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version 1.5.3 (2/6/12)
- fixed dragging issue with jQuery UI 1.8.16 (issue 1168)
- bundled with jQuery 1.7.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.17
version 1.5.2 (8/21/11)
- correctly process UTC "Z" ISO8601 date strings (issue 750)
version 1.5.1 (4/9/11)
- more flexible ISO8601 date parsing (issue 814)
- more flexible parsing of UNIX timestamps (issue 826)
- FullCalendar now buildable from source on a Mac (issue 795)
- FullCalendar QA'd in FF4 (issue 883)
- upgraded to jQuery 1.5.2 (which supports IE9) and jQuery UI 1.8.11
version 1.5 (3/19/11)
- slicker default styling for buttons
- reworked a lot of the calendar's HTML and accompanying CSS
(solves issues 327 and 395)
- more printer-friendly (fullcalendar-print.css)
- fullcalendar now inherits styles from jquery-ui themes differently.
styles for buttons are distinct from styles for calendar cells.
(solves issue 299)
- can now color events through FullCalendar options and Event-Object properties (issue 117)
- FullCalendar options:
- eventColor (changes both background and border)
- eventBackgroundColor
- eventBorderColor
- eventTextColor
- Event-Object options:
- color (changes both background and border)
- backgroundColor
- borderColor
- textColor
- can now specify an event source as an *object* with a `url` property (json feed) or
an `events` property (function or array) with additional properties that will
be applied to the entire event source:
- color (changes both background and border)
- backgroudColor
- borderColor
- textColor
- className
- editable
- allDayDefault
- ignoreTimezone
- startParam (for a feed)
- endParam (for a feed)
allows for easily changing from GET to POST and sending additional parameters (issue 386)
allows for easily attaching ajax handlers such as `error` (issue 754)
allows for turning caching on (issue 355)
- Google Calendar feeds are now specified differently:
- specify a simple string of your feed's URL
- specify an *object* with a `url` property of your feed's URL.
you can include any of the new Event-Source options in this object.
- the old `$.fullCalendar.gcalFeed` method still works
- no more IE7 SSL popup (issue 504)
- remove `cacheParam` - use json event source `cache` option instead
- latest jquery/jquery-ui
version 1.4.11 (2/22/11)
- fixed rerenderEvents bug (issue 790)
- fixed bug with faulty dragging of events from all-day slot in agenda views
- bundled with jquery 1.5 and jquery-ui 1.8.9
version 1.4.10 (1/2/11)
- fixed bug with resizing event to different week in 5-day month view (issue 740)
- fixed bug with events not sticking after a removeEvents call (issue 757)
- fixed bug with underlying parseTime method, and other uses of parseInt (issue 688)
version 1.4.9 (11/16/10)
- new algorithm for vertically stacking events (issue 111)
- resizing an event to a different week (issue 306)
- bug: some events not rendered with consecutive calls to addEventSource (issue 679)
version 1.4.8 (10/16/10)
- ignoreTimezone option (set to `false` to process UTC offsets in ISO8601 dates)
- bugfixes
- event refetching not being called under certain conditions (issues 417, 554)
- event refetching being called multiple times under certain conditions (issues 586, 616)
- selection cannot be triggered by right mouse button (issue 558)
- agenda view left axis sized incorrectly (issue 465)
- IE js error when calendar is too narrow (issue 517)
- agenda view looks strange when no scrollbars (issue 235)
- improved parsing of ISO8601 dates with UTC offsets
- $.fullCalendar.version
- an internal refactor of the code, for easier future development and modularity
version 1.4.7 (7/5/10)
- "dropping" external objects onto the calendar
- droppable (boolean, to turn on/off)
- dropAccept (to filter which events the calendar will accept)
- drop (trigger)
- selectable options can now be specified with a View Option Hash
- bugfixes
- dragged & reverted events having wrong time text (issue 406)
- bug rendering events that have an endtime with seconds, but no hours/minutes (issue 477)
- gotoDate date overflow bug (issue 429)
- wrong date reported when clicking on edge of last column in agenda views (412)
- support newlines in event titles
- select/unselect callbacks now passes native js event
version 1.4.6 (5/31/10)
- "selecting" days or timeslots
- options: selectable, selectHelper, unselectAuto, unselectCancel
- callbacks: select, unselect
- methods: select, unselect
- when dragging an event, the highlighting reflects the duration of the event
- code compressing by Google Closure Compiler
- bundled with jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.1
version 1.4.5 (2/21/10)
- lazyFetching option, which can force the calendar to fetch events on every view/date change
- scroll state of agenda views are preserved when switching back to view
- bugfixes
- calling methods on an uninitialized fullcalendar throws error
- IE6/7 bug where an entire view becomes invisible (issue 320)
- error when rendering a hidden calendar (in jquery ui tabs for example) in IE (issue 340)
- interconnected bugs related to calendar resizing and scrollbars
- when switching views or clicking prev/next, calendar would "blink" (issue 333)
- liquid-width calendar's events shifted (depending on initial height of browser) (issue 341)
- more robust underlying algorithm for calendar resizing
version 1.4.4 (2/3/10)
- optimized event rendering in all views (events render in 1/10 the time)
- gotoDate() does not force the calendar to unnecessarily rerender
- render() method now correctly readjusts height
version 1.4.3 (12/22/09)
- added destroy method
- Google Calendar event pages respect currentTimezone
- caching now handled by jQuery's ajax
- protection from setting aspectRatio to zero
- bugfixes
- parseISO8601 and DST caused certain events to display day before
- button positioning problem in IE6
- ajax event source removed after recently being added, events still displayed
- event not displayed when end is an empty string
- dynamically setting calendar height when no events have been fetched, throws error
version 1.4.2 (12/02/09)
- eventAfterRender trigger
- getDate & getView methods
- height & contentHeight options (explicitly sets the pixel height)
- minTime & maxTime options (restricts shown hours in agenda view)
- getters [for all options] and setters [for height, contentHeight, and aspectRatio ONLY! stay tuned..]
- render method now readjusts calendar's size
- bugfixes
- lightbox scripts that use iframes (like fancybox)
- day-of-week classNames were off when firstDay=1
- guaranteed space on right side of agenda events (even when stacked)
- accepts ISO8601 dates with a space (instead of 'T')
version 1.4.1 (10/31/09)
- can exclude weekends with new 'weekends' option
- gcal feed 'currentTimezone' option
- bugfixes
- year/month/date option sometimes wouldn't set correctly (depending on current date)
- daylight savings issue caused agenda views to start at 1am (for BST users)
- cleanup of gcal.js code
version 1.4 (10/19/09)
- agendaWeek and agendaDay views
- added some options for agenda views:
- allDaySlot
- allDayText
- firstHour
- slotMinutes
- defaultEventMinutes
- axisFormat
- modified some existing options/triggers to work with agenda views:
- dragOpacity and timeFormat can now accept a "View Hash" (a new concept)
- dayClick now has an allDay parameter
- eventDrop now has an an allDay parameter
(this will affect those who use revertFunc, adjust parameter list)
- added 'prevYear' and 'nextYear' for buttons in header
- minor change for theme users, ui-state-hover not applied to active/inactive buttons
- added event-color-changing example in docs
- better defaults for right-to-left themed button icons
version 1.3.2 (10/13/09)
- Bugfixes (please upgrade from 1.3.1!)
- squashed potential infinite loop when addMonths and addDays
is called with an invalid date
- $.fullCalendar.parseDate() now correctly parses IETF format
- when switching views, the 'today' button sticks inactive, fixed
- gotoDate now can accept a single Date argument
- documentation for changes in 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 now on website
version 1.3.1 (9/30/09)
- Important Bugfixes (please upgrade from 1.3!)
- When current date was late in the month, for long months, and prev/next buttons
were clicked in month-view, some months would be skipped/repeated
- In certain time zones, daylight savings time would cause certain days
to be misnumbered in month-view
- Subtle change in way week interval is chosen when switching from month to basicWeek/basicDay view
- Added 'allDayDefault' option
- Added 'changeView' and 'render' methods
version 1.3 (9/21/09)
- different 'views': month/basicWeek/basicDay
- more flexible 'header' system for buttons
- themable by jQuery UI themes
- resizable events (require jQuery UI resizable plugin)
- rescoped & rewritten CSS, enhanced default look
- cleaner css & rendering techniques for right-to-left
- reworked options & API to support multiple views / be consistent with jQuery UI
- refactoring of entire codebase
- broken into different JS & CSS files, assembled w/ build scripts
- new test suite for new features, uses firebug-lite
- refactored docs
- Options
+ date
+ defaultView
+ aspectRatio
+ disableResizing
+ monthNames (use instead of $.fullCalendar.monthNames)
+ monthNamesShort (use instead of $.fullCalendar.monthAbbrevs)
+ dayNames (use instead of $.fullCalendar.dayNames)
+ dayNamesShort (use instead of $.fullCalendar.dayAbbrevs)
+ theme
+ buttonText
+ buttonIcons
x draggable -> editable/disableDragging
x fixedWeeks -> weekMode
x abbrevDayHeadings -> columnFormat
x buttons/title -> header
x eventDragOpacity -> dragOpacity
x eventRevertDuration -> dragRevertDuration
x weekStart -> firstDay
x rightToLeft -> isRTL
x showTime (use 'allDay' CalEvent property instead)
- Triggered Actions
+ eventResizeStart
+ eventResizeStop
+ eventResize
x monthDisplay -> viewDisplay
x resize -> windowResize
'eventDrop' params changed, can revert if ajax cuts out
- CalEvent Properties
x showTime -> allDay
x draggable -> editable
'end' is now INCLUSIVE when allDay=true
'url' now produces a real <a> tag, more native clicking/tab behavior
- Methods:
+ renderEvent
x prevMonth -> prev
x nextMonth -> next
x prevYear/nextYear -> moveDate
x refresh -> rerenderEvents/refetchEvents
x removeEvent -> removeEvents
x getEventsByID -> clientEvents
- Utilities:
'formatDate' format string completely changed (inspired by jQuery UI datepicker + datejs)
'formatDates' added to support date-ranges
- Google Calendar Options:
x draggable -> editable
- Bugfixes
- gcal extension fetched 25 results max, now fetches all
version 1.2.1 (6/29/09)
- bugfixes
- allows and corrects invalid end dates for events
- doesn't throw an error in IE while rendering when display:none
- fixed 'loading' callback when used w/ multiple addEventSource calls
- gcal className can now be an array
version 1.2 (5/31/09)
- expanded API
- 'className' CalEvent attribute
- 'source' CalEvent attribute
- dynamically get/add/remove/update events of current month
- locale improvements: change month/day name text
- better date formatting ($.fullCalendar.formatDate)
- multiple 'event sources' allowed
- dynamically add/remove event sources
- options for prevYear and nextYear buttons
- docs have been reworked (include addition of Google Calendar docs)
- changed behavior of parseDate for number strings
(now interpets as unix timestamp, not MS times)
- bugfixes
- rightToLeft month start bug
- off-by-one errors with month formatting commands
- events from previous months sticking when clicking prev/next quickly
- Google Calendar API changed to work w/ multiple event sources
- can also provide 'className' and 'draggable' options
- date utilties moved from $ to $.fullCalendar
- more documentation in source code
- minified version of fullcalendar.js
- test suit (available from svn)
- top buttons now use <button> w/ an inner <span> for better css cusomization
version 1.1 (5/10/09)
- Added the following options:
- weekStart
- rightToLeft
- titleFormat
- timeFormat
- cacheParam
- resize
- Fixed rendering bugs
- Opera 9.25 (events placement & window resizing)
- IE6 (window resizing)
- Optimized window resizing for ALL browsers
- Events on same day now sorted by start time (but first by timespan)
- Correct z-index when dragging
- Dragging contained in overflow DIV for IE6
- Modified fullcalendar.css
- for right-to-left support
- for variable start-of-week
- for IE6 resizing bug
- for THEAD and TBODY (in 1.0, just used TBODY, restructured in 1.1)