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Mistpark Server
Version 2.0 alpha

IMPORTANT: Please see the file INSTALL for system requirements.

Mistpark introduces a new generation of social networks. Mistpark Server
allows you to interact with other members of the Mistpark community using
the DFRN (Distributed Friends and Relations Network) protocol. Other networks
(such as Diaspora, OneSocialWeb, status.net, etc.) will be supported in the 
future as their products mature and protocol and privacy/rights issues are 
resolved between these networks. 

It's your network now. If social networking isn't what you thought it would 
be, help us to make it better.  

A single instance of Mistpark Server supports up to several hundred people 
using commodity hosting hardware. Each of these people can connect with any 
other mistpark/DFRN cell anywhere in the world and share photos, links, 
status updates, whatever. Also available from Mistpark Labs is 
Mistpark Personal Edition, which supports a single person.

Mistpark may also be closed off from the global community and used to support
social networking amongst corporate, educational, religious, and other private
communities. This makes it an excellent choice for the social networking needs
of young teenagers. Their network can grow to global scope as their maturity 
increases - and can be made available only to their known friends until then.

Every person on Mistpark has unlimited profiles available to them. There is a 
"public profile" which can be seen by anybody. Additional profiles may be 
tailored to specific groups or individuals - and shown when a known friend 
visits your site.

Groups may be setup for closed conversations (like Diaspora's "aspects"). In 
this way your conversations with drinking buddies may be kept completely 
separate from conversations with co-workers (for instance).  

Please see http://dfrn.org for more information on the mistpark/DFRN project.

We will be providing a support site specifically for mistpark at 
http://mistpark.com at a future (unspecified) date. We are still 
evaluating wiki, forum, and bug-tracking software for use on the project. 
At the present time, you may contact the author and raise issues via
the source code repository on github.com. 

Please support mistpark with a donation.