22318 Commits (fe8f0e00454919e3ee1150a2e75badb55a273c3a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hypolite Petovan 935b86749d Unescape invite_desc template variable 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan ea1946ec03 Use preg_quote instead of str_replace in include/items 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 5e1ceb57de Escape global namespaced get_app() calls 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan e86b8ef782 Use nickname instead of email for Login Name 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel b8030313e5
Merge pull request #6364 from rabuzarus/20190102_-_fix_magic_links_for_remote_users 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan d1fb0be556 Updated RC version name 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel 0eef382e82
Merge pull request #6365 from MrPetovan/bug/6363-unescape-prev-next-link 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan ff50f2bb65 Unescape $prevlink and $nextlink template variables 2 years ago
  rabuzarus 67a8f9dbd4 Bugfix - the remote user also has magicLinks again 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel f51918e9e9
Merge pull request #6362 from MrPetovan/bug/6360-6361-unescape-profiles 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 2f15f1c477 Unescape profiles template variables 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel 931971ae64
Merge pull request #6359 from MrPetovan/bug/6358-unescape-invite-desc 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 0dc06d66a0 Unescape $invite_desc in follow/register templates 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 61664ee659 Update usages of User::updatePassword 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 58adb5b431 Add password checks in User::updatePassword 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 909c9d0309 Increase auto-generated passwords to 12 chars + leading capital 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 961f737f36 Use User::updatePasswordHashed directly when re-hashing a password 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 88b5fa063a [Composer] Added missing dependency ext-openssl 2 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff e7ee3d7200
Merge pull request #6345 from MrPetovan/bug/6283-clear-message-notifications 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel dc05ada059
Merge pull request #6351 from MrPetovan/bug/6350-unescape-admin-warning-text 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel ecac463d89
Merge pull request #6352 from MrPetovan/bug/6349-normalize-config-line-endings 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel 9d70224a9c
Merge pull request #6353 from MrPetovan/bug/6343-unescape-plaintext-email 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 5db5cc904a Unescape plaintext email body 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan ac7f7bb74f Normalize config file line endings to LF 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan e0a763b07f Unescape admin warning text 2 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 034d0f650b
Merge pull request #6340 from MrPetovan/bug/1495-fix-admin-theme-settings 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan e9b05bd13f Remove fake private message notifications from ping output 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 36f995ed20 Add notification clear on private message display 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 3095d4aa70 Add parent to private message notifications 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 5abc22f6c5 Replace q() with DBA methods, fix code style 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan d838e6d0ec Fix unread message conversation title display 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 12dfb8e5cf Make NOTIFY_* constant values human-readable 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 838c0f96de Use minimal mode to change site theme settings 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 62f5438bb3 Remove useless trailing slash in admin/addon_details.tpl 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan fdcdbe287e [frio] Fix minimal layout 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 979230da27 Allow theme setting in module 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 435cfd7de5 Fix screenshots URLs in frio readme 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 166b8ad440
Merge pull request #6342 from annando/notices 2 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 7efde8e334
Merge pull request #6209 from MrPetovan/task/move-config-to-php-array 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel bf1f164ece
Merge pull request #6341 from MrPetovan/bug/parseurl-charset 2 years ago
  Michael fd6c64f9c1 Warning and notice fixed 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 37c7a18d00 Replace latin-1 by latin1 in charset detection 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 16f58c8982
Merge pull request #6333 from annando/avoid-wsod 2 years ago
  Michael 5ddf3898db Avoid a WSOD after PR 6315 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel 94eca77041
Merge pull request #6315 from MrPetovan/bug/6309-add-fulltext-index-profile 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan c07fa5d069
Merge pull request #6332 from annando/assign-uid 2 years ago
  Michael 826965f6df Only assign a uid to the profile if not defined by now 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 274274ad63
Fix mods/README.md format 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 7b8441101f
Delete friendica-to-smarty-tpl.py 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan f9db5e32e7
Delete updatetpl.py 2 years ago