Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Creating posts

Here you can find an overview of the different ways to create and edit your post. Attention: we've used the "diabook" theme. If you're using another theme, some of the icons may be different.


The different iconss

editor This symbol is used to upload a picture from your computer. If you only want to add an adress (url), you can also use the "tree" icon at the upper part of the editor. After selecting an image, you'll see a thumbnail in the editor.

paper_clip This symbol is used to add files from your computer. There'll be no preview of the content.

chain This symbol is used to add a web address (url). You'll see a short preview of the website.

video This symbol is used to add a web address (url) of a video file. You'll see a small preview of the video.

mic This symbol is used to add a web address (url) of an audio file. You'll see a player in your completed post.

globe This symbol is used to add your geographic location. This location will be added into a Google Maps search. That's why a note like "New York" or "10004" is already enough.

Symbols of other themes

Cleanzero cleanzero.png

(incl. more "zero"-themes, comix, easterbunny, facepark, slackr

Darkbubble darkbubble.png (inkl. smoothly, testbubble)

Frost frost.png

Vier vier.png (inkl. dispy)