Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Michael 4c5b97834b Replaced quotes 2 years ago
Config Fix typo in Model\Config\PConfig 2 years ago
Storage Rewrites: 3 years ago
TwoFactor Add two-factor app-specific password settings page 2 years ago
APContact.php Support for empty nick names 2 years ago
Attach.php Ensure *toArray returns an array 2 years ago
Contact.php Code transitioning from PortableContacts.php to GServer.php 2 years ago
Conversation.php Fix potential bugs without expected behavior change 3 years ago
Event.php Fix for distribution of event deletions 2 years ago
FileTag.php catching nulls for FileTag 2 years ago
GContact.php Replaced quotes 2 years ago
GServer.php Fix for multiline host-meta, reducement of requests, fix for wordpress 2 years ago
Group.php Use network field instead of protocol in Group::expand 2 years ago
Item.php New function "isAuthenticated" 2 years ago
ItemContent.php Fix PHPDoc comments project-wide 3 years ago
ItemDeliveryData.php Type hints 2 years ago
ItemURI.php Fix PHPDoc comments project-wide 3 years ago
Mail.php Issue 5721: Set permissions of photos in PM 2 years ago
Nodeinfo.php proper split cronjob functions 3 years ago
OpenWebAuthToken.php Fix PHPDoc comments project-wide 3 years ago
PermissionSet.php Fix permissionset query 2 years ago
Photo.php Fix: The getGUID function hadn't fetched the GUID from pictures with scale "0" 2 years ago
Process.php Fix PHPDoc comments project-wide 3 years ago
Profile.php Rework theme override in Profile::load and App 2 years ago
PushSubscriber.php Fix PHPDoc comments project-wide 3 years ago typo 3 years ago
Register.php Fix security vulnerbilities. 2 years ago
Search.php Move .well-known, webfinger, xrd to src/Module/ 2 years ago
Term.php Fix trending tags variable name mistakes in Model\Term 2 years ago
User.php Catch missing Certainty bundle exception when checking for exposed password in Model\User 2 years ago


Models are the glue between the business logic of the app and the datastore(s).

In the namespace Model should only be static classes that interact with the DB with the same name as a database table.