Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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// update pending count //
$("nav").bind('nav-update', function(e,data){
var elm = $('#pending-update');
var register = $(data).find('register').text();
if (register=="0") { reigster=""; elm.hide();} else {; }
<h4><a href="$admurl">Admin</a></h4>
<ul class='admin linklist'>
<li class='admin link $'><a href='$'>$</a></li>
<li class='admin link $admin.users.2'><a href='$admin.users.0'>$admin.users.1</a><span id='pending-update' title='$h_pending'></span></li>
<li class='admin link $admin.plugins.2'><a href='$admin.plugins.0'>$admin.plugins.1</a></li>
{{ if $admin.plugins_admin }}<h4>Plugins</h4>{{ endif }}
<ul class='admin linklist'>
{{ for $admin.plugins_admin as $l }}
<li class='admin link $l.2'><a href='$l.0'>$l.1</a></li>
{{ endfor }}
<ul class='admin linklist'>
<li class='admin link $admin.logs.2'><a href='$admin.logs.0'>$admin.logs.1</a></li>
<ul class='admin linklist'>
<li class='admin link $admin.update.2'><a href='$admin.update.0'>$admin.update.1</a></li>