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<div class="contact-entry-wrapper" id="contact-entry-wrapper-$" >
<div class="contact-entry-photo-wrapper" >
<div class="contact-entry-photo mframe" id="contact-entry-photo-$"
onmouseover="if (typeof t$ != 'undefined') clearTimeout(t$; openMenu('contact-photo-menu-button-$')"
onmouseout="t$'closeMenu(\'contact-photo-menu-button-$\'); closeMenu(\'contact-photo-menu-$\');',200)" >
<a href="$contact.url" title="$contact.img_hover" /><img src="$contact.thumb" $contact.sparkle alt="$" /></a>
{{ if $contact.photo_menu }}
<span onclick="openClose('contact-photo-menu-$');" class="fakelink contact-photo-menu-button" id="contact-photo-menu-button-$">menu</span>
<div class="contact-photo-menu" id="contact-photo-menu-$">
{{ endif }}
<div class="contact-entry-photo-end" ></div>
<div class="contact-entry-name" id="contact-entry-name-$" >$</div>
<div class="contact-entry-end" ></div>