941 Commits (9debbfde1e6f4fd84b47486cd6b3f63ff381b4cd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fabio Comuni 9debbfde1e fix group image name 9 years ago
  Fabio Comuni 9fa0956966 New jot acl selector 9 years ago
  Fabio Comuni 4fdc5ff30c First test for friendika "live" update 9 years ago
  Friendika 2d2b500639 input the admin email address during install/setup. 9 years ago
  Friendika d99dfbe4ef friendika-z configuration details in admin page 9 years ago
  Friendika d7b5a606fb don't show mailbox settings at all if disabled 9 years ago
  Friendika 3f25830076 more friendika-z 9 years ago
  Friendika 94ca19c016 a few minor fixes to settings page 9 years ago
  Fabio Comuni e7834e60f8 Update settings page to use field templates. 9 years ago
  Friendika 84d12c3e08 move hidewall to user table - queries are getting too complicated and servers falling over 9 years ago
  Friendika c221d5ea59 honour hidden profiles on display item page 9 years ago
  Friendika d7154a4606 ability to link contacts that are "really me, but on another system/network". 9 years ago
  Friendika 76e56fd44e begin work on relocation conversation 9 years ago
  Friendika 24d41e2c6e purify html before trying to parse wild urls. This way at least it should parse. 9 years ago
  Friendika 5e1335ac89 don't show delete buttons on community page 9 years ago
  Friendika 1048ee744e reversed logic 9 years ago
  Friendika 20d3aa2e77 community page 9 years ago
  Friendika 78363ecfb1 msearch typo 9 years ago
  Friendika a82e0e32b3 add site info to site json response 9 years ago
  Friendika e795d1265e show keywords in match results 9 years ago
  Friendika cd7098501e change wording of "new item view" to be consistent 9 years ago
  Friendika 07ea67e33b removed stray debug statement 9 years ago
  Friendika 5ceeb6752d starred items 9 years ago
  Friendika bef68a8c7f posts from hidden walls not allowed in search results 9 years ago
  Friendika 3538dc15cc improved search - ensure you can see all your own content (logged in members). Visitors can only see public wall posts. 9 years ago
  Friendika e6aaa8b59b use local 'match people with my interests' if global directory is not configured 9 years ago
  Friendika c23657ab6e also check for blocked 9 years ago
  Friendika 9816f14d40 statusnet improvements 9 years ago
  Friendika f53a2d6da9 add group highlight to other pages 9 years ago
  Friendika b1aa77584f indicate currently selected group in group picker 9 years ago
  Friendika 086dc25dd1 logic reversed 9 years ago
  Friendika 762fb878f8 don't allow editing of somebody else's event 9 years ago
  Friendika 53653f6a4d consolidate perrmisions sql, minor duepuntozero validation fixes 9 years ago
  Friendika 8819c73ba1 bug #99 - don't show album name/link if photos are private 9 years ago
  Friendika 3eb0b4be2a now that we have admin interface, completely remove register approvals from notifications 9 years ago
  Friendika 58d474aa2d switch to text mode group editor after 'n' contacts 9 years ago
  Friendika ae0275ec2c collapse multiple spaces in usernames 9 years ago
  Friendika ad5b976978 allow spaces in @ tags 9 years ago
  Fabio Comuni f4a1820110 re-added last item date in admin user page. relative_date return 'never' if null is passed 9 years ago
  Fabio Comuni 1e307e9869 Fix bug #98, add "never" to relative_date(), fix batch operations 9 years ago
  Friendika 2a57847816 don't allow blocked/unverified users to reset their password. 9 years ago
  Friendika 62340ba86b get app structure needed in regmod 9 years ago
  Friendika d5855967a7 do not translate hidden photo album 'Contact Photos' as it may become unhidden when different language is used. 9 years ago
  Friendika 0b221e8945 bug #96 move libraries to library - better alignment of like rotator 9 years ago
  Friendika 4ca6a9a382 dbg info for photo uploads 9 years ago
  Friendika 932397b47b trim webfinger request 9 years ago
  Friendika 4418cb4349 preformat webfinger output 9 years ago
  Friendika 1947b74e5b some basic margins for friend suggestion screen 9 years ago
  Friendika 14c002d7a4 make friend suggest themeable 9 years ago
  Friendika 06a4c0f703 ignore current contact on friend suggestion picker 9 years ago