228 Commits (bb7ec55f1f174e80148132c8f8842bf8107ccaeb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Vogel bb7ec55f1f Diaspora now uses a 32 digit guid. 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel d5ba3b3b54 Only show real contacts (Friendica, Diaspora, OStatus) on profile page (no Twitter, Facebook, ...) 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel ccaeb00973 Better link descriptions. 6 years ago
  rabuzarus 68e565889d moved formatBytes() to /include/text.php 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel a7cf3639f0 Just some more fixing for issue 1642 6 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 8fa2030023 <3 causes troubles in D* 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel b763c810fb OStatus: Trying to deliver a comment to all contacts - not only the thread owner. (Not working by now) 6 years ago
  rabuzarus b3054ee9d0 template for searchbox 6 years ago
  fabrixxm 6258a21434 map bbcode tag from Red 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel 0e895e24f7 Code reworks: replaced hardcoded network text with the corresponding constants. 6 years ago
  fabrixxm add3411542 fix paginate url 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel 7c4a1a059d New fields for the term table, improved query for the tag search. Changed the cache handling for rendered bbcode. 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel ac3a4824df Check for hashtags when storing them and eventually adding hashtag links 6 years ago
  Johannes Schwab 12d7ca9b84 improved infinite scrollling 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel 1a75503b1c Relocated the cache code. 6 years ago
  Johannes Schwab 1114ae4c81 fix urls for pager 6 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 710bd08c30 adopting red matrix iconography for red# 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel b309187e3d Just two more places where pictures have to be send through the proxy function. 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel 459fc2fabd Security issue: Encoding of GUID in itemcache to avoid directory bypassing with a malificious formatted GUID. 7 years ago
  Beanow 2fe79c564b Fixed whitespace issue causing trueish results in templates. 7 years ago
  fabrixxm 9a0c37eb47 new password mail via notification() 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel d4b2d3bf8a Moved "privacy_image_cache" into the core. Enabled by default, can be disabled in the page settings. 7 years ago
  fabrixxm 27024e3b1d preferred item image size for theme, get smallest photo near scale requested 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel e2f9ae3970 Removing of some warnings 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 6541247bd3 Use the GUID to refer to items (preparation for future changes) 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel f68bbffb64 Adding preview value to "prepare_body" hook. (Will be used in addons for network related previews) 7 years ago
  fabrixxm 0b83432bf3 better logger format, some comments 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel b64ddcce96 Accepting "!"-links as tags. (They are used at statusnet for groups) 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel a410d9caae When a user isn't logged in, then the item link got to an invalid address. 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 9496537e5f Now term table is used for categories and putting items to folder 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 6e7bd68ebb More "LIMIT 1" removed - and some other SQL improvements. 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 9c87e00dd3 Preparation for a new variable that points to the post on the own friendica server 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 01971428aa target="_blank" instead of target="external-link" 7 years ago
  Fabrixxm 682793ccd3 use 'ENT_QUOTES' in xmlify/unxmlify 7 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff c52973f956 red# links to redmatrix.me 7 years ago
  Fabrixxm 1e87f4eb8c use htmlspecialchars in xmlify and htmlspecialchars_decode in unxmlify 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 5d3ebcc2cf Bugfix of the bugfix :) 8 years ago
  Michael Vogel eca9431909 Bugfix: Problem with page switching with the old pager solved 8 years ago
  Michael Vogel 7e5c8ab91c Keeping an offset for page switching: This helps so that you don't see old messages 8 years ago
  Michael Vogel d20d2f74ae Bugfix: Page switching had a problem with the search. And automatic reloading hadn't worked with some search terms 8 years ago
  Mats Sjöberg 2859ce1483 Initial implementation of internal PuSH server in Friendica. It has been tested with GNU Social/StatusNet, and subscribe, unsubscribe and pushing new items seem to work. 8 years ago
  Mats Sjöberg d22d4a293f Initial implementation of internal PuSH server in Friendica. It has been tested with GNU Social/StatusNet, and subscribe, unsubscribe and pushing new items seem to work. 8 years ago
  friendica bfc9cfb82f put tags in items 8 years ago
  fabrixxm 5cdeef22ea pager: fix stupid typo 8 years ago
  Fabrixxm faa510befc move html from paginate functions to template 8 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 2b09b8ae17 make red# available as a smilie 8 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 35358baac9 update to v4.0.0; point to local host of SWF 8 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta fec4581f34 basic video playback support using VideoJS 8 years ago
  Fabrixxm d36292c532 template: set smarty3 as default template engine in theme info array. 8 years ago
  Fabrixxm ddf1caf0fd template engine rework 8 years ago