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#!/usr/bin/env php
* @brief tool to silence accounts on the global community page
* With this tool, you can silence an account on the global community page.
* Postings from silenced accounts will not be displayed on the community
* page. This silencing does only affect the display on the community page,
* accounts following the silenced accounts will still get their postings.
* Usage: pass the URL of the profile to be silenced account as only parameter
* at the command line when running this tool. E.g.
* $> util/global_community_silence.php
* will silence so that his postings won't appear at
* the global community page.
* Author: Tobias Diekershoff
* License: AGPLv3 or later, same as Friendica
if ($argc != 2 || $argv[1] == "-h" || $argv[1] == "--help" || $argv[1] == "-?") {
echo "Usage: ".$argv[0]." [-h|profile_url]\r\n";
echo " -h, -?, --help ... show this help\r\n";
echo " profile_url ...... The URL of the profile you want to silence\r\n";
echo "\r\n";
echo "Example: Silence\r\n";
echo "$> ".$argv[0]."\r\n";
echo "\r\n";
use Friendica\Database\DBM;
use Friendica\Network\Probe;
require_once 'boot.php';
require_once 'include/dba.php';
require_once 'include/text.php';
$a = get_app();
require_once '.htconfig.php';
dba::connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass, $db_data);
unset($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass, $db_data);
* 1. make nurl from last parameter
* 2. check DB (contact) if there is a contact with uid=0 and that nurl, get the ID
* 3. set the flag hidden=1 for the contact entry with the found ID
$net = Probe::uri($argv[1]);
if (in_array($net['network'], [NETWORK_PHANTOM, NETWORK_MAIL])) {
echo "This account seems not to exist.";
echo "\r\n";
$nurl = normalise_link($net['url']);
$contact = dba::selectFirst("contact", ["id"], ["nurl" => $nurl, "uid" => 0]);
if (DBM::is_result($contact)) {
dba::update("contact", ["hidden" => true], ["id" => $contact["id"]]);
echo "NOTICE: The account should be silenced from the global community page\r\n";
} else {
echo "NOTICE: Could not find any entry for this URL (".$nurl.")\r\n";