1246 Commits (fe078410a1cfa2b81a5f69158876a78d6c23d9cb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
nupplaPhil fe078410a1
Move Cache::get() to DI::cache()->get() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil f68929633b
Move Cache::set() to DI::cache()->set() 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 64c8855407 Allow special groups in default user permissions 2 years ago
Michael 6d7608fbc7 We only search for items with the same uid 2 years ago
Michael 4734242f63 Added to-do 2 years ago
Michael 31b6680402 Improved check for invalid profiles 2 years ago
Michael 4dec002dcb Now using only a single array 2 years ago
Michael 45b747f13b Remove duplicates in a better way 2 years ago
Michael 4e7aa33598 Restructured profile generation 2 years ago
Michael dcf5471e19 Clarified description 2 years ago
Michael 23b73854a1 Spaces 2 years ago
Michael 6cbfa5b862 Added type hints 2 years ago
Michael 20d570823d Fix post update / clean up code 2 years ago
Michael 4b44aca507 Don't create notifications for own posts 2 years ago
Michael f183816b7d Notification type can now be selected 2 years ago
Michael fe1a702e8c Improved documentation, now checking all items 2 years ago
Michael 8878b3864f Fix an error and a notice 2 years ago
Michael e728c4829f Restructuring 2 years ago
Michael 8e2494568e Functionality is now added 2 years ago
Michael ecb4848dfd Tests are now working 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 48baa0be4b
Remove get_server() in favor of Search::getGlobalDirectory() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil f0eea6f875
Remove get_app() in favor of DI::app() 2 years ago
Michael 3a1798d1c3 First testable version 2 years ago
Michael 4bfd0abec7 New "UserItem" class, new notification type field 2 years ago
Michael fb550a0172 Relocated functions from PortableContact to GServer 2 years ago
Michael bd6fb64c16 Fixed documentation 2 years ago
Michael 73b82d1455 Don't add contacts when not needed 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan b6e93c83fc Suppress undefined index nickname notice in Model\Profile::sidebar 3 years ago
nupplaPhil 3f34229752
Move redundant System::baseUrl() to DI::baseUrl() calls 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 6d7362da41
Replace deprecated $a->page with DI::page() 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan efadab66c5 Update wrong/missing references to classes 2 years ago
Michael 4786298da4 Added logging for not created contacts 2 years ago
nupplaPhil c1dbb25656
Creating interfaces for Config/PConfig & fix tests 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 33674808dc
Remove deprecated App::cmd - replace with DI::args()->getCommand() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil e6f61c2cc7
Remove deprecated App::query_string - replace with DI::args()->getQueryString() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 26af2feee2
Remove deprecated App::is_mobile/is_tablet - replace with DI::mode()->isMobile()/isTablet() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil e944d7bed6
Remove deprecated App::getBaseURL() - process methods to DI::baseUrl()->get() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 50be94aa5e
Remove deprecated App::getHostName() - process methods to DI::baseUrl()->getHostName() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 2900389696
Remove deprecated App::getUrlPath - process methods to DI::baseUrl()->getUrlPath() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil e93fba5136
Remove deprecated App::removeBaseURL - process methods to DI::baseUrl()->remove() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 8e6973b774
Refactor deprecated App::internalRedirect() to DI::baseUrl()->redirect() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil e2b2778e0a
Refactor dynamic App::getLogger() to static DI::logger() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil fceb4f3823
Refactor dynamic App::getConfig() to static DI::config() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 388b963714
Replace BaseObject class with DI::* calls 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 1de3f186d7
Introduce new DI container 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 7a2f4dc54e
Make L10n immutable 2 years ago
Michael fab0d9b919 Don't create contacts for unknown networks / improved content fetching 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 6501acf0bc Stop automatically remove newly blocked contacts from their groups 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 17c252f3c7 Ensure pubkey key is present in APContact::getByUrl result 2 years ago
Michael 8608e8ff63 Standards 2 years ago