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<!DOCTYPE html >
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<script>var baseurl="<?php echo $a->get_baseurl() ?>";</script>
<script type="text/javascript">
function ScrollToBottom(){
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<section><?php if(x($page,'content')) echo $page['content']; ?>
<div id="page-footer"></div>
<right_aside><?php if(x($page,'right_aside')) echo $page['right_aside']; ?></right_aside>
<footer id="footer">
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<tools id="tools">
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<div id="scrollup" >
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<a class="item-scrollup" href="javascript:scrollTo(0,0)"><img src="view/theme/smoothly/images/up.png" alt="to top" title="to top" /></a>
<a class="item-scrollup" href="logout"><img src="view/theme/smoothly/images/power.png" alt="power" title="power" /></a>
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