] = "[ekkert efni]";
$a->strings["You must be logged in to use addons. "] = "Þú verður að vera skráður inn til að geta notað viðbætur. ";
$a->strings["Not Found"] = "Fannst ekki";
$a->strings["Page not found."] = "Síða fannst ekki.";
$a->strings["Permission denied"] = "Bannaður aðgangur";
$a->strings["toggle mobile"] = "";
$a->strings["Account approved."] = "Notandi samþykktur.";
$a->strings["Registration revoked for %s"] = "Skráning afturköllurð vegna %s";
$a->strings["Please login."] = "Skráðu yður inn.";
$a->strings["Post successful."] = "Melding tókst.";
$a->strings["[Embedded content - reload page to view]"] = "[Innfelt efni - endurhlaða síðu til að sjá]";
$a->strings["People Search - %s"] = "Leita að fólki - %s";
$a->strings["Forum Search - %s"] = "Leita á spjallsvæði - %s";
$a->strings["No matches"] = "Engar leitarniðurstöður";
$a->strings["Access denied."] = "Aðgangi hafnað.";
$a->strings["Welcome to %s"] = "Velkomin í %s";
$a->strings["No more system notifications."] = "Ekki fleiri kerfistilkynningar.";
$a->strings["System Notifications"] = "Kerfistilkynningar";
$a->strings["Remove term"] = "Fjarlæga gildi";
$a->strings["Public access denied."] = "Alemennings aðgangur ekki veittur.";
$a->strings["Only logged in users are permitted to perform a search."] = "Aðeins innskráðir notendur geta framkvæmt leit.";
$a->strings["Too Many Requests"] = "Of margar beiðnir";
$a->strings["Only one search per minute is permitted for not logged in users."] = "Notendur sem ekki eru innskráðir geta aðeins framkvæmt eina leit á mínútu.";
$a->strings["No results."] = "Engar leitarniðurstöður.";
$a->strings["Items tagged with: %s"] = "Atriði merkt með: %s";
$a->strings["Results for: %s"] = "Niðurstöður fyrir: %s";
$a->strings["Invalid request identifier."] = "Ógilt auðkenni beiðnar.";
$a->strings["Discard"] = "Henda";
$a->strings["Ignore"] = "Hunsa";
$a->strings["System"] = "Kerfi";
$a->strings["Personal"] = "Einka";
$a->strings["Show Ignored Requests"] = "Sýna hunsaðar beiðnir";
$a->strings["Hide Ignored Requests"] = "Fela hunsaðar beiðnir";
$a->strings["Notification type: "] = "Gerð skilaboða: ";
$a->strings["Friend Suggestion"] = "Vina tillaga";
$a->strings["suggested by %s"] = "stungið uppá af %s";
$a->strings["Hide this contact from others"] = "Gera þennan notanda ósýnilegan öðrum";
$a->strings["Post a new friend activity"] = "Búa til færslu um nýjan vin";
$a->strings["if applicable"] = "ef við á";
$a->strings["Approve"] = "Samþykkja";
$a->strings["Claims to be known to you: "] = "Þykist þekkja þig:";
$a->strings["yes"] = "";
$a->strings["no"] = "nei";
$a->strings["Shall your connection be bidirectional or not? \"Friend\" implies that you allow to read and you subscribe to their posts. \"Fan/Admirer\" means that you allow to read but you do not want to read theirs. Approve as: "] = "";
$a->strings["Shall your connection be bidirectional or not? \"Friend\" implies that you allow to read and you subscribe to their posts. \"Sharer\" means that you allow to read but you do not want to read theirs. Approve as: "] = "";
$a->strings["Friend"] = "Vin";
$a->strings["Sharer"] = "Deilir";
$a->strings["Fan/Admirer"] = "Fylgjandi/Aðdáandi";
$a->strings["Friend/Connect Request"] = "Vinabeiðni/Tengibeiðni";
$a->strings["New Follower"] = "Nýr fylgjandi";
$a->strings["Profile URL"] = "Slóð á forsíðu";
$a->strings["No introductions."] = "Engar kynningar.";
$a->strings["%s liked %s's post"] = "%s líkaði færsla hjá %s";
$a->strings["%s disliked %s's post"] = "%s mislíkaði færsla hjá %s";
$a->strings["%s is now friends with %s"] = "%s er nú vinur %s";
$a->strings["%s created a new post"] = "%s bjó til færslu";
$a->strings["%s commented on %s's post"] = "%s athugasemd við %s's færslu";
$a->strings["No more network notifications."] = "Engar tilkynningar á neti.";
$a->strings["Network Notifications"] = "Tilkynningar á neti";
$a->strings["No more personal notifications."] = "Engar einka tilkynningar.";
$a->strings["Personal Notifications"] = "Einkatilkynningar.";
$a->strings["No more home notifications."] = "Ekki fleiri heima tilkynningar";
$a->strings["Home Notifications"] = "Tilkynningar frá heimasvæði";
$a->strings["Profile not found."] = "Forsíða fannst ekki.";
$a->strings["Contact not found."] = "Tengiliður fannst ekki.";
$a->strings["This may occasionally happen if contact was requested by both persons and it has already been approved."] = "";
$a->strings["Response from remote site was not understood."] = "Ekki tókst að skilja svar frá ytri vef.";
$a->strings["Unexpected response from remote site: "] = "Óskiljanlegt svar frá ytri vef:";
$a->strings["Confirmation completed successfully."] = "Staðfesting kláraði eðlilega.";
$a->strings["Remote site reported: "] = "Ytri vefur svaraði:";
$a->strings["Temporary failure. Please wait and try again."] = "Tímabundin villa. Bíddu aðeins og reyndu svo aftur.";
$a->strings["Introduction failed or was revoked."] = "Kynning mistókst eða var afturkölluð.";
$a->strings["Unable to set contact photo."] = "Ekki tókst að setja tengiliðamynd.";
$a->strings["No user record found for '%s' "] = "Engin notandafærsla fannst fyrir '%s'";
$a->strings["Our site encryption key is apparently messed up."] = "Dulkóðunnar lykill síðunnar okker er í döðlu.";
$a->strings["Empty site URL was provided or URL could not be decrypted by us."] = "Tómt slóð var uppgefin eða ekki okkur tókst ekki að afkóða slóð.";
$a->strings["Contact record was not found for you on our site."] = "Tengiliðafærslan þín fannst ekki á þjóninum okkar.";
$a->strings["Site public key not available in contact record for URL %s."] = "Opinber lykill er ekki til í tengiliðafærslu fyrir slóð %s.";
$a->strings["The ID provided by your system is a duplicate on our system. It should work if you try again."] = "Skilríkið sem þjónninn þinn gaf upp er þegar afritað á okkar þjón. Þetta ætti að virka ef þú bara reynir aftur.";
$a->strings["Unable to set your contact credentials on our system."] = "Ekki tókst að setja tengiliða skilríkið þitt upp á þjóninum okkar.";
$a->strings["Unable to update your contact profile details on our system"] = "Ekki tókst að uppfæra tengiliða skilríkis upplýsingarnar á okkar þjón";
$a->strings["%1\$s has joined %2\$s"] = "%1\$s hefur gengið til liðs við %2\$s";
$a->strings["This is Friendica, version"] = "Þetta er Friendica útgáfa";
$a->strings["running at web location"] = "Keyrir á slóð";
$a->strings["Please visit <a href=\"\"></a> to learn more about the Friendica project."] = "Á <a href=\"\"></a> er hægt að fræðast nánar um Friendica verkefnið.";
$a->strings["Bug reports and issues: please visit"] = "Villu tilkynningar og vandamál: endilega skoða";
$a->strings["the bugtracker at github"] = "villuskráningu á GitHub";
$a->strings["Suggestions, praise, donations, etc. - please email \"Info\" at Friendica - dot com"] = "Uppástungur, lof, framlög og svo framvegis - sendið tölvupóst á \"Info\" hjá Friendica - punktur com";
$a->strings["Installed plugins/addons/apps:"] = "Uppsettar kerfiseiningar/viðbætur/forrit:";
$a->strings["No installed plugins/addons/apps"] = "Engin uppsett kerfiseining/viðbót/forrit";
$a->strings["No valid account found."] = "Engin gildur aðgangur fannst.";
$a->strings["Password reset request issued. Check your email."] = "Gefin var beiðni um breytingu á lykilorði. Opnaðu tölvupóstinn þinn.";
$a->strings["\n\t\tDear %1\$s,\n\t\t\tA request was recently received at \"%2\$s\" to reset your account\n\t\tpassword. In order to confirm this request, please select the verification link\n\t\tbelow or paste it into your web browser address bar.\n\n\t\tIf you did NOT request this change, please DO NOT follow the link\n\t\tprovided and ignore and/or delete this email.\n\n\t\tYour password will not be changed unless we can verify that you\n\t\tissued this request."] = "";
$a->strings["\n\t\tFollow this link to verify your identity:\n\n\t\t%1\$s\n\n\t\tYou will then receive a follow-up message containing the new password.\n\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n\n\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n\n\t\tSite Location:\t%2\$s\n\t\tLogin Name:\t%3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["Password reset requested at %s"] = "Beðið var um endurstillingu lykilorðs %s";
$a->strings["Request could not be verified. (You may have previously submitted it.) Password reset failed."] = "Ekki var hægt að sannreyna beiðni. (Það getur verið að þú hafir þegar verið búin/n að senda hana.) Endurstilling á lykilorði tókst ekki.";
$a->strings["Your password has been reset as requested."] = "Aðgangsorðið þitt hefur verið endurstilt.";
$a->strings["Your new password is"] = "Nýja aðgangsorð þitt er ";
$a->strings["Save or copy your new password - and then"] = "Vistaðu eða afritaðu nýja aðgangsorðið - og";
$a->strings["click here to login"] = "smelltu síðan hér til að skrá þig inn";
$a->strings["Your password may be changed from the <em>Settings</em> page after successful login."] = "Þú getur breytt aðgangsorðinu þínu á <em>Stillingar</em> síðunni eftir að þú hefur skráð þig inn.";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\t\tDear %1\$s,\n\t\t\t\t\tYour password has been changed as requested. Please retain this\n\t\t\t\tinformation for your records (or change your password immediately to\n\t\t\t\tsomething that you will remember).\n\t\t\t"] = "";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\t\tYour login details are as follows:\n\n\t\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1\$s\n\t\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%2\$s\n\t\t\t\tPassword:\t%3\$s\n\n\t\t\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n\t\t\t"] = "";
$a->strings["Your password has been changed at %s"] = "Aðgangsorðinu þínu var breytt í %s";
$a->strings["Forgot your Password?"] = "Gleymdir þú lykilorði þínu?";
$a->strings["Enter your email address and submit to have your password reset. Then check your email for further instructions."] = "Sláðu inn tölvupóstfangið þitt til að endurstilla aðgangsorðið og fá leiðbeiningar sendar með tölvupósti.";
$a->strings["Reset"] = "Endursetja";
$a->strings["No profile"] = "Engin forsíða";
$a->strings["Help:"] = "Hjálp:";
$a->strings["Invalid request."] = "Ógild fyrirspurn.";
$a->strings["Image exceeds size limit of %s"] = "";
$a->strings["Unable to process image."] = "Ekki mögulegt afgreiða mynd";
$a->strings["Image upload failed."] = "Ekki hægt að hlaða upp mynd.";
$a->strings["Friend suggestion sent."] = "Vina tillaga send";
$a->strings["Suggest Friends"] = "Stinga uppá vinum";
$a->strings["Suggest a friend for %s"] = "Stinga uppá vin fyrir %s";
$a->strings["Submit"] = "Senda inn";
$a->strings["Remote privacy information not available."] = "Persónuverndar upplýsingar ekki fyrir hendi á fjarlægum vefþjón.";
$a->strings["Visible to:"] = "Sýnilegt eftirfarandi:";
$a->strings["Event can not end before it has started."] = "";
$a->strings["Event title and start time are required."] = "";
$a->strings["View"] = "Skoða";
$a->strings["Create New Event"] = "Stofna nýjan atburð";
$a->strings["Previous"] = "Fyrra";
$a->strings["Next"] = "Næsta";
$a->strings["Event details"] = "Nánar um atburð";
$a->strings["Starting date and Title are required."] = "";
$a->strings["Event Starts:"] = "Atburður hefst:";
$a->strings["Required"] = "Nauðsynlegt";
$a->strings["Finish date/time is not known or not relevant"] = "Loka dagsetning/tímasetning ekki vituð eða skiptir ekki máli";
$a->strings["Event Finishes:"] = "Atburður klárar:";
$a->strings["Adjust for viewer timezone"] = "Heimfæra á tímabelti áhorfanda";
$a->strings["Description:"] = "Lýsing:";
$a->strings["Title:"] = "Titill:";
$a->strings["Share this event"] = "Deila þessum atburði";
$a->strings["Global Directory"] = "Alheimstengiliðaskrá";
$a->strings["Find on this site"] = "Leita á þessum vef";
$a->strings["Results for:"] = "Niðurstöður fyrir:";
$a->strings["Site Directory"] = "Skrá yfir tengiliði á þessum vef";
$a->strings["No entries (some entries may be hidden)."] = "Engar færslur (sumar geta verið faldar).";
$a->strings["OpenID protocol error. No ID returned."] = "Samskiptavilla í OpenID. Ekkert auðkenni barst.";
$a->strings["Account not found and OpenID registration is not permitted on this site."] = "";
$a->strings["This site has exceeded the number of allowed daily account registrations. Please try again tomorrow."] = "Þessi vefur hefur náð hámarks fjölda daglegra nýskráninga. Reyndu aftur á morgun.";
$a->strings["Import"] = "Flytja inn";
$a->strings["Move account"] = "Flytja aðgang";
$a->strings["You can import an account from another Friendica server."] = "";
$a->strings["You need to export your account from the old server and upload it here. We will recreate your old account here with all your contacts. We will try also to inform your friends that you moved here."] = "";
$a->strings["This feature is experimental. We can't import contacts from the OStatus network (GNU Social/Statusnet) or from Diaspora"] = "";
$a->strings["Account file"] = "";
$a->strings["To export your account, go to \"Settings->Export your personal data\" and select \"Export account\""] = "";
$a->strings["Visit %s's profile [%s]"] = "Heimsækja forsíðu %s [%s]";
$a->strings["Edit contact"] = "Breyta tengilið";
$a->strings["Contacts who are not members of a group"] = "";
$a->strings["No keywords to match. Please add keywords to your default profile."] = "Engin leitarorð. Bættu við leitarorðum í sjálfgefnu forsíðuna.";
$a->strings["is interested in:"] = "hefur áhuga á:";
$a->strings["Profile Match"] = "Forsíða fannst";
$a->strings["Export account"] = "";
$a->strings["Export your account info and contacts. Use this to make a backup of your account and/or to move it to another server."] = "";
$a->strings["Export all"] = "";
$a->strings["Export your accout info, contacts and all your items as json. Could be a very big file, and could take a lot of time. Use this to make a full backup of your account (photos are not exported)"] = "";
$a->strings["Export personal data"] = "Sækja persónuleg gögn";
$a->strings["Total invitation limit exceeded."] = "";
$a->strings["%s : Not a valid email address."] = "%s : Ekki gilt póstfang";
$a->strings["Please join us on Friendica"] = "";
$a->strings["Invitation limit exceeded. Please contact your site administrator."] = "";
$a->strings["%s : Message delivery failed."] = "%s : Skilaboð komust ekki til skila.";
$a->strings["%d message sent."] = array(
0 => "%d skilaboð send.",
1 => "%d skilaboð send",
$a->strings["You have no more invitations available"] = "Þú hefur ekki fleiri boðskort.";
$a->strings["Visit %s for a list of public sites that you can join. Friendica members on other sites can all connect with each other, as well as with members of many other social networks."] = "";
$a->strings["To accept this invitation, please visit and register at %s or any other public Friendica website."] = "";
$a->strings["Friendica sites all inter-connect to create a huge privacy-enhanced social web that is owned and controlled by its members. They can also connect with many traditional social networks. See %s for a list of alternate Friendica sites you can join."] = "";
$a->strings["Our apologies. This system is not currently configured to connect with other public sites or invite members."] = "";
$a->strings["Send invitations"] = "Senda kynningar";
$a->strings["Enter email addresses, one per line:"] = "Póstföng, eitt í hverja línu:";
$a->strings["Your message:"] = "Skilaboðin:";
$a->strings["You are cordially invited to join me and other close friends on Friendica - and help us to create a better social web."] = "";
$a->strings["You will need to supply this invitation code: \$invite_code"] = "Þú þarft að nota eftirfarandi boðskorta auðkenni: \$invite_code";
$a->strings["Once you have registered, please connect with me via my profile page at:"] = "Þegar þú hefur nýskráð þig, hafðu samband við mig gegnum síðuna mína á:";
$a->strings["For more information about the Friendica project and why we feel it is important, please visit"] = "";
$a->strings["Contact Photos"] = "Myndir tengiliðs";
$a->strings["Files"] = "Skrár";
$a->strings["System down for maintenance"] = "Kerfið er óvirkt vegna viðhalds";
$a->strings["Invalid profile identifier."] = "Ógilt tengiliða auðkenni";
$a->strings["Profile Visibility Editor"] = "Sýsla með sjáanleika forsíðu";
$a->strings["Click on a contact to add or remove."] = "Ýttu á tengilið til að bæta við hóp eða taka úr hóp.";
$a->strings["Visible To"] = "Sjáanlegur hverjum";
$a->strings["All Contacts (with secure profile access)"] = "Allir tengiliðir (með öruggann aðgang að forsíðu)";
$a->strings["No contacts."] = "Enginn tengiliður";
$a->strings["Contact settings applied."] = "Stillingar tengiliðs uppfærðar.";
$a->strings["Contact update failed."] = "Uppfærsla tengiliðs mistókst.";
$a->strings["<strong>WARNING: This is highly advanced</strong> and if you enter incorrect information your communications with this contact may stop working."] = "<strong>AÐVÖRUN: Þetta er mjög flókið</strong> og ef þú setur inn vitlausar upplýsingar þá munu samskipti við þennan tengilið hætta að virka.";
$a->strings["Please use your browser 'Back' button <strong>now</strong> if you are uncertain what to do on this page."] = "Notaðu \"Til baka\" hnappinn <strong>núna</strong> ef þú ert ekki viss um hvað þú eigir að gera á þessari síðu.";
$a->strings["No mirroring"] = "";
$a->strings["Mirror as forwarded posting"] = "";
$a->strings["Mirror as my own posting"] = "";
$a->strings["Return to contact editor"] = "Fara til baka í tengiliðasýsl";
$a->strings["Refetch contact data"] = "";
$a->strings["Name"] = "Nafn";
$a->strings["Account Nickname"] = "Gælunafn notanda";
$a->strings["@Tagname - overrides Name/Nickname"] = "@Merkjanafn - yfirskrifar Nafn/Gælunafn";
$a->strings["Account URL"] = "Heimasíða notanda";
$a->strings["Friend Request URL"] = "Slóð vinabeiðnar";
$a->strings["Friend Confirm URL"] = "Slóð vina staðfestingar ";
$a->strings["Notification Endpoint URL"] = "Slóð loka tilkynningar";
$a->strings["Poll/Feed URL"] = "Slóð á könnun/fréttastraum";
$a->strings["New photo from this URL"] = "Ný mynd frá slóð";
$a->strings["Remote Self"] = "";
$a->strings["Mirror postings from this contact"] = "";
$a->strings["Mark this contact as remote_self, this will cause friendica to repost new entries from this contact."] = "";
$a->strings["Tag removed"] = "Merki fjarlægt";
$a->strings["Remove Item Tag"] = "Fjarlægja merki ";
$a->strings["Select a tag to remove: "] = "Veldu merki til að fjarlægja:";
$a->strings["Remove"] = "Fjarlægja";
$a->strings["{0} wants to be your friend"] = "{0} vill vera vinur þinn";
$a->strings["{0} sent you a message"] = "{0} sendi þér skilboð";
$a->strings["{0} requested registration"] = "{0} óskaði eftir skráningu";
$a->strings["Theme settings updated."] = "Þemastillingar uppfærðar.";
$a->strings["Site"] = "Vefur";
$a->strings["Users"] = "Notendur";
$a->strings["Plugins"] = "Kerfiseiningar";
$a->strings["Themes"] = "Þemu";
$a->strings["Additional features"] = "Viðbótareiginleikar";
$a->strings["DB updates"] = "Gagnagrunnsuppfærslur";
$a->strings["Inspect Queue"] = "";
$a->strings["Federation Statistics"] = "";
$a->strings["Logs"] = "Atburðaskrá";
$a->strings["View Logs"] = "Skoða atburðaskrár";
$a->strings["probe address"] = "";
$a->strings["check webfinger"] = "";
$a->strings["Plugin Features"] = "Eiginleikar kerfiseiningar";
$a->strings["diagnostics"] = "greining";
$a->strings["User registrations waiting for confirmation"] = "Notenda nýskráningar bíða samþykkis";
$a->strings["This page offers you some numbers to the known part of the federated social network your Friendica node is part of. These numbers are not complete but only reflect the part of the network your node is aware of."] = "";
$a->strings["The <em>Auto Discovered Contact Directory</em> feature is not enabled, it will improve the data displayed here."] = "";
$a->strings["Administration"] = "Stjórnun";
$a->strings["Currently this node is aware of %d nodes from the following platforms:"] = "";
$a->strings["ID"] = "";
$a->strings["Recipient Name"] = "Nafn viðtakanda";
$a->strings["Recipient Profile"] = "Forsíða viðtakanda";
$a->strings["Created"] = "Búið til";
$a->strings["Last Tried"] = "Síðast prófað";
$a->strings["This page lists the content of the queue for outgoing postings. These are postings the initial delivery failed for. They will be resend later and eventually deleted if the delivery fails permanently."] = "";
$a->strings["Normal Account"] = "Venjulegur notandi";
$a->strings["Soapbox Account"] = "Sápukassa notandi";
$a->strings["Community/Celebrity Account"] = "Hópa-/Stjörnusíða";
$a->strings["Automatic Friend Account"] = "Verður sjálfkrafa vinur notandi";
$a->strings["Blog Account"] = "";
$a->strings["Private Forum"] = "Einkaspjallsvæði";
$a->strings["Message queues"] = "";
$a->strings["Summary"] = "Samantekt";
$a->strings["Registered users"] = "Skráðir notendur";
$a->strings["Pending registrations"] = "Nýskráningar í bið";
$a->strings["Version"] = "Útgáfa";
$a->strings["Active plugins"] = "Virkar kerfiseiningar";
$a->strings["Can not parse base url. Must have at least <scheme>://<domain>"] = "";
$a->strings["RINO2 needs mcrypt php extension to work."] = "";
$a->strings["Site settings updated."] = "Stillingar vefsvæðis uppfærðar.";
$a->strings["No special theme for mobile devices"] = "";
$a->strings["No community page"] = "";
$a->strings["Public postings from users of this site"] = "";
$a->strings["Global community page"] = "";
$a->strings["Never"] = "aldrei";
$a->strings["At post arrival"] = "";
$a->strings["Disabled"] = "Slökkt";
$a->strings["Users, Global Contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["Users, Global Contacts/fallback"] = "";
$a->strings["One month"] = "Einn mánuður";
$a->strings["Three months"] = "Þrír mánuðir";
$a->strings["Half a year"] = "Hálft ár";
$a->strings["One year"] = "Eitt ár";
$a->strings["Multi user instance"] = "";
$a->strings["Closed"] = "Lokað";
$a->strings["Requires approval"] = "Þarf samþykki";
$a->strings["Open"] = "Opið";
$a->strings["No SSL policy, links will track page SSL state"] = "";
$a->strings["Force all links to use SSL"] = "";
$a->strings["Self-signed certificate, use SSL for local links only (discouraged)"] = "";
$a->strings["Save Settings"] = "Vista stillingar";
$a->strings["Registration"] = "Nýskráning";
$a->strings["File upload"] = "Hlaða upp skrá";
$a->strings["Policies"] = "Stefna";
$a->strings["Auto Discovered Contact Directory"] = "";
$a->strings["Performance"] = "Afköst";
$a->strings["Worker"] = "";
$a->strings["Relocate - WARNING: advanced function. Could make this server unreachable."] = "";
$a->strings["Site name"] = "Nafn síðu";
$a->strings["Host name"] = "Vélarheiti";
$a->strings["Sender Email"] = "Tölvupóstfang sendanda";
$a->strings["The email address your server shall use to send notification emails from."] = "";
$a->strings["Banner/Logo"] = "Borði/Merki";
$a->strings["Shortcut icon"] = "Táknmynd flýtivísunar";
$a->strings["Link to an icon that will be used for browsers."] = "";
$a->strings["Touch icon"] = "";
$a->strings["Link to an icon that will be used for tablets and mobiles."] = "";
$a->strings["Additional Info"] = "";
$a->strings["For public servers: you can add additional information here that will be listed at %s/siteinfo."] = "";
$a->strings["System language"] = "Tungumál kerfis";
$a->strings["System theme"] = "Þema kerfis";
$a->strings["Default system theme - may be over-ridden by user profiles - <a href='#' id='cnftheme'>change theme settings</a>"] = "";
$a->strings["Mobile system theme"] = "";
$a->strings["Theme for mobile devices"] = "";
$a->strings["SSL link policy"] = "";
$a->strings["Determines whether generated links should be forced to use SSL"] = "";
$a->strings["Force SSL"] = "Þvinga SSL";
$a->strings["Force all Non-SSL requests to SSL - Attention: on some systems it could lead to endless loops."] = "";
$a->strings["Old style 'Share'"] = "";
$a->strings["Deactivates the bbcode element 'share' for repeating items."] = "";
$a->strings["Hide help entry from navigation menu"] = "";
$a->strings["Hides the menu entry for the Help pages from the navigation menu. You can still access it calling /help directly."] = "";
$a->strings["Single user instance"] = "";
$a->strings["Make this instance multi-user or single-user for the named user"] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum image size"] = "Mesta stærð mynda";
$a->strings["Maximum size in bytes of uploaded images. Default is 0, which means no limits."] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum image length"] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum length in pixels of the longest side of uploaded images. Default is -1, which means no limits."] = "";
$a->strings["JPEG image quality"] = "JPEG myndgæði";
$a->strings["Uploaded JPEGS will be saved at this quality setting [0-100]. Default is 100, which is full quality."] = "";
$a->strings["Register policy"] = "Stefna varðandi nýskráningar";
$a->strings["Maximum Daily Registrations"] = "";
$a->strings["If registration is permitted above, this sets the maximum number of new user registrations to accept per day. If register is set to closed, this setting has no effect."] = "";
$a->strings["Register text"] = "Texti við nýskráningu";
$a->strings["Will be displayed prominently on the registration page."] = "";
$a->strings["Accounts abandoned after x days"] = "Yfirgefnir notendur eftir x daga";
$a->strings["Will not waste system resources polling external sites for abandonded accounts. Enter 0 for no time limit."] = "Hættir að eyða afli í að sækja færslur á ytri vefi fyrir yfirgefna notendur. 0 þýðir notendur merkjast ekki yfirgefnir.";
$a->strings["Allowed friend domains"] = "Leyfð lén vina";
$a->strings["Comma separated list of domains which are allowed to establish friendships with this site. Wildcards are accepted. Empty to allow any domains"] = "";
$a->strings["Allowed email domains"] = "Leyfð lén póstfangs";
$a->strings["Comma separated list of domains which are allowed in email addresses for registrations to this site. Wildcards are accepted. Empty to allow any domains"] = "";
$a->strings["Block public"] = "Loka á opinberar færslur";
$a->strings["Check to block public access to all otherwise public personal pages on this site unless you are currently logged in."] = "";
$a->strings["Force publish"] = "Skylda að vera í tengiliðalista";
$a->strings["Check to force all profiles on this site to be listed in the site directory."] = "";
$a->strings["Global directory URL"] = "";
$a->strings["URL to the global directory. If this is not set, the global directory is completely unavailable to the application."] = "";
$a->strings["Allow threaded items"] = "";
$a->strings["Allow infinite level threading for items on this site."] = "";
$a->strings["Private posts by default for new users"] = "";
$a->strings["Set default post permissions for all new members to the default privacy group rather than public."] = "";
$a->strings["Don't include post content in email notifications"] = "";
$a->strings["Don't include the content of a post/comment/private message/etc. in the email notifications that are sent out from this site, as a privacy measure."] = "";
$a->strings["Disallow public access to addons listed in the apps menu."] = "Hindra opið aðgengi að viðbótum í forritavalmyndinni.";
$a->strings["Checking this box will restrict addons listed in the apps menu to members only."] = "Ef hakað er í þetta verður aðgengi að viðbótum í forritavalmyndinni takmarkað við meðlimi.";
$a->strings["Don't embed private images in posts"] = "";
$a->strings["Don't replace locally-hosted private photos in posts with an embedded copy of the image. This means that contacts who receive posts containing private photos will have to authenticate and load each image, which may take a while."] = "";
$a->strings["Allow Users to set remote_self"] = "";
$a->strings["With checking this, every user is allowed to mark every contact as a remote_self in the repair contact dialog. Setting this flag on a contact causes mirroring every posting of that contact in the users stream."] = "";
$a->strings["Block multiple registrations"] = "Banna margar skráningar";
$a->strings["Disallow users to register additional accounts for use as pages."] = "";
$a->strings["OpenID support"] = "Leyfa OpenID auðkenningu";
$a->strings["OpenID support for registration and logins."] = "";
$a->strings["Fullname check"] = "Fullt nafn skilyrði";
$a->strings["Force users to register with a space between firstname and lastname in Full name, as an antispam measure"] = "";
$a->strings["UTF-8 Regular expressions"] = "UTF-8 hefðbundin stöfun";
$a->strings["Use PHP UTF8 regular expressions"] = "";
$a->strings["Community Page Style"] = "";
$a->strings["Type of community page to show. 'Global community' shows every public posting from an open distributed network that arrived on this server."] = "";
$a->strings["Posts per user on community page"] = "";
$a->strings["The maximum number of posts per user on the community page. (Not valid for 'Global Community')"] = "";
$a->strings["Enable OStatus support"] = "Leyfa OStatus stuðning";
$a->strings["Provide built-in OStatus (StatusNet, GNU Social etc.) compatibility. All communications in OStatus are public, so privacy warnings will be occasionally displayed."] = "";
$a->strings["OStatus conversation completion interval"] = "";
$a->strings["How often shall the poller check for new entries in OStatus conversations? This can be a very ressource task."] = "";
$a->strings["Only import OStatus threads from our contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["Normally we import every content from our OStatus contacts. With this option we only store threads that are started by a contact that is known on our system."] = "";
$a->strings["OStatus support can only be enabled if threading is enabled."] = "";
$a->strings["Diaspora support can't be enabled because Friendica was installed into a sub directory."] = "";
$a->strings["Enable Diaspora support"] = "Leyfa Diaspora tengingar";
$a->strings["Provide built-in Diaspora network compatibility."] = "";
$a->strings["Only allow Friendica contacts"] = "Aðeins leyfa Friendica notendur";
$a->strings["All contacts must use Friendica protocols. All other built-in communication protocols disabled."] = "";
$a->strings["Verify SSL"] = "Sannreyna SSL";
$a->strings["If you wish, you can turn on strict certificate checking. This will mean you cannot connect (at all) to self-signed SSL sites."] = "";
$a->strings["Proxy user"] = "Proxy notandi";
$a->strings["Proxy URL"] = "Proxy slóð";
$a->strings["Network timeout"] = "Net tími útrunninn";
$a->strings["Value is in seconds. Set to 0 for unlimited (not recommended)."] = "";
$a->strings["Delivery interval"] = "";
$a->strings["Delay background delivery processes by this many seconds to reduce system load. Recommend: 4-5 for shared hosts, 2-3 for virtual private servers. 0-1 for large dedicated servers."] = "";
$a->strings["Poll interval"] = "";
$a->strings["Delay background polling processes by this many seconds to reduce system load. If 0, use delivery interval."] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum Load Average"] = "Mesta meðaltals álag";
$a->strings["Maximum system load before delivery and poll processes are deferred - default 50."] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum Load Average (Frontend)"] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum system load before the frontend quits service - default 50."] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum table size for optimization"] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum table size (in MB) for the automatic optimization - default 100 MB. Enter -1 to disable it."] = "";
$a->strings["Minimum level of fragmentation"] = "";
$a->strings["Minimum fragmenation level to start the automatic optimization - default value is 30%."] = "";
$a->strings["Periodical check of global contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["If enabled, the global contacts are checked periodically for missing or outdated data and the vitality of the contacts and servers."] = "";
$a->strings["Days between requery"] = "";
$a->strings["Number of days after which a server is requeried for his contacts."] = "";
$a->strings["Discover contacts from other servers"] = "";
$a->strings["Periodically query other servers for contacts. You can choose between 'users': the users on the remote system, 'Global Contacts': active contacts that are known on the system. The fallback is meant for Redmatrix servers and older friendica servers, where global contacts weren't available. The fallback increases the server load, so the recommened setting is 'Users, Global Contacts'."] = "";
$a->strings["Timeframe for fetching global contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["When the discovery is activated, this value defines the timeframe for the activity of the global contacts that are fetched from other servers."] = "";
$a->strings["Search the local directory"] = "";
$a->strings["Search the local directory instead of the global directory. When searching locally, every search will be executed on the global directory in the background. This improves the search results when the search is repeated."] = "";
$a->strings["Publish server information"] = "";
$a->strings["If enabled, general server and usage data will be published. The data contains the name and version of the server, number of users with public profiles, number of posts and the activated protocols and connectors. See <a href=''></a> for details."] = "";
$a->strings["Use MySQL full text engine"] = "";
$a->strings["Activates the full text engine. Speeds up search - but can only search for four and more characters."] = "";
$a->strings["Suppress Language"] = "";
$a->strings["Suppress language information in meta information about a posting."] = "";
$a->strings["Suppress Tags"] = "";
$a->strings["Suppress showing a list of hashtags at the end of the posting."] = "";
$a->strings["Path to item cache"] = "";
$a->strings["The item caches buffers generated bbcode and external images."] = "";
$a->strings["Cache duration in seconds"] = "";
$a->strings["How long should the cache files be hold? Default value is 86400 seconds (One day). To disable the item cache, set the value to -1."] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum numbers of comments per post"] = "";
$a->strings["How much comments should be shown for each post? Default value is 100."] = "";
$a->strings["Path for lock file"] = "";
$a->strings["The lock file is used to avoid multiple pollers at one time. Only define a folder here."] = "";
$a->strings["Temp path"] = "";
$a->strings["If you have a restricted system where the webserver can't access the system temp path, enter another path here."] = "";
$a->strings["Base path to installation"] = "";
$a->strings["If the system cannot detect the correct path to your installation, enter the correct path here. This setting should only be set if you are using a restricted system and symbolic links to your webroot."] = "";
$a->strings["Disable picture proxy"] = "";
$a->strings["The picture proxy increases performance and privacy. It shouldn't be used on systems with very low bandwith."] = "";
$a->strings["Enable old style pager"] = "";
$a->strings["The old style pager has page numbers but slows down massively the page speed."] = "";
$a->strings["Only search in tags"] = "";
$a->strings["On large systems the text search can slow down the system extremely."] = "";
$a->strings["New base url"] = "";
$a->strings["Change base url for this server. Sends relocate message to all DFRN contacts of all users."] = "";
$a->strings["RINO Encryption"] = "";
$a->strings["Encryption layer between nodes."] = "";
$a->strings["Embedly API key"] = "";
$a->strings["<a href=''>Embedly</a> is used to fetch additional data for web pages. This is an optional parameter."] = "";
$a->strings["Enable 'worker' background processing"] = "";
$a->strings["The worker background processing limits the number of parallel background jobs to a maximum number and respects the system load."] = "";
$a->strings["Maximum number of parallel workers"] = "";
$a->strings["On shared hosters set this to 2. On larger systems, values of 10 are great. Default value is 4."] = "";
$a->strings["Don't use 'proc_open' with the worker"] = "";
$a->strings["Enable this if your system doesn't allow the use of 'proc_open'. This can happen on shared hosters. If this is enabled you should increase the frequency of poller calls in your crontab."] = "";
$a->strings["Update has been marked successful"] = "Uppfærsla merkt sem tókst";
$a->strings["Database structure update %s was successfully applied."] = "";
$a->strings["Executing of database structure update %s failed with error: %s"] = "";
$a->strings["Executing %s failed with error: %s"] = "";
$a->strings["Update %s was successfully applied."] = "Uppfærsla %s framkvæmd.";
$a->strings["Update %s did not return a status. Unknown if it succeeded."] = "Uppfærsla %s skilaði ekki gildi. Óvíst hvort tókst.";
$a->strings["There was no additional update function %s that needed to be called."] = "";
$a->strings["No failed updates."] = "Engar uppfærslur mistókust.";
$a->strings["Check database structure"] = "";
$a->strings["Failed Updates"] = "Uppfærslur sem mistókust";
$a->strings["This does not include updates prior to 1139, which did not return a status."] = "Þetta á ekki við uppfærslur fyrir 1139, þær skiluðu ekki lokastöðu.";
$a->strings["Mark success (if update was manually applied)"] = "Merkja sem tókst (ef uppfærsla var framkvæmd handvirkt)";
$a->strings["Attempt to execute this update step automatically"] = "Framkvæma þessa uppfærslu sjálfkrafa";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\tDear %1\$s,\n\t\t\t\tthe administrator of %2\$s has set up an account for you."] = "";
$a->strings["\n\t\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n\n\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1\$s\n\t\t\tLogin Name:\t\t%2\$s\n\t\t\tPassword:\t\t%3\$s\n\n\t\t\tYou may change your password from your account \"Settings\" page after logging\n\t\t\tin.\n\n\t\t\tPlease take a few moments to review the other account settings on that page.\n\n\t\t\tYou may also wish to add some basic information to your default profile\n\t\t\t(on the \"Profiles\" page) so that other people can easily find you.\n\n\t\t\tWe recommend setting your full name, adding a profile photo,\n\t\t\tadding some profile \"keywords\" (very useful in making new friends) - and\n\t\t\tperhaps what country you live in; if you do not wish to be more specific\n\t\t\tthan that.\n\n\t\t\tWe fully respect your right to privacy, and none of these items are necessary.\n\t\t\tIf you are new and do not know anybody here, they may help\n\t\t\tyou to make some new and interesting friends.\n\n\t\t\tThank you and welcome to %4\$s."] = "";
$a->strings["%s user blocked/unblocked"] = array(
0 => "",
1 => "",
$a->strings["%s user deleted"] = array(
0 => "%s notenda eytt",
1 => "%s notendum eytt",
$a->strings["User '%s' deleted"] = "Notanda '%s' eytt";
$a->strings["User '%s' unblocked"] = "Notanda '%s' gefið frelsi";
$a->strings["User '%s' blocked"] = "Notanda '%s' settur í bann";
$a->strings["Register date"] = "Skráningar dagsetning";
$a->strings["Last login"] = "Síðast innskráður";
$a->strings["Last item"] = "Síðasta";
$a->strings["Account"] = "Notandi";
$a->strings["Add User"] = "";
$a->strings["select all"] = "velja alla";
$a->strings["User registrations waiting for confirm"] = "Skráning notanda býður samþykkis";
$a->strings["User waiting for permanent deletion"] = "";
$a->strings["Request date"] = "Dagsetning beiðnar";
$a->strings["No registrations."] = "Engin skráning";
$a->strings["Deny"] = "Hafnað";
$a->strings["Block"] = "Banna";
$a->strings["Unblock"] = "Afbanna";
$a->strings["Site admin"] = "Vefstjóri";
$a->strings["Account expired"] = "";
$a->strings["New User"] = "";
$a->strings["Deleted since"] = "";
$a->strings["Selected users will be deleted!\\n\\nEverything these users had posted on this site will be permanently deleted!\\n\\nAre you sure?"] = "Valdir notendur verður eytt!\\n\\nAllt sem þessir notendur hafa deilt á þessum vef verður varanlega eytt!\\n\\nErtu alveg viss?";
$a->strings["The user {0} will be deleted!\\n\\nEverything this user has posted on this site will be permanently deleted!\\n\\nAre you sure?"] = "Notandinn {0} verður eytt!\\n\\nAllt sem þessi notandi hefur deilt á þessum vef veður varanlega eytt!\\n\\nErtu alveg viss?";
$a->strings["Name of the new user."] = "";
$a->strings["Nickname"] = "";
$a->strings["Nickname of the new user."] = "";
$a->strings["Email address of the new user."] = "";
$a->strings["Plugin %s disabled."] = "Kerfiseining %s óvirk.";
$a->strings["Plugin %s enabled."] = "Kveikt á kerfiseiningu %s";
$a->strings["Disable"] = "Slökkva";
$a->strings["Enable"] = "Kveikja";
$a->strings["Toggle"] = "Skipta";
$a->strings["Author: "] = "Höfundur:";
$a->strings["Maintainer: "] = "";
$a->strings["Reload active plugins"] = "Endurhlaða virkar kerfiseiningar";
$a->strings["There are currently no plugins available on your node. You can find the official plugin repository at %1\$s and might find other interesting plugins in the open plugin registry at %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["No themes found."] = "Engin þemu fundust";
$a->strings["Screenshot"] = "Skjámynd";
$a->strings["Reload active themes"] = "";
$a->strings["No themes found on the system. They should be paced in %1\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["[Experimental]"] = "[Tilraun]";
$a->strings["[Unsupported]"] = "[Óstudd]";
$a->strings["Log settings updated."] = "Stillingar atburðaskrár uppfærðar. ";
$a->strings["Clear"] = "Hreinsa";
$a->strings["Enable Debugging"] = "";
$a->strings["Log file"] = "Atburðaskrá";
$a->strings["Must be writable by web server. Relative to your Friendica top-level directory."] = "Vefþjónn verður að hafa skrifréttindi. Afstætt við Friendica rótar skráarsafn.";
$a->strings["Log level"] = "Stig atburðaskráningar";
$a->strings["PHP logging"] = "";
$a->strings["To enable logging of PHP errors and warnings you can add the following to the .htconfig.php file of your installation. The filename set in the 'error_log' line is relative to the friendica top-level directory and must be writeable by the web server. The option '1' for 'log_errors' and 'display_errors' is to enable these options, set to '0' to disable them."] = "";
$a->strings["Off"] = "";
$a->strings["On"] = "";
$a->strings["Lock feature %s"] = "";
$a->strings["Manage Additional Features"] = "";
$a->strings["Sorry, maybe your upload is bigger than the PHP configuration allows"] = "";
$a->strings["Or - did you try to upload an empty file?"] = "";
$a->strings["File exceeds size limit of %s"] = "";
$a->strings["File upload failed."] = "Skráar upphlöðun mistókst.";
$a->strings["No friends to display."] = "Engir vinir til að birta.";
$a->strings["Access to this profile has been restricted."] = "Aðgangur að þessari forsíðu hefur verið heftur.";
$a->strings["User not found"] = "";
$a->strings["This calendar format is not supported"] = "";
$a->strings["No exportable data found"] = "";
$a->strings["calendar"] = "";
$a->strings["No such group"] = "Hópur ekki til";
$a->strings["Group is empty"] = "Hópur er tómur";
$a->strings["Group: %s"] = "";
$a->strings["This entry was edited"] = "";
$a->strings["%d comment"] = array(
0 => "%d ummæli",
1 => "%d ummæli",
$a->strings["Private Message"] = "Einkaskilaboð";
$a->strings["I like this (toggle)"] = "Mér líkar þetta (kveikja/slökkva)";
$a->strings["like"] = "líkar";
$a->strings["I don't like this (toggle)"] = "Mér líkar þetta ekki (kveikja/slökkva)";
$a->strings["dislike"] = "mislíkar";
$a->strings["Share this"] = "Deila þessu";
$a->strings["share"] = "deila";
$a->strings["This is you"] = "Þetta ert þú";
$a->strings["Bold"] = "Feitletrað";
$a->strings["Italic"] = "Skáletrað";
$a->strings["Underline"] = "Undirstrikað";
$a->strings["Quote"] = "Gæsalappir";
$a->strings["Code"] = "Kóði";
$a->strings["Image"] = "Mynd";
$a->strings["Link"] = "Tengill";
$a->strings["Video"] = "Myndband";
$a->strings["Edit"] = "Breyta";
$a->strings["add star"] = "bæta við stjörnu";
$a->strings["remove star"] = "eyða stjörnu";
$a->strings["toggle star status"] = "Kveikja/slökkva á stjörnu";
$a->strings["starred"] = "stjörnumerkt";
$a->strings["add tag"] = "bæta við merki";
$a->strings["ignore thread"] = "";
$a->strings["unignore thread"] = "";
$a->strings["toggle ignore status"] = "";
$a->strings["ignored"] = "hunsað";
$a->strings["save to folder"] = "vista í möppu";
$a->strings["I will attend"] = "";
$a->strings["I will not attend"] = "";
$a->strings["I might attend"] = "";
$a->strings["to"] = "við";
$a->strings["Wall-to-Wall"] = "vegg við vegg";
$a->strings["via Wall-To-Wall:"] = "gegnum vegg við vegg";
$a->strings["Resubscribing to OStatus contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["Error"] = "";
$a->strings["Done"] = "Lokið";
$a->strings["Keep this window open until done."] = "";
$a->strings["No potential page delegates located."] = "Engir mögulegir viðtakendur síðunnar fundust.";
$a->strings["Delegates are able to manage all aspects of this account/page except for basic account settings. Please do not delegate your personal account to anybody that you do not trust completely."] = "";
$a->strings["Existing Page Managers"] = "";
$a->strings["Existing Page Delegates"] = "";
$a->strings["Potential Delegates"] = "";
$a->strings["Add"] = "Bæta við";
$a->strings["No entries."] = "Engar færslur.";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this video?"] = "";
$a->strings["Delete Video"] = "";
$a->strings["No videos selected"] = "";
$a->strings["Access to this item is restricted."] = "Aðgangur að þessum hlut hefur verið heftur";
$a->strings["View Album"] = "Skoða myndabók";
$a->strings["Recent Videos"] = "";
$a->strings["Upload New Videos"] = "";
$a->strings["Profile deleted."] = "Forsíðu eytt.";
$a->strings["Profile-"] = "Forsíða-";
$a->strings["New profile created."] = "Ný forsíða búinn til.";
$a->strings["Profile unavailable to clone."] = "Ekki tókst að klóna forsíðu";
$a->strings["Profile Name is required."] = "Nafn á forsíðu er skilyrði";
$a->strings["Marital Status"] = "";
$a->strings["Romantic Partner"] = "";
$a->strings["Work/Employment"] = "";
$a->strings["Religion"] = "";
$a->strings["Political Views"] = "";
$a->strings["Gender"] = "";
$a->strings["Sexual Preference"] = "";
$a->strings["Homepage"] = "";
$a->strings["Interests"] = "";
$a->strings["Address"] = "";
$a->strings["Location"] = "";
$a->strings["Profile updated."] = "Forsíða uppfærð.";
$a->strings[" and "] = "og";
$a->strings["public profile"] = "Opinber forsíða";
$a->strings["%1\$s changed %2\$s to &ldquo;%3\$s&rdquo;"] = "";
$a->strings[" - Visit %1\$s's %2\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s has an updated %2\$s, changing %3\$s."] = "%1\$s hefur uppfært %2\$s, með því að breyta %3\$s.";
$a->strings["Hide contacts and friends:"] = "";
$a->strings["No"] = "Nei";
$a->strings["Hide your contact/friend list from viewers of this profile?"] = "Fela tengiliða-/vinalista á þessari forsíðu?";
$a->strings["Show more profile fields:"] = "";
$a->strings["Profile Actions"] = "";
$a->strings["Edit Profile Details"] = "Breyta forsíðu upplýsingum";
$a->strings["Change Profile Photo"] = "";
$a->strings["View this profile"] = "Skoða þessa forsíðu";
$a->strings["Create a new profile using these settings"] = "Búa til nýja forsíðu með þessum stillingum";
$a->strings["Clone this profile"] = "Klóna þessa forsíðu";
$a->strings["Delete this profile"] = "Eyða þessari forsíðu";
$a->strings["Basic information"] = "";
$a->strings["Profile picture"] = "";
$a->strings["Preferences"] = "";
$a->strings["Status information"] = "";
$a->strings["Additional information"] = "";
$a->strings["Relation"] = "";
$a->strings["Upload Profile Photo"] = "Hlaða upp forsíðu mynd";
$a->strings["Your Gender:"] = "Kyn:";
$a->strings["<span class=\"heart\">&hearts;</span> Marital Status:"] = "<span class=\"heart\">&hearts;</span> Hjúskaparstaða:";
$a->strings["Example: fishing photography software"] = "Til dæmis: fishing photography software";
$a->strings["Profile Name:"] = "Forsíðu nafn:";
$a->strings["This is your <strong>public</strong> profile.<br />It <strong>may</strong> be visible to anybody using the internet."] = "Þetta er <strong>opinber</strong> forsíða.<br />Hún <strong>verður</strong> sjáanleg öðrum sem nota alnetið.";
$a->strings["Your Full Name:"] = "Fullt nafn:";
$a->strings["Title/Description:"] = "Starfsheiti/Lýsing:";
$a->strings["Street Address:"] = "Gata:";
$a->strings["Locality/City:"] = "Bær/Borg:";
$a->strings["Region/State:"] = "Svæði/Sýsla";
$a->strings["Postal/Zip Code:"] = "Póstnúmer:";
$a->strings["Country:"] = "Land:";
$a->strings["Who: (if applicable)"] = "Hver: (ef við á)";
$a->strings["Examples: cathy123, Cathy Williams,"] = "Dæmi: cathy123, Cathy Williams,";
$a->strings["Since [date]:"] = "";
$a->strings["Tell us about yourself..."] = "Segðu okkur frá sjálfum þér...";
$a->strings["Homepage URL:"] = "Slóð heimasíðu:";
$a->strings["Religious Views:"] = "Trúarskoðanir";
$a->strings["Public Keywords:"] = "Opinber leitarorð:";
$a->strings["(Used for suggesting potential friends, can be seen by others)"] = "(Notað til að stinga uppá mögulegum vinum, aðrir geta séð)";
$a->strings["Private Keywords:"] = "Einka leitarorð:";
$a->strings["(Used for searching profiles, never shown to others)"] = "(Notað við leit að öðrum notendum, aldrei sýnt öðrum)";
$a->strings["Musical interests"] = "Tónlistarsmekkur";
$a->strings["Books, literature"] = "Bækur, bókmenntir";
$a->strings["Television"] = "Sjónvarp";
$a->strings["Film/dance/culture/entertainment"] = "Kvikmyndir/dans/menning/afþreying";
$a->strings["Hobbies/Interests"] = "Áhugamál";
$a->strings["Love/romance"] = "Ást/rómantík";
$a->strings["Work/employment"] = "Atvinna:";
$a->strings["School/education"] = "Skóli/menntun";
$a->strings["Contact information and Social Networks"] = "Tengiliðaupplýsingar og samfélagsnet";
$a->strings["Edit/Manage Profiles"] = "Sýsla með forsíður";
$a->strings["Credits"] = "";
$a->strings["Friendica is a community project, that would not be possible without the help of many people. Here is a list of those who have contributed to the code or the translation of Friendica. Thank you all!"] = "";
$a->strings["- select -"] = "- veldu -";
$a->strings["Poke/Prod"] = "";
$a->strings["poke, prod or do other things to somebody"] = "";
$a->strings["Recipient"] = "";
$a->strings["Choose what you wish to do to recipient"] = "";
$a->strings["Make this post private"] = "";
$a->strings["Recent Photos"] = "Nýlegar myndir";
$a->strings["Upload New Photos"] = "Hlaða upp nýjum myndum";
$a->strings["everybody"] = "allir";
$a->strings["Contact information unavailable"] = "Tengiliða upplýsingar ekki til";
$a->strings["Album not found."] = "Myndabók finnst ekki.";
$a->strings["Delete Album"] = "Fjarlægja myndabók";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this photo album and all its photos?"] = "";
$a->strings["Delete Photo"] = "Fjarlægja mynd";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this photo?"] = "";
$a->strings["%1\$s was tagged in %2\$s by %3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["a photo"] = "mynd";
$a->strings["Image file is empty."] = "Mynda skrá er tóm.";
$a->strings["No photos selected"] = "Engar myndir valdar";
$a->strings["You have used %1$.2f Mbytes of %2$.2f Mbytes photo storage."] = "";
$a->strings["Upload Photos"] = "Hlaða upp myndum";
$a->strings["New album name: "] = "Nýtt nafn myndbókar:";
$a->strings["or existing album name: "] = "eða fyrra nafn myndbókar:";
$a->strings["Do not show a status post for this upload"] = "Ekki sýna færslu fyrir þessari upphölun";
$a->strings["Show to Groups"] = "Birta hópum";
$a->strings["Show to Contacts"] = "Birta tengiliðum";
$a->strings["Private Photo"] = "Einkamynd";
$a->strings["Public Photo"] = "Opinber mynd";
$a->strings["Edit Album"] = "Breyta myndbók";
$a->strings["Show Newest First"] = "Birta nýjast fyrst";
$a->strings["Show Oldest First"] = "Birta elsta fyrst";
$a->strings["View Photo"] = "Skoða mynd";
$a->strings["Permission denied. Access to this item may be restricted."] = "Aðgangi hafnað. Aðgangur að þessum hlut kann að vera skertur.";
$a->strings["Photo not available"] = "Mynd ekki til";
$a->strings["View photo"] = "Birta mynd";
$a->strings["Edit photo"] = "Breyta mynd";
$a->strings["Use as profile photo"] = "Nota sem forsíðu mynd";
$a->strings["View Full Size"] = "Skoða í fullri stærð";
$a->strings["Tags: "] = "Merki:";
$a->strings["[Remove any tag]"] = "[Fjarlægja öll merki]";
$a->strings["New album name"] = "Nýtt nafn myndbókar";
$a->strings["Caption"] = "Yfirskrift";
$a->strings["Add a Tag"] = "Bæta við merki";
$a->strings["Example: @bob, @Barbara_Jensen,, #California, #camping"] = "Til dæmis: @bob, @Barbara_Jensen,, #Reykjavík #tjalda";
$a->strings["Do not rotate"] = "";
$a->strings["Rotate CW (right)"] = "";
$a->strings["Rotate CCW (left)"] = "";
$a->strings["Private photo"] = "Einkamynd";
$a->strings["Public photo"] = "Opinber mynd";
$a->strings["Map"] = "";
$a->strings["Friendica Communications Server - Setup"] = "";
$a->strings["Could not connect to database."] = "Gat ekki tengst gagnagrunn.";
$a->strings["Could not create table."] = "Gat ekki búið til töflu.";
$a->strings["Your Friendica site database has been installed."] = "Friendica gagnagrunnurinn þinn hefur verið uppsettur.";
$a->strings["You may need to import the file \"database.sql\" manually using phpmyadmin or mysql."] = "Þú þarft mögulega að keyra inn skránna \"database.sql\" handvirkt með phpmyadmin eða mysql.";
$a->strings["Please see the file \"INSTALL.txt\"."] = "Lestu skrána \"INSTALL.txt\".";
$a->strings["Database already in use."] = "";
$a->strings["System check"] = "Kerfis prófun";
$a->strings["Check again"] = "Prófa aftur";
$a->strings["Database connection"] = "Gangagrunns tenging";
$a->strings["In order to install Friendica we need to know how to connect to your database."] = "Til að setja upp Friendica þurfum við að vita hvernig á að tengjast gagnagrunninum þínum.";
$a->strings["Please contact your hosting provider or site administrator if you have questions about these settings."] = "Hafðu samband við hýsingaraðilann þinn eða kerfisstjóra ef þú hefur spurningar varðandi þessar stillingar.";
$a->strings["The database you specify below should already exist. If it does not, please create it before continuing."] = "Gagnagrunnurinn sem þú bendir á þarf þegar að vera til. Ef ekki þá þarf að stofna hann áður en haldið er áfram.";
$a->strings["Database Server Name"] = "Vélanafn gagangrunns";
$a->strings["Database Login Name"] = "Notendanafn í gagnagrunn";
$a->strings["Database Login Password"] = "Aðgangsorð í gagnagrunns";
$a->strings["Database Name"] = "Nafn gagnagrunns";
$a->strings["Site administrator email address"] = "Póstfang kerfisstjóra vefsvæðis";
$a->strings["Your account email address must match this in order to use the web admin panel."] = "Póstfang aðgangsins þíns verður að passa við þetta til að hægt sé að nota umsýsluvefviðmótið.";
$a->strings["Please select a default timezone for your website"] = "Veldu sjálfgefið tímabelti fyrir vefsíðuna";
$a->strings["Site settings"] = "Stillingar vefsvæðis";
$a->strings["System Language:"] = "";
$a->strings["Set the default language for your Friendica installation interface and to send emails."] = "";
$a->strings["Could not find a command line version of PHP in the web server PATH."] = "Gat ekki fundið skipanalínu útgáfu af PHP í vefþjóns PATH.";
$a->strings["If you don't have a command line version of PHP installed on server, you will not be able to run background polling via cron. See <a href=''>'Setup the poller'</a>"] = "";
$a->strings["PHP executable path"] = "PHP keyrslu slóð";
$a->strings["Enter full path to php executable. You can leave this blank to continue the installation."] = "";
$a->strings["Command line PHP"] = "Skipanalínu PHP";
$a->strings["PHP executable is not the php cli binary (could be cgi-fgci version)"] = "";
$a->strings["Found PHP version: "] = "";
$a->strings["PHP cli binary"] = "";
$a->strings["The command line version of PHP on your system does not have \"register_argc_argv\" enabled."] = "Skipanalínu útgáfa af PHP á vefþjóninum hefur ekki kveikt á \"register_argc_argv\".";
$a->strings["This is required for message delivery to work."] = "Þetta er skilyrt fyrir því að skilaboð komist til skila.";
$a->strings["PHP register_argc_argv"] = "";
$a->strings["Error: the \"openssl_pkey_new\" function on this system is not able to generate encryption keys"] = "Villa: Stefjan \"openssl_pkey_new\" á vefþjóninum getur ekki stofnað dulkóðunar lykla";
$a->strings["If running under Windows, please see \"\"."] = "Ef keyrt er á Window, skoðaðu þá \"\".";
$a->strings["Generate encryption keys"] = "Búa til dulkóðunar lykla";
$a->strings["libCurl PHP module"] = "libCurl PHP eining";
$a->strings["GD graphics PHP module"] = "GD graphics PHP eining";
$a->strings["OpenSSL PHP module"] = "OpenSSL PHP eining";
$a->strings["mysqli PHP module"] = "mysqli PHP eining";
$a->strings["mb_string PHP module"] = "mb_string PHP eining";
$a->strings["mcrypt PHP module"] = "";
$a->strings["XML PHP module"] = "";
$a->strings["Apache mod_rewrite module"] = "Apache mod_rewrite eining";
$a->strings["Error: Apache webserver mod-rewrite module is required but not installed."] = "Villa: Apache vefþjóns eining mod-rewrite er skilyrði og er ekki uppsett. ";
$a->strings["Error: libCURL PHP module required but not installed."] = "Villa: libCurl PHP eining er skilyrði og er ekki uppsett.";
$a->strings["Error: GD graphics PHP module with JPEG support required but not installed."] = "Villa: GD graphics PHP eining með JPEG stuðningi er skilyrði og er ekki uppsett.";
$a->strings["Error: openssl PHP module required but not installed."] = "Villa: openssl PHP eining skilyrði og er ekki uppsett.";
$a->strings["Error: mysqli PHP module required but not installed."] = "Villa: mysqli PHP eining er skilyrði og er ekki uppsett";
$a->strings["Error: mb_string PHP module required but not installed."] = "Villa: mb_string PHP eining skilyrði en ekki uppsett.";
$a->strings["Error: mcrypt PHP module required but not installed."] = "";
$a->strings["If you are using php_cli, please make sure that mcrypt module is enabled in its config file"] = "";
$a->strings["Function mcrypt_create_iv() is not defined. This is needed to enable RINO2 encryption layer."] = "";
$a->strings["mcrypt_create_iv() function"] = "";
$a->strings["Error, XML PHP module required but not installed."] = "";
$a->strings["The web installer needs to be able to create a file called \".htconfig.php\" in the top folder of your web server and it is unable to do so."] = "Vef uppsetningar forrit þarf að geta stofnað skránna \".htconfig.php\" in efsta skráarsafninu á vefþjóninum og það getur ekki gert það.";
$a->strings["This is most often a permission setting, as the web server may not be able to write files in your folder - even if you can."] = "Þetta er oftast aðgangsstýringa stilling, þar sem vefþjónninn getur ekki skrifað út skrár í skráarsafnið - þó þú getir það.";
$a->strings["At the end of this procedure, we will give you a text to save in a file named .htconfig.php in your Friendica top folder."] = "";
$a->strings["You can alternatively skip this procedure and perform a manual installation. Please see the file \"INSTALL.txt\" for instructions."] = "";
$a->strings[".htconfig.php is writable"] = ".htconfig.php er skrifanleg";
$a->strings["Friendica uses the Smarty3 template engine to render its web views. Smarty3 compiles templates to PHP to speed up rendering."] = "";
$a->strings["In order to store these compiled templates, the web server needs to have write access to the directory view/smarty3/ under the Friendica top level folder."] = "";
$a->strings["Please ensure that the user that your web server runs as (e.g. www-data) has write access to this folder."] = "";
$a->strings["Note: as a security measure, you should give the web server write access to view/smarty3/ only--not the template files (.tpl) that it contains."] = "";
$a->strings["view/smarty3 is writable"] = "";
$a->strings["Url rewrite in .htaccess is not working. Check your server configuration."] = "";
$a->strings["Url rewrite is working"] = "";
$a->strings["ImageMagick PHP extension is installed"] = "";
$a->strings["ImageMagick supports GIF"] = "";
$a->strings["The database configuration file \".htconfig.php\" could not be written. Please use the enclosed text to create a configuration file in your web server root."] = "Ekki tókst að skrifa stillingaskrá gagnagrunns \".htconfig.php\". Notað meðfylgjandi texta til að búa til stillingarskrá í rót vefþjónsins.";
$a->strings["<h1>What next</h1>"] = "";
$a->strings["IMPORTANT: You will need to [manually] setup a scheduled task for the poller."] = "MIKILVÆGT: Þú þarft að [handvirkt] setja upp sjálfvirka keyrslu á poller.";
$a->strings["%1\$s is following %2\$s's %3\$s"] = "";
$a->strings["Item not available."] = "Atriði ekki í boði.";
$a->strings["Item was not found."] = "Atriði fannst ekki";
$a->strings["%d contact edited."] = array(
0 => "",
1 => "",
$a->strings["Could not access contact record."] = "Tókst ekki að ná í uppl. um tengilið";
$a->strings["Could not locate selected profile."] = "Tókst ekki að staðsetja valinn forsíðu";
$a->strings["Contact updated."] = "Tengiliður uppfærður";
$a->strings["Failed to update contact record."] = "Ekki tókst að uppfæra tengiliðs skrá.";
$a->strings["Contact has been blocked"] = "Lokað á tengilið";
$a->strings["Contact has been unblocked"] = "Opnað á tengilið";
$a->strings["Contact has been ignored"] = "Tengiliður hunsaður";
$a->strings["Contact has been unignored"] = "Tengiliður afhunsaður";
$a->strings["Contact has been archived"] = "Tengiliður settur í geymslu";
$a->strings["Contact has been unarchived"] = "Tengiliður tekinn úr geymslu";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this contact?"] = "Viltu í alvörunni eyða þessum tengilið?";
$a->strings["Contact has been removed."] = "Tengiliður fjarlægður";
$a->strings["You are mutual friends with %s"] = "Þú ert gagnkvæmur vinur %s";
$a->strings["You are sharing with %s"] = "Þú ert að deila með %s";
$a->strings["%s is sharing with you"] = "%s er að deila með þér";
$a->strings["Private communications are not available for this contact."] = "Einkasamtal ekki í boði fyrir þennan";
$a->strings["(Update was successful)"] = "(uppfærsla tókst)";
$a->strings["(Update was not successful)"] = "(uppfærsla tókst ekki)";
$a->strings["Suggest friends"] = "Stinga uppá vinum";
$a->strings["Network type: %s"] = "Net tegund: %s";
$a->strings["Communications lost with this contact!"] = "";
$a->strings["Fetch further information for feeds"] = "Ná í ítarlegri upplýsingar um fréttaveitur";
$a->strings["Fetch information"] = "";
$a->strings["Fetch information and keywords"] = "";
$a->strings["Profile Visibility"] = "Forsíðu sjáanleiki";
$a->strings["Please choose the profile you would like to display to %s when viewing your profile securely."] = "Veldu forsíðu sem á að birtast %s þegar hann skoðaður með öruggum hætti";
$a->strings["Contact Information / Notes"] = "Uppl. um tengilið / minnisatriði";
$a->strings["Edit contact notes"] = "Breyta minnispunktum tengiliðs ";
$a->strings["Block/Unblock contact"] = "útiloka/opna á tengilið";
$a->strings["Ignore contact"] = "Hunsa tengilið";
$a->strings["Repair URL settings"] = "Gera við stillingar á slóðum";
$a->strings["View conversations"] = "Skoða samtöl";
$a->strings["Last update:"] = "Síðasta uppfærsla:";
$a->strings["Update public posts"] = "Uppfæra opinberar færslur";
$a->strings["Update now"] = "Uppfæra núna";
$a->strings["Unignore"] = "Byrja að fylgjast með á ný";
$a->strings["Currently blocked"] = "Útilokaður sem stendur";
$a->strings["Currently ignored"] = "Hunsaður sem stendur";
$a->strings["Currently archived"] = "Í geymslu";
$a->strings["Replies/likes to your public posts <strong>may</strong> still be visible"] = "Svör eða \"líkar við\" á opinberar færslur þínar <strong>geta mögulega</strong> verið sýnileg öðrum";
$a->strings["Notification for new posts"] = "";
$a->strings["Send a notification of every new post of this contact"] = "";
$a->strings["Blacklisted keywords"] = "";
$a->strings["Comma separated list of keywords that should not be converted to hashtags, when \"Fetch information and keywords\" is selected"] = "";
$a->strings["Actions"] = "";
$a->strings["Contact Settings"] = "";
$a->strings["Suggestions"] = "Uppástungur";
$a->strings["Suggest potential friends"] = "";
$a->strings["All Contacts"] = "Allir tengiliðir";
$a->strings["Show all contacts"] = "Sýna alla tengiliði";
$a->strings["Unblocked"] = "Afhunsað";
$a->strings["Only show unblocked contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["Blocked"] = "Banna";
$a->strings["Only show blocked contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["Ignored"] = "Hunsa";
$a->strings["Only show ignored contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["Archived"] = "Í geymslu";
$a->strings["Only show archived contacts"] = "Aðeins sýna geymda tengiliði";
$a->strings["Hidden"] = "Falinn";
$a->strings["Only show hidden contacts"] = "Aðeins sýna falda tengiliði";
$a->strings["Search your contacts"] = "Leita í þínum vinum";
$a->strings["Update"] = "Uppfæra";
$a->strings["Archive"] = "Setja í geymslu";
$a->strings["Unarchive"] = "Taka úr geymslu";
$a->strings["Batch Actions"] = "";
$a->strings["View all contacts"] = "Skoða alla tengiliði";
$a->strings["Common Friends"] = "Sameiginlegir vinir";
$a->strings["View all common friends"] = "";
$a->strings["Advanced Contact Settings"] = "";
$a->strings["Mutual Friendship"] = "Sameiginlegur vinskapur";
$a->strings["is a fan of yours"] = "er fylgjandi þinn";
$a->strings["you are a fan of"] = "þú er fylgjandi";
$a->strings["Toggle Blocked status"] = "";
$a->strings["Toggle Ignored status"] = "";
$a->strings["Toggle Archive status"] = "";
$a->strings["Delete contact"] = "Eyða tengilið";
$a->strings["Submit Request"] = "Senda beiðni";
$a->strings["You already added this contact."] = "";
$a->strings["Diaspora support isn't enabled. Contact can't be added."] = "";
$a->strings["OStatus support is disabled. Contact can't be added."] = "";
$a->strings["The network type couldn't be detected. Contact can't be added."] = "";
$a->strings["Please answer the following:"] = "Vinnsamlegast svaraðu eftirfarandi:";
$a->strings["Does %s know you?"] = "Þekkir %s þig?";
$a->strings["Add a personal note:"] = "Bæta við persónulegri athugasemd";
$a->strings["Your Identity Address:"] = "Auðkennisnetfang þitt:";
$a->strings["Contact added"] = "Tengilið bætt við";
$a->strings["Applications"] = "Forrit";
$a->strings["No installed applications."] = "Engin uppsett forrit";
$a->strings["Do you really want to delete this suggestion?"] = "";
$a->strings["No suggestions available. If this is a new site, please try again in 24 hours."] = "Engar uppástungur tiltækar. Ef þetta er nýr vefur, reyndu þá aftur eftir um 24 klukkustundir.";
$a->strings["Ignore/Hide"] = "Hunsa/Fela";
$a->strings["Not Extended"] = "";
$a->strings["Item has been removed."] = "Atriði hefur verið fjarlægt.";
$a->strings["No contacts in common."] = "";
$a->strings["Welcome to Friendica"] = "Velkomin(n) á Friendica";
$a->strings["New Member Checklist"] = "Nýr notandi verklisti";
$a->strings["We would like to offer some tips and links to help make your experience enjoyable. Click any item to visit the relevant page. A link to this page will be visible from your home page for two weeks after your initial registration and then will quietly disappear."] = "";
$a->strings["Getting Started"] = "";
$a->strings["Friendica Walk-Through"] = "";
$a->strings["On your <em>Quick Start</em> page - find a brief introduction to your profile and network tabs, make some new connections, and find some groups to join."] = "";
$a->strings["Go to Your Settings"] = "";
$a->strings["On your <em>Settings</em> page - change your initial password. Also make a note of your Identity Address. This looks just like an email address - and will be useful in making friends on the free social web."] = "";
$a->strings["Review the other settings, particularly the privacy settings. An unpublished directory listing is like having an unlisted phone number. In general, you should probably publish your listing - unless all of your friends and potential friends know exactly how to find you."] = "Yfirfarðu aðrar stillingar, sérstaklega gagnaleyndarstillingar. Óútgefin forsíða er einsog óskráð símanúmer. Sem þýðir að líklega viltu gefa út forsíðuna þína - nema að allir vinir þínir og tilvonandi vinir viti nákvæmlega hvernig á að finna þig.";
$a->strings["Upload a profile photo if you have not done so already. Studies have shown that people with real photos of themselves are ten times more likely to make friends than people who do not."] = "Að hlaða upp forsíðu mynd ef þú hefur ekki þegar gert það. Rannsóknir sýna að fólk sem hefur alvöru mynd af sér er tíu sinnum líklegra til að eignast vini en fólk sem ekki hefur mynd.";
$a->strings["Edit Your Profile"] = "";
$a->strings["Edit your <strong>default</strong> profile to your liking. Review the settings for hiding your list of friends and hiding the profile from unknown visitors."] = "Breyttu <strong>sjálfgefnu</strong> forsíðunni einsog þú villt. Yfirfarðu stillingu til að fela vinalista á forsíðu og stillingu til að fela forsíðu fyrir ókunnum.";
$a->strings["Profile Keywords"] = "";
$a->strings["Set some public keywords for your default profile which describe your interests. We may be able to find other people with similar interests and suggest friendships."] = "Bættu við leitarorðum í sjálfgefnu forsíðuna þína sem lýsa áhugamálum þínum. Þá er hægt að fólk með svipuð áhugamál og stinga uppá vinskap.";
$a->strings["Connecting"] = "Tengist";
$a->strings["Importing Emails"] = "";
$a->strings["Enter your email access information on your Connector Settings page if you wish to import and interact with friends or mailing lists from your email INBOX"] = "Fylltu út aðgangsupplýsingar póstfangsins þíns á Tengistillingasíðunni ef þú vilt sækja tölvupóst og eiga samskipti við vini eða póstlista úr innhólfi tölvupóstsins þíns";
$a->strings["Go to Your Contacts Page"] = "";
$a->strings["Your Contacts page is your gateway to managing friendships and connecting with friends on other networks. Typically you enter their address or site URL in the <em>Add New Contact</em> dialog."] = "Tengiliðasíðan er gáttin þín til að sýsla með vinasambönd og tengjast við vini á öðrum netum. Oftast setur þú vistfang eða slóð þeirra í <em>Bæta við tengilið</em> glugganum.";
$a->strings["Go to Your Site's Directory"] = "";
$a->strings["The Directory page lets you find other people in this network or other federated sites. Look for a <em>Connect</em> or <em>Follow</em> link on their profile page. Provide your own Identity Address if requested."] = "Tengiliðalistinn er góð leit til að finna fólk á samfélagsnetinu eða öðrum sambandsnetum. Leitaðu að <em>Tengjast/Connect</em> eða <em>Fylgja/Follow</em> tenglum á forsíðunni þeirra. Mögulega þarftu að gefa upp auðkennisslóðina þína.";
$a->strings["Finding New People"] = "";
$a->strings["On the side panel of the Contacts page are several tools to find new friends. We can match people by interest, look up people by name or interest, and provide suggestions based on network relationships. On a brand new site, friend suggestions will usually begin to be populated within 24 hours."] = "";
$a->strings["Group Your Contacts"] = "";
$a->strings["Once you have made some friends, organize them into private conversation groups from the sidebar of your Contacts page and then you can interact with each group privately on your Network page."] = "Eftir að þú hefur eignast nokkra vini, þá er best að flokka þá niður í hópa á hliðar slánni á Tengiliðasíðunni. Eftir það getur þú haft samskipti við hvern hóp fyrir sig á Samfélagssíðunni.";
$a->strings["Why Aren't My Posts Public?"] = "";
$a->strings["Friendica respects your privacy. By default, your posts will only show up to people you've added as friends. For more information, see the help section from the link above."] = "";
$a->strings["Getting Help"] = "";
$a->strings["Go to the Help Section"] = "";
$a->strings["Our <strong>help</strong> pages may be consulted for detail on other program features and resources."] = "Hægt er að styðjast við <strong>Hjálp</strong> síðuna til að fá leiðbeiningar um aðra eiginleika.";
$a->strings["Remove My Account"] = "Eyða þessum notanda";
$a->strings["This will completely remove your account. Once this has been done it is not recoverable."] = "Þetta mun algjörlega eyða notandanum. Þegar þetta hefur verið gert er þetta ekki afturkræft.";
$a->strings["Please enter your password for verification:"] = "Sláðu inn aðgangsorð yðar:";
$a->strings["Mood"] = "";
$a->strings["Set your current mood and tell your friends"] = "";
$a->strings["Item not found"] = "Atriði fannst ekki";
$a->strings["Edit post"] = "Breyta skilaboðum";
$a->strings["Warning: This group contains %s member from an insecure network."] = array(
0 => "Aðvörun: Þessi hópur inniheldur %s notanda frá óöruggu neti.",
1 => "Aðvörun: Þessi hópur inniheldur %s notendur frá óöruggu neti.",
$a->strings["Private messages to this group are at risk of public disclosure."] = "Einka samtöl send á þennan hóp eiga á hættu að verða opinber.";
$a->strings["Private messages to this person are at risk of public disclosure."] = "Einka skilaboð send á þennan notanda eiga á hættu að verða opinber.";
$a->strings["Invalid contact."] = "Ógildur tengiliður.";
$a->strings["Commented Order"] = "Athugasemdar röð";
$a->strings["Sort by Comment Date"] = "Raða eftir umræðu dagsetningu";
$a->strings["Posted Order"] = "Færlsu röð";
$a->strings["Sort by Post Date"] = "Raða eftir færslu dagsetningu";
$a->strings["Posts that mention or involve you"] = "Færslur sem tengjast þér";