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* @file include/DirSearch.php
* @brief This file includes the DirSearch class with directory related functions
* @brief This class handels directory related functions
class DirSearch {
* @brief Search global contact table by nick or name
* @param string $search Name or nick
* @param string $mode Search mode (e.g. "community")
* @return array with search results
public static function global_search_by_name($search, $mode = '') {
if($search) {
// check supported networks
if (get_config('system','diaspora_enabled'))
$diaspora = NETWORK_DFRN;
if (!get_config('system','ostatus_disabled'))
$ostatus = NETWORK_DFRN;
// check if we search only communities or every contact
if($mode === "community")
$extra_sql = " AND `community`";
$extra_sql = "";
$search .= "%";
$results = q("SELECT `contact`.`id` AS `cid`, `gcontact`.`url`, `gcontact`.`name`, `gcontact`.`nick`, `gcontact`.`photo`,
`gcontact`.`network`, `gcontact`.`keywords`, `gcontact`.`addr`, `gcontact`.`community`
FROM `gcontact`
LEFT JOIN `contact` ON `contact`.`nurl` = `gcontact`.`nurl`
AND `contact`.`uid` = %d AND NOT `contact`.`blocked`
AND NOT `contact`.`pending` AND `contact`.`rel` IN ('%s', '%s')
WHERE (`contact`.`id` > 0 OR (NOT `gcontact`.`hide` AND `gcontact`.`network` IN ('%s', '%s', '%s') AND
((`gcontact`.`last_contact` >= `gcontact`.`last_failure`) OR (`gcontact`.`updated` >= `gcontact`.`last_failure`)))) AND
(`gcontact`.`addr` LIKE '%s' OR `gcontact`.`name` LIKE '%s' OR `gcontact`.`nick` LIKE '%s') $extra_sql
GROUP BY `gcontact`.`nurl`
ORDER BY `gcontact`.`nurl` DESC
LIMIT 1000",
intval(local_user()), dbesc(CONTACT_IS_SHARING), dbesc(CONTACT_IS_FRIEND),
dbesc(NETWORK_DFRN), dbesc($ostatus), dbesc($diaspora),
dbesc(escape_tags($search)), dbesc(escape_tags($search)), dbesc(escape_tags($search)));
return $results;