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* XHTML 1.1 Presentation Module, defines simple presentation-related
* markup. Text Extension Module.
* @note The official XML Schema and DTD specs further divide this into
* two modules:
* - Block Presentation (hr)
* - Inline Presentation (b, big, i, small, sub, sup, tt)
* We have chosen not to heed this distinction, as content_sets
* provides satisfactory disambiguation.
class HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Presentation extends HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
public $name = 'Presentation';
public function setup($config) {
$this->addElement('hr', 'Block', 'Empty', 'Common');
$this->addElement('sub', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common');
$this->addElement('sup', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common');
$b = $this->addElement('b', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common');
$b->formatting = true;
$big = $this->addElement('big', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common');
$big->formatting = true;
$i = $this->addElement('i', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common');
$i->formatting = true;
$small = $this->addElement('small', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common');
$small->formatting = true;
$tt = $this->addElement('tt', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common');
$tt->formatting = true;
// vim: et sw=4 sts=4