Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Install an ejabberd with synchronized credentials

Ejabberd is a chat server that uses XMPP as messaging protocol that you can use with a large amount of clients. In conjunction with the “xmpp” addon it can be used for a web based chat solution for your users.


  • Change it’s owner to whichever user is running the server, ie. ejabberd

      $ chown ejabberd:ejabberd /path/to/friendica/bin/auth_ejabberd.php
  • Change the access mode so it is readable only to the user ejabberd and has exec

      $ chmod 700 /path/to/friendica/bin/auth_ejabberd.php
  • Edit your ejabberd.cfg file, comment out your auth_method and add:

      {auth_method, external}.
      {extauth_program, "/path/to/friendica/bin/auth_ejabberd.php"}.
  • Disable the module “mod_register” and disable the registration:

      {access, register, [{deny, all}]}.
  • Enable BOSH:

    • Enable the module “mod_http_bind”

    • Edit this line:

      {5280, ejabberd_http,    [captcha, http_poll, http_bind]}
    • In your apache configuration for your site add this line:

      ProxyPass /http-bind retry=0
  • Restart your ejabberd service, you should be able to login with your friendica credentials

Other hints

  • if a user has a space or a @ in the nickname, the user has to replace these characters:
    • " " (space) is replaced with “%20”
    • “@” is replaced with “(a)”