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# FRIENDICA Distributed Social Network
# Copyright (C) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 the Friendica Project
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Friendica package.
# Translators:
# Rafael <>, 2012
# Rafael <>, 2012-2013
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: friendica\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2015-02-09 08:57+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2015-02-09 09:46+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: fabrixxm <>\n"
"Language-Team: Catalan (\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Language: ca\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:108
#, php-format
msgid "%d contact edited."
msgid_plural "%d contacts edited"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:139 ../../mod/contacts.php:272
msgid "Could not access contact record."
msgstr "No puc accedir al registre del contacte."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:153
msgid "Could not locate selected profile."
msgstr "No puc localitzar el perfil seleccionat."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:186
msgid "Contact updated."
msgstr "Contacte actualitzat."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:188 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:576
msgid "Failed to update contact record."
msgstr "Error en actualitzar registre de contacte."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:254 ../../mod/manage.php:96
#: ../../mod/display.php:499 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:19
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:169 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:180
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:193 ../../mod/follow.php:9
#: ../../mod/item.php:168 ../../mod/item.php:184 ../../mod/group.php:19
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:55 ../../mod/fsuggest.php:78
#: ../../mod/wall_upload.php:66 ../../mod/viewcontacts.php:24
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:66 ../../mod/message.php:38
#: ../../mod/message.php:174 ../../mod/crepair.php:119
#: ../../mod/nogroup.php:25 ../../mod/network.php:4 ../../mod/allfriends.php:9
#: ../../mod/events.php:140 ../../mod/install.php:151
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:9 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:33
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:79 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:103
#: ../../mod/wall_attach.php:55 ../../mod/settings.php:102
#: ../../mod/settings.php:596 ../../mod/settings.php:601
#: ../../mod/register.php:42 ../../mod/delegate.php:12 ../../mod/mood.php:114
#: ../../mod/suggest.php:58 ../../mod/profiles.php:165
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:618 ../../mod/editpost.php:10 ../../mod/api.php:26
#: ../../mod/api.php:31 ../../mod/notes.php:20 ../../mod/poke.php:135
#: ../../mod/invite.php:15 ../../mod/invite.php:101 ../../mod/photos.php:134
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1050 ../../mod/regmod.php:110 ../../mod/uimport.php:23
#: ../../mod/attach.php:33 ../../include/items.php:4712 ../../index.php:369
msgid "Permission denied."
msgstr "Permís denegat."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:287
msgid "Contact has been blocked"
msgstr "Elcontacte ha estat bloquejat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:287
msgid "Contact has been unblocked"
msgstr "El contacte ha estat desbloquejat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:298
msgid "Contact has been ignored"
msgstr "El contacte ha estat ignorat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:298
msgid "Contact has been unignored"
msgstr "El contacte ha estat recordat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:310
msgid "Contact has been archived"
msgstr "El contacte ha estat arxivat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:310
msgid "Contact has been unarchived"
msgstr "El contacte ha estat desarxivat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:335 ../../mod/contacts.php:711
msgid "Do you really want to delete this contact?"
msgstr "Realment vols esborrar aquest contacte?"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:337 ../../mod/message.php:209
#: ../../mod/settings.php:1010 ../../mod/settings.php:1016
#: ../../mod/settings.php:1024 ../../mod/settings.php:1028
#: ../../mod/settings.php:1033 ../../mod/settings.php:1039
#: ../../mod/settings.php:1045 ../../mod/settings.php:1051
#: ../../mod/settings.php:1081 ../../mod/settings.php:1082
#: ../../mod/settings.php:1083 ../../mod/settings.php:1084
#: ../../mod/settings.php:1085 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:830
#: ../../mod/register.php:233 ../../mod/suggest.php:29
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:661 ../../mod/profiles.php:664 ../../mod/api.php:105
#: ../../include/items.php:4557
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Si"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:340 ../../mod/tagrm.php:11 ../../mod/tagrm.php:94
#: ../../mod/message.php:212 ../../mod/fbrowser.php:81
#: ../../mod/fbrowser.php:116 ../../mod/settings.php:615
#: ../../mod/settings.php:641 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:844
#: ../../mod/suggest.php:32 ../../mod/editpost.php:148
#: ../../mod/photos.php:203 ../../mod/photos.php:292
#: ../../include/conversation.php:1129 ../../include/items.php:4560
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Cancel·lar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:352
msgid "Contact has been removed."
msgstr "El contacte ha estat tret"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:390
#, php-format
msgid "You are mutual friends with %s"
msgstr "Ara te una amistat mutua amb %s"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:394
#, php-format
msgid "You are sharing with %s"
msgstr "Estas compartint amb %s"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:399
#, php-format
msgid "%s is sharing with you"
msgstr "%s esta compartint amb tú"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:416
msgid "Private communications are not available for this contact."
msgstr "Comunicacions privades no disponibles per aquest contacte."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:419 ../../mod/admin.php:569
msgid "Never"
msgstr "Mai"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:423
msgid "(Update was successful)"
msgstr "(L'actualització fou exitosa)"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:423
msgid "(Update was not successful)"
msgstr "(L'actualització fracassà)"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:425
msgid "Suggest friends"
msgstr "Suggerir amics"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:429
#, php-format
msgid "Network type: %s"
msgstr "Xarxa tipus: %s"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:432 ../../include/contact_widgets.php:200
#, php-format
msgid "%d contact in common"
msgid_plural "%d contacts in common"
msgstr[0] "%d contacte en comú"
msgstr[1] "%d contactes en comú"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:437
msgid "View all contacts"
msgstr "Veure tots els contactes"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:442 ../../mod/contacts.php:501
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:714 ../../mod/admin.php:1009
msgid "Unblock"
msgstr "Desbloquejar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:442 ../../mod/contacts.php:501
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:714 ../../mod/admin.php:1008
msgid "Block"
msgstr "Bloquejar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:445
msgid "Toggle Blocked status"
msgstr "Canvi de estatus blocat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:448 ../../mod/contacts.php:502
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:715
msgid "Unignore"
msgstr "Treure d'Ignorats"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:448 ../../mod/contacts.php:502
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:715 ../../mod/notifications.php:51
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:164 ../../mod/notifications.php:210
msgid "Ignore"
msgstr "Ignorar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:451
msgid "Toggle Ignored status"
msgstr "Canvi de estatus ignorat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:455 ../../mod/contacts.php:716
msgid "Unarchive"
msgstr "Desarxivat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:455 ../../mod/contacts.php:716
msgid "Archive"
msgstr "Arxivat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:458
msgid "Toggle Archive status"
msgstr "Canvi de estatus del arxiu"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:461
msgid "Repair"
msgstr "Reparar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:464
msgid "Advanced Contact Settings"
msgstr "Ajustos Avançats per als Contactes"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:470
msgid "Communications lost with this contact!"
msgstr "La comunicació amb aquest contacte s'ha perdut!"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:473
msgid "Contact Editor"
msgstr "Editor de Contactes"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:475 ../../mod/manage.php:110
#: ../../mod/fsuggest.php:107 ../../mod/message.php:335
#: ../../mod/message.php:564 ../../mod/crepair.php:186
#: ../../mod/events.php:478 ../../mod/content.php:710
#: ../../mod/install.php:248 ../../mod/install.php:286 ../../mod/mood.php:137
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:686 ../../mod/localtime.php:45
#: ../../mod/poke.php:199 ../../mod/invite.php:140 ../../mod/photos.php:1084
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1203 ../../mod/photos.php:1514
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1565 ../../mod/photos.php:1609
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1697 ../../object/Item.php:678
#: ../../view/theme/cleanzero/config.php:80
#: ../../view/theme/dispy/config.php:70 ../../view/theme/quattro/config.php:64
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/config.php:148
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:633 ../../view/theme/vier/config.php:53
#: ../../view/theme/duepuntozero/config.php:59
msgid "Submit"
msgstr "Enviar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:476
msgid "Profile Visibility"
msgstr "Perfil de Visibilitat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:477
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Please choose the profile you would like to display to %s when viewing your "
"profile securely."
msgstr "Si us plau triï el perfil que voleu mostrar a %s quan estigui veient el teu de forma segura."
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:478
msgid "Contact Information / Notes"
msgstr "Informació/Notes del contacte"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:479
msgid "Edit contact notes"
msgstr "Editar notes de contactes"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:484 ../../mod/contacts.php:679
#: ../../mod/viewcontacts.php:64 ../../mod/nogroup.php:40
#, php-format
msgid "Visit %s's profile [%s]"
msgstr "Visitar perfil de %s [%s]"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:485
msgid "Block/Unblock contact"
msgstr "Bloquejar/Alliberar contacte"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:486
msgid "Ignore contact"
msgstr "Ignore contacte"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:487
msgid "Repair URL settings"
msgstr "Restablir configuració de URL"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:488
msgid "View conversations"
msgstr "Veient conversacions"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:490
msgid "Delete contact"
msgstr "Esborrar contacte"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:494
msgid "Last update:"
msgstr "Última actualització:"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:496
msgid "Update public posts"
msgstr "Actualitzar enviament públic"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:498 ../../mod/admin.php:1503
msgid "Update now"
msgstr "Actualitza ara"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:505
msgid "Currently blocked"
msgstr "Bloquejat actualment"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:506
msgid "Currently ignored"
msgstr "Ignorat actualment"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:507
msgid "Currently archived"
msgstr "Actualment arxivat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:508 ../../mod/notifications.php:157
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:204
msgid "Hide this contact from others"
msgstr "Amaga aquest contacte dels altres"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:508
msgid ""
"Replies/likes to your public posts <strong>may</strong> still be visible"
msgstr "Répliques/agraiments per als teus missatges públics <strong>poden</strong> romandre visibles"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:509
msgid "Notification for new posts"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:509
msgid "Send a notification of every new post of this contact"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:510
msgid "Fetch further information for feeds"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:511
msgid "Disabled"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:511
msgid "Fetch information"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:511
msgid "Fetch information and keywords"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:513
msgid "Blacklisted keywords"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:513
msgid ""
"Comma separated list of keywords that should not be converted to hashtags, "
"when \"Fetch information and keywords\" is selected"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:564
msgid "Suggestions"
msgstr "Suggeriments"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:567
msgid "Suggest potential friends"
msgstr "Suggerir amics potencials"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:570 ../../mod/group.php:194
msgid "All Contacts"
msgstr "Tots els Contactes"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:573
msgid "Show all contacts"
msgstr "Mostrar tots els contactes"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:576
msgid "Unblocked"
msgstr "Desblocat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:579
msgid "Only show unblocked contacts"
msgstr "Mostrar únicament els contactes no blocats"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:583
msgid "Blocked"
msgstr "Blocat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:586
msgid "Only show blocked contacts"
msgstr "Mostrar únicament els contactes blocats"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:590
msgid "Ignored"
msgstr "Ignorat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:593
msgid "Only show ignored contacts"
msgstr "Mostrar únicament els contactes ignorats"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:597
msgid "Archived"
msgstr "Arxivat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:600
msgid "Only show archived contacts"
msgstr "Mostrar únicament els contactes arxivats"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:604
msgid "Hidden"
msgstr "Amagat"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:607
msgid "Only show hidden contacts"
msgstr "Mostrar únicament els contactes amagats"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:655
msgid "Mutual Friendship"
msgstr "Amistat Mutua"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:659
msgid "is a fan of yours"
msgstr "Es un fan teu"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:663
msgid "you are a fan of"
msgstr "ets fan de"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:680 ../../mod/nogroup.php:41
msgid "Edit contact"
msgstr "Editar contacte"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:702 ../../include/nav.php:177
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:125
msgid "Contacts"
msgstr "Contactes"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:706
msgid "Search your contacts"
msgstr "Cercant el seus contactes"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:707 ../../mod/directory.php:61
msgid "Finding: "
msgstr "Cercant:"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:708 ../../mod/directory.php:63
#: ../../include/contact_widgets.php:34
msgid "Find"
msgstr "Cercar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:713 ../../mod/settings.php:132
#: ../../mod/settings.php:640
msgid "Update"
msgstr "Actualitzar"
#: ../../mod/contacts.php:717 ../../mod/group.php:171 ../../mod/admin.php:1007
#: ../../mod/content.php:438 ../../mod/content.php:741
#: ../../mod/settings.php:677 ../../mod/photos.php:1654
#: ../../object/Item.php:130 ../../include/conversation.php:614
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Esborrar"
#: ../../mod/hcard.php:10
msgid "No profile"
msgstr "Sense perfil"
#: ../../mod/manage.php:106
msgid "Manage Identities and/or Pages"
msgstr "Administrar Identitats i/o Pàgines"
#: ../../mod/manage.php:107
msgid ""
"Toggle between different identities or community/group pages which share "
"your account details or which you have been granted \"manage\" permissions"
msgstr "Alternar entre les diferents identitats o les pàgines de comunitats/grups que comparteixen les dades del seu compte o que se li ha concedit els permisos de \"administrar\""
#: ../../mod/manage.php:108
msgid "Select an identity to manage: "
msgstr "Seleccionar identitat a administrar:"
#: ../../mod/oexchange.php:25
msgid "Post successful."
msgstr "Publicat amb éxit."
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:19 ../../mod/group.php:72 ../../index.php:368
msgid "Permission denied"
msgstr "Permís denegat"
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:25 ../../mod/profperm.php:55
msgid "Invalid profile identifier."
msgstr "Identificador del perfil no vàlid."
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:101
msgid "Profile Visibility Editor"
msgstr "Editor de Visibilitat del Perfil"
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:103 ../../mod/newmember.php:32 ../../boot.php:2119
#: ../../include/profile_advanced.php:7 ../../include/profile_advanced.php:87
#: ../../include/nav.php:77 ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:124
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Perfil"
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:105 ../../mod/group.php:224
msgid "Click on a contact to add or remove."
msgstr "Clicar sobre el contacte per afegir o esborrar."
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:114
msgid "Visible To"
msgstr "Visible Per"
#: ../../mod/profperm.php:130
msgid "All Contacts (with secure profile access)"
msgstr "Tots els Contactes (amb accés segur al perfil)"
#: ../../mod/display.php:82 ../../mod/display.php:284
#: ../../mod/display.php:503 ../../mod/viewsrc.php:15 ../../mod/admin.php:169
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1052 ../../mod/admin.php:1265 ../../mod/notice.php:15
#: ../../include/items.php:4516
msgid "Item not found."
msgstr "Article no trobat."
#: ../../mod/display.php:212 ../../mod/videos.php:115
#: ../../mod/viewcontacts.php:19 ../../mod/community.php:18
#: ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:762 ../../mod/search.php:89
#: ../../mod/directory.php:33 ../../mod/photos.php:920
msgid "Public access denied."
msgstr "Accés públic denegat."
#: ../../mod/display.php:332 ../../mod/profile.php:155
msgid "Access to this profile has been restricted."
msgstr "L'accés a aquest perfil ha estat restringit."
#: ../../mod/display.php:496
msgid "Item has been removed."
msgstr "El element ha estat esborrat."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:6
msgid "Welcome to Friendica"
msgstr "Benvingut a Friendica"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:8
msgid "New Member Checklist"
msgstr "Llista de Verificació dels Nous Membres"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:12
msgid ""
"We would like to offer some tips and links to help make your experience "
"enjoyable. Click any item to visit the relevant page. A link to this page "
"will be visible from your home page for two weeks after your initial "
"registration and then will quietly disappear."
msgstr "Ens agradaria oferir alguns consells i enllaços per ajudar a fer la teva experiència agradable. Feu clic a qualsevol element per visitar la pàgina corresponent. Un enllaç a aquesta pàgina serà visible des de la pàgina d'inici durant dues setmanes després de la teva inscripció inicial i després desapareixerà en silenci."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:14
msgid "Getting Started"
msgstr "Començem"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:18
msgid "Friendica Walk-Through"
msgstr "Paseja per Friendica"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:18
msgid ""
"On your <em>Quick Start</em> page - find a brief introduction to your "
"profile and network tabs, make some new connections, and find some groups to"
" join."
msgstr "A la teva pàgina de <em>Inici Ràpid</em> - troba una breu presentació per les teves fitxes de perfil i xarxa, crea alguna nova connexió i troba algun grup per unir-te."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:22 ../../mod/admin.php:1104
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1325 ../../mod/settings.php:85
#: ../../include/nav.php:172 ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:544
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:648
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Ajustos"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:26
msgid "Go to Your Settings"
msgstr "Anar als Teus Ajustos"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:26
msgid ""
"On your <em>Settings</em> page - change your initial password. Also make a "
"note of your Identity Address. This looks just like an email address - and "
"will be useful in making friends on the free social web."
msgstr "En la de la seva <em>configuració</em> de la pàgina - canviï la contrasenya inicial. També prengui nota de la Adreça d'Identitat. Això s'assembla a una adreça de correu electrònic - i serà útil per fer amics a la xarxa social lliure."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:28
msgid ""
"Review the other settings, particularly the privacy settings. An unpublished"
" directory listing is like having an unlisted phone number. In general, you "
"should probably publish your listing - unless all of your friends and "
"potential friends know exactly how to find you."
msgstr "Reviseu les altres configuracions, en particular la configuració de privadesa. Una llista de directoris no publicada és com tenir un número de telèfon no llistat. Normalment, hauria de publicar la seva llista - a menys que tots els seus amics i els amics potencials sàpiguen exactament com trobar-li."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:36 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:244
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:699
msgid "Upload Profile Photo"
msgstr "Pujar Foto del Perfil"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:36
msgid ""
"Upload a profile photo if you have not done so already. Studies have shown "
"that people with real photos of themselves are ten times more likely to make"
" friends than people who do not."
msgstr "Puji una foto del seu perfil si encara no ho ha fet. Els estudis han demostrat que les persones amb fotos reals de ells mateixos tenen deu vegades més probabilitats de fer amics que les persones que no ho fan."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:38
msgid "Edit Your Profile"
msgstr "Editar el Teu Perfil"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:38
msgid ""
"Edit your <strong>default</strong> profile to your liking. Review the "
"settings for hiding your list of friends and hiding the profile from unknown"
" visitors."
msgstr "Editi el perfil per <strong>defecte</strong> al seu gust. Reviseu la configuració per ocultar la seva llista d'amics i ocultar el perfil dels visitants desconeguts."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:40
msgid "Profile Keywords"
msgstr "Paraules clau del Perfil"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:40
msgid ""
"Set some public keywords for your default profile which describe your "
"interests. We may be able to find other people with similar interests and "
"suggest friendships."
msgstr "Estableix algunes paraules clau públiques al teu perfil predeterminat que descriguin els teus interessos. Podem ser capaços de trobar altres persones amb interessos similars i suggerir amistats."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:44
msgid "Connecting"
msgstr "Connectant"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:49 ../../mod/newmember.php:51
#: ../../include/contact_selectors.php:81
msgid "Facebook"
msgstr "Facebook"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:49
msgid ""
"Authorise the Facebook Connector if you currently have a Facebook account "
"and we will (optionally) import all your Facebook friends and conversations."
msgstr "Autoritzi el connector de Facebook si vostè té un compte al Facebook i nosaltres (opcionalment) importarem tots els teus amics de Facebook i les converses."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:51
msgid ""
"<em>If</em> this is your own personal server, installing the Facebook addon "
"may ease your transition to the free social web."
msgstr "<em>Si </em> aquesta és el seu servidor personal, la instal·lació del complement de Facebook pot facilitar la transició a la web social lliure."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:56
msgid "Importing Emails"
msgstr "Important Emails"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:56
msgid ""
"Enter your email access information on your Connector Settings page if you "
"wish to import and interact with friends or mailing lists from your email "
msgstr "Introduïu les dades d'accés al correu electrònic a la seva pàgina de configuració de connector, si es desitja importar i relacionar-se amb amics o llistes de correu de la seva bústia d'email"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:58
msgid "Go to Your Contacts Page"
msgstr "Anar a la Teva Pàgina de Contactes"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:58
msgid ""
"Your Contacts page is your gateway to managing friendships and connecting "
"with friends on other networks. Typically you enter their address or site "
"URL in the <em>Add New Contact</em> dialog."
msgstr "La seva pàgina de Contactes és la seva porta d'entrada a la gestió de l'amistat i la connexió amb amics d'altres xarxes. Normalment, vostè entrar en la seva direcció o URL del lloc al diàleg <em>Afegir Nou Contacte</em>."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:60
msgid "Go to Your Site's Directory"
msgstr "Anar al Teu Directori"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:60
msgid ""
"The Directory page lets you find other people in this network or other "
"federated sites. Look for a <em>Connect</em> or <em>Follow</em> link on "
"their profile page. Provide your own Identity Address if requested."
msgstr "La pàgina del Directori li permet trobar altres persones en aquesta xarxa o altres llocs federats. Busqui un enllaç <em>Connectar</em> o <em>Seguir</em> a la seva pàgina de perfil. Proporcioni la seva pròpia Adreça de Identitat si així ho sol·licita."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:62
msgid "Finding New People"
msgstr "Trobar Gent Nova"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:62
msgid ""
"On the side panel of the Contacts page are several tools to find new "
"friends. We can match people by interest, look up people by name or "
"interest, and provide suggestions based on network relationships. On a brand"
" new site, friend suggestions will usually begin to be populated within 24 "
msgstr "Al tauler lateral de la pàgina de contacte Hi ha diverses eines per trobar nous amics. Podem coincidir amb les persones per interesos, buscar persones pel nom o per interès, i oferir suggeriments basats en les relacions de la xarxa. En un nou lloc, els suggeriments d'amics, en general comencen a poblar el lloc a les 24 hores."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:66 ../../include/group.php:270
msgid "Groups"
msgstr "Grups"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:70
msgid "Group Your Contacts"
msgstr "Agrupar els Teus Contactes"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:70
msgid ""
"Once you have made some friends, organize them into private conversation "
"groups from the sidebar of your Contacts page and then you can interact with"
" each group privately on your Network page."
msgstr "Una vegada que s'han fet alguns amics, organitzi'ls en grups de conversa privada a la barra lateral de la seva pàgina de contactes i després pot interactuar amb cada grup de forma privada a la pàgina de la xarxa."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:73
msgid "Why Aren't My Posts Public?"
msgstr "Per que no es public el meu enviament?"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:73
msgid ""
"Friendica respects your privacy. By default, your posts will only show up to"
" people you've added as friends. For more information, see the help section "
"from the link above."
msgstr "Friendica respecta la teva privacitat. Per defecte, els teus enviaments només s'envien a gent que has afegit com a amic. Per més informació, mira la secció d'ajuda des de l'enllaç de dalt."
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:78
msgid "Getting Help"
msgstr "Demanant Ajuda"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:82
msgid "Go to the Help Section"
msgstr "Anar a la secció d'Ajuda"
#: ../../mod/newmember.php:82
msgid ""
"Our <strong>help</strong> pages may be consulted for detail on other program"
" features and resources."
msgstr "A les nostres pàgines <strong>d'ajuda</strong> es poden consultar detalls sobre les característiques d'altres programes i recursos."
#: ../../mod/openid.php:24
msgid "OpenID protocol error. No ID returned."
msgstr "Error al protocol OpenID. No ha retornat ID."
#: ../../mod/openid.php:53
msgid ""
"Account not found and OpenID registration is not permitted on this site."
msgstr "Compte no trobat i el registrar-se amb OpenID no està permès en aquest lloc."
#: ../../mod/openid.php:93 ../../include/auth.php:112
#: ../../include/auth.php:175
msgid "Login failed."
msgstr "Error d'accés."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:44
msgid "Image uploaded but image cropping failed."
msgstr "Imatge pujada però no es va poder retallar."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:74 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:81
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:88 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:204
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:296 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:305
#: ../../mod/photos.php:155 ../../mod/photos.php:731 ../../mod/photos.php:1187
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1210 ../../include/user.php:335
#: ../../include/user.php:342 ../../include/user.php:349
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:500
msgid "Profile Photos"
msgstr "Fotos del Perfil"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:77 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:84
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:91 ../../mod/profile_photo.php:308
#, php-format
msgid "Image size reduction [%s] failed."
msgstr "La reducció de la imatge [%s] va fracassar."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:118
msgid ""
"Shift-reload the page or clear browser cache if the new photo does not "
"display immediately."
msgstr "Recarregui la pàgina o netegi la caché del navegador si la nova foto no apareix immediatament."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:128
msgid "Unable to process image"
msgstr "No es pot processar la imatge"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:144 ../../mod/wall_upload.php:122
#, php-format
msgid "Image exceeds size limit of %d"
msgstr "La imatge sobrepassa el límit de mida de %d"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:153 ../../mod/wall_upload.php:144
#: ../../mod/photos.php:807
msgid "Unable to process image."
msgstr "Incapaç de processar la imatge."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:242
msgid "Upload File:"
msgstr "Pujar arxiu:"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:243
msgid "Select a profile:"
msgstr "Tria un perfil:"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:245
msgid "Upload"
msgstr "Pujar"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:248 ../../mod/settings.php:1062
msgid "or"
msgstr "o"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:248
msgid "skip this step"
msgstr "saltar aquest pas"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:248
msgid "select a photo from your photo albums"
msgstr "tria una foto dels teus àlbums"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:262
msgid "Crop Image"
msgstr "retallar imatge"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:263
msgid "Please adjust the image cropping for optimum viewing."
msgstr "Per favor, ajusta la retallada d'imatge per a una optima visualització."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:265
msgid "Done Editing"
msgstr "Edició Feta"
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:299
msgid "Image uploaded successfully."
msgstr "Carregada de la imatge amb èxit."
#: ../../mod/profile_photo.php:301 ../../mod/wall_upload.php:172
#: ../../mod/photos.php:834
msgid "Image upload failed."
msgstr "Actualització de la imatge fracassada."
#: ../../mod/subthread.php:87 ../../mod/tagger.php:62 ../../mod/like.php:149
#: ../../include/conversation.php:126 ../../include/conversation.php:254
#: ../../include/text.php:1968 ../../include/diaspora.php:2087
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:471
msgid "photo"
msgstr "foto"
#: ../../mod/subthread.php:87 ../../mod/tagger.php:62 ../../mod/like.php:149
#: ../../mod/like.php:319 ../../include/conversation.php:121
#: ../../include/conversation.php:130 ../../include/conversation.php:249
#: ../../include/conversation.php:258 ../../include/diaspora.php:2087
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:466
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:475
msgid "status"
msgstr "estatus"
#: ../../mod/subthread.php:103
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is following %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s esta seguint %2$s de %3$s"
#: ../../mod/tagrm.php:41
msgid "Tag removed"
msgstr "Etiqueta eliminada"
#: ../../mod/tagrm.php:79
msgid "Remove Item Tag"
msgstr "Esborrar etiqueta del element"
#: ../../mod/tagrm.php:81
msgid "Select a tag to remove: "
msgstr "Selecciona etiqueta a esborrar:"
#: ../../mod/tagrm.php:93 ../../mod/delegate.php:139
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Esborrar"
#: ../../mod/filer.php:30 ../../include/conversation.php:1006
#: ../../include/conversation.php:1024
msgid "Save to Folder:"
msgstr "Guardar a la Carpeta:"
#: ../../mod/filer.php:30
msgid "- select -"
msgstr "- seleccionar -"
#: ../../mod/filer.php:31 ../../mod/editpost.php:109 ../../mod/notes.php:63
#: ../../include/text.php:956
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Guardar"
#: ../../mod/follow.php:27
msgid "Contact added"
msgstr "Contacte afegit"
#: ../../mod/item.php:113
msgid "Unable to locate original post."
msgstr "No es pot localitzar post original."
#: ../../mod/item.php:345
msgid "Empty post discarded."
msgstr "Buidat després de rebutjar."
#: ../../mod/item.php:484 ../../mod/wall_upload.php:169
#: ../../mod/wall_upload.php:178 ../../mod/wall_upload.php:185
#: ../../include/Photo.php:916 ../../include/Photo.php:931
#: ../../include/Photo.php:938 ../../include/Photo.php:960
#: ../../include/message.php:144
msgid "Wall Photos"
msgstr "Fotos del Mur"
#: ../../mod/item.php:938
msgid "System error. Post not saved."
msgstr "Error del sistema. Publicació no guardada."
#: ../../mod/item.php:964
#, php-format
msgid ""
"This message was sent to you by %s, a member of the Friendica social "
msgstr "Aquest missatge va ser enviat a vostè per %s, un membre de la xarxa social Friendica."
#: ../../mod/item.php:966
#, php-format
msgid "You may visit them online at %s"
msgstr "El pot visitar en línia a %s"
#: ../../mod/item.php:967
msgid ""
"Please contact the sender by replying to this post if you do not wish to "
"receive these messages."
msgstr "Si us plau, poseu-vos en contacte amb el remitent responent a aquest missatge si no voleu rebre aquests missatges."
#: ../../mod/item.php:971
#, php-format
msgid "%s posted an update."
msgstr "%s ha publicat una actualització."
#: ../../mod/group.php:29
msgid "Group created."
msgstr "Grup creat."
#: ../../mod/group.php:35
msgid "Could not create group."
msgstr "No puc crear grup."
#: ../../mod/group.php:47 ../../mod/group.php:140
msgid "Group not found."
msgstr "Grup no trobat"
#: ../../mod/group.php:60
msgid "Group name changed."
msgstr "Nom de Grup canviat."
#: ../../mod/group.php:87
msgid "Save Group"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/group.php:93
msgid "Create a group of contacts/friends."
msgstr "Crear un grup de contactes/amics."
#: ../../mod/group.php:94 ../../mod/group.php:180
msgid "Group Name: "
msgstr "Nom del Grup:"
#: ../../mod/group.php:113
msgid "Group removed."
msgstr "Grup esborrat."
#: ../../mod/group.php:115
msgid "Unable to remove group."
msgstr "Incapaç de esborrar Grup."
#: ../../mod/group.php:179
msgid "Group Editor"
msgstr "Editor de Grup:"
#: ../../mod/group.php:192
msgid "Members"
msgstr "Membres"
#: ../../mod/apps.php:7 ../../index.php:212
msgid "You must be logged in to use addons. "
msgstr "T'has d'identificar per emprar els complements"
#: ../../mod/apps.php:11
msgid "Applications"
msgstr "Aplicacions"
#: ../../mod/apps.php:14
msgid "No installed applications."
msgstr "Aplicacions no instal·lades."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:64 ../../mod/profiles.php:18
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:133 ../../mod/profiles.php:179
#: ../../mod/profiles.php:630
msgid "Profile not found."
msgstr "Perfil no trobat."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:120 ../../mod/fsuggest.php:20
#: ../../mod/fsuggest.php:92 ../../mod/crepair.php:133
msgid "Contact not found."
msgstr "Contacte no trobat"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:121
msgid ""
"This may occasionally happen if contact was requested by both persons and it"
" has already been approved."
msgstr "Això pot ocorre ocasionalment si el contacte fa una petició per ambdues persones i ja han estat aprovades."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:240
msgid "Response from remote site was not understood."
msgstr "La resposta des del lloc remot no s'entenia."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:249 ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:254
msgid "Unexpected response from remote site: "
msgstr "Resposta inesperada de lloc remot:"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:263
msgid "Confirmation completed successfully."
msgstr "La confirmació s'ha completat correctament."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:265 ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:279
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:286
msgid "Remote site reported: "
msgstr "El lloc remot informa:"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:277
msgid "Temporary failure. Please wait and try again."
msgstr "Fallada temporal. Si us plau, espereu i torneu a intentar."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:284
msgid "Introduction failed or was revoked."
msgstr "La presentació va fallar o va ser revocada."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:429
msgid "Unable to set contact photo."
msgstr "No es pot canviar la foto de contacte."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:486 ../../include/conversation.php:172
#: ../../include/diaspora.php:620
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s is now friends with %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s és ara amic amb %2$s"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:571
#, php-format
msgid "No user record found for '%s' "
msgstr "No es troben registres d'usuari per a '%s'"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:581
msgid "Our site encryption key is apparently messed up."
msgstr "La nostra clau de xifrat del lloc pel que sembla en mal estat."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:592
msgid "Empty site URL was provided or URL could not be decrypted by us."
msgstr "Es va proporcionar una URL del lloc buida o la URL no va poder ser desxifrada per nosaltres."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:613
msgid "Contact record was not found for you on our site."
msgstr "No s'han trobat registres del contacte al nostre lloc."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:627
#, php-format
msgid "Site public key not available in contact record for URL %s."
msgstr "la clau pública del lloc no disponible en les dades del contacte per URL %s."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:647
msgid ""
"The ID provided by your system is a duplicate on our system. It should work "
"if you try again."
msgstr "La ID proporcionada pel seu sistema és un duplicat en el nostre sistema. Hauria de treballar si intenta de nou."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:658
msgid "Unable to set your contact credentials on our system."
msgstr "No es pot canviar les seves credencials de contacte en el nostre sistema."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:725
msgid "Unable to update your contact profile details on our system"
msgstr "No es pot actualitzar els detalls del seu perfil de contacte en el nostre sistema"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:752 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:717
#: ../../include/items.php:4008
msgid "[Name Withheld]"
msgstr "[Nom Amagat]"
#: ../../mod/dfrn_confirm.php:797
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s has joined %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s s'ha unit a %2$s"
#: ../../mod/profile.php:21 ../../boot.php:1458
msgid "Requested profile is not available."
msgstr "El perfil sol·licitat no està disponible."
#: ../../mod/profile.php:180
msgid "Tips for New Members"
msgstr "Consells per a nous membres"
#: ../../mod/videos.php:125
msgid "No videos selected"
msgstr "No s'han seleccionat vídeos "
#: ../../mod/videos.php:226 ../../mod/photos.php:1031
msgid "Access to this item is restricted."
msgstr "L'accés a aquest element està restringit."
#: ../../mod/videos.php:301 ../../include/text.php:1405
msgid "View Video"
msgstr "Veure Video"
#: ../../mod/videos.php:308 ../../mod/photos.php:1808
msgid "View Album"
msgstr "Veure Àlbum"
#: ../../mod/videos.php:317
msgid "Recent Videos"
msgstr "Videos Recents"
#: ../../mod/videos.php:319
msgid "Upload New Videos"
msgstr "Carrega Nous Videos"
#: ../../mod/tagger.php:95 ../../include/conversation.php:266
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s tagged %2$s's %3$s with %4$s"
msgstr "%1$s etiquetats %2$s %3$s amb %4$s"
#: ../../mod/fsuggest.php:63
msgid "Friend suggestion sent."
msgstr "Enviat suggeriment d'amic."
#: ../../mod/fsuggest.php:97
msgid "Suggest Friends"
msgstr "Suggerir Amics"
#: ../../mod/fsuggest.php:99
#, php-format
msgid "Suggest a friend for %s"
msgstr "Suggerir un amic per a %s"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:19
msgid "No valid account found."
msgstr "compte no vàlid trobat."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:35
msgid "Password reset request issued. Check your email."
msgstr "Sol·licitut de restabliment de contrasenya enviat. Comprovi el seu correu."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:42
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\tA request was recently received at \"%2$s\" to reset your account\n"
"\t\tpassword. In order to confirm this request, please select the verification link\n"
"\t\tbelow or paste it into your web browser address bar.\n"
"\t\tIf you did NOT request this change, please DO NOT follow the link\n"
"\t\tprovided and ignore and/or delete this email.\n"
"\t\tYour password will not be changed unless we can verify that you\n"
"\t\tissued this request."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:53
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\tFollow this link to verify your identity:\n"
"\t\tYou will then receive a follow-up message containing the new password.\n"
"\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n"
"\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\tSite Location:\t%2$s\n"
"\t\tLogin Name:\t%3$s"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:72
#, php-format
msgid "Password reset requested at %s"
msgstr "Contrasenya restablerta enviada a %s"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:92
msgid ""
"Request could not be verified. (You may have previously submitted it.) "
"Password reset failed."
msgstr "La sol·licitut no pot ser verificada. (Hauries de presentar-la abans). Restabliment de contrasenya fracassat."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:109 ../../boot.php:1280
msgid "Password Reset"
msgstr "Restabliment de Contrasenya"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:110
msgid "Your password has been reset as requested."
msgstr "La teva contrasenya fou restablerta com vas demanar."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:111
msgid "Your new password is"
msgstr "La teva nova contrasenya es"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:112
msgid "Save or copy your new password - and then"
msgstr "Guarda o copia la nova contrasenya - i llavors"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:113
msgid "click here to login"
msgstr "clica aquí per identificarte"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:114
msgid ""
"Your password may be changed from the <em>Settings</em> page after "
"successful login."
msgstr "Pots camviar la contrasenya des de la pàgina de <em>Configuración</em> desprès d'accedir amb èxit."
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:125
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\t\t\tYour password has been changed as requested. Please retain this\n"
"\t\t\t\tinformation for your records (or change your password immediately to\n"
"\t\t\t\tsomething that you will remember).\n"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:131
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\t\tYour login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1$s\n"
"\t\t\t\tLogin Name:\t%2$s\n"
"\t\t\t\tYou may change that password from your account settings page after logging in.\n"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:147
#, php-format
msgid "Your password has been changed at %s"
msgstr "La teva contrasenya ha estat canviada a %s"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:159
msgid "Forgot your Password?"
msgstr "Has Oblidat la Contrasenya?"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:160
msgid ""
"Enter your email address and submit to have your password reset. Then check "
"your email for further instructions."
msgstr "Introdueixi la seva adreça de correu i enivii-la per restablir la seva contrasenya. Llavors comprovi el seu correu per a les següents instruccións. "
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:161
msgid "Nickname or Email: "
msgstr "Àlies o Correu:"
#: ../../mod/lostpass.php:162
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Restablir"
#: ../../mod/like.php:166 ../../include/conversation.php:137
#: ../../include/diaspora.php:2103 ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:480
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s likes %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "a %1$s agrada %2$s de %3$s"
#: ../../mod/like.php:168 ../../include/conversation.php:140
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s doesn't like %2$s's %3$s"
msgstr "a %1$s no agrada %2$s de %3$s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:240
msgid "{0} wants to be your friend"
msgstr "{0} vol ser el teu amic"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:245
msgid "{0} sent you a message"
msgstr "{0} t'ha enviat un missatge de"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:250
msgid "{0} requested registration"
msgstr "{0} solicituts de registre"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:256
#, php-format
msgid "{0} commented %s's post"
msgstr "{0} va comentar l'enviament de %s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:261
#, php-format
msgid "{0} liked %s's post"
msgstr "A {0} l'ha agradat l'enviament de %s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:266
#, php-format
msgid "{0} disliked %s's post"
msgstr "A {0} no l'ha agradat l'enviament de %s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:271
#, php-format
msgid "{0} is now friends with %s"
msgstr "{0} ara és amic de %s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:276
msgid "{0} posted"
msgstr "{0} publicat"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:281
#, php-format
msgid "{0} tagged %s's post with #%s"
msgstr "{0} va etiquetar la publicació de %s com #%s"
#: ../../mod/ping.php:287
msgid "{0} mentioned you in a post"
msgstr "{0} et menciona en un missatge"
#: ../../mod/viewcontacts.php:41
msgid "No contacts."
msgstr "Sense Contactes"
#: ../../mod/viewcontacts.php:78 ../../include/text.php:876
msgid "View Contacts"
msgstr "Veure Contactes"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:26
msgid "Invalid request identifier."
msgstr "Sol·licitud d'identificació no vàlida."
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:35 ../../mod/notifications.php:165
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:211
msgid "Discard"
msgstr "Descartar"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:78
msgid "System"
msgstr "Sistema"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:83 ../../include/nav.php:145
msgid "Network"
msgstr "Xarxa"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:88 ../../mod/network.php:371
msgid "Personal"
msgstr "Personal"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:93 ../../include/nav.php:105
#: ../../include/nav.php:148 ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:123
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Inici"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:98 ../../include/nav.php:154
msgid "Introductions"
msgstr "Presentacions"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:122
msgid "Show Ignored Requests"
msgstr "Mostra les Sol·licituds Ignorades"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:122
msgid "Hide Ignored Requests"
msgstr "Amaga les Sol·licituds Ignorades"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:149 ../../mod/notifications.php:195
msgid "Notification type: "
msgstr "Tipus de Notificació:"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:150
msgid "Friend Suggestion"
msgstr "Amics Suggerits "
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:152
#, php-format
msgid "suggested by %s"
msgstr "sugerit per %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:158 ../../mod/notifications.php:205
msgid "Post a new friend activity"
msgstr "Publica una activitat d'amic nova"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:158 ../../mod/notifications.php:205
msgid "if applicable"
msgstr "si es pot aplicar"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:161 ../../mod/notifications.php:208
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1005
msgid "Approve"
msgstr "Aprovar"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:181
msgid "Claims to be known to you: "
msgstr "Diu que et coneix:"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:181
msgid "yes"
msgstr "sí"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:181
msgid "no"
msgstr "no"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:188
msgid "Approve as: "
msgstr "Aprovat com:"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:189
msgid "Friend"
msgstr "Amic"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:190
msgid "Sharer"
msgstr "Partícip"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:190
msgid "Fan/Admirer"
msgstr "Fan/Admirador"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:196
msgid "Friend/Connect Request"
msgstr "Sol·licitud d'Amistat/Connexió"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:196
msgid "New Follower"
msgstr "Nou Seguidor"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:217
msgid "No introductions."
msgstr "Sense presentacions."
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:220 ../../include/nav.php:155
msgid "Notifications"
msgstr "Notificacions"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:258 ../../mod/notifications.php:387
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:478
#, php-format
msgid "%s liked %s's post"
msgstr "A %s li agrada l'enviament de %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:268 ../../mod/notifications.php:397
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:488
#, php-format
msgid "%s disliked %s's post"
msgstr "A %s no li agrada l'enviament de %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:283 ../../mod/notifications.php:412
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:503
#, php-format
msgid "%s is now friends with %s"
msgstr "%s es ara amic de %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:290 ../../mod/notifications.php:419
#, php-format
msgid "%s created a new post"
msgstr "%s ha creat un enviament nou"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:291 ../../mod/notifications.php:420
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:513
#, php-format
msgid "%s commented on %s's post"
msgstr "%s va comentar en l'enviament de %s"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:306
msgid "No more network notifications."
msgstr "No més notificacions de xarxa."
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:310
msgid "Network Notifications"
msgstr "Notificacions de la Xarxa"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:336 ../../mod/notify.php:75
msgid "No more system notifications."
msgstr "No més notificacions del sistema."
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:340 ../../mod/notify.php:79
msgid "System Notifications"
msgstr "Notificacions del Sistema"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:435
msgid "No more personal notifications."
msgstr "No més notificacions personals."
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:439
msgid "Personal Notifications"
msgstr "Notificacions Personals"
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:520
msgid "No more home notifications."
msgstr "No més notificacions d'inici."
#: ../../mod/notifications.php:524
msgid "Home Notifications"
msgstr "Notificacions d'Inici"
#: ../../mod/babel.php:17
msgid "Source (bbcode) text:"
msgstr "Text Codi (bbcode): "
#: ../../mod/babel.php:23
msgid "Source (Diaspora) text to convert to BBcode:"
msgstr "Font (Diaspora) Convertir text a BBcode"
#: ../../mod/babel.php:31
msgid "Source input: "
msgstr "Entrada de Codi:"
#: ../../mod/babel.php:35
msgid "bb2html (raw HTML): "
msgstr "bb2html (raw HTML): "
#: ../../mod/babel.php:39
msgid "bb2html: "
msgstr "bb2html: "
#: ../../mod/babel.php:43
msgid "bb2html2bb: "
msgstr "bb2html2bb: "
#: ../../mod/babel.php:47
msgid "bb2md: "
msgstr "bb2md: "
#: ../../mod/babel.php:51
msgid "bb2md2html: "
msgstr "bb2md2html: "
#: ../../mod/babel.php:55
msgid "bb2dia2bb: "
msgstr "bb2dia2bb: "
#: ../../mod/babel.php:59
msgid "bb2md2html2bb: "
msgstr "bb2md2html2bb: "
#: ../../mod/babel.php:69
msgid "Source input (Diaspora format): "
msgstr "Font d'entrada (format de Diaspora)"
#: ../../mod/babel.php:74
msgid "diaspora2bb: "
msgstr "diaspora2bb: "
#: ../../mod/navigation.php:20 ../../include/nav.php:34
msgid "Nothing new here"
msgstr "Res nou aquí"
#: ../../mod/navigation.php:24 ../../include/nav.php:38
msgid "Clear notifications"
msgstr "Neteja notificacions"
#: ../../mod/message.php:9 ../../include/nav.php:164
msgid "New Message"
msgstr "Nou Missatge"
#: ../../mod/message.php:63 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:56
msgid "No recipient selected."
msgstr "No s'ha seleccionat destinatari."
#: ../../mod/message.php:67
msgid "Unable to locate contact information."
msgstr "No es pot trobar informació de contacte."
#: ../../mod/message.php:70 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:62
msgid "Message could not be sent."
msgstr "El Missatge no ha estat enviat."
#: ../../mod/message.php:73 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:65
msgid "Message collection failure."
msgstr "Ha fallat la recollida del missatge."
#: ../../mod/message.php:76 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:68
msgid "Message sent."
msgstr "Missatge enviat."
#: ../../mod/message.php:182 ../../include/nav.php:161
msgid "Messages"
msgstr "Missatges"
#: ../../mod/message.php:207
msgid "Do you really want to delete this message?"
msgstr "Realment vols esborrar aquest missatge?"
#: ../../mod/message.php:227
msgid "Message deleted."
msgstr "Missatge eliminat."
#: ../../mod/message.php:258
msgid "Conversation removed."
msgstr "Conversació esborrada."
#: ../../mod/message.php:283 ../../mod/message.php:291
#: ../../mod/message.php:466 ../../mod/message.php:474
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:127 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:135
#: ../../include/conversation.php:1002 ../../include/conversation.php:1020
msgid "Please enter a link URL:"
msgstr "Sius plau, entri l'enllaç URL:"
#: ../../mod/message.php:319 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:142
msgid "Send Private Message"
msgstr "Enviant Missatge Privat"
#: ../../mod/message.php:320 ../../mod/message.php:553
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:144
msgid "To:"
msgstr "Per a:"
#: ../../mod/message.php:325 ../../mod/message.php:555
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:145
msgid "Subject:"
msgstr "Assumpte::"
#: ../../mod/message.php:329 ../../mod/message.php:558
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:151 ../../mod/invite.php:134
msgid "Your message:"
msgstr "El teu missatge:"
#: ../../mod/message.php:332 ../../mod/message.php:562
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:154 ../../mod/editpost.php:110
#: ../../include/conversation.php:1091
msgid "Upload photo"
msgstr "Carregar foto"
#: ../../mod/message.php:333 ../../mod/message.php:563
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:155 ../../mod/editpost.php:114
#: ../../include/conversation.php:1095
msgid "Insert web link"
msgstr "Inserir enllaç web"
#: ../../mod/message.php:334 ../../mod/message.php:565
#: ../../mod/content.php:499 ../../mod/content.php:883
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:156 ../../mod/editpost.php:124
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1545 ../../object/Item.php:364
#: ../../include/conversation.php:692 ../../include/conversation.php:1109
msgid "Please wait"
msgstr "Si us plau esperi"
#: ../../mod/message.php:371
msgid "No messages."
msgstr "Sense missatges."
#: ../../mod/message.php:378
#, php-format
msgid "Unknown sender - %s"
msgstr "remitent desconegut - %s"
#: ../../mod/message.php:381
#, php-format
msgid "You and %s"
msgstr "Tu i %s"
#: ../../mod/message.php:384
#, php-format
msgid "%s and You"
msgstr "%s i Tu"
#: ../../mod/message.php:405 ../../mod/message.php:546
msgid "Delete conversation"
msgstr "Esborrar conversació"
#: ../../mod/message.php:408
msgid "D, d M Y - g:i A"
msgstr "D, d M Y - g:i A"
#: ../../mod/message.php:411
#, php-format
msgid "%d message"
msgid_plural "%d messages"
msgstr[0] "%d missatge"
msgstr[1] "%d missatges"
#: ../../mod/message.php:450
msgid "Message not available."
msgstr "Missatge no disponible."
#: ../../mod/message.php:520
msgid "Delete message"
msgstr "Esborra missatge"
#: ../../mod/message.php:548
msgid ""
"No secure communications available. You <strong>may</strong> be able to "
"respond from the sender's profile page."
msgstr "Comunicacions degures no disponibles. Tú <strong>pots</strong> respondre des de la pàgina de perfil del remitent."
#: ../../mod/message.php:552
msgid "Send Reply"
msgstr "Enviar Resposta"
#: ../../mod/update_display.php:22 ../../mod/update_community.php:18
#: ../../mod/update_notes.php:37 ../../mod/update_profile.php:41
#: ../../mod/update_network.php:25
msgid "[Embedded content - reload page to view]"
msgstr "[Contingut embegut - recarrega la pàgina per a veure-ho]"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:106
msgid "Contact settings applied."
msgstr "Ajustos de Contacte aplicats."
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:108
msgid "Contact update failed."
msgstr "Fracassà l'actualització de Contacte"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:139
msgid "Repair Contact Settings"
msgstr "Reposar els ajustos de Contacte"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:141
msgid ""
"<strong>WARNING: This is highly advanced</strong> and if you enter incorrect"
" information your communications with this contact may stop working."
msgstr "<strong>ADVERTÈNCIA: Això és molt avançat </strong> i si s'introdueix informació incorrecta la seva comunicació amb aquest contacte pot deixar de funcionar."
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:142
msgid ""
"Please use your browser 'Back' button <strong>now</strong> if you are "
"uncertain what to do on this page."
msgstr "Si us plau, prem el botó 'Tornar' <strong>ara</strong> si no saps segur que has de fer aqui."
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:148
msgid "Return to contact editor"
msgstr "Tornar al editor de contactes"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:159 ../../mod/crepair.php:161
msgid "No mirroring"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:159
msgid "Mirror as forwarded posting"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:159 ../../mod/crepair.php:161
msgid "Mirror as my own posting"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:165 ../../mod/admin.php:1003 ../../mod/admin.php:1015
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1016 ../../mod/admin.php:1029
#: ../../mod/settings.php:616 ../../mod/settings.php:642
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nom"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:166
msgid "Account Nickname"
msgstr "Àlies del Compte"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:167
msgid "@Tagname - overrides Name/Nickname"
msgstr "@Tagname - té prel·lació sobre Nom/Àlies"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:168
msgid "Account URL"
msgstr "Adreça URL del Compte"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:169
msgid "Friend Request URL"
msgstr "Adreça URL de sol·licitud d'Amistat"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:170
msgid "Friend Confirm URL"
msgstr "Adreça URL de confirmació d'Amic"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:171
msgid "Notification Endpoint URL"
msgstr "Adreça URL de Notificació"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:172
msgid "Poll/Feed URL"
msgstr "Adreça de Enquesta/Alimentador"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:173
msgid "New photo from this URL"
msgstr "Nova foto d'aquesta URL"
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:174
msgid "Remote Self"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:176
msgid "Mirror postings from this contact"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/crepair.php:176
msgid ""
"Mark this contact as remote_self, this will cause friendica to repost new "
"entries from this contact."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/bookmarklet.php:12 ../../boot.php:1266 ../../include/nav.php:92
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Identifica't"
#: ../../mod/bookmarklet.php:41
msgid "The post was created"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/viewsrc.php:7
msgid "Access denied."
msgstr "Accés denegat."
#: ../../mod/dirfind.php:26
msgid "People Search"
msgstr "Cercant Gent"
#: ../../mod/dirfind.php:60 ../../mod/match.php:65
msgid "No matches"
msgstr "No hi ha coincidències"
#: ../../mod/fbrowser.php:25 ../../boot.php:2126 ../../include/nav.php:78
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:126
msgid "Photos"
msgstr "Fotos"
#: ../../mod/fbrowser.php:113
msgid "Files"
msgstr "Arxius"
#: ../../mod/nogroup.php:59
msgid "Contacts who are not members of a group"
msgstr "Contactes que no pertanyen a cap grup"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:57
msgid "Theme settings updated."
msgstr "Ajustos de Tema actualitzats"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:104 ../../mod/admin.php:619
msgid "Site"
msgstr "Lloc"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:105 ../../mod/admin.php:998 ../../mod/admin.php:1013
msgid "Users"
msgstr "Usuaris"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:106 ../../mod/admin.php:1102 ../../mod/admin.php:1155
#: ../../mod/settings.php:57
msgid "Plugins"
msgstr "Plugins"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:107 ../../mod/admin.php:1323 ../../mod/admin.php:1357
msgid "Themes"
msgstr "Temes"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:108
msgid "DB updates"
msgstr "Actualitzacions de BD"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:123 ../../mod/admin.php:132 ../../mod/admin.php:1444
msgid "Logs"
msgstr "Registres"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:124
msgid "probe address"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:125
msgid "check webfinger"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:130 ../../include/nav.php:184
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Admin"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:131
msgid "Plugin Features"
msgstr "Característiques del Plugin"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:133
msgid "diagnostics"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:134
msgid "User registrations waiting for confirmation"
msgstr "Registre d'usuari a l'espera de confirmació"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:193 ../../mod/admin.php:952
msgid "Normal Account"
msgstr "Compte Normal"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:194 ../../mod/admin.php:953
msgid "Soapbox Account"
msgstr "Compte Tribuna"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:195 ../../mod/admin.php:954
msgid "Community/Celebrity Account"
msgstr "Compte de Comunitat/Celebritat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:196 ../../mod/admin.php:955
msgid "Automatic Friend Account"
msgstr "Compte d'Amistat Automàtic"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:197
msgid "Blog Account"
msgstr "Compte de Blog"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:198
msgid "Private Forum"
msgstr "Fòrum Privat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:217
msgid "Message queues"
msgstr "Cues de missatges"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:222 ../../mod/admin.php:618 ../../mod/admin.php:997
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1101 ../../mod/admin.php:1154 ../../mod/admin.php:1322
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1356 ../../mod/admin.php:1443
msgid "Administration"
msgstr "Administració"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:223
msgid "Summary"
msgstr "Sumari"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:225
msgid "Registered users"
msgstr "Usuaris registrats"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:227
msgid "Pending registrations"
msgstr "Registres d'usuari pendents"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:228
msgid "Version"
msgstr "Versió"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:232
msgid "Active plugins"
msgstr "Plugins actius"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:255
msgid "Can not parse base url. Must have at least <scheme>://<domain>"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:516
msgid "Site settings updated."
msgstr "Ajustos del lloc actualitzats."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:545 ../../mod/settings.php:828
msgid "No special theme for mobile devices"
msgstr "No hi ha un tema específic per a mòbil"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:562
msgid "No community page"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:563
msgid "Public postings from users of this site"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:564
msgid "Global community page"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:570
msgid "At post arrival"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:571 ../../include/contact_selectors.php:56
msgid "Frequently"
msgstr "Freqüentment"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:572 ../../include/contact_selectors.php:57
msgid "Hourly"
msgstr "Cada hora"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:573 ../../include/contact_selectors.php:58
msgid "Twice daily"
msgstr "Dues vegades al dia"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:574 ../../include/contact_selectors.php:59
msgid "Daily"
msgstr "Diari"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:579
msgid "Multi user instance"
msgstr "Instancia multiusuari"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:602
msgid "Closed"
msgstr "Tancat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:603
msgid "Requires approval"
msgstr "Requereix aprovació"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:604
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Obert"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:608
msgid "No SSL policy, links will track page SSL state"
msgstr "No existe una política de SSL, se hará un seguimiento de los vínculos de la página con SSL"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:609
msgid "Force all links to use SSL"
msgstr "Forzar a tots els enllaços a utilitzar SSL"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:610
msgid "Self-signed certificate, use SSL for local links only (discouraged)"
msgstr "Certificat auto-signat, utilitzar SSL només per a enllaços locals (desaconsellat)"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:620 ../../mod/admin.php:1156 ../../mod/admin.php:1358
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1445 ../../mod/settings.php:614
#: ../../mod/settings.php:724 ../../mod/settings.php:798
#: ../../mod/settings.php:880 ../../mod/settings.php:1113
msgid "Save Settings"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:621 ../../mod/register.php:255
msgid "Registration"
msgstr "Procés de Registre"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:622
msgid "File upload"
msgstr "Fitxer carregat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:623
msgid "Policies"
msgstr "Polítiques"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:624
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "Avançat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:625
msgid "Performance"
msgstr "Rendiment"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:626
msgid ""
"Relocate - WARNING: advanced function. Could make this server unreachable."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:629
msgid "Site name"
msgstr "Nom del lloc"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:630
msgid "Host name"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:631
msgid "Sender Email"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:632
msgid "Banner/Logo"
msgstr "Senyera/Logo"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:633
msgid "Shortcut icon"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:634
msgid "Touch icon"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:635
msgid "Additional Info"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:635
msgid ""
"For public servers: you can add additional information here that will be "
"listed at"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:636
msgid "System language"
msgstr "Idioma del Sistema"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:637
msgid "System theme"
msgstr "Tema del sistema"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:637
msgid ""
"Default system theme - may be over-ridden by user profiles - <a href='#' "
"id='cnftheme'>change theme settings</a>"
msgstr "Tema per defecte del sistema - pot ser obviat pels perfils del usuari - <a href='#' id='cnftheme'>Canviar ajustos de tema</a>"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:638
msgid "Mobile system theme"
msgstr "Tema per a mòbil"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:638
msgid "Theme for mobile devices"
msgstr "Tema per a aparells mòbils"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:639
msgid "SSL link policy"
msgstr "Política SSL per als enllaços"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:639
msgid "Determines whether generated links should be forced to use SSL"
msgstr "Determina si els enllaços generats han de ser forçats a utilitzar SSL"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:640
msgid "Force SSL"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:640
msgid ""
"Force all Non-SSL requests to SSL - Attention: on some systems it could lead"
" to endless loops."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:641
msgid "Old style 'Share'"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:641
msgid "Deactivates the bbcode element 'share' for repeating items."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:642
msgid "Hide help entry from navigation menu"
msgstr "Amaga l'entrada d'ajuda del menu de navegació"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:642
msgid ""
"Hides the menu entry for the Help pages from the navigation menu. You can "
"still access it calling /help directly."
msgstr "Amaga l'entrada del menú de les pàgines d'ajuda. Pots encara accedir entrant /ajuda directament."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:643
msgid "Single user instance"
msgstr "Instancia per a un únic usuari"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:643
msgid "Make this instance multi-user or single-user for the named user"
msgstr "Fer aquesta instancia multi-usuari o mono-usuari per al usuari anomenat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:644
msgid "Maximum image size"
msgstr "Mida màxima de les imatges"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:644
msgid ""
"Maximum size in bytes of uploaded images. Default is 0, which means no "
msgstr "Mida màxima en bytes de les imatges a pujar. Per defecte es 0, que vol dir sense límits."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:645
msgid "Maximum image length"
msgstr "Maxima longitud d'imatge"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:645
msgid ""
"Maximum length in pixels of the longest side of uploaded images. Default is "
"-1, which means no limits."
msgstr "Longitud màxima en píxels del costat més llarg de la imatge carregada. Per defecte es -1, que significa sense límits"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:646
msgid "JPEG image quality"
msgstr "Qualitat per a la imatge JPEG"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:646
msgid ""
"Uploaded JPEGS will be saved at this quality setting [0-100]. Default is "
"100, which is full quality."
msgstr "Els JPEGs pujats seran guardats amb la qualitat que ajustis de [0-100]. Per defecte es 100 màxima qualitat."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:648
msgid "Register policy"
msgstr "Política per a registrar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:649
msgid "Maximum Daily Registrations"
msgstr "Registres Màxims Diaris"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:649
msgid ""
"If registration is permitted above, this sets the maximum number of new user"
" registrations to accept per day. If register is set to closed, this "
"setting has no effect."
msgstr "Si es permet el registre, això ajusta el nombre màxim de nous usuaris a acceptar diariament. Si el registre esta tancat, aquest ajust no te efectes."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:650
msgid "Register text"
msgstr "Text al registrar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:650
msgid "Will be displayed prominently on the registration page."
msgstr "Serà mostrat de forma preminent a la pàgina durant el procés de registre."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:651
msgid "Accounts abandoned after x days"
msgstr "Comptes abandonats després de x dies"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:651
msgid ""
"Will not waste system resources polling external sites for abandonded "
"accounts. Enter 0 for no time limit."
msgstr "No gastará recursos del sistema creant enquestes des de llocs externos per a comptes abandonats. Introdueixi 0 per a cap límit temporal."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:652
msgid "Allowed friend domains"
msgstr "Dominis amics permesos"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:652
msgid ""
"Comma separated list of domains which are allowed to establish friendships "
"with this site. Wildcards are accepted. Empty to allow any domains"
msgstr "Llista de dominis separada per comes, de adreçes de correu que són permeses per establir amistats. S'admeten comodins. Deixa'l buit per a acceptar tots els dominis."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:653
msgid "Allowed email domains"
msgstr "Dominis de correu permesos"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:653
msgid ""
"Comma separated list of domains which are allowed in email addresses for "
"registrations to this site. Wildcards are accepted. Empty to allow any "
msgstr "Llista de dominis separada per comes, de adreçes de correu que són permeses per registrtar-se. S'admeten comodins. Deixa'l buit per a acceptar tots els dominis."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:654
msgid "Block public"
msgstr "Bloqueig públic"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:654
msgid ""
"Check to block public access to all otherwise public personal pages on this "
"site unless you are currently logged in."
msgstr "Bloqueja l'accés públic a qualsevol pàgina del lloc fins que t'hagis identificat."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:655
msgid "Force publish"
msgstr "Forçar publicació"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:655
msgid ""
"Check to force all profiles on this site to be listed in the site directory."
msgstr "Obliga a que tots el perfils en aquest lloc siguin mostrats en el directori del lloc."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:656
msgid "Global directory update URL"
msgstr "Actualitzar URL del directori global"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:656
msgid ""
"URL to update the global directory. If this is not set, the global directory"
" is completely unavailable to the application."
msgstr "URL per actualitzar el directori global. Si no es configura, el directori global serà completament inaccesible per a l'aplicació. "
#: ../../mod/admin.php:657
msgid "Allow threaded items"
msgstr "Permetre fils als articles"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:657
msgid "Allow infinite level threading for items on this site."
msgstr "Permet un nivell infinit de fils per a articles en aquest lloc."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:658
msgid "Private posts by default for new users"
msgstr "Els enviaments dels nous usuaris seran privats per defecte."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:658
msgid ""
"Set default post permissions for all new members to the default privacy "
"group rather than public."
msgstr "Canviar els permisos d'enviament per defecte per a tots els nous membres a grup privat en lloc de públic."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:659
msgid "Don't include post content in email notifications"
msgstr "No incloure el assumpte a les notificacions per correu electrónic"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:659
msgid ""
"Don't include the content of a post/comment/private message/etc. in the "
"email notifications that are sent out from this site, as a privacy measure."
msgstr "No incloure assumpte d'un enviament/comentari/missatge_privat/etc. Als correus electronics que envii fora d'aquest lloc, com a mesura de privacitat. "
#: ../../mod/admin.php:660
msgid "Disallow public access to addons listed in the apps menu."
msgstr "Deshabilita el accés públic als complements llistats al menu d'aplicacions"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:660
msgid ""
"Checking this box will restrict addons listed in the apps menu to members "
msgstr "Marcant això restringiras els complements llistats al menú d'aplicacions al membres"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:661
msgid "Don't embed private images in posts"
msgstr "No incrustar imatges en missatges privats"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:661
msgid ""
"Don't replace locally-hosted private photos in posts with an embedded copy "
"of the image. This means that contacts who receive posts containing private "
"photos will have to authenticate and load each image, which may take a "
msgstr "No reemplaçar les fotos privades hospedades localment en missatges amb una còpia de l'imatge embeguda. Això vol dir que els contactes que rebin el missatge contenint fotos privades s'ha d'autenticar i carregar cada imatge, amb el que pot suposar bastant temps."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:662
msgid "Allow Users to set remote_self"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:662
msgid ""
"With checking this, every user is allowed to mark every contact as a "
"remote_self in the repair contact dialog. Setting this flag on a contact "
"causes mirroring every posting of that contact in the users stream."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:663
msgid "Block multiple registrations"
msgstr "Bloquejar multiples registracions"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:663
msgid "Disallow users to register additional accounts for use as pages."
msgstr "Inhabilita als usuaris el crear comptes adicionals per a usar com a pàgines."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:664
msgid "OpenID support"
msgstr "Suport per a OpenID"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:664
msgid "OpenID support for registration and logins."
msgstr "Suport per a registre i validació a OpenID."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:665
msgid "Fullname check"
msgstr "Comprobació de nom complet"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:665
msgid ""
"Force users to register with a space between firstname and lastname in Full "
"name, as an antispam measure"
msgstr "Obliga els usuaris a col·locar un espai en blanc entre nom i cognoms, com a mesura antispam"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:666
msgid "UTF-8 Regular expressions"
msgstr "expresions regulars UTF-8"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:666
msgid "Use PHP UTF8 regular expressions"
msgstr "Empri expresions regulars de PHP amb format UTF8"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:667
msgid "Community Page Style"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:667
msgid ""
"Type of community page to show. 'Global community' shows every public "
"posting from an open distributed network that arrived on this server."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:668
msgid "Posts per user on community page"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:668
msgid ""
"The maximum number of posts per user on the community page. (Not valid for "
"'Global Community')"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:669
msgid "Enable OStatus support"
msgstr "Activa el suport per a OStatus"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:669
msgid ""
"Provide built-in OStatus (StatusNet, GNU Social etc.) compatibility. All "
"communications in OStatus are public, so privacy warnings will be "
"occasionally displayed."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:670
msgid "OStatus conversation completion interval"
msgstr "Interval de conclusió de la conversació a OStatus"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:670
msgid ""
"How often shall the poller check for new entries in OStatus conversations? "
"This can be a very ressource task."
msgstr "Com de sovint el sondejador ha de comprovar les noves conversacions entrades a OStatus? Això pot implicar una gran càrrega de treball."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:671
msgid "Enable Diaspora support"
msgstr "Habilitar suport per Diaspora"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:671
msgid "Provide built-in Diaspora network compatibility."
msgstr "Proveeix compatibilitat integrada amb la xarxa Diaspora"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:672
msgid "Only allow Friendica contacts"
msgstr "Només permetre contactes de Friendica"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:672
msgid ""
"All contacts must use Friendica protocols. All other built-in communication "
"protocols disabled."
msgstr "Tots els contactes "
#: ../../mod/admin.php:673
msgid "Verify SSL"
msgstr "Verificar SSL"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:673
msgid ""
"If you wish, you can turn on strict certificate checking. This will mean you"
" cannot connect (at all) to self-signed SSL sites."
msgstr "Si ho vols, pots comprovar el certificat estrictament. Això farà que no puguis connectar (de cap manera) amb llocs amb certificats SSL autosignats."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:674
msgid "Proxy user"
msgstr "proxy d'usuari"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:675
msgid "Proxy URL"
msgstr "URL del proxy"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:676
msgid "Network timeout"
msgstr "Temps excedit a la xarxa"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:676
msgid "Value is in seconds. Set to 0 for unlimited (not recommended)."
msgstr "Valor en segons. Canviat a 0 es sense límits (no recomenat)"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:677
msgid "Delivery interval"
msgstr "Interval d'entrega"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:677
msgid ""
"Delay background delivery processes by this many seconds to reduce system "
"load. Recommend: 4-5 for shared hosts, 2-3 for virtual private servers. 0-1 "
"for large dedicated servers."
msgstr "Retardar processos d'entrega, en segon pla, en aquesta quantitat de segons, per reduir la càrrega del sistema . Recomanem : 4-5 per als servidors compartits , 2-3 per a servidors privats virtuals . 0-1 per els grans servidors dedicats."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:678
msgid "Poll interval"
msgstr "Interval entre sondejos"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:678
msgid ""
"Delay background polling processes by this many seconds to reduce system "
"load. If 0, use delivery interval."
msgstr "Endarrerir els processos de sondeig en segon pla durant aquest període, en segons, per tal de reduir la càrrega de treball del sistema, Si s'empra 0, s'utilitza l'interval d'entregues. "
#: ../../mod/admin.php:679
msgid "Maximum Load Average"
msgstr "Càrrega Màxima Sostinguda"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:679
msgid ""
"Maximum system load before delivery and poll processes are deferred - "
"default 50."
msgstr "Càrrega màxima del sistema abans d'apaçar els processos d'entrega i sondeig - predeterminat a 50."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:681
msgid "Use MySQL full text engine"
msgstr "Emprar el motor de text complet de MySQL"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:681
msgid ""
"Activates the full text engine. Speeds up search - but can only search for "
"four and more characters."
msgstr "Activa el motos de text complet. Accelera les cerques pero només pot cercar per quatre o més caracters."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:682
msgid "Suppress Language"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:682
msgid "Suppress language information in meta information about a posting."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:683
msgid "Suppress Tags"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:683
msgid "Suppress showing a list of hashtags at the end of the posting."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:684
msgid "Path to item cache"
msgstr "Camí cap a la caché de l'article"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:685
msgid "Cache duration in seconds"
msgstr "Duració de la caché en segons"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:685
msgid ""
"How long should the cache files be hold? Default value is 86400 seconds (One"
" day). To disable the item cache, set the value to -1."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:686
msgid "Maximum numbers of comments per post"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:686
msgid "How much comments should be shown for each post? Default value is 100."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:687
msgid "Path for lock file"
msgstr "Camí per a l'arxiu bloquejat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:688
msgid "Temp path"
msgstr "Camí a carpeta temporal"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:689
msgid "Base path to installation"
msgstr "Trajectoria base per a instal·lar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:690
msgid "Disable picture proxy"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:690
msgid ""
"The picture proxy increases performance and privacy. It shouldn't be used on"
" systems with very low bandwith."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:691
msgid "Enable old style pager"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:691
msgid ""
"The old style pager has page numbers but slows down massively the page "
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:692
msgid "Only search in tags"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:692
msgid "On large systems the text search can slow down the system extremely."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:694
msgid "New base url"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:711
msgid "Update has been marked successful"
msgstr "L'actualització ha estat marcada amb èxit"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:719
#, php-format
msgid "Database structure update %s was successfully applied."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:722
#, php-format
msgid "Executing of database structure update %s failed with error: %s"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:734
#, php-format
msgid "Executing %s failed with error: %s"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:737
#, php-format
msgid "Update %s was successfully applied."
msgstr "L'actualització de %s es va aplicar amb èxit."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:741
#, php-format
msgid "Update %s did not return a status. Unknown if it succeeded."
msgstr "L'actualització de %s no ha retornat el seu estatus. Es desconeix si ha estat amb èxit."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:743
#, php-format
msgid "There was no additional update function %s that needed to be called."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:762
msgid "No failed updates."
msgstr "No hi ha actualitzacions fallides."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:763
msgid "Check database structure"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:768
msgid "Failed Updates"
msgstr "Actualitzacions Fallides"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:769
msgid ""
"This does not include updates prior to 1139, which did not return a status."
msgstr "Això no inclou actualitzacions anteriors a 1139, raó per la que no ha retornat l'estatus."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:770
msgid "Mark success (if update was manually applied)"
msgstr "Marcat am èxit (si l'actualització es va fer manualment)"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:771
msgid "Attempt to execute this update step automatically"
msgstr "Intentant executar aquest pas d'actualització automàticament"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:803
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\tDear %1$s,\n"
"\t\t\t\tthe administrator of %2$s has set up an account for you."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:806
#, php-format
msgid ""
"\t\t\tThe login details are as follows:\n"
"\t\t\tSite Location:\t%1$s\n"
"\t\t\tLogin Name:\t\t%2$s\n"
"\t\t\tYou may change your password from your account \"Settings\" page after logging\n"
"\t\t\tPlease take a few moments to review the other account settings on that page.\n"
"\t\t\tYou may also wish to add some basic information to your default profile\n"
"\t\t\t(on the \"Profiles\" page) so that other people can easily find you.\n"
"\t\t\tWe recommend setting your full name, adding a profile photo,\n"
"\t\t\tadding some profile \"keywords\" (very useful in making new friends) - and\n"
"\t\t\tperhaps what country you live in; if you do not wish to be more specific\n"
"\t\t\tthan that.\n"
"\t\t\tWe fully respect your right to privacy, and none of these items are necessary.\n"
"\t\t\tIf you are new and do not know anybody here, they may help\n"
"\t\t\tyou to make some new and interesting friends.\n"
"\t\t\tThank you and welcome to %4$s."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:838 ../../include/user.php:413
#, php-format
msgid "Registration details for %s"
msgstr "Detalls del registre per a %s"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:850
#, php-format
msgid "%s user blocked/unblocked"
msgid_plural "%s users blocked/unblocked"
msgstr[0] "%s usuari bloquejar/desbloquejar"
msgstr[1] "%s usuaris bloquejar/desbloquejar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:857
#, php-format
msgid "%s user deleted"
msgid_plural "%s users deleted"
msgstr[0] "%s usuari esborrat"
msgstr[1] "%s usuaris esborrats"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:896
#, php-format
msgid "User '%s' deleted"
msgstr "Usuari %s' esborrat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:904
#, php-format
msgid "User '%s' unblocked"
msgstr "Usuari %s' desbloquejat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:904
#, php-format
msgid "User '%s' blocked"
msgstr "L'usuari '%s' és bloquejat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:999
msgid "Add User"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1000
msgid "select all"
msgstr "Seleccionar tot"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1001
msgid "User registrations waiting for confirm"
msgstr "Registre d'usuari esperant confirmació"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1002
msgid "User waiting for permanent deletion"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1003
msgid "Request date"
msgstr "Data de sol·licitud"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1003 ../../mod/admin.php:1015 ../../mod/admin.php:1016
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1031 ../../include/contact_selectors.php:79
#: ../../include/contact_selectors.php:86
msgid "Email"
msgstr "Correu"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1004
msgid "No registrations."
msgstr "Sense registres."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1006
msgid "Deny"
msgstr "Denegar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1010
msgid "Site admin"
msgstr "Administrador del lloc"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1011
msgid "Account expired"
msgstr "Compte expirat"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1014
msgid "New User"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1015 ../../mod/admin.php:1016
msgid "Register date"
msgstr "Data de registre"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1015 ../../mod/admin.php:1016
msgid "Last login"
msgstr "Últim accés"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1015 ../../mod/admin.php:1016
msgid "Last item"
msgstr "Últim element"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1015
msgid "Deleted since"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1016 ../../mod/settings.php:36
msgid "Account"
msgstr "Compte"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1018
msgid ""
"Selected users will be deleted!\\n\\nEverything these users had posted on "
"this site will be permanently deleted!\\n\\nAre you sure?"
msgstr "Els usuaris seleccionats seran esborrats!\\n\\nqualsevol cosa que aquests usuaris hagin publicat en aquest lloc s'esborrarà!\\n\\nEsteu segur?"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1019
msgid ""
"The user {0} will be deleted!\\n\\nEverything this user has posted on this "
"site will be permanently deleted!\\n\\nAre you sure?"
msgstr "L'usuari {0} s'eliminarà!\\n\\nQualsevol cosa que aquest usuari hagi publicat en aquest lloc s'esborrarà!\\n\\nEsteu segur?"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1029
msgid "Name of the new user."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1030
msgid "Nickname"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1030
msgid "Nickname of the new user."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1031
msgid "Email address of the new user."
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1064
#, php-format
msgid "Plugin %s disabled."
msgstr "Plugin %s deshabilitat."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1068
#, php-format
msgid "Plugin %s enabled."
msgstr "Plugin %s habilitat."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1078 ../../mod/admin.php:1294
msgid "Disable"
msgstr "Deshabilitar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1080 ../../mod/admin.php:1296
msgid "Enable"
msgstr "Habilitar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1103 ../../mod/admin.php:1324
msgid "Toggle"
msgstr "Canviar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1111 ../../mod/admin.php:1334
msgid "Author: "
msgstr "Autor:"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1112 ../../mod/admin.php:1335
msgid "Maintainer: "
msgstr "Responsable:"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1254
msgid "No themes found."
msgstr "No s'ha trobat temes."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1316
msgid "Screenshot"
msgstr "Captura de pantalla"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1362
msgid "[Experimental]"
msgstr "[Experimental]"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1363
msgid "[Unsupported]"
msgstr "[No soportat]"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1390
msgid "Log settings updated."
msgstr "Configuració del registre actualitzada."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1446
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Netejar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1452
msgid "Enable Debugging"
msgstr "Habilitar Depuració"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1453
msgid "Log file"
msgstr "Arxiu de registre"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1453
msgid ""
"Must be writable by web server. Relative to your Friendica top-level "
msgstr "Ha de tenir permisos d'escriptura pel servidor web. En relació amb el seu directori Friendica de nivell superior."
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1454
msgid "Log level"
msgstr "Nivell de transcripció"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1504
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Tancar"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1510
msgid "FTP Host"
msgstr "Amfitrió FTP"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1511
msgid "FTP Path"
msgstr "Direcció FTP"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1512
msgid "FTP User"
msgstr "Usuari FTP"
#: ../../mod/admin.php:1513
msgid "FTP Password"
msgstr "Contrasenya FTP"
#: ../../mod/network.php:142
msgid "Search Results For:"
msgstr "Resultats de la Cerca Per a:"
#: ../../mod/network.php:185 ../../mod/search.php:21
msgid "Remove term"
msgstr "Traieu termini"
#: ../../mod/network.php:194 ../../mod/search.php:30
#: ../../include/features.php:42
msgid "Saved Searches"
msgstr "Cerques Guardades"
#: ../../mod/network.php:195 ../../include/group.php:275
msgid "add"
msgstr "afegir"
#: ../../mod/network.php:356
msgid "Commented Order"
msgstr "Ordre dels Comentaris"
#: ../../mod/network.php:359
msgid "Sort by Comment Date"
msgstr "Ordenar per Data de Comentari"
#: ../../mod/network.php:362
msgid "Posted Order"
msgstr "Ordre dels Enviaments"
#: ../../mod/network.php:365
msgid "Sort by Post Date"
msgstr "Ordenar per Data d'Enviament"
#: ../../mod/network.php:374
msgid "Posts that mention or involve you"
msgstr "Missatge que et menciona o t'impliquen"
#: ../../mod/network.php:380
msgid "New"
msgstr "Nou"
#: ../../mod/network.php:383
msgid "Activity Stream - by date"
msgstr "Activitat del Flux - per data"
#: ../../mod/network.php:389
msgid "Shared Links"
msgstr "Enllaços Compartits"
#: ../../mod/network.php:392
msgid "Interesting Links"
msgstr "Enllaços Interesants"
#: ../../mod/network.php:398
msgid "Starred"
msgstr "Favorits"
#: ../../mod/network.php:401
msgid "Favourite Posts"
msgstr "Enviaments Favorits"
#: ../../mod/network.php:463
#, php-format
msgid "Warning: This group contains %s member from an insecure network."
msgid_plural ""
"Warning: This group contains %s members from an insecure network."
msgstr[0] "Advertència: Aquest grup conté el membre %s en una xarxa insegura."
msgstr[1] "Advertència: Aquest grup conté %s membres d'una xarxa insegura."
#: ../../mod/network.php:466
msgid "Private messages to this group are at risk of public disclosure."
msgstr "Els missatges privats a aquest grup es troben en risc de divulgació pública."
#: ../../mod/network.php:520 ../../mod/content.php:119
msgid "No such group"
msgstr "Cap grup com"
#: ../../mod/network.php:537 ../../mod/content.php:130
msgid "Group is empty"
msgstr "El Grup es buit"
#: ../../mod/network.php:544 ../../mod/content.php:134
msgid "Group: "
msgstr "Grup:"
#: ../../mod/network.php:554
msgid "Contact: "
msgstr "Contacte:"
#: ../../mod/network.php:556
msgid "Private messages to this person are at risk of public disclosure."
msgstr "Els missatges privats a aquesta persona es troben en risc de divulgació pública."
#: ../../mod/network.php:561
msgid "Invalid contact."
msgstr "Contacte no vàlid."
#: ../../mod/allfriends.php:34
#, php-format
msgid "Friends of %s"
msgstr "Amics de %s"
#: ../../mod/allfriends.php:40
msgid "No friends to display."
msgstr "No hi ha amics que mostrar"
#: ../../mod/events.php:66
msgid "Event title and start time are required."
msgstr "Títol d'esdeveniment i hora d'inici requerits."
#: ../../mod/events.php:291
msgid "l, F j"
msgstr "l, F j"
#: ../../mod/events.php:313
msgid "Edit event"
msgstr "Editar esdeveniment"
#: ../../mod/events.php:335 ../../include/text.php:1647
#: ../../include/text.php:1657
msgid "link to source"
msgstr "Enllaç al origen"
#: ../../mod/events.php:370 ../../boot.php:2143 ../../include/nav.php:80
#: ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:127
msgid "Events"
msgstr "Esdeveniments"
#: ../../mod/events.php:371
msgid "Create New Event"
msgstr "Crear un nou esdeveniment"
#: ../../mod/events.php:372
msgid "Previous"
msgstr "Previ"
#: ../../mod/events.php:373 ../../mod/install.php:207
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Següent"
#: ../../mod/events.php:446
msgid "hour:minute"
msgstr "hora:minut"
#: ../../mod/events.php:456
msgid "Event details"
msgstr "Detalls del esdeveniment"
#: ../../mod/events.php:457
#, php-format
msgid "Format is %s %s. Starting date and Title are required."
msgstr "El Format és %s %s. Data d'inici i títol requerits."
#: ../../mod/events.php:459
msgid "Event Starts:"
msgstr "Inici d'Esdeveniment:"
#: ../../mod/events.php:459 ../../mod/events.php:473
msgid "Required"
msgstr "Requerit"
#: ../../mod/events.php:462
msgid "Finish date/time is not known or not relevant"
msgstr "La data/hora de finalització no es coneixen o no són relevants"
#: ../../mod/events.php:464
msgid "Event Finishes:"
msgstr "L'esdeveniment Finalitza:"
#: ../../mod/events.php:467
msgid "Adjust for viewer timezone"
msgstr "Ajustar a la zona horaria de l'espectador"
#: ../../mod/events.php:469
msgid "Description:"
msgstr "Descripció:"
#: ../../mod/events.php:471 ../../mod/directory.php:136 ../../boot.php:1648
#: ../../include/bb2diaspora.php:170 ../../include/event.php:40
msgid "Location:"
msgstr "Ubicació:"
#: ../../mod/events.php:473
msgid "Title:"
msgstr "Títol:"
#: ../../mod/events.php:475
msgid "Share this event"
msgstr "Compartir aquest esdeveniment"
#: ../../mod/content.php:437 ../../mod/content.php:740
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1653 ../../object/Item.php:129
#: ../../include/conversation.php:613
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Selecionar"
#: ../../mod/content.php:471 ../../mod/content.php:852
#: ../../mod/content.php:853 ../../object/Item.php:326
#: ../../object/Item.php:327 ../../include/conversation.php:654
#, php-format
msgid "View %s's profile @ %s"
msgstr "Veure perfil de %s @ %s"
#: ../../mod/content.php:481 ../../mod/content.php:864
#: ../../object/Item.php:340 ../../include/conversation.php:674
#, php-format
msgid "%s from %s"
msgstr "%s des de %s"
#: ../../mod/content.php:497 ../../include/conversation.php:690
msgid "View in context"
msgstr "Veure en context"
#: ../../mod/content.php:603 ../../object/Item.php:387
#, php-format
msgid "%d comment"
msgid_plural "%d comments"
msgstr[0] "%d comentari"
msgstr[1] "%d comentaris"
#: ../../mod/content.php:605 ../../object/Item.php:389
#: ../../object/Item.php:402 ../../include/text.php:1972
msgid "comment"
msgid_plural "comments"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] "comentari"
#: ../../mod/content.php:606 ../../boot.php:751 ../../object/Item.php:390
#: ../../include/contact_widgets.php:205
msgid "show more"
msgstr "Mostrar més"
#: ../../mod/content.php:620 ../../mod/photos.php:1359
#: ../../object/Item.php:116
msgid "Private Message"
msgstr "Missatge Privat"
#: ../../mod/content.php:684 ../../mod/photos.php:1542
#: ../../object/Item.php:231
msgid "I like this (toggle)"
msgstr "M'agrada això (canviar)"
#: ../../mod/content.php:684 ../../object/Item.php:231
msgid "like"
msgstr "Agrada"
#: ../../mod/content.php:685 ../../mod/photos.php:1543
#: ../../object/Item.php:232
msgid "I don't like this (toggle)"
msgstr "No m'agrada això (canviar)"
#: ../../mod/content.php:685 ../../object/Item.php:232
msgid "dislike"
msgstr "Desagrada"
#: ../../mod/content.php:687 ../../object/Item.php:234
msgid "Share this"
msgstr "Compartir això"
#: ../../mod/content.php:687 ../../object/Item.php:234
msgid "share"
msgstr "Compartir"
#: ../../mod/content.php:707 ../../mod/photos.php:1562
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1606 ../../mod/photos.php:1694
#: ../../object/Item.php:675
msgid "This is you"
msgstr "Aquest ets tu"
#: ../../mod/content.php:709 ../../mod/photos.php:1564
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1608 ../../mod/photos.php:1696 ../../boot.php:750
#: ../../object/Item.php:361 ../../object/Item.php:677
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Comentari"
#: ../../mod/content.php:711 ../../object/Item.php:679
msgid "Bold"
msgstr "Negreta"
#: ../../mod/content.php:712 ../../object/Item.php:680
msgid "Italic"
msgstr "Itallica"
#: ../../mod/content.php:713 ../../object/Item.php:681
msgid "Underline"
msgstr "Subratllat"
#: ../../mod/content.php:714 ../../object/Item.php:682
msgid "Quote"
msgstr "Cometes"
#: ../../mod/content.php:715 ../../object/Item.php:683
msgid "Code"
msgstr "Codi"
#: ../../mod/content.php:716 ../../object/Item.php:684
msgid "Image"
msgstr "Imatge"
#: ../../mod/content.php:717 ../../object/Item.php:685
msgid "Link"
msgstr "Enllaç"
#: ../../mod/content.php:718 ../../object/Item.php:686
msgid "Video"
msgstr "Video"
#: ../../mod/content.php:719 ../../mod/editpost.php:145
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1566 ../../mod/photos.php:1610
#: ../../mod/photos.php:1698 ../../object/Item.php:687
#: ../../include/conversation.php:1126
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Vista prèvia"
#: ../../mod/content.php:728 ../../mod/settings.php:676
#: ../../object/Item.php:120
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Editar"
#: ../../mod/content.php:753 ../../object/Item.php:195
msgid "add star"
msgstr "Afegir a favorits"
#: ../../mod/content.php:754 ../../object/Item.php:196
msgid "remove star"
msgstr "Esborrar favorit"
#: ../../mod/content.php:755 ../../object/Item.php:197
msgid "toggle star status"
msgstr "Canviar estatus de favorit"
#: ../../mod/content.php:758 ../../object/Item.php:200
msgid "starred"
msgstr "favorit"
#: ../../mod/content.php:759 ../../object/Item.php:220
msgid "add tag"
msgstr "afegir etiqueta"
#: ../../mod/content.php:763 ../../object/Item.php:133
msgid "save to folder"
msgstr "guardat a la carpeta"
#: ../../mod/content.php:854 ../../object/Item.php:328
msgid "to"
msgstr "a"
#: ../../mod/content.php:855 ../../object/Item.php:330
msgid "Wall-to-Wall"
msgstr "Mur-a-Mur"
#: ../../mod/content.php:856 ../../object/Item.php:331
msgid "via Wall-To-Wall:"
msgstr "via Mur-a-Mur"
#: ../../mod/removeme.php:46 ../../mod/removeme.php:49
msgid "Remove My Account"
msgstr "Eliminar el Meu Compte"
#: ../../mod/removeme.php:47
msgid ""
"This will completely remove your account. Once this has been done it is not "
msgstr "Això eliminarà per complet el seu compte. Quan s'hagi fet això, no serà recuperable."
#: ../../mod/removeme.php:48
msgid "Please enter your password for verification:"
msgstr "Si us plau, introduïu la contrasenya per a la verificació:"
#: ../../mod/install.php:117
msgid "Friendica Communications Server - Setup"
msgstr "Friendica Servidor de Comunicacions - Configuració"
#: ../../mod/install.php:123
msgid "Could not connect to database."
msgstr "No puc connectar a la base de dades."
#: ../../mod/install.php:127
msgid "Could not create table."
msgstr "No puc creat taula."
#: ../../mod/install.php:133
msgid "Your Friendica site database has been installed."
msgstr "La base de dades del teu lloc Friendica ha estat instal·lada."
#: ../../mod/install.php:138
msgid ""
"You may need to import the file \"database.sql\" manually using phpmyadmin "
"or mysql."
msgstr "Pot ser que hagi d'importar l'arxiu \"database.sql\" manualment amb phpmyadmin o mysql."
#: ../../mod/install.php:139 ../../mod/install.php:206
#: ../../mod/install.php:525
msgid "Please see the file \"INSTALL.txt\"."
msgstr "Per favor, consulti l'arxiu \"INSTALL.txt\"."
#: ../../mod/install.php:203
msgid "System check"
msgstr "Comprovació del Sistema"
#: ../../mod/install.php:208
msgid "Check again"
msgstr "Comprovi de nou"
#: ../../mod/install.php:227
msgid "Database connection"
msgstr "Conexió a la base de dades"
#: ../../mod/install.php:228
msgid ""
"In order to install Friendica we need to know how to connect to your "
msgstr "Per a instal·lar Friendica necessitem conèixer com connectar amb la deva base de dades."
#: ../../mod/install.php:229
msgid ""
"Please contact your hosting provider or site administrator if you have "
"questions about these settings."
msgstr "Per favor, posi's en contacte amb el seu proveïdor de hosting o administrador del lloc si té alguna pregunta sobre aquestes opcions."
#: ../../mod/install.php:230
msgid ""
"The database you specify below should already exist. If it does not, please "
"create it before continuing."
msgstr "La base de dades que especifiques ja hauria d'existir. Si no és així, crea-la abans de continuar."
#: ../../mod/install.php:234
msgid "Database Server Name"
msgstr "Nom del Servidor de base de Dades"
#: ../../mod/install.php:235
msgid "Database Login Name"
msgstr "Nom d'Usuari de la base de Dades"
#: ../../mod/install.php:236
msgid "Database Login Password"
msgstr "Contrasenya d'Usuari de la base de Dades"
#: ../../mod/install.php:237
msgid "Database Name"
msgstr "Nom de la base de Dades"
#: ../../mod/install.php:238 ../../mod/install.php:277
msgid "Site administrator email address"
msgstr "Adreça de correu del administrador del lloc"
#: ../../mod/install.php:238 ../../mod/install.php:277
msgid ""
"Your account email address must match this in order to use the web admin "
msgstr "El seu compte d'adreça electrònica ha de coincidir per tal d'utilitzar el panell d'administració web."
#: ../../mod/install.php:242 ../../mod/install.php:280
msgid "Please select a default timezone for your website"
msgstr "Per favor, seleccioni una zona horària per defecte per al seu lloc web"
#: ../../mod/install.php:267
msgid "Site settings"
msgstr "Configuracions del lloc"
#: ../../mod/install.php:321
msgid "Could not find a command line version of PHP in the web server PATH."
msgstr "No es va poder trobar una versió de línia de comandos de PHP en la ruta del servidor web."
#: ../../mod/install.php:322
msgid ""
"If you don't have a command line version of PHP installed on server, you "
"will not be able to run background polling via cron. See <a "
"href=''>'Activating scheduled tasks'</a>"
msgstr "Si no tens una versió de línia de comandos instal·lada al teu servidor PHP, no podràs fer córrer els sondejos via cron. Mira <a href=''>'Activating scheduled tasks'</a>"
#: ../../mod/install.php:326
msgid "PHP executable path"
msgstr "Direcció del executable PHP"
#: ../../mod/install.php:326
msgid ""
"Enter full path to php executable. You can leave this blank to continue the "
msgstr "Entra la ruta sencera fins l'executable de php. Pots deixar això buit per continuar l'instal·lació."
#: ../../mod/install.php:331
msgid "Command line PHP"
msgstr "Linia de comandos PHP"
#: ../../mod/install.php:340
msgid "PHP executable is not the php cli binary (could be cgi-fgci version)"
msgstr "El programari executable PHP no es el binari php cli (hauria de ser la versió cgi-fcgi)"
#: ../../mod/install.php:341
msgid "Found PHP version: "
msgstr "Trobada la versió PHP:"
#: ../../mod/install.php:343
msgid "PHP cli binary"
msgstr "PHP cli binari"
#: ../../mod/install.php:354
msgid ""
"The command line version of PHP on your system does not have "
"\"register_argc_argv\" enabled."
msgstr "La versió de línia de comandos de PHP en el seu sistema no té \"register_argc_argv\" habilitat."
#: ../../mod/install.php:355
msgid "This is required for message delivery to work."
msgstr "Això és necessari perquè funcioni el lliurament de missatges."
#: ../../mod/install.php:357
msgid "PHP register_argc_argv"
msgstr "PHP register_argc_argv"
#: ../../mod/install.php:378
msgid ""
"Error: the \"openssl_pkey_new\" function on this system is not able to "
"generate encryption keys"
msgstr "Error: la funció \"openssl_pkey_new\" en aquest sistema no és capaç de generar claus de xifrat"
#: ../../mod/install.php:379
msgid ""
"If running under Windows, please see "
msgstr "Si s'executa en Windows, per favor consulti la secció \"\"."
#: ../../mod/install.php:381
msgid "Generate encryption keys"
msgstr "Generar claus d'encripció"
#: ../../mod/install.php:388
msgid "libCurl PHP module"
msgstr "Mòdul libCurl de PHP"
#: ../../mod/install.php:389
msgid "GD graphics PHP module"
msgstr "Mòdul GD de gràfics de PHP"
#: ../../mod/install.php:390
msgid "OpenSSL PHP module"
msgstr "Mòdul OpenSSl de PHP"
#: ../../mod/install.php:391
msgid "mysqli PHP module"
msgstr "Mòdul mysqli de PHP"
#: ../../mod/install.php:392
msgid "mb_string PHP module"
msgstr "Mòdul mb_string de PHP"
#: ../../mod/install.php:397 ../../mod/install.php:399
msgid "Apache mod_rewrite module"
msgstr "Apache mod_rewrite modul "
#: ../../mod/install.php:397
msgid ""
"Error: Apache webserver mod-rewrite module is required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: el mòdul mod-rewrite del servidor web Apache és necessari però no està instal·lat."
#: ../../mod/install.php:405
msgid "Error: libCURL PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: El mòdul libCURL de PHP és necessari però no està instal·lat."
#: ../../mod/install.php:409
msgid ""
"Error: GD graphics PHP module with JPEG support required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: el mòdul gràfic GD de PHP amb support per JPEG és necessari però no està instal·lat."
#: ../../mod/install.php:413
msgid "Error: openssl PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: El mòdul enssl de PHP és necessari però no està instal·lat."
#: ../../mod/install.php:417
msgid "Error: mysqli PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: El mòdul mysqli de PHP és necessari però no està instal·lat."
#: ../../mod/install.php:421
msgid "Error: mb_string PHP module required but not installed."
msgstr "Error: mòdul mb_string de PHP requerit però no instal·lat."
#: ../../mod/install.php:438
msgid ""
"The web installer needs to be able to create a file called \".htconfig.php\""
" in the top folder of your web server and it is unable to do so."
msgstr "L'instal·lador web necessita crear un arxiu anomenat \".htconfig.php\" en la carpeta superior del seu servidor web però alguna cosa ho va impedir."
#: ../../mod/install.php:439
msgid ""
"This is most often a permission setting, as the web server may not be able "
"to write files in your folder - even if you can."
msgstr "Això freqüentment és a causa d'una configuració de permisos; el servidor web no pot escriure arxius en la carpeta - encara que sigui possible."
#: ../../mod/install.php:440
msgid ""
"At the end of this procedure, we will give you a text to save in a file "
"named .htconfig.php in your Friendica top folder."
msgstr "Al final d'aquest procediment, et facilitarem un text que hauràs de guardar en un arxiu que s'anomena .htconfig.php que hi es a la carpeta principal del teu Friendica."
#: ../../mod/install.php:441
msgid ""
"You can alternatively skip this procedure and perform a manual installation."
" Please see the file \"INSTALL.txt\" for instructions."
msgstr "Alternativament, pots saltar-te aquest procediment i configurar-ho manualment. Per favor, mira l'arxiu \"INTALL.txt\" per a instruccions."
#: ../../mod/install.php:444
msgid ".htconfig.php is writable"
msgstr ".htconfig.php és escribible"
#: ../../mod/install.php:454
msgid ""
"Friendica uses the Smarty3 template engine to render its web views. Smarty3 "
"compiles templates to PHP to speed up rendering."
msgstr "Friendica empra el motor de plantilla Smarty3 per dibuixar la web. Smarty3 compila plantilles a PHP per accelerar el redibuxar."
#: ../../mod/install.php:455
msgid ""
"In order to store these compiled templates, the web server needs to have "
"write access to the directory view/smarty3/ under the Friendica top level "
msgstr "Per poder guardar aquestes plantilles compilades, el servidor web necessita tenir accés d'escriptura al directori view/smarty3/ sota la carpeta principal de Friendica."
#: ../../mod/install.php:456
msgid ""
"Please ensure that the user that your web server runs as (e.g. www-data) has"
" write access to this folder."
msgstr "Per favor, asegura que l'usuari que corre el servidor web (p.e. www-data) te accés d'escriptura a aquesta carpeta."
#: ../../mod/install.php:457
msgid ""
"Note: as a security measure, you should give the web server write access to "
"view/smarty3/ only--not the template files (.tpl) that it contains."
msgstr "Nota: Com a mesura de seguretat, hauries de facilitar al servidor web, accés d'escriptura a view/smarty3/ excepte els fitxers de plantilles (.tpl) que conté."
#: ../../mod/install.php:460
msgid "view/smarty3 is writable"
msgstr "view/smarty3 es escribible"
#: ../../mod/install.php:472
msgid ""
"Url rewrite in .htaccess is not working. Check your server configuration."
msgstr "URL rewrite en .htaccess no esta treballant. Comprova la configuració del teu servidor."
#: ../../mod/install.php:474
msgid "Url rewrite is working"
msgstr "URL rewrite està treballant"
#: ../../mod/install.php:484
msgid ""
"The database configuration file \".htconfig.php\" could not be written. "
"Please use the enclosed text to create a configuration file in your web "
"server root."
msgstr "L'arxiu per a la configuració de la base de dades \".htconfig.php\" no es pot escriure. Per favor, usi el text adjunt per crear un arxiu de configuració en l'arrel del servidor web."
#: ../../mod/install.php:523
msgid "<h1>What next</h1>"
msgstr "<h1>Que es següent</h1>"
#: ../../mod/install.php:524
msgid ""
"IMPORTANT: You will need to [manually] setup a scheduled task for the "
msgstr "IMPORTANT: necessitarà configurar [manualment] el programar una tasca pel sondejador (poller.php)"
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:42 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:112
#, php-format
msgid "Number of daily wall messages for %s exceeded. Message failed."
msgstr "Nombre diari de missatges al mur per %s excedit. El missatge ha fallat."
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:59
msgid "Unable to check your home location."
msgstr "Incapaç de comprovar la localització."
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:86 ../../mod/wallmessage.php:95
msgid "No recipient."
msgstr "Sense destinatari."
#: ../../mod/wallmessage.php:143
#, php-format
msgid ""
"If you wish for %s to respond, please check that the privacy settings on "
"your site allow private mail from unknown senders."
msgstr "si vols respondre a %s, comprova que els ajustos de privacitat del lloc permeten correus privats de remitents desconeguts."
#: ../../mod/help.php:79
msgid "Help:"
msgstr "Ajuda:"
#: ../../mod/help.php:84 ../../include/nav.php:114
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Ajuda"
#: ../../mod/help.php:90 ../../index.php:256
msgid "Not Found"
msgstr "No trobat"
#: ../../mod/help.php:93 ../../index.php:259
msgid "Page not found."
msgstr "Pàgina no trobada."
#: ../../mod/dfrn_poll.php:103 ../../mod/dfrn_poll.php:536
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s welcomes %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s benvingut %2$s"
#: ../../mod/home.php:35
#, php-format
msgid "Welcome to %s"
msgstr "Benvingut a %s"
#: ../../mod/wall_attach.php:75
msgid "Sorry, maybe your upload is bigger than the PHP configuration allows"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/wall_attach.php:75
msgid "Or - did you try to upload an empty file?"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/wall_attach.php:81
#, php-format
msgid "File exceeds size limit of %d"
msgstr "L'arxiu excedeix la mida límit de %d"
#: ../../mod/wall_attach.php:122 ../../mod/wall_attach.php:133
msgid "File upload failed."
msgstr "La càrrega de fitxers ha fallat."
#: ../../mod/match.php:12
msgid "Profile Match"
msgstr "Perfil Aconseguit"
#: ../../mod/match.php:20
msgid "No keywords to match. Please add keywords to your default profile."
msgstr "No hi ha paraules clau que coincideixin. Si us plau, afegeixi paraules clau al teu perfil predeterminat."
#: ../../mod/match.php:57
msgid "is interested in:"
msgstr "està interessat en:"
#: ../../mod/match.php:58 ../../mod/suggest.php:90 ../../boot.php:1568
#: ../../include/contact_widgets.php:10
msgid "Connect"
msgstr "Connexió"
#: ../../mod/share.php:44
msgid "link"
msgstr "enllaç"
#: ../../mod/community.php:23
msgid "Not available."
msgstr "No disponible."
#: ../../mod/community.php:32 ../../include/nav.php:129
#: ../../include/nav.php:131 ../../view/theme/diabook/theme.php:129
msgid "Community"
msgstr "Comunitat"
#: ../../mod/community.php:62 ../../mod/community.php:71
#: ../../mod/search.php:168 ../../mod/search.php:192
msgid "No results."
msgstr "Sense resultats."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:29 ../../mod/photos.php:80
msgid "everybody"
msgstr "tothom"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:41
msgid "Additional features"
msgstr "Característiques Adicionals"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:46
msgid "Display"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/settings.php:52 ../../mod/settings.php:780
msgid "Social Networks"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/settings.php:62 ../../include/nav.php:170
msgid "Delegations"
msgstr "Delegacions"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:67
msgid "Connected apps"
msgstr "App connectada"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:72 ../../mod/uexport.php:85
msgid "Export personal data"
msgstr "Exportar dades personals"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:77
msgid "Remove account"
msgstr "Esborrar compte"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:129
msgid "Missing some important data!"
msgstr "Perdudes algunes dades importants!"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:238
msgid "Failed to connect with email account using the settings provided."
msgstr "Connexió fracassada amb el compte de correu emprant la configuració proveïda."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:243
msgid "Email settings updated."
msgstr "Configuració del correu electrònic actualitzada."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:258
msgid "Features updated"
msgstr "Característiques actualitzades"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:321
msgid "Relocate message has been send to your contacts"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/settings.php:335
msgid "Passwords do not match. Password unchanged."
msgstr "Les contrasenyes no coincideixen. Contrasenya no canviada."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:340
msgid "Empty passwords are not allowed. Password unchanged."
msgstr "No es permeten contasenyes buides. Contrasenya no canviada"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:348
msgid "Wrong password."
msgstr "Contrasenya errònia"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:359
msgid "Password changed."
msgstr "Contrasenya canviada."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:361
msgid "Password update failed. Please try again."
msgstr "Ha fallat l'actualització de la Contrasenya. Per favor, intenti-ho de nou."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:428
msgid " Please use a shorter name."
msgstr "Si us plau, faci servir un nom més curt."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:430
msgid " Name too short."
msgstr "Nom massa curt."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:439
msgid "Wrong Password"
msgstr "Contrasenya Errònia"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:444
msgid " Not valid email."
msgstr "Correu no vàlid."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:450
msgid " Cannot change to that email."
msgstr "No puc canviar a aquest correu."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:506
msgid "Private forum has no privacy permissions. Using default privacy group."
msgstr "Els Fòrums privats no tenen permisos de privacitat. Empra la privacitat de grup per defecte."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:510
msgid "Private forum has no privacy permissions and no default privacy group."
msgstr "Els Fòrums privats no tenen permisos de privacitat i tampoc privacitat per defecte de grup."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:540
msgid "Settings updated."
msgstr "Ajustos actualitzats."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:613 ../../mod/settings.php:639
#: ../../mod/settings.php:675
msgid "Add application"
msgstr "Afegir aplicació"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:617 ../../mod/settings.php:643
msgid "Consumer Key"
msgstr "Consumer Key"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:618 ../../mod/settings.php:644
msgid "Consumer Secret"
msgstr "Consumer Secret"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:619 ../../mod/settings.php:645
msgid "Redirect"
msgstr "Redirigir"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:620 ../../mod/settings.php:646
msgid "Icon url"
msgstr "icona de url"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:631
msgid "You can't edit this application."
msgstr "No pots editar aquesta aplicació."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:674
msgid "Connected Apps"
msgstr "Aplicacions conectades"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:678
msgid "Client key starts with"
msgstr "Les claus de client comançen amb"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:679
msgid "No name"
msgstr "Sense nom"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:680
msgid "Remove authorization"
msgstr "retirar l'autorització"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:692
msgid "No Plugin settings configured"
msgstr "No s'han configurat ajustos de Plugin"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:700
msgid "Plugin Settings"
msgstr "Ajustos de Plugin"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:714
msgid "Off"
msgstr "Apagat"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:714
msgid "On"
msgstr "Engegat"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:722
msgid "Additional Features"
msgstr "Característiques Adicionals"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:736 ../../mod/settings.php:737
#, php-format
msgid "Built-in support for %s connectivity is %s"
msgstr "El suport integrat per a la connectivitat de %s és %s"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:736 ../../mod/dfrn_request.php:838
#: ../../include/contact_selectors.php:80
msgid "Diaspora"
msgstr "Diaspora"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:736 ../../mod/settings.php:737
msgid "enabled"
msgstr "habilitat"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:736 ../../mod/settings.php:737
msgid "disabled"
msgstr "deshabilitat"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:737
msgid "StatusNet"
msgstr "StatusNet"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:773
msgid "Email access is disabled on this site."
msgstr "L'accés al correu està deshabilitat en aquest lloc."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:785
msgid "Email/Mailbox Setup"
msgstr "Preparació de Correu/Bústia"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:786
msgid ""
"If you wish to communicate with email contacts using this service "
"(optional), please specify how to connect to your mailbox."
msgstr "Si vol comunicar-se amb els contactes de correu emprant aquest servei (opcional), Si us plau, especifiqui com connectar amb la seva bústia."
#: ../../mod/settings.php:787
msgid "Last successful email check:"
msgstr "Última comprovació de correu amb èxit:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:789
msgid "IMAP server name:"
msgstr "Nom del servidor IMAP:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:790
msgid "IMAP port:"
msgstr "Port IMAP:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:791
msgid "Security:"
msgstr "Seguretat:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:791 ../../mod/settings.php:796
msgid "None"
msgstr "Cap"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:792
msgid "Email login name:"
msgstr "Nom d'usuari del correu"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:793
msgid "Email password:"
msgstr "Contrasenya del correu:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:794
msgid "Reply-to address:"
msgstr "Adreça de resposta:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:795
msgid "Send public posts to all email contacts:"
msgstr "Enviar correu públic a tots els contactes del correu:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:796
msgid "Action after import:"
msgstr "Acció després d'importar:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:796
msgid "Mark as seen"
msgstr "Marcar com a vist"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:796
msgid "Move to folder"
msgstr "Moure a la carpeta"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:797
msgid "Move to folder:"
msgstr "Moure a la carpeta:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:878
msgid "Display Settings"
msgstr "Ajustos de Pantalla"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:884 ../../mod/settings.php:899
msgid "Display Theme:"
msgstr "Visualitzar el Tema:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:885
msgid "Mobile Theme:"
msgstr "Tema Mobile:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:886
msgid "Update browser every xx seconds"
msgstr "Actualitzar navegador cada xx segons"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:886
msgid "Minimum of 10 seconds, no maximum"
msgstr "Mínim cada 10 segons, no hi ha màxim"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:887
msgid "Number of items to display per page:"
msgstr "Número d'elements a mostrar per pàgina"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:887 ../../mod/settings.php:888
msgid "Maximum of 100 items"
msgstr "Màxim de 100 elements"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:888
msgid "Number of items to display per page when viewed from mobile device:"
msgstr "Nombre d'elements a veure per pàgina quan es vegin des d'un dispositiu mòbil:"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:889
msgid "Don't show emoticons"
msgstr "No mostrar emoticons"
#: ../../mod/settings.php:890
msgid "Don't show notices"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/settings.php:891
msgid "Infinite scroll"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/settings.php:892
msgid "Automatic updates only at the top of the network page"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/settings.php:969
msgid "User Types"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/settings.php:970
msgid "Community Types"
msgstr ""
#: ../../mod/settings.php:971
msgid "Normal Account Page"
msgstr "Pàgina Normal del Compte "
#: ../../mod/settings.php:972
msgid "This account is a normal personal profile"