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* @file include/features.php
* @brief Features management
* @brief check if feature is enabled
* @return boolean
function feature_enabled($uid,$feature) {
$x = get_config('feature_lock',$feature);
if($x === false) {
$x = get_pconfig($uid,'feature',$feature);
if($x === false) {
$x = get_config('feature',$feature);
if($x === false)
$x = get_feature_default($feature);
$arr = array('uid' => $uid, 'feature' => $feature, 'enabled' => $x);
* @brief check if feature is enabled or disabled by default
* @param string $feature
* @return boolean
function get_feature_default($feature) {
$f = get_features();
foreach($f as $cat) {
foreach($cat as $feat) {
if(is_array($feat) && $feat[0] === $feature)
return $feat[3];
return false;
* @brief Get a list of all available features
* The array includes the setting group, the setting name,
* explainations for the setting and if it's enabled or disabled
* by default
* @param bool $filtered True removes any locked features
* @return array
function get_features($filtered = true) {
$arr = array(
// General
'general' => array(
t('General Features'),
//array('expire', t('Content Expiration'), t('Remove old posts/comments after a period of time')),
array('multi_profiles', t('Multiple Profiles'), t('Ability to create multiple profiles'), false, get_config('feature_lock','multi_profiles')),
array('photo_location', t('Photo Location'), t('Photo metadata is normally stripped. This extracts the location (if present) prior to stripping metadata and links it to a map.'), false, get_config('feature_lock','photo_location')),
array('export_calendar', t('Export Public Calendar'), t('Ability for visitors to download the public calendar'), false, get_config('feature_lock','export_calendar')),
// Post composition
'composition' => array(
t('Post Composition Features'),
array('richtext', t('Richtext Editor'), t('Enable richtext editor'), false, get_config('feature_lock','richtext')),
array('preview', t('Post Preview'), t('Allow previewing posts and comments before publishing them'), false, get_config('feature_lock','preview')),
array('aclautomention', t('Auto-mention Forums'), t('Add/remove mention when a forum page is selected/deselected in ACL window.'), false, get_config('feature_lock','aclautomention')),
// Network sidebar widgets
'widgets' => array(
t('Network Sidebar Widgets'),
array('archives', t('Search by Date'), t('Ability to select posts by date ranges'), false, get_config('feature_lock','archives')),
array('forumlist_widget', t('List Forums'), t('Enable widget to display the forums your are connected with'), true, get_config('feature_lock','forumlist_widget')),
array('groups', t('Group Filter'), t('Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected group'), false, get_config('feature_lock','groups')),
array('networks', t('Network Filter'), t('Enable widget to display Network posts only from selected network'), false, get_config('feature_lock','networks')),
array('savedsearch', t('Saved Searches'), t('Save search terms for re-use'), false, get_config('feature_lock','savedsearch')),
// Network tabs
'net_tabs' => array(
t('Network Tabs'),
array('personal_tab', t('Network Personal Tab'), t('Enable tab to display only Network posts that you\'ve interacted on'), false, get_config('feature_lock','personal_tab')),
array('new_tab', t('Network New Tab'), t('Enable tab to display only new Network posts (from the last 12 hours)'), false, get_config('feature_lock','new_tab')),
array('link_tab', t('Network Shared Links Tab'), t('Enable tab to display only Network posts with links in them'), false, get_config('feature_lock','link_tab')),
// Item tools
'tools' => array(
t('Post/Comment Tools'),
array('multi_delete', t('Multiple Deletion'), t('Select and delete multiple posts/comments at once'), false, get_config('feature_lock','multi_delete')),
array('edit_posts', t('Edit Sent Posts'), t('Edit and correct posts and comments after sending'), false, get_config('feature_lock','edit_posts')),
array('commtag', t('Tagging'), t('Ability to tag existing posts'), false, get_config('feature_lock','commtag')),
array('categories', t('Post Categories'), t('Add categories to your posts'), false, get_config('feature_lock','categories')),
array('filing', t('Saved Folders'), t('Ability to file posts under folders'), false, get_config('feature_lock','filing')),
array('dislike', t('Dislike Posts'), t('Ability to dislike posts/comments'), false, get_config('feature_lock','dislike')),
array('star_posts', t('Star Posts'), t('Ability to mark special posts with a star indicator'), false, get_config('feature_lock','star_posts')),
array('ignore_posts', t('Mute Post Notifications'), t('Ability to mute notifications for a thread'), false, get_config('feature_lock','ignore_posts')),
// Advanced Profile Settings
'advanced_profile' => array(
t('Advanced Profile Settings'),
array('forumlist_profile', t('List Forums'), t('Show visitors public community forums at the Advanced Profile Page'), false, get_config('feature_lock','forumlist_profile')),
// removed any locked features and remove the entire category if this makes it empty
if($filtered) {
foreach($arr as $k => $x) {
$has_items = false;
$kquantity = count($arr[$k]);
for($y = 0; $y < $kquantity; $y ++) {
if(is_array($arr[$k][$y])) {
if($arr[$k][$y][4] === false) {
$has_items = true;
else {
if(! $has_items) {
return $arr;