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# FRIENDICA Distributed Social Network
# Copyright (C) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 the Friendica Project
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Friendica package.
# Translators:
# Andreas H., 2015
# Andreas H., 2015-2016
# Tobias Diekershoff <>, 2011
# David Rabel <>, 2016
# Erkan Yilmaz <>, 2011
# Fabian Dost <>, 2012
# foss <>, 2014,2016
# Frank Dieckmann <>, 2015
# Fabian Dost <>, 2012
# greeneyedred <>, 2012
# Hauke Zühl <>, 2012
# Hauke Zühl <>, 2011-2012
# Johannes Schwab <>, 2015
# leberwurscht <>, 2012
# marmor <>, 2012
# Martin Schmitt <>, 2012
# Matthias Moritz <>, 2012
# Oliver <>, 2015
# Oliver <>, 2012
# rabuzarus <>, 2016
# Sennewood <>, 2013
# Sennewood <>, 2012-2013
# silke m <>, 2015
# Tobias Diekershoff <>, 2013-2016
# Tobias Diekershoff <>, 2011-2013
# Tobias Diekershoff <>, 2016
# zottel <>, 2011-2012
# tschlotfeldt <>, 2011
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: friendica\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-09-24 09:44+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-09-24 12:16+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Tobias Diekershoff <>\n"
"Language-Team: German (\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Language: de\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
#: include/datetime.php:57 include/datetime.php:59 mod/profiles.php:698
msgid "Miscellaneous"
msgstr "Verschiedenes"
#: include/datetime.php:183 include/identity.php:627
msgid "Birthday:"
msgstr "Geburtstag:"
#: include/datetime.php:185 mod/profiles.php:721
msgid "Age: "
msgstr "Alter: "
#: include/datetime.php:187
msgid "YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD"
msgstr "YYYY-MM-DD oder MM-DD"
#: include/datetime.php:341
msgid "never"
msgstr "nie"
#: include/datetime.php:347
msgid "less than a second ago"
msgstr "vor weniger als einer Sekunde"
#: include/datetime.php:357
msgid "year"
msgstr "Jahr"
#: include/datetime.php:357
msgid "years"
msgstr "Jahre"
#: include/datetime.php:358 include/event.php:480 mod/cal.php:287
#: mod/events.php:389
msgid "month"
msgstr "Monat"
#: include/datetime.php:358
msgid "months"
msgstr "Monate"
#: include/datetime.php:359 include/event.php:481 mod/cal.php:288
#: mod/events.php:390
msgid "week"
msgstr "Woche"
#: include/datetime.php:359
msgid "weeks"
msgstr "Wochen"
#: include/datetime.php:360 include/event.php:482 mod/cal.php:289
#: mod/events.php:391
msgid "day"
msgstr "Tag"
#: include/datetime.php:360
msgid "days"
msgstr "Tage"
#: include/datetime.php:361
msgid "hour"
msgstr "Stunde"
#: include/datetime.php:361
msgid "hours"
msgstr "Stunden"
#: include/datetime.php:362
msgid "minute"
msgstr "Minute"
#: include/datetime.php:362
msgid "minutes"
msgstr "Minuten"
#: include/datetime.php:363
msgid "second"
msgstr "Sekunde"
#: include/datetime.php:363
msgid "seconds"
msgstr "Sekunden"
#: include/datetime.php:372
#, php-format
msgid "%1$d %2$s ago"
msgstr "%1$d %2$s her"
#: include/datetime.php:578
#, php-format
msgid "%s's birthday"
msgstr "%ss Geburtstag"
#: include/datetime.php:579 include/dfrn.php:1111
#, php-format
msgid "Happy Birthday %s"
msgstr "Herzlichen Glückwunsch %s"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:6
msgid "Add New Contact"
msgstr "Neuen Kontakt hinzufügen"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:7
msgid "Enter address or web location"
msgstr "Adresse oder Web-Link eingeben"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:8
msgid "Example:,"
msgstr "Beispiel:,"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:10 include/identity.php:212 mod/match.php:87
#: mod/allfriends.php:82 mod/suggest.php:101 mod/dirfind.php:201
msgid "Connect"
msgstr "Verbinden"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:24
#, php-format
msgid "%d invitation available"
msgid_plural "%d invitations available"
msgstr[0] "%d Einladung verfügbar"
msgstr[1] "%d Einladungen verfügbar"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:30
msgid "Find People"
msgstr "Leute finden"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:31
msgid "Enter name or interest"
msgstr "Name oder Interessen eingeben"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:32 include/Contact.php:324
#: include/conversation.php:976 mod/match.php:72 mod/allfriends.php:66
#: mod/follow.php:103 mod/suggest.php:83 mod/contacts.php:602
#: mod/dirfind.php:204
msgid "Connect/Follow"
msgstr "Verbinden/Folgen"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:33
msgid "Examples: Robert Morgenstein, Fishing"
msgstr "Beispiel: Robert Morgenstein, Angeln"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:34 mod/directory.php:212 mod/contacts.php:796
msgid "Find"
msgstr "Finde"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:35 mod/suggest.php:114
#: view/theme/vier/theme.php:203 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:527
msgid "Friend Suggestions"
msgstr "Kontaktvorschläge"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:36 view/theme/vier/theme.php:202
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:526
msgid "Similar Interests"
msgstr "Ähnliche Interessen"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:37
msgid "Random Profile"
msgstr "Zufälliges Profil"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:38 view/theme/vier/theme.php:204
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:528
msgid "Invite Friends"
msgstr "Freunde einladen"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:108
msgid "Networks"
msgstr "Netzwerke"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:111
msgid "All Networks"
msgstr "Alle Netzwerke"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:141 include/features.php:103
msgid "Saved Folders"
msgstr "Gespeicherte Ordner"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:144 include/contact_widgets.php:176
msgid "Everything"
msgstr "Alles"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:173
msgid "Categories"
msgstr "Kategorien"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:237
#, php-format
msgid "%d contact in common"
msgid_plural "%d contacts in common"
msgstr[0] "%d gemeinsamer Kontakt"
msgstr[1] "%d gemeinsame Kontakte"
#: include/contact_widgets.php:242 include/ForumManager.php:119
#: include/items.php:2122 mod/content.php:624 object/Item.php:432
#: view/theme/vier/theme.php:260 boot.php:904
msgid "show more"
msgstr "mehr anzeigen"
#: include/enotify.php:24
msgid "Friendica Notification"
msgstr "Friendica-Benachrichtigung"
#: include/enotify.php:27
msgid "Thank You,"
msgstr "Danke,"
#: include/enotify.php:30
#, php-format
msgid "%s Administrator"
msgstr "der Administrator von %s"
#: include/enotify.php:32
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s, %2$s Administrator"
msgstr "%1$s, %2$s Administrator"
#: include/enotify.php:43 include/delivery.php:450
msgid "noreply"
msgstr "noreply"
#: include/enotify.php:70
#, php-format
msgid "%s <!item_type!>"
msgstr "%s <!item_type!>"
#: include/enotify.php:83
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] New mail received at %s"
msgstr "[Friendica-Meldung] Neue Nachricht erhalten von %s"
#: include/enotify.php:85
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s sent you a new private message at %2$s."
msgstr "%1$s hat Dir eine neue private Nachricht auf %2$s geschickt."
#: include/enotify.php:86
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s sent you %2$s."
msgstr "%1$s schickte Dir %2$s."
#: include/enotify.php:86
msgid "a private message"
msgstr "eine private Nachricht"
#: include/enotify.php:88
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to view and/or reply to your private messages."
msgstr "Bitte besuche %s, um Deine privaten Nachrichten anzusehen und/oder zu beantworten."
#: include/enotify.php:134
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s commented on [url=%2$s]a %3$s[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s kommentierte [url=%2$s]a %3$s[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:141
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s commented on [url=%2$s]%3$s's %4$s[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s kommentierte [url=%2$s]%3$ss %4$s[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:149
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s commented on [url=%2$s]your %3$s[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s kommentierte [url=%2$s]Deinen %3$s[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:159
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] Comment to conversation #%1$d by %2$s"
msgstr "[Friendica-Meldung] Kommentar zum Beitrag #%1$d von %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:161
#, php-format
msgid "%s commented on an item/conversation you have been following."
msgstr "%s hat einen Beitrag kommentiert, dem Du folgst."
#: include/enotify.php:164 include/enotify.php:178 include/enotify.php:192
#: include/enotify.php:206 include/enotify.php:224 include/enotify.php:238
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to view and/or reply to the conversation."
msgstr "Bitte besuche %s, um die Konversation anzusehen und/oder zu kommentieren."
#: include/enotify.php:171
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %s posted to your profile wall"
msgstr "[Friendica-Meldung] %s hat auf Deine Pinnwand geschrieben"
#: include/enotify.php:173
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s posted to your profile wall at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s schrieb auf %2$s auf Deine Pinnwand"
#: include/enotify.php:174
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s posted to [url=%2$s]your wall[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s hat etwas auf [url=%2$s]Deiner Pinnwand[/url] gepostet"
#: include/enotify.php:185
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %s tagged you"
msgstr "[Friendica-Meldung] %s hat Dich erwähnt"
#: include/enotify.php:187
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged you at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s erwähnte Dich auf %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:188
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s [url=%2$s]tagged you[/url]."
msgstr "%1$s [url=%2$s]erwähnte Dich[/url]."
#: include/enotify.php:199
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %s shared a new post"
msgstr "[Friendica Benachrichtigung] %s hat einen Beitrag geteilt"
#: include/enotify.php:201
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s shared a new post at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s hat einen neuen Beitrag auf %2$s geteilt"
#: include/enotify.php:202
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s [url=%2$s]shared a post[/url]."
msgstr "%1$s [url=%2$s]hat einen Beitrag geteilt[/url]."
#: include/enotify.php:213
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %1$s poked you"
msgstr "[Friendica-Meldung] %1$s hat Dich angestupst"
#: include/enotify.php:215
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s poked you at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s hat Dich auf %2$s angestupst"
#: include/enotify.php:216
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s [url=%2$s]poked you[/url]."
msgstr "%1$s [url=%2$s]hat Dich angestupst[/url]."
#: include/enotify.php:231
#, php-format
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] %s tagged your post"
msgstr "[Friendica-Meldung] %s hat Deinen Beitrag getaggt"
#: include/enotify.php:233
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged your post at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s erwähnte Deinen Beitrag auf %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:234
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged [url=%2$s]your post[/url]"
msgstr "%1$s erwähnte [url=%2$s]Deinen Beitrag[/url]"
#: include/enotify.php:245
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] Introduction received"
msgstr "[Friendica-Meldung] Kontaktanfrage erhalten"
#: include/enotify.php:247
#, php-format
msgid "You've received an introduction from '%1$s' at %2$s"
msgstr "Du hast eine Kontaktanfrage von '%1$s' auf %2$s erhalten"
#: include/enotify.php:248
#, php-format
msgid "You've received [url=%1$s]an introduction[/url] from %2$s."
msgstr "Du hast eine [url=%1$s]Kontaktanfrage[/url] von %2$s erhalten."
#: include/enotify.php:252 include/enotify.php:295
#, php-format
msgid "You may visit their profile at %s"
msgstr "Hier kannst Du das Profil betrachten: %s"
#: include/enotify.php:254
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to approve or reject the introduction."
msgstr "Bitte besuche %s, um die Kontaktanfrage anzunehmen oder abzulehnen."
#: include/enotify.php:262
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] A new person is sharing with you"
msgstr "[Friendica Benachrichtigung] Eine neue Person teilt mit Dir"
#: include/enotify.php:264 include/enotify.php:265
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is sharing with you at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s teilt mit Dir auf %2$s"
#: include/enotify.php:271
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] You have a new follower"
msgstr "[Friendica Benachrichtigung] Du hast einen neuen Kontakt auf "
#: include/enotify.php:273 include/enotify.php:274
#, php-format
msgid "You have a new follower at %2$s : %1$s"
msgstr "Du hast einen neuen Kontakt auf %2$s: %1$s"
#: include/enotify.php:285
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] Friend suggestion received"
msgstr "[Friendica-Meldung] Kontaktvorschlag erhalten"
#: include/enotify.php:287
#, php-format
msgid "You've received a friend suggestion from '%1$s' at %2$s"
msgstr "Du hast einen Kontakt-Vorschlag von '%1$s' auf %2$s erhalten"
#: include/enotify.php:288
#, php-format
msgid ""
"You've received [url=%1$s]a friend suggestion[/url] for %2$s from %3$s."
msgstr "Du hast einen [url=%1$s]Kontakt-Vorschlag[/url] %2$s von %3$s erhalten."
#: include/enotify.php:293
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Name:"
#: include/enotify.php:294
msgid "Photo:"
msgstr "Foto:"
#: include/enotify.php:297
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to approve or reject the suggestion."
msgstr "Bitte besuche %s, um den Vorschlag zu akzeptieren oder abzulehnen."
#: include/enotify.php:305 include/enotify.php:319
msgid "[Friendica:Notify] Connection accepted"
msgstr "[Friendica-Benachrichtigung] Kontaktanfrage bestätigt"
#: include/enotify.php:307 include/enotify.php:321
#, php-format
msgid "'%1$s' has accepted your connection request at %2$s"
msgstr "'%1$s' hat Deine Kontaktanfrage auf %2$s bestätigt"
#: include/enotify.php:308 include/enotify.php:322
#, php-format
msgid "%2$s has accepted your [url=%1$s]connection request[/url]."
msgstr "%2$s hat Deine [url=%1$s]Kontaktanfrage[/url] akzeptiert."
#: include/enotify.php:312
msgid ""
"You are now mutual friends and may exchange status updates, photos, and "
"email without restriction."
msgstr "Ihr seid nun beidseitige Kontakte und könnt Statusmitteilungen, Bilder und Emails ohne Einschränkungen austauschen."
#: include/enotify.php:314
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s if you wish to make any changes to this relationship."
msgstr "Bitte besuche %s, wenn Du Änderungen an eurer Beziehung vornehmen willst."
#: include/enotify.php:326
#, php-format
msgid ""
"'%1$s' has chosen to accept you a \"fan\", which restricts some forms of "
"communication - such as private messaging and some profile interactions. If "
"this is a celebrity or community page, these settings were applied "
msgstr "'%1$s' hat sich entschieden Dich als \"Fan\" zu akzeptieren, dies schränkt einige Kommunikationswege - wie private Nachrichten und einige Interaktionsmöglichkeiten auf der Profilseite - ein. Wenn dies eine Berühmtheiten- oder Gemeinschaftsseite ist, werden diese Einstellungen automatisch vorgenommen."
#: include/enotify.php:328
#, php-format
msgid ""
"'%1$s' may choose to extend this into a two-way or more permissive "
"relationship in the future."
msgstr "'%1$s' kann den Kontaktstatus zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erweitern und diese Einschränkungen aufheben. "
#: include/enotify.php:330
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s if you wish to make any changes to this relationship."
msgstr "Bitte besuche %s, wenn Du Änderungen an eurer Beziehung vornehmen willst."
#: include/enotify.php:340
msgid "[Friendica System:Notify] registration request"
msgstr "[Friendica System:Benachrichtigung] Registrationsanfrage"
#: include/enotify.php:342
#, php-format
msgid "You've received a registration request from '%1$s' at %2$s"
msgstr "Du hast eine Registrierungsanfrage von %2$s auf '%1$s' erhalten"
#: include/enotify.php:343
#, php-format
msgid "You've received a [url=%1$s]registration request[/url] from %2$s."
msgstr "Du hast eine [url=%1$s]Registrierungsanfrage[/url] von %2$s erhalten."
#: include/enotify.php:347
#, php-format
msgid "Full Name:\t%1$s\\nSite Location:\t%2$s\\nLogin Name:\t%3$s (%4$s)"
msgstr "Kompletter Name:\t%1$s\\nURL der Seite:\t%2$s\\nLogin Name:\t%3$s (%4$s)"
#: include/enotify.php:350
#, php-format
msgid "Please visit %s to approve or reject the request."
msgstr "Bitte besuche %s um die Anfrage zu bearbeiten."
#: include/ForumManager.php:114 include/nav.php:130 include/text.php:1007
#: view/theme/vier/theme.php:255
msgid "Forums"
msgstr "Foren"
#: include/ForumManager.php:116 view/theme/vier/theme.php:257
msgid "External link to forum"
msgstr "Externer Link zum Forum"
#: include/security.php:22
msgid "Welcome "
msgstr "Willkommen "
#: include/security.php:23
msgid "Please upload a profile photo."
msgstr "Bitte lade ein Profilbild hoch."
#: include/security.php:26
msgid "Welcome back "
msgstr "Willkommen zurück "
#: include/security.php:375
msgid ""
"The form security token was not correct. This probably happened because the "
"form has been opened for too long (>3 hours) before submitting it."
msgstr "Das Sicherheitsmerkmal war nicht korrekt. Das passiert meistens wenn das Formular vor dem Absenden zu lange geöffnet war (länger als 3 Stunden)."
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Male"
msgstr "Männlich"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Female"
msgstr "Weiblich"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Currently Male"
msgstr "Momentan männlich"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Currently Female"
msgstr "Momentan weiblich"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Mostly Male"
msgstr "Hauptsächlich männlich"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Mostly Female"
msgstr "Hauptsächlich weiblich"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Transgender"
msgstr "Transgender"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Intersex"
msgstr "Intersex"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Transsexual"
msgstr "Transsexuell"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Hermaphrodite"
msgstr "Hermaphrodit"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Neuter"
msgstr "Neuter"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Non-specific"
msgstr "Nicht spezifiziert"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6
msgid "Other"
msgstr "Andere"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:6 include/conversation.php:1475
msgid "Undecided"
msgid_plural "Undecided"
msgstr[0] "Unentschieden"
msgstr[1] "Unentschieden"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Males"
msgstr "Männer"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Females"
msgstr "Frauen"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Gay"
msgstr "Schwul"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Lesbian"
msgstr "Lesbisch"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "No Preference"
msgstr "Keine Vorlieben"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Bisexual"
msgstr "Bisexuell"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Autosexual"
msgstr "Autosexual"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Abstinent"
msgstr "Abstinent"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Virgin"
msgstr "Jungfrauen"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Deviant"
msgstr "Deviant"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Fetish"
msgstr "Fetish"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Oodles"
msgstr "Oodles"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:23
msgid "Nonsexual"
msgstr "Nonsexual"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Single"
msgstr "Single"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Lonely"
msgstr "Einsam"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Available"
msgstr "Verfügbar"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Unavailable"
msgstr "Nicht verfügbar"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Has crush"
msgstr "verknallt"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Infatuated"
msgstr "verliebt"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Dating"
msgstr "Dating"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Unfaithful"
msgstr "Untreu"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Sex Addict"
msgstr "Sexbesessen"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42 include/user.php:299 include/user.php:303
msgid "Friends"
msgstr "Kontakte"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Friends/Benefits"
msgstr "Freunde/Zuwendungen"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Casual"
msgstr "Casual"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Engaged"
msgstr "Verlobt"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Married"
msgstr "Verheiratet"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Imaginarily married"
msgstr "imaginär verheiratet"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Partners"
msgstr "Partner"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Cohabiting"
msgstr "zusammenlebend"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Common law"
msgstr "wilde Ehe"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Happy"
msgstr "Glücklich"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Not looking"
msgstr "Nicht auf der Suche"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Swinger"
msgstr "Swinger"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Betrayed"
msgstr "Betrogen"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Separated"
msgstr "Getrennt"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Unstable"
msgstr "Unstabil"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Divorced"
msgstr "Geschieden"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Imaginarily divorced"
msgstr "imaginär geschieden"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Widowed"
msgstr "Verwitwet"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Uncertain"
msgstr "Unsicher"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "It's complicated"
msgstr "Ist kompliziert"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Don't care"
msgstr "Ist mir nicht wichtig"
#: include/profile_selectors.php:42
msgid "Ask me"
msgstr "Frag mich"
#: include/bb2diaspora.php:148 include/event.php:16 mod/localtime.php:12
msgid "l F d, Y \\@ g:i A"
msgstr "l, d. F Y\\, H:i"
#: include/bb2diaspora.php:154 include/event.php:33 include/event.php:51
msgid "Starts:"
msgstr "Beginnt:"
#: include/bb2diaspora.php:162 include/event.php:36 include/event.php:57
msgid "Finishes:"
msgstr "Endet:"
#: include/bb2diaspora.php:170 include/event.php:39 include/event.php:63
#: include/identity.php:329 mod/directory.php:145 mod/contacts.php:628
#: mod/events.php:495 mod/notifications.php:232
msgid "Location:"
msgstr "Ort:"
#: include/oembed.php:229
msgid "Embedded content"
msgstr "Eingebetteter Inhalt"
#: include/oembed.php:238
msgid "Embedding disabled"
msgstr "Einbettungen deaktiviert"
#: include/dba_pdo.php:72 include/dba.php:56
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot locate DNS info for database server '%s'"
msgstr "Kann die DNS Informationen für den Datenbankserver '%s' nicht ermitteln."
#: include/auth.php:45
msgid "Logged out."
msgstr "Abgemeldet."
#: include/auth.php:116 include/auth.php:178 mod/openid.php:100
msgid "Login failed."
msgstr "Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen."
#: include/auth.php:132 include/user.php:75
msgid ""
"We encountered a problem while logging in with the OpenID you provided. "
"Please check the correct spelling of the ID."
msgstr "Beim Versuch Dich mit der von Dir angegebenen OpenID anzumelden trat ein Problem auf. Bitte überprüfe, dass Du die OpenID richtig geschrieben hast."
#: include/auth.php:132 include/user.php:75
msgid "The error message was:"
msgstr "Die Fehlermeldung lautete:"
#: include/group.php:25
msgid ""
"A deleted group with this name was revived. Existing item permissions "
"<strong>may</strong> apply to this group and any future members. If this is "
"not what you intended, please create another group with a different name."
msgstr "Eine gelöschte Gruppe mit diesem Namen wurde wiederbelebt. Bestehende Berechtigungseinstellungen <strong>könnten</strong> auf diese Gruppe oder zukünftige Mitglieder angewandt werden. Falls Du dies nicht möchtest, erstelle bitte eine andere Gruppe mit einem anderen Namen."
#: include/group.php:209
msgid "Default privacy group for new contacts"
msgstr "Voreingestellte Gruppe für neue Kontakte"
#: include/group.php:242
msgid "Everybody"
msgstr "Alle Kontakte"
#: include/group.php:265
msgid "edit"
msgstr "bearbeiten"
#: include/group.php:286 mod/newmember.php:61
msgid "Groups"
msgstr "Gruppen"
#: include/group.php:288
msgid "Edit groups"
msgstr "Gruppen bearbeiten"
#: include/group.php:290
msgid "Edit group"
msgstr "Gruppe bearbeiten"
#: include/group.php:291
msgid "Create a new group"
msgstr "Neue Gruppe erstellen"
#: include/group.php:292 mod/group.php:94 mod/group.php:178
msgid "Group Name: "
msgstr "Gruppenname:"
#: include/group.php:294
msgid "Contacts not in any group"
msgstr "Kontakte in keiner Gruppe"
#: include/group.php:296 mod/network.php:201
msgid "add"
msgstr "hinzufügen"
#: include/Photo.php:996 include/Photo.php:1011 include/Photo.php:1018
#: include/Photo.php:1040 include/message.php:145 mod/wall_upload.php:218
#: mod/wall_upload.php:232 mod/wall_upload.php:239 mod/item.php:472
msgid "Wall Photos"
msgstr "Pinnwand-Bilder"
#: include/delivery.php:439
msgid "(no subject)"
msgstr "(kein Betreff)"
#: include/user.php:39 mod/settings.php:370
msgid "Passwords do not match. Password unchanged."
msgstr "Die Passwörter stimmen nicht überein. Das Passwort bleibt unverändert."
#: include/user.php:48
msgid "An invitation is required."
msgstr "Du benötigst eine Einladung."
#: include/user.php:53
msgid "Invitation could not be verified."
msgstr "Die Einladung konnte nicht überprüft werden."
#: include/user.php:61
msgid "Invalid OpenID url"
msgstr "Ungültige OpenID URL"
#: include/user.php:82
msgid "Please enter the required information."
msgstr "Bitte trage die erforderlichen Informationen ein."
#: include/user.php:96
msgid "Please use a shorter name."
msgstr "Bitte verwende einen kürzeren Namen."
#: include/user.php:98
msgid "Name too short."
msgstr "Der Name ist zu kurz."
#: include/user.php:113
msgid "That doesn't appear to be your full (First Last) name."
msgstr "Das scheint nicht Dein kompletter Name (Vor- und Nachname) zu sein."
#: include/user.php:118
msgid "Your email domain is not among those allowed on this site."
msgstr "Die Domain Deiner E-Mail Adresse ist auf dieser Seite nicht erlaubt."
#: include/user.php:121
msgid "Not a valid email address."
msgstr "Keine gültige E-Mail-Adresse."
#: include/user.php:134
msgid "Cannot use that email."
msgstr "Konnte diese E-Mail-Adresse nicht verwenden."
#: include/user.php:140
msgid "Your \"nickname\" can only contain \"a-z\", \"0-9\" and \"_\"."
msgstr "Dein Spitzname darf nur aus Buchstaben und Zahlen (\"a-z\",\"0-9\" und \"_\") bestehen."
#: include/user.php:147 include/user.php:245
msgid "Nickname is already registered. Please choose another."
msgstr "Dieser Spitzname ist bereits vergeben. Bitte wähle einen anderen."
#: include/user.php:157
msgid ""
"Nickname was once registered here and may not be re-used. Please choose "
msgstr "Dieser Spitzname ist bereits vergeben. Bitte wähle einen anderen."
#: include/user.php:173
msgid "SERIOUS ERROR: Generation of security keys failed."
msgstr "FATALER FEHLER: Sicherheitsschlüssel konnten nicht erzeugt werden."
#: include/user.php:231
msgid "An error occurred during registration. Please try again."
msgstr "Während der Anmeldung ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte versuche es noch einmal."
#: include/user.php:256 view/theme/duepuntozero/config.php:44
msgid "default"
msgstr "Standard"
#: include/user.php:266
msgid "An error occurred creating your default profile. Please try again."
msgstr "Bei der Erstellung des Standardprofils ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte versuche es noch einmal."
#: include/user.php:345 include/user.php:352 include/user.php:359
#: mod/profile_photo.php:74 mod/profile_photo.php:81 mod/profile_photo.php:88
#: mod/profile_photo.php:210 mod/profile_photo.php:302
#: mod/profile_photo.php:311 mod/photos.php:79 mod/photos.php:193
#: mod/photos.php:770 mod/photos.php:1233 mod/photos.php:1256
#: mod/photos.php:1849 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:500
msgid "Profile Photos"
msgstr "Profilbilder"
#: include/user.php:387
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\tThank you for registering at %2$s. Your account has been created.\n"
msgstr "\nHallo %1$s,\n\ndanke für Deine Registrierung auf %2$s. Dein Account wurde eingerichtet."
#: include/user.php:391
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\t\tSite Location:\t%3$s\n"
"\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%1$s\n"
"\t\tYou may change your password from your account \"Settings\" page after logging\n"
"\t\tPlease take a few moments to review the other account settings on that page.\n"
"\t\tYou may also wish to add some basic information to your default profile\n"
"\t\t(on the \"Profiles\" page) so that other people can easily find you.\n"
"\t\tWe recommend setting your full name, adding a profile photo,\n"
"\t\tadding some profile \"keywords\" (very useful in making new friends) - and\n"
"\t\tperhaps what country you live in; if you do not wish to be more specific\n"
"\t\tthan that.\n"
"\t\tWe fully respect your right to privacy, and none of these items are necessary.\n"
"\t\tIf you are new and do not know anybody here, they may help\n"
"\t\tyou to make some new and interesting friends.\n"
"\t\tThank you and welcome to %2$s."
msgstr "\nDie Anmelde-Details sind die folgenden:\n\tAdresse der Seite:\t%3$s\n\tBenutzernamename:\t%1$s\n\tPasswort:\t%5$s\n\nDu kannst Dein Passwort unter \"Einstellungen\" ändern, sobald Du Dich\nangemeldet hast.\n\nBitte nimm Dir ein paar Minuten um die anderen Einstellungen auf dieser\nSeite zu kontrollieren.\n\nEventuell magst Du ja auch einige Informationen über Dich in Deinem\nProfil veröffentlichen, damit andere Leute Dich einfacher finden können.\nBearbeite hierfür einfach Dein Standard-Profil (über die Profil-Seite).\n\nWir empfehlen Dir, Deinen kompletten Namen anzugeben und ein zu Dir\npassendes Profilbild zu wählen, damit Dich alte Bekannte wieder finden.\nAußerdem ist es nützlich, wenn Du auf Deinem Profil Schlüsselwörter\nangibst. Das erleichtert es, Leute zu finden, die Deine Interessen teilen.\n\nWir respektieren Deine Privatsphäre - keine dieser Angaben ist nötig.\nWenn Du neu im Netzwerk bist und noch niemanden kennst, dann können sie\nallerdings dabei helfen, neue und interessante Kontakte zu knüpfen.\n\nDanke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit und willkommen auf %2$s."
#: include/user.php:423 mod/admin.php:1182
#, php-format
msgid "Registration details for %s"
msgstr "Details der Registration von %s"
#: include/nav.php:35 mod/navigation.php:19
msgid "Nothing new here"
msgstr "Keine Neuigkeiten"
#: include/nav.php:39 mod/navigation.php:23
msgid "Clear notifications"
msgstr "Bereinige Benachrichtigungen"
#: include/nav.php:40 include/text.php:997
msgid "@name, !forum, #tags, content"
msgstr "@name, !forum, #tags, content"
#: include/nav.php:75 view/theme/frio/theme.php:243 boot.php:1704
msgid "Logout"
msgstr "Abmelden"
#: include/nav.php:75 view/theme/frio/theme.php:243
msgid "End this session"
msgstr "Diese Sitzung beenden"
#: include/nav.php:78 include/identity.php:712 mod/contacts.php:635
#: mod/contacts.php:831 view/theme/frio/theme.php:246
msgid "Status"
msgstr "Status"
#: include/nav.php:78 include/nav.php:163 view/theme/frio/theme.php:246
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:123
msgid "Your posts and conversations"
msgstr "Deine Beiträge und Unterhaltungen"
#: include/nav.php:79 include/identity.php:603 include/identity.php:689
#: include/identity.php:720 mod/profperm.php:104 mod/newmember.php:32
#: mod/contacts.php:637 mod/contacts.php:839 view/theme/frio/theme.php:247
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:124
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Profil"
#: include/nav.php:79 view/theme/frio/theme.php:247
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:124
msgid "Your profile page"
msgstr "Deine Profilseite"
#: include/nav.php:80 include/identity.php:728 mod/fbrowser.php:32
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:248 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:126
msgid "Photos"
msgstr "Bilder"
#: include/nav.php:80 view/theme/frio/theme.php:248
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:126
msgid "Your photos"
msgstr "Deine Fotos"
#: include/nav.php:81 include/identity.php:736 include/identity.php:739
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:249
msgid "Videos"
msgstr "Videos"
#: include/nav.php:81 view/theme/frio/theme.php:249
msgid "Your videos"
msgstr "Deine Videos"
#: include/nav.php:82 include/nav.php:146 include/identity.php:748
#: include/identity.php:759 mod/cal.php:278 mod/events.php:379
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:250 view/theme/frio/theme.php:254
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:127
msgid "Events"
msgstr "Veranstaltungen"
#: include/nav.php:82 view/theme/frio/theme.php:250
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:127
msgid "Your events"
msgstr "Deine Ereignisse"
#: include/nav.php:83 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:128
msgid "Personal notes"
msgstr "Persönliche Notizen"
#: include/nav.php:83
msgid "Your personal notes"
msgstr "Deine persönlichen Notizen"
#: include/nav.php:94 mod/bookmarklet.php:12 boot.php:1705
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Anmeldung"
#: include/nav.php:94
msgid "Sign in"
msgstr "Anmelden"
#: include/nav.php:107 include/nav.php:163
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:174 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:123
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Pinnwand"
#: include/nav.php:107
msgid "Home Page"
msgstr "Homepage"
#: include/nav.php:111 mod/register.php:280 boot.php:1680
msgid "Register"
msgstr "Registrieren"
#: include/nav.php:111
msgid "Create an account"
msgstr "Nutzerkonto erstellen"
#: include/nav.php:116 mod/help.php:47 view/theme/vier/theme.php:298
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Hilfe"
#: include/nav.php:116
msgid "Help and documentation"
msgstr "Hilfe und Dokumentation"
#: include/nav.php:119
msgid "Apps"
msgstr "Apps"
#: include/nav.php:119
msgid "Addon applications, utilities, games"
msgstr "Addon Anwendungen, Dienstprogramme, Spiele"
#: include/nav.php:122 include/text.php:994 mod/search.php:149
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Suche"
#: include/nav.php:122
msgid "Search site content"
msgstr "Inhalt der Seite durchsuchen"
#: include/nav.php:125 include/text.php:1002
msgid "Full Text"
msgstr "Volltext"
#: include/nav.php:126 include/text.php:1003
msgid "Tags"
msgstr "Tags"
#: include/nav.php:127 include/nav.php:193 include/identity.php:781
#: include/identity.php:784 include/text.php:1004 mod/viewcontacts.php:116
#: mod/contacts.php:790 mod/contacts.php:851 view/theme/frio/theme.php:257
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:125
msgid "Contacts"
msgstr "Kontakte"
#: include/nav.php:141 include/nav.php:143 mod/community.php:36
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:129
msgid "Community"
msgstr "Gemeinschaft"
#: include/nav.php:141
msgid "Conversations on this site"
msgstr "Unterhaltungen auf dieser Seite"
#: include/nav.php:143
msgid "Conversations on the network"
msgstr "Unterhaltungen im Netzwerk"
#: include/nav.php:146 include/identity.php:751 include/identity.php:762
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:254
msgid "Events and Calendar"
msgstr "Ereignisse und Kalender"
#: include/nav.php:148
msgid "Directory"
msgstr "Verzeichnis"
#: include/nav.php:148
msgid "People directory"
msgstr "Nutzerverzeichnis"
#: include/nav.php:150
msgid "Information"
msgstr "Information"
#: include/nav.php:150
msgid "Information about this friendica instance"
msgstr "Informationen zu dieser Friendica Instanz"
#: include/nav.php:160 include/NotificationsManager.php:160 mod/admin.php:402
#: view/theme/frio/theme.php:253
msgid "Network"
msgstr "Netzwerk"
#: include/nav.php:160 view/theme/frio/theme.php:253
msgid "Conversations from your friends"
msgstr "Unterhaltungen Deiner Kontakte"
#: include/nav.php:161
msgid "Network Reset"
msgstr "Netzwerk zurücksetzen"
#: include/nav.php:161
msgid "Load Network page with no filters"
msgstr "Netzwerk-Seite ohne Filter laden"
#: include/nav.php:168 include/NotificationsManager.php:181
msgid "Introductions"
msgstr "Kontaktanfragen"
#: include/nav.php:168
msgid "Friend Requests"
msgstr "Kontaktanfragen"
#: include/nav.php:171 mod/notifications.php:96
msgid "Notifications"
msgstr "Benachrichtigungen"
#: include/nav.php:172
msgid "See all notifications"
msgstr "Alle Benachrichtigungen anzeigen"
#: include/nav.php:173 mod/settings.php:887
msgid "Mark as seen"
msgstr "Als gelesen markieren"
#: include/nav.php:173
msgid "Mark all system notifications seen"
msgstr "Markiere alle Systembenachrichtigungen als gelesen"
#: include/nav.php:177 mod/message.php:190 view/theme/frio/theme.php:255
msgid "Messages"
msgstr "Nachrichten"
#: include/nav.php:177 view/theme/frio/theme.php:255
msgid "Private mail"
msgstr "Private E-Mail"
#: include/nav.php:178
msgid "Inbox"
msgstr "Eingang"
#: include/nav.php:179
msgid "Outbox"
msgstr "Ausgang"
#: include/nav.php:180 mod/message.php:16
msgid "New Message"
msgstr "Neue Nachricht"
#: include/nav.php:183
msgid "Manage"
msgstr "Verwalten"
#: include/nav.php:183
msgid "Manage other pages"
msgstr "Andere Seiten verwalten"
#: include/nav.php:186 mod/settings.php:81
msgid "Delegations"
msgstr "Delegationen"
#: include/nav.php:186 mod/delegate.php:130
msgid "Delegate Page Management"
msgstr "Delegiere das Management für die Seite"
#: include/nav.php:188 mod/newmember.php:22 mod/settings.php:111
#: mod/admin.php:1502 mod/admin.php:1760 view/theme/frio/theme.php:256
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:544 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:648
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Einstellungen"
#: include/nav.php:188 view/theme/frio/theme.php:256
msgid "Account settings"
msgstr "Kontoeinstellungen"
#: include/nav.php:191 include/identity.php:276
msgid "Profiles"
msgstr "Profile"
#: include/nav.php:191
msgid "Manage/Edit Profiles"
msgstr "Profile Verwalten/Editieren"
#: include/nav.php:193 view/theme/frio/theme.php:257
msgid "Manage/edit friends and contacts"
msgstr " Kontakte verwalten/editieren"
#: include/nav.php:200 mod/admin.php:186
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Administration"
#: include/nav.php:200
msgid "Site setup and configuration"
msgstr "Einstellungen der Seite und Konfiguration"
#: include/nav.php:204
msgid "Navigation"
msgstr "Navigation"
#: include/nav.php:204
msgid "Site map"
msgstr "Sitemap"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:32
msgid "Unknown | Not categorised"
msgstr "Unbekannt | Nicht kategorisiert"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:33
msgid "Block immediately"
msgstr "Sofort blockieren"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:34
msgid "Shady, spammer, self-marketer"
msgstr "Zwielichtig, Spammer, Selbstdarsteller"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:35
msgid "Known to me, but no opinion"
msgstr "Ist mir bekannt, hab aber keine Meinung"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:36
msgid "OK, probably harmless"
msgstr "OK, wahrscheinlich harmlos"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:37
msgid "Reputable, has my trust"
msgstr "Seriös, hat mein Vertrauen"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:56 mod/admin.php:862
msgid "Frequently"
msgstr "immer wieder"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:57 mod/admin.php:863
msgid "Hourly"
msgstr "Stündlich"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:58 mod/admin.php:864
msgid "Twice daily"
msgstr "Zweimal täglich"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:59 mod/admin.php:865
msgid "Daily"
msgstr "Täglich"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:60
msgid "Weekly"
msgstr "Wöchentlich"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:61
msgid "Monthly"
msgstr "Monatlich"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:76 mod/dfrn_request.php:867
msgid "Friendica"
msgstr "Friendica"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:77
msgid "OStatus"
msgstr "OStatus"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:78
msgid "RSS/Atom"
msgstr "RSS/Atom"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:79 include/contact_selectors.php:86
#: mod/admin.php:1375 mod/admin.php:1388 mod/admin.php:1400 mod/admin.php:1418
msgid "Email"
msgstr "E-Mail"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:80 mod/dfrn_request.php:869
#: mod/settings.php:827
msgid "Diaspora"
msgstr "Diaspora"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:81
msgid "Facebook"
msgstr "Facebook"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:82
msgid "Zot!"
msgstr "Zott"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:83
msgid "LinkedIn"
msgstr "LinkedIn"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:84
msgid "XMPP/IM"
msgstr "XMPP/Chat"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:85
msgid "MySpace"
msgstr "MySpace"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:87
msgid "Google+"
msgstr "Google+"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:88
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: include/contact_selectors.php:89
msgid "Twitter"
msgstr "Twitter"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:90
msgid "Diaspora Connector"
msgstr "Diaspora"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:91
msgid "GNU Social"
msgstr "GNU Social"
#: include/contact_selectors.php:92
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: include/contact_selectors.php:103
msgid "Hubzilla/Redmatrix"
msgstr "Hubzilla/Redmatrix"
#: include/network.php:595
msgid "view full size"
msgstr "Volle Größe anzeigen"
#: include/Contact.php:119
msgid "stopped following"
msgstr "wird nicht mehr gefolgt"
#: include/Contact.php:310 include/Contact.php:323 include/Contact.php:365
#: include/conversation.php:964 include/conversation.php:978
#: mod/directory.php:163 mod/match.php:71 mod/allfriends.php:65
#: mod/suggest.php:82 mod/dirfind.php:203
msgid "View Profile"
msgstr "Profil anschauen"
#: include/Contact.php:364 include/conversation.php:963
msgid "View Status"
msgstr "Pinnwand anschauen"
#: include/Contact.php:366 include/conversation.php:965
msgid "View Photos"
msgstr "Bilder anschauen"
#: include/Contact.php:367 include/conversation.php:966
msgid "Network Posts"
msgstr "Netzwerkbeiträge"
#: include/Contact.php:368 include/conversation.php:967
msgid "Edit Contact"
msgstr "Kontakt bearbeiten"
#: include/Contact.php:369
msgid "Drop Contact"
msgstr "Kontakt löschen"
#: include/Contact.php:370 include/conversation.php:968
msgid "Send PM"
msgstr "Private Nachricht senden"
#: include/Contact.php:371 include/conversation.php:972
msgid "Poke"
msgstr "Anstupsen"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:327
msgid "Post to Email"
msgstr "An E-Mail senden"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:332
#, php-format
msgid "Connectors disabled, since \"%s\" is enabled."
msgstr "Konnektoren sind nicht verfügbar, da \"%s\" aktiv ist."
#: include/acl_selectors.php:333 mod/settings.php:1131
msgid "Hide your profile details from unknown viewers?"
msgstr "Profil-Details vor unbekannten Betrachtern verbergen?"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:338
msgid "Visible to everybody"
msgstr "Für jeden sichtbar"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:339 view/theme/vier/config.php:103
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:621 view/theme/diabook/config.php:142
msgid "show"
msgstr "zeigen"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:340 view/theme/vier/config.php:103
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:621 view/theme/diabook/config.php:142
msgid "don't show"
msgstr "nicht zeigen"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:346 mod/editpost.php:133
msgid "CC: email addresses"
msgstr "Cc: E-Mail-Addressen"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:347 mod/editpost.php:140
msgid "Example:,"
msgstr "Z.B.:,"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:349 mod/photos.php:1178 mod/photos.php:1562
#: mod/events.php:510
msgid "Permissions"
msgstr "Berechtigungen"
#: include/acl_selectors.php:350
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Schließen"
#: include/dfrn.php:1110
#, php-format
msgid "%s\\'s birthday"
msgstr "%ss Geburtstag"
#: include/follow.php:77 mod/dfrn_request.php:507
msgid "Disallowed profile URL."
msgstr "Nicht erlaubte Profil-URL."
#: include/follow.php:82
msgid "Connect URL missing."
msgstr "Connect-URL fehlt"
#: include/follow.php:109
msgid ""
"This site is not configured to allow communications with other networks."
msgstr "Diese Seite ist so konfiguriert, dass keine Kommunikation mit anderen Netzwerken erfolgen kann."
#: include/follow.php:110 include/follow.php:130
msgid "No compatible communication protocols or feeds were discovered."
msgstr "Es wurden keine kompatiblen Kommunikationsprotokolle oder Feeds gefunden."
#: include/follow.php:128
msgid "The profile address specified does not provide adequate information."
msgstr "Die angegebene Profiladresse liefert unzureichende Informationen."
#: include/follow.php:132
msgid "An author or name was not found."
msgstr "Es wurde kein Autor oder Name gefunden."
#: include/follow.php:134
msgid "No browser URL could be matched to this address."
msgstr "Zu dieser Adresse konnte keine passende Browser URL gefunden werden."
#: include/follow.php:136
msgid ""
"Unable to match @-style Identity Address with a known protocol or email "
msgstr "Konnte die @-Adresse mit keinem der bekannten Protokolle oder Email-Kontakte abgleichen."
#: include/follow.php:137
msgid "Use mailto: in front of address to force email check."
msgstr "Verwende mailto: vor der Email Adresse, um eine Überprüfung der E-Mail-Adresse zu erzwingen."
#: include/follow.php:143
msgid ""
"The profile address specified belongs to a network which has been disabled "
"on this site."
msgstr "Die Adresse dieses Profils gehört zu einem Netzwerk, mit dem die Kommunikation auf dieser Seite ausgeschaltet wurde."
#: include/follow.php:153
msgid ""
"Limited profile. This person will be unable to receive direct/personal "
"notifications from you."
msgstr "Eingeschränktes Profil. Diese Person wird keine direkten/privaten Nachrichten von Dir erhalten können."
#: include/follow.php:254
msgid "Unable to retrieve contact information."
msgstr "Konnte die Kontaktinformationen nicht empfangen."
#: include/follow.php:287
msgid "following"
msgstr "folgen"
#: include/items.php:1447 mod/dfrn_request.php:745 mod/dfrn_confirm.php:726
msgid "[Name Withheld]"
msgstr "[Name unterdrückt]"
#: include/items.php:1805 mod/viewsrc.php:15 mod/display.php:104
#: mod/display.php:279 mod/display.php:478 mod/notice.php:15 mod/admin.php:234
#: mod/admin.php:1449 mod/admin.php:1683
msgid "Item not found."
msgstr "Beitrag nicht gefunden."
#: include/items.php:1844
msgid "Do you really want to delete this item?"
msgstr "Möchtest Du wirklich dieses Item löschen?"
#: include/items.php:1846 mod/follow.php:110 mod/suggest.php:29
#: mod/api.php:105 mod/message.php:217 mod/dfrn_request.php:861
#: mod/contacts.php:442 mod/profiles.php:641 mod/profiles.php:644
#: mod/profiles.php:670 mod/register.php:238 mod/settings.php:1113
#: mod/settings.php:1119 mod/settings.php:1127 mod/settings.php:1131
#: mod/settings.php:1136 mod/settings.php:1142 mod/settings.php:1148
#: mod/settings.php:1154 mod/settings.php:1180 mod/settings.php:1181
#: mod/settings.php:1182 mod/settings.php:1183 mod/settings.php:1184
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Ja"
#: include/items.php:1849 include/conversation.php:1272 mod/fbrowser.php:101
#: mod/fbrowser.php:136 mod/tagrm.php:11 mod/tagrm.php:94 mod/follow.php:121
#: mod/suggest.php:32 mod/editpost.php:148 mod/message.php:220
#: mod/dfrn_request.php:875 mod/contacts.php:445 mod/settings.php:664
#: mod/settings.php:690 mod/videos.php:131 mod/photos.php:248
#: mod/photos.php:337
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Abbrechen"
#: include/items.php:2011 mod/wall_upload.php:77 mod/wall_upload.php:80
#: mod/notes.php:22 mod/uimport.php:23 mod/nogroup.php:25 mod/invite.php:15
#: mod/invite.php:101 mod/viewcontacts.php:45 mod/wall_attach.php:67
#: mod/wall_attach.php:70 mod/allfriends.php:12 mod/repair_ostatus.php:9
#: mod/delegate.php:12 mod/attach.php:33 mod/follow.php:11 mod/follow.php:73
#: mod/follow.php:155 mod/suggest.php:58 mod/display.php:474 mod/common.php:18
#: mod/editpost.php:10 mod/network.php:4 mod/group.php:19
#: mod/wallmessage.php:9 mod/wallmessage.php:33 mod/wallmessage.php:79
#: mod/wallmessage.php:103 mod/api.php:26 mod/api.php:31
#: mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:9 mod/message.php:46 mod/message.php:182
#: mod/manage.php:96 mod/crepair.php:100 mod/contacts.php:350
#: mod/dfrn_confirm.php:57 mod/dirfind.php:11 mod/fsuggest.php:78
#: mod/item.php:185 mod/item.php:197 mod/mood.php:114 mod/poke.php:150
#: mod/profile_photo.php:19 mod/profile_photo.php:175
#: mod/profile_photo.php:186 mod/profile_photo.php:199 mod/profiles.php:166
#: mod/profiles.php:598 mod/register.php:42 mod/regmod.php:110
#: mod/settings.php:22 mod/settings.php:128 mod/settings.php:650
#: mod/photos.php:172 mod/photos.php:1093 mod/cal.php:308 mod/events.php:190
#: mod/notifications.php:71 index.php:397
msgid "Permission denied."
msgstr "Zugriff verweigert."
#: include/items.php:2116
msgid "Archives"
msgstr "Archiv"
#: include/like.php:163 include/conversation.php:130
#: include/conversation.php:266 include/text.php:1790 mod/subthread.php:87
#: mod/tagger.php:62 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:471
msgid "photo"
msgstr "Foto"
#: include/like.php:163 include/diaspora.php:1402 include/conversation.php:125
#: include/conversation.php:134 include/conversation.php:261
#: include/conversation.php:270 mod/subthread.php:87 mod/tagger.php:62
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:466 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:475
msgid "status"
msgstr "Status"
#: include/like.php:165 include/conversation.php:122
#: include/conversation.php:258 include/text.php:1788
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:463
msgid "event"
msgstr "Event"
#: include/like.php:182 include/diaspora.php:1398 include/conversation.php:141
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:480
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s likes %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s mag %2$ss %3$s"
#: include/like.php:184 include/conversation.php:144
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s doesn't like %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s mag %2$ss %3$s nicht"
#: include/like.php:186
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is attending %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s nimmt an %2$ss %3$s teil."
#: include/like.php:188
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is not attending %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s nimmt nicht an %2$ss %3$s teil."
#: include/like.php:190
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s may attend %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s nimmt eventuell an %2$ss %3$s teil."
#: include/message.php:15 include/message.php:173
msgid "[no subject]"
msgstr "[kein Betreff]"
#: include/plugin.php:526 include/plugin.php:528
msgid "Click here to upgrade."
msgstr "Zum Upgraden hier klicken."
#: include/plugin.php:534
msgid "This action exceeds the limits set by your subscription plan."
msgstr "Diese Aktion überschreitet die Obergrenze Deines Abonnements."
#: include/plugin.php:539
msgid "This action is not available under your subscription plan."
msgstr "Diese Aktion ist in Deinem Abonnement nicht verfügbar."
#: include/uimport.php:94
msgid "Error decoding account file"
msgstr "Fehler beim Verarbeiten der Account Datei"
#: include/uimport.php:100
msgid "Error! No version data in file! This is not a Friendica account file?"
msgstr "Fehler! Keine Versionsdaten in der Datei! Ist das wirklich eine Friendica Account Datei?"
#: include/uimport.php:116 include/uimport.php:127
msgid "Error! Cannot check nickname"
msgstr "Fehler! Konnte den Nickname nicht überprüfen."
#: include/uimport.php:120 include/uimport.php:131
#, php-format
msgid "User '%s' already exists on this server!"
msgstr "Nutzer '%s' existiert bereits auf diesem Server!"
#: include/uimport.php:153
msgid "User creation error"
msgstr "Fehler beim Anlegen des Nutzeraccounts aufgetreten"
#: include/uimport.php:173
msgid "User profile creation error"
msgstr "Fehler beim Anlegen des Nutzerkontos"
#: include/uimport.php:222
#, php-format
msgid "%d contact not imported"
msgid_plural "%d contacts not imported"
msgstr[0] "%d Kontakt nicht importiert"
msgstr[1] "%d Kontakte nicht importiert"
#: include/uimport.php:292
msgid "Done. You can now login with your username and password"
msgstr "Erledigt. Du kannst Dich jetzt mit Deinem Nutzernamen und Passwort anmelden"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:153
msgid "System"
msgstr "System"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:167 mod/network.php:844
#: mod/profiles.php:696
msgid "Personal"
msgstr "Persönlich"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:234 include/NotificationsManager.php:245
#, php-format
msgid "%s commented on %s's post"
msgstr "%s hat %ss Beitrag kommentiert"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:244
#, php-format
msgid "%s created a new post"
msgstr "%s hat einen neuen Beitrag erstellt"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:258
#, php-format
msgid "%s liked %s's post"
msgstr "%s mag %ss Beitrag"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:269
#, php-format
msgid "%s disliked %s's post"
msgstr "%s mag %ss Beitrag nicht"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:280
#, php-format
msgid "%s is attending %s's event"
msgstr "%s nimmt an %s's Event teil"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:291
#, php-format
msgid "%s is not attending %s's event"
msgstr "%s nimmt nicht an %s's Event teil"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:302
#, php-format
msgid "%s may attend %s's event"
msgstr "%s nimmt eventuell an %s's Event teil"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:317
#, php-format
msgid "%s is now friends with %s"
msgstr "%s ist jetzt mit %s befreundet"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:750
msgid "Friend Suggestion"
msgstr "Kontaktvorschlag"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:783
msgid "Friend/Connect Request"
msgstr "Kontakt-/Freundschaftsanfrage"
#: include/NotificationsManager.php:783
msgid "New Follower"
msgstr "Neuer Bewunderer"
#: include/api.php:975
#, php-format
msgid "Daily posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."
msgstr "Das tägliche Nachrichtenlimit von %d Nachrichten wurde erreicht. Die Nachtricht wurde verworfen."
#: include/api.php:995
#, php-format
msgid "Weekly posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."
msgstr "Das wöchentliche Nachrichtenlimit von %d Nachrichten wurde erreicht. Die Nachtricht wurde verworfen."
#: include/api.php:1016
#, php-format
msgid "Monthly posting limit of %d posts reached. The post was rejected."
msgstr "Das monatliche Nachrichtenlimit von %d Nachrichten wurde erreicht. Die Nachtricht wurde verworfen."
#: include/bbcode.php:348 include/bbcode.php:1056 include/bbcode.php:1057
msgid "Image/photo"
msgstr "Bild/Foto"
#: include/bbcode.php:465
#, php-format
msgid "<a href=\"%1$s\" target=\"_blank\">%2$s</a> %3$s"
msgstr "<a href=\"%1$s\" target=\"_blank\">%2$s</a> %3$s"
#: include/bbcode.php:1016 include/bbcode.php:1036
msgid "$1 wrote:"
msgstr "$1 hat geschrieben:"
#: include/bbcode.php:1065 include/bbcode.php:1066
msgid "Encrypted content"
msgstr "Verschlüsselter Inhalt"
#: include/dbstructure.php:26
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\tThe friendica developers released update %s recently,\n"
"\t\t\tbut when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.\n"
"\t\t\tThis needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact a\n"
"\t\t\tfriendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid."
msgstr "\nDie Friendica-Entwickler haben vor kurzem das Update %s veröffentlicht, aber bei der Installation ging etwas schrecklich schief.\n\nDas Problem sollte so schnell wie möglich gelöst werden, aber ich schaffe es nicht alleine. Bitte kontaktiere einen Friendica-Entwickler falls Du mir nicht alleine helfen kannst. Meine Datenbank könnte ungültig sein."
#: include/dbstructure.php:31
#, php-format
msgid ""
"The error message is\n"
msgstr "Die Fehlermeldung lautet\n[pre]%s[/pre]"
#: include/dbstructure.php:153
msgid "Errors encountered creating database tables."
msgstr "Fehler aufgetreten während der Erzeugung der Datenbanktabellen."
#: include/dbstructure.php:230
msgid "Errors encountered performing database changes."
msgstr "Es sind Fehler beim Bearbeiten der Datenbank aufgetreten."
#: include/diaspora.php:1954
msgid "Sharing notification from Diaspora network"
msgstr "Freigabe-Benachrichtigung von Diaspora"
#: include/diaspora.php:2854
msgid "Attachments:"
msgstr "Anhänge:"
#: include/event.php:441
msgid "Sun"
msgstr "So"
#: include/event.php:442
msgid "Mon"
msgstr "Mo"
#: include/event.php:443
msgid "Tue"
msgstr "Di"
#: include/event.php:444
msgid "Wed"
msgstr "Mi"
#: include/event.php:445
msgid "Thu"
msgstr "Do"
#: include/event.php:446
msgid "Fri"
msgstr "Fr"
#: include/event.php:447
msgid "Sat"
msgstr "Sa"
#: include/event.php:448 include/text.php:1112 mod/settings.php:955
msgid "Sunday"
msgstr "Sonntag"
#: include/event.php:449 include/text.php:1112 mod/settings.php:955
msgid "Monday"
msgstr "Montag"
#: include/event.php:450 include/text.php:1112
msgid "Tuesday"
msgstr "Dienstag"
#: include/event.php:451 include/text.php:1112
msgid "Wednesday"
msgstr "Mittwoch"
#: include/event.php:452 include/text.php:1112
msgid "Thursday"
msgstr "Donnerstag"
#: include/event.php:453 include/text.php:1112
msgid "Friday"
msgstr "Freitag"
#: include/event.php:454 include/text.php:1112
msgid "Saturday"
msgstr "Samstag"
#: include/event.php:455
msgid "Jan"
msgstr "Jan"
#: include/event.php:456
msgid "Feb"
msgstr "Feb"
#: include/event.php:457
msgid "Mar"
msgstr "März"
#: include/event.php:458
msgid "Apr"
msgstr "Apr"
#: include/event.php:459 include/event.php:471 include/text.php:1116
msgid "May"
msgstr "Mai"
#: include/event.php:460
msgid "Jun"
msgstr "Jun"
#: include/event.php:461
msgid "Jul"
msgstr "Juli"
#: include/event.php:462
msgid "Aug"
msgstr "Aug"
#: include/event.php:463
msgid "Sept"
msgstr "Sep"
#: include/event.php:464
msgid "Oct"
msgstr "Okt"
#: include/event.php:465
msgid "Nov"
msgstr "Nov"
#: include/event.php:466
msgid "Dec"
msgstr "Dez"
#: include/event.php:467 include/text.php:1116
msgid "January"
msgstr "Januar"
#: include/event.php:468 include/text.php:1116
msgid "February"
msgstr "Februar"
#: include/event.php:469 include/text.php:1116
msgid "March"
msgstr "März"
#: include/event.php:470 include/text.php:1116
msgid "April"
msgstr "April"
#: include/event.php:472 include/text.php:1116
msgid "June"
msgstr "Juni"
#: include/event.php:473 include/text.php:1116
msgid "July"
msgstr "Juli"
#: include/event.php:474 include/text.php:1116
msgid "August"
msgstr "August"
#: include/event.php:475 include/text.php:1116
msgid "September"
msgstr "September"
#: include/event.php:476 include/text.php:1116
msgid "October"
msgstr "Oktober"
#: include/event.php:477 include/text.php:1116
msgid "November"
msgstr "November"
#: include/event.php:478 include/text.php:1116
msgid "December"
msgstr "Dezember"
#: include/event.php:479 mod/cal.php:286 mod/events.php:388
msgid "today"
msgstr "Heute"
#: include/event.php:567
msgid "l, F j"
msgstr "l, F j"
#: include/event.php:586
msgid "Edit event"
msgstr "Veranstaltung bearbeiten"
#: include/event.php:608 include/text.php:1518 include/text.php:1525
msgid "link to source"
msgstr "Link zum Originalbeitrag"
#: include/event.php:843
msgid "Export"
msgstr "Exportieren"
#: include/event.php:844
msgid "Export calendar as ical"
msgstr "Kalender als ical exportieren"
#: include/event.php:845
msgid "Export calendar as csv"
msgstr "Kalender als csv exportieren"
#: include/identity.php:42
msgid "Requested account is not available."
msgstr "Das angefragte Profil ist nicht vorhanden."
#: include/identity.php:51 mod/profile.php:21
msgid "Requested profile is not available."
msgstr "Das angefragte Profil ist nicht vorhanden."
#: include/identity.php:95 include/identity.php:305 include/identity.php:686
msgid "Edit profile"
msgstr "Profil bearbeiten"
#: include/identity.php:245
msgid "Atom feed"
msgstr "Atom-Feed"
#: include/identity.php:250 include/conversation.php:1285 mod/editpost.php:152
msgid "Message"
msgstr "Nachricht"
#: include/identity.php:276
msgid "Manage/edit profiles"
msgstr "Profile verwalten/editieren"
#: include/identity.php:281 include/identity.php:307 mod/profiles.php:787
msgid "Change profile photo"
msgstr "Profilbild ändern"
#: include/identity.php:282 mod/profiles.php:788
msgid "Create New Profile"
msgstr "Neues Profil anlegen"
#: include/identity.php:292 mod/profiles.php:777
msgid "Profile Image"
msgstr "Profilbild"
#: include/identity.php:295 mod/profiles.php:779
msgid "visible to everybody"
msgstr "sichtbar für jeden"
#: include/identity.php:296 mod/profiles.php:684 mod/profiles.php:780
msgid "Edit visibility"
msgstr "Sichtbarkeit bearbeiten"
#: include/identity.php:319 mod/directory.php:174 mod/match.php:84
#: mod/viewcontacts.php:105 mod/allfriends.php:79 mod/suggest.php:98
#: mod/hovercard.php:80 mod/common.php:123 mod/network.php:517
#: mod/contacts.php:51 mod/contacts.php:626 mod/contacts.php:953
#: mod/dirfind.php:223 mod/videos.php:37 mod/photos.php:42 mod/cal.php:44
msgid "Forum"
msgstr "Forum"
#: include/identity.php:331 include/identity.php:614 mod/directory.php:147
#: mod/notifications.php:238
msgid "Gender:"
msgstr "Geschlecht:"
#: include/identity.php:334 include/identity.php:634 mod/directory.php:149
msgid "Status:"
msgstr "Status:"
#: include/identity.php:336 include/identity.php:645 mod/directory.php:151
msgid "Homepage:"
msgstr "Homepage:"
#: include/identity.php:338 include/identity.php:655 mod/directory.php:153
#: mod/contacts.php:630 mod/notifications.php:234
msgid "About:"
msgstr "Über:"
#: include/identity.php:420 mod/contacts.php:50 mod/notifications.php:246
msgid "Network:"
msgstr "Netzwerk:"
#: include/identity.php:449 include/identity.php:533
msgid "g A l F d"
msgstr "l, d. F G \\U\\h\\r"
#: include/identity.php:450 include/identity.php:534
msgid "F d"
msgstr "d. F"
#: include/identity.php:495 include/identity.php:580
msgid "[today]"
msgstr "[heute]"
#: include/identity.php:507
msgid "Birthday Reminders"
msgstr "Geburtstagserinnerungen"
#: include/identity.php:508
msgid "Birthdays this week:"
msgstr "Geburtstage diese Woche:"
#: include/identity.php:567
msgid "[No description]"
msgstr "[keine Beschreibung]"
#: include/identity.php:591
msgid "Event Reminders"
msgstr "Veranstaltungserinnerungen"
#: include/identity.php:592
msgid "Events this week:"
msgstr "Veranstaltungen diese Woche"
#: include/identity.php:612 mod/settings.php:1229
msgid "Full Name:"
msgstr "Kompletter Name:"
#: include/identity.php:619
msgid "j F, Y"
msgstr "j F, Y"
#: include/identity.php:620
msgid "j F"
msgstr "j F"
#: include/identity.php:631
msgid "Age:"
msgstr "Alter:"
#: include/identity.php:640
#, php-format
msgid "for %1$d %2$s"
msgstr "für %1$d %2$s"
#: include/identity.php:643 mod/profiles.php:703
msgid "Sexual Preference:"
msgstr "Sexuelle Vorlieben:"
#: include/identity.php:647 mod/profiles.php:729
msgid "Hometown:"
msgstr "Heimatort:"
#: include/identity.php:649 mod/follow.php:134 mod/contacts.php:632
#: mod/notifications.php:236
msgid "Tags:"
msgstr "Tags:"
#: include/identity.php:651 mod/profiles.php:730
msgid "Political Views:"
msgstr "Politische Ansichten:"
#: include/identity.php:653
msgid "Religion:"
msgstr "Religion:"
#: include/identity.php:657
msgid "Hobbies/Interests:"
msgstr "Hobbies/Interessen:"
#: include/identity.php:659 mod/profiles.php:734
msgid "Likes:"
msgstr "Likes:"
#: include/identity.php:661 mod/profiles.php:735
msgid "Dislikes:"
msgstr "Dislikes:"
#: include/identity.php:664
msgid "Contact information and Social Networks:"
msgstr "Kontaktinformationen und Soziale Netzwerke:"
#: include/identity.php:666
msgid "Musical interests:"
msgstr "Musikalische Interessen:"
#: include/identity.php:668
msgid "Books, literature:"
msgstr "Literatur/Bücher:"
#: include/identity.php:670
msgid "Television:"
msgstr "Fernsehen:"
#: include/identity.php:672
msgid "Film/dance/culture/entertainment:"
msgstr "Filme/Tänze/Kultur/Unterhaltung:"
#: include/identity.php:674
msgid "Love/Romance:"
msgstr "Liebesleben:"
#: include/identity.php:676
msgid "Work/employment:"
msgstr "Arbeit/Beschäftigung:"
#: include/identity.php:678
msgid "School/education:"
msgstr "Schule/Ausbildung:"
#: include/identity.php:682
msgid "Forums:"
msgstr "Foren:"
#: include/identity.php:690 mod/events.php:508
msgid "Basic"
msgstr "Allgemein"
#: include/identity.php:691 mod/contacts.php:868 mod/events.php:509
#: mod/admin.php:931
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "Erweitert"
#: include/identity.php:715 mod/follow.php:143 mod/contacts.php:834
msgid "Status Messages and Posts"
msgstr "Statusnachrichten und Beiträge"
#: include/identity.php:723 mod/contacts.php:842
msgid "Profile Details"
msgstr "Profildetails"
#: include/identity.php:731 mod/photos.php:100
msgid "Photo Albums"
msgstr "Fotoalben"
#: include/identity.php:770 mod/notes.php:46
msgid "Personal Notes"
msgstr "Persönliche Notizen"
#: include/identity.php:773
msgid "Only You Can See This"
msgstr "Nur Du kannst das sehen"
#: include/conversation.php:147
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s attends %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s nimmt an %2$ss %3$s teil."
#: include/conversation.php:150
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s doesn't attend %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s nimmt nicht an %2$ss %3$s teil."
#: include/conversation.php:153
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s attends maybe %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s nimmt eventuell an %2$ss %3$s teil."
#: include/conversation.php:185 mod/dfrn_confirm.php:473
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is now friends with %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s ist nun mit %2$s befreundet"
#: include/conversation.php:219
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s poked %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s stupste %2$s"
#: include/conversation.php:239 mod/mood.php:62
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is currently %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s ist momentan %2$s"
#: include/conversation.php:278 mod/tagger.php:95
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged %2$s's %3$s with %4$s"
msgstr "%1$s hat %2$ss %3$s mit %4$s getaggt"
#: include/conversation.php:303
msgid "post/item"
msgstr "Nachricht/Beitrag"
#: include/conversation.php:304
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s marked %2$s's %3$s as favorite"
msgstr "%1$s hat %2$s\\s %3$s als Favorit markiert"
#: include/conversation.php:585 mod/content.php:372 mod/profiles.php:345
#: mod/photos.php:1634
msgid "Likes"
msgstr "Likes"
#: include/conversation.php:585 mod/content.php:372 mod/profiles.php:349
#: mod/photos.php:1634
msgid "Dislikes"
msgstr "Dislikes"
#: include/conversation.php:586 include/conversation.php:1469
#: mod/content.php:373 mod/photos.php:1635
msgid "Attending"
msgid_plural "Attending"
msgstr[0] "Teilnehmend"
msgstr[1] "Teilnehmend"
#: include/conversation.php:586 mod/content.php:373 mod/photos.php:1635
msgid "Not attending"
msgstr "Nicht teilnehmend"
#: include/conversation.php:586 mod/content.php:373 mod/photos.php:1635
msgid "Might attend"
msgstr "Eventuell teilnehmend"
#: include/conversation.php:708 mod/content.php:453 mod/content.php:758
#: mod/photos.php:1709 object/Item.php:133
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Auswählen"
#: include/conversation.php:709 mod/group.php:171 mod/content.php:454
#: mod/content.php:759 mod/contacts.php:806 mod/contacts.php:1021
#: mod/settings.php:726 mod/photos.php:1710 mod/admin.php:1392
#: object/Item.php:134
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Löschen"
#: include/conversation.php:753 mod/content.php:487 mod/content.php:910
#: mod/content.php:911 object/Item.php:367 object/Item.php:368
#, php-format
msgid "View %s's profile @ %s"
msgstr "Das Profil von %s auf %s betrachten."
#: include/conversation.php:765 object/Item.php:355
msgid "Categories:"
msgstr "Kategorien:"
#: include/conversation.php:766 object/Item.php:356
msgid "Filed under:"
msgstr "Abgelegt unter:"
#: include/conversation.php:773 mod/content.php:497 mod/content.php:923
#: object/Item.php:381
#, php-format
msgid "%s from %s"
msgstr "%s von %s"
#: include/conversation.php:789 mod/content.php:513
msgid "View in context"
msgstr "Im Zusammenhang betrachten"
#: include/conversation.php:791 include/conversation.php:1253
#: mod/editpost.php:124 mod/wallmessage.php:156 mod/message.php:356
#: mod/message.php:548 mod/content.php:515 mod/content.php:948
#: mod/photos.php:1597 object/Item.php:406
msgid "Please wait"
msgstr "Bitte warten"
#: include/conversation.php:870
msgid "remove"
msgstr "löschen"
#: include/conversation.php:874
msgid "Delete Selected Items"
msgstr "Lösche die markierten Beiträge"
#: include/conversation.php:962
msgid "Follow Thread"
msgstr "Folge der Unterhaltung"
#: include/conversation.php:1086
#, php-format
msgid "%s likes this."
msgstr "%s mag das."
#: include/conversation.php:1089
#, php-format
msgid "%s doesn't like this."
msgstr "%s mag das nicht."
#: include/conversation.php:1092
#, php-format
msgid "%s attends."
msgstr "%s nimmt teil."
#: include/conversation.php:1095
#, php-format
msgid "%s doesn't attend."
msgstr "%s nimmt nicht teil."
#: include/conversation.php:1098
#, php-format
msgid "%s attends maybe."
msgstr "%s nimmt eventuell teil."
#: include/conversation.php:1108
msgid "and"
msgstr "und"
#: include/conversation.php:1114
#, php-format
msgid ", and %d other people"
msgstr " und %d andere"
#: include/conversation.php:1123
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> like this"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d Personen</span> mögen das"
#: include/conversation.php:1124
#, php-format
msgid "%s like this."
msgstr "%s mögen das."
#: include/conversation.php:1127
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> don't like this"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d Personen</span> mögen das nicht"
#: include/conversation.php:1128
#, php-format
msgid "%s don't like this."
msgstr "%s mögen dies nicht."
#: include/conversation.php:1131
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> attend"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d Personen</span> nehmen teil"
#: include/conversation.php:1132
#, php-format
msgid "%s attend."
msgstr "%s nehmen teil."
#: include/conversation.php:1135
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> don't attend"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d Personen</span> nehmen nicht teil"
#: include/conversation.php:1136
#, php-format
msgid "%s don't attend."
msgstr "%s nehmen nicht teil."
#: include/conversation.php:1139
#, php-format
msgid "<span %1$s>%2$d people</span> attend maybe"
msgstr "<span %1$s>%2$d Personen</span> nehmen eventuell teil"
#: include/conversation.php:1140
#, php-format
msgid "%s anttend maybe."
msgstr "%s nehmen vielleicht teil."
#: include/conversation.php:1179 include/conversation.php:1197
msgid "Visible to <strong>everybody</strong>"
msgstr "Für <strong>jedermann</strong> sichtbar"
#: include/conversation.php:1180 include/conversation.php:1198
#: mod/wallmessage.php:127 mod/wallmessage.php:135 mod/message.php:291
#: mod/message.php:299 mod/message.php:442 mod/message.php:450
msgid "Please enter a link URL:"
msgstr "Bitte gib die URL des Links ein:"
#: include/conversation.php:1181 include/conversation.php:1199
msgid "Please enter a video link/URL:"
msgstr "Bitte Link/URL zum Video einfügen:"
#: include/conversation.php:1182 include/conversation.php:1200
msgid "Please enter an audio link/URL:"
msgstr "Bitte Link/URL zum Audio einfügen:"
#: include/conversation.php:1183 include/conversation.php:1201
msgid "Tag term:"
msgstr "Tag:"
#: include/conversation.php:1184 include/conversation.php:1202
#: mod/filer.php:30
msgid "Save to Folder:"
msgstr "In diesem Ordner speichern:"
#: include/conversation.php:1185 include/conversation.php:1203
msgid "Where are you right now?"
msgstr "Wo hältst Du Dich jetzt gerade auf?"
#: include/conversation.php:1186
msgid "Delete item(s)?"
msgstr "Einträge löschen?"
#: include/conversation.php:1234 mod/photos.php:1596
msgid "Share"
msgstr "Teilen"
#: include/conversation.php:1235 mod/editpost.php:110 mod/wallmessage.php:154
#: mod/message.php:354 mod/message.php:545
msgid "Upload photo"
msgstr "Foto hochladen"
#: include/conversation.php:1236 mod/editpost.php:111
msgid "upload photo"
msgstr "Bild hochladen"
#: include/conversation.php:1237 mod/editpost.php:112
msgid "Attach file"
msgstr "Datei anhängen"
#: include/conversation.php:1238 mod/editpost.php:113
msgid "attach file"
msgstr "Datei anhängen"
#: include/conversation.php:1239 mod/editpost.php:114 mod/wallmessage.php:155
#: mod/message.php:355 mod/message.php:546
msgid "Insert web link"
msgstr "Einen Link einfügen"
#: include/conversation.php:1240 mod/editpost.php:115
msgid "web link"
msgstr "Weblink"
#: include/conversation.php:1241 mod/editpost.php:116
msgid "Insert video link"
msgstr "Video-Adresse einfügen"
#: include/conversation.php:1242 mod/editpost.php:117
msgid "video link"
msgstr "Video-Link"
#: include/conversation.php:1243 mod/editpost.php:118
msgid "Insert audio link"
msgstr "Audio-Adresse einfügen"
#: include/conversation.php:1244 mod/editpost.php:119
msgid "audio link"
msgstr "Audio-Link"
#: include/conversation.php:1245 mod/editpost.php:120
msgid "Set your location"
msgstr "Deinen Standort festlegen"
#: include/conversation.php:1246 mod/editpost.php:121
msgid "set location"
msgstr "Ort setzen"
#: include/conversation.php:1247 mod/editpost.php:122
msgid "Clear browser location"
msgstr "Browser-Standort leeren"
#: include/conversation.php:1248 mod/editpost.php:123
msgid "clear location"
msgstr "Ort löschen"
#: include/conversation.php:1250 mod/editpost.php:137
msgid "Set title"
msgstr "Titel setzen"
#: include/conversation.php:1252 mod/editpost.php:139
msgid "Categories (comma-separated list)"
msgstr "Kategorien (kommasepariert)"
#: include/conversation.php:1254 mod/editpost.php:125
msgid "Permission settings"
msgstr "Berechtigungseinstellungen"
#: include/conversation.php:1255 mod/editpost.php:154
msgid "permissions"
msgstr "Zugriffsrechte"
#: include/conversation.php:1263 mod/editpost.php:134
msgid "Public post"
msgstr "Öffentlicher Beitrag"
#: include/conversation.php:1268 mod/editpost.php:145 mod/content.php:737
#: mod/photos.php:1618 mod/photos.php:1666 mod/photos.php:1754
#: mod/events.php:505 object/Item.php:729
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Vorschau"
#: include/conversation.php:1278
msgid "Post to Groups"
msgstr "Poste an Gruppe"
#: include/conversation.php:1279
msgid "Post to Contacts"
msgstr "Poste an Kontakte"
#: include/conversation.php:1280
msgid "Private post"
msgstr "Privater Beitrag"
#: include/conversation.php:1286 mod/editpost.php:153
msgid "Browser"
msgstr "Browser"
#: include/conversation.php:1441
msgid "View all"
msgstr "Zeige alle"
#: include/conversation.php:1463
msgid "Like"
msgid_plural "Likes"
msgstr[0] "mag ich"
msgstr[1] "Mag ich"
#: include/conversation.php:1466
msgid "Dislike"
msgid_plural "Dislikes"
msgstr[0] "mag ich nicht"
msgstr[1] "Mag ich nicht"
#: include/conversation.php:1472
msgid "Not Attending"
msgid_plural "Not Attending"
msgstr[0] "Nicht teilnehmend "
msgstr[1] "Nicht teilnehmend"
#: include/features.php:63
msgid "General Features"
msgstr "Allgemeine Features"
#: include/features.php:65
msgid "Multiple Profiles"
msgstr "Mehrere Profile"
#: include/features.php:65
msgid "Ability to create multiple profiles"
msgstr "Möglichkeit mehrere Profile zu erstellen"
#: include/features.php:66
msgid "Photo Location"
msgstr "Aufnahmeort"
#: include/features.php:66
msgid ""
"Photo metadata is normally stripped. This extracts the location (if present)"
" prior to stripping metadata and links it to a map."
msgstr "Die Foto-Metadaten werden ausgelesen. Dadurch kann der Aufnahmeort (wenn vorhanden) in einer Karte angezeigt werden."
#: include/features.php:67
msgid "Export Public Calendar"
msgstr "Öffentlichen Kalender exportieren"
#: include/features.php:67
msgid "Ability for visitors to download the public calendar"
msgstr "Möglichkeit für Besucher den öffentlichen Kalender herunter zu laden"
#: include/features.php:72
msgid "Post Composition Features"
msgstr "Beitragserstellung Features"
#: include/features.php:73
msgid "Richtext Editor"
msgstr "Web-Editor"
#: include/features.php:73
msgid "Enable richtext editor"
msgstr "Den Web-Editor für neue Beiträge aktivieren"
#: include/features.php:74
msgid "Post Preview"
msgstr "Beitragsvorschau"
#: include/features.php:74
msgid "Allow previewing posts and comments before publishing them"
msgstr "Die Vorschau von Beiträgen und Kommentaren vor dem absenden erlauben."
#: include/features.php:75
msgid "Auto-mention Forums"
msgstr "Foren automatisch erwähnen"
#: include/features.php:75
msgid ""
"Add/remove mention when a forum page is selected/deselected in ACL window."
msgstr "Automatisch eine @-Erwähnung eines Forums einfügen/entfehrnen, wenn dieses im ACL Fenster de-/markiert wurde."
#: include/features.php:80
msgid "Network Sidebar Widgets"
msgstr "Widgets für Netzwerk und Seitenleiste"
#: include/features.php:81
msgid "Search by Date"
msgstr "Archiv"
#: include/features.php:81
msgid "Ability to select posts by date ranges"
msgstr "Möglichkeit die Beiträge nach Datumsbereichen zu sortieren"
#: include/features.php:82 include/features.php:112
msgid "List Forums"
msgstr "Zeige Foren"
#: include/features.php:82
msgid "Enable widget to display the forums your are connected with"
msgstr "Aktiviere Widget, um die Foren mit denen du verbunden bist anzuzeigen"
#: include/features.php:83
msgid "Group Filter"
msgstr "Gruppen Filter"
#: include/features.php:83
msgid "Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected group"
msgstr "Widget zur Darstellung der Beiträge nach Kontaktgruppen sortiert aktivieren."
#: include/features.php:84
msgid "Network Filter"
msgstr "Netzwerk Filter"
#: include/features.php:84
msgid "Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected network"
msgstr "Widget zum filtern der Beiträge in Abhängigkeit des Netzwerks aus dem der Ersteller sendet aktivieren."
#: include/features.php:85 mod/search.php:34 mod/network.php:200
msgid "Saved Searches"
msgstr "Gespeicherte Suchen"
#: include/features.php:85
msgid "Save search terms for re-use"
msgstr "Speichere Suchanfragen für spätere Wiederholung."
#: include/features.php:90
msgid "Network Tabs"
msgstr "Netzwerk Reiter"
#: include/features.php:91
msgid "Network Personal Tab"
msgstr "Netzwerk-Reiter: Persönlich"
#: include/features.php:91
msgid "Enable tab to display only Network posts that you've interacted on"
msgstr "Aktiviert einen Netzwerk-Reiter in dem Nachrichten angezeigt werden mit denen Du interagiert hast"
#: include/features.php:92
msgid "Network New Tab"
msgstr "Netzwerk-Reiter: Neue"
#: include/features.php:92
msgid "Enable tab to display only new Network posts (from the last 12 hours)"
msgstr "Aktiviert einen Netzwerk-Reiter in dem ausschließlich neue Beiträge (der letzten 12 Stunden) angezeigt werden"
#: include/features.php:93
msgid "Network Shared Links Tab"
msgstr "Netzwerk-Reiter: Geteilte Links"
#: include/features.php:93
msgid "Enable tab to display only Network posts with links in them"
msgstr "Aktiviert einen Netzwerk-Reiter der ausschließlich Nachrichten mit Links enthält"
#: include/features.php:98
msgid "Post/Comment Tools"
msgstr "Werkzeuge für Beiträge und Kommentare"
#: include/features.php:99
msgid "Multiple Deletion"
msgstr "Mehrere Beiträge löschen"
#: include/features.php:99
msgid "Select and delete multiple posts/comments at once"
msgstr "Mehrere Beiträge/Kommentare markieren und gleichzeitig löschen"
#: include/features.php:100
msgid "Edit Sent Posts"
msgstr "Gesendete Beiträge editieren"
#: include/features.php:100
msgid "Edit and correct posts and comments after sending"
msgstr "Erlaubt es Beiträge und Kommentare nach dem Senden zu editieren bzw.zu korrigieren."
#: include/features.php:101
msgid "Tagging"
msgstr "Tagging"
#: include/features.php:101
msgid "Ability to tag existing posts"
msgstr "Möglichkeit bereits existierende Beiträge nachträglich mit Tags zu versehen."
#: include/features.php:102
msgid "Post Categories"
msgstr "Beitragskategorien"
#: include/features.php:102
msgid "Add categories to your posts"
msgstr "Eigene Beiträge mit Kategorien versehen"
#: include/features.php:103
msgid "Ability to file posts under folders"
msgstr "Beiträge in Ordnern speichern aktivieren"
#: include/features.php:104
msgid "Dislike Posts"
msgstr "Beiträge 'nicht mögen'"
#: include/features.php:104
msgid "Ability to dislike posts/comments"
msgstr "Ermöglicht es Beiträge mit einem Klick 'nicht zu mögen'"
#: include/features.php:105
msgid "Star Posts"
msgstr "Beiträge Markieren"
#: include/features.php:105
msgid "Ability to mark special posts with a star indicator"
msgstr "Erlaubt es Beiträge mit einem Stern-Indikator zu markieren"
#: include/features.php:106
msgid "Mute Post Notifications"
msgstr "Benachrichtigungen für Beiträge Stumm schalten"
#: include/features.php:106
msgid "Ability to mute notifications for a thread"
msgstr "Möglichkeit Benachrichtigungen für einen Thread abbestellen zu können"
#: include/features.php:111
msgid "Advanced Profile Settings"
msgstr "Erweiterte Profil-Einstellungen"
#: include/features.php:112
msgid "Show visitors public community forums at the Advanced Profile Page"
msgstr "Zeige Besuchern öffentliche Gemeinschafts-Foren auf der Erweiterten Profil-Seite"
#: include/text.php:304
msgid "newer"
msgstr "neuer"
#: include/text.php:306
msgid "older"
msgstr "älter"
#: include/text.php:311
msgid "prev"
msgstr "vorige"
#: include/text.php:313
msgid "first"
msgstr "erste"
#: include/text.php:345
msgid "last"
msgstr "letzte"
#: include/text.php:348
msgid "next"
msgstr "nächste"
#: include/text.php:403
msgid "Loading more entries..."
msgstr "lade weitere Einträge..."
#: include/text.php:404
msgid "The end"
msgstr "Das Ende"
#: include/text.php:871
msgid "No contacts"
msgstr "Keine Kontakte"
#: include/text.php:894
#, php-format
msgid "%d Contact"
msgid_plural "%d Contacts"
msgstr[0] "%d Kontakt"
msgstr[1] "%d Kontakte"
#: include/text.php:907
msgid "View Contacts"
msgstr "Kontakte anzeigen"
#: include/text.php:995 mod/notes.php:61 mod/filer.php:31 mod/editpost.php:109
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Speichern"
#: include/text.php:1058
msgid "poke"
msgstr "anstupsen"
#: include/text.php:1058
msgid "poked"
msgstr "stupste"
#: include/text.php:1059
msgid "ping"
msgstr "anpingen"
#: include/text.php:1059
msgid "pinged"
msgstr "pingte"
#: include/text.php:1060
msgid "prod"
msgstr "knuffen"
#: include/text.php:1060
msgid "prodded"
msgstr "knuffte"
#: include/text.php:1061
msgid "slap"
msgstr "ohrfeigen"
#: include/text.php:1061
msgid "slapped"
msgstr "ohrfeigte"
#: include/text.php:1062
msgid "finger"
msgstr "befummeln"
#: include/text.php:1062
msgid "fingered"
msgstr "befummelte"
#: include/text.php:1063
msgid "rebuff"
msgstr "eine Abfuhr erteilen"
#: include/text.php:1063
msgid "rebuffed"
msgstr "abfuhrerteilte"
#: include/text.php:1077
msgid "happy"
msgstr "glücklich"
#: include/text.php:1078
msgid "sad"
msgstr "traurig"
#: include/text.php:1079
msgid "mellow"
msgstr "sanft"
#: include/text.php:1080
msgid "tired"
msgstr "müde"
#: include/text.php:1081
msgid "perky"
msgstr "frech"
#: include/text.php:1082
msgid "angry"
msgstr "sauer"
#: include/text.php:1083
msgid "stupified"
msgstr "verblüfft"
#: include/text.php:1084
msgid "puzzled"
msgstr "verwirrt"
#: include/text.php:1085
msgid "interested"
msgstr "interessiert"
#: include/text.php:1086
msgid "bitter"
msgstr "verbittert"
#: include/text.php:1087
msgid "cheerful"
msgstr "fröhlich"
#: include/text.php:1088
msgid "alive"
msgstr "lebendig"
#: include/text.php:1089
msgid "annoyed"
msgstr "verärgert"
#: include/text.php:1090
msgid "anxious"
msgstr "unruhig"
#: include/text.php:1091
msgid "cranky"
msgstr "schrullig"
#: include/text.php:1092
msgid "disturbed"
msgstr "verstört"
#: include/text.php:1093
msgid "frustrated"
msgstr "frustriert"
#: include/text.php:1094
msgid "motivated"
msgstr "motiviert"
#: include/text.php:1095
msgid "relaxed"
msgstr "entspannt"
#: include/text.php:1096
msgid "surprised"
msgstr "überrascht"
#: include/text.php:1310 mod/videos.php:383
msgid "View Video"
msgstr "Video ansehen"
#: include/text.php:1342
msgid "bytes"
msgstr "Byte"
#: include/text.php:1374 include/text.php:1386
msgid "Click to open/close"
msgstr "Zum öffnen/schließen klicken"
#: include/text.php:1512
msgid "View on separate page"
msgstr "Auf separater Seite ansehen"
#: include/text.php:1513
msgid "view on separate page"
msgstr "auf separater Seite ansehen"
#: include/text.php:1792
msgid "activity"
msgstr "Aktivität"
#: include/text.php:1794 mod/content.php:623 object/Item.php:431
#: object/Item.php:444
msgid "comment"
msgid_plural "comments"
msgstr[0] "Kommentar"
msgstr[1] "Kommentare"
#: include/text.php:1795
msgid "post"
msgstr "Beitrag"
#: include/text.php:1963
msgid "Item filed"
msgstr "Beitrag abgelegt"
#: mod/oexchange.php:25
msgid "Post successful."
msgstr "Beitrag erfolgreich veröffentlicht."
#: mod/update_community.php:18 mod/update_notes.php:37
#: mod/update_display.php:22 mod/update_profile.php:41
#: mod/update_network.php:25
msgid "[Embedded content - reload page to view]"
msgstr "[Eingebetteter Inhalt - Seite neu laden zum Betrachten]"
#: mod/viewsrc.php:7
msgid "Access denied."
msgstr "Zugriff verweigert."
#: mod/home.php:35
#, php-format
msgid "Welcome to %s"
msgstr "Willkommen zu %s"
#: mod/notify.php:60
msgid "No more system notifications."
msgstr "Keine weiteren Systembenachrichtigungen."
#: mod/notify.php:64 mod/notifications.php:111
msgid "System Notifications"
msgstr "Systembenachrichtigungen"
#: mod/search.php:25 mod/network.php:191
msgid "Remove term"
msgstr "Begriff entfernen"
#: mod/search.php:93 mod/search.php:99 mod/directory.php:37
#: mod/viewcontacts.php:35 mod/display.php:199 mod/community.php:22
#: mod/dfrn_request.php:790 mod/videos.php:197 mod/photos.php:964
msgid "Public access denied."
msgstr "Öffentlicher Zugriff verweigert."
#: mod/search.php:100
msgid "Only logged in users are permitted to perform a search."
msgstr "Nur eingeloggten Benutzern ist das Suchen gestattet."
#: mod/search.php:124
msgid "Too Many Requests"
msgstr "Zu viele Abfragen"
#: mod/search.php:125
msgid "Only one search per minute is permitted for not logged in users."
msgstr "Es ist nur eine Suchanfrage pro Minute für nicht eingeloggte Benutzer gestattet."
#: mod/search.php:224 mod/community.php:66 mod/community.php:75
msgid "No results."
msgstr "Keine Ergebnisse."
#: mod/search.php:230
#, php-format
msgid "Items tagged with: %s"
msgstr "Beiträge die mit %s getaggt sind"
#: mod/search.php:232 mod/network.php:146 mod/contacts.php:795
#, php-format
msgid "Results for: %s"
msgstr "Ergebnisse für: %s"
#: mod/friendica.php:70
msgid "This is Friendica, version"
msgstr "Dies ist Friendica, Version"
#: mod/friendica.php:71
msgid "running at web location"
msgstr "die unter folgender Webadresse zu finden ist"
#: mod/friendica.php:73
msgid ""
"Please visit <a href=\"\"></a> to learn "
"more about the Friendica project."
msgstr "Bitte besuche <a href=\"\"></a>, um mehr über das Friendica Projekt zu erfahren."
#: mod/friendica.php:75
msgid "Bug reports and issues: please visit"
msgstr "Probleme oder Fehler gefunden? Bitte besuche"
#: mod/friendica.php:75
msgid "the bugtracker at github"
msgstr "dem Bugtracker auf github"
#: mod/friendica.php:76
msgid ""
"Suggestions, praise, donations, etc. - please email \"Info\" at Friendica - "
"dot com"
msgstr "Vorschläge, Lob, Spenden usw.: E-Mail an \"Info\" at Friendica - dot com"
#: mod/friendica.php:90
msgid "Installed plugins/addons/apps:"
msgstr "Installierte Plugins/Erweiterungen/Apps"
#: mod/friendica.php:103
msgid "No installed plugins/addons/apps"
msgstr "Keine Plugins/Erweiterungen/Apps installiert"
#: mod/lostpass.php:19
msgid "No valid account found."
msgstr "Kein gültiges Konto gefunden."
#: mod/lostpass.php:35
msgid "Password reset request issued. Check your email."
msgstr "Zurücksetzen des Passworts eingeleitet. Bitte überprüfe Deine E-Mail."
#: mod/lostpass.php:42
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\tA request was recently received at \"%2$s\" to reset your account\n"
"\t\tpassword. In order to confirm this request, please select the verification link\n"
"\t\tbelow or paste it into your web browser address bar.\n"
"\t\tIf you did NOT request this change, please DO NOT follow the link\n"
"\t\tprovided and ignore and/or delete this email.\n"
"\t\tYour password will not be changed unless we can verify that you\n"
"\t\tissued this request."
msgstr "\nHallo %1$s,\n\nAuf \"%2$s\" ist eine Anfrage auf das Zurücksetzen Deines Passworts gestellt\nworden. Um diese Anfrage zu verifizieren, folge bitte dem unten stehenden\nLink oder kopiere und füge ihn in die Adressleiste Deines Browsers ein.\n\nSolltest Du die Anfrage NICHT gemacht haben, ignoriere und/oder lösche diese\nE-Mail bitte.\n\nDein Passwort wird nicht geändert, solange wir nicht verifiziert haben, dass\nDu diese Änderung angefragt hast."
#: mod/lostpass.php:53
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tFollow this link to verify your identity:\n"
"\t\tYou will then receive a follow-up message containing the new password.\n"
"\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n"
"\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\tSite Location:\t%2$s\n"
"\t\tLogin Name:\t%3$s"
msgstr "\nUm Deine Identität zu verifizieren, folge bitte dem folgenden Link:\n\n%1$s\n\nDu wirst eine weitere E-Mail mit Deinem neuen Passwort erhalten. Sobald Du Dich\nangemeldet hast, kannst Du Dein Passwort in den Einstellungen ändern.\n\nDie Anmeldedetails sind die folgenden:\n\nAdresse der Seite:\t%2$s\nBenutzername:\t%3$s"
#: mod/lostpass.php:72
#, php-format
msgid "Password reset requested at %s"
msgstr "Anfrage zum Zurücksetzen des Passworts auf %s erhalten"
#: mod/lostpass.php:92
msgid ""
"Request could not be verified. (You may have previously submitted it.) "
"Password reset failed."
msgstr "Anfrage konnte nicht verifiziert werden. (Eventuell hast Du bereits eine ähnliche Anfrage gestellt.) Zurücksetzen des Passworts gescheitert."
#: mod/lostpass.php:109 boot.php:1719
msgid "Password Reset"
msgstr "Passwort zurücksetzen"
#: mod/lostpass.php:110
msgid "Your password has been reset as requested."
msgstr "Dein Passwort wurde wie gewünscht zurückgesetzt."
#: mod/lostpass.php:111
msgid "Your new password is"
msgstr "Dein neues Passwort lautet"
#: mod/lostpass.php:112
msgid "Save or copy your new password - and then"
msgstr "Speichere oder kopiere Dein neues Passwort - und dann"
#: mod/lostpass.php:113
msgid "click here to login"
msgstr "hier klicken, um Dich anzumelden"
#: mod/lostpass.php:114
msgid ""
"Your password may be changed from the <em>Settings</em> page after "
"successful login."
msgstr "Du kannst das Passwort in den <em>Einstellungen</em> ändern, sobald Du Dich erfolgreich angemeldet hast."
#: mod/lostpass.php:125
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\t\t\tYour password has been changed as requested. Please retain this\n"
"\t\t\t\tinformation for your records (or change your password immediately to\n"
"\t\t\t\tsomething that you will remember).\n"
msgstr "\nHallo %1$s,\n\nDein Passwort wurde wie gewünscht geändert. Bitte bewahre diese Informationen gut auf (oder ändere Dein Passwort in eines, das Du Dir leicht merken kannst)."
#: mod/lostpass.php:131
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\t\tYour login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1$s\n"
"\t\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%2$s\n"
"\t\t\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n"
msgstr "\nDie Anmeldedaten sind die folgenden:\n\nAdresse der Seite: %1$s\nLogin Name: %2$s\nPasswort: %3$s\n\nDas Passwort kann und sollte in den Kontoeinstellungen nach der Anmeldung geändert werden."
#: mod/lostpass.php:147
#, php-format
msgid "Your password has been changed at %s"
msgstr "Auf %s wurde Dein Passwort geändert"
#: mod/lostpass.php:159
msgid "Forgot your Password?"
msgstr "Hast Du Dein Passwort vergessen?"
#: mod/lostpass.php:160
msgid ""
"Enter your email address and submit to have your password reset. Then check "
"your email for further instructions."
msgstr "Gib Deine E-Mail-Adresse an und fordere ein neues Passwort an. Es werden Dir dann weitere Informationen per Mail zugesendet."
#: mod/lostpass.php:161 boot.php:1707
msgid "Nickname or Email: "
msgstr "Spitzname oder E-Mail:"
#: mod/lostpass.php:162
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Zurücksetzen"
#: mod/hcard.php:10
msgid "No profile"
msgstr "Kein Profil"
#: mod/help.php:41
msgid "Help:"
msgstr "Hilfe:"
#: mod/help.php:53 mod/p.php:16 mod/p.php:43 mod/p.php:52 mod/fetch.php:12
#: mod/fetch.php:39 mod/fetch.php:48 index.php:284
msgid "Not Found"
msgstr "Nicht gefunden"
#: mod/help.php:56 index.php:287
msgid "Page not found."
msgstr "Seite nicht gefunden."
#: mod/wall_upload.php:20 mod/wall_upload.php:33 mod/wall_upload.php:86
#: mod/wall_upload.php:122 mod/wall_upload.php:125 mod/wall_attach.php:17
#: mod/wall_attach.php:25 mod/wall_attach.php:76
msgid "Invalid request."
msgstr "Ungültige Anfrage"
#: mod/wall_upload.php:151 mod/profile_photo.php:150 mod/photos.php:806
#, php-format
msgid "Image exceeds size limit of %s"
msgstr "Bildgröße überschreitet das Limit von %s"
#: mod/wall_upload.php:188 mod/profile_photo.php:159 mod/photos.php:846
msgid "Unable to process image."
msgstr "Konnte das Bild nicht bearbeiten."
#: mod/wall_upload.php:221 mod/profile_photo.php:307 mod/photos.php:873
msgid "Image upload failed."
msgstr "Hochladen des Bildes gescheitert."
#: mod/lockview.php:31 mod/lockview.php:39
msgid "Remote privacy information not available."
msgstr "Entfernte Privatsphäreneinstellungen nicht verfügbar."
#: mod/lockview.php:48
msgid "Visible to:"
msgstr "Sichtbar für:"
#: mod/directory.php:205 view/theme/vier/theme.php:201
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:525
msgid "Global Directory"
msgstr "Weltweites Verzeichnis"
#: mod/directory.php:207
msgid "Find on this site"
msgstr "Auf diesem Server suchen"
#: mod/directory.php:209
msgid "Results for:"
msgstr "Ergebnisse für:"
#: mod/directory.php:211
msgid "Site Directory"
msgstr "Verzeichnis"
#: mod/directory.php:218
msgid "No entries (some entries may be hidden)."
msgstr "Keine Einträge (einige Einträge könnten versteckt sein)."
#: mod/openid.php:24
msgid "OpenID protocol error. No ID returned."
msgstr "OpenID Protokollfehler. Keine ID zurückgegeben."
#: mod/openid.php:60
msgid ""
"Account not found and OpenID registration is not permitted on this site."
msgstr "Nutzerkonto wurde nicht gefunden und OpenID-Registrierung ist auf diesem Server nicht gestattet."
#: mod/uimport.php:50 mod/register.php:191
msgid ""
"This site has exceeded the number of allowed daily account registrations. "
"Please try again tomorrow."
msgstr "Die maximale Anzahl täglicher Registrierungen auf dieser Seite wurde überschritten. Bitte versuche es morgen noch einmal."
#: mod/uimport.php:64 mod/register.php:286
msgid "Import"
msgstr "Import"
#: mod/uimport.php:66
msgid "Move account"
msgstr "Account umziehen"
#: mod/uimport.php:67
msgid "You can import an account from another Friendica server."
msgstr "Du kannst einen Account von einem anderen Friendica Server importieren."
#: mod/uimport.php:68
msgid ""
"You need to export your account from the old server and upload it here. We "
"will recreate your old account here with all your contacts. We will try also"
" to inform your friends that you moved here."
msgstr "Du musst Deinen Account vom alten Server exportieren und hier hochladen. Wir stellen Deinen alten Account mit all Deinen Kontakten wieder her. Wir werden auch versuchen all Deine Kontakte darüber zu informieren, dass Du hierher umgezogen bist."
#: mod/uimport.php:69
msgid ""
"This feature is experimental. We can't import contacts from the OStatus "
"network (GNU Social/Statusnet) or from Diaspora"
msgstr "Dieses Feature ist experimentell. Wir können keine Kontakte vom OStatus Netzwerk (GNU Social/Statusnet) oder von Diaspora importieren"
#: mod/uimport.php:70
msgid "Account file"
msgstr "Account Datei"
#: mod/uimport.php:70
msgid ""
"To export your account, go to \"Settings->Export your personal data\" and "
"select \"Export account\""
msgstr "Um Deinen Account zu exportieren, rufe \"Einstellungen -> Persönliche Daten exportieren\" auf und wähle \"Account exportieren\""
#: mod/nogroup.php:41 mod/viewcontacts.php:97 mod/contacts.php:586
#: mod/contacts.php:944
#, php-format
msgid "Visit %s's profile [%s]"
msgstr "Besuche %ss Profil [%s]"
#: mod/nogroup.php:42 mod/contacts.php:945
msgid "Edit contact"
msgstr "Kontakt bearbeiten"
#: mod/nogroup.php:63
msgid "Contacts who are not members of a group"
msgstr "Kontakte, die keiner Gruppe zugewiesen sind"
#: mod/match.php:33
msgid "No keywords to match. Please add keywords to your default profile."
msgstr "Keine Schlüsselwörter zum Abgleichen gefunden. Bitte füge einige Schlüsselwörter zu Deinem Standardprofil hinzu."
#: mod/match.php:86
msgid "is interested in:"
msgstr "ist interessiert an:"
#: mod/match.php:100
msgid "Profile Match"
msgstr "Profilübereinstimmungen"
#: mod/match.php:107 mod/dirfind.php:240
msgid "No matches"
msgstr "Keine Übereinstimmungen"
#: mod/uexport.php:29
msgid "Export account"
msgstr "Account exportieren"
#: mod/uexport.php:29
msgid ""
"Export your account info and contacts. Use this to make a backup of your "
"account and/or to move it to another server."
msgstr "Exportiere Deine Accountinformationen und Kontakte. Verwende dies um ein Backup Deines Accounts anzulegen und/oder damit auf einen anderen Server umzuziehen."
#: mod/uexport.php:30
msgid "Export all"
msgstr "Alles exportieren"
#: mod/uexport.php:30
msgid ""
"Export your accout info, contacts and all your items as json. Could be a "
"very big file, and could take a lot of time. Use this to make a full backup "
"of your account (photos are not exported)"
msgstr "Exportiere Deine Account Informationen, Kontakte und alle Einträge als JSON Datei. Dies könnte eine sehr große Datei werden und dementsprechend viel Zeit benötigen. Verwende dies um ein komplettes Backup Deines Accounts anzulegen (Fotos werden nicht exportiert)."
#: mod/uexport.php:37 mod/settings.php:95
msgid "Export personal data"
msgstr "Persönliche Daten exportieren"
#: mod/invite.php:27
msgid "Total invitation limit exceeded."
msgstr "Limit für Einladungen erreicht."
#: mod/invite.php:49
#, php-format
msgid "%s : Not a valid email address."
msgstr "%s: Keine gültige Email Adresse."
#: mod/invite.php:73
msgid "Please join us on Friendica"
msgstr "Ich lade Dich zu unserem sozialen Netzwerk Friendica ein"
#: mod/invite.php:84
msgid "Invitation limit exceeded. Please contact your site administrator."
msgstr "Limit für Einladungen erreicht. Bitte kontaktiere des Administrator der Seite."
#: mod/invite.php:89
#, php-format
msgid "%s : Message delivery failed."
msgstr "%s: Zustellung der Nachricht fehlgeschlagen."
#: mod/invite.php:93
#, php-format
msgid "%d message sent."
msgid_plural "%d messages sent."
msgstr[0] "%d Nachricht gesendet."
msgstr[1] "%d Nachrichten gesendet."
#: mod/invite.php:112
msgid "You have no more invitations available"
msgstr "Du hast keine weiteren Einladungen"
#: mod/invite.php:120
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Visit %s for a list of public sites that you can join. Friendica members on "
"other sites can all connect with each other, as well as with members of many"
" other social networks."
msgstr "Besuche %s für eine Liste der öffentlichen Server, denen Du beitreten kannst. Friendica Mitglieder unterschiedlicher Server können sich sowohl alle miteinander verbinden, als auch mit Mitgliedern anderer Sozialer Netzwerke."
#: mod/invite.php:122
#, php-format
msgid ""
"To accept this invitation, please visit and register at %s or any other "
"public Friendica website."
msgstr "Um diese Kontaktanfrage zu akzeptieren, besuche und registriere Dich bitte bei %s oder einer anderen öffentlichen Friendica Website."
#: mod/invite.php:123
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Friendica sites all inter-connect to create a huge privacy-enhanced social "
"web that is owned and controlled by its members. They can also connect with "
"many traditional social networks. See %s for a list of alternate Friendica "
"sites you can join."
msgstr "Friendica Server verbinden sich alle untereinander, um ein großes datenschutzorientiertes Soziales Netzwerk zu bilden, das von seinen Mitgliedern betrieben und kontrolliert wird. Sie können sich auch mit vielen üblichen Sozialen Netzwerken verbinden. Besuche %s für eine Liste alternativer Friendica Server, denen Du beitreten kannst."
#: mod/invite.php:126
msgid ""
"Our apologies. This system is not currently configured to connect with other"
" public sites or invite members."
msgstr "Es tut uns leid. Dieses System ist zurzeit nicht dafür konfiguriert, sich mit anderen öffentlichen Seiten zu verbinden oder Mitglieder einzuladen."
#: mod/invite.php:132
msgid "Send invitations"
msgstr "Einladungen senden"
#: mod/invite.php:133
msgid "Enter email addresses, one per line:"
msgstr "E-Mail-Adressen eingeben, eine pro Zeile:"
#: mod/invite.php:134 mod/wallmessage.php:151 mod/message.php:351
#: mod/message.php:541
msgid "Your message:"
msgstr "Deine Nachricht:"
#: mod/invite.php:135
msgid ""
"You are cordially invited to join me and other close friends on Friendica - "
"and help us to create a better social web."
msgstr "Du bist herzlich dazu eingeladen, Dich mir und anderen guten Freunden auf Friendica anzuschließen - und ein besseres Soziales Netz aufzubauen."
#: mod/invite.php:137
msgid "You will need to supply this invitation code: $invite_code"
msgstr "Du benötigst den folgenden Einladungscode: $invite_code"
#: mod/invite.php:137
msgid ""
"Once you have registered, please connect with me via my profile page at:"
msgstr "Sobald Du registriert bist, kontaktiere mich bitte auf meiner Profilseite:"
#: mod/invite.php:139
msgid ""
"For more information about the Friendica project and why we feel it is "
"important, please visit"
msgstr "Für weitere Informationen über das Friendica Projekt und warum wir es für ein wichtiges Projekt halten, besuche bitte"
#: mod/invite.php:140 mod/localtime.php:45 mod/message.php:357
#: mod/message.php:547 mod/manage.php:143 mod/crepair.php:154
#: mod/content.php:728 mod/contacts.php:577 mod/fsuggest.php:107
#: mod/mood.php:137 mod/poke.php:199 mod/profiles.php:681 mod/install.php:272
#: mod/install.php:312 mod/photos.php:1125 mod/photos.php:1249
#: mod/photos.php:1566 mod/photos.php:1617 mod/photos.php:1665
#: mod/photos.php:1753 mod/events.php:507 object/Item.php:720
#: view/theme/frio/config.php:59 view/theme/cleanzero/config.php:80
#: view/theme/quattro/config.php:64 view/theme/dispy/config.php:70
#: view/theme/vier/config.php:107 view/theme/diabook/theme.php:633
#: view/theme/diabook/config.php:148 view/theme/duepuntozero/config.php:59
msgid "Submit"
msgstr "Senden"
#: mod/fbrowser.php:41 mod/fbrowser.php:62 mod/photos.php:63
#: mod/photos.php:193 mod/photos.php:1107 mod/photos.php:1233
#: mod/photos.php:1256 mod/photos.php:1825 mod/photos.php:1837
#: view/theme/diabook/theme.php:499
msgid "Contact Photos"
msgstr "Kontaktbilder"
#: mod/fbrowser.php:133
msgid "Files"
msgstr "Dateien"
#: mod/maintenance.php:5
msgid "System down for maintenance"
msgstr "System zur Wartung abgeschaltet"
#: mod/profperm.php:19 mod/group.php:72 index.php:396
msgid "Permission denied"
msgstr "Zugriff verweigert"
#: mod/profperm.php:25 mod/profperm.php:56
msgid "Invalid profile identifier."
msgstr "Ungültiger Profil-Bezeichner."
#: mod/profperm.php:102
msgid "Profile Visibility Editor"
msgstr "Editor für die Profil-Sichtbarkeit"
#: mod/profperm.php:106 mod/group.php:223
msgid "Click on a contact to add or remove."
msgstr "Klicke einen Kontakt an, um ihn hinzuzufügen oder zu entfernen"
#: mod/profperm.php:115
msgid "Visible To"
msgstr "Sichtbar für"
#: mod/profperm.php:131
msgid "All Contacts (with secure profile access)"
msgstr "Alle Kontakte (mit gesichertem Profilzugriff)"
#: mod/viewcontacts.php:72
msgid "No contacts."
msgstr "Keine Kontakte."
#: mod/tagrm.php:41
msgid "Tag removed"
msgstr "Tag entfernt"
#: mod/tagrm.php:79
msgid "Remove Item Tag"
msgstr "Gegenstands-Tag entfernen"
#: mod/tagrm.php:81
msgid "Select a tag to remove: "
msgstr "Wähle ein Tag zum Entfernen aus: "
#: mod/tagrm.php:93 mod/delegate.php:139
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Entfernen"
#: mod/wall_attach.php:94
msgid "Sorry, maybe your upload is bigger than the PHP configuration allows"
msgstr "Entschuldige, die Datei scheint größer zu sein als es die PHP Konfiguration erlaubt."
#: mod/wall_attach.php:94
msgid "Or - did you try to upload an empty file?"
msgstr "Oder - hast Du versucht, eine leere Datei hochzuladen?"
#: mod/wall_attach.php:105
#, php-format
msgid "File exceeds size limit of %s"
msgstr "Die Datei ist größer als das erlaubte Limit von %s"
#: mod/wall_attach.php:156 mod/wall_attach.php:172
msgid "File upload failed."
msgstr "Hochladen der Datei fehlgeschlagen."
#: mod/allfriends.php:43
msgid "No friends to display."
msgstr "Keine Kontakte zum Anzeigen."
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:14
msgid "Resubscribing to OStatus contacts"
msgstr "Erneuern der OStatus Abonements"
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:30
msgid "Error"
msgstr "Fehler"
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:44 mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:51
msgid "Done"
msgstr "Erledigt"
#: mod/repair_ostatus.php:50 mod/ostatus_subscribe.php:73
msgid "Keep this window open until done."
msgstr "Lasse dieses Fenster offen, bis der Vorgang abgeschlossen ist."
#: mod/delegate.php:101
msgid "No potential page delegates located."
msgstr "Keine potentiellen Bevollmächtigten für die Seite gefunden."
#: mod/delegate.php:132
msgid ""
"Delegates are able to manage all aspects of this account/page except for "
"basic account settings. Please do not delegate your personal account to "
"anybody that you do not trust completely."
msgstr "Bevollmächtigte sind in der Lage, alle Aspekte dieses Kontos/dieser Seite zu verwalten, abgesehen von den Grundeinstellungen des Kontos. Bitte gib niemandem eine Bevollmächtigung für Deinen privaten Account, dem Du nicht absolut vertraust!"
#: mod/delegate.php:133
msgid "Existing Page Managers"
msgstr "Vorhandene Seitenmanager"
#: mod/delegate.php:135
msgid "Existing Page Delegates"
msgstr "Vorhandene Bevollmächtigte für die Seite"
#: mod/delegate.php:137
msgid "Potential Delegates"
msgstr "Potentielle Bevollmächtigte"
#: mod/delegate.php:140
msgid "Add"
msgstr "Hinzufügen"
#: mod/delegate.php:141
msgid "No entries."
msgstr "Keine Einträge."
#: mod/credits.php:16
msgid "Credits"
msgstr "Credits"
#: mod/credits.php:17
msgid ""
"Friendica is a community project, that would not be possible without the "
"help of many people. Here is a list of those who have contributed to the "
"code or the translation of Friendica. Thank you all!"
msgstr "Friendica ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt, das nicht ohne die Hilfe vieler Personen möglich wäre. Hier ist eine Aufzählung der Personen, die zum Code oder der Übersetzung beigetragen haben. Dank an alle !"
#: mod/filer.php:30
msgid "- select -"
msgstr "- auswählen -"
#: mod/subthread.php:103
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is following %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s folgt %2$s %3$s"
#: mod/attach.php:8
msgid "Item not available."
msgstr "Beitrag nicht verfügbar."
#: mod/attach.php:20
msgid "Item was not found."
msgstr "Beitrag konnte nicht gefunden werden."
#: mod/follow.php:19 mod/dfrn_request.php:874
msgid "Submit Request"
msgstr "Anfrage abschicken"
#: mod/follow.php:30
msgid "You already added this contact."
msgstr "Du hast den Kontakt bereits hinzugefügt."
#: mod/follow.php:39
msgid "Diaspora support isn't enabled. Contact can't be added."
msgstr "Diaspora Unterstützung ist nicht aktiviert. Der Kontakt kann nicht zugefügt werden."
#: mod/follow.php:46
msgid "OStatus support is disabled. Contact can't be added."
msgstr "OStatus Unterstützung ist nicht aktiviert. Der Kontakt kann nicht zugefügt werden."
#: mod/follow.php:53
msgid "The network type couldn't be detected. Contact can't be added."
msgstr "Der Netzwerktype wurde nicht erkannt. Der Kontakt kann nicht hinzugefügt werden."
#: mod/follow.php:109 mod/dfrn_request.php:860
msgid "Please answer the following:"
msgstr "Bitte beantworte folgendes:"
#: mod/follow.php:110 mod/dfrn_request.php:861
#, php-format
msgid "Does %s know you?"
msgstr "Kennt %s Dich?"
#: mod/follow.php:110 mod/api.php:106 mod/dfrn_request.php:861
#: mod/profiles.php:641 mod/profiles.php:645 mod/profiles.php:670
#: mod/register.php:239 mod/settings.php:1113 mod/settings.php:1119
#: mod/settings.php:1127 mod/settings.php:1131 mod/settings.php:1136
#: mod/settings.php:1142 mod/settings.php:1148 mod/settings.php:1154
#: mod/settings.php:1180 mod/settings.php:1181 mod/settings.php:1182
#: mod/settings.php:1183 mod/settings.php:1184
msgid "No"
msgstr "Nein"
#: mod/follow.php:111 mod/dfrn_request.php:865
msgid "Add a personal note:"
msgstr "Eine persönliche Notiz beifügen:"
#: mod/follow.php:117 mod/dfrn_request.php:871
msgid "Your Identity Address:"
msgstr "Adresse Deines Profils:"
#: mod/follow.php:126 mod/contacts.php:624 mod/notifications.php:243
msgid "Profile URL"
msgstr "Profil URL"
#: mod/follow.php:180
msgid "Contact added"
msgstr "Kontakt hinzugefügt"
#: mod/apps.php:7 index.php:240
msgid "You must be logged in to use addons. "
msgstr "Sie müssen angemeldet sein um Addons benutzen zu können."
#: mod/apps.php:11
msgid "Applications"
msgstr "Anwendungen"
#: mod/apps.php:14
msgid "No installed applications."
msgstr "Keine Applikationen installiert."
#: mod/suggest.php:27
msgid "Do you really want to delete this suggestion?"
msgstr "Möchtest Du wirklich diese Empfehlung löschen?"
#: mod/suggest.php:71
msgid ""
"No suggestions available. If this is a new site, please try again in 24 "
msgstr "Keine Vorschläge verfügbar. Falls der Server frisch aufgesetzt wurde, versuche es bitte in 24 Stunden noch einmal."
#: mod/suggest.php:84 mod/suggest.php:104
msgid "Ignore/Hide"
msgstr "Ignorieren/Verbergen"
#: mod/p.php:9
msgid "Not Extended"
msgstr "Nicht erweitert."
#: mod/display.php:328 mod/cal.php:152 mod/profile.php:155
msgid "Access to this profile has been restricted."
msgstr "Der Zugriff zu diesem Profil wurde eingeschränkt."
#: mod/display.php:471
msgid "Item has been removed."
msgstr "Eintrag wurde entfernt."
#: mod/common.php:86
msgid "No contacts in common."
msgstr "Keine gemeinsamen Kontakte."
#: mod/common.php:134 mod/contacts.php:861
msgid "Common Friends"
msgstr "Gemeinsame Kontakte"
#: mod/newmember.php:6
msgid "Welcome to Friendica"
msgstr "Willkommen bei Friendica"
#: mod/newmember.php:8
msgid "New Member Checklist"
msgstr "Checkliste für neue Mitglieder"
#: mod/newmember.php:12
msgid ""
"We would like to offer some tips and links to help make your experience "
"enjoyable. Click any item to visit the relevant page. A link to this page "
"will be visible from your home page for two weeks after your initial "
"registration and then will quietly disappear."
msgstr "Wir möchten Dir einige Tipps und Links anbieten, die Dir helfen könnten, den Einstieg angenehmer zu machen. Klicke auf ein Element, um die entsprechende Seite zu besuchen. Ein Link zu dieser Seite hier bleibt für Dich an Deiner Pinnwand für zwei Wochen nach dem Registrierungsdatum sichtbar und wird dann verschwinden."
#: mod/newmember.php:14
msgid "Getting Started"
msgstr "Einstieg"
#: mod/newmember.php:18
msgid "Friendica Walk-Through"
msgstr "Friendica Rundgang"
#: mod/newmember.php:18
msgid ""
"On your <em>Quick Start</em> page - find a brief introduction to your "
"profile and network tabs, make some new connections, and find some groups to"
" join."
msgstr "Auf der <em>Quick Start</em> Seite findest Du eine kurze Einleitung in die einzelnen Funktionen Deines Profils und die Netzwerk-Reiter, wo Du interessante Foren findest und neue Kontakte knüpfst."
#: mod/newmember.php:26
msgid "Go to Your Settings"
msgstr "Gehe zu deinen Einstellungen"
#: mod/newmember.php:26
msgid ""
"On your <em>Settings</em> page - change your initial password. Also make a "
"note of your Identity Address. This looks just like an email address - and "
"will be useful in making friends on the free social web."
msgstr "Ändere bitte unter <em>Einstellungen</em> dein Passwort. Außerdem merke dir deine Identifikationsadresse. Diese sieht aus wie eine E-Mail-Adresse und wird benötigt, um Kontakte mit anderen im Friendica Netzwerk zu knüpfen.."
#: mod/newmember.php:28
msgid ""
"Review the other settings, particularly the privacy settings. An unpublished"
" directory listing is like having an unlisted phone number. In general, you "
"should probably publish your listing - unless all of your friends and "
"potential friends know exactly how to find you."
msgstr "Überprüfe die restlichen Einstellungen, insbesondere die Einstellungen zur Privatsphäre. Wenn Du Dein Profil nicht veröffentlichst, ist das als wenn Du Deine Telefonnummer nicht ins Telefonbuch einträgst. Im Allgemeinen solltest Du es veröffentlichen - außer all Deine Kontakte und potentiellen Kontakte wissen genau, wie sie Dich finden können."
#: mod/newmember.php:36 mod/profile_photo.php:250 mod/profiles.php:700
msgid "Upload Profile Photo"
msgstr "Profilbild hochladen"
#: mod/newmember.php:36
msgid ""
"Upload a profile photo if you have not done so already. Studies have shown "
"that people with real photos of themselves are ten times more likely to make"
" friends than people who do not."
msgstr "Lade ein Profilbild hoch, falls Du es noch nicht getan hast. Studien haben gezeigt, dass es zehnmal wahrscheinlicher ist neue Kontakte zu finden, wenn Du ein Bild von Dir selbst verwendest, als wenn Du dies nicht tust."
#: mod/newmember.php:38
msgid "Edit Your Profile"
msgstr "Editiere dein Profil"
#: mod/newmember.php:38
msgid ""
"Edit your <strong>default</strong> profile to your liking. Review the "
"settings for hiding your list of friends and hiding the profile from unknown"
" visitors."
msgstr "Editiere Dein <strong>Standard</strong> Profil nach Deinen Vorlieben. Überprüfe die Einstellungen zum Verbergen Deiner Kontaktliste vor unbekannten Betrachtern des Profils."
#: mod/newmember.php:40
msgid "Profile Keywords"
msgstr "Profil Schlüsselbegriffe"
#: mod/newmember.php:40
msgid ""
"Set some public keywords for your default profile which describe your "
"interests. We may be able to find other people with similar interests and "
"suggest friendships."
msgstr "Trage ein paar öffentliche Stichwörter in Dein Standardprofil ein, die Deine Interessen beschreiben. Eventuell sind wir in der Lage Leute zu finden, die Deine Interessen teilen und können Dir dann Kontakte vorschlagen."
#: mod/newmember.php:44
msgid "Connecting"
msgstr "Verbindungen knüpfen"
#: mod/newmember.php:51
msgid "Importing Emails"
msgstr "Emails Importieren"
#: mod/newmember.php:51
msgid ""
"Enter your email access information on your Connector Settings page if you "
"wish to import and interact with friends or mailing lists from your email "
msgstr "Gib Deine E-Mail-Zugangsinformationen auf der Connector-Einstellungsseite ein, falls Du E-Mails aus Deinem Posteingang importieren und mit Kontakten und Mailinglisten interagieren willst."
#: mod/newmember.php:53
msgid "Go to Your Contacts Page"
msgstr "Gehe zu deiner Kontakt-Seite"
#: mod/newmember.php:53
msgid ""
"Your Contacts page is your gateway to managing friendships and connecting "
"with friends on other networks. Typically you enter their address or site "
"URL in the <em>Add New Contact</em> dialog."
msgstr "Die Kontakte-Seite ist die Einstiegsseite, von der aus Du Kontakte verwalten und Dich mit Personen in anderen Netzwerken verbinden kannst. Normalerweise gibst Du dazu einfach ihre Adresse oder die URL der Seite im Kasten <em>Neuen Kontakt hinzufügen</em> ein."
#: mod/newmember.php:55
msgid "Go to Your Site's Directory"
msgstr "Gehe zum Verzeichnis Deiner Friendica Instanz"
#: mod/newmember.php:55
msgid ""
"The Directory page lets you find other people in this network or other "
"federated sites. Look for a <em>Connect</em> or <em>Follow</em> link on "
"their profile page. Provide your own Identity Address if requested."
msgstr "Über die Verzeichnisseite kannst Du andere Personen auf diesem Server oder anderen verknüpften Seiten finden. Halte nach einem <em>Verbinden</em> oder <em>Folgen</em> Link auf deren Profilseiten Ausschau und gib Deine eigene Profiladresse an, falls Du danach gefragt wirst."
#: mod/newmember.php:57