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{{ for $threads as $thread }}
<div id="tread-wrapper-$" class="tread-wrapper">
{{ for $thread.items as $item }}
{{if $item.comment_firstcollapsed}}
<div class="hide-comments-outer">
<span id="hide-comments-total-$" class="hide-comments-total">$thread.num_comments</span> <span id="hide-comments-$" class="hide-comments fakelink" onclick="showHideComments($;">$thread.hide_text</span>
<div id="collapsed-comments-$" class="collapsed-comments" style="display: none;">
{{if $item.comment_lastcollapsed}}</div>{{endif}}
{{ inc $item.template }}{{ endinc }}
{{ endfor }}
{{ endfor }}
<div id="conversation-end"></div>
{#<!--{{ if $dropping }}
<div id="item-delete-selected" class="fakelink" onclick="deleteCheckedItems();">
<div id="item-delete-selected-icon" class="icon drophide" title="$dropping" onmouseover="imgbright(this);" onmouseout="imgdull(this);" ></div>
<div id="item-delete-selected-desc" >$dropping</div>
<div id="item-delete-selected-end"></div>
{{ endif }}-->#}