127 Commits (a29842e3019255efd3f91fc01df29f5837d54fa4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael Vogel 7c7d3fe5de "share" - now the attribut value for the "author" is escaped 9 years ago
Michael Vogel f4bc5c57f3 New option to enable and disable the "share" element 9 years ago
Michael Vogel c22f65bafa repeated items from ostatus and diaspora are now using the share-element. 9 years ago
Michael Vogel 9c0de28622 bbcode: New element "share" for shared content 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 1aa111387a -- Fix Diaspora profile update avatar bugs 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta f7a1999c15 manually fix escaped underscores in links 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 72712175b5 regular expressions were grabbing too much 10 years ago
friendica 6bc48b58d8 algorithm for crypt tag 10 years ago
Michael Vogel d40f25ae08 bbcode: Function for cleaning CSS commands (not yet in function) 10 years ago
friendica b8df47e97c bbcode quote display 10 years ago
friendica e81f15b28d crypt bbcode tag 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta d8a13d6e8d allow themes to change the size of embedded videos 10 years ago
Michael Vogel bed99674d2 bbcode: two new bbcode elements (style, class) for CSS 10 years ago
friendica 749ae9b297 filter the protocol specifier in bbcode links. 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 4e9086f9b0 Changes in the bbcode to markdown converter to make it more compatible with Diaspora 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 8d7d46ae7a Bugfix: multiple linefeeds were generated when items where written in the editor. The existing fix didn't really work 10 years ago
Michael Vogel db2f0f7919 Bugfix: API: No extra encoding for the status text - makes it more compatible to statusnet 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta da2ccebed8 fix bugs 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 173b3a1b9a allow more than one embedded private photo 10 years ago
Michael Vogel dafc84390d Improvments of the HTML to make a better bb2markdown conversion (nested lists, youtube, vimeo, ...) 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 041aeaf4a1 fix small bug in lists and revert Diaspora list processing to non-Markdownify version 10 years ago
friendica 5589bca1e0 fix !@#$ tinymce linebreaks for the thousandth time 10 years ago
friendica ced0a208d8 fix double lines 10 years ago
friendica 315784444a try and get unadulterated bb2md2html2bb for simple stuff, then we'll work up to harder stuff 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta cd9ce0ecb3 fix logic for nested lists--should be OR, not AND 10 years ago
friendica a4b407eb54 stray s 10 years ago
friendica 0f0ffce1b6 change required doco 10 years ago
friendica 359a98cd22 change event behaviour so that title is required but description is not 10 years ago
friendica fbaca4b742 event summary/title 10 years ago
friendica b044cd922d typos in bbcode, add service class restrictions to jot uploads 10 years ago
Simon L'nu 939ebe16f8 fix typo and syntax error 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 4293de7554 allow nested [ol] and [ul] lists too 10 years ago
Michael Vogel cc56f33b80 New option in the bbcode parser to disable oembed. 10 years ago
friendica 4978ee12d1 webfinger profile linker 10 years ago
Thomas Willingham 7a5c85f628 [quote=somebody] was appearing as an extended spoiler tag. 10 years ago
friendica e9e4fb664a allow bbcode representation of html symbols such as © by wrapping in bb brackets 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 59b45f7fc1 Several improvements 10 years ago
Michael Vogel f5db142d93 Quotes with author are now having an "open/close" link 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 8a1f175df0 New bbcode element: "spoiler". Mail: Top post quotes are now embraced in "spoiler" elements 10 years ago
friendica 5915325367 bug #328 10 years ago
Michael 484a442f2b GIT problems ... 10 years ago
Michael 311e35731c bbcode.php: A list or quote at the beginning wasn't detected 10 years ago
friendica 3c6b127d40 nested quote check fails to account for strpos returning position 0 10 years ago
Michael 064c843119 Handling nested bbcodes. Some small design changes in html2bbcode. Change in poller.php is just for testing purposes. 10 years ago
Michael 31653aef64 Brand new html2bbcode. Some other changes in diaspora to bbcode handling 10 years ago
friendica 03171fd7de preliminary qcomment support, [nosmile] tag to disable smiley processing 10 years ago
friendica dc4420c5ec hr bbcode tag 10 years ago
friendica 85c831bcbf finish translation of 'xxxxx wrote:' 10 years ago
Abinoam P. Marques Jr 135005571f Added [th] bbcode tag support. 10 years ago
friendica 3e85c1d330 make 'x minutes ago' fully translateable with argument ordering. string update. 10 years ago