Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Hypolite Petovan 2736aac678 Add missing use statement in Search\Directory 1 month ago
App Move mode settings to App\Mode - Move isAjax() to App\Mode - Move isTablet() to App\Mode - Move isMobile() to App\Mode - Refactor last usage of App->isBackend() 1 month ago
Console moved rest of BaseURL 1 month ago
Content Increase specificity of default allowed protocols 1 month ago
Core Fix Locks - Wrong return of lock releasing with DBA provider - It's not possible to maintain Semaphore locks, since they aren't accessible by other processes Should solve 1 month ago
Database Correctly escape identifier names 1 month ago
Factory Remove unnecessary parameter 1 month ago
Model removed superfluous comment 1 month ago
Module Add missing use statement in Search\Directory 1 month ago
Network Fix contact issues with fake reshares from Twitter 1 month ago
Object Merge branch 'master' into develop 2 months ago
Protocol Add entry title HTML entities conversion in Protocol\Feed 1 month ago
Render Define absolute paths for various includes 6 months ago
Util Moved BaseURL to App namespace (because similar type as Arguments/Modules/Modes) 1 month ago
Worker Add user meta-groups for followers and mutual contacts 1 month ago
App.php fix alignment 1 month ago
BaseModule.php Replace System::httpExit() by HTTPException throwing 4 months ago
BaseObject.php Fix tests 1 month ago
LegacyModule.php Refactor namespaces 7 months ago