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  Adam Magness aa13302bbc Review updates 2 years ago
  Adam Magness a307991ee5 Use more 2 years ago
  Adam Magness d857473026 Use Statements 2 years ago
  Adam Magness 3581889fbd DFRN Update 2 years ago
  Adam Magness 4ca68c7af0 Class file relocations 2 years ago
  Adam Magness 6189f6c8e7 Relocate class files from /include to /src/ 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 2a814623d8
Merge pull request #3882 from annando/config-null 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 34554133f7
Merge pull request #3886 from annando/boot-worker 2 years ago
  Michael 063358301f One space more 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan d5730e3b3d
Merge pull request #3885 from tobiasd/20171108-faq 2 years ago
  Michael 737cc6f101 Missing "use" in boot.php 2 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff ea4fb53f80 updated client list in FAQ 2 years ago
  Michael 76caf7a9cf Small corrections 2 years ago
  Michael 76f73c7236 And some more places 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 6feec66979
Merge pull request #3881 from annando/config-null 2 years ago
  Michael 5a6fa4ae87 Some more 2 years ago
  Michael ab73dbf346 Here as well 2 years ago
  Michael 9860488eec null is not false 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 2c40fc4a02
Merge pull request #3880 from zeroadam/BugFix-#3873 2 years ago
  Adam Magness df1b2c91e6 BugFix 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 1ff217cc13
Merge pull request #3879 from zeroadam/Remove-Includes-#3873 2 years ago
  Adam Magness a782ab50f9 Correct deletion 2 years ago
  Adam Magness 8522c47353 Remove Includes 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan cd1724eb9e
Merge pull request #3875 from zeroadam/Issue-#3873 2 years ago
  Adam Magness 59d6ae63b1 Spelling correction 2 years ago
  Adam Magness b995e858e6 Review changes 2 years ago
  Adam Magness 1a83b80dbd Review Updates 2 years ago
  Adam Magness 957c7a246c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Issue-#3873' into Issue-#3873 2 years ago
  Adam Magness 0dfa57948f Issue-#3873 3 years ago
  Michael Vogel 9eb1f4b9c3
Merge pull request #3877 from tobiasd/20171107-messages 2 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 9c5000e0b0 regenerated master messages.po file 2 years ago
  Michael Vogel 669dafcf22
Merge pull request #3876 from tobiasd/2017107-followup3874 2 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff a49c1be7c9 add version info to notification text 2 years ago
  Adam Magness acb4630eed Issue-#3873 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan c847a2f9cc
Merge pull request #3874 from tobiasd/20171009-checkversion 3 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 3b15b19e62 switches, no ifs 3 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 64066592a4 some debug logging 3 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff f097d4d479 std foo 2 3 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 7881fd7dc9 std foo 3 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 143e7fc6b7 dont use the entire url as option 3 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 1f9b52f2bf code corrections 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 02cd652c13
Merge pull request #3872 from annando/worker-class 3 years ago
  Michael 1607527447 And some more 3 years ago
  Michael 28701a8df3 Some small correction 3 years ago
  Michael 4ebb76e5a6 Changed explanation 3 years ago
  Michael 930309d2ec Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into worker-class 3 years ago
  Michael Vogel 2f0005713f
Merge pull request #3871 from MrPetovan/task/move-languagedetect-to-vendor 3 years ago
  Michael 84c3c0753e Now we use only dba functions 3 years ago
  Michael 70c08dee1d Some more improvements 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 3987052794 Remove LanguageDetect from library folder 3 years ago