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namespace Friendica\Module\Security;
use Friendica\BaseModule;
use Friendica\DI;
use Friendica\Util\Strings;
use LightOpenID;
* Performs an login with OpenID
class OpenID extends BaseModule
public static function content(array $parameters = [])
if (DI::config()->get('system', 'no_openid')) {
DI::logger()->debug('mod_openid.', ['request' => $_REQUEST]);
$session = DI::session();
if (!empty($_GET['openid_mode']) && !empty($session->get('openid'))) {
$openid = new LightOpenID(DI::baseUrl()->getHostname());
$l10n = DI::l10n();
if ($openid->validate()) {
$authId = $openid->data['openid_identity'];
if (empty($authId)) {
DI::logger()->info($l10n->t('OpenID protocol error. No ID returned'));
// NOTE: we search both for normalised and non-normalised form of $authid
// because the normalization step was removed from setting
// mod/settings.php in 8367cad so it might have left mixed
// records in the user table
$condition = ['blocked' => false, 'account_expired' => false, 'account_removed' => false, 'verified' => true,
'openid' => [$authId, Strings::normaliseOpenID($authId)]];
$dba = DI::dba();
$user = $dba->selectFirst('user', [], $condition);
if ($dba->isResult($user)) {
// successful OpenID login
DI::auth()->setForUser(DI::app(), $user, true, true);
// just in case there was no return url set
// and we fell through
// Successful OpenID login - but we can't match it to an existing account.
$session->set('openid_attributes', $openid->getAttributes());
$session->set('openid_identity', $authId);
// Detect the server URL
$open_id_obj = new LightOpenID(DI::baseUrl()->getHostName());
$open_id_obj->identity = $authId;
$session->set('openid_server', $open_id_obj->discover($open_id_obj->identity));
if (intval(DI::config()->get('config', 'register_policy')) === \Friendica\Module\Register::CLOSED) {
notice($l10n->t('Account not found. Please login to your existing account to add the OpenID to it.'));
} else {
notice($l10n->t('Account not found. Please register a new account or login to your existing account to add the OpenID to it.'));