Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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<?php return <<<INI
; This file declares the default values for the base config of Friendica.
; These configuration values aren't accessible from the admin settings page and custom values must be set in config/local.ini.php
; Please don't edit this file directly as its content may change in the upcoming versions.
; host (String)
; Hostname or IP address of the database server.
; Can contain the port number with the syntax "hostname:port".
hostname =
; user (String)
; Database user name. Please don't use "root".
username =
; pass (String)
; Database user password. Please don't use empty passwords.
password =
; base (String)
; Database name.
database =
; charset (String)
; Database connexion charset. Changing this value will likely corrupt special characters.
charset = utf8mb4
; admin_email (Comma-separated list)
; In order to perform system administration via the admin panel, this must precisely match the email address of the person logged in.
admin_email =
; admin_nickname (String)
; Nickname of the main admin user, used if there are more than one admin user defined in config.admin_email.
admin_nickname =
; max_import_size (Integer)
; Maximum body size of DFRN and Mail messages in characters. 0 is unlimited.
max_import_size = 200000
; php_path (String)
; Location of PHP command line processor.
php_path = php
; allowed_link_protocols (Array)
; Allowed protocols in links URLs, add at your own risk. http is always allowed.
allowed_link_protocols[0] = ftp
allowed_link_protocols[1] = ftps
allowed_link_protocols[2] = mailto
allowed_link_protocols[3] = cid
allowed_link_protocols[4] = gopher
; always_show_preview (Boolean)
; Only show small preview picures.
always_show_preview = false
; archival_days (Integer)
; Number of days that we try to deliver content before we archive a contact.
archival_days = 32
; auth_cookie_lifetime (Integer)
; Number of days that should pass without any activity before a user who chose "Remember me" when logging in is considered logged out.
auth_cookie_lifetime = 7
; block_local_dir (Boolean)
; Deny public access to the local user directory.
block_local_dir = false
; cache_driver (database|memcache|memcached|redis)
; Whether to use Memcache or Memcached or Redis to store temporary cache.
cache_driver = database
; config_adapter (jit|preload)
; Allow to switch the configuration adapter to improve performances at the cost of memory consumption.
config_adapter = jit
; curl_range_bytes (Integer)
; Maximum number of bytes that should be fetched. Default is 0, which mean "no limit".
curl_range_bytes = 0
; crawl_permit_period (Integer)
; Period in seconds between allowed searches when the number of free searches is reached and "permit_crawling" is activated.
crawl_permit_period = 60
; db_log (Path)
; Name of a logfile to log slow database queries.
db_log =
; db_log_index (Path)
; Name of a logfile to log queries with bad indexes.
db_log_index =
; db_log_index_watch (Comma-separated list)
; Watchlist of indexes to watch.
db_log_index_watch =
; db_log_index_blacklist (Comma-separated list)
; Blacklist of indexes that shouldn't be watched.
db_log_index_blacklist =
; db_loglimit (Integer)
; If a database call lasts longer than this value in seconds it is logged.
; Inactive if system.db_log is empty.
db_loglimit = 10
; db_loglimit_index (Integer)
; Number of index rows needed to be logged for indexes on the watchlist. 0 to disable.
db_loglimit_index = 0
; db_loglimit_index_high (Integer)
; Number of index rows to be logged anyway (for any index). 0 to disable.
db_loglimit_index_high = 0
; dbclean_expire_conversation (Integer)
; When DBClean is enabled, any entry in the conversation table will be deleted after this many days.
; These data are normally needed only for debugging purposes and they are safe to delete.
dbclean_expire_conversation = 90
; diaspora_test (Boolean)
; For development only. Disables the message transfer.
diaspora_test = false
; disable_email_validation (Boolean)
; Disables the check if a mail address is in a valid format and can be resolved via DNS.
disable_email_validation = false
; disable_url_validation (Boolean)
; Disables the DNS lookup of an URL.
disable_url_validation = false
; disable_password_exposed (Boolean)
; Disable the exposition check against the remote haveibeenpwned API on password change.
disable_password_exposed = false
; dlogfile (Path)
; location of the developer log file.
dlogfile =
; dlogip (String)
; restricts develop log writes to requests originating from this IP address.
dlogip =
; free_crawls (Integer)
; Number of "free" searches when system.permit_crawling is activated.
free_crawls = 10
; frontend_worker_timeout (Integer)
; Value in minutes after we think that a frontend task was killed by the webserver.
frontend_worker_timeout = 10
; groupedit_image_limit (Integer)
; Number of contacts at which the group editor should switch from display the profile pictures of the contacts to only display the names.
; This can alternatively be set on a per account basis in the pconfig table.
groupedit_image_limit = 400
; hsts (Boolean)
; Enables the sending of HTTP Strict Transport Security headers.
hsts = false
; ignore_cache (Boolean)
; For development only. Disables the item cache.
ignore_cache = false
; instances_social_key (String)
; Key to the API of which retrieves data about mastodon servers.
; See to get an API key.
instances_social_key =
; ipv4_resolve (Boolean)
; Resolve IPV4 addresses only. Don't resolve to IPV6.
ipv4_resolve = false
; invitation_only (Boolean)
; If set true registration is only possible after a current member of the node has send an invitation.
invitation_only = false
; like_no_comment (Boolean)
; Don't update the "commented" value of an item when it is liked.
like_no_comment = false
; local_block (Boolean)
; Used in conjunction with "block_public".
local_block = false
; local_search (Boolean)
; Blocks search for users who are not logged in to prevent crawlers from blocking your system.
local_search = false
; local_tags (Boolean)
; If activated, all hashtags will point to the local server.
local_tags = false
; max_batch_queue (Integer)
; Maximum number of batched queue items for a single contact before subsequent messages are discarded.
max_batch_queue = 1000
; max_connections (Integer)
; The maximum number of database connections which can be in use before the worker process is deferred to its next interval.
; When the system can't detect the maximum numbers of connection then this value can be used. Use 0 for auto-detection.
max_connections = 0
; max_connections_level (Integer 0-100)
; The maximum percentage of connections that are allowed to let the worker start.
max_connections_level = 75
; max_contact_queue (Integer)
; Maximum number of queue items for a single contact before subsequent messages are discarded.
max_contact_queue = 500
; max_image_length (Integer)
; An alternate way of limiting picture upload sizes.
; Specify the maximum pixel length that pictures are allowed to be (for non-square pictures, it will apply to the longest side).
; Pictures longer than this length will be resized to be this length (on the longest side, the other side will be scaled appropriately).
; If you don't want to set a maximum length, set to -1.
max_image_length = -1
; max_processes_backend (Integer)
; Maximum number of concurrent database processes for background tasks.
max_processes_backend = 5
; max_processes_frontend (Integer)
; Maximum number of concurrent database processes for foreground tasks.
max_processes_frontend = 20
; maximagesize (Integer)
; Maximum size in bytes of an uploaded photo.
maximagesize = 800000
; memcache_host (String)
; Host name of the memcache daemon.
memcache_host =
; memcache_port (Integer)
; Port number of the memcache daemon.
memcache_port = 11211
; memcached_hosts (Array)
; Array of Memcached servers info "host, port(, weight)".
memcached_hosts[0] =,11211
; min_poll_interval (Integer)
; minimal distance in minutes between two polls for a contact. Reasonable values are between 1 and 59.
min_poll_interval = 1
; no_count (Boolean)
; Don't do count calculations (currently only when showing albums).
no_count = false
; no_oembed (Boolean)
; Don't use OEmbed to fetch more information about a link.
no_oembed = false
; no_smilies (Boolean)
; Don't show smilies.
no_smilies = false
; no_view_full_size (Boolean)
; Don't add the link "View full size" under a resized image.
no_view_full_size = false
; optimize_items (Boolean)
; Triggers an SQL command to optimize the item table before expiring items.
optimize_items = false
; paranoia (Boolean)
; Log out users if their IP address changed.
paranoia = false
; permit_crawling (Boolean)
; Restricts the search for not logged in users to one search per minute.
permit_crawling = false
; pidfile (Path)
; Daemon pid file path. For example: pidfile = /path/to/
pidfile =
; png_quality (Integer)
; Sets the ImageMagick compression level for PNG images. Values ranges from 0 (uncompressed) to 9 (most compressed).
png_quality = 8
; profiler (Boolean)
; Enable internal timings to help optimize code. Needed for "rendertime" addon.
profiler = false
; proxy_cache_time (Integer)
; Period in seconds after which the cache is cleared.
proxy_cache_time = 86400
; pushpoll_frequency (Integer)
; Frequency of contact poll for subhub contact using the DFRM or OStatus network.
; Available values:
; - 5 = every month
; - 4 = every week
; - 3 = every day
; - 2 = twice a day
; - 1 = every hour
; - 0 = every minute
pushpoll_frequency = 3
; queue_no_dead_check (Boolean)
; Ignore if the target contact or server seems to be dead during queue delivery.
queue_no_dead_check = false
; redis_host (String)
; Host name of the redis daemon.
redis_host =
; redis_port (String)
; Port number of the redis daemon.
redis_port = 6379
; session_handler (database|cache|native)
; Whether to use Cache to store session data or to use PHP native session storage.
session_handler = database
; remove_multiplicated_lines (Boolean)
; If enabled, multiple linefeeds in items are stripped to a single one.
remove_multiplicated_lines = false
; sendmail_params (Boolean)
; Normal sendmail command parameters will be added when the PHP mail() function is called for sending e-mails.
; This ensures the Sender Email address setting is applied to the message envelope rather than the host's default address.
; Set to false if your non-sendmail agent is incompatible, or to restore old behavior of using the host address.
sendmail_params = true
; show_global_community_hint (Boolean)
; When the global community page is enabled, use this option to display a hint above the stream, that this is a collection of all public top-level postings that arrive on your node.
show_global_community_hint = false
; show_unsupported_addons (Boolean)
; Show all addons including the unsupported ones.
show_unsupported_addons = false
; show_unsupported_themes (Boolean)
; Show all themes including the unsupported ones.
show_unsupported_themes = false
; throttle_limit_day (Integer)
; Maximum number of posts that a user can send per day with the API. 0 to disable daily throttling.
throttle_limit_day = 0
; throttle_limit_week (Integer)
; Maximum number of posts that a user can send per week with the API. 0 to disable weekly throttling.
throttle_limit_week = 0
; throttle_limit_month (Integer)
; Maximum number of posts that a user can send per month with the API. 0 to disable monthly throttling.
throttle_limit_month = 0
; urlpath (String)
; If you are using a subdirectory of your domain you will need to put the relative path (from the root of your domain) here.
; For instance if your URL is '', set urlpath to 'directory/subdirectory'.
urlpath =
; worker_cooldown (Integer)
; Cooldown period in seconds after each worker function call.
worker_cooldown = 0
; worker_debug (Boolean)
; If enabled, it prints out the number of running processes split by priority.
worker_debug = false
; worker_fetch_limit (Integer)
; Number of worker tasks that are fetched in a single query.
worker_fetch_limit = 1
; worker_load_exponent (Integer)
; Default 3, which allows only 25% of the maximum worker queues when server load reaches around 37% of maximum load.
; For a linear response where 25% of worker queues are allowed at 75% of maximum load, set this to 1.
; Setting 0 would allow maximum worker queues at all times, which is not recommended.
worker_load_exponent = 3
; xrd_timeout (Integer)
; Timeout in seconds for fetching the XRD links.
xrd_timeout = 20
; exp_themes (Boolean)
; Show experimental themes in user settings.
exp_themes = false
; hide_eventlist (Boolean)
; Don't show the birthdays and events on the profile and network page.
hide_eventlist = false
; debug (Boolean)
; Enable debug level for the jabber account synchronisation.
debug = false
; lockpath (Path)
; Must be writable by the ejabberd process. if set then it will prevent the running of multiple processes.
lockpath =
// Keep this line