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* XHTML 1.1 List Module, defines list-oriented elements. Core Module.
class HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_List extends HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
public $name = 'List';
// According to the abstract schema, the List content set is a fully formed
// one or more expr, but it invariably occurs in an optional declaration
// so we're not going to do that subtlety. It might cause trouble
// if a user defines "List" and expects that multiple lists are
// allowed to be specified, but then again, that's not very intuitive.
// Furthermore, the actual XML Schema may disagree. Regardless,
// we don't have support for such nested expressions without using
// the incredibly inefficient and draconic Custom ChildDef.
public $content_sets = array('Flow' => 'List');
public function setup($config) {
$ol = $this->addElement('ol', 'List', 'Required: li', 'Common');
$ol->wrap = "li";
$ul = $this->addElement('ul', 'List', 'Required: li', 'Common');
$ul->wrap = "li";
$this->addElement('dl', 'List', 'Required: dt | dd', 'Common');
$this->addElement('li', false, 'Flow', 'Common');
$this->addElement('dd', false, 'Flow', 'Common');
$this->addElement('dt', false, 'Inline', 'Common');
// vim: et sw=4 sts=4