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# FRIENDICA Distributed Social Network
# Copyright (C) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 the Friendica Project
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Friendica package.
# Translators:
# Anthronaut <>, 2015
# Cyboulette <>, 2014
# Damien Goutte-Gattat <>, 2015-2016
# Damien Goutte-Gattat <>, 2015
# Domovoy <>, 2012
# Hypolite Petovan <>, 2016
# Jak <>, 2014
# Lionel Triay <>, 2013
# Marquis_de_Carabas <>, 2012
# Olivier <>, 2011-2012
# Perig Gouanvic <>, 2015
# StefOfficiel <>, 2015
# Sylvain Lagacé, 2014-2015
# tomamplius <>, 2014
# Tubuntu <>, 2013-2015
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: friendica\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-09-21 12:10+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-09-24 04:22+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Hypolite Petovan <>\n"
"Language-Team: French (\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Language: fr\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n > 1);\n"
#: include/datetime.php:57 include/datetime.php:59 mod/profiles.php:698
msgid "Miscellaneous"
msgstr "Divers"
#: include/datetime.php:183 include/identity.php:627
msgid "Birthday:"
msgstr "Anniversaire:"
#: include/datetime.php:185 mod/profiles.php:721
msgid "Age: "
msgstr "Age : "
#: include/datetime.php:187
msgid "YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD"
msgstr "AAAA-MM-JJ ou MM-JJ"
#: include/datetime.php:341
msgid "never"
msgstr "jamais"
#: include/datetime.php:347
msgid "less than a second ago"
msgstr "il y a moins d'une seconde"
#: include/datetime.php:357
msgid "year"
msgstr "an"
#: include/datetime.php:357
msgid "years"
msgstr "ans"
#: include/datetime.php:358 include/event.php:480 mod/cal.php:287
#: mod/events.php:389
msgid "month"
msgstr "mois"
#: include/datetime.php:358
msgid "months"
msgstr "mois"
#: include/datetime.php:359 include/event.php:481 mod/cal.php:288
#: mod/events.php:390
msgid "week"
msgstr "semaine"
#: include/datetime.php:359
msgid "weeks"
msgstr "semaines"
#: include/datetime.php:360 include/event.php:482 mod/cal.php:289
#: mod/events.php:391
msgid "day"
msgstr "jour"
#: include/datetime.php:360
msgid "days"
msgstr "jours"
#: include/datetime.php:361
msgid "hour"
msgstr "heure"
#: include/datetime.php:361
msgid "hours"
msgstr "heures"
#: include/datetime.php:362
msgid "minute"
msgstr "minute"
#: include/datetime.php:362
msgid "minutes"
msgstr "minutes"
#: include/datetime.php:363
msgid "second"
msgstr "seconde"
#: include/datetime.php:363
msgid "seconds"
msgstr "secondes"
#: include/datetime.php:372
#, php-format
msgid "%1$d %2$s ago"
msgstr "%1$d %2$s auparavant"
#: include/datetime.php:578
#, php-format
msgid "%s's birthday"
msgstr "Anniversaire de %s's"
#: include/datetime.php:579 include/dfrn.php:1111
#, php-format
msgid "Happy Birthday %s"
msgstr "Joyeux anniversaire, %s !"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:6
msgid "Add New Contact"
msgstr "Ajouter un nouveau contact"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:7
msgid "Enter address or web location"
msgstr "Entrez son adresse ou sa localisation web"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:8
msgid "Example:,"
msgstr "Exemple:,"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:10 include/identity.php:212 mod/match.php:87
#: mod/allfriends.php:82 mod/suggest.php:101 mod/dirfind.php:201
msgid "Connect"
msgstr "Relier"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:24
#, php-format
msgid "%d invitation available"
msgid_plural "%d invitations available"
msgstr[0] "%d invitation disponible"
msgstr[1] "%d invitations disponibles"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:30
msgid "Find People"
msgstr "Trouver des personnes"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:31
msgid "Enter name or interest"
msgstr "Entrez un nom ou un centre d'intérêt"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:32 include/Contact.php:324
#: include/conversation.php:976 mod/match.php:72 mod/allfriends.php:66
#: mod/follow.php:103 mod/suggest.php:83 mod/contacts.php:602
#: mod/dirfind.php:204
msgid "Connect/Follow"
msgstr "Connecter/Suivre"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:33
msgid "Examples: Robert Morgenstein, Fishing"
msgstr "Exemples: Robert Morgenstein, Pêche"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:34 mod/directory.php:212 mod/contacts.php:796
msgid "Find"
msgstr "Trouver"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:35 mod/suggest.php:114
#: view/theme/vier/theme.php:203 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:527
msgid "Friend Suggestions"
msgstr "Suggestions d'amitiés/contacts"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:36 view/theme/vier/theme.php:202
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:526
msgid "Similar Interests"
msgstr "Intérêts similaires"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:37
msgid "Random Profile"
msgstr "Profil au hasard"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:38 view/theme/vier/theme.php:204
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:528
msgid "Invite Friends"
msgstr "Inviter des amis"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:108
msgid "Networks"
msgstr "Réseaux"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:111
msgid "All Networks"
msgstr "Tous réseaux"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:141 include/features.php:103
msgid "Saved Folders"
msgstr "Dossiers sauvegardés"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:144 include/contact_widgets.php:176
msgid "Everything"
msgstr "Tout"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:173
msgid "Categories"
msgstr "Catégories"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:237
#, php-format
msgid "%d contact in common"
msgid_plural "%d contacts in common"
msgstr[0] "%d contact en commun"
msgstr[1] "%d contacts en commun"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:242 include/ForumManager.php:119
#: include/items.php:2122 mod/content.php:624 object/Item.php:432
#: view/theme/vier/theme.php:260 boot.php:904
msgid "show more"
msgstr "montrer plus"
#: include/enotify.php:24
msgid "Friendica Notification"
msgstr "Notification Friendica"
#: include/enotify.php:27
msgid "Thank You,"
msgstr "Merci, "
#: include/enotify.php:30
#, php-format
msgid "%s Administrator"
msgstr "L'administrateur de %s"
#: include/enotify.php:32
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s, %2$s Administrator"
msgstr "%1$s,, l'administrateur de %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:43 include/delivery.php:450
msgid "noreply"
msgstr "noreply"
#: include/enotify.php:70
#, php-format
msgid "%s <!item_type!>"
msgstr "%s <!item_type!>"
#: include/enotify.php:83
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] New mail received at %s"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] Nouveau courriel reçu sur %s"
#: include/enotify.php:85
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s sent you a new private message at %2$s."
msgstr "%1$s vous a envoyé un nouveau message privé sur %2$s."
#: include/enotify.php:86
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s sent you %2$s."
msgstr "%1$s vous a envoyé %2$s."
#: include/enotify.php:86
msgid "a private message"
msgstr "un message privé"
#: include/enotify.php:88
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to view and/or reply to your private messages."
msgstr "Merci de visiter %s pour voir vos messages privés et/ou y répondre."
#: include/enotify.php:134
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s commented on [url=%2$s]a %3$s[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s a commenté sur [url=%2$s]un %3$s[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:141
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s commented on [url=%2$s]%3$s's %4$s[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s a commenté sur [url=%2$s]le %4$s de %3$s[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:149
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s commented on [url=%2$s]your %3$s[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s commented on [url=%2$s]your %3$s[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:159
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] Comment to conversation #%1$d by %2$s"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] Commentaire de %2$s sur la conversation #%1$d"
#: include/enotify.php:161
#, php-format
msgid "%s commented on an item/conversation you have been following."
msgstr "%s a commenté un élément que vous suivez."
#: include/enotify.php:164 include/enotify.php:178 include/enotify.php:192
#: include/enotify.php:206 include/enotify.php:224 include/enotify.php:238
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to view and/or reply to the conversation."
msgstr "Merci de visiter %s pour voir la conversation et/ou y répondre."
#: include/enotify.php:171
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %s posted to your profile wall"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] %s a posté sur votre mur de profil"
#: include/enotify.php:173
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s posted to your profile wall at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s a publié sur votre mur à %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:174
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s posted to [url=%2$s]your wall[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s a posté sur [url=%2$s]votre mur[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:185
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %s tagged you"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] %s vous a étiqueté"
#: include/enotify.php:187
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged you at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s vous a étiqueté sur %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:188
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s [url=%2$s]tagged you[/url]."
msgstr "%1$s [url=%2$s]vous a étiqueté[/url]."
#: include/enotify.php:199
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %s shared a new post"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] %s partage une nouvelle publication"
#: include/enotify.php:201
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s shared a new post at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s a partagé une nouvelle publication sur %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:202
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s [url=%2$s]shared a post[/url]."
msgstr "%1$s [url=%2$s]partage une publication[/url]."
#: include/enotify.php:213
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %1$s poked you"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notify] %1$s vous a sollicité"
#: include/enotify.php:215
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s poked you at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s vous a sollicité via %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:216
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s [url=%2$s]poked you[/url]."
msgstr "%1$s vous a [url=%2$s]sollicité[/url]."
#: include/enotify.php:231
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %s tagged your post"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] %s a étiqueté votre publication"
#: include/enotify.php:233
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged your post at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s a étiqueté votre publication sur %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:234
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged [url=%2$s]your post[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s a étiqueté [url=%2$s]votre publication[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:245
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] Introduction received"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] Introduction reçue"
#: include/enotify.php:247
#, php-format
msgid "You've received an introduction from '%1$s' at %2$s"
msgstr "Vous avez reçu une introduction de '%1$s' sur %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:248
#, php-format
msgid "You've received [url=%1$s]an introduction[/url] from %2$s."
msgstr "Vous avez reçu [url=%1$s]une introduction[/url] de %2$s."
#: include/enotify.php:252 include/enotify.php:295
#, php-format
msgid "You may visit their profile at %s"
msgstr "Vous pouvez visiter son profil sur %s"
#: include/enotify.php:254
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to approve or reject the introduction."
msgstr "Merci de visiter %s pour approuver ou rejeter l'introduction."
#: include/enotify.php:262
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] A new person is sharing with you"
msgstr "[Notification Friendica] Une nouvelle personne partage avec vous"
#: include/enotify.php:264 include/enotify.php:265
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is sharing with you at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s partage avec vous sur %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:271
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] You have a new follower"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] Vous avez un nouvel abonné"
#: include/enotify.php:273 include/enotify.php:274
#, php-format
msgid "You have a new follower at %2$s : %1$s"
msgstr "Vous avez un nouvel abonné à %2$s : %1$s"
#: include/enotify.php:285
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] Friend suggestion received"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] Nouvelle suggestion d'amitié"
#: include/enotify.php:287
#, php-format
msgid "You've received a friend suggestion from '%1$s' at %2$s"
msgstr "Vous avez reçu une suggestion de '%1$s' sur %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:288
#, php-format
msgid ""
"You've received [url=%1$s]a friend suggestion[/url] for %2$s from %3$s."
msgstr "Vous avez reçu [url=%1$s]une suggestion[/url] de %3$s pour %2$s."
#: include/enotify.php:293
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Nom :"
#: include/enotify.php:294
msgid "Photo:"
msgstr "Photo :"
#: include/enotify.php:297
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to approve or reject the suggestion."
msgstr "Merci de visiter %s pour approuver ou rejeter la suggestion."
#: include/enotify.php:305 include/enotify.php:319
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] Connection accepted"
msgstr "[Friendica:Notification] Connexion acceptée"
#: include/enotify.php:307 include/enotify.php:321
#, php-format
msgid "'%1$s' has accepted your connection request at %2$s"
msgstr "'%1$s' a accepté votre demande de connexion à %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:308 include/enotify.php:322
#, php-format
msgid "%2$s has accepted your [url=%1$s]connection request[/url]."
msgstr "%2$s a accepté votre [url=%1$s]demande de connexion[/url]."
#: include/enotify.php:312
msgid ""
"You are now mutual friends and may exchange status updates, photos, and "
"email without restriction."
msgstr "Vous êtes désormais mutuellement amis, et pouvez échanger des mises-à-jour d'état, des photos, et des messages sans restriction."
#: include/enotify.php:314
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s if you wish to make any changes to this relationship."
msgstr "Veuillez visiter %s si vous souhaitez modifier cette relation."
#: include/enotify.php:326
#, php-format
msgid ""
"'%1$s' has chosen to accept you a \"fan\", which restricts some forms of "
"communication - such as private messaging and some profile interactions. If "
"this is a celebrity or community page, these settings were applied "
msgstr "%1$s a choisi de vous accepter comme \"fan\", ce qui limite les moyens de communication - comme les messages privés et certaines interactions de profil. Si c'est une page de célébrité ou de communauté, ce réglage a été appliqué automatiquement."
#: include/enotify.php:328
#, php-format
msgid ""
"'%1$s' may choose to extend this into a two-way or more permissive "
"relationship in the future."
msgstr "%1$s peut choisir à l'avenir de rendre cette relation réciproque ou au moins plus permissive."
#: include/enotify.php:330
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s if you wish to make any changes to this relationship."
msgstr "Veuillez visiter %s si vous souhaitez modifier cette relation."
#: include/enotify.php:340
msgid "[Friendica System:Notify] registration request"
msgstr "[Système Friendica:Notification] demande d'inscription"
#: include/enotify.php:342
#, php-format
msgid "You've received a registration request from '%1$s' at %2$s"
msgstr "Vous avez reçu une demande d'inscription de %1$s sur %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:343
#, php-format
msgid "You've received a [url=%1$s]registration request[/url] from %2$s."
msgstr "Vous avez reçu une [url=%1$s]demande de création de compte[/url] de %2$s."
#: include/enotify.php:347
#, php-format
msgid "Full Name:\t%1$s\\nSite Location:\t%2$s\\nLogin Name:\t%3$s (%4$s)"
msgstr "Nom complet :\t%1$s\\nAdresse :\t%2$s\\nIdentifiant :\t%3$s (%4$s)"
#: include/enotify.php:350
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to approve or reject the request."
msgstr "Veuillez visiter %s pour approuver ou rejeter la demande."
#: include/ForumManager.php:114 include/nav.php:130 include/text.php:1007
#: view/theme/vier/theme.php:255
msgid "Forums"
msgstr "Forums"
#: include/ForumManager.php:116 view/theme/vier/theme.php:257
msgid "External link to forum"
msgstr "Lien sortant vers le forum"
#: include/security.php:22
msgid "Welcome "
msgstr "Bienvenue "
#: include/security.php:23
msgid "Please upload a profile photo."
msgstr "Merci d'illustrer votre profil d'une image."
#: include/security.php:26
msgid "Welcome back "
msgstr "Bienvenue à nouveau, "
#: include/security.php:375
msgid ""
"The form security token was not correct. This probably happened because the "
"form has been opened for too long (>3 hours) before submitting it."
msgstr "Le jeton de sécurité du formulaire n'est pas correct. Ceci veut probablement dire que le formulaire est resté ouvert trop longtemps (plus de 3 heures) avant d'être validé."
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Male"
msgstr "Masculin"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Female"
msgstr "Féminin"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Currently Male"
msgstr "Actuellement masculin"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Currently Female"
msgstr "Actuellement féminin"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Mostly Male"
msgstr "Principalement masculin"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Mostly Female"
msgstr "Principalement féminin"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Transgender"
msgstr "Transgenre"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Intersex"
msgstr "Inter-sexe"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Transsexual"
msgstr "Transsexuel"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Hermaphrodite"
msgstr "Hermaphrodite"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Neuter"
msgstr "Neutre"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Non-specific"
msgstr "Non-spécifique"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Other"
msgstr "Autre"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6 include/conversation.php:1475
msgid "Undecided"
msgid_plural "Undecided"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Males"
msgstr "Hommes"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Females"
msgstr "Femmes"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Gay"
msgstr "Gay"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Lesbian"
msgstr "Lesbienne"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "No Preference"
msgstr "Sans préférence"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Bisexual"
msgstr "Bisexuel"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Autosexual"
msgstr "Auto-sexuel"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Abstinent"
msgstr "Abstinent"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Virgin"
msgstr "Vierge"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Deviant"
msgstr "Déviant"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Fetish"
msgstr "Fétichiste"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Oodles"
msgstr "Oodles"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Nonsexual"
msgstr "Non-sexuel"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Single"
msgstr "Célibataire"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Lonely"
msgstr "Esseulé"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Available"
msgstr "Disponible"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Unavailable"
msgstr "Indisponible"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Has crush"
msgstr "Attiré par quelqu'un"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Infatuated"
msgstr "Entiché"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Dating"
msgstr "Dans une relation"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Unfaithful"
msgstr "Infidèle"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Sex Addict"
msgstr "Accro au sexe"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42 include/user.php:299 include/user.php:303
msgid "Friends"
msgstr "Amis"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Friends/Benefits"
msgstr "Amis par intérêt"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Casual"
msgstr "Casual"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Engaged"
msgstr "Fiancé"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Married"
msgstr "Marié"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Imaginarily married"
msgstr "Se croit marié"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Partners"
msgstr "Partenaire"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Cohabiting"
msgstr "En cohabitation"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Common law"
msgstr "Marié \"de fait\"/\"sui juris\" (concubin)"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Happy"
msgstr "Heureux"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Not looking"
msgstr "Pas intéressé"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Swinger"
msgstr "Échangiste"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Betrayed"
msgstr "Trahi(e)"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Separated"
msgstr "Séparé"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Unstable"
msgstr "Instable"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Divorced"
msgstr "Divorcé"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Imaginarily divorced"
msgstr "Se croit divorcé"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Widowed"
msgstr "Veuf/Veuve"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Uncertain"
msgstr "Incertain"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "It's complicated"
msgstr "C'est compliqué"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Don't care"
msgstr "S'en désintéresse"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Ask me"
msgstr "Me demander"
#: include/bb2diaspora.php:148 include/event.php:16 mod/localtime.php:12
msgid "l F d, Y \\@ g:i A"
msgstr "l F d, Y \\@ g:i A"
#: include/bb2diaspora.php:154 include/event.php:33 include/event.php:51
msgid "Starts:"
msgstr "Débute:"
#: include/bb2diaspora.php:162 include/event.php:36 include/event.php:57
msgid "Finishes:"
msgstr "Finit:"
#: include/bb2diaspora.php:170 include/event.php:39 include/event.php:63
#: include/identity.php:329 mod/directory.php:145 mod/contacts.php:628
#: mod/events.php:495 mod/notifications.php:232
msgid "Location:"
msgstr "Localisation:"
#: include/oembed.php:229
msgid "Embedded content"
msgstr "Contenu incorporé"
#: include/oembed.php:238
msgid "Embedding disabled"
msgstr "Incorporation désactivée"
#: include/dba_pdo.php:72 include/dba.php:56
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot locate DNS info for database server '%s'"
msgstr "Impossible de localiser les informations DNS pour le serveur de base de données '%s'"
#: include/auth.php:45
msgid "Logged out."
msgstr "Déconnecté."
#: include/auth.php:116 include/auth.php:178 mod/openid.php:100
msgid "Login failed."
msgstr "Échec de connexion."
#: include/auth.php:132 include/user.php:75
msgid ""
"We encountered a problem while logging in with the OpenID you provided. "
"Please check the correct spelling of the ID."
msgstr "Nous avons eu un souci avec l'OpenID que vous avez fourni. merci de vérifier l'orthographe correcte de ce dernier."
#: include/auth.php:132 include/user.php:75
msgid "The error message was:"
msgstr "Le message d'erreur était :"
#: include/group.php:25
msgid ""
"A deleted group with this name was revived. Existing item permissions "
"<strong>may</strong> apply to this group and any future members. If this is "
"not what you intended, please create another group with a different name."
msgstr "Un groupe supprimé a été recréé. Les permissions existantes <strong>pourraient</strong> s'appliquer à ce groupe et aux futurs membres. Si ce n'est pas le comportement attendu, merci de re-créer un autre groupe sous un autre nom."
#: include/group.php:209
msgid "Default privacy group for new contacts"
msgstr "Paramètres de confidentialité par défaut pour les nouveaux contacts"
#: include/group.php:242
msgid "Everybody"
msgstr "Tout le monde"
#: include/group.php:265
msgid "edit"
msgstr "éditer"
#: include/group.php:286 mod/newmember.php:61
msgid "Groups"
msgstr "Groupes"
#: include/group.php:288
msgid "Edit groups"
msgstr "Modifier les groupes"
#: include/group.php:290
msgid "Edit group"
msgstr "Editer groupe"
#: include/group.php:291
msgid "Create a new group"
msgstr "Créer un nouveau groupe"
#: include/group.php:292 mod/group.php:94 mod/group.php:178
msgid "Group Name: "
msgstr "Nom du groupe: "
#: include/group.php:294
msgid "Contacts not in any group"
msgstr "Contacts n'appartenant à aucun groupe"
#: include/group.php:296 mod/network.php:201
msgid "add"
msgstr "ajouter"
#: include/Photo.php:996 include/Photo.php:1011 include/Photo.php:1018
#: include/Photo.php:1040 include/message.php:145 mod/wall_upload.php:218
#: mod/wall_upload.php:232 mod/wall_upload.php:239 mod/item.php:472
msgid "Wall Photos"
msgstr "Photos du mur"
#: include/delivery.php:439
msgid "(no subject)"
msgstr "(sans titre)"
#: include/user.php:39 mod/settings.php:370
msgid "Passwords do not match. Password unchanged."
msgstr "Les mots de passe ne correspondent pas. Aucun changement appliqué."
#: include/user.php:48
msgid "An invitation is required."
msgstr "Une invitation est requise."
#: include/user.php:53
msgid "Invitation could not be verified."
msgstr "L'invitation fournie n'a pu être validée."
#: include/user.php:61
msgid "Invalid OpenID url"
msgstr "Adresse OpenID invalide"
#: include/user.php:82
msgid "Please enter the required information."
msgstr "Entrez les informations requises."
#: include/user.php:96
msgid "Please use a shorter name."
msgstr "Utilisez un nom plus court."
#: include/user.php:98
msgid "Name too short."
msgstr "Nom trop court."
#: include/user.php:113
msgid "That doesn't appear to be your full (First Last) name."
msgstr "Ceci ne semble pas être votre nom complet (Prénom Nom)."
#: include/user.php:118
msgid "Your email domain is not among those allowed on this site."
msgstr "Votre domaine de courriel n'est pas autorisé sur ce site."
#: include/user.php:121
msgid "Not a valid email address."
msgstr "Ceci n'est pas une adresse courriel valide."
#: include/user.php:134
msgid "Cannot use that email."
msgstr "Impossible d'utiliser ce courriel."
#: include/user.php:140
msgid "Your \"nickname\" can only contain \"a-z\", \"0-9\" and \"_\"."
msgstr "Votre \"pseudonyme\" peut seulement contenir les caractères \"a-z\", \"0-9\" et \"_\"."
#: include/user.php:147 include/user.php:245
msgid "Nickname is already registered. Please choose another."
msgstr "Pseudo déjà utilisé. Merci d'en choisir un autre."
#: include/user.php:157
msgid ""
"Nickname was once registered here and may not be re-used. Please choose "
msgstr "Ce surnom a déjà été utilisé ici, et ne peut re-servir. Merci d'en choisir un autre."
#: include/user.php:173
msgid "SERIOUS ERROR: Generation of security keys failed."
msgstr "ERREUR SÉRIEUSE: La génération des clés de sécurité a échoué."
#: include/user.php:231
msgid "An error occurred during registration. Please try again."
msgstr "Une erreur est survenue lors de l'inscription. Merci de recommencer."
#: include/user.php:256 view/theme/duepuntozero/config.php:44
msgid "default"
msgstr "défaut"
#: include/user.php:266
msgid "An error occurred creating your default profile. Please try again."
msgstr "Une erreur est survenue lors de la création de votre profil par défaut. Merci de recommencer."
#: include/user.php:345 include/user.php:352 include/user.php:359
#: mod/profile_photo.php:74 mod/profile_photo.php:81 mod/profile_photo.php:88
#: mod/profile_photo.php:210 mod/profile_photo.php:302
#: mod/profile_photo.php:311 mod/photos.php:79 mod/photos.php:193
#: mod/photos.php:770 mod/photos.php:1233 mod/photos.php:1256
#: mod/photos.php:1849 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:500
msgid "Profile Photos"
msgstr "Photos du profil"
#: include/user.php:387
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\tThank you for registering at %2$s. Your account has been created.\n"
msgstr "\n\t\tChère/Cher %1$s,\n\t\t\tMerci de vous être inscrit sur %2$s. Votre compte a bien été créé.\n\t"
#: include/user.php:391
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\t\tSite Location:\t%3$s\n"
"\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%1$s\n"
"\t\tYou may change your password from your account \"Settings\" page after logging\n"
"\t\tPlease take a few moments to review the other account settings on that page.\n"
"\t\tYou may also wish to add some basic information to your default profile\n"
"\t\t(on the \"Profiles\" page) so that other people can easily find you.\n"
"\t\tWe recommend setting your full name, adding a profile photo,\n"
"\t\tadding some profile \"keywords\" (very useful in making new friends) - and\n"
"\t\tperhaps what country you live in; if you do not wish to be more specific\n"
"\t\tthan that.\n"
"\t\tWe fully respect your right to privacy, and none of these items are necessary.\n"
"\t\tIf you are new and do not know anybody here, they may help\n"
"\t\tyou to make some new and interesting friends.\n"
"\t\tThank you and welcome to %2$s."
msgstr "\n\t\tVoici vos informations de connexion :\n\t\t\tAdresse :\t%3$s\n\t\t\tIdentifiant :\t%1$s\n\t\t\tMot de passe :\t%5$s\n\n\t\tVous pourrez changer votre mot de passe dans les paramètres de votre compte une fois connecté.\n\n\t\tProfitez-en pour prendre le temps de passer en revue les autres paramètres de votre compte.\n\n\t\tVous pourrez aussi ajouter quelques informations élémentaires à votre profil par défaut (sur la page « Profils ») pour permettre à d’autres personnes de vous trouver facilement.\n\n\t\tNous recommandons de préciser votre nom complet, d’ajouter une photo et quelques mots-clefs (c’est très utile pour découvrir de nouveaux amis), et peut-être aussi d’indiquer au moins le pays dans lequel vous vivez, à défaut d’être plus précis.\n\n\t\tNous respectons pleinement votre droit à une vie privée, et vous n’avez aucune obligation de donner toutes ces informations. Mais si vous êtes nouveau et ne connaissez encore personne ici, cela peut vous aider à vous faire de nouveaux amis intéressants.\n\n\n\t\tMerci et bienvenu sur %2$s."
#: include/user.php:423 mod/admin.php:1182
#, php-format
msgid "Registration details for %s"
msgstr "Détails d'inscription pour %s"
#: include/features.php:63
msgid "General Features"
msgstr "Fonctions générales"
#: include/features.php:65
msgid "Multiple Profiles"
msgstr "Profils multiples"
#: include/features.php:65
msgid "Ability to create multiple profiles"
msgstr "Possibilité de créer plusieurs profils"
#: include/features.php:66
msgid "Photo Location"
msgstr "Lieu de prise de la photo"
#: include/features.php:66
msgid ""
"Photo metadata is normally stripped. This extracts the location (if present)"
" prior to stripping metadata and links it to a map."
msgstr "Les métadonnées des photos sont normalement retirées. Ceci permet de sauver l'emplacement (si présent) et de positionner la photo sur une carte."
#: include/features.php:67
msgid "Export Public Calendar"
msgstr "Exporter le Calendrier Public"
#: include/features.php:67
msgid "Ability for visitors to download the public calendar"
msgstr "Les visiteurs peuvent télécharger le calendrier public"
#: include/features.php:72
msgid "Post Composition Features"
msgstr "Caractéristiques de composition de publication"
#: include/features.php:73
msgid "Richtext Editor"
msgstr "Éditeur de texte enrichi"
#: include/features.php:73
msgid "Enable richtext editor"
msgstr "Activer l'éditeur de texte enrichi"
#: include/features.php:74
msgid "Post Preview"
msgstr "Aperçu de la publication"
#: include/features.php:74
msgid "Allow previewing posts and comments before publishing them"
msgstr "Permet la prévisualisation des publications et commentaires avant de les publier"
#: include/features.php:75
msgid "Auto-mention Forums"
msgstr ""
#: include/features.php:75
msgid ""
"Add/remove mention when a fourm page is selected/deselected in ACL window."
msgstr ""
#: include/features.php:80
msgid "Network Sidebar Widgets"
msgstr "Widgets réseau pour barre latérale"
#: include/features.php:81
msgid "Search by Date"
msgstr "Rechercher par Date"
#: include/features.php:81
msgid "Ability to select posts by date ranges"
msgstr "Capacité de sélectionner les publications par intervalles de dates"
#: include/features.php:82 include/features.php:112
msgid "List Forums"
msgstr "Liste des forums"
#: include/features.php:82
msgid "Enable widget to display the forums your are connected with"
msgstr "Activer le widget pour afficher les forums auxquels vous êtes connecté"
#: include/features.php:83
msgid "Group Filter"
msgstr "Filtre de groupe"
#: include/features.php:83
msgid "Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected group"
msgstr "Activer le widget d’affichage des publications du réseau seulement pour le groupe sélectionné"
#: include/features.php:84
msgid "Network Filter"
msgstr "Filtre de réseau"
#: include/features.php:84
msgid "Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected network"
msgstr "Activer le widget d’affichage des publications du réseau seulement pour le réseau sélectionné"
#: include/features.php:85 mod/search.php:34 mod/network.php:200
msgid "Saved Searches"
msgstr "Recherches"
#: include/features.php:85
msgid "Save search terms for re-use"
msgstr "Sauvegarder la recherche pour une utilisation ultérieure"
#: include/features.php:90
msgid "Network Tabs"
msgstr "Onglets Réseau"
#: include/features.php:91
msgid "Network Personal Tab"
msgstr "Onglet Réseau Personnel"
#: include/features.php:91
msgid "Enable tab to display only Network posts that you've interacted on"
msgstr "Activer l'onglet pour afficher seulement les publications du réseau où vous avez interagit"
#: include/features.php:92
msgid "Network New Tab"
msgstr "Nouvel onglet réseaux"
#: include/features.php:92
msgid "Enable tab to display only new Network posts (from the last 12 hours)"
msgstr "Activer l'onglet pour afficher seulement les publications du réseau (dans les 12 dernières heures)"
#: include/features.php:93
msgid "Network Shared Links Tab"
msgstr "Onglet réseau partagé"
#: include/features.php:93
msgid "Enable tab to display only Network posts with links in them"
msgstr "Activer l'onglet pour afficher seulement les publications du réseau contenant des liens"
#: include/features.php:98
msgid "Post/Comment Tools"
msgstr "outils de publication/commentaire"
#: include/features.php:99
msgid "Multiple Deletion"
msgstr "Suppression multiple"
#: include/features.php:99
msgid "Select and delete multiple posts/comments at once"
msgstr "Sélectionner et supprimer plusieurs publications/commentaires à la fois"
#: include/features.php:100
msgid "Edit Sent Posts"
msgstr "Éditer les publications envoyées"
#: include/features.php:100
msgid "Edit and correct posts and comments after sending"
msgstr "Éditer et corriger les publications et commentaires après l'envoi"
#: include/features.php:101
msgid "Tagging"
msgstr "Étiquettage"
#: include/features.php:101
msgid "Ability to tag existing posts"
msgstr "Possibilité d'étiqueter les publications existantes"
#: include/features.php:102
msgid "Post Categories"
msgstr "Catégories des publications"
#: include/features.php:102
msgid "Add categories to your posts"
msgstr "Ajouter des catégories à vos publications"
#: include/features.php:103
msgid "Ability to file posts under folders"
msgstr "Possibilité d'afficher les publications sous les répertoires"
#: include/features.php:104
msgid "Dislike Posts"
msgstr "Publications non aimées"
#: include/features.php:104
msgid "Ability to dislike posts/comments"
msgstr "Possibilité de ne pas aimer les publications/commentaires"
#: include/features.php:105
msgid "Star Posts"
msgstr "Publications spéciales"
#: include/features.php:105
msgid "Ability to mark special posts with a star indicator"
msgstr "Possibilité de marquer les publications spéciales d'une étoile"
#: include/features.php:106
msgid "Mute Post Notifications"
msgstr "Ignorer les notifications du post"
#: include/features.php:106
msgid "Ability to mute notifications for a thread"
msgstr "Permettre d'ignorer les notifications d'un fil de discussion"
#: include/features.php:111
msgid "Advanced Profile Settings"
msgstr "Paramètres Avancés du Profil"
#: include/features.php:112
msgid "Show visitors public community forums at the Advanced Profile Page"
msgstr "Montrer les forums communautaires aux visiteurs sur la Page de profil avancé"
#: include/nav.php:35 mod/navigation.php:19
msgid "Nothing new here"
msgstr "Rien de neuf ici"
#: include/nav.php:39 mod/navigation.php:23
msgid "Clear notifications"
msgstr "Effacer les notifications"
#: include/nav.php:40 include/text.php:997
msgid "@name, !forum, #tags, content"
msgstr "@nom, !forum, #tags, contenu"
#: include/nav.php:75 view/theme/frio/theme.php:243 boot.php:1704
msgid "Logout"
msgstr "Se déconnecter"
#: include/nav.php:75 view/theme/frio/theme.php:243
msgid "End this session"
msgstr "Mettre fin à cette session"
#: include/nav.php:78 include/identity.php:712 mod/contacts.php:635
#: mod/contacts.php:831 view/theme/frio/theme.php:246
msgid "Status"
msgstr "Statut"
#: include/nav.php:78 include/nav.php:163 view/theme/frio/theme.php:246
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:123
msgid "Your posts and conversations"
msgstr "Vos publications et conversations"
#: include/nav.php:79 include/identity.php:603 include/identity.php:689
#: include/identity.php:720 mod/profperm.php:104 mod/newmember.php:32
#: mod/contacts.php:637 mod/contacts.php:839 view/theme/frio/theme.php:247
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:124
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Profil"
#: include/nav.php:79 view/theme/frio/theme.php:247
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:124
msgid "Your profile page"
msgstr "Votre page de profil"
#: include/nav.php:80 include/identity.php:728 mod/fbrowser.php:32
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:248 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:126
msgid "Photos"
msgstr "Photos"
#: include/nav.php:80 view/theme/frio/theme.php:248
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:126
msgid "Your photos"
msgstr "Vos photos"
#: include/nav.php:81 include/identity.php:736 include/identity.php:739
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:249
msgid "Videos"
msgstr "Vidéos"
#: include/nav.php:81 view/theme/frio/theme.php:249
msgid "Your videos"
msgstr "Vos vidéos"
#: include/nav.php:82 include/nav.php:146 include/identity.php:748
#: include/identity.php:759 mod/cal.php:278 mod/events.php:379
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:250 view/theme/frio/theme.php:254
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:127
msgid "Events"
msgstr "Événements"
#: include/nav.php:82 view/theme/frio/theme.php:250
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:127
msgid "Your events"
msgstr "Vos événements"
#: include/nav.php:83 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:128
msgid "Personal notes"
msgstr "Notes personnelles"
#: include/nav.php:83
msgid "Your personal notes"
msgstr "Vos notes personnelles"
#: include/nav.php:94 mod/bookmarklet.php:12 boot.php:1705
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Connexion"
#: include/nav.php:94
msgid "Sign in"
msgstr "Se connecter"
#: include/nav.php:107 include/nav.php:163
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:174 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:123
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Profil"
#: include/nav.php:107
msgid "Home Page"
msgstr "Page d'accueil"
#: include/nav.php:111 mod/register.php:280 boot.php:1680
msgid "Register"
msgstr "S'inscrire"
#: include/nav.php:111
msgid "Create an account"
msgstr "Créer un compte"
#: include/nav.php:116 mod/help.php:47 view/theme/vier/theme.php:298
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Aide"
#: include/nav.php:116
msgid "Help and documentation"
msgstr "Aide et documentation"
#: include/nav.php:119
msgid "Apps"
msgstr "Applications"
#: include/nav.php:119
msgid "Addon applications, utilities, games"
msgstr "Applications supplémentaires, utilitaires, jeux"
#: include/nav.php:122 include/text.php:994 mod/search.php:149
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Recherche"
#: include/nav.php:122
msgid "Search site content"
msgstr "Rechercher dans le contenu du site"
#: include/nav.php:125 include/text.php:1002
msgid "Full Text"
msgstr "Texte Entier"
#: include/nav.php:126 include/text.php:1003
msgid "Tags"
msgstr "Tags"
#: include/nav.php:127 include/nav.php:193 include/text.php:1004
#: include/identity.php:781 include/identity.php:784 mod/viewcontacts.php:116
#: mod/contacts.php:790 mod/contacts.php:851 view/theme/frio/theme.php:257
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:125
msgid "Contacts"
msgstr "Contacts"
#: include/nav.php:141 include/nav.php:143 mod/community.php:36
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:129
msgid "Community"
msgstr "Communauté"
#: include/nav.php:141
msgid "Conversations on this site"
msgstr "Conversations ayant cours sur ce site"
#: include/nav.php:143
msgid "Conversations on the network"
msgstr "Conversations sur le réseau"
#: include/nav.php:146 include/identity.php:751 include/identity.php:762
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:254
msgid "Events and Calendar"
msgstr "Événements et agenda"
#: include/nav.php:148
msgid "Directory"
msgstr "Annuaire"
#: include/nav.php:148
msgid "People directory"
msgstr "Annuaire des utilisateurs"
#: include/nav.php:150
msgid "Information"
msgstr "Information"
#: include/nav.php:150
msgid "Information about this friendica instance"
msgstr "Information au sujet de cette instance de friendica"
#: include/nav.php:160 include/NotificationsManager.php:160 mod/admin.php:402
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:253
msgid "Network"
msgstr "Réseau"
#: include/nav.php:160 view/theme/frio/theme.php:253
msgid "Conversations from your friends"
msgstr "Conversations de vos amis"
#: include/nav.php:161
msgid "Network Reset"
msgstr "Réinitialiser le réseau"
#: include/nav.php:161
msgid "Load Network page with no filters"
msgstr "Chargement des pages du réseau sans filtre"
#: include/nav.php:168 include/NotificationsManager.php:181
msgid "Introductions"
msgstr "Introductions"
#: include/nav.php:168
msgid "Friend Requests"
msgstr "Demande d'amitié"
#: include/nav.php:171 mod/notifications.php:96
msgid "Notifications"
msgstr "Notifications"
#: include/nav.php:172
msgid "See all notifications"
msgstr "Voir toute notification"
#: include/nav.php:173 mod/settings.php:887
msgid "Mark as seen"
msgstr "Marquer comme vu"
#: include/nav.php:173
msgid "Mark all system notifications seen"
msgstr "Marquer toutes les notifications système comme 'vues'"
#: include/nav.php:177 mod/message.php:190 view/theme/frio/theme.php:255
msgid "Messages"
msgstr "Messages"
#: include/nav.php:177 view/theme/frio/theme.php:255
msgid "Private mail"
msgstr "Messages privés"
#: include/nav.php:178
msgid "Inbox"
msgstr "Messages entrants"
#: include/nav.php:179
msgid "Outbox"
msgstr "Messages sortants"
#: include/nav.php:180 mod/message.php:16
msgid "New Message"
msgstr "Nouveau message"
#: include/nav.php:183
msgid "Manage"
msgstr "Gérer"
#: include/nav.php:183
msgid "Manage other pages"
msgstr "Gérer les autres pages"
#: include/nav.php:186 mod/settings.php:81
msgid "Delegations"
msgstr "Délégations"
#: include/nav.php:186 mod/delegate.php:130
msgid "Delegate Page Management"
msgstr "Déléguer la gestion de la page"
#: include/nav.php:188 mod/newmember.php:22 mod/settings.php:111
#: mod/admin.php:1502 mod/admin.php:1760 view/theme/frio/theme.php:256
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:544 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:648
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Réglages"
#: include/nav.php:188 view/theme/frio/theme.php:256
msgid "Account settings"
msgstr "Compte"
#: include/nav.php:191 include/identity.php:276
msgid "Profiles"
msgstr "Profils"
#: include/nav.php:191
msgid "Manage/Edit Profiles"
msgstr "Gérer/Éditer les profiles"
#: include/nav.php:193 view/theme/frio/theme.php:257
msgid "Manage/edit friends and contacts"
msgstr "Gérer/éditer les amitiés et contacts"
#: include/nav.php:200 mod/admin.php:186
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Admin"
#: include/nav.php:200
msgid "Site setup and configuration"
msgstr "Démarrage et configuration du site"
#: include/nav.php:204
msgid "Navigation"
msgstr "Navigation"
#: include/nav.php:204
msgid "Site map"
msgstr "Carte du site"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:32
msgid "Unknown | Not categorised"
msgstr "Inconnu | Non-classé"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:33
msgid "Block immediately"
msgstr "Bloquer immédiatement"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:34
msgid "Shady, spammer, self-marketer"
msgstr "Douteux, spammeur, accro à l'auto-promotion"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:35
msgid "Known to me, but no opinion"
msgstr "Connu de moi, mais sans opinion"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:36
msgid "OK, probably harmless"
msgstr "OK, probablement inoffensif"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:37
msgid "Reputable, has my trust"
msgstr "Réputé, a toute ma confiance"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:56 mod/admin.php:862
msgid "Frequently"
msgstr "Fréquemment"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:57 mod/admin.php:863
msgid "Hourly"
msgstr "Toutes les heures"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:58 mod/admin.php:864
msgid "Twice daily"
msgstr "Deux fois par jour"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:59 mod/admin.php:865
msgid "Daily"
msgstr "Chaque jour"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:60
msgid "Weekly"
msgstr "Chaque semaine"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:61
msgid "Monthly"
msgstr "Chaque mois"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:76 mod/dfrn_request.php:867
msgid "Friendica"
msgstr "Friendica"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:77
msgid "OStatus"
msgstr "OStatus"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:78
msgid "RSS/Atom"
msgstr "RSS/Atom"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:79 include/contact_selectors.php:86
#: mod/admin.php:1375 mod/admin.php:1388 mod/admin.php:1400 mod/admin.php:1418
msgid "Email"
msgstr "Courriel"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:80 mod/dfrn_request.php:869
#: mod/settings.php:827
msgid "Diaspora"
msgstr "Diaspora"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:81
msgid "Facebook"
msgstr "Facebook"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:82
msgid "Zot!"
msgstr "Zot!"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:83
msgid "LinkedIn"
msgstr "LinkedIn"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:84
msgid "XMPP/IM"
msgstr "XMPP/IM"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:85
msgid "MySpace"
msgstr "MySpace"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:87
msgid "Google+"
msgstr "Google+"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:88
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: include/contact_selectors.php:89
msgid "Twitter"
msgstr "Twitter"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:90
msgid "Diaspora Connector"
msgstr "Connecteur Diaspora"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:91
msgid "GNU Social"
msgstr "GNU Social"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:92
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: include/contact_selectors.php:103
msgid "Hubzilla/Redmatrix"
msgstr "Hubzilla/Redmatrix"
#: include/network.php:595
msgid "view full size"
msgstr "voir en pleine taille"
#: include/Contact.php:119
msgid "stopped following"
msgstr "retiré de la liste de suivi"
#: include/Contact.php:310 include/Contact.php:323 include/Contact.php:365
#: include/conversation.php:964 include/conversation.php:978
#: mod/directory.php:163 mod/match.php:71 mod/allfriends.php:65
#: mod/suggest.php:82 mod/dirfind.php:203
msgid "View Profile"
msgstr "Voir le profil"
#: include/Contact.php:364 include/conversation.php:963
msgid "View Status"
msgstr "Voir les statuts"
#: include/Contact.php:366 include/conversation.php:965
msgid "View Photos"
msgstr "Voir les photos"
#: include/Contact.php:367 include/conversation.php:966
msgid "Network Posts"
msgstr "Publications du réseau"
#: include/Contact.php:368 include/conversation.php:967
msgid "Edit Contact"
msgstr "Éditer le contact"
#: include/Contact.php:369
msgid "Drop Contact"
msgstr "Supprimer le contact"
#: include/Contact.php:370 include/conversation.php:968
msgid "Send PM"
msgstr "Message privé"
#: include/Contact.php:371 include/conversation.php:972
msgid "Poke"
msgstr "Sollicitations (pokes)"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:327
msgid "Post to Email"
msgstr "Publier aux courriels"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:332
#, php-format
msgid "Connectors disabled, since \"%s\" is enabled."
msgstr "Les connecteurs sont désactivés parce que \"%s\" est activé."
#: include/acl_selectors.php:333 mod/settings.php:1131
msgid "Hide your profile details from unknown viewers?"
msgstr "Cacher les détails du profil aux visiteurs inconnus?"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:338
msgid "Visible to everybody"
msgstr "Visible par tout le monde"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:339 view/theme/vier/config.php:103
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:621 view/theme/diabook/config.php:142
msgid "show"
msgstr "montrer"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:340 view/theme/vier/config.php:103
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:621 view/theme/diabook/config.php:142
msgid "don't show"
msgstr "cacher"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:346 mod/editpost.php:133
msgid "CC: email addresses"
msgstr "CC: adresses de courriel"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:347 mod/editpost.php:140
msgid "Example:,"
msgstr "Exemple:,"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:349 mod/photos.php:1178 mod/photos.php:1562
#: mod/events.php:510
msgid "Permissions"
msgstr "Permissions"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:350
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Fermer"
#: include/dfrn.php:1110
#, php-format
msgid "%s\\'s birthday"
msgstr "Anniversaire de %s"
#: include/follow.php:77 mod/dfrn_request.php:507
msgid "Disallowed profile URL."
msgstr "URL de profil interdite."
#: include/follow.php:82
msgid "Connect URL missing."
msgstr "URL de connexion manquante."
#: include/follow.php:109
msgid ""
"This site is not configured to allow communications with other networks."
msgstr "Ce site n'est pas configuré pour dialoguer avec d'autres réseaux."
#: include/follow.php:110 include/follow.php:130
msgid "No compatible communication protocols or feeds were discovered."
msgstr "Aucun protocole de communication ni aucun flux n'a pu être découvert."
#: include/follow.php:128
msgid "The profile address specified does not provide adequate information."
msgstr "L'adresse de profil indiquée ne fournit par les informations adéquates."
#: include/follow.php:132
msgid "An author or name was not found."
msgstr "Aucun auteur ou nom d'auteur n'a pu être trouvé."
#: include/follow.php:134
msgid "No browser URL could be matched to this address."
msgstr "Aucune URL de navigation ne correspond à cette adresse."
#: include/follow.php:136
msgid ""
"Unable to match @-style Identity Address with a known protocol or email "
msgstr "Impossible de faire correspondre l'adresse d'identité en \"@\" avec un protocole connu ou un contact courriel."
#: include/follow.php:137
msgid "Use mailto: in front of address to force email check."
msgstr "Utilisez mailto: en face d'une adresse pour l'obliger à être reconnue comme courriel."
#: include/follow.php:143
msgid ""
"The profile address specified belongs to a network which has been disabled "
"on this site."
msgstr "L'adresse de profil spécifiée correspond à un réseau qui a été désactivé sur ce site."
#: include/follow.php:153
msgid ""
"Limited profile. This person will be unable to receive direct/personal "
"notifications from you."
msgstr "Profil limité. Cette personne ne sera pas capable de recevoir des notifications directes/personnelles de votre part."
#: include/follow.php:254
msgid "Unable to retrieve contact information."
msgstr "Impossible de récupérer les informations du contact."
#: include/follow.php:287
msgid "following"
msgstr "following"
#: include/items.php:1447 mod/dfrn_request.php:745 mod/dfrn_confirm.php:726
msgid "[Name Withheld]"
msgstr "[Nom non-publié]"
#: include/items.php:1805 mod/viewsrc.php:15 mod/display.php:104
#: mod/display.php:279 mod/display.php:478 mod/notice.php:15 mod/admin.php:234
#: mod/admin.php:1449 mod/admin.php:1683
msgid "Item not found."
msgstr "Élément introuvable."
#: include/items.php:1844
msgid "Do you really want to delete this item?"
msgstr "Voulez-vous vraiment supprimer cet élément ?"
#: include/items.php:1846 mod/follow.php:110 mod/suggest.php:29
#: mod/api.php:105 mod/message.php:217 mod/dfrn_request.php:861
#: mod/contacts.php:442 mod/profiles.php:641 mod/profiles.php:644
#: mod/profiles.php:670 mod/register.php:238 mod/settings.php:1113
#: mod/settings.php:1119 mod/settings.php:1127 mod/settings.php:1131
#: mod/settings.php:1136 mod/settings.php:1142 mod/settings.php:1148
#: mod/settings.php:1154 mod/settings.php:1180 mod/settings.php:1181
#: mod/settings.php:1182 mod/settings.php:1183 mod/settings.php:1184
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Oui"
#: include/items.php:1849 include/conversation.php:1272 mod/fbrowser.php:101
#: mod/fbrowser.php:136 mod/tagrm.php:11 mod/tagrm.php:94 mod/follow.php:121
#: mod/suggest.php:32 mod/editpost.php:148 mod/message.php:220
#: mod/dfrn_request.php:875 mod/contacts.php:445 mod/settings.php:664
#: mod/settings.php:690 mod/videos.php:131 mod/photos.php:248
#: mod/photos.php:337
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Annuler"
#: include/items.php:2011 mod/wall_upload.php:77 mod/wall_upload.php:80
#: mod/notes.php:22 mod/uimport.php:23 mod/nogroup.php:25 mod/invite.php:15
#: mod/invite.php:101 mod/viewcontacts.php:45 mod/wall_attach.php:67
#: mod/wall_attach.php:70 mod/allfriends.php:12 mod/repair_ostatus.php:9
#: mod/delegate.php:12 mod/attach.php:33 mod/follow.php:11 mod/follow.php:73
#: mod/follow.php:155 mod/suggest.php:58 mod/display.php:474 mod/common.php:18
#: mod/editpost.php:10 mod/network.php:4 mod/group.php:19
#: mod/wallmessage.php:9 mod/wallmessage.php:33 mod/wallmessage.php:79
#: mod/wallmessage.php:103 mod/api.php:26 mod/api.php:31
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:9 mod/message.php:46 mod/message.php:182
#: mod/manage.php:96 mod/crepair.php:100 mod/contacts.php:350
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:57 mod/dirfind.php:11 mod/fsuggest.php:78
#: mod/item.php:185 mod/item.php:197 mod/mood.php:114 mod/poke.php:150
#: mod/profile_photo.php:19 mod/profile_photo.php:175
#: mod/profile_photo.php:186 mod/profile_photo.php:199 mod/profiles.php:166
#: mod/profiles.php:598 mod/register.php:42 mod/regmod.php:110
#: mod/settings.php:22 mod/settings.php:128 mod/settings.php:650
#: mod/photos.php:172 mod/photos.php:1093 mod/cal.php:308 mod/events.php:190
#: mod/notifications.php:71 index.php:397
msgid "Permission denied."
msgstr "Permission refusée."
#: include/items.php:2116
msgid "Archives"
msgstr "Archives"
#: include/like.php:163 include/text.php:1790 include/conversation.php:130
#: include/conversation.php:266 mod/subthread.php:87 mod/tagger.php:62
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:471
msgid "photo"
msgstr "photo"
#: include/like.php:163 include/conversation.php:125
#: include/conversation.php:134 include/conversation.php:261
#: include/conversation.php:270 include/diaspora.php:1402 mod/subthread.php:87
#: mod/tagger.php:62 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:466
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:475
msgid "status"
msgstr "le statut"
#: include/like.php:165 include/text.php:1788 include/conversation.php:122
#: include/conversation.php:258 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:463
msgid "event"
msgstr "évènement"
#: include/like.php:182 include/conversation.php:141 include/diaspora.php:1398
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:480
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s likes %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s aime %3$s de %2$s"
#: include/like.php:184 include/conversation.php:144
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s doesn't like %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s n'aime pas %3$s de %2$s"
#: include/like.php:186
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is attending %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s participe à %3$s de %2$s"
#: include/like.php:188
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is not attending %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s ne participe pas à %3$s de %2$s"
#: include/like.php:190
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s may attend %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s participera peut-être à %3$s de %2$s"
#: include/message.php:15 include/message.php:173
msgid "[no subject]"
msgstr "[pas de sujet]"
#: include/plugin.php:526 include/plugin.php:528
msgid "Click here to upgrade."
msgstr "Cliquez ici pour mettre à jour."
#: include/plugin.php:534
msgid "This action exceeds the limits set by your subscription plan."
msgstr "Cette action dépasse les limites définies par votre abonnement."
#: include/plugin.php:539
msgid "This action is not available under your subscription plan."
msgstr "Cette action n'est pas disponible avec votre abonnement."
#: include/text.php:304
msgid "newer"
msgstr "Plus récent"
#: include/text.php:306
msgid "older"
msgstr "Plus ancien"
#: include/text.php:311
msgid "prev"
msgstr "précédent"
#: include/text.php:313
msgid "first"
msgstr "premier"
#: include/text.php:345
msgid "last"
msgstr "dernier"
#: include/text.php:348
msgid "next"
msgstr "suivant"
#: include/text.php:403
msgid "Loading more entries..."
msgstr "Chargement de résultats supplémentaires..."
#: include/text.php:404
msgid "The end"
msgstr "Fin"
#: include/text.php:871
msgid "No contacts"
msgstr "Aucun contact"
#: include/text.php:894
#, php-format
msgid "%d Contact"
msgid_plural "%d Contacts"
msgstr[0] "%d contact"
msgstr[1] "%d contacts"
#: include/text.php:907
msgid "View Contacts"
msgstr "Voir les contacts"
#: include/text.php:995 mod/notes.php:61 mod/filer.php:31 mod/editpost.php:109
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Sauver"
#: include/text.php:1058
msgid "poke"
msgstr "titiller"
#: include/text.php:1058
msgid "poked"
msgstr "a titillé"
#: include/text.php:1059
msgid "ping"
msgstr "attirer l'attention"
#: include/text.php:1059
msgid "pinged"
msgstr "a attiré l'attention de"
#: include/text.php:1060
msgid "prod"
msgstr "aiguillonner"
#: include/text.php:1060
msgid "prodded"
msgstr "a aiguillonné"
#: include/text.php:1061
msgid "slap"
msgstr "gifler"
#: include/text.php:1061
msgid "slapped"
msgstr "a giflé"
#: include/text.php:1062
msgid "finger"
msgstr "tripoter"
#: include/text.php:1062
msgid "fingered"
msgstr "a tripoté"
#: include/text.php:1063
msgid "rebuff"
msgstr "rabrouer"
#: include/text.php:1063
msgid "rebuffed"
msgstr "a rabroué"
#: include/text.php:1077
msgid "happy"
msgstr "heureuse"
#: include/text.php:1078
msgid "sad"
msgstr "triste"
#: include/text.php:1079
msgid "mellow"
msgstr "suave"
#: include/text.php:1080
msgid "tired"
msgstr "fatiguée"
#: include/text.php:1081
msgid "perky"
msgstr "guillerette"
#: include/text.php:1082
msgid "angry"
msgstr "colérique"
#: include/text.php:1083
msgid "stupified"
msgstr "stupéfaite"
#: include/text.php:1084
msgid "puzzled"
msgstr "perplexe"
#: include/text.php:1085
msgid "interested"
msgstr "intéressée"
#: include/text.php:1086
msgid "bitter"
msgstr "amère"
#: include/text.php:1087
msgid "cheerful"
msgstr "entraînante"
#: include/text.php:1088
msgid "alive"
msgstr "vivante"
#: include/text.php:1089
msgid "annoyed"
msgstr "ennuyée"
#: include/text.php:1090
msgid "anxious"
msgstr "anxieuse"
#: include/text.php:1091
msgid "cranky"
msgstr "excentrique"
#: include/text.php:1092
msgid "disturbed"
msgstr "dérangée"
#: include/text.php:1093
msgid "frustrated"
msgstr "frustrée"
#: include/text.php:1094
msgid "motivated"
msgstr "motivée"
#: include/text.php:1095
msgid "relaxed"
msgstr "détendue"
#: include/text.php:1096
msgid "surprised"
msgstr "surprise"
#: include/text.php:1112 include/event.php:449 mod/settings.php:955
msgid "Monday"
msgstr "Lundi"
#: include/text.php:1112 include/event.php:450
msgid "Tuesday"
msgstr "Mardi"
#: include/text.php:1112 include/event.php:451
msgid "Wednesday"
msgstr "Mercredi"
#: include/text.php:1112 include/event.php:452
msgid "Thursday"
msgstr "Jeudi"
#: include/text.php:1112 include/event.php:453
msgid "Friday"
msgstr "Vendredi"
#: include/text.php:1112 include/event.php:454
msgid "Saturday"
msgstr "Samedi"
#: include/text.php:1112 include/event.php:448 mod/settings.php:955
msgid "Sunday"
msgstr "Dimanche"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:467
msgid "January"
msgstr "Janvier"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:468
msgid "February"
msgstr "Février"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:469
msgid "March"
msgstr "Mars"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:470
msgid "April"
msgstr "Avril"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:459 include/event.php:471
msgid "May"
msgstr "Mai"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:472
msgid "June"
msgstr "Juin"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:473
msgid "July"
msgstr "Juillet"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:474
msgid "August"
msgstr "Août"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:475
msgid "September"
msgstr "Septembre"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:476
msgid "October"
msgstr "Octobre"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:477
msgid "November"
msgstr "Novembre"
#: include/text.php:1116 include/event.php:478
msgid "December"
msgstr "Décembre"
#: include/text.php:1310 mod/videos.php:383
msgid "View Video"
msgstr "Regarder la vidéo"
#: include/text.php:1342
msgid "bytes"
msgstr "octets"
#: include/text.php:1374 include/text.php:1386
msgid "Click to open/close"
msgstr "Cliquer pour ouvrir/fermer"
#: include/text.php:1512
msgid "View on separate page"
msgstr "Voir dans une nouvelle page"
#: include/text.php:1513
msgid "view on separate page"
msgstr "voir dans une nouvelle page"
#: include/text.php:1518 include/text.php:1525 include/event.php:608
msgid "link to source"
msgstr "lien original"
#: include/text.php:1792
msgid "activity"
msgstr "activité"
#: include/text.php:1794 mod/content.php:623 object/Item.php:431
#: object/Item.php:444
msgid "comment"
msgid_plural "comments"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] "commentaire"
#: include/text.php:1795
msgid "post"
msgstr "publication"
#: include/text.php:1963
msgid "Item filed"
msgstr "Élément classé"
#: include/uimport.php:94
msgid "Error decoding account file"
msgstr "Une erreur a été détecté en décodant un fichier utilisateur"
#: include/uimport.php:100
msgid "Error! No version data in file! This is not a Friendica account file?"
msgstr "Erreur ! Pas de ficher de version existant ! Êtes vous sur un compte Friendica ?"
#: include/uimport.php:116 include/uimport.php:127
msgid "Error! Cannot check nickname"
msgstr "Erreur! Pseudo invalide"
#: include/uimport.php:120 include/uimport.php:131
#, php-format
msgid "User '%s' already exists on this server!"
msgstr "L'utilisateur '%s' existe déjà sur ce serveur!"
#: include/uimport.php:153
msgid "User creation error"
msgstr "Erreur de création d'utilisateur"
#: include/uimport.php:173
msgid "User profile creation error"
msgstr "Erreur de création du profil utilisateur"
#: include/uimport.php:222
#, php-format
msgid "%d contact not imported"
msgid_plural "%d contacts not imported"
msgstr[0] "%d contacts non importés"
msgstr[1] "%d contacts non importés"
#: include/uimport.php:292
msgid "Done. You can now login with your username and password"
msgstr "Action réalisé. Vous pouvez désormais vous connecter avec votre nom d'utilisateur et votre mot de passe"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:153
msgid "System"
msgstr "Système"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:167 mod/network.php:844
#: mod/profiles.php:696
msgid "Personal"
msgstr "Personnel"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:234 include/NotificationsManager.php:245
#, php-format
msgid "%s commented on %s's post"
msgstr "%s a commenté la publication de %s"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:244
#, php-format
msgid "%s created a new post"
msgstr "%s a créé une nouvelle publication"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:258
#, php-format
msgid "%s liked %s's post"
msgstr "%s a aimé la publication de %s"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:269
#, php-format
msgid "%s disliked %s's post"
msgstr "%s n'a pas aimé la publication de %s"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:280
#, php-format
msgid "%s is attending %s's event"
msgstr "%s participe à l'événement de %s"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:291
#, php-format
msgid "%s is not attending %s's event"
msgstr "%s ne participe pas à l'événement de %s"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:302
#, php-format
msgid "%s may attend %s's event"
msgstr "%s participera peut-être à l'événement de %s"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:317
#, php-format
msgid "%s is now friends with %s"
msgstr "%s est désormais ami(e) avec %s"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:750
msgid "Friend Suggestion"
msgstr "Suggestion d'amitié/contact"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:783
msgid "Friend/Connect Request"
msgstr "Demande de connexion/relation"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:783
msgid "New Follower"
msgstr "Nouvel abonné"
#: include/api.php:975
#, php-format
msgid "Daily posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."
msgstr "Le quota journalier de %d publications a été atteint. La publication a été rejetée."
#: include/api.php:995
#, php-format
msgid "Weekly posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."
msgstr "Le quota hebdomadaire de %d publications a été atteint. La publication a été rejetée."
#: include/api.php:1016
#, php-format
msgid "Monthly posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."
msgstr "Le quota mensuel de %d publications a été atteint. La publication a été rejetée."
#: include/bbcode.php:348 include/bbcode.php:1056 include/bbcode.php:1057
msgid "Image/photo"
msgstr "Image/photo"
#: include/bbcode.php:465
#, php-format
msgid "<a href=\"%1$s\" target=\"_blank\">%2$s</a> %3$s"
msgstr "<a href=\"%1$s\" target=\"_blank\">%2$s</a> %3$s"
#: include/bbcode.php:1016 include/bbcode.php:1036
msgid "$1 wrote:"
msgstr "$1 a écrit:"
#: include/bbcode.php:1065 include/bbcode.php:1066
msgid "Encrypted content"
msgstr "Contenu chiffré"
#: include/conversation.php:147
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s attends %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s participe à %3$s de %2$s"
#: include/conversation.php:150
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s doesn't attend %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s ne participe pas à %3$s de %2$s"
#: include/conversation.php:153
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s attends maybe %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s participe peut-être à %3$s de %2$s"
#: include/conversation.php:185 mod/dfrn_confirm.php:473
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is now friends with %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s est désormais lié à %2$s"
#: include/conversation.php:219
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s poked %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s a sollicité %2$s"
#: include/conversation.php:239 mod/mood.php:62
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is currently %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s est d'humeur %2$s"
#: include/conversation.php:278 mod/tagger.php:95
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged %2$s's %3$s with %4$s"
msgstr "%1$s a étiqueté %3$s de %2$s avec %4$s"
#: include/conversation.php:303
msgid "post/item"
msgstr "publication/élément"
#: include/conversation.php:304
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s marked %2$s's %3$s as favorite"
msgstr "%1$s a marqué le %3$s de %2$s comme favori"
#: include/conversation.php:585 mod/content.php:372 mod/profiles.php:345
#: mod/photos.php:1634
msgid "Likes"
msgstr "Derniers \"J'aime\""
#: include/conversation.php:585 mod/content.php:372 mod/profiles.php:349
#: mod/photos.php:1634
msgid "Dislikes"
msgstr "Derniers \"Je n'aime pas\""
#: include/conversation.php:586 include/conversation.php:1469
#: mod/content.php:373 mod/photos.php:1635
msgid "Attending"
msgid_plural "Attending"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: include/conversation.php:586 mod/content.php:373 mod/photos.php:1635
msgid "Not attending"
msgstr "Ne participe pas"
#: include/conversation.php:586 mod/content.php:373 mod/photos.php:1635
msgid "Might attend"
msgstr "Participera peut-être"
#: include/conversation.php:708 mod/content.php:453 mod/content.php:758
#: mod/photos.php:1709 object/Item.php:133
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Sélectionner"
#: include/conversation.php:709 mod/group.php:171 mod/content.php:454
#: mod/content.php:759 mod/contacts.php:806 mod/contacts.php:1021
#: mod/settings.php:726 mod/photos.php:1710 mod/admin.php:1392
#: object/Item.php:134
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Supprimer"
#: include/conversation.php:753 mod/content.php:487 mod/content.php:910
#: mod/content.php:911 object/Item.php:367 object/Item.php:368
#, php-format
msgid "View %s's profile @ %s"
msgstr "Voir le profil de %s @ %s"
#: include/conversation.php:765 object/Item.php:355
msgid "Categories:"
msgstr "Catégories:"
#: include/conversation.php:766 object/Item.php:356
msgid "Filed under:"
msgstr "Rangé sous:"
#: include/conversation.php:773 mod/content.php:497 mod/content.php:923
#: object/Item.php:381
#, php-format
msgid "%s from %s"
msgstr "%s de %s"
#: include/conversation.php:789 mod/content.php:513
msgid "View in context"
msgstr "Voir dans le contexte"
#: include/conversation.php:791 include/conversation.php:1253
#: mod/editpost.php:124 mod/wallmessage.php:156 mod/message.php:356
#: mod/message.php:548 mod/content.php:515 mod/content.php:948
#: mod/photos.php:1597 object/Item.php:406
msgid "Please wait"
msgstr "Patientez"
#: include/conversation.php:870
msgid "remove"
msgstr "enlever"
#: include/conversation.php:874
msgid "Delete Selected Items"
msgstr "Supprimer les éléments sélectionnés"
#: include/conversation.php:962
msgid "Follow Thread"
msgstr "Suivre le fil"
#: include/conversation.php:1086
#, php-format
msgid "%s likes this."
msgstr "%s aime ça."
#: include/conversation.php:1089
#, php-format
msgid "%s doesn't like this."
msgstr "%s n'aime pas ça."
#: include/conversation.php:1092
#, php-format
msgid "%s attends."
msgstr "%s participe"
#: include/conversation.php:1095
#, php-format
msgid "%s doesn't attend."
msgstr "%s ne participe pas"
#: include/conversation.php:1098
#, php-format
msgid "%s attends maybe."
msgstr "%s participe peut-être"
#: include/conversation.php:1108
msgid "and"
msgstr "et"
#: include/conversation.php:1114
#, php-format
msgid ", and %d other people"
msgstr ", et %d autres personnes"
#: include/conversation.php:1123
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> like this"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d personnes</span> aiment ça"
#: include/conversation.php:1124
#, php-format
msgid "%s like this."
msgstr "%s aime ça."
#: include/conversation.php:1127
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> don't like this"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d personnes</span> n'aiment pas ça"
#: include/conversation.php:1128
#, php-format
msgid "%s don't like this."
msgstr "%s n'aiment pas ça."
#: include/conversation.php:1131
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> attend"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d personnes</span> participent"
#: include/conversation.php:1132
#, php-format
msgid "%s attend."
msgstr "%s participent."
#: include/conversation.php:1135
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> don't attend"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d personnes</span> ne participent pas"
#: include/conversation.php:1136
#, php-format
msgid "%s don't attend."
msgstr "%s ne participent pas."
#: include/conversation.php:1139
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> anttend maybe"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d personnes</span> participeront peut-être"
#: include/conversation.php:1140
#, php-format
msgid "%s anttend maybe."
msgstr "%s participent peut-être."
#: include/conversation.php:1179 include/conversation.php:1197
msgid "Visible to <strong>everybody</strong>"
msgstr "Visible par <strong>tout le monde</strong>"
#: include/conversation.php:1180 include/conversation.php:1198
#: mod/wallmessage.php:127 mod/wallmessage.php:135 mod/message.php:291
#: mod/message.php:299 mod/message.php:442 mod/message.php:450
msgid "Please enter a link URL:"
msgstr "Entrez un lien web:"
#: include/conversation.php:1181 include/conversation.php:1199
msgid "Please enter a video link/URL:"
msgstr "Entrez un lien/URL video :"
#: include/conversation.php:1182 include/conversation.php:1200
msgid "Please enter an audio link/URL:"
msgstr "Entrez un lien/URL audio :"
#: include/conversation.php:1183 include/conversation.php:1201
msgid "Tag term:"
msgstr "Terme d'étiquette:"
#: include/conversation.php:1184 include/conversation.php:1202
#: mod/filer.php:30
msgid "Save to Folder:"
msgstr "Sauver dans le Dossier:"
#: include/conversation.php:1185 include/conversation.php:1203
msgid "Where are you right now?"
msgstr "Où êtes-vous présentemment?"
#: include/conversation.php:1186
msgid "Delete item(s)?"
msgstr "Supprimer les élément(s) ?"
#: include/conversation.php:1234 mod/photos.php:1596
msgid "Share"
msgstr "Partager"
#: include/conversation.php:1235 mod/editpost.php:110 mod/wallmessage.php:154
#: mod/message.php:354 mod/message.php:545
msgid "Upload photo"
msgstr "Joindre photo"
#: include/conversation.php:1236 mod/editpost.php:111
msgid "upload photo"
msgstr "envoi image"
#: include/conversation.php:1237 mod/editpost.php:112
msgid "Attach file"
msgstr "Joindre fichier"
#: include/conversation.php:1238 mod/editpost.php:113
msgid "attach file"
msgstr "ajout fichier"
#: include/conversation.php:1239 mod/editpost.php:114 mod/wallmessage.php:155
#: mod/message.php:355 mod/message.php:546
msgid "Insert web link"
msgstr "Insérer lien web"
#: include/conversation.php:1240 mod/editpost.php:115
msgid "web link"
msgstr "lien web"
#: include/conversation.php:1241 mod/editpost.php:116
msgid "Insert video link"
msgstr "Insérer un lien video"
#: include/conversation.php:1242 mod/editpost.php:117
msgid "video link"
msgstr "lien vidéo"
#: include/conversation.php:1243 mod/editpost.php:118
msgid "Insert audio link"
msgstr "Insérer un lien audio"
#: include/conversation.php:1244 mod/editpost.php:119
msgid "audio link"
msgstr "lien audio"
#: include/conversation.php:1245 mod/editpost.php:120
msgid "Set your location"
msgstr "Définir votre localisation"
#: include/conversation.php:1246 mod/editpost.php:121
msgid "set location"
msgstr "spéc. localisation"
#: include/conversation.php:1247 mod/editpost.php:122
msgid "Clear browser location"
msgstr "Effacer la localisation du navigateur"
#: include/conversation.php:1248 mod/editpost.php:123
msgid "clear location"
msgstr "supp. localisation"
#: include/conversation.php:1250 mod/editpost.php:137
msgid "Set title"
msgstr "Définir un titre"
#: include/conversation.php:1252 mod/editpost.php:139
msgid "Categories (comma-separated list)"
msgstr "Catégories (séparées par des virgules)"
#: include/conversation.php:1254 mod/editpost.php:125
msgid "Permission settings"
msgstr "Réglages des permissions"
#: include/conversation.php:1255 mod/editpost.php:154
msgid "permissions"
msgstr "permissions"
#: include/conversation.php:1263 mod/editpost.php:134
msgid "Public post"
msgstr "Publication publique"
#: include/conversation.php:1268 mod/editpost.php:145 mod/content.php:737
#: mod/photos.php:1618 mod/photos.php:1666 mod/photos.php:1754
#: mod/events.php:505 object/Item.php:729
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Aperçu"
#: include/conversation.php:1278
msgid "Post to Groups"
msgstr "Publier aux groupes"
#: include/conversation.php:1279
msgid "Post to Contacts"
msgstr "Publier aux contacts"
#: include/conversation.php:1280
msgid "Private post"
msgstr "Message privé"
#: include/conversation.php:1285 include/identity.php:250 mod/editpost.php:152
msgid "Message"
msgstr "Message"
#: include/conversation.php:1286 mod/editpost.php:153
msgid "Browser"
msgstr "Navigateur"
#: include/conversation.php:1441
msgid "View all"
msgstr "Voir tout"
#: include/conversation.php:1463
msgid "Like"
msgid_plural "Likes"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: include/conversation.php:1466
msgid "Dislike"
msgid_plural "Dislikes"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: include/conversation.php:1472
msgid "Not Attending"
msgid_plural "Not Attending"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: include/dbstructure.php:26
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\tThe friendica developers released update %s recently,\n"
"\t\t\tbut when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.\n"
"\t\t\tThis needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact a\n"
"\t\t\tfriendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid."
msgstr "\nLes développeurs de Friendica ont récemment publié la mise à jour %s, mais en tentant de l’installer, quelque chose s’est terriblement mal passé. Une réparation s’impose et je ne peux pas la faire tout seul. Contactez un développeur Friendica si vous ne pouvez pas corriger le problème vous-même. Il est possible que ma base de données soit corrompue."
#: include/dbstructure.php:31
#, php-format
msgid ""
"The error message is\n"
msgstr "Le message d’erreur est\n[pre]%s[/pre]"
#: include/dbstructure.php:153
msgid "Errors encountered creating database tables."
msgstr "Des erreurs ont été signalées lors de la création des tables."
#: include/dbstructure.php:230
msgid "Errors encountered performing database changes."
msgstr "Des erreurs sont survenues lors de la mise à jour de la base de données."
#: include/diaspora.php:1954
msgid "Sharing notification from Diaspora network"
msgstr "Notification de partage du réseau Diaspora"
#: include/diaspora.php:2854
msgid "Attachments:"
msgstr "Pièces jointes : "
#: include/event.php:441
msgid "Sun"
msgstr "Dim"
#: include/event.php:442
msgid "Mon"
msgstr "Lun"
#: include/event.php:443
msgid "Tue"
msgstr "Mar"
#: include/event.php:444
msgid "Wed"
msgstr "Mer"
#: include/event.php:445
msgid "Thu"
msgstr "Jeu"
#: include/event.php:446
msgid "Fri"
msgstr "Ven"
#: include/event.php:447
msgid "Sat"
msgstr "Sam"
#: include/event.php:455
msgid "Jan"
msgstr "Jan"
#: include/event.php:456
msgid "Feb"
msgstr "Fév"
#: include/event.php:457
msgid "Mar"
msgstr "Mar"
#: include/event.php:458
msgid "Apr"
msgstr "Avr"
#: include/event.php:460
msgid "Jun"
msgstr "Jun"
#: include/event.php:461
msgid "Jul"
msgstr "Jul"
#: include/event.php:462
msgid "Aug"
msgstr "Aoû"
#: include/event.php:463
msgid "Sept"
msgstr "Sep"
#: include/event.php:464
msgid "Oct"
msgstr "Oct"
#: include/event.php:465
msgid "Nov"
msgstr "Nov"
#: include/event.php:466
msgid "Dec"
msgstr "Déc"
#: include/event.php:479 mod/cal.php:286 mod/events.php:388
msgid "today"
msgstr "aujourd'hui"
#: include/event.php:567
msgid "l, F j"
msgstr "l, F j"
#: include/event.php:586
msgid "Edit event"
msgstr "Editer l'événement"
#: include/event.php:843
msgid "Export"
msgstr "Exporter"
#: include/event.php:844
msgid "Export calendar as ical"
msgstr "Exporter au format iCal"
#: include/event.php:845
msgid "Export calendar as csv"
msgstr "Exporter au format CSV"
#: include/identity.php:42
msgid "Requested account is not available."
msgstr "Le compte demandé n'est pas disponible."
#: include/identity.php:51 mod/profile.php:21
msgid "Requested profile is not available."
msgstr "Le profil demandé n'est pas disponible."
#: include/identity.php:95 include/identity.php:305 include/identity.php:686
msgid "Edit profile"
msgstr "Editer le profil"
#: include/identity.php:245
msgid "Atom feed"
msgstr "Flux Atom"
#: include/identity.php:276
msgid "Manage/edit profiles"
msgstr "Gérer/éditer les profils"
#: include/identity.php:281 include/identity.php:307 mod/profiles.php:787
msgid "Change profile photo"
msgstr "Changer de photo de profil"
#: include/identity.php:282 mod/profiles.php:788
msgid "Create New Profile"
msgstr "Créer un nouveau profil"
#: include/identity.php:292 mod/profiles.php:777
msgid "Profile Image"
msgstr "Image du profil"
#: include/identity.php:295 mod/profiles.php:779
msgid "visible to everybody"
msgstr "visible par tous"
#: include/identity.php:296 mod/profiles.php:684 mod/profiles.php:780
msgid "Edit visibility"
msgstr "Changer la visibilité"
#: include/identity.php:319 mod/directory.php:174 mod/match.php:84
#: mod/viewcontacts.php:105 mod/allfriends.php:79 mod/suggest.php:98
#: mod/hovercard.php:80 mod/common.php:123 mod/network.php:517
#: mod/contacts.php:51 mod/contacts.php:626 mod/contacts.php:953
#: mod/dirfind.php:223 mod/videos.php:37 mod/photos.php:42 mod/cal.php:44
msgid "Forum"
msgstr "Forum"
#: include/identity.php:331 include/identity.php:614 mod/directory.php:147
#: mod/notifications.php:238
msgid "Gender:"
msgstr "Genre:"
#: include/identity.php:334 include/identity.php:634 mod/directory.php:149
msgid "Status:"
msgstr "Statut:"
#: include/identity.php:336 include/identity.php:645 mod/directory.php:151
msgid "Homepage:"
msgstr "Page personnelle:"
#: include/identity.php:338 include/identity.php:655 mod/directory.php:153
#: mod/contacts.php:630 mod/notifications.php:234
msgid "About:"
msgstr "À propos:"
#: include/identity.php:420 mod/contacts.php:50 mod/notifications.php:246
msgid "Network:"
msgstr "Réseau"
#: include/identity.php:449 include/identity.php:533
msgid "g A l F d"
msgstr "g A | F d"
#: include/identity.php:450 include/identity.php:534
msgid "F d"
msgstr "F d"
#: include/identity.php:495 include/identity.php:580
msgid "[today]"
msgstr "[aujourd'hui]"
#: include/identity.php:507
msgid "Birthday Reminders"
msgstr "Rappels d'anniversaires"
#: include/identity.php:508
msgid "Birthdays this week:"
msgstr "Anniversaires cette semaine:"
#: include/identity.php:567
msgid "[No description]"
msgstr "[Sans description]"
#: include/identity.php:591
msgid "Event Reminders"
msgstr "Rappels d'événements"
#: include/identity.php:592
msgid "Events this week:"
msgstr "Evénements cette semaine :"
#: include/identity.php:612 mod/settings.php:1229
msgid "Full Name:"
msgstr "Nom complet:"
#: include/identity.php:619
msgid "j F, Y"
msgstr "j F, Y"
#: include/identity.php:620
msgid "j F"
msgstr "j F"
#: include/identity.php:631
msgid "Age:"
msgstr "Age:"
#: include/identity.php:640
#, php-format
msgid "for %1$d %2$s"
msgstr "depuis %1$d %2$s"
#: include/identity.php:643 mod/profiles.php:703
msgid "Sexual Preference:"
msgstr "Préférence sexuelle:"
#: include/identity.php:647 mod/profiles.php:729
msgid "Hometown:"
msgstr " Ville d'origine:"
#: include/identity.php:649 mod/follow.php:134 mod/contacts.php:632
#: mod/notifications.php:236
msgid "Tags:"
msgstr "Étiquette:"
#: include/identity.php:651 mod/profiles.php:730
msgid "Political Views:"
msgstr "Opinions politiques:"
#: include/identity.php:653
msgid "Religion:"
msgstr "Religion:"
#: include/identity.php:657
msgid "Hobbies/Interests:"
msgstr "Passe-temps/Centres d'intérêt:"
#: include/identity.php:659 mod/profiles.php:734
msgid "Likes:"
msgstr "J'aime :"
#: include/identity.php:661 mod/profiles.php:735
msgid "Dislikes:"
msgstr "Je n'aime pas :"
#: include/identity.php:664
msgid "Contact information and Social Networks:"
msgstr "Coordonnées/Réseaux sociaux:"
#: include/identity.php:666
msgid "Musical interests:"
msgstr "Goûts musicaux:"
#: include/identity.php:668
msgid "Books, literature:"
msgstr "Lectures:"
#: include/identity.php:670
msgid "Television:"
msgstr "Télévision:"
#: include/identity.php:672
msgid "Film/dance/culture/entertainment:"
msgstr "Cinéma/Danse/Culture/Divertissement:"
#: include/identity.php:674
msgid "Love/Romance:"
msgstr "Amour/Romance:"
#: include/identity.php:676
msgid "Work/employment:"
msgstr "Activité professionnelle/Occupation:"
#: include/identity.php:678
msgid "School/education:"
msgstr "Études/Formation:"
#: include/identity.php:682
msgid "Forums:"
msgstr "Forums :"
#: include/identity.php:690 mod/events.php:508
msgid "Basic"
msgstr "Simple"
#: include/identity.php:691 mod/contacts.php:868 mod/events.php:509
#: mod/admin.php:931
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "Avancé"
#: include/identity.php:715 mod/follow.php:143 mod/contacts.php:834
msgid "Status Messages and Posts"
msgstr "Messages d'état et publications"
#: include/identity.php:723 mod/contacts.php:842
msgid "Profile Details"
msgstr "Détails du profil"
#: include/identity.php:731 mod/photos.php:100
msgid "Photo Albums"
msgstr "Albums photo"
#: include/identity.php:770 mod/notes.php:46
msgid "Personal Notes"
msgstr "Notes personnelles"
#: include/identity.php:773
msgid "Only You Can See This"
msgstr "Vous seul pouvez voir ça"
#: mod/oexchange.php:25
msgid "Post successful."
msgstr "Publication réussie."
#: mod/update_community.php:18 mod/update_notes.php:37
#: mod/update_display.php:22 mod/update_profile.php:41
#: mod/update_network.php:25
msgid "[Embedded content - reload page to view]"
msgstr "[contenu incorporé - rechargez la page pour le voir]"
#: mod/viewsrc.php:7
msgid "Access denied."
msgstr "Accès refusé."
#: mod/home.php:35
#, php-format
msgid "Welcome to %s"
msgstr "Bienvenue sur %s"
#: mod/notify.php:60
msgid "No more system notifications."
msgstr "Pas plus de notifications système."
#: mod/notify.php:64 mod/notifications.php:111
msgid "System Notifications"
msgstr "Notifications du système"
#: mod/search.php:25 mod/network.php:191
msgid "Remove term"
msgstr "Retirer le terme"
#: mod/search.php:93 mod/search.php:99 mod/directory.php:37
#: mod/viewcontacts.php:35 mod/display.php:199 mod/community.php:22
#: mod/dfrn_request.php:790 mod/videos.php:197 mod/photos.php:964
msgid "Public access denied."
msgstr "Accès public refusé."
#: mod/search.php:100
msgid "Only logged in users are permitted to perform a search."
msgstr "Seuls les utilisateurs inscrits sont autorisés à lancer une recherche."
#: mod/search.php:124
msgid "Too Many Requests"
msgstr "Trop de requêtes"
#: mod/search.php:125
msgid "Only one search per minute is permitted for not logged in users."
msgstr "Une seule recherche par minute pour les utilisateurs qui ne sont pas connectés."
#: mod/search.php:224 mod/community.php:66 mod/community.php:75
msgid "No results."
msgstr "Aucun résultat."
#: mod/search.php:230
#, php-format
msgid "Items tagged with: %s"
msgstr "Éléments taggés %s"
#: mod/search.php:232 mod/network.php:146 mod/contacts.php:795
#, php-format
msgid "Results for: %s"
msgstr "Résultats pour : %s"
#: mod/friendica.php:70
msgid "This is Friendica, version"
msgstr "Motorisé par Friendica version"
#: mod/friendica.php:71
msgid "running at web location"
msgstr "hébergé sur"
#: mod/friendica.php:73
msgid ""
"Please visit <a href=\"\"></a> to learn "
"more about the Friendica project."
msgstr "Merci de vous rendre sur <a href=\"\"></a> si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le projet Friendica."
#: mod/friendica.php:75
msgid "Bug reports and issues: please visit"
msgstr "Pour les rapports de bugs: rendez vous sur"
#: mod/friendica.php:75
msgid "the bugtracker at github"
msgstr "le bugtracker sur GitHub"
#: mod/friendica.php:76
msgid ""
"Suggestions, praise, donations, etc. - please email \"Info\" at Friendica - "
"dot com"
msgstr "Suggestions, remerciements, donations, etc. - écrivez à \"Info\" arob. Friendica - point com"
#: mod/friendica.php:90
msgid "Installed plugins/addons/apps:"
msgstr "Extensions/greffons/applications installées:"
#: mod/friendica.php:103
msgid "No installed plugins/addons/apps"
msgstr "Extensions/greffons/applications non installées:"
#: mod/lostpass.php:19
msgid "No valid account found."
msgstr "Impossible de trouver un compte valide."
#: mod/lostpass.php:35
msgid "Password reset request issued. Check your email."
msgstr "Réinitialisation du mot de passe en cours. Vérifiez votre courriel."
#: mod/lostpass.php:42
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\tA request was recently received at \"%2$s\" to reset your account\n"
"\t\tpassword. In order to confirm this request, please select the verification link\n"
"\t\tbelow or paste it into your web browser address bar.\n"
"\t\tIf you did NOT request this change, please DO NOT follow the link\n"
"\t\tprovided and ignore and/or delete this email.\n"
"\t\tYour password will not be changed unless we can verify that you\n"
"\t\tissued this request."
msgstr "\n\t\tChère/Cher %1$s,\n\t\t\tNous avons reçu une demande de ré-initialisation du mot de passe de votre compte sur \"%2$s\". Pour confirmer cette demande, veuillez cliquer sur le lien de vérification ci-dessous ou le coller dans la barre d’adresse de votre navigateur.\n\n\t\tSi vous n’êtes PAS à l’origine de cette demande, NE suivez PAS le lien—ignorez et/ou supprimez ce message.\n\n\t\tVotre mot de passe ne sera pas modifié si nous n’avons pas de confirmation que la demande émane de vous."
#: mod/lostpass.php:53
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tFollow this link to verify your identity:\n"
"\t\tYou will then receive a follow-up message containing the new password.\n"
"\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n"
"\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\tSite Location:\t%2$s\n"
"\t\tLogin Name:\t%3$s"
msgstr "\n\t\tSuivez ce lien pour confirmer votre identité :\n\n\t\t%1$s\n\n\t\tVous recevrez alors a message contenant votre nouveau mot de passe.\n\t\tVous pourrez changer ce mot de passe depuis les paramètres de votre compte une fois connecté.\n\n\t\tInformations de connexion :\n\n\t\tAdresse :\t%2$s\n\t\tIdentifiant :\t%3$s"
#: mod/lostpass.php:72
#, php-format
msgid "Password reset requested at %s"
msgstr "Requête de réinitialisation de mot de passe à %s"
#: mod/lostpass.php:92
msgid ""
"Request could not be verified. (You may have previously submitted it.) "
"Password reset failed."
msgstr "Impossible d'honorer cette demande. (Vous l'avez peut-être déjà utilisée par le passé.) La réinitialisation a échoué."
#: mod/lostpass.php:109 boot.php:1719
msgid "Password Reset"
msgstr "Réinitialiser le mot de passe"
#: mod/lostpass.php:110
msgid "Your password has been reset as requested."
msgstr "Votre mot de passe a bien été réinitialisé."
#: mod/lostpass.php:111
msgid "Your new password is"
msgstr "Votre nouveau mot de passe est "
#: mod/lostpass.php:112
msgid "Save or copy your new password - and then"
msgstr "Sauvez ou copiez ce nouveau mot de passe - puis"
#: mod/lostpass.php:113
msgid "click here to login"
msgstr "cliquez ici pour vous connecter"
#: mod/lostpass.php:114
msgid ""
"Your password may be changed from the <em>Settings</em> page after "
"successful login."
msgstr "Votre mot de passe peut être changé depuis la page &lt;em&gt;Réglages&lt;/em&gt;, une fois que vous serez connecté."
#: mod/lostpass.php:125
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\t\t\tYour password has been changed as requested. Please retain this\n"
"\t\t\t\tinformation for your records (or change your password immediately to\n"
"\t\t\t\tsomething that you will remember).\n"
msgstr "\n\t\t\t\tChère/Cher %1$s,\n\t\t\t\t\tVotre mot de passe a été changé ainsi que vous l’avez demandé. Veuillez conserver cette informations dans vos archives (ou changer immédiatement votre mot de passe pour un autre dont vous vous souviendrez).\n\t\t\t"
#: mod/lostpass.php:131
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\t\tYour login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1$s\n"
"\t\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%2$s\n"
"\t\t\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n"
msgstr "\n\t\t\t\tVoici vos informations de connexion :\n\n\t\t\t\tAdresse :\t%1$s\n\t\t\t\tIdentifiant :\t%2$s\n\t\t\t\tMot de passe :\t%3$s\n\n\t\t\t\tVous pourrez changer votre mot de passe dans les paramètres de votre compte une fois connecté.\n\t\t\t"
#: mod/lostpass.php:147
#, php-format
msgid "Your password has been changed at %s"
msgstr "Votre mot de passe a été modifié à %s"
#: mod/lostpass.php:159
msgid "Forgot your Password?"
msgstr "Mot de passe oublié ?"
#: mod/lostpass.php:160
msgid ""
"Enter your email address and submit to have your password reset. Then check "
"your email for further instructions."
msgstr "Entrez votre adresse de courriel et validez pour réinitialiser votre mot de passe. Vous recevrez la suite des instructions par courriel."
#: mod/lostpass.php:161 boot.php:1707
msgid "Nickname or Email: "
msgstr "Pseudo ou eMail : "
#: mod/lostpass.php:162
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"
#: mod/hcard.php:10
msgid "No profile"
msgstr "Aucun profil"
#: mod/help.php:41
msgid "Help:"
msgstr "Aide :"
#: mod/help.php:53 mod/p.php:16 mod/p.php:43 mod/p.php:52 mod/fetch.php:12
#: mod/fetch.php:39 mod/fetch.php:48 index.php:284
msgid "Not Found"
msgstr "Non trouvé"
#: mod/help.php:56 index.php:287
msgid "Page not found."
msgstr "Page introuvable."
#: mod/wall_upload.php:20 mod/wall_upload.php:33 mod/wall_upload.php:86
#: mod/wall_upload.php:122 mod/wall_upload.php:125 mod/wall_attach.php:17
#: mod/wall_attach.php:25 mod/wall_attach.php:76
msgid "Invalid request."
msgstr "Requête invalide."
#: mod/wall_upload.php:151 mod/profile_photo.php:150 mod/photos.php:806
#, php-format
msgid "Image exceeds size limit of %s"
msgstr "L'image dépasse la taille limite de %s"
#: mod/wall_upload.php:188 mod/profile_photo.php:159 mod/photos.php:846
msgid "Unable to process image."
msgstr "Impossible de traiter l'image."
#: mod/wall_upload.php:221 mod/profile_photo.php:307 mod/photos.php:873
msgid "Image upload failed."
msgstr "Le téléversement de l'image a échoué."
#: mod/lockview.php:31 mod/lockview.php:39
msgid "Remote privacy information not available."
msgstr "Informations de confidentialité indisponibles."
#: mod/lockview.php:48
msgid "Visible to:"
msgstr "Visible par:"
#: mod/directory.php:205 view/theme/vier/theme.php:201
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:525
msgid "Global Directory"
msgstr "Annuaire global"
#: mod/directory.php:207
msgid "Find on this site"
msgstr "Trouver sur ce site"
#: mod/directory.php:209
msgid "Results for:"
msgstr "Résultats pour :"
#: mod/directory.php:211
msgid "Site Directory"
msgstr "Annuaire local"
#: mod/directory.php:218
msgid "No entries (some entries may be hidden)."
msgstr "Aucune entrée (certaines peuvent être cachées)."
#: mod/openid.php:24
msgid "OpenID protocol error. No ID returned."
msgstr "Erreur de protocole OpenID. Pas d'ID en retour."
#: mod/openid.php:60
msgid ""
"Account not found and OpenID registration is not permitted on this site."
msgstr "Compte introuvable, et l'inscription OpenID n'est pas autorisée sur ce site."
#: mod/uimport.php:50 mod/register.php:191
msgid ""
"This site has exceeded the number of allowed daily account registrations. "
"Please try again tomorrow."
msgstr "Le nombre d'inscriptions quotidiennes pour ce site a été dépassé. Merci de réessayer demain."
#: mod/uimport.php:64 mod/register.php:286
msgid "Import"
msgstr "Importer"
#: mod/uimport.php:66
msgid "Move account"
msgstr "Migrer le compte"
#: mod/uimport.php:67
msgid "You can import an account from another Friendica server."
msgstr "Vous pouvez importer un compte d'un autre serveur Friendica."
#: mod/uimport.php:68
msgid ""
"You need to export your account from the old server and upload it here. We "
"will recreate your old account here with all your contacts. We will try also"
" to inform your friends that you moved here."
msgstr "Vous devez exporter votre compte à partir de l'ancien serveur et le téléverser ici. Nous recréerons votre ancien compte ici avec tous vos contacts. Nous tenterons également d'informer vos amis que vous avez déménagé ici."
#: mod/uimport.php:69
msgid ""
"This feature is experimental. We can't import contacts from the OStatus "
"network (GNU Social/Statusnet) or from Diaspora"
msgstr "Cette fonctionalité est expérimentale. Il n'est pas possible d'importer des contacts depuis le réseau OStatus (GNU Social/Statusnet) ou depuis Diaspora."
#: mod/uimport.php:70
msgid "Account file"
msgstr "Fichier du compte"
#: mod/uimport.php:70
msgid ""
"To export your account, go to \"Settings->Export your personal data\" and "
"select \"Export account\""
msgstr "Pour exporter votre compte, allez dans \"Paramètres> Exporter vos données personnelles\" et sélectionnez \"exportation de compte\""
#: mod/nogroup.php:41 mod/viewcontacts.php:97 mod/contacts.php:586
#: mod/contacts.php:944
#, php-format
msgid "Visit %s's profile [%s]"
msgstr "Visiter le profil de %s [%s]"
#: mod/nogroup.php:42 mod/contacts.php:945
msgid "Edit contact"
msgstr "Éditer le contact"
#: mod/nogroup.php:63
msgid "Contacts who are not members of a group"
msgstr "Contacts qui n’appartiennent à aucun groupe"
#: mod/match.php:33
msgid "No keywords to match. Please add keywords to your default profile."
msgstr "Aucun mot-clé en correspondance. Merci d'ajouter des mots-clés à votre profil par défaut."
#: mod/match.php:86
msgid "is interested in:"
msgstr "s'intéresse à :"
#: mod/match.php:100
msgid "Profile Match"
msgstr "Correpondance de profils"
#: mod/match.php:107 mod/dirfind.php:240
msgid "No matches"
msgstr "Aucune correspondance"
#: mod/uexport.php:29
msgid "Export account"
msgstr "Exporter le compte"
#: mod/uexport.php:29
msgid ""
"Export your account info and contacts. Use this to make a backup of your "
"account and/or to move it to another server."
msgstr "Exportez votre compte, vos infos et vos contacts. Vous pourrez utiliser le résultat comme sauvegarde et/ou pour le ré-importer sur un autre serveur."
#: mod/uexport.php:30
msgid "Export all"
msgstr "Tout exporter"
#: mod/uexport.php:30
msgid ""
"Export your accout info, contacts and all your items as json. Could be a "
"very big file, and could take a lot of time. Use this to make a full backup "
"of your account (photos are not exported)"
msgstr "Exportez votre compte, vos infos, vos contacts et toutes vos publications (en JSON). Le fichier résultant peut être extrêmement volumineux, et sa production peut durer longtemps. Vous pourrez l'utiliser pour faire une sauvegarde complète (à part les photos)."
#: mod/uexport.php:37 mod/settings.php:95
msgid "Export personal data"
msgstr "Exporter"
#: mod/invite.php:27
msgid "Total invitation limit exceeded."
msgstr "La limite d'invitation totale est éxédée."
#: mod/invite.php:49
#, php-format
msgid "%s : Not a valid email address."
msgstr "%s : Adresse de courriel invalide."
#: mod/invite.php:73
msgid "Please join us on Friendica"
msgstr "Rejoignez-nous sur Friendica"
#: mod/invite.php:84
msgid "Invitation limit exceeded. Please contact your site administrator."
msgstr "Limite d'invitation exédée. Veuillez contacter l'administrateur de votre site."
#: mod/invite.php:89
#, php-format
msgid "%s : Message delivery failed."
msgstr "%s : L'envoi du message a échoué."
#: mod/invite.php:93
#, php-format
msgid "%d message sent."
msgid_plural "%d messages sent."
msgstr[0] "%d message envoyé."
msgstr[1] "%d messages envoyés."
#: mod/invite.php:112
msgid "You have no more invitations available"
msgstr "Vous n'avez plus d'invitations disponibles"
#: mod/invite.php:120
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Visit %s for a list of public sites that you can join. Friendica members on "
"other sites can all connect with each other, as well as with members of many"
" other social networks."
msgstr "Visitez %s pour une liste des sites publics que vous pouvez rejoindre. Les membres de Friendica appartenant à d'autres sites peuvent s'interconnecter, ainsi qu'avec les membres de plusieurs autres réseaux sociaux."
#: mod/invite.php:122
#, php-format
msgid ""
"To accept this invitation, please visit and register at %s or any other "
"public Friendica website."
msgstr "Pour accepter cette invitation, merci d'aller vous inscrire sur %s, ou n'importe quel autre site Friendica public."
#: mod/invite.php:123
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Friendica sites all inter-connect to create a huge privacy-enhanced social "
"web that is owned and controlled by its members. They can also connect with "
"many traditional social networks. See %s for a list of alternate Friendica "
"sites you can join."
msgstr "Les sites Friendica sont tous interconnectés pour créer un immense réseau social respectueux de la vie privée, possédé et contrôllé par ses membres. Ils peuvent également interagir avec plusieurs réseaux sociaux traditionnels. Voir %s pour une liste d'autres sites Friendica que vous pourriez rejoindre."
#: mod/invite.php:126
msgid ""
"Our apologies. This system is not currently configured to connect with other"
" public sites or invite members."
msgstr "Toutes nos excuses. Ce système n'est pas configuré pour se connecter à d'autres sites publics ou inviter de nouveaux membres."
#: mod/invite.php:132
msgid "Send invitations"
msgstr "Envoyer des invitations"
#: mod/invite.php:133
msgid "Enter email addresses, one per line:"
msgstr "Entrez les adresses email, une par ligne :"
#: mod/invite.php:134 mod/wallmessage.php:151 mod/message.php:351
#: mod/message.php:541
msgid "Your message:"
msgstr "Votre message:"
#: mod/invite.php:135
msgid ""
"You are cordially invited to join me and other close friends on Friendica - "
"and help us to create a better social web."
msgstr "Vous êtes cordialement invité à me rejoindre sur Friendica, et nous aider ainsi à créer un meilleur web social."
#: mod/invite.php:137
msgid "You will need to supply this invitation code: $invite_code"
msgstr "Vous devrez fournir ce code d'invitation : $invite_code"
#: mod/invite.php:137
msgid ""
"Once you have registered, please connect with me via my profile page at:"
msgstr "Une fois inscrit, connectez-vous à la page de mon profil sur :"
#: mod/invite.php:139
msgid ""
"For more information about the Friendica project and why we feel it is "
"important, please visit"
msgstr "Pour plus d'information sur le projet Friendica, et pourquoi nous croyons qu'il est important, merci de visiter"
#: mod/invite.php:140 mod/localtime.php:45 mod/message.php:357
#: mod/message.php:547 mod/manage.php:143 mod/crepair.php:154
#: mod/content.php:728 mod/contacts.php:577 mod/fsuggest.php:107
#: mod/mood.php:137 mod/poke.php:199 mod/profiles.php:681 mod/install.php:272
#: mod/install.php:312 mod/photos.php:1125 mod/photos.php:1249
#: mod/photos.php:1566 mod/photos.php:1617 mod/photos.php:1665
#: mod/photos.php:1753 mod/events.php:507 object/Item.php:720
#: view/theme/frio/config.php:59 view/theme/cleanzero/config.php:80
#: view/theme/quattro/config.php:64 view/theme/dispy/config.php:70
#: view/theme/vier/config.php:107 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:633
#: view/theme/diabook/config.php:148 view/theme/duepuntozero/config.php:59
msgid "Submit"
msgstr "Envoyer"
#: mod/fbrowser.php:41 mod/fbrowser.php:62 mod/photos.php:63
#: mod/photos.php:193 mod/photos.php:1107 mod/photos.php:1233
#: mod/photos.php:1256 mod/photos.php:1825 mod/photos.php:1837
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:499
msgid "Contact Photos"
msgstr "Photos du contact"
#: mod/fbrowser.php:133
msgid "Files"
msgstr "Fichiers"
#: mod/maintenance.php:5
msgid "System down for maintenance"
msgstr "Système indisponible pour cause de maintenance"
#: mod/profperm.php:19 mod/group.php:72 index.php:396
msgid "Permission denied"
msgstr "Permission refusée"
#: mod/profperm.php:25 mod/profperm.php:56
msgid "Invalid profile identifier."
msgstr "Identifiant de profil invalide."
#: mod/profperm.php:102
msgid "Profile Visibility Editor"
msgstr "Éditer la visibilité du profil"
#: mod/profperm.php:106 mod/group.php:223
msgid "Click on a contact to add or remove."
msgstr "Cliquez sur un contact pour l'ajouter ou le supprimer."
#: mod/profperm.php:115
msgid "Visible To"
msgstr "Visible par"
#: mod/profperm.php:131
msgid "All Contacts (with secure profile access)"
msgstr "Tous les contacts (ayant un accès sécurisé)"
#: mod/viewcontacts.php:72
msgid "No contacts."
msgstr "Aucun contact."
#: mod/tagrm.php:41
msgid "Tag removed"
msgstr "Étiquette supprimée"
#: mod/tagrm.php:79
msgid "Remove Item Tag"
msgstr "Enlever l'étiquette de l'élément"
#: mod/tagrm.php:81
msgid "Select a tag to remove: "
msgstr "Sélectionner une étiquette à supprimer: "
#: mod/tagrm.php:93 mod/delegate.php:139
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Utiliser comme photo de profil"
#: mod/wall_attach.php:94
msgid "Sorry, maybe your upload is bigger than the PHP configuration allows"
msgstr "Désolé, il semble que votre fichier est plus important que ce que la configuration de PHP autorise"
#: mod/wall_attach.php:94
msgid "Or - did you try to upload an empty file?"
msgstr "Ou — auriez-vous essayé de télécharger un fichier vide ?"
#: mod/wall_attach.php:105
#, php-format
msgid "File exceeds size limit of %s"
msgstr "La taille du fichier dépasse la limite de %s"
#: mod/wall_attach.php:156 mod/wall_attach.php:172
msgid "File upload failed."
msgstr "Le téléversement a échoué."
#: mod/allfriends.php:43
msgid "No friends to display."
msgstr "Pas d'amis à afficher."
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:14
msgid "Resubscribing to OStatus contacts"
msgstr "Réinscription aux contacts OStatus"
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:30
msgid "Error"
msgstr "Erreur"
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:44 mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:51
msgid "Done"
msgstr "Terminé"
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:50 mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:73
msgid "Keep this window open until done."
msgstr "Veuillez garder cette fenêtre ouverte jusqu'à la fin."
#: mod/delegate.php:101
msgid "No potential page delegates located."
msgstr "Pas de délégataire potentiel."
#: mod/delegate.php:132
msgid ""
"Delegates are able to manage all aspects of this account/page except for "
"basic account settings. Please do not delegate your personal account to "
"anybody that you do not trust completely."
msgstr "Les délégataires seront capables de gérer tous les aspects de ce compte ou de cette page, à l'exception des réglages de compte. Merci de ne pas déléguer votre compte principal à quelqu'un en qui vous n'avez pas une confiance absolue."
#: mod/delegate.php:133
msgid "Existing Page Managers"
msgstr "Gestionnaires existants"
#: mod/delegate.php:135
msgid "Existing Page Delegates"
msgstr "Délégataires existants"
#: mod/delegate.php:137
msgid "Potential Delegates"
msgstr "Délégataires potentiels"
#: mod/delegate.php:140
msgid "Add"
msgstr "Ajouter"
#: mod/delegate.php:141
msgid "No entries."
msgstr "Aucune entrée."
#: mod/credits.php:16
msgid "Credits"
msgstr "Remerciements"
#: mod/credits.php:17
msgid ""
"Friendica is a community project, that would not be possible without the "
"help of many people. Here is a list of those who have contributed to the "
"code or the translation of Friendica. Thank you all!"
msgstr "Friendica est un projet communautaire, qui ne serait pas possible sans l'aide de beaucoup de gens. Voici une liste de ceux qui ont contribué au code ou à la traduction de Friendica. Merci à tous!"
#: mod/filer.php:30
msgid "- select -"
msgstr "- choisir -"
#: mod/subthread.php:103
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is following %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s suit les %3$s de %2$s"
#: mod/attach.php:8
msgid "Item not available."
msgstr "Elément non disponible."
#: mod/attach.php:20
msgid "Item was not found."
msgstr "Element introuvable."
#: mod/follow.php:19 mod/dfrn_request.php:874
msgid "Submit Request"
msgstr "Envoyer la requête"
#: mod/follow.php:30
msgid "You already added this contact."
msgstr "Vous avez déjà ajouté ce contact."
#: mod/follow.php:39
msgid "Diaspora support isn't enabled. Contact can't be added."
msgstr "Le support de Diaspora est désactivé. Le contact ne peut pas être ajouté."
#: mod/follow.php:46
msgid "OStatus support is disabled. Contact can't be added."
msgstr "Le support d'OStatus est désactivé. Le contact ne peut pas être ajouté."
#: mod/follow.php:53
msgid "The network type couldn't be detected. Contact can't be added."
msgstr "Impossible de détecter le type de réseau. Le contact ne peut pas être ajouté."
#: mod/follow.php:109 mod/dfrn_request.php:860
msgid "Please answer the following:"
msgstr "Merci de répondre à ce qui suit:"
#: mod/follow.php:110 mod/dfrn_request.php:861
#, php-format
msgid "Does %s know you?"
msgstr "Est-ce que %s vous connaît?"
#: mod/follow.php:110 mod/api.php:106 mod/dfrn_request.php:861
#: mod/profiles.php:641 mod/profiles.php:645 mod/profiles.php:670
#: mod/register.php:239 mod/settings.php:1113 mod/settings.php:1119
#: mod/settings.php:1127 mod/settings.php:1131 mod/settings.php:1136
#: mod/settings.php:1142 mod/settings.php:1148 mod/settings.php:1154
#: mod/settings.php:1180 mod/settings.php:1181 mod/settings.php:1182
#: mod/settings.php:1183 mod/settings.php:1184
msgid "No"
msgstr "Non"
#: mod/follow.php:111 mod/dfrn_request.php:865
msgid "Add a personal note:"
msgstr "Ajouter une note personnelle:"
#: mod/follow.php:117 mod/dfrn_request.php:871
msgid "Your Identity Address:"
msgstr "Votre adresse d'identité:"
#: mod/follow.php:126 mod/contacts.php:624 mod/notifications.php:243
msgid "Profile URL"
msgstr "URL du Profil"
#: mod/follow.php:180
msgid "Contact added"
msgstr "Contact ajouté"
#: mod/apps.php:7 index.php:240
msgid "You must be logged in to use addons. "
msgstr "Vous devez être connecté pour utiliser les greffons."
#: mod/apps.php:11
msgid "Applications"
msgstr "Applications"
#: mod/apps.php:14
msgid "No installed applications."
msgstr "Pas d'application installée."
#: mod/suggest.php:27
msgid "Do you really want to delete this suggestion?"
msgstr "Voulez-vous vraiment supprimer cette suggestion ?"
#: mod/suggest.php:71
msgid ""
"No suggestions available. If this is a new site, please try again in 24 "
msgstr "Aucune suggestion. Si ce site est récent, merci de recommencer dans 24h."
#: mod/suggest.php:84 mod/suggest.php:104
msgid "Ignore/Hide"
msgstr "Ignorer/cacher"
#: mod/p.php:9
msgid "Not Extended"
msgstr ""
#: mod/display.php:328 mod/profile.php:155 mod/cal.php:152
msgid "Access to this profile has been restricted."
msgstr "L'accès au profil a été restreint."
#: mod/display.php:471
msgid "Item has been removed."
msgstr "Cet élément a été enlevé."
#: mod/common.php:86
msgid "No contacts in common."
msgstr "Pas de contacts en commun."
#: mod/common.php:134 mod/contacts.php:861
msgid "Common Friends"
msgstr "Amis communs"
#: mod/newmember.php:6
msgid "Welcome to Friendica"
msgstr "Bienvenue sur Friendica"
#: mod/newmember.php:8
msgid "New Member Checklist"
msgstr "Checklist du nouvel utilisateur"
#: mod/newmember.php:12
msgid ""
"We would like to offer some tips and links to help make your experience "
"enjoyable. Click any item to visit the relevant page. A link to this page "
"will be visible from your home page for two weeks after your initial "
"registration and then will quietly disappear."
msgstr "Nous souhaiterions vous donner quelques astuces et ressources pour rendre votre expérience la plus agréable possible. Cliquez sur n'importe lequel de ces éléments pour visiter la page correspondante. Un lien vers cette page restera visible sur votre page d'accueil pendant les deux semaines qui suivent votre inscription initiale, puis disparaîtra silencieusement."
#: mod/newmember.php:14
msgid "Getting Started"
msgstr "Bien démarrer"
#: mod/newmember.php:18
msgid "Friendica Walk-Through"
msgstr "Friendica pas-à-pas"
#: mod/newmember.php:18
msgid ""
"On your <em>Quick Start</em> page - find a brief introduction to your "
"profile and network tabs, make some new connections, and find some groups to"
" join."
msgstr "Sur votre page d'accueil, dans <em>Conseils aux nouveaux venus</em> - vous trouverez une rapide introduction aux onglets Profil et Réseau, pourrez vous connecter à Facebook, établir de nouvelles relations, et choisir des groupes à rejoindre."
#: mod/newmember.php:26
msgid "Go to Your Settings"
msgstr "Éditer vos Réglages"
#: mod/newmember.php:26
msgid ""
"On your <em>Settings</em> page - change your initial password. Also make a "
"note of your Identity Address. This looks just like an email address - and "
"will be useful in making friends on the free social web."
msgstr "Sur la page des <em>Réglages</em> - changez votre mot de passe initial. Notez bien votre Identité. Elle ressemble à une adresse de courriel - et vous sera utile pour vous faire des amis dans le web social libre."
#: mod/newmember.php:28
msgid ""
"Review the other settings, particularly the privacy settings. An unpublished"
" directory listing is like having an unlisted phone number. In general, you "
"should probably publish your listing - unless all of your friends and "
"potential friends know exactly how to find you."
msgstr "Vérifiez les autres réglages, tout particulièrement ceux liés à la vie privée. Un profil non listé, c'est un peu comme un numéro sur liste rouge. En général, vous devriez probablement publier votre profil - à moins que tous vos amis (potentiels) sachent déjà comment vous trouver."
#: mod/newmember.php:36 mod/profile_photo.php:250 mod/profiles.php:700
msgid "Upload Profile Photo"
msgstr "Téléverser une photo de profil"
#: mod/newmember.php:36
msgid ""
"Upload a profile photo if you have not done so already. Studies have shown "
"that people with real photos of themselves are ten times more likely to make"
" friends than people who do not."
msgstr "Téléversez (envoyez) une photo de profil si vous n'en avez pas déjà une. Les études montrent que les gens qui affichent de vraies photos d'eux sont dix fois plus susceptibles de se faire des amis."
#: mod/newmember.php:38
msgid "Edit Your Profile"
msgstr "Éditer votre Profil"
#: mod/newmember.php:38
msgid ""
"Edit your <strong>default</strong> profile to your liking. Review the "
"settings for hiding your list of friends and hiding the profile from unknown"
" visitors."
msgstr "Éditez votre profil <strong>par défaut</strong> à votre convenance. Vérifiez les réglages concernant la visibilité de votre liste d'amis par les visiteurs inconnus."
#: mod/newmember.php:40
msgid "Profile Keywords"
msgstr "Mots-clés du profil"
#: mod/newmember.php:40
msgid ""
"Set some public keywords for your default profile which describe your "
"interests. We may be able to find other people with similar interests and "
"suggest friendships."
msgstr "Choisissez quelques mots-clé publics pour votre profil par défaut. Ils pourront ainsi décrire vos centres d'intérêt, et nous pourrons vous proposer des contacts qui les partagent."
#: mod/newmember.php:44
msgid "Connecting"
msgstr "Connexions"
#: mod/newmember.php:51
msgid "Importing Emails"
msgstr "Importer courriels"
#: mod/newmember.php:51
msgid ""
"Enter your email access information on your Connector Settings page if you "
"wish to import and interact with friends or mailing lists from your email "
msgstr "Entrez vos paramètres de courriel dans les Réglages des connecteurs si vous souhaitez importer et interagir avec des amis ou des listes venant de votre Boîte de Réception."
#: mod/newmember.php:53
msgid "Go to Your Contacts Page"
msgstr "Consulter vos Contacts"
#: mod/newmember.php:53
msgid ""
"Your Contacts page is your gateway to managing friendships and connecting "
"with friends on other networks. Typically you enter their address or site "
"URL in the <em>Add New Contact</em> dialog."
msgstr "Votre page Contacts est le point d'entrée vers la gestion de vos amitiés/relations et la connexion à des amis venant d'autres réseaux. Typiquement, vous pourrez y rentrer leur adresse d'Identité ou l'URL de leur site dans le formulaire <em>Ajouter un nouveau contact</em>."
#: mod/newmember.php:55
msgid "Go to Your Site's Directory"
msgstr "Consulter l'Annuaire de votre Site"
#: mod/newmember.php:55
msgid ""
"The Directory page lets you find other people in this network or other "
"federated sites. Look for a <em>Connect</em> or <em>Follow</em> link on "
"their profile page. Provide your own Identity Address if requested."
msgstr "La page Annuaire vous permet de trouver d'autres personnes au sein de ce réseaux ou parmi d'autres sites fédérés. Cherchez un lien <em>Relier</em> ou <em>Suivre</em> sur leur profil. Vous pourrez avoir besoin d'indiquer votre adresse d'identité."
#: mod/newmember.php:57
msgid "Finding New People"
msgstr "Trouver de nouvelles personnes"
#: mod/newmember.php:57
msgid ""
"On the side panel of the Contacts page are several tools to find new "
"friends. We can match people by interest, look up people by name or "
"interest, and provide suggestions based on network relationships. On a brand"
" new site, friend suggestions will usually begin to be populated within 24 "
msgstr "Sur le panneau latéral de la page Contacts, il y a plusieurs moyens de trouver de nouveaux amis. Nous pouvons mettre les gens en relation selon leurs intérêts, rechercher des amis par nom ou i