Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Michael 41a1c1c3e6 Fetch items by given uri 2 years ago
Cache remove extraneous space 3 years ago
Config Dynamic config loading 2 years ago
L10n Refactor L10n for testing 2 years ago
Lock Fixing redis cachekey 3 years ago
Session Add uri to missing session data logging context in Session handlers 3 years ago
ACL.php Prevent fatal error in ACL::getFullSelectorHTML when accessing a profile as a remote visitor 2 years ago
Addon.php Delete all addon hooks by default on uninstall 2 years ago
Authentication.php Exclude /api and /proxy from 2fa check 2 years ago
Cache.php Adding REAMDEs to directories 3 years ago
Config.php Refactoring Logging to use Configuration 3 years ago
Console.php Move Console namespace one level up 2 years ago
Hook.php Sanitize addon path items 3 years ago
Installer.php Splitting ConfigCache & PConfigCache 2 years ago
L10n.php Hot-fix: Core\L10n::t method passing parameter bug 2 years ago
Lock.php Adding REAMDEs to directories 3 years ago
Logger.php Moving Profiling to class 3 years ago
NotificationsManager.php Use "received" instead of "created" when displaying posts in creation order 2 years ago
PConfig.php Add transitive type hints in Core\PConfig 2 years ago
Protocol.php New constant for federated protocols 2 years ago Adding REAMDEs to directories 3 years ago
Renderer.php Remove duplicate $baseurl template variable 2 years ago
Search.php New constant for federated protocols 2 years ago
Session.php Replace defaults() calls on $_SESSION by Core\Session calls 2 years ago
StorageManager.php Revert b2794bb2c 'Allow set empty string storge class for legacy' 3 years ago
System.php Move mod/maintenance to src/Module/Maintenance 2 years ago
Theme.php Various feedback items 2 years ago
Update.php Add subject to DB Update email 2 years ago
UserImport.php Fix delivery counter for poking / unify delivery commands 2 years ago
Worker.php Merge pull request #7245 from annando/unify-constants 2 years ago


The Core namespace contains classes, which are essential to Friendica.