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Mastodon API


Friendica provides the following endpoints defined in the official Mastodon API reference.

Authentication is the same as described in Using the APIs.


Supported apps

For supported apps please have a look at the FAQ

Unsupported apps



  • Mast Doesn't accept the entered instance name. Claims that it is invalid (Message is: "Not a valid instance (may be closed or dead)")
  • Toot!


These endpoints use the Mastodon API entities.

Implemented endpoints

Currently unimplemented endpoints

These emdpoints are planned to be implemented somewhere in the future.

Dummy endpoints

These endpoints are returning empty data to avoid error messages when using third party clients. They refer to features that don't exist in Friendica yet.

Non supportable endpoints

These endpoints won't be implemented at the moment. They refer to features or data that don't exist in Friendica yet.