330 Commits (a0e7d8fa00cadf00184d606135bb5c07d670b748)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Friendika b1d67c8d3c network view all item types by date 11 years ago
  Friendika b093bdeace new profile_sidebar_enter hook, changed profile_sidebar to array 11 years ago
  Friendika b40281802f personal title 11 years ago
  Friendika 028460a5c1 tracking errant bin2hex call 11 years ago
  Friendika 050618a2b6 repair any bad links in activity objects 11 years ago
  Friendika 710cb7d13c activity object link had incorrect attribute, highlight critical install steps 11 years ago
  Friendika 46c4bb6d4c ensure birthday "today" calculation is relative to UTC. 11 years ago
  Friendika d5ac7e938b newlines were getting stripped 11 years ago
  Friendika 1002f9dc96 there were some bug fixes, roll version number 11 years ago
  Friendika 2e0a3e0693 birthday notifications: missing div close 11 years ago
  Friendika a1c069ee02 compatibility: version discovery 11 years ago
  Friendika 5bfb0ba4c2 birthday notifications working 11 years ago
  Friendika 5559893293 event and birthday data structures 11 years ago
  Friendika dbab3100de set_config anomaly 11 years ago
  Friendika a51a1007a3 email check failed, translate wall_item template 11 years ago
  Friendika 36b241c02b change activitystreams unfollow to stop-follow but also send out OStatus unfollow 11 years ago
  fabrixxm cdf626e0e7 Stupid fix in boot.php 11 years ago
  fabrixxm 8805635293 Add sitename in page title 11 years ago
  Friendika 0fb3aa1b57 valid host checks were returning true on TXT records and other useless garbage 11 years ago
  Friendika 7b6385df94 freeform text area for private contact info - notes or things you just want to remember (addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, whatever) 11 years ago
  Friendika 2abdfb462a plugin changes to contact_block, also configurable limit 11 years ago
  Friendika d045fd04d4 provide separate plugin settings page, update demo plugin, fix hook_register 11 years ago
  Friendika a1a838f69e debugging the plugin logic, couple of issues found 11 years ago
  Friendika c55cb45855 revised openid patch, added fix for Windows servers, make "is now friends with" commentable, fix settings form hook to be inside form 11 years ago
  Friendika d8969bb84b add more plugin hooks, etc. 11 years ago
  Friendika f2242826d8 warnings when no plugins installed 11 years ago
  Friendika 6808d53d0f plugin/addon API landing - still things left to do before it's useful 11 years ago
  Friendika ddec422de6 begin plugin api 11 years ago
  Friendika 1a9f8eacc4 missing key 11 years ago
  Friendika 878067101f block connection/friend request spam 11 years ago
  Friendika 24a9a41f96 added "secret" profile search keywords 11 years ago
  Friendika f60f82727f register/login timestamps 11 years ago
  Friendika 78d8bcbc60 personal config storage, template the vcard profile, logging failed uri's to help track down transient dreamhost issues 11 years ago
  Friendika 6b5a83b9b8 profile load optimisation 11 years ago
  Friendika 18823fe546 never enough comments 11 years ago
  Friendika d5355da368 never enough comments 11 years ago
  Friendika 7d1c35f5cc found the cause of intermittent friend confirmation glitch (but not with 100% certainty) 11 years ago
  Friendika eb13833d2a smiley filter 11 years ago
  Friendika 5763d31b4f db prepare for enhanced magic profiles and remote privacy indicators, fixed $lang setting to use system config var, some other syntax issues 11 years ago
  Friendika f3e8b55a7a removed high-bit angle-char stripping from input filter - interfering with utf-8 chars 11 years ago
  Friendika e9a1abd133 flatten conversation hierarchy to one level on import but preserve all thread info 11 years ago
  Friendika fac04eda32 getting ready to add partner info 11 years ago
  Friendika 2ef6ad80a4 fix installation into subdir of domain 11 years ago
  Friendika 42d66874be improved linkification of naked text urls 11 years ago
  Friendika 99bbc29747 rino landing 11 years ago
  Friendika 62bb471ba0 localise login template, allow openid to be disabled 11 years ago
  Friendika 34a8fb935d no newlines in tags 11 years ago
  Friendika 289a0dc268 curl_code tests 11 years ago
  Friendika 555c377fda need app 11 years ago
  Friendika 0a03a710b3 ensuring all non-deliveries get in the queue 11 years ago