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<div id="site-location">$sitelocation</div>
{{ if $nav.logout }}<a id="nav-logout-link" class="nav-link $nav.logout.2" href="$nav.logout.0" title="$nav.logout.3" >$nav.logout.1</a> {{ endif }}
{{ if $nav.login }}<a id="nav-login-link" class="nav-login-link $nav.login.2" href="$nav.login.0" title="$nav.login.3" >$nav.login.1</a> {{ endif }}
<span id="nav-link-wrapper" >
{{ if $nav.register }}<a id="nav-register-link" class="nav-commlink $nav.register.2" href="$nav.register.0" title="$nav.register.3" >$nav.register.1</a>{{ endif }}
<a id="nav-help-link" class="nav-link $" target="friendika-help" href="$" title="$" >$</a>
{{ if $nav.apps }}<a id="nav-apps-link" class="nav-link $nav.apps.2" href="$nav.apps.0" title="$nav.apps.3" >$nav.apps.1</a>{{ endif }}
<a id="nav-search-link" class="nav-link $" href="$" title="$" >$</a>
<a id="nav-directory-link" class="nav-link $" href="$" title="$" >$</a>
{{ if $nav.admin }}<a id="nav-admin-link" class="nav-link $nav.admin.2" href="$nav.admin.0" title="$nav.admin.3" >$nav.admin.1</a>{{ endif }}
{{ if $ }}
<a id="nav-network-link" class="nav-commlink $" href="$" title="$" >$</a>
<span id="net-update" class="nav-ajax-left"></span>
{{ endif }}
{{ if $nav.home }}
<a id="nav-home-link" class="nav-commlink $nav.home.2" href="$nav.home.0" title="$nav.home.3" >$nav.home.1</a>
<span id="home-update" class="nav-ajax-left"></span>
{{ endif }}
{{ if $ }}
<a id="nav-community-link" class="nav-commlink $" href="$" title="$" >$</a>
{{ endif }}
{{ if $nav.notifications }}
<a id="nav-notify-link" class="nav-commlink $nav.notifications.2" href="$nav.notifications.0" title="$nav.notifications.3" >$nav.notifications.1</a>
<span id="notify-update" class="nav-ajax-left"></span>
{{ endif }}
{{ if $nav.messages }}
<a id="nav-messages-link" class="nav-commlink $nav.messages.2" href="$nav.messages.0" title="$nav.messages.3" >$nav.messages.1</a>
<span id="mail-update" class="nav-ajax-left"></span>
{{ endif }}
{{ if $nav.manage }}<a id="nav-manage-link" class="nav-commlink $nav.manage.2" href="$nav.manage.0" title="$nav.manage.3">$nav.manage.1</a>{{ endif }}
{{ if $nav.settings }}<a id="nav-settings-link" class="nav-link $nav.settings.2" href="$nav.settings.0" title="$nav.settings.3">$nav.settings.1</a>{{ endif }}
{{ if $nav.profiles }}<a id="nav-profiles-link" class="nav-link $nav.profiles.2" href="$nav.profiles.0" title="$nav.profiles.3" >$nav.profiles.1</a>{{ endif }}
{{ if $nav.contacts }}<a id="nav-contacts-link" class="nav-link $nav.contacts.2" href="$nav.contacts.0" title="$nav.contacts.3" >$nav.contacts.1</a>{{ endif }}
<span id="nav-end"></span>
<span id="banner">$banner</span>