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* XHTML 1.1 Ruby Annotation Module, defines elements that indicate
* short runs of text alongside base text for annotation or pronounciation.
class HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Ruby extends HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
public $name = 'Ruby';
public function setup($config) {
$this->addElement('ruby', 'Inline',
'Custom: ((rb, (rt | (rp, rt, rp))) | (rbc, rtc, rtc?))',
$this->addElement('rbc', false, 'Required: rb', 'Common');
$this->addElement('rtc', false, 'Required: rt', 'Common');
$rb = $this->addElement('rb', false, 'Inline', 'Common');
$rb->excludes = array('ruby' => true);
$rt = $this->addElement('rt', false, 'Inline', 'Common', array('rbspan' => 'Number'));
$rt->excludes = array('ruby' => true);
$this->addElement('rp', false, 'Optional: #PCDATA', 'Common');
// vim: et sw=4 sts=4