195 Commits (cc2e2abb857c4685a95aa398ba799b563a5ddb9a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
fabrixxm c700a6fb37 duepuntozero, vier: add unread messages per group 7 years ago
fabrixxm 3c1127e613 remove debug code 7 years ago
fabrixxm d522d7095d quattro: add unread message count per groups 7 years ago
rabuzarus e785759a8b template-rework:make use of get_contact_details_by_url() 7 years ago
rabuzarus 5b93bff6da poke template: make use of global.css 7 years ago
rabuzarus 8f92b6eea4 some work on poke template 7 years ago
rabuzarus b6cceda131 template rework: revert commit because plugin community home uses the css classes 7 years ago
rabuzarus efb12aed20 template rework: little theme specific changes (frost, quattro) 7 years ago
rabuzarus b2bb600f3a template rework: delete unused css 7 years ago
rabuzarus f9c0c1d696 template rework: use viewcontact_template.tpl for contact dealing pages 7 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff da8c81a12e cleanup forgotten lines 7 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 3debdf0a91 attend functionality for quattro theme (part of #1953) 7 years ago
Michael Vogel d500ea4324 Some more accesskeys for Quattro 7 years ago
Michael Vogel d65d74d460 Added the changes in quattro as well 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 52f9465578 filebrowser fixs, use it in comment textareas 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 70b7de39a7 Upload/Browse popup for files and images 7 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 8bfbb935c7 add missing icons to quattros event view 7 years ago
rabuzarus 36abf624d8 make supported themes compatible with get_theme_uid 7 years ago
rabuzarus d8c0c62331 work on supported themes to use new acl 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 6fc864c947 rework mod/ping and desktop notification logic 7 years ago
Fabrixxm e29d05ce4a notifications order, unseen css class 7 years ago
Fabrixxm cc9da2512b move field help text css to global.css 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 4036ad2554 Fix desktop notification 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 3168b44317 admin: allow deletion of any users but yourself 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 53e6dd6637 Add contact detail to contact drop confirm 7 years ago
fabrixxm 35e9fc3b02 use fields template in photo edit form 7 years ago
rabuzarus afd1e0e6d0 make use of global.css 7 years ago
rabuzarus 5cbb5b140c css work 7 years ago
fabrixxm 646ea377ac quattro: readd video delete button styles 7 years ago
fabrixxm 7c2608e07d quattro: style video delete button 7 years ago
rabuzarus 76283ff205 cleanup quattro less file 7 years ago
rabuzarus 9c803f7dbb quattro css changes added to the less file 7 years ago
rabuzarus 30348a1bc0 port of red matrix archive-widget 7 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff a33ca89bb7 adding missing styling to the ignore button in quattro 8 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff d3bb944700 making the ignore button in contact suggestions visible in quattro 8 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff b0ffe11b21 add thread un/ignore functionality to quattro theme 8 years ago
fabrixxm 6da5cf8037 fix residual curCSS, should fix #1153 8 years ago
Fabrixxm d1029e1fb2 tweak quattro theme 8 years ago
Michael Vogel f9bec79a2c In the profiles the remote connect field was missing 8 years ago
fabrixxm fd97f3013d fix quattro scroll and flash and vier flash on display page 8 years ago
Beanow 8345ac7313 Fix illegal offset error for vier and quattro. 8 years ago
hauke 87fa2ee2af updated jquery to version 1.11, updated themes frost and diabook where necessary 8 years ago
hauke 9a8d106414 fixed contact action button bar, typo correction 8 years ago
Fabrixxm 42a9d0af09 quattro: fix photo comments, small fix to search_item template 8 years ago
Fabrixxm 2904b7d354 quattro: remove 'do not edit' comments from templates 8 years ago
fabrixxm 99380bc60d quattro: css for reshare moved to LESS file 9 years ago
Michael Vogel 4591790ea7 shared items and shared links for duepuntozero, quattro and smoothly 9 years ago
Fabrixxm 06e8f31695 change action container div class to id. fix bug in quattro theme 9 years ago
Fabrixxm 9febcedf93 user contacts: fix #797 , add searching in url and nickname, add batch actions 9 years ago
Fabrixxm 0ccad6d7d2 quattro theme: version bump 9 years ago