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* Component of HTMLPurifier_AttrContext that accumulates IDs to prevent dupes
* @note In Slashdot-speak, dupe means duplicate.
* @note The default constructor does not accept $config or $context objects:
* use must use the static build() factory method to perform initialization.
class HTMLPurifier_IDAccumulator
* Lookup table of IDs we've accumulated.
* @public
public $ids = array();
* Builds an IDAccumulator, also initializing the default blacklist
* @param $config Instance of HTMLPurifier_Config
* @param $context Instance of HTMLPurifier_Context
* @return Fully initialized HTMLPurifier_IDAccumulator
public static function build($config, $context) {
$id_accumulator = new HTMLPurifier_IDAccumulator();
return $id_accumulator;
* Add an ID to the lookup table.
* @param $id ID to be added.
* @return Bool status, true if success, false if there's a dupe
public function add($id) {
if (isset($this->ids[$id])) return false;
return $this->ids[$id] = true;
* Load a list of IDs into the lookup table
* @param $array_of_ids Array of IDs to load
* @note This function doesn't care about duplicates
public function load($array_of_ids) {
foreach ($array_of_ids as $id) {
$this->ids[$id] = true;
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