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fabrixxm 917ce5b411 Adds optional parameter 'uid' to Emailer::send()
that is the user id of the recipient of the mail.
Make enotify pass it to Emailer::send()
9 years ago
Fabio Comuni a659b34117 Adds 'emailer_send_prepare' and 'emailer_send' hooks
Adds relative documentation in doc/Plugins
9 years ago
fabrixxm 3ac5e4508b fix email to new registerd users.
fix notification in case of error sending email.
9 years ago
fabrixxm 9a0c37eb47 new password mail via notification()
new include/text.php::deindent() function
remove unused templates
9 years ago
fabrixxm 16a07e6d83 cleanup multipart email sending code
remove 'EmailNotification' class and rename 'enotify' class as 'Emailer'
9 years ago