Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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namespace Friendica\Test\src\Database;
use Friendica\App;
use Friendica\Core\Config;
use Friendica\Core\Config\Cache\PConfigCache;
use Friendica\Core\L10n\L10n;
use Friendica\Database\DBA;
use Friendica\Factory;
use Friendica\Test\DatabaseTest;
use Friendica\Util\BaseURL;
class DBATest extends DatabaseTest
public function setUp()
$configModel = new \Friendica\Model\Config\Config(self::$dba);
$config = Factory\ConfigFactory::createConfig(self::$configCache, $configModel);
$pconfigModel = new \Friendica\Model\Config\PConfig(self::$dba);
Factory\ConfigFactory::createPConfig(self::$configCache, new PConfigCache(), $pconfigModel);
$logger = Factory\LoggerFactory::create('test', self::$dba, $config, self::$profiler);
$baseUrl = new BaseURL($config, $_SERVER);
$router = new App\Router();
$l10n = new L10n($config,
$this->app = new App(self::$dba, $config, self::$mode, $router, $baseUrl, $logger, self::$profiler, $l10n, false);
// Default config
Config::set('config', 'hostname', 'localhost');
Config::set('system', 'throttle_limit_day', 100);
Config::set('system', 'throttle_limit_week', 100);
Config::set('system', 'throttle_limit_month', 100);
Config::set('system', 'theme', 'system_theme');
* @small
public function testExists() {
$this->assertTrue(DBA::exists('config', []));
$this->assertFalse(DBA::exists('notable', []));
$this->assertTrue(DBA::exists('config', null));
$this->assertFalse(DBA::exists('notable', null));
$this->assertTrue(DBA::exists('config', ['k' => 'hostname']));
$this->assertFalse(DBA::exists('config', ['k' => 'nonsense']));