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* Defines a mutation of an obsolete tag into a valid tag.
abstract class HTMLPurifier_TagTransform
* Tag name to transform the tag to.
public $transform_to;
* Transforms the obsolete tag into the valid tag.
* @param $tag Tag to be transformed.
* @param $config Mandatory HTMLPurifier_Config object
* @param $context Mandatory HTMLPurifier_Context object
abstract public function transform($tag, $config, $context);
* Prepends CSS properties to the style attribute, creating the
* attribute if it doesn't exist.
* @warning Copied over from AttrTransform, be sure to keep in sync
* @param $attr Attribute array to process (passed by reference)
* @param $css CSS to prepend
protected function prependCSS(&$attr, $css) {
$attr['style'] = isset($attr['style']) ? $attr['style'] : '';
$attr['style'] = $css . $attr['style'];
// vim: et sw=4 sts=4