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  fabrixxm ce31ccaade Add docs about storage backend 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 2f935a1fbf Fix unregister storage backend 1 year ago
  fabrixxm f2b29f6591 Fix moving stored data 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 55292c954b Remove resourceid parameter from Photo::exists() 1 year ago
  fabrixxm e7fbe04b11 Fix parse error 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 8c75c26361 Use Model\Photo as much as possible 1 year ago
  fabrixxm d549787bc1 Remove empty line before code 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 15a3fc05d3 Photo model: set edited and updated on update, fix exists(), docs 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 36f30533b7 Code standards 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 5fdc9097a2 Rewrite Proxy module 1 year ago
  fabrixxm a46cbfca3d Fix Module\Photo exit with error 1 year ago
  fabrixxm fdc6608af8 Add storage options form in admin/site page 1 year ago
  fabrixxm f7b6fef197 Code standards 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 682456c7d1 Add move function to storage manager and console command 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 8dbedeee5e Add 'addon' folder as 'Friendica\Addon' namespace for autoload 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 4d9d62bcdb Add 'storage' console command 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 6a0ed7c298 Add storage backend manager class 1 year ago
  fabrixxm e5c2d4e2f8 Add Database storage backend 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 6e85a18678 Storage: throw StorageException on errors 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 7df3f117ac Photo model: fix docs, don't update "created" field 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 6f59c82978 Code standards 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 69fcdaf9ab Photo model: set updated field in update() 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 3e13799e70 Add update() to Photo model 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 06157c2ab0 Update database.sql 1 year ago
  fabrixxm b0acf4284d Code standards 1 year ago
  fabrixxm cbb5124d59 Code standards 1 year ago
  fabrixxm ea0cd6c919 Filesystem storage: add "index.html" files in dirs 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 76579e02cc profile_photo: use Photo model function to get photo and image 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 3ca0b0bf9d photos: use model delete() to delete photos 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 234c110d38 Model/Photo: use self select functions, reuse backend, fix quotes, add delete() 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 9342888bd5 Remove default from backend columns 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 75daf96590 Revert "Catch HTTPExceptions in App::runFrontend()" 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 07d358adc1 More code standard 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 9317a1c054 Address code standards issues 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 12dd7b552f Add Filesystem storage backend and store photo via backend 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 0ada604c7d Return default profile photo if no profile photo is set 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 9b2e3fa916 Add IStorage interface 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 3b3c4e8cc7 Pluggable storage backends: first steps 1 year ago
  fabrixxm 89eaf508f1 Catch HTTPExceptions in App::runFrontend() 1 year ago
  fabrixxm b96dbcd4cb Move Photo module, update Photo model 1 year ago
  Unknown 5db9d2fe66 Some more alignation 2 years ago
  Unknown bc553a2c49 Translated string will never match what's saved in DB if not english 2 years ago
  Unknown c44ca31aec Why got this even approved? 2 years ago
  Unknown 24dbb69421 Added EMPTY key + updated to hypolite's suggestions 2 years ago
  Jeroen De Meerleer 4d81158dd1 Translated gender etc. in profile view 2 years ago
  Jeroen De Meerleer 1d8c64cfec Added original keys to maritial status 2 years ago
  Jeroen De Meerleer b70d762574 Added original keys to sexual preference 2 years ago
  Jeroen De Meerleer ab49a613c9 Added original keys to gender 2 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 7441277e74 missed the day 1 year ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 45a5e4a93b Welcome 2019.01 1 year ago