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<div class="vcard">
<div class="tool">
<div class="fn label">$</div>
{{ if $profile.edit }}
<div class="action">
<a class="icon s16 edit ttright" href="#" rel="#profiles-menu" title="$profile.edit.3"><span>$profile.edit.1</span></a>
<ul id="profiles-menu" class="menu-popup">
{{ for $ as $e }}
<a href="profiles/$"><img src='$'>$e.profile_name</a>
{{ endfor }}
<li><a href="profile_photo" >$</a></li>
<li><a href="profiles/new" id="profile-listing-new-link">$</a></li>
{{ endif }}
{{ if $pdesc }}<div class="title">$profile.pdesc</div>{{ endif }}
<div id="profile-photo-wrapper"><img class="photo" width="175" height="175" src="$" alt="$" /></div>
{{ if $location }}
<dl class="location"><dt class="location-label">$location</dt>
<dd class="adr">
{{ if $profile.address }}<div class="street-address">$profile.address</div>{{ endif }}
<span class="city-state-zip">
<span class="locality">$profile.locality</span>{{ if $profile.locality }}, {{ endif }}
<span class="region">$profile.region</span>
<span class="postal-code">$profile.postal-code</span>
{{ if $ }}<span class="country-name">$</span>{{ endif }}
{{ endif }}
{{ if $gender }}<dl class="mf"><dt class="gender-label">$gender</dt> <dd class="x-gender">$profile.gender</dd></dl>{{ endif }}
{{ if $profile.pubkey }}<div class="key" style="display:none;">$profile.pubkey</div>{{ endif }}
{{ if $marital }}<dl class="marital"><dt class="marital-label"><span class="heart">&hearts;</span>$marital</dt><dd class="marital-text">$profile.marital</dd></dl>{{ endif }}
{{ if $homepage }}<dl class="homepage"><dt class="homepage-label">$homepage</dt><dd class="homepage-url"><a href="$profile.homepage" target="external-link">$profile.homepage</a></dd></dl>{{ endif }}
{{ inc diaspora_vcard.tpl }}{{ endinc }}
<div id="profile-extra-links">
{{ if $connect }}
<li><a id="dfrn-request-link" href="dfrn_request/$profile.nickname">$connect</a></li>
{{ endif }}